Thursday, December 13, 2012

Geminid Meteor Shower


  1. Cobra,
    you reckon it's true that the Veil has been removed?


    Immense Higher Dimension Energy Input into Gaia on the 12-12-12

    Achievement of immense Higher Dimension Energy input into Gaia occurred on the 12-12-12. The planet-wide participation of Hue-mans, Light-workers, and Higher D elementals and other beings, caused an upsurge of integration of these new energies with the new Gaia grids.

    Corner was turned.

    Shadow elements and so-called dark entities fade to nothingness, as the veil has been removed.

    Much gratitude to all."

    1. No, the Veil has not yet been removed

    2. The Veil is not a single chip or a single "thing". It is a complex system which has to be removed step by step. Right now about 32% of the Veil-system is removed.

  2. An important message to all of our group who get the chakras removed now:

    Please be patient and very careful with the new powers!!!

    Be aware that without the chakras each of you will be able to "channel" more energies in one second, than is used on earth in one year! This amount of energy is needed to heal creation now.

    Many of you will have problems with this and cause timeloops. So people who feel this should be prepared. Sorry for taking you to the roller coaster, but it is needed now.

    1. Our Mother God, the Feminine Aspect of Deity known as the Holy Spirit, has returned to Earth, and the 5th-Dimensional Solar Heart Chakra within every Human Being has opened to full breadth. The newly-activated Heart Chakra within every person is a powerful, open STARGATE that accesses previously unknown octaves of Divine Love.

      With every inbreath we take, we now have the ability to reach higher and higher into the pure land of boundless splendor and infinite Light that is the Divine Heart and Mind of God. And with every outbreath, we can now breathe the patterns of limitless perfection from the Heart and Mind of God into the physical world of form.

      One dedicated Lightworker consciously participating in this monumental service to Life can effectively transmute and heal the fragmented patterns of hate, violence and fear being generated by thousands of unawakened souls all over the world.

      The Spiritual Hierarchy said there have been times in the evolution of this sweet Earth when only one or two embodied souls were invoking the Light powerfully enough to warrant the salvation of the planet. Now there are literally millions of awakened people invoking the Light, and with the victory of the impending shift of consciousness, there will be hundreds of millions more.

      Patricia Cotes-Robles


  3. I saw 3 meteorites.. the 1st one is very fast and the 2nd one was exactly looks like the image above.

  4. Let The People leave the illusion now.

    Come out of her Now!!!

  5. Would love to see them, fingers crossed for clear skies :)

  6. Thursday, December 13, 2012

    New Moon Phase - Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn

    Fresh energy arrives today with the New Moon in Capricorn. It's a brand new cycle - one that is going to find us streaking across the sky just like the Geminid meteor shower that is currently underway. This photo was taken last night by R. Shawley in Pennsylvania and posted on These are heavenly fireworks and we will start to make some fireworks of our own this month. Using the traditional location of Earth, the exact conjunction of the Sun and Moon occurred today at 21 degrees 45 minutes of Sagittarius, and in astrology we "round up" to 22 Sagittarius. But something is off here. The Earth is not located where she was. You may have seen the evidence over the last few years that the poles have shifted a bit - at least 15 minutes in my estimation. This New Moon is actually at 23 Sagittarius. The Sabian symbol for 23 Sagittarius is immigrants entering a new country. This is exactly what is happening. We are entering into a brand new world this month. Last month's mental journey of the visioin quest activated something in us that now puts us in new territory. Energetically, it is a massive paradigm shift because the boundaries of the mind - the controls that have been in place - are coming off, leaving us not only free to express ourselves to our fullest potential but simultaneously activating co-consciousness with the planet for the collective of humanity. In other words, the hundredth monkey effect goes into effect this month (or, in yesterday's Oracle Report terms, the 1,000th owl effect). Picture a blue planet suddenly lit up along grid lines as if plugged in to an electrical source and you'll get the idea. Does this mean that every being on the planet will become enlightened? Yes, to some degree, by virtue of being part of the collective. Does this mean that every being on the planet will miraculously act enlightened? No, because being suddenly drawn into light is blinding. Being blinded by the light causes a sort of insanity until eyes adjust. But the thing that has changed is that we are now going to be able to move around the swirl of chaos like never before. The "matrix" simply isn't going to have the power over us that it did.

    The divine goddess embodied as the planet is awake and her name is Sophia. All those who need to be awake are awake and ready to take Sophia's grand experiment for humanity where she intended it to go. Everyone's on stage now. Now we take our roles. We are going to express the fullest potential of our individual radiant codes. If you are a musician, play music. If you are an artist, create art. If you are a communicator, communicate your thoughts. If you are a healer, heal whomever crosses your path. If you are a mother, mother all those who come to you. If you are a protector, protect those who need it. In our totality, we are many things combined. Now is the time we engage life - with presience. It's time to fall back in love with life and start living our lives with great abandon, wild colors, and bold brushstrokes - and it all starts today.

  7. -14 C is here :-(
    Can not watch the sky.
    But will make a wish! :-)
    Posted the photo in FB

  8. -7C here but i was out for 10 minutes and saw 10 meteors :) amazing fireworks

  9. Kedves Cobra!

    Miért fontos a Geminid meteorraj? Van köze a Gemini
    (Iker) csillagképhez? (Nyilas+Iker = Hun, szkíta).


  10. A view people asked me in the last days about soul mates and twin flames. I made a topic about this in our forum with a small description of the details we found out about it. We found the bodies which are doing the connection.

    Here is the Link

  11. A small hint about "history":

    In the year which we "think about" as the year 733 the darks created the OIC (oneness-illusion creation).

    In the year 736 they initialized a timeloop which had a looped duration of about 14.368 years (details you can find here). This was not a typical timeloop, because the memories have not been reseted at the end of it. So this time seems to us as "one linear time". Typically we know only the last run of a timeloop. All our current "known history" was created in this timeloop by the darks. There were three games played in it finished by "The Matrix". The manipulation of history also includes the higher levels. Many things and facts have been manipulated in this timeloops. For example the pyramids have been build by the light side, including this timeloop about 23.000 years ago. The original egytians have been a light-tribe. The OIC copies in our know history have been darks. Same to the ancient greeks. Both have been the atlantic-tribe. Btw. Atlantis never fall. It was only hidden, and came back in perfect condition to it's original place on Orth in south of greec. It is the base of the light angels, Michael and his wife Cassiel are incarnated there now.

    1. So, How are we supposed to make sense out of this? it sound interesting, but I don't know what to do with the information.

  12. Dear Hye Angel, just checking to see if your email is fully functioning ... xo

    1. @I AM LOVE
      Yes Anya, it's working perfect.
      I'm getting e-mails almost, from all over the world.
      By the way, I've e-mailed you on November the 28th!! And I am still waiting to hear from you...

      OK, sweety, try both of these: ( this is my business site)
      Hope to hear from you.
      Love, and hugs!!!

    2. now this is interesting - I never got your email from the 28th ... and I just sent you one last night ... to ... apparently you didn't receive that one either !

  13. I was lucky! The clouds broke up just before midnight and I saw a flash go by my living room glowed green! (heart chakra) So I sat wrapped in a blanket, not wanting to go out into the 35 degree cold and watched the show in comfort. Needed to sleep but heard myself saying, 'oh, just ONE more' until I had seen many! A beautiful sight.
    Diane Lightbearer

  14. Here in Panama City it was raining "cats and dogs" all day and night, so it was impossible to see anything. The summer has been long in waiting this year.
    Love and light to all,