Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day of the Contact Report

The activation of the Portal on December 21st was a partial success. 

Our core group in Egypt was extremely successful, managing to anchor Light in the face of all physical and non-physical opposition from the Cabal. During the timeframe of our activations, a Illuminati freemason group from the United States has locked itself into the Cheops pyramid, doing one ritual after another, fanatically trying to prevent the opening of the Portal. Needless to say, the Cabal has no idea about true occultism, as they have chosen the wrong pyramid. We did our activation inside the Kephren pyramid, which was always considered the true Great Pyramid. Kephren pyramid is the stargate of Love and the actual Alpha point for the whole planetary energy grid. There is an Atlantean underground passageway directly linking the Kephren pyramid with the Sphynx:

Nothing could stop us. Not one month of constant energetic attacks on me and other key people in our group, not two false flag attempts by the Cabal to close down the Giza complex, one with a terrorist bomb and one with a man with knives, trying to sneak into the Giza plateau, not all spies and agents of the Muslim Brotherhood which have received instructions from the government to immediatelly stop any group attempting to meditate.  We opened the Portal in the face of all darkness and this is the true Victory of the Light. Our small group of 50 to 60 people inside the Kephren pyramid was the only positive group that was doing any activations inside pyramids on that day. Details of how we managed to do that will one day make a great novel that will surpass the Da Vinci Code, except that it is a real story. Unfortunately I can not tell it yet because that could endanger many Light warriors, some of them belonging to White Nobility, some to Resistance and some to Guardians that are keeping the mysteries of the pyramids safe for generations,  that helped us along the way to achieve the impossible. I would also like to add that we were physically safe all the time. 

Here is a photo of orbs at our activation at the Sphynx:

And photos of entrances into the subterranean network of Atlantean tunnels at Saqqara. Those tunnels lead all the way to Giza: 

There were many dedicated beings around the planet joining us in meditation and at this point I would like to thank them for their effort. However, the critical mass has not been reached.

This is what the activation of the Portal has managed to achieve on the planetary scale:

1. All negative future timelines have been absolutely and completely erased. There is now exactly zero possibility for any of the global destructive plans of the Cabal to come to fruition. There will be no World War  3, no New World Order, no mass depopulation, no FEMA camps.

2. The positive forces have managed to restrict Cabal's access to biochemical weapons to the extent that they no loner pose a threat to the mass of humanity.

3. A virus has been planted into the Black Box: this will result in data translation errors from the etheric Archon's spy network into the mainframe physical computers of the Cabal and that will in turn create many cracks in the Matrix.

4. Three of the key physical Archons have been removed.
5. Energy of divine Peace, Love and Eternal Now has emerged from the Portal, touching hearts of many. We are finally beginning to exit the black hole, seeing a tiny spark of true Light of the Event Horizon. This arrival at the inner boundary of the Event Horizon is the actual beginning of the planetary Ascension process. Now that many illusory thoughtforms and expectations of many Lightworkers around December 21st have collapsed I will finally be given clearance from the Pleiadians to release the true Ascension plan to humanity. 
This is what the activation of the Portal has failed to achieve:

Etheric Archon network has survived the opening of the Portal almost intact. This is the biggest problem for the planetary Light forces. More awareness is needed among the general population about this so I will post another article about the etheric  Archon grid, detailing exactly what part of it has remained so that we can help with our consciousness to dissolve it. The Event can not happen until we reach a substantial progress in this area. This is now the only main obstacle preventing the Event. As above so below: etheric conditions manifest on the physical and if we want to create a physical planetary change we must first change the non-physical conditions. 

And this is what we will do. Victory of the Light is near!



  2. I am the Mighty Victory of the Light

  3. Thank you for the update.
    Love and gratitude.

  4. great work -kindest heartfelt thanks

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    1. @DFS You have done nothing wrong or inadequately and you have NOT failed anything. You would not be here writing that if you had. Anyway there isn't any test, just a process.
      Sending you very rainy energetic support from England and some links that may be of interest if you are drawn.

      1/ “implants” and “crystal imprint systems”
      3/, Dark Night of the soul, Humanity Healing

    2. ^^^^^ Like! Thanks Aradia <3 I too feel extremely demotivated :/ I just dont feel any zest or love towards anything at the mo! I used to feel upbeat and have such a sense of gratitude for life etc but nothing does it for me anymore, meaning 3d based stuff. I used to want to travel, meet people etc etc but now its all I can do to face the day, I feel like I just don't want to be here on this planet anymore, it doesn't hold anything for me... I made a commitment to be there holding the light for the 21/12/12 at 11.11.. My computer wireless connection went down, the hour beforehand, everything tried to stop me, same happened to my friend.. We both managed to hold the space with a few seconds to spare, I put on Micheal Hammer, Pleaidian CD and channeled through a guided visualization for my friend and myself! When I spoke the words the light has won, and this has been predestined for eons my bin lid fell down with a loud bang! It happened a 2nd time when we talking about the light winning through, like confirmation or the dark forces not happy lol :)

    3. @CK,
      Well done for perservering this far! It will surely pass although it seems endless. Sending you love and an empathetic article.

    4. @DFS What you are experiencing is the same as many other people. You are not alone. One of the contributors to my blog got hit really hard emotionally, but is not feeling better. These energies sweep out the old spiritual cob webs to make room for better energies. I went through what you describe on the the October portal.

      I seem to get hit with physical symptoms in my abdomen, but they always seem to leave in 2 or 3 days.

      Hang in there!

      Love and peace!

    5. @Aradia, thank you for the article, <3

  6. hi, cobra crew. thank you for working SOOO hard.

    cobra, all month i've been unmotivated to the nth degree, exhausted, sleeping, a huge struggle to just do basic things to take care of myself, felt weird, hard to explain emotional heaviness. but no obvious sense of negative, evil entities around me.

    might this be attacks from the dark? the super-lovey positive spiritual channels that i trust say we are processing the super high energies, and might be helping to clear gunk from the collective and gaia.

    or is this their way of sugar-coating what is really happening? thanks!

  7. Heaps of gratitude and blessings to Cobra and all the dedicated cobrassss and lightwarriors for your bravery, vision, love, and steadfast efforts. XOXO

  8. Another couple drops in the bucket.. Almost overflowing. Godspeed all

  9. how can we be of service? knowing what's now known i support daily meditations

  10. Blessings to you magnificent beings of light. We honour you deeply.

  11. Thank you for all you have done!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I thought no archons/evil beings on earth could exist after dec. 21st eh? Namaste :S

  13. Thank you for the progress report brother.
    Is there any given timeframe for the Event?

  14. Cobra---I am SO thankful for the small progress that was made. I will stay dedicated to the cause at all cost. We WILL reach the critical mass at some point and VICTORY will be ours!!!! Will be waiting for your instructions on how to further add more Light to our liberation meditation. As above so below------
    Be Well.

  15. I've been recovering from a sickness, so didn't get a chance to post this here earlier, but I received this synchronicity recently:

    i received an empty text message on my phone from 1 (313) 13

    ...which is obviously not a phone number but the series of thirteens didn't slip past me. then the next morning i looked at the text again and saw the rest of the synchronicity...

    the date was 2012-23-12 (or 5-5-3 or 13) and it was received at 8:41pm (13). i never know in my conscious mind what this means... but i feel that there is another part of me that knows, so I don't dwell on it too much... but it was interesting that it was on the same day as the "R13/13 complete" post was up.

    Also, check out AK's recent blog post...

    and the site associated with it...

    Bright thoughts, warm heart, and Love to you All...

  16. I feel it. I feel it. I feel it! I know that there has been a major shift into the positive and light. I feel a new lightness and freedom indeed! Thank you so very much for your work Cobra!!! Thank you everyone for your efforts and dedication to love and light and a free and peaceful planet!

  17. Cobra,
    this is good and bad news.But it's a great success non the less.At 21st and 22nd I was a bit disappointed of my non contact and that negative things continue to happen, but came to a conclusion that even if there is no hope for the "victory of light" I will not give up on the cause.So you have my support and my meditation for positivity any time the resistance need it.Looking forward for the updates from the resistance and our ET friends wherever they are.I hope that in the months and years to come we will here more and more about the victory of the light.

  18. Thankyou Cobra for this wonderful inspiring update. Unfortunately I could not be at at any of the conferences but I sat in meditation all morning of the 21st....I will continue to join your meditations.
    Thanks to all lightworkers, resistance and white nobility. And not forgetting huge gratitude to all our galatic family and heavenly beings.
    We will succeed!
    With love and gratitude

  19. Thank you Cobra for this intel report of our great progress, and much gratitude to our team in Egypt for their dedication & success, in spite of all the odds.

    Thank you to everyone for your beautiful comments of love and support. Each one has buttressed my heart and resolve, and acted as a link to fortify the chain that We Are.

    All that I know, is that the frequencies of Light and Love are heightening, day by day & moment to moment.

    Looking forward to more info on how we can co-create this final shift together.

    Much LOVE ♥

  20. Cobra, some questions...

    Now that Syria's chemical weapons are no longer a threat, can the financial reset go ahead?

    What stops the etheric archons from simply removing the virus in the Black Box, or replacing the Black Box with a new one?

    Why are chemtrails still being sprayed, and who is responsible?


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  22. As I know that whole reality is in my mind and I create maybe Cobra is my creation too? But then I am very proud that such a great person as Cobra came in my life! Days before 21st I realized that I am already rich having contacts with Alaje and Cobra.
    Cobra, you are clever, you say much with little words, I trust you and I admire you. You do everything possible, it's me who doesn't do my job accurately.
    If I put enough efforts, maybe everything would already be behind us ....
    God bless the day you came!

  23. Thank you Cobra for the update and honesty. Well done to everyone for what has been done already. Thanks to our canine ally who spotted the bomb! To quote Lord of the Rings, there are not just evil forces at work, there are good ones also.


  25. Cobra,

    Thanks for the update, & for the continuing work to bring in the Light.

    For myself, I have been continuing with the daily 'Intent Manifestation Meditations', and will continue to do so.

    IMO, it might be useful if everyone, whilst doing such 'Intent Manifestation meds', - also intends that their energy is COMBINED with ALL other such meds, - either past present or future.

    Just imagine how Powerful that combined positive energy would be?!


  26. Many Blessing on your Work! I was on top of a sacred hill in Glastonbury UK before dawn on the 21st December and I felt an amazing wave of Cosmic energy flow towards me from the horizon before the sun came up. This energy resonates with your words "the inner boundary of the Event Horizon" so perhaps this was what I was connecting with and able to ground into Mother Earth?
    Much love to you all.

  27. This is an open notice to those attending Star Pow Wow.

    Wacihi is hereby transferred to Warrior/Hero - The TRUE TREE.


    Wacihi Front
    Wacihi Inside Cap
    Wacihi Medicine Wheel
    Wacihi Band and Bindings

    Let's partake of Canunpa:


  28. I Am Spirit Who Flies in the Wind

  29. For those requiring clarity, Wacihi is now with Spirit Grandfather/Tunkasila and Star Nation Eleder/Wicahpi Oyates : Tanka Wheneh

  30. Dear Cobra and fellow lightworkers,

    Not that I'm shifting blame for what did not happen on the 21st, I'm kind of disappointed (and confused) to read this one sentence in particular in this post: "I will finally be given clearance from the Pleiadians to release the true Ascension plan to humanity."

    If there was a "true" Ascension plan all along, why have we lightworkers been kept in the dark about it? It also makes me wonder if Tolec has been right with his predictions about the real timeline, which hasn't focused on Dec. 21, 2012 so much, but instead has emphasized different dates, such as January of 2014. I guess my big question is: who is telling the truth?

    Love and light,

    1. Why does everyone care that much? Stop waiting for everything and anything, everyone will teach you to stay present, here and now. A lot of people are getting a lot of things wrong..

    2. Stop looking to outside sources to find "Your truth". Its all about finding what resonates with you and building on the yourself. Noone knows what the plan is for ascension that is in any kind of position to tell anyone else. We will just have to hold the light and hang on. But I agree about Tolec so far. For the past month or so I started to move away from the idea of mass ascension on the 21st and never did fully believe it. But what Tolec says about it seems feasible. The plan to awaken the masses did not go very well and theres no way mass ascension could have occurred on the 21st. Now with all of the gates opened and being past the aligment the energy on the planet is at full quotient and can now be fully integrated into earths energy grid. Meaning now the entire planet has what I would think to be a transition phase in order for us to get used to and adapt to the new energies here. Makes sense that an ascension would be more so around the end of this year or early 2014. Only time will tell.

  31. Thank you Cobra for all your great work. Slowly I am changing with Mother Earth. I'm tingling all over, and cry happy tears, something I never do. 2013 will be an awesome and glorious year!

  32. THANK YOU COBRA!!! I'm new too all of this, but I was there sending Light to the portal on the day/time of contact:D I would love if someone would take me under their wing and explain things to me--there's still a lot more that I don't know--but I love that were winning against the darkness!!

    Love & Light <3,

    1. Hey, Kiki, it's all out there to be found. I'd say you don't need to be under anybody's wing. If you've made it far enough to find Cobra, then you've already traversed a huge mire of disinformation, smoke, and mirrors. Seems to me like you learned quickly what discernment means. Continue to develop that sense of "knowing" when you find something that is true. If it produces fear, hostility, anger, etc., then it is likely disinfo.

      You've come a long way in a short time - Congrats!

      I know that's not the answer you were asking for, but you'll be just fine (I "know" it).

      If you are looking for a good jumping-off point. I'd go back through this blog and look up info from David Wilcock ( - find blog postings (he has a veritable library of well-researched info there)). Just a beginning, but it'll keep you occupied for a while. After all, there's a whole existence to discover, right?

    Thank you for EVERYTHING!

    Well, I see nothing to feel disappointed. I DID NOT expect to witness a miracle on the 21st, simply because I knew that we were going to enter a new energy field. And that most of us would feel nothing... while we're in these dense, 3D bodies. WE need time and patience. That's ALL.

    The DOORS OF HEAVENS have been opened, and WE are going back to where WE have come from.
    But first, WE have to be completely READY - mentally, spiritually and physically. WE can't survive in those high energy fields with these bodies! WE need our DNA strands to be activated, so we would become CRYSTALLINE beings. And YOU know that.

    Also, I DID NOT want to meet the ETs. I've said this before - WE don't need saviors.
    WE need only some help in some cases which are very difficult for us to handle. Otherwise - WE CAN DO IT! I DO believe in the power of WE THE PEOPLE - especially, when WE get together and become as ONE, (not by talking - but by our acting).

    So, even though we didn't have a TOTAL victory, I still call it a VICTORY!
    We achieved FIVE goals, and had just one failure.
    That makes a score of 5:1=VICTORY!
    I'll just keep on singing "Imagine"...

    I'm looking forward for the intel regarding the etheric archon grid, which is "the only main obstacle preventing the EVENT".
    Please Cobra, give us as many details regarding this subject, as possible.


  34. Everything happens for the best. Strong work Cobra and Cobrassss! Namaste.

  35. when you say that critical mass was not reached through meditation... i don't get that. Bashar teaches that light is so integrative that when people like us join together, the results are exponential. 2 "bad guys" create energy from 2 only. but 2 lightworkers create the power of 4. 4 lightworkers joined together create the synergy of 12, or something like that, and so on. just sayin'

  36. Thanks a lot!!!!
    Please give us more intel about all this, please!!! About all that secret chambers at Gizeh complex.
    This is very very important for all of us the lightworkers who have studied this for a long long time.

    Love and kisses,


  37. Words often fail me, so I have created this space to share the images of beauty and inspiration I find in my daily life...some I create, some I am just blessed to see and share with others...most are simple, all are powerful. Love to all!

  38. Greetings to all my brothers and sisters of the light the time is near when we all we will be experiencing the so much aweited the Great new Golden Age patience please a little bit more don't be discouraged the promise given to us by our heavenly Father/Mather almighty I'Am Presence will never fail just focus on your heart feel and embrace all that is happening with love compation and understending without jugement generate within and all around you. Vibrations of love that way you will help to precipitate the new golden age into this beautiful planet
    Blessings in the name of the most Radiant One Adonai. Namaste

    I'am Enrique

  39. SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Absolutely Stunning and Phenomenal Ray of Light Across The Skies Over Brazil?!

  40. Thought from the Heart :-)

    Have a wonderfull day <3



  41. Cobra, thank you very much for this great info. Let's keep working together and liberate the humanity. Would you mind reminding people of weekly liberation meditation? Also, how can we help to dissolve or break up the Etheric Archon Network?

    Love, light, and gratitude!

  42. God doesn't make mistakes

    1. Sweet, sweet IAMLove...this video speaks my language. Love you, thank you xoxo

  43. I just recovered from a heavy flu but I could feel the shift on the 21st in my subtle body. The bliss lasted for days and I can feel some permanent change. My family members were disappointed (they expected something more spectacular) but I can clearly see the change in them. Peace and love predominate now, while previously it was fear and anger. The shift is subtle but still very obvious. If you want proof, just observe yourself and your dear ones.

    "Now that many illusory thoughtforms and expectations of many Lightworkers around December 21st have collapsed..." - These are not the words I would choose to encourage lightworkers. Take Salusa's latest channeling as an example of how to deal with a sensitive issue in a gentle and understanding way. His communication skills are superb. Peace.

  44. Great job, Cobra! Thank you muchness! I await further details and instructions on how to be of even greater service to the Light. I am here to help a planet ascend in any way that I can. I'm looking forward to dismantling the etheric Archon network so that we can finally become sovereign beings and stewards of Gaia. As always, Victory to the Light!

  45. Before this post came out I read elsewhere that 3 of 12 remaining physically incarnated archons were arrested with this event...

    Good to hear, not far to go now, especially now the black box is nullified (I hope that you mean all of Humanity by "the mass of humanity").

      Source :)

  46. Thanks for the sharing this great and important post.

  47. This is in fact the most important and the best news: "Ascension energies will proceed even more quickly than previously."


  49. Some of us need to be less attached to outcome. Expectation is an unnecessary part of the service some us offer.

    Some of us need to be purely facilitators. We support a process, we are not the initiators of the process itself.

    Context is an important concept. A white circle on a white background is not visible. A non-white background is absolutely imperative, in recognizing the white circle. Context. The non-white background supports the white circle, yet is not part of the circle itself. The background allows the circle to take shape, and the white circle exposes the assistance that has been provided by the background.

    We are not all the white circle. That is not the job, for some of us. Some of us must facilitate. Some of us must be focused on being context, for those of the white circle to do THEIR job. Expectation is a trap when it becomes an attachment to outcome, for those who are not instrumental in the outcome.

    If we're all overly concerned with analyzing the progress of the players on the field, there's no one left to cheer from the bench.

    Reciprocity is powerful and required. With no one providing context nor support, those truly charged with outcome, have no platform from which to work.

    Those who's job it is to be unconcerned with outcome, and provide context and support to those who need to be concerned with outcome, are quite integral to the entire process. Again, reciprocity: Working together.

    A facilitator, that becomes overly invested in outcome, provides no service to either designation.

    I am background for right now, maybe always. I feel that. I am unconcerned with outcome. There is no "when". I provide only support/context for the divine process in the now moment. There is no longer a focus on outcome. That seems to me, to be what's needed most. To be too concerned with when, is to ignore the opportunity to trust and assist. If there is joy and Love available to you, joy and Love should be contributed by you.

    I felt compelled to post this. I didn't question it. The possibility exists, that I don't know WTF I'm talking about. :)


    This video has some of the information you have not been allowed to know about, since 1947, when a craft was downed in New Mexico and one of the occupants survived
    This is the story of the nurse who communicated with that extraterrestrial being, telepathically
    This video is appropriate now, just before disclosure about alien life, which exists throughout the universe and in other universes, as well

    The playlist for all chapters is here;

  51. Hello dear lightworkers and lightwarriors, the group actviation in Egypt is been the most extraordinary experience of all my life,
    We managed to accomplish our mission against many difficulties, we were moved by immense love, inner peace and determination,
    We shared and supported each others continously, it was clear to everybody we had made a promise aeons ago and we were there to fulfill it;
    Everybody of us did his/her best to reach the final goal, and i could surely feel the support of all the critical mass around the planet.
    All facets of Humanity were represented in our group, i felt like we were a mirror of the world, we were supported and protected by all Archangels, ascended masters and galactic brothers,
    being in the pyramids and in the other sacred places felt like being in the safest place on earth, all the activation were really intense and emotional,
    tears of joy and smiles painted our time togheter; i sit now in my memories, i look back and i see a bunch of beautiful beings of light from all over the world,
    determined in love, brave, compassionate; Thank you Cobra, thank you my dear companions, thank you Humanity, we made it!
    A very important Victory of the Light has been achieved on the 21st, now the last obstacle is there, just one more step towards the manfestation, the glorious reality that awaits us is just before our eyes,
    let's go Humanity, let's go lightwarriors, let's unite, let's clear the astral plane, let's invoke as much light as we can, let's finish the job!
    i love u all.

    1. @freddylight
      Thank you!
      Cobra and cobrass
      Thank you!

  52. It seems that we had been delayed by failures before, but now we're delayed by successes!

  53. Great work, keep it up.