Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Omega Grid
Tactical readiness of the Light forces on the surface of our planet to trigger the Event was reached on November 22nd at the opening of the eleventh gate of the 11:11.
The first crucial factor to achive this was a general decision of the critical mass of key people within positive surface groups that they will cooperate with Resistance surface operatives when the Event will be triggered. Therefore we now have enough consensus within top echelons of positive groups on the planet. Disharmony between lower echelons of positive groups can no longer delay the Event. 
Continuos testing of the software installed by the Resistance operatives into the Rothschild operated computer banking system has proven that we can crash the current banking system and create the Reset at the push of a button. In extensive Resistance operation in the beginning of this year, vast majority of physical gold, including Yamashita and Nazi gold,  gold from Philippines undergroud bunkers, gold from below Kloten airport, most gold from central banks and gold hidden below Rothschild villas, has been removed from the hands of the Cabal and is now waiting in the Resistance underground bases to be returned to humanity after the Event when it will form the backbone of the new financial system.
Without physical gold in hand, the Cabal was forced to manufacture gold-plated tungsten bars to ship them to central banks to maintain the impression that they still have control in their hands. Their banking system is now just a thoughtform that is maintained by the belief and trust of general population in the central bank operated slave working system. 
The only factor now preventing the Event is the Omega Grid.
The Omega Grid is a small group of physical Archons within the black nobility families in Italy that have access to biochemical weapons through Jesuits controllers (which include Hans Peter Kolvenbach) that handle people within negative military worldwide that have access to biochemical weapons, of which chemical weapons are the most dangerous:
They now hinder the progress of the Light forces by threatening to release chemical weapons in Syria. Chemical weapons in northern Syria add up to hundreds of tonnes, enough to kill hundreds of millions of people. Even with the direct intervention of the Galactic Confederation, casualities would be many. Northern Syria is the area of a very important energy vortex which triggered the rise of the Goddess conscious Halafian neolithic culture:
The Cabal is controllng this vortex for the last 5500 years and not willing to let go, since it is one of the most important Goddess vortexes on the planet.
The other vortex that the Cabal is controlling tightly is the Israel vortex, which holds the light key codes for Atlantis. This area was the first to be re-colonized after the fall of Atlantis and was the home of Natufian culture:
The top Archon on the physical plane, who belongs to the Pallavicini family according to some unconfirmed sources, holds contol of the situation through a special technology, called Black Box.
Black Box is called such because it physically looks like a small box, black in colour. It is actually a dimensional chamber that translates intel gathered from Archons' etheric spy network into physical computer data which is stored into the hard disk attached to the Black Box dimensional chamber and can be connected to a large mainframe computer for data analysis and evaluation. 
Archons' etheric spy network consists of a network of etheric electromagnetic standing wave generators which can immediatelly detect any increase of Light on the etheric plane. If that Light would increase above a certain limit, which would of course be crossed in the case of any direct physical intervention of the Galactic Confederation, the Black Box would send an alert to the top physcial Archon which would immediately trigger the biochemical weapons. 
The Black Box technology has been in use for a very long time, effectively preventing the Galactic Confederation to stop the pentagram of evil Jesuit concentration camp holocaust during World War II. If the Confederation would intervene at that time, the Cabal would call in negative ET races which would effectively wipe out humanity from the surface of the planet in retalliation. All those negative ET races have already been cleared or have crossed to the Light side so you do not have to worry about them. 
The same technology was used after the war to prevent the Galactic Confederation from stopping the Monarch mind programming activities of the Cabal. 
The non-physical part of the Omega Grid are the Archons who control the etheric spy network. They are the ones that maintain the quarantine. They are the ones that have ordered the dissemination of mind programs about non existance of extraterrestrial life and impossibility of travel beyond the confines of the quarantine Earth. They are the reason why the surface population has not yet discovered the way to reach the stars. They are the ones that have pushed many people into a corner, without having an option to lead a happy life. 

They use their non-phyiscal technology to keep the illusion that nothing will ever change. They are violently against love, especially against love between a man and a woman because the energy of that love effectively dissolves the quarantine. Through that love, a Goddess vortex is created and it creates a crack in the Matrix of their programming. 
The Omega Grid wants to prevent the opening of the Portal on December 21st. For that reason, they have initiated a series of attacks with their non-physical technology and with their non-physical reptilian minions on the key Light warriors on the surface of the planet. Those attacks started on November 25th and are ongoing. They also threaten with chemical weapons, fearing that December 21st may trigger the Event and they want to prevent that. 
When the Omega Grid is taken care of, the Event will happen. I do not know yet when that will be. I will report about the situation as it unfolds.
Anyway, timewave graph for December hints at very interesting times ahead:


  1. Dear Cobra I think you may want to go and reread some of your own older posts because you stated in one that all physical archons had been removed from the planet and that only a very small group of them still existed in the astral and etheric planes. If I am confusing the information in your previous post please respond to me here with the link to the older post so that I can reread it as I cannot seem to find it in the many posts this blog has on it now. Thank you.

    Also wondering what your take is on this....

    1. There was a post that talked about all archons being removed and no longer present, I cant remember if it was from physical plane of from astral and etheric but it was definately in an older post.

    2. Victory of the LIGHT!

      It is good to hear from you brando9000. And it is good to see you being approved to post. I found the post you may have been thinking of and yes, you are confused. Actually to reply to you is like fuel to invite negativity and 'lower' ones self to deal with your implications, but it was easy to find the answer to seemed to miss. Who knows what ideals you hold and why. I will not give up until Earth is Liberated. Ever see "And the Gods Must Be Crazy II"? Think of me like that badger in the movie that does not let go of the boot or give up the chase. Your 'ideals' will not deter my energies but make the positive more strong. Find a place of peace and build on that.

      Victory of the LIGHT!!

    3. Why exactly is it lowering ones self to reply to a simple question? And you could have at least linked the post so I could have read it and corrected my mistake...

    4. Victory of the LIGHT!

      I understand, you have my apology. In retrospect, looking at the bigger picture, I failed to actually see what is happening here. Many different people are coming together, with many different 'ideals', some very hopeful and some, I think, are resisting the Resistance Movement in a way. This is a good thing, so opening a dialog, trying to work it out, disagree, agree, all that. So, I understand, and thank you for you being you.
      In regards to crystals, I too have been working with crystals, so we do have something in common. I once said, that I don't come wrapped like a sterile hotel glass and I can get 'caught up' in the moment. I have 'gotten a grip' on the situation and we must move forward. It does seem amazing to me though, the variety of people that have come together on this one blog.

      brando9000, there is something out there, way up, because I did witness something, at random while ago for no reason, when I decided to try out a pair of binoculars that were found on a park bench. The objects were like a pair of 'lazy-8's' with some kind of green and fire-gold lights in the centers of the 8's top and bottom. One search after another to see if anyone posted anything like what I witnessed ultimately let me to here and now when before UFOS etc. were not of special interest. I may have witnessed a disk back in the 60's as a kid just after a tornado hit the night before; it looked like a metal garbage can lid sailing way high in the jet stream in the clouds. There are objects around the SUN that I have photographed with my DSLR, moth-looking things. I noticed that the rising Venus or Mercury these nights, weather permitting, that there as well, something is odd. I shot a video of the very bright Venus or Mercury, and it seems that there are extra lights around the edges of the planets when I lower the exposure. It is almost like the planet is just a very bright light, so bright that to just look at it, you don't even see the other stuff around it. If you hang around, as it is the end of fall term for me and I am back to sky watching until winter term starts, look for a link I plan to post, or view my profile and view the YouTube videos that I have already posted.
      I still have an amazing story of the Power of Self Healing that I have to compose in my mind that is very much real.

      Love, Peace & Chicken Grease.

      Victory of the LIGHT!

    5. I am with you Brando9000, he did say that. I have read write ups from Cobra's conference from those that attended and he clearly stated it then?

      It was said here - on 10.05.2012!

  2. Thank you Cobra.

    Praying for peace and safety for all of humanity, and holding you, the RM and all Light Warriors in the Highest Light of Love.

    Victory is Near !!


  3. Hoooly fuckballs, that is a tough situation!Keep us posted on the progression please, maybe a Stardust activitaion combined with an all out action ACTIVELY INVOLVING Resistance could solve this stalemate situation??..

    On a side note something interesting. In the past 2 weeks, I have felt a really intense call to buy crystals, namely Amethyst, Peacock Ore, Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, Quartz Crystal, Danburite and a collection of 12 little thumbstones and now I wear together on my neck an Amethyst a Rose Quartz and a Quartz Crystal pendant. Since wearing them I have been much more focused and feels as if I'm protected from negative energies.

    Very mysterious, miraculous thing happened in connection with a few of them couple days ago. I unintentionally placed my watch next to the circle formed of the 12 small thumbstones. The watch had not been working for 3 months but was too expensive to repair, yet I couldn'T stop wearing it, because I felt weird without it. So I placed it next to them, a few hours later I pick up my watch, routinely put on my wrist and it is WORKING perfectly since then. I am still amazed :)

    P.S: Hye Angel and IAL I justfound BOTH of your emails in my Spam folder.. Interesting, will answer them tomorrow.

    1. Oooooh very inspiring, LV! Makes me want to get some, too! You might want to talk to Diane LightBearer...

    2. Thanks, Klove! Maybe I'll write up a little something about some basic protective stones/crystals if anyone is interested? Been REALLY pulled to the raw forms lately, lots of grounding is needed so we can hold the Light and keep the Grid clear. I feel we are all doing tremendous work on the Inner Planes, so it is imperative that we clear our fields morning and night and take good care of our physical health. It may seem that you are doing nothing, but believe me, if you are feeling all this emotional turmoil, you are being triggered....and it's because you are carrying great Light! Remember that Cobra said explained how the dark uses projections to hit your weaknesses. See it, release it, and clear your fields. Salt baths help, too. If you need suggestions, let me know.

      Diane Lightbearer

    3. Yes please, interested in crystals - which ones, how we use them? I always carry one or two little ones in my pocket - not sure why but I like them. More info very welcome.

      And by the way - today a friend aged 20 has fainted, had tingles in foot, now lower back pain. Not responding to painkillers. Is this likely to do with 'Now', sun flares, ascension symptoms? I just Feel it's to do with this special time, but he's very sciency and not at all awake. He needs to see the medical lot obviously, but can anyone offer any words of reassurance if you've any ideas of anything similar?

      Thanks ♥

    4. I'm also interested in the crystals.I have few..but wish to know how to use them properly.I have a small quartz pyramid that I use in meditation.I invented that up.But would like to hear more on proper usage of such a pyramid in meditation.

    5. Using crystals is much like using your own energy field. There a numerous sites that explain but I will briefly. First of crystals naturally absorb negative energy so they need to be cleansed often to keep their energy positive. few easy ways. One, if you know your crystal does not have any kind of false coating or metal that may be damaged by water simply run it under a source of water and it will rinse away negative energy. Second way is to run your prominent hand back and forth over it and visualize your own energy from your hand sweeping the negative energy from the crystals.
      Crystals are much like water in the sense they can be programmed with your intentions. Hold the crystal in your prominent hand and place it over your heart. Visualize the crystal being as big as you are and center yourself in the heart of the crystal. Once you have achieved this and you are inside the crystal allow your intentions, what ever they are, to flow out from your field of energy and filling the crystal with the energy of your intention. There is much more online about how to use them to heal and what crystals are better for certain tasks but that is a brief run down.

    6. LV - interesting, and it wouldn't be the first time funny business has happened - there must be lots of overtime checks in the mail for those who are attempting to foil the Light :)

      Diane Lightbearer - woohoo, that would be great to hear more from your expertise about crystals ! Please do share ! LOVE xo

    7. Ok you sweetHearts! I'll just quickly post that brando9000 has it completely right about the programming and using intention, though the necessity of 'clearing' them in the old ways has now shifted due to this years incoming of higher vibrational Light which has fully activated the crystalline grid. This means that the crystals and stones are in harmony and only need to be left 'stasis' as it were, for 3 hours in order to bring themselves back to perfect clarity. This allows a full cycle in their atomic substance, much as our blood filters completely in a few hours. This is info from 'Rock Medicine' by Sela Weidemann Randazzo. For healing work, I use stones or crystals that are an easy size to hold in one hand. Right for women, left for men. For healing effect, hold for at least 15 min, but not more than 20. Do this four times daily. Longer than that and the effect will be voided. You can also program different crystals/stones for different purposes. The healing method is with stones I have asked to provide healing effect. You can program for meditation, sleep/dream work, focus/study and many other things. I have some that I use with people who want a chakra balancing treatment, too. Just choose the stones that you are attracted to naturally, then read a bit about the metaphysical properties and you'll discover why your body chose it! I love Melody's book 'Love is in the Earth'. Right now is the perfect time to start working with stones, crystals and other earth objects, as EVERYTHING is rising in consciousness and it's easier to connect! If anyone has specific questions about stones/crystals, I have a lot of resources but don't want to take up too much space here, I could go on all night, lol!! I AM Love and Untwine know, they've been here :) I will suggest that blue kyanite is a very powerful, lovely energy stone that is not very expensive, but will help balance the chakras and doesn't hold negativity and doesn't need stasis. It's VERY good as an aid to meditation, connecting with your guides and dream recall. There are different colors, blue is my favorite! Works powerfully with the throat chakra....helps us to express ourselves in Truth! I have been harvesting local stones of all kinds and learning SO much about the mineral kingdom...please email me about it if you like.
      XO Diane Lightbearer

  4. Praying for peace and a major breakthrough of LIGHT. hanging on by a thread here, living my "normal" life in this pressure cooker...doing my work in dream time...Love to All here and everywhere!!! I truly miss the dialog we used to share, but understand and appreciate the changes in this blog.
    Hugs to you Cobra and fellow cobrasss and system busters...
    Ps- very curious about the Robert Lane post on Universal Voice, fb.

  5. To All My Birds of a Feather:

    From the Oracle Report -

    Thursday, December 6, 2012

    Third Quarter Moon Phase - Moon in Virgo

    The utmost patience will be required of all wise owls in order to navigate today's energy. Things are likely to take at least two tries to accomplish today (even the smallest things). This could drive us a little mad. If you remember back to the beginning of this lunar month, I discussed how it was going to be challenging - almost like the month of last summer's "turning point" but a little less traumatic. I think this has shown to be true. This month's energy has been very hard to handle. Two things have been happening: on othe macro level, harmful forces have been using magic to make war and mayhem, which trickles through the human collective; on the micro level, something very deep inside of us has been changing (shifting formation) in order to activate higher personal energetic frequencies. The inner shifting is uncomfortable. It makes us feel ungrounded, emotional, doubtful, unfocused, and undirected. The inner shifting has been like a vision quest - the spiritual journey that indigenous people take to gain personal wisdom. Literally they go out in the woods or wherever and walk, camp, meditate, watch.

    But we don't fully gain the wisdom until the vision quest ends, and that doesn't happen until the last day of the current Third Quarter phase (the phase ends on Sunday and the Balsamic phase also begins on Sunday). In general, we are very skilled at sitting tight, creating a space, and waiting things out until the wisdom is revealed. In the meantime, we struggle.

    I've never had a harder time writing the reports than I have this month. I know what is happening, but I couldn't fully explain it. This, combined with Mercury retrograde, the myriad of technical difficulties (including my internet mysterously going down - it's still down and the provider can't explain why) has left each of us on our own path to some degree. But that's the nature of vision quests. They must be undertaken alone.

    Stay the course. This is leading to the activation of your highest and best self so give it time. When you have trouble handling things, stop, take a breath, and go outside! Let the trouble, anger, frustration, whatever drain out of you and flow into nature. Nature will handle it. In the midst of this chaotic swirl of energy, let's stay centered and find beauty. If you keep the mission of finding beauty today, you are well served.

    1. Thanks Ms. Klove ;)

      Love the OR - she is so Right On with her postings, especially in this last lunar phase, which has been a challenge. So much clearing at the Lunar Eclipse occurred.

      Nice transfiguration for you with the avatar too :)


  6. Hello Cobra,

    Looking back on some of your former postings, I am very hopeful that you will be able to explain come apparent oversights and discrepancies in some of these former postings with your Omega Grid posting today, as your readers are all very much looking forward to The Event and earnestly want to regard you as a reliable source of Intel:

    May 10th – “Leader of the Archons on the physical plane has been arrested on May 5th by the Resistance forces and taken off-planet. He has crossed over to the Light and is now free-willingly assisting with the planetary liberation process.”
    Was it an oversight that we were not told that this Archon leader was replaced by another Archon leader of the Pallavicini family?

    June 7th – “The physical Archons consist of a powerful group inside the Jesuit faction. This group had direct access to nuclear weapons which they were threatening to use if Mass Arrests would commence. As this group was effectively cut away from such access this Tuesday, the Cabal went into panic mode as they had no more leverage to delay their downfall.”
    Was it an oversight that we were not told that the Jesuit faction still controlled massive chemical weapons as leverage that could/would prevent The Event?

    June 17th – “Physical Archons and the rest of the physical Cabal may and can be removed long before the Veil is completely gone. Physical and non-physical Archons have a plan with a code name Doom33 to prevent the mass arrests from happening. According to that plan, when the mass arrests would start, the non-physical Archons would give a signal through occult rituals to top physical Archons inside SMOM (Knights of Malta) and among 33rd degree Freemasons. Those people would then give orders through their links inside the military and alphabet agencies to create as much destruction and havoc as possible. This goes along with the Armageddon End Times prophecies that are highly respected among the physical Archons. They would do anything to see those prophecies fulfilled. You do not need to be afraid of those plans as Light forces have detailed plans to prevent most of this from ever happening.”
    It appears from today’s post that the physical Archons were not removed long before the Veil is completely gone, and that the detailed plans of the Light forces to take care of this issue have not been successful.

    1. Thank you for posting and searching, Aleanna.
      I was wondering about the same things.

      My intuition, firstly, tells me that there's a lot more going on than meets the eye.
      And a lot of information has not been given, often for reasons of secrecy or safety and such.

      My feeling resonates with both of your first two points, as being fairly accurate, although I'm expecting much more clarity to arrive very shortly.

      For the third point I see that Cobra uses the words "Light forces have detailed plans to prevent *most* of this".
      I strongly feel that this includes all weapons of mass destruction (also chemical), yet not the more subtle forms which work more on 'individual' levels.

      It feels to me like the darker ones, who have found themselves trapped in a corner, feel increasingly threatened by lightful influences.
      And so I feel that a most gentle approach is most beneficial, particularly giving more time for the new waves of love to spread across the lands and settle into the depths of every being, so that there is better receptivity for a positive outcome, performed by an orchestra of lightful beings in key places, to allow all things to flow in a smooth way and bringing a more sensitive landing to the somewhat chaotic looking situation.

      To me it feels like the cycles of Atlantis keep repeating in constantly more subtle ways, until only the remnants of the 'Belial' core remain, which I believe we are at right now.
      By raising the tone of Gaia's transitional song, the strongest attachments will lose footing and give way to the endless flow of the universal heart its warming embrace.

    2. There are still some major archons still left on the physical plane these are the ones which will be rounded up and removed form rthe planet at the time of the event. there are still major archon and lower astral vampire aura suckers in the 8 mile radius of the earths atmosphere all others within the solor system and the galaxy have been removed and cleared and are no longer a problem. the Archons on the astral will be rreomoved by divine decree at the time of the light pulse from source. then through the galactic central sun and then to all dimensions and ascended masters the GFL and the resistance. No man on acsended master knows this hour or time they are ready but must wait for source and the actually light wave pulse for this to trigger the "event". The archons will be physically removed after the archons from the astral plane and immmediate area of the earth are cleansed. The few remaing archons are now very agitated as their time is very short and like a kicked hornets nest are lashing out and cousing many energetic problems for people of the light and the light forces this is to distract and confuse to dishearten and to play it out to the bitter end. Tjhe light of god never fails... it may have taken 8 million years since the "Fall" but the universal prophecy of peace throughout the galaxy is about to be realized. the jesuit archons and certain minions do control dsome biological weapons. At this time this is the most dangerous aspect of cabal influence which is preventing the event.
      the armageddon end times prophecy is a program inserted by the cabal and archons to make the enslavement of humanity possible through an expectation of this as natural or divinely orchestrated. Nothing could be farther from the truth. all religions are archon created mind control cults.
      The innocent faithful believer and followers have been misled and their good intentions have been thwarted, biut not entirely.
      the teachers and incarnation avatars have made tremndous impact and their messages of inconditional love peace and understanding could not be erased or denied completely. We do not throw out the sweet baby jesus with the bath water nor do we deny the message (oops i almost wrote massage I but i caught it :-) or krishna or any other messenger of light from the order of Melchizadech to Guru Nanak or any other emissary of love and light which has bought the truth to our world. The main point being no body needs anybody to tell them how to know god. the answers all reside within the mighy god presence of each individual as their own true sel. No bible no preacher no priest hood not even an ascended master is required. Each is capable of growth on their own. It is true inspiring words thoughts and the true teachings of the avatars ascended masters and teacher are all good and wonderful aids in spiritual development. these are all arrows along the path to guide us on the way home. We must all trod the path alone on with our own violition and intent and freewill choice. It will be easy for the light workers to come along board to serve the mission and purpose of spreading the truth of peace AFTER the event. It is those with faith and purpose and who now struggle through the Archon attacks the last death throes of evil that will have a greater reward. continue

    3. So much suffering so much fear and so much ignorance is now aupon the wolrd and in the minds and hearts of humanity. it is for this reason Cobra myself and you and many millions of other souls pray for the truth and the light of god to heal our world our prayers are being answered and the angels are even now circiling our world and clearing the light and the love into every hole of darkness and doubt. I say have no fear no doubts The spirit of truth will be poured upon all flesh we are close we are strong we will move through all adversity and judgement with a golden and violet flame. Your prayers your medidtations your connections to source your networking for the light your constant good work positive additude and intent for peace and liberation do mean something and ARE IMPORTANT FOR OUR VICTORY. Let us all try not to get lost or confused in the details. I am grateful that i speak with cobra regularly as I ask many of the same questions and he has declared powerfully and with conviction that this planet is the Last stronghold of the archons along with orion. The fled here about 30 thousand years ago because they had been defeated elsewhere and this was a last place to hide. They chose this palnet due to our diverse and abundant life and varied galactic influence. Earth was a prized catch. The GFL is now returning as Promised. so the poromise is being fulfilled. Let us not waver let us continue to invoke the light and to pray and to work for world peace and understanding.
      respectfully with warm regards

      Victory to the light

  7. (Continued)

    June 21st – “Operation Stardust 2 was carried out by the Pleiadian Fleet from the orbit of Planet Earth. Stardust is the codename of a special advanced nanotechnology. It is a dust made of small nanoparticles that were sprayed into the physical bodies of the members of the Cabal and their minions (think “cosmic chemtrails”). This nanodust cannot be removed by any technology known on Earth. Its activation has two phases. The first phase blocks the central nervous system immediately and a person cannot move. The second phase kills the person. It will be activated at the time of the Event to block members of the Cabal trying to do any harm. In vast majority of cases Phase 1 activation will be sufficient. The purpose of the Operation Stardust is to counteract any negative effects of Doom 33 that the Cabal might want to use at that point. In combination with the Positive Military action, this basically check-mates the power of the Cabal. This technology will NOT be activated before the Event. At the Event, the Positive Military and civilian authority will still need to do their part. The purpose of this operation is to make it easier for them. If high-ranking members of the Cabal need to have proof that Operation Stardust 2 is real, this proof can be arranged.”
    What happened to Operation Stardust 2 as the “checkmate” plan for the Cabal’s Doom 33 plan?

    October 12th – “The first part of the Master Plan pertains to the breakthrough of Light on the non-physical planes. The Light forces use advanced vortex technology for clearing the non-physical planes. All those vortexes create a network of Light that gets stronger and stronger day by day. At a certain point a critical mass of Light will be reached and it will result in a massive arrival of the Light forces on the mental, astral and etheric non-physical planes inside the thin layer that surrounds the surface of planet Earth and now still contains a few Archons and their many reptilian minions with their negative technologies. That breakthrough will remove all remaining darkness from non-physical planes. This is a crucial step and must happen before the Event. Otherwise the Archons and their reptilian minions would exert pressure on the psychological weak spots of humanity and this could easily lead to widespread wars and violence. Human masses are very open to regressing to violence under stress combined with Archon physical and non-physical influence, as experience with Nazi Germany and Rwanda genocide clearly shows. Under Archon influence, humans are also quick to accuse and attack and this could easily lead to witch hunts and mobs lynching people that are not to their liking. Anybody could be attacked and labeled as »cabal collaborator« or anything similar. Such things need to be prevented and therefore the Event will NOT happen before the non-physical planes are taken care of.”
    Why did the Master Plan include a breakthrough of Light that would have set off the Archons' network of etheric electromagnetic standing wave generators which would immediately detect any increase of Light on the etheric plane, which, if that Light would increase above a certain limit, the Black Box would send an alert to the top physical Archon, which would immediately trigger biochemical weapons? Why did the Master Plan include such a dangerous “crucial step” if this was going to cause the release of biochemical weapons?

    Here's to the Victory of the Light!

    1. Ah, there's more! :D
      For your point about Stardust, I feel that, while there are still people of the old world in some positions of power, there are lighted beings and lighted technologies in place to influence and bend the darkest of hearts towards the betterment of all involved.

      For your final point about the Black Box, I get a sense that there is a huge complexity in the stories and information that is perhaps challenging to summarize in a most accurate way.
      I feel that many choices were made and altered along the way, which changes only the details of plans that were originally set out, but does not change the end-result.

      I've also noticed that some words that Cobra uses (in a certain context) may not necessarily mean the same thing as the way in which you or other readers interpret them.
      One example I like is "immediately trigger".

      I hope you don't mind me commenting on your very well-spotted points, as I like to constantly check and verify to confirm my observations and intuition with other people in the outside world :)
      Thank you.

    2. aleanna, wow!! i love your research and cross-referencing skills! these are exacly the kind of things i wanted to check on but don't have the energy. so, thanks.

      i feel confident there are actual explainations b/c i feel cobra's the 'real deal' but these are questions that i would ask too.

    3. The master plan had nothing to do with the technology controlled by the archons these were very high beings from another dimension who are limited to the earths environs. Though they are stuck here and awaiting the final execution of their sentece they have been judged By a very high avatar Christ. This judgemment 2000 years ago will soon be enforced and enacted as swiftly and as safely as possible. This nano dust can and will work but it makes actions attempted before the event very difficult to enact without immediate resonse and influence from cabal minions who are controlled by archons. there is severe pressure being bought ot bare on the major players in the schemes of the dark and many of them will nbe arrested and dealt with accordingly. Many of the major archons wil go straight to the central sun for a soul reset. As long as kissinger and the bushes are still walking the event hasnt happpened when it does YOU WILL ALL KNOW. The vortex technology has been working as has cleared out the majority of low astral negativity. do you notice it? Yes the cabal still controls the telvision and the general publics perception but the real power is now removed. the few that are left are really working overtime and are very very angry attacking anyone of the light and even especially those around them to try and keep them from their mission. Many people from the laguna conference have been reproting major attackes in their personal efforts for the light as well as in their personal lives to disract them from their mission. I myself have been knocking down walls of negativity from those i least expect to attack me. I want to thank all of the cobra team and conference attendees who have been so supportive and helpful and encouraging to me personally i am very gratefull

    4. Dear Rob,

      With regards to your response to my inquiries, I very much respect your personal opinion in all that you stated in your responses. I view you as a brother on the Path with pure intentions.

      Just a couple of thoughts . . .

      With regards to your comment, “The main point being no body needs anybody to tell them how to know god. the answers all reside within the mighy god presence of each individual as their own true sel. No bible no preacher no priest hood not even an ascended master is required,” I would simply point out the words of Beloved Kuthumi through the Geraldine Innocente in the Bridge to Freedom as a point of reference:

      “There are two roads open before the chela [disciple]. He may prefer to rely only upon that contact which he can develop from entering the silence and communing there with his indwelling Christ, relying upon his intuition and capacity to discern between the Voice of the Silence and the voice of his “many selves.” Or he may accept the assistance of the Ascended Master, who has already full access to the Christ Mind. This Master may suggest (when invited) a course of action which will be beneficial to the spiritual development of the chela. A real master will never order nor compel, through superstition or fear, a course of action which the chela should follow. All cooperation with the Great Brotherhood of Light is voluntary and proceeds from a desire, upon the part of the chela, to know how to proceed up the mount of attainment more quickly . . .

      The students on the Path may be divided generally into two groups, those who accept the assistance and superior wisdom of guides who have gone the way before and who, by such acceptance, climb straight up the mountain, and those who prefer to set their own pace and proceed around the mountain without the assistance of such volunteers from above. Either course is safe, either is sure, but the bold, who grasp the hands of the Master, find attainment more quickly, although the arduous climb may sometimes tell on their spirits before they stand on the summit.” Beloved Kuthumi, Teachings for the New Golden Age, 2002, p. 67.

      Another thought . . .

      If Stardust 2 can easily handle the Omega Grid (Archons) and Cabal during the Event, why is the Omega Grid seen as preventing the Event as Cobra stated in his post? “The only factor now preventing the Event is the Omega Grid . . . When the Omega Grid is taken care of, the Event will happen.”

      According to Cobra’s post of June 21, for the Event to happen, the Omega Grid does not have to be “taken care of” prior to the Event because that will be handled by Stardust 2 during the Event, “Operation Stardust 2 . . . will be activated at the time of the Event to block members of the Cabal trying to do any harm. In vast majority of cases Phase 1 activation will be sufficient. The purpose of the Operation Stardust is to counteract any negative effects of Doom 33 that the Cabal might want to use at that point. In combination with the Positive Military action, this basically check-mates the power of the Cabal.”

      Another thought . . .

      It appears that you may be using a personal projection to view my questions as “negativity” and an “attack” on Cobra, “Many people from the laguna conference have been reproting major attackes in their personal efforts for the light as well as in their personal lives to disract them from their mission. I myself have been knocking down walls of negativity from those i least expect to attack me.” Please note that my questions were very respectful, and that I used Cobra’s own quotes to pose my questions. You will note that at no time did I make a personal “attack” on Cobra. My intent is only to know the Truth, as there are obviously some discrepancies. Please be at Peace, my brother. I know Cobra’s Heart is here in Service to the Light, and that he will respond to my questions because he knows that Lightworkers want to know the Truth.

      With warm regards,

    5. Aleanna,
      I was not referring to you in my statement about attacks. I think you are perhaps seeing that as a personal projection. What I stated is true from me and for Cobra and other from Cobras conference.

      I think you will see what meant in my next post which will show up below very soon, when Cobra okays its posting. He is moderating comments now. I know you want the truth and like many others are trying to discern the truth for your self and whether or not you can have faith in and trust in what cobra is saying and posting. This is natural and normal I appreciate your discernment I ask the same question from him regularly.

      Now to clarify the grid situation.

      1 The dark has controlled various vortex portals for thousands of years this is how they control who incarnates into the Rothschild’s bushes etc. etc. This is also where and how they manipulate our world reality and worldview through this matrix of light, which is a natural aspect of reality and embodiment. They have highjacked this for their own purposes and are distorting this matrix and creating a false or fallen reality perception and a host of negative failure doomsday scenario programs for individuals and groups. These programs extend into our societal structure and have been used to play on our weaknesses money military etc. etc. They usually pick a vortex and put a church on it and work the mind control form there in fact the Rothschild’s were personally financing cell phone mind control antenna to be built directly into the spires on many churches and broadcast along the natural vortex ley lines their insidious programs. The bible says we wrest with "principalities and powers". This is because the average archon is well hidden
      2 This is the lynch pin in their control of people minds and the real power source of their efforts. We have been waiting over 30 thousand years to be able to bring it down. It will not come down until the source wills it as the GFL and resistance cannot do this without loss of life at this time. The Galactic super wave light pulse will make all of this possible. The stardust will work at that time.

      3 Right now the stardust could not be triggered without reaction and result in a major catastrophe. I know we have already had countless and numerous catastrophes’ but this is what it is.

      4 I do not expect you to know me or understand my faith and my experiences with ascended masters but I have had a few up close and personal physical revelations, as I will call them. I absolutely do agree with you about having the ascended masters for help. The way that I meant it is that religion has been used for people to see priests the way and through them we get forgiven they decide what is right or wrong a sin or not it is all based on guilt and manipulation. Archons have incarnated into the Catholic Church and other religious organizations to thwart the spiritual calling. This is obviously not the case for the real ascended masters. But the are not around to humanity at this time they also must remain hidden. They are not on call for me personally though I do invoke their presence in my prayers!

    6. The average person does not get physical contacts with these beings unfortunately. You will also note that I DID NOT say that using ascended masters would NOT be helpful. Because clearly it is. I would not be doing what I am doing right now if not for master Hilarion sending to me a resistance member for my personal instruction. I also was gifted by a physical visit from Babaji and Sai Baba has been very instrumental in my spiritual faith. So I accept help from ascended and UN ascended teachers and looks for and gather the truth and light where ever and when ever I find it. You also said either path is safe and bold. I use both because I ma ambidextrous with my hands and my mind.

      Cobra is extremely busy at this point in time and may or may not answer your personal questions. I feel it is best for us all to work for the light than try to get too much into nit picking the details. Any inconsistencies are generally due to misunderstandings but the basic gist of cobra message is


      My hope would be for all of us to get busy and start to create alternative solutions and to be engaged in service and light oriented work. This in not directed at you by the way. It is a general call to the light worker to step up now. After the event and after the ships can appear freely without inciting panic or fear it will be easy to do your mission and to work for the changes because then it will be the "in thing to do". The television will report the truth and since the television says it will be true! Why not be an early bitd and step into the action for the planet now? She will appreciate It.

      I encourage you all to have the faith and courage to dare to act to do and to remain silent and serve selflessly help ever hurt never

      Submitted for your perusal with respect
      And warm regards
      Victory is nigh

    7. Dear Rob, I am grateful for your detailing.I find it very helpful when you explain things further. I also was wondering why the stardust could not be used. Your writings regarding being your own teacher is exactly what I was told by spirit. He said we do not need it written that we should not kill as this is written in our own divine template. Prayer and meditation can help to activate that template. Conversely, teachers can sometimes take us away from our own centre, where God is.

  8. Sorry Brando, but you do have it backwards. I payed close attention to what he said in that previous update you refer to (because it makes such a huge difference in the end results) and he said that all the 4D archons had been removed from the area and now only some archons who incarnated in human form yet remained.

    1. No need to appoligize I dont mind being wrong I was just looking for clarification thank you!

    2. I'm sorry Light, but you are wrong too. He said a very few physical remained, and a little more on the non-physical plane.
      not that it matters, just thought it's good to set it straight.

  9. Victory of the LIGHT!

    " Clarification about Archons

    This is a continuation of the intel about the Archons with a purpose of clarifying some ambiguities.

    All physical and non-physical Reptilians, Draconians, Archons and all other dark entities have been already completely cleared from the whole universe, galaxy and our solar system, except from a small surface layer of planet Earth.

    All Reptilians and other dark forces have already been completely cleared from all underground military bases. Those bases are now empty, and their entrances sealed.

    You can now only find any dark forces in two places:

    The first place is the etheric plane and lower astral plane (4th dimension) in a thin layer around the surface profile of the Earth, extending 8.6 miles in both direction at most. Great majority of those discarnate dark entities are in the immediate surface layer which extends no more than 60 feet in both directions (upwards and downwards from the surface profile). Most of those entities tend to concentrate in heavily populated areas, there are very few entities where pristine nature is preserved. Those dark entities consist of a small group of Archons, a larger group of Draconians, even larger group of Reptilians and vast number of amoeba-like elemental beings. There is a war going on now on the etheric and lower astral plane during which dark entities are being removed by the non-physical light warriors. This etheric and astral liberation operation is known under codename Pandora.

    The second and the last place where you can find any dark forces is the physical plane on the surface of planet Earth. Dark forces consist of a few dozens Archons (found mostly in Jesuit circles), a few hundred Draconians (found among Illuminati banking cartel) and a few thousand Reptilians (found in private mercenary armies such as KBR and Academi-former Blackwater). Those beings will be removed with the coming mass arrests.

    So there is still a war going on but we are close to victory and the planet will be liberated.

    The fact that Archons came from the Andromeda galaxy thousands and in some cases even millions of years ago does not mean that everybody coming from Andromeda is on the dark side. In fact Andromeda galaxy is famous for some very bright heroes of the Light forces.

    Leader of the Archons on the physical plane has been arrested on May 5th by the Resistance forces and taken off-planet. He has crossed over to the Light ad is now free-willingly assisting with the planetary liberation process."

    Victory of the LIGHT!

  10. Wow! That is a complicated situation. We for sure will defeat the dark, keep on being positive! LV very interesting about the crystals, and what a good choice as well! I love my crystals and recently bought a lemurian seed crystal which has now become part of my life as I take him with me wherever I go...during dream times I have had few weird lucid dreams and one of those involved some bomb being exploded somewhere near Italy and literally the whole world was affected by this! I thought the dream related to something happening eons ago in some previous lifetime but now am starting to wander :@


  12. I don't know how I feel about being back here, but I just had an experience that I have to pay attention to, and felt drawn to respond here after several months away.

    (Hi, up there, LV, BTW, lol.)

    I was on YouTube watching my usual videos I check in with. They have a new system of recommendations there, and I came upon the user "tsaklar". I have for the past 45 minutes or so been watching some of his presentations, especially about the orbs, because I have seen them for myself (not in the city in the US I am in now, but the one where I lived in the EU).

    Then I came upon this video:

    While I was watching, I heard very distinctly in my inner mind, "Go to 2012portal NOW." It was clear and distinct. It was insistent that I go this moment, and it was not messing around.

    I read what I read here, and admit I kind of started freaking out after seeing the videos and comments from tsaklar.

    His videos very clearly explain the Grid and how it operates.

    I also want to clarify this statement:

    "They use their non-phyiscal technology to keep the illuison that nothing will ever change. They are violently against love, especially against love between a man and a woman because the energy of that love effectively dissolves the quarantine. Through that love, a Goddess vortex is created and it creates a crack in the Matrix of their programming."

    What I received internally is not only this, but also they are violently against the love between a mother and a child. This, of all, the creation of the man and the woman and the love that is embedded there creates not only a crack, but hacks it. Think of The Bride in "Kill Bill" and all she does to be reunited with her daughter.

    I still don't know how I feel about coming back here. There have been things that left me less than impressed and very disappointed. However, I cannot deny the experience I just had this evening, I can't deny that I hear the Grid, the hum of the system, and that there are elements here I understand to be completely true.

    I don't know that I will be back to comment, but I also know that I follow these inner instructions when I have them. I got them, and I have done what was required.

    Always, peace to all, because above all, I have recognized that is of the highest priority.

    Be well,
    Calliope the Muse

    1. Truly I don't know anything Calliope but I haven't left here, I feel intuitively a sense of trust for Cobra, and for you too, and I'm so glad to see you back here.

      Today is a big day I just feel certain of it. Lots of stuff we don't understand going on.

      Am trying to get answers from within. I don't - just my intuition. But massive tingling all over the moment I make the time and effort to meditate.

      It's kicking off!

      Love love love to you all

    2. Our dreams will never lie to us. And long time ago, before I knew about ascension, I dreamed a few times with this time: Lots of fighting, but also with our victory!
      Peace and Love to all

    3. trinityprof --

      I meant to respond to you and tell you Love back to you. :)


  13. thank you!!

    you heard the man. single LW's can help by hookin' up with some mutual gooood lovin'. i'm down with that. ha!

    THANKS TO THE ARCHONS, WE HAVE BECOME THEEE STRONGEST ONES IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. We drink poisoned water... we breath poisoned air... we eat poisoned food... we take poison pills to BE "healed"... AND WE THRIVE! THANK YOU, ARCHONS.




    AND IT IS SO!!

    1. Awesome Hye! Yes, we are STRONG!!!
      And now we're getting WISE!
      Lot of peace and love to you

  15. Hm, I think the Obama re-election really spinned things of. It's almost as the grid lock can be seen through the RV/Disclosure on the cusp of happening! What times we live in wow!

  16. Cobra, I am with you. Take as much time as you want. I don't care if the Ascension does not place even in my lifetime. But my Syrian & Israeli brothers & sisters must come through this with their minds & bodies intact. I also pray that all the Archons come to the Light ASAP.

  17. Cobra,
    Thank you so much for sharing this important intel. Lightworkers stay centered in the light and love of the Divine. Love is the strongest force in the universe.

  18. By the way, I believe that the Earth itself will ascend into the fifth dimension on December 21st. In which case the low energies that embody the dark cabal, and all evil intent and weaponry will lack the necessary high frequencies and vibrations to physically exist in that dimension. Victory of the Light!

    1. 5D, yeah that would be easy, but I am afraid, we will have to clean the mess, work on ourselves and help our fellow humans understand what has been going on, then Ascension may start to happen, probably in a couple of waves.

      Just don't let yurselves too much into hope that everything will be solved on the 21st, cuz you might get hurt.

    2. yep you got it! The real work begins after this year, but at least we should by then be free of the DARK , and that is what counts:)

    3. @AJSTAN Yes that is what I am saying too. The end is the beginning of working even more but we will be free to proceed without the dark and it will not be work as we have known it in the lower dimension.
      @LoncsVezer I stand by my hope without fear of getting hurt. The dark cannot exist in the reality that I will be in from the 21st on if not sooner. And I agree there are waves, some before, some on, and some after. Many have already ascended.

  19. Thank you indeed Cobra.

    It is palpable that things are now changing - and of course we might expect that those who wish for the status quo - who are currently incarnated and knowledgeable (however dark that knowledge) will do all they can to prevent progress. But what is happening here also extends far beyond this one planet and far higher than any priest-of-darkness. We can calmly be sure of victory. It is actually inevitable.

  20. Do I hear the grinding of slipping timeframes?
    Do I see the assembly of excuses as to why 2012 will not be the year of the Victory of the Light?
    Its getting towards doubling-down time, people!

  21. Interesting update: Earlier this past year we received information from the modern day Mayans suggested that the Haldron Collider at Cern was going to be used to prevent the energy expansion at the pyramids, Today we got this piece of news which may be of interest to the resistance.

    QUOTE "This year, CERN is beginning another set of experiments in hopes to getting that much closer to completing the Standard Model. Scientists at CERN have announced test dates for the rest of the year, as well as some curious dates can be found in the upcoming schedule. Starting Monday, December 17, 2012 and going through Friday, December 21, 2012, CERN will be launching and running a series of collisions, which are predicted to break records in high voltage collisions already set by the LHC. With these experiments, the scientists are hoping to create atomic reactions that would provide further information about anti-matter, and the big bang.

    The test set for the week of December 17-21, 2012 is the final test before the LHC will shutdown operations for upgrades and will resume operation in 2014, assuming something doesn’t go wrong, in the minds of some of the scientists, terribly right, which causes the end of the world. I guess we will just have to see what happens. Let us know what you think, is CERN guilty of a self-fulfilling prophecy of destruction here?" comments welcome Cobra.

  22. Oh well blast the archons.
    Dear AAM, please will you come come off the radio and give us a hand?

  23. As far as the black box is concerned.....I shouldn't worry much about it .:.

  24. As far as the black box is concerned.....I shouldn't worry much about it .:.

  25. As far as the black box is concerned.....I shouldn't worry much about it .:.

  26. Dear friends,
    please stop being disappointed.

    Better please meditate on New Osiris – re-formatted like a disk, re-formatted like a flash memory since march 2012.
    Please meditate on Time Lords – very efficient Specialists in Galaxy.
    Proofed their-selves during transition of 11/11/2011 by ceasing of so called Montauk time line as much it were possible.
    So called Montauk time line were intended for to help Archons and Cabal for to keep their control for next 10,000 years.

    Please send your Love to New Osiris and Time Lords, because they are only forces in vicinity of Earth capable for to make Archons and Cabal being separated from their technologies and make being them arrested.
    NOTICE AND FEEL DIFFERENCE – not to separate and not to arrest – but to make being separated and to make being arrested.
    After their arrest in vicinity of Earth only New Osiris is capable for to start their purification with Fire of The Spirit and capable for to send them under compulsory mental treatment – if they are resistant to Fire of The Spirit.

    Please realize, that New Osiris and Time Lords are living by your energy of Spiritual Love.
    Sent to them during mediation.

    Please realize that Archons and Cabal were been so powerful because they were initially authorized by Visnu and The Supreme for to perform EXPERIMENT OF GENOCIDE – for to form docile people, people without initiative – people without working and development perspectives in Galaxy.
    And for to harvest energy of prayers and ENERGY OF PAIN AND SUFFERING.
    REMOVE form people and HARVEST energy provided for people for their after-death lives.
    With no regard – have these Earth born people Earth or even EXTRATERRESTRIAL origin!!!
    By Lords considered by default being as The Lords of The Light forces.
    Please realize that this TREASON in Galaxy never passed without court and punishment.
    Visnu and Osiris already have been undergone through process of re-formation.
    Post of The Supreme is empty now – and duties of The Supreme in Solar System are performing by Supercomputer of The Creator of The Solar System.

    1. [quote]Please realize that Archons and Cabal were been so powerful because they were initially authorized by Visnu and The Supreme[/quote]

      Yes, but now... Sol has spoken. Gaia has received. . New codes, new world.

      [quote]Please realize, that New Osiris and Time Lords are living by your energy of Spiritual Love.
      Sent to them during mediation.[/quote] True. This is a multidimensional issue. Spiritual Love offered through meditation is valuable in the end of the story.

      Thank you for your perspective Marija Celitane.

    2. Now I truly am confused. Who is Visnu? Who had no initiative and why not?

    3. To Haiku

      Please stop this!
      I wrote my comment according time, place and obstacles.

      It is always being welcomed in Galaxy for to be substantive, initiative and always be ready to acquire new knowledge.

      If you are in trouble, in some situations you need to pay for somebody for his or her help.
      In some situations you coming and helping for somebody in hard moment, helping as benefaction with no question – what benefits I will get from it?
      Also it is true in Universe – in Realms above physical reality.

      Have you realized, that Cabal and few remained Archons are cornered like wild animals?
      Do you really think that they will not want to survive?
      Survive, keep and rise their power – as they had when they came to The Solar System?

      Yes, you can re-translate contact materials resonant with you.
      But in Realms – Causal, Mental and Astral are visible competitive time lines with NEGATIVE PROGRAM FOR MANKIND.
      And Specialists during SHORT FIXED DEADLINES need to dissipate these time lines.

      It's no matter how paradoxical it may sound, but you are interested person too in keeping of these deadlines.

      Like almost all of people, you have your own program of fate.
      Program for your own evolution and development.
      Created by Specialists of development.

      Here is critical date – 12/21/2012 for to switch you to further level of your development.
      And almost all people have this date as critical.

      If something will go wrong with these deadlines, it means that not only Specialists of development will be forced to re-program your plan of development.
      Like a many people, you have your own Angels in role of guardians and tutors.
      They have too their programs of development.
      Even more strict as your program of development – unlike you, your Angels are not capable to gather energy from food. They got FIXED STOCK OF ENERGY before starting their program with you – for your development and their own needs.

      Imagine – what THE MESS will happen, if this deadline of 12/21/2012 will be breached!

      To Aradia

      > Who is Visnu?

      Hierarch of our 96 star system.

      > Who had no initiative and why not?

      Under power of Archons and Cabal Earth born people instantly undergone to deprivation from their initiative.
      For long time they were formed as people New World Order – enforced to live by rules of Lower Realms.

    4. Many deadlines have been missed because of human free will. And one very important one with ripple effects. The People determine their fate, top to bottom. Marija We are in Service are we not?

    5. Please let me say this, Cobra you may edit at will, but I believe the spirit of the message bears expressing.

      @Marija Celitane know now that we are ALL hungry. We are ALL exhausted. The dark ones are now finding what that means for them too. Your complaints have not fallen on deaf ears - all who know, know EXPERIENTIALLY - they are well acquainted with the afflictions having been under them themselves.

      The Mother has been bled out - it is not obvious to most how close we came to losing her. She is worth fighting for. Please stay with her, there will be no disappointment for you in this.

    6. Dear REM,
      You are doing good job if you are attracting higher vibrations.
      Everybody who is in service knows terms on which he or she is enrolled.
      About free will – on higher vibrations free will is more available as in lower vibrations.
      Available for creative work and development.
      About free will – here are many limitations for free will.
      Starting from that every Monad = every Jiva have created for particular purposes for further work in Universe. And during incarnations, by programs of fate they are forming good personal qualities.
      Programs of fate in process of development of Monades, Jivas are being very important – if they will be hacked and breached – these incarnations will turned being futile.

      > People determine their fate, top to bottom

      You are right.
      And by ignoring voice of conscience they make trouble for this life and next lives.
      When purification with Fire of The Spirit is not necessary...

      (People below are speaking about 1 unified consciousness and unnecessity of creation.
      1 unified consciousness is really exist and it is formed from consciousnesses of countless number of Monades, Jivas living in great unity.
      This consciousness have name – Rama, Hierarch of Meta-Galaxy.
      But creation is necessary for training and forming personal qualities of Monades, Jivas. Especially in lover levels of association of Monades, Jivas – starting from particular star system – starting from level of local Hierachs of Star Systems.
      Otherwise – if associations of Monades, Jivas in levels below Hierach Rama never kept, it will make mess even in unified consciousness of Rama.
      You need example – example is here.
      Appearance and longevity of Archons and Cabal are fruits when Hierachs Visnu and The Supreme, and later – God of The Sirius and previous Osiris have associated in themselves inappropriate Monades, Jivas.
      In this time (12/10/2012), this group of Monades, Jivas for awhile are living on Earth too. They are well known, capricious and taking themselves as supreme beings. Most of us are knowing their name. That's all. No more comments.)

      > one very important one with ripple effects

      Date of 12/21/2012 has been determined by Hierach Rama.
      In Meta-Galaxy Hierach Rama have ultimate statute...
      So only our initiative can minimize causalities and aftereffects.

      By year 2012, present deserts of Cobra and Resistance Movement are putting Archons, Reptilians and Cabal on continuous Alert, forcing to indicate themselves.
      This mission is delegated to Civilization of The Light and to Resistance moment by Legatee of Creator of The Solar System.
      (I'm no familiar with pantheon of Celtic Gods – so I can not tell his name in English. On Earth usually he is associated with God of thunderstorms.)
      The first test of this Mission, Legatee of Creator of The Solar System have run out at the end of January of 2012 by spreading information about evacuation of people from Earth by starships only. It was happened in Russian language forum of Center of Cosmic Development.

      Therefore is no point to feel hungry and being exhausted in awaiting of results of Transformation on the Earth. So Transformation is instantly going on, especially in realms above physical reality.

      By meditations of Resistance Movement we had ability to adapt our consciousnesses to conditions in teleportation portals, equal to conditions on Central Sun of Galaxy.

      Dear Haiku,
      you are telling good words. But have you notice that here – on Earth, on side of The Light Forces are different allies, and here are different services?

      It is good that you are taking care about Mother Earth.
      But do you know word – to prioritize – it is from medicine, business, military and computer programming?
      From one hand is very nice for to take care on Mother Earth, but from other hand this care will be futile if tormentors of Mother Earth never being removed as soon as possible.

      It is good idea for to create complex intention and performing complex meditation in benefit of Mother Earth.

    7. [quote]But have you notice that here – on Earth, on side of The Light Forces are different allies, and here are different services?[/quote]

      Yes, I acknowledge that it is true.

      Many aspects, many incarnations, many missions. Not one who is incarnate, nor one whose mission is through the incarnated has all the pieces to the puzzle.

      The Plan is a dynamic, morphing one, it is the product of an Infinite mind.

      The Mother's tormentors on all levels and dimensions, every layer of existence have had the opportunity to prove they can evolve. It's the characteristic of a universe of light to desire the inclusion of all. Not one was desired for destruction. Grace.

      Trust the Plan. I say again, stay with the Mother, there will be no disappointment for you in this.

      Now on the subject of Grace, many of the ones responsible for missed deadlines, may still have the opportunity to serve, yet beyond their original mission. The one who took an Infinity name for example may be called -and this one would be best served to answer in Joy. Such is the way of Love.

  27. Cobra, what can you say about Skinwalker Ranch and it's current owner, Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace?

  28. Environmentalism. Did you care to read about that one? Look at those biological weapons used against healing and nature. Nurturing is of utmost concern in this World. Don't get yourself lost.

  29. If the love between a man and a woman dissolves the quarantine then I know I need to pay special attention to keeping my relationship loving. It's been all too easy lately to be in conflict. The healing of our beautiful planet must begin at home. I've been using pink and green crystals to help keep my heart chakra open.

    I suggest to all the Cobras that we focus on love, pure love, as we read this blog. Let's shower each other and those who are existing in darkness with the pure energy of love and see if we can move this thing along!

  30. mysterious flash of light yesterday makes breaking news at local houston station.

  31. What exactly the TIMEWAVE graph represents?

    1. It is based on a mathematical formula that Terence McKenna devised using the I Ching. Each position on the graph represents either novelty or entrophy (habituation). Through the compression of Time, we are moving to 'zero point' - a moment of singularity when all timewaves merge into Oneness - a point of Pure Beauty, Harmony and Creativity.

      There is alot of information available online ... for example:

      Cheers !

      (great capcha - 7 (physical completion) enstopy :)

    2. ~I AM Love~*,

      Thank you for that link from It was another synchronicity for me and had information I already understood, too, as a timeline worker. The "self-referential" system and fractal nature is important. This understanding was key to me: "When we have reached the Zero Point the Wave will Move Back in Time. We will see the same stages appear but the Cycle will be reversed. It will move through the same stages but in a different order."

      I really, really, really hope this is the case. The number patterns I have been seeing the past couple of weeks indicate it could be.

      Thank you for the link. It is appreciated. :)
      Calliope the Muse

    3. hey Ms. C :)

      I see the self-referential point as a manifestation of a spiral - manifest in both collective and individual journeys. If you take the time to plot out your life and identify patterns, what becomes visible is that each phase emcompasses a pattern of events which ultimately is on a higher turn of the spiral. I am most excited by the CREATION phase when the loop reverses in on itself = GOLDEN AGE and mission accomplished.


    4. ~I AM Love~*,

      I see the self-referential point as a manifestation of a spiral - manifest in both collective and individual journeys.

      Yes, me, too. The pictures on that site are particularly profound for they show what I have seen, and I have seen myself traveling on them (the spirals). I have also seen this over and over in my process as well, and it's exactly it to say it is a pattern that rises up on a higher turn of the spiral.

      At this point, though, I also see it as a rather knotted knitted jumper/sweater, and I would love more than anything to find the stray yarn and unravel the entire works to be re-knitted, whole and integrated!

      I'm not hanging on so well. Maybe it is one reason I was led back here. I have to say, for all the conflict I felt earlier in the summer here in this place, the love and light I feel pouring from your words -- I can practically touch it. It's good to feel that contact again. :)

      I don't know about you, but I am so ready to just kick these archons in the (spiritual) nuts and send them off, lol. And yet, I know that they feed off of this "cosmic rage" as Lisa Renee just wrote of it.

      Trying as much as I can to stay in neutrality.

      I so want to hack this matrix. I want to end the "Agent Smith virus". Keanu Reeves may not be the best actor, but the Zen-like stance, what some would say is his "woodenness" -- I am trying to stand straight just like that.

      Love back to you.

    5. Calliope,

      You are always most welcome here - we are creating a unified field which all can benefit from: one which is based in Heart-centered Love.

      You yourself are a strong representative of the Goddess energy, and a mighty holder of Her powers of Divine Feminine Love, Power and Nurturance.

      Regarding the archons, I avoid labeling their influence as attacks as it has the potential to set up a victim-perpetrator matrix. As sovereign beings, we are always within our power to deflect the energy of victim-hood.

      Everyone has their own way of counteracting the dark - there are so many tools available. From my point of view, I see these influences more as a 'pulling' - away from our center of inner knowingness.

      The reaction that works for me is to 'push' myself in the opposite direction - to become more focused on creating projects - in service to the All That Is - those that can spread more light and love. The Goddess meditations were a result of that :)

      This latest episode has been extended and deep, and continues to be an endurance test. So, there has been another project just initiated - created to get 'the word' out on the street to those who are far away from reading truthseeking blogs online. And beyond that, there are a couple more in the works.

      So in this way, maybe the realization will seep back into those of dark consciousness, that the investment that they have made, only leads to the Love and Light reaching more and more people.

      One of the next projects might be of some small service to you dear Ms. Calliope. Please feel free to email me and I will share the details :)

      We Are LOVE

    6. Dear callope,
      Great to see you. I was thinking of you for some reason the day you appeared. I am so relatively inexperienced I hesitated to write, but whatever! I wanted to get through the matrix also and do not want to sit in it and wait to be rescued. My way has been disciplined Buddhist meds taught by a monk. I realised that the Buddhists and Yogis were actually getting through the matrix. By holding/visualising a bright object at the core and then exchanging it for pure awareness, over a period of 9 months, after around 30 mins I can feel a shift. Beyond this is love, an unconditional feeling, peace, sometimes an upliftment. It is distinct and the feeling can persist for some time after the med. It IS possible! The more you do it, the longer it will last for. Lots of love to all the weary.

  32. i think my light warrior skills are getting more honed in. i wanted to be disappointed with this post, but i'm choosing not to be.

  33. Pillars of Light in Finland

    Thanks to AK ...

    1. Believe it! Once, some time ago I dreamed of these pillars! : )

  34. Thanks Cobra for the intel.
    'm Curious to see how the problem with the BLACK BOX is solved.
    The game can be played endlessly without a solution so!

  35. Many people know me from the conference (Eric), and it's time for me to "come out of the closet". I am an atheist. As I've said in many blogs and forums, I am the most "spiritual atheist" you will ever meet. On the surface, this seems like an oxymoron, but it isn't.

    First of all, "atheist" implies anti-theology, or anti religion, which many people would agree with. What seems more accurate, would be "adeist". Or a belief that no deity exists. Which is a bit more of an accurate depiction of my conclusions, although not quite 100% complete.

    In my conclusions, every sub atomic particle, (and up through all fractal densities) is a deity, or "God". So in a technical sense: I don't believe in a separate "God" or "gods", since even electrons and protons, are gods, or deities. Let me explain:

    There only exists One Infinite Consciousness. Some people see "infinity" as a REALLY high number. It isn't, because it is not a quantity. It is a concept representing singular boundlessness. So "All that is" is really just ONE thing, not LOTS of things.

    As such, NOTHING can exist, that is in any way separate from the ONLY thing that exists: Infinite Consciousness

    So, in MY view there is no "God". The concept of God as a "creator", isn't necessary in the equation. Nothing has been created, that didn't already exist. O.I.C. or "Source" has merely redefined itself as fractal elements OF itself. Our consciousnesses (souls) are those fractals. Our cells, are those fractals. Atoms, are those fractals. Stars are those fractals. So AS Source itself, EVERY fractal is a deity, regardless of it's density. Source's fractalization or definition of itself, allowed for one thing that hadn't been available: For Source to experience itself, as various fractal densities OF itself. "God", defined as a separate being, or ruler or servant, deprives us of our definitive authority, and negates our responsibility, since WE ARE Source.

    To talk about "God" or creator, is IMO "separation language". A creator would be an unnecessary "middle man". YOU ARE SOURCE, in your entirety, as is every galaxy and star and atom. Every molecule in every organ IS Source. No concept exists outside of Source, so "us fractal consciousnesses" don't "create", we discover, or UNcover or define, or REdefine. Just as Infinite Consciousness did, to facilitate it's existence AS US, and the fractal consciousnesses that WE are made of.

    When a single cell divides into two cells, which one is the creator, and which one is the creation? In my view, both ARE neither, it is simply an event of redefinition of Infinite Consciousness, BY Infinite Consciousness. Collectively, at our highest fractal density, WE defined All that is, and NOW, here we are evolving up through it, to reunite.

    I know that the idea of atheism, may be distasteful for some, but I am merely expressing a conclusion I've come to. I doubt it's original, but I got it from myself. :)

    THEN comes the overlay of free will, and experience, that we may evolve back into the higher density fractals that we collectively are. This is where WE get to "do and experience stuff", as if we were separate.

    If you've ever seen many separate droplets of mercury, and what they do once you get them near one another; all the smaller droplets absorb into each other, forming a larger and larger single drop. You can't tell at all that were ever separate droplets. Seamless, and united, they become One. Loving consciousness is ultimately the ONLY thing that exists. As one "mercury droplet" to another, I Love US deeply!

  36. When I read material that has religious language like "God", I often replace that concept with "me or my": God's divine grace, becomes my divine grace, "God's Love" becomes my Love, and so on. It's not in an egotistical way, it's in an "accepting responsibility and authority" way. I understand that this may seem nitpicky, but words ARE artificial manmade representations of REAL concepts and energies. So in that way, words are important.

    Hopefully this is not too convoluted or unclear. Like with a lot of stuff, I know how I see it, conveying it is a WHOLE other thing. :)

    So as every rock, tree, human, rat, archon, planet, galaxy; WE ARE ONE. No two ways about it.. hehe

    1. @Neoamor
      Hello, my friend.
      Nice to hear from you. Hmmm, another philosophical puzzle... :-))

      YOU should listen to Howard Bloom's last interview on Coast to Coast, from December the 3rd, 2012. On You Tube it's titled "A GODLESS COSMOS". (He starts at about 1:00 hour). He was THE best atheist I've ever listened to. I enjoyed the show very much!

      Well my friend, CONGRATS on this one. WELL DONE!!!
      However, I agree with YOU.... well, for about 90%. For example, you said - "Every fractial is a deity".
      Yet I would say - "Every fractial has SOME LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS". So alone, by ITSELF, like a divided "mercury droplet", it can NEVER BE a deity with a full consciousness to think, or to have the the full POWER to CREATE a more complex, more advanced life forms". (I'd like to hear from you...).
      Then you say; "Every molecule in every organ IS Source". I think saying - "IS A PART of the Source" would be more appropriate. Yes, the whole universe, and everything in it makes it WHOLE=ONE. But WE should always remember about the E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N. I for one, will never say that "ME and a rat are one". ;)
      So, those who are MORE advanced "Cosmic Scientists" than the others - THEY ARE CAPABLE of CREATING more complicated life forms - for which THEY use the simple "mercury droplets"= less advanced life forms.

      Well, even many Galactic/Cosmic races admit the existence of these MORE ADVANCED SOULS WHO have the knowledge, the technology, and ARE capable to create... hence, THEY ARE KNOWN AS THE CREATORS, or as being the "Source of the Creation". Alex Collier calls them the PA TAAL, (a Draconian term). Others call them the "FOUNDERS".
      Personally I prefer the term "GODHEAD". Because I think of it as a GROUP of veeeerry ancient, Highly advanced SOULS, who are WANDERING through out the Multiverses, and are looking for new places to start a NEW kind of life experiments on, or inside of them.

      Let's hope, that the horrible experiments WE are having on Earth, will be banished FOREVER!!! NO MORE SELF DESTRUCTION!!!
      NO single LIGHT SOUL should be put in a frying pan, in order to learn or to become more advanced!!!
      Many of US have come here from that realms. Yet because of the horrible conditions on Earth, WE HAVE LOST most of our knowledge, Angelic powers, and the memories as well.

    2. This seems a explaination that is just fine.

    3. Anyone besides me experencing increased intensity of 'home sickness' and this planet is utterly barbaric? Wondering if it is real or a program.

    4. Home sickness or anxiety, longin for people or places... From my understanding this is just the process in which old hopes and dreams are now being tested against reality. Some things that you wanted, someone you wanted to be friends with, maybe it won't happen and you don't want to give up on this idea. A lot of things are being cleared up everywhere, and then you can experience any of these feelings.

      I'm only talking about myself here, but in the past I wanted to be part of a group of people, I used to watch them from a distance, but could never join them. Now I'm realizing this friendly group was just an illusion, they weren't all that good friends and the thing I wanted didn't exist. Of course this makes me feel empty, but the thing I'm longing for was an illusion. Sometimes it's hard to accept reality even when you see it.

    5. "Sometimes it's hard to accept reality even when you see it"

      I had this problem. As a young I saw and felt very high light love. Years later I understood that such love doesn't exist in reality. I got sick.
      But then I decided to create it.
      What doesn't exist can be created sooner or later.

    6. Hye Angel!! Thank you!!

      I was using the word "deity" in the sense that; if there is any such thing AS deity, as a conscious fractal OF such a concept, a subatomic particle would warrant that definition also. If both densities existed on a physical plane. Which they wouldn't.

      Deity would be considered non-physical, in OUR definition, and atoms are physical, as we observe them. However, IF atoms are facilitated by nonphysical consciousness, then atoms would be both: physical, facilitated by nonphysical. The illusion of solid mass provided by lower density consciousness, and therefore resulting in physical existence on THIS plane.

      It is necessary to understand the difference between a "fractal" and a fragment, or element. A lower density fractal is a complete replica of the higher density "whole". It exemplifies the higher density singularity, simply in a less dense form:

      1 and 3 are both numbers. 1 is less dense than 3. In a quantitative realm. So if we "unite" 1+1+1, we get a more dense singularity; 3. 3 includes every density below it, but not the MORE dense potentials above it. However, 3 is itself a fractal of EVERY density above it, as is IT'S fractal; 1. Allowing for decimals or fractions, obviously.

      So, since EVERY number is defined as a number, or a quantity, regardless of it's fractal density. Couldn't we also say that if ANY density of conscious fractal CAN be defined as deity, then wouldn't EVERY fractal of "deity consciousness" also HAVE to be defined as deity. Regardless of it's density. Since, by definition, fractals cannot be any different, at ANY density, just more or less dense.

      For the contents of a glass of water, to be defined AS water, doesn't EVERY drop IN the glass, HAVE to be water?

      This ended up being WAY longer than I intended. LOL


      ????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! H-E- E-E-L-P!!!! :-(((

      This is what you said yesterday @1:08.
      "Hopefully this is not too convoluted or unclear".
      Yes, Yesterday - it was NOT.

      But today, I say to YOU my friend;
      GOSH!!! My poor, tiny, simple, NON philosophical brain has been crashed, shattered into thousands of tiny pieces!!! And I got a big HOLE on my head... because I had an immediate "crown chakra EXPLOSION"!!! :-))))
      I NEED somebody to translate "Eric's English", into "MY", simple English.... hehe

      Therefore, to AVOID further mis-understandings, I am holding the "WHITE FLAG" for you, as a sign for PEACE... (that's mainly for my mind).
      By the way, I AGREE with this beautiful statement of yours.
      And so it is. And it is so.


  37. I love the Archons and reptilians for their extensive service to our evolution. So much so, that they can't STAND to be around me.. :)

    1. Brilliant (ah ah!) way to look at things and to remind us we can switch to 'Creative mode' any time we want in order to set things on the path WE want.

      Yes, there's a bit of Archon in all of us, and there's a bit of Light in each Archon. We are cells of the same 'organism'. We just play a drama which is rather meaningless from a wider, broader, un-divided perspective.

      At the end of the play (life) when we will dismiss the clothes of our personified characters (bodies) we'll end up behind the curtains shaking and clapping hands and complimenting each other for how good we all played out our respective roles. In Dualistic Mode, the name of the play we are taking part in it right now, everything APPEARS separate otherwise the story could not just go on. But it is our decision for things to be that way, otherwise we could not create DRAMA, which is one of the tastiest things in 3d life. And we all agreed about our respectve roles in this drama, nobody else (there is not such a thing, ah ah!) decided on our behalf, how could it be if we all have free will?????

      So, how this drama is going to end -actually, how it ending RIGHT NOW- has already pre-written in our coordinated 'script of life', and it looks like a Hollywood movie.


      So, much love to all, but much more to our friends who decided to play the 'bad guys' role: as usual, they are not much loved by the audience, but they deserve love as anybody else, especially if they are caught too much in the drama they are playing forgetting that they too decided the positive ending of this drama.

      I love you, Archons, Reptilians, Jesuits, Negative ETs, from the deepest of my heart and soul, thus I send you all the Light I hold to remind you that Light is what you are, since you cannot be anything else.

      And I now you just cannot stand that, ah ah!

  38. Today we found and crashed those who are named Archons by Cobra. We found a hint in the post. THX.

    Their remote system is destroyed.

    1. THX to you too!

    2. An obsidian cube containing a brownish/yellow light - crushed and stomped on.

    3. That obsidian cube? is that the black box that Cobra told?

      i searched on google what obsidian cube looks like and a blackbox is the results :D

      sending LOVE <3

    4. One point to clarify:

      Those who are named "archons" by Cobra have been "only" handyman from the real leaders. We call the real leaders "the darks". They are almost all crashed, too.

      In "our" terminology the archons have been the leaders. This made a bit confusion and was the reason why found them so late. And they were very good hidden.

      And i want to make clear, that we (our group) only care about the higher aspects. We crashed all their higher bodies above PL6 level and their souls. But their 3D bodies are still here and working. We call those people with crashed higher bodies "vessels" in our terminology. To give you an impression about what was realy going on on this planet in this year i am now allowed to talk about these vessels. On this planet are about 200 million vessels. I think the very most thought this number would be much smaller.

      The vessels have no option to reincarnate without higher bodies. So their beiings will end if they die now. If nothing more happens from now on (what is not planned...) the problems will be solved in next generation...

      But there are positive options for the vessels, too. A lot of them have the option to turn into the light. But they must do it 100%. And they can not bluff in this. If they take this option they will get a greenlight, meaning they get a light soul and higher bodies back (but be aware you are watched and you can loose it again, some already lost the 2nd chance).

    5. I don't buy this but I guess you know me by now. Peace anyway xx

    6. Aradia, no one has to buy anything. I think it is obvious that i don't care about this for months now.

      But if you would be connected to your ellie (yes you have one/two, a prime and you are not connected to her), than you would get your own answers and would have no need to buy anything from anyone! Maybe you should try your own path with this. Maybe all incarnations of ellies should start trying this...

    7. Hamourapi:

      I don't really understand your terminology either, but you seem here to be talking about a situation that has been going on for a while. IF we're talking about the same thing. Because those you call "vessels" I would refer to as "zombies" because they are just flesh bodies with no soul, that are being controlled from a distance by a divine being. This situation grew out of the need to maintain society in stable form until this all is over. This "zombiefication" of evil persons started around the time of the earth quake in Tahiti I think that was 2009?

      Anyway, THOSE ones don't have any life left in them so maybe we're not talking of the same thing?

      Wouldn't normally talk about it, people would go crazy if they knew how many are in fact "zombies." But they're not likely to believe it anyway so it doesn't matter that I mention it now...

      Most of them are on a "standard human behaviour program" while some are being controlled with more focus because they are persons who have important positions etc.

      Since you brought it up, I guess it's ok to discuss it now? The climate may have changed.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. @Hamourapi2012

      I have a question that maybe you can answer for me.

      I have counted only 62 bindings but was expecting 72. Do you have an explanation? Thank you.

    10. Newb rush:

      I got a big energy flash for confirmation on your last topic:

      "Since you brought it up, I guess it's ok to discuss it now? The climate may have changed." YES

      The ones you call "zombies" are similar to the vessels. I will engage with this later, maybe tomorrow. This evening i have to make a new healing program.

      You can also leave me infos in my email or in our new forum:

      At this moment i don't know how to handle the "zombies". If they are real foreign controlled from outside we maybe have to finish ths controlling...

    11. Now then Frank, respectfully you don't have access to info about me. I have realised there is something familiar about you and I got intense compassion when I was trying to read your site, so I know my 'HS' is talking to me. I cannot remember where I might know you from, however.
      You are entirely right not to be bothered by my pesky questionning. Yet I really would appreciate clarification on a few things, then perhaps I would understand}
      Who is your group?
      What methods did you use to crash their souls?
      How did you know which souls to crash?
      Did you give them opportunity to change their minds?
      I thought a soul could never be destroyed, are they now destroyed?
      No obligation at all to answer and I do know I am a nuisence.
      In peace, and I really mean this.

    12. Aradia a quick first answer on some of the questions:

      A: "Did you give them opportunity to change their minds?"
      Very often. As answer they attacked....

      A: "I thought a soul could never be destroyed, are they now destroyed?"
      In the last 200 years the meffers (darks and greys as we call them) crashed more than 330 million light souls on earth. Orphan souls now that we have to care about...

      A: "Now then Frank, respectfully you don't have access to info about me."
      You would be suprised how much intel we have to almost all people... I am sure i can get more infos about your higher self than you yourself (at this moment now with no real connection to her. btw she wants better contact with you).

      REM pls write 1:1 i get no clear answer.

    13. Hamourapi, is there anything you can tell me about certain things in my life?

      When I was a kid, I had gotten sick and ran up a really high fever 104+. To this day, I clearly remember a 'dream' where I could literally FEEL infinity (I can still feel it occasionally). I was walking down a very smooth harmonious walk way along side someone, someone familiar to me. I could hear shouting and felt the negative vibration as a roughness or sharp edges running through the walkway and throughout my body. I was led somewhere where I was 'in' my body and had to rearrange 'pipes' that were causing my sickness/fever. I woke up the next morning and the fever had broken and I remember telling my mother about it. Can you shed any light on that situation?

      I had a prophetic dream about 4 years ago where I saw lower Manhattan under water (I posted it in this blog somewhere some months back). I was on the FDR under an overpass, 2 of my family members standing behind me, one saying "don't worry, we're ok." and a multiple star general to my right saying "sir, we HAVE to get you out of here." The sky was dark grey and there was a chinook helo inbound from the south.

      what's my role in all this?

    14. TheoDaGreek:

      Maybe you just fullfilled the purpose of the dream by telling it here ;)

      I know exactly what you're talking about. The color grey is an important detail. This can't be explained clearly to outsiders, your describing it is enough to send the message.

      Like your family members said they are ok, so then that's the way it is. It's then up to you to focus forward, you don't need to save them, simply save yourself and they will be right behind you.

      As opposed to those who would have to gather their people first, your focus is on leading them right.

  39. Everybody seems to be excited and lots of discussions are going on here!!! :))))

  40. A reminder to all: It's a human characteristic to want everything immediately, especially in these times of informatics and automation. We are living in a time of profound transformations: Physical, psychological and spiritual, of which the most important is subjective and spiritual transformation of consciousness. Hence the emphasis on us to provide the matrix of consumerism futile, depraved sex, violence and fear, low vibration events that keep you from focusing our attention on the subtle movements of the spirit. The result is that most people are more worried and scared with the struggle for survival to pay attention to internal perceptions.
    Despite the general alienation, there is a consensus that society can not solve its huge and growing problems, and in many ways we walk to an abyss. Therefore it is common to find them among the most simple sense that we live "end of the world"
    The collective unconscious of humanity know that a very special event is occurring.
    The Matrix knows that the message came to everyone and tries to create the maximum possible desinfo about the event.
    The main feature of future time is that it is a range of possibilities opened up by the present. At any time, anyone can take action that will completely alter a future that seemed inevitable.
    Perceive how the media trumpets and insists on the idea of ​​a "doomsday" scheduled for December 21 by the ancient Mayans. "
    The intention is to stir our side skeptic and immediatist. If nothing happens in the least surprising, alienated people about it will ridicule all movement.
    One day in 26,000 years, represents less than one thousandth of a minute on a clock. I never cease to be amazed with the precision of knowledge Maya, Egyptians, and other people who predicted the event. It also would not surprise me if nothing happens in this special day, as I said before, changes are normal and our perception is not able to capture everything that happens around us and within us. Anyway, the transformation is already happening. The ascension has been happening effectively since counterculture movement. I suspect that the WW2, since it was an attempt to delay the light. The counterculture began the dialogue between Eastern and Western thought, questioning the prevailing paradgma and appreciation of true freedom and happiness.
    Since then the cultural transformation has been huge, and the old ways no longer find a way to continue. The butterfly emerges from the cocoon inside that restricts. The internet has emerged as the materialization of consciousness of humanity. It's our first 5D instrument that ended the distance between us, and allows a Brazilian like me, talk to siblings of everyone, without even being fluent in English.
    The change is happening at an accelerated pace and I can hardly imagine how society will be in 50 years.
    So if the observer timeless look our watch than 26,000 will observe that this split second where we are going is incredible evolutionary leap.
    My intention is to implement these changes in my life, regardless of the course of events. I changed. My pattern is no longer the matrix. My motivations are no more greed or fear. My notion of society is no longer national or planetary but cosmic.
    I count all brothers and sisters aware we take forward to this social change independent than happens in the 24 hours of December 21. Let's build the world as we believe is right. We who do. We know how. We must be the difference. I count on you to begin to build the paradise on the Earth now.
    Sincere gratitude to all beings who help us and peace and love for all.

  41. I'm loving all the posts! Especially the stuff nobodys been able to talk about before. I predict this blog is going to get very interesting now... ;)

  42. Why are you all worried about disinformation? All you need is within you. Around you. The cares are to end warfare, correct? Where are your messages going?

  43. Since 11/22 people where I work have lost fear of the system and have been making fun of it which I found pretty reassuring beyond my inner knowing. Last Friday I AM realized the black magic was no longer working. No one else aht work knows this stuff but I did in a hypothetical way say something to that effect to someone who is sensitive at work and they agreed! People are waking up folks. They are seeing things and something I would have said 2 months ago and was dismissed now is being acknowledged. The scale of the deception is so massive you can't put everything out there at once. There will be big changes very soon. I spoke to someone local I had never talked to about this but who has connections and asked if he knew about the new financial system. He said only from what others had told him. Just check your heart and learn to trust that information as never before. Your heart won't lie to you.


  44. Dear Cobrasssss,
    I have a sincere and heart felt request for prayers of protection and support for our emissary of light and Friend Cobra. While is San Marteen he was visited astrally by a group of Archons. This is a real phenomenon you may read about a similar attack and confrontation in “the Christ consciousness” by Norman Paulsen. He was a disciple of Yohganandas and was severely attacked by Archons who appeared to him and told him. “We are gonna get you now Paulsen”. This was also attempted on Christ in his time in the desert after his baptism. You may also read about this type of thing from George King of the Aetherious society.

    I am sure many of you have also been the targets of such attacks as you grow in awareness and service to the light. I myself and many others from the Laguna conference remarked on “difficult times”. Though cobra remains physically free from harm or direct attacks by the cabal there are such protection from psychic attacks or targeting those around him to distract him from his mission.

    These negative forces often attack others around us or influence situations that are indirectly related to our personal life. This causes a major distraction to the life and subsequently the mission and the service of the one under such attack. For the most part this has been standard operating procedure for any and all light workers or searcher of truth for over 30 thousand years. As we move forward toward our inevitable victory of the light these few remaining astral and even physical archons know their time is at hand and the vehemence and agitation they provoke is especially powerful. Like a shark that is on a boat but still alive so are the Archons now. Watch out for their teeth they can still cut you.

    This is not to deny our responsibility as humans and the absolute power of our decisions and the choices we make in our individual lives. Ultimately our victory is one of inner peace and a sacred devotion to spirit and the inner life. In the end the material world is fleeting and temporary and only the eternal truth remains as who we are. Still we all now know that we have been manipulated and controlled for Eons by a hostile negative force.

    After the space ship that protected the Laguna conference left us we have had some major obstacles. In my personal life my Vehicle was towed due to a paperwork error and it cost me more money than I could afford and it got a lot worse but I will spare you the details. I am not complaining just explaining. We can all weather these storms of dark for a short time as the end of ignorance is now in total view and a brighter day awaits us all. We must all stay strong in these final days.

    I have spoken with Cobra about this direct communication from the archons and assured him this is actually a great compliment as a personal visitation is reserved for those who’s light is particularly strong. Still the energetic attack has wreaked havoc for him and he is personally undergoing a challenge to maintain his focus through the planned attack and distraction by the dark side.

    I have decided to make an appeal to those of you light workers with a loving intent, faith, a conviction in truth, a love of the light and the knowledge and experience of power of Prayer. I am asking you all to help me in my support and by joining me in a group prayer “mission” for Cobras protection and healing.

    1. Thank you Rob, this is so much appreaciated!

  45. I ask that we collectively creat our own prayer “Light Wave of Love and Protection” for Cobra. I further request that this “love bomb” be extended to those in his family and those around him also. My proposal is that we become “The secret” in action. I will enlist you all to invoke with a sincere and heartfelt way your mighty IAM presence to beam directly to Cobra and his loved ones, wherever they may be : a shield of violet flame and a protection that will make him free from any outside attack or negative influence. I further ask that you try to do this at least 3 times a day until we all arrive in Egypt for the 12-21-2012 portal activation.

    I will offer my own small prayer but I ask each of you to use your own words as I feel the sincere intent should be invoked on an individual basis to make it more powerful. My idea is that since we have some many Cobrassss around the world that we can enfold our friend and emissary of light in a constant wave of love and healing to make the way clear for his service and to help ease his path forward. Cobra is human like you and me and has daily struggles, as do we all. It has been a long time since one person has been physically in contact on a regular basis with the GFL and resistance and giving the world the truth in such constant and consistent unadulterated doses straight from the source.

    The dark is very agitated and upset that this is happening and they are doing all in their power to upset the Cobra’s mission. I ask you to go within and decide if this mini mission I am requesting of you is within your power? Is it something you can do for the light and furthering of spreading the truth of hope and love and truth! I am not asking for money so you can all relax. (Humor is good no?) If you can answer affirmative to my query I ask you to right now as you read this to take a moment and compose a prayer from your heart.

    Then with a full confident voice and a clear resonant decree direct it to the source of all creation the GFL the resistance and to all the angels in heaven who hear your call to aid and assist our Emissary of Light and to protect cobra his family and those around him from harm and attacks whether they be emotional, physical or upon the spiritual fabric of cobra and those around him. Do this in the name of God or Christ, Allah or Krishna or even the impersonal infinite light. The request will be received and the law will take effect.

    I am not suggesting a schedule but whenever you think of the plan or cobra or anytime you see the sky just offer up a prayer of thanks and support to cCobra and see Cobra’s family and loved ones in your minds eye. Hold them all in a loving embrace of light and love. Bolster his faith renew his body and urge his soul onwards and gift him with your loving power to help him forward to anchoring the truth and light into our world.

    I thank you all for this help right now we are most grateful and I know the result will be evident soon. Do not second guess this or feel you have no influence! Everyone of has a role to play and right now I pray you all join me and at least mentally affirm the following prayer.

    “Eternal mother father god creator of the universe hear this day my urgent prayer surround your loving emissary of Light Cobra and his loved ones with a Ring of Fire The Fire of your Protection, the Fire of your Abundance, the Fire of complete healing. I further ask that you calm Cobra’s body mind and heart that he may continue to serve your plan with all the love and the light his soul is capable of giving. I ask this in the blessed name and the spirit of truth the source of all that is good beautiful and true.
    Aloan, Lumina Amen.”

    Thank you cobra family for your time and effort and consideration in doing this because it does mean something they way we pray all reality is really ideation coalesced into form. May this living word, thought of creation and love fill us all with hope and peace. Together united we stand in allegiance to the light
    Thank you

    1. Thank you Rob for letting us know. It is my pleasure to lend my energy to the protection of Cobra and his loved ones. He has helped me immensely on my journey and I am so happy to be able to give back. Please let us know how he is doing.

    2. OK, WILL DO, POTTS! May you and your family be always protected, Cobra! I am copying and pasting the above prayers! THANK YOU for all you do! Love and Light, Suzie

    3. Thank you Rob. It is done.

      Thank you Cobra for all you are doing.

      I am sure Cbra is not the only one under attack. May I sugggest to expand the prayer to all light workers around the world. We need all to be protected and to stay strong.

      May divine light and its protection surround all of you and keep you safe.

      Blessings and light

  46. It is done Rob.

    Cobra,- ‘keep the faith my friend’, as the saying goes ‘don’t let the bastards get you down’!!

    “Intending: powerful source energy, encompassing Cobra + family & friends.- Protecting; Healing; Purifying; -Body, Mind & Spirit, -from ALL negative energies & effects-Totally & Permanently.

    Also intending that my intention is Combined with that of ALL the other good folks who intend the same.
    It is manifest, it is manifest, it is manifest, so mote it be, I /We give thanks.”


  47. Count me in Rob!I had an attack not so long ago I had posted here.I'm not sure if it was archons that were holding down my arms in astral plane.It was an evil force, that's for sure. I fought back with thought (best I can explain it)and they left.I can't even express with words how intense the whole experience was.

    In my prayers, Cobra and family.

  48. Just checking in to say hello to all you great Light Warriors! Victory to the Light!

  49. OMG, syria is using deadly chemical weapon "Sarin" right now. How can we do????

  50. Very powerful, Rob, thank you! This is the least we can do in thanks for the very selfless and generous way Cobra has served us in these conferences. We are all becoming more Light filled and visible and also doing a lot of warrior work on the etheric plane, so we should all be mindful of clearing and protecting ourselves several times a day. Mostly it's been petty annoyances, weird malfunctions, hacking, etc on the 3D, but many of us are also waking up with 'battle wounds' and inexplicable toxicity. I know this means we are close to the breakthrough....everything is accelerating and amplified. But don't let anything distract us, the 12-12-12 gateway will be very powerful and we have such momentum, just stay strong and positive! Cobra, you are in our hearts....all is well, we surround you with Light and Love!
    Diane Lightbearer

  51. Hi Guys, glad I found you from this posting on Greg Giles' blogspot (he does truly great work also). I'm in on the meditations. Thanks everyone for what you do.

  52. Thank you all for your kind and loving affirmations and support it is appreciated and I pray that some results are felt and the light has done its work.
    bless you all

  53. I did a prayer/meditation on Cobra and all around him to be protected.I hope that our cooperative intents in his well being and protection will encourage him in these ...expected...last pushes.
    I could agree on the negative attacks...ever since I did my meditation I've been feeling anxious for some reason that I cannot explain.

  54. hi Brando - here is the link regarding Archon clarification - dated May 10 2012

  55. I know you can make it Cobra.

  56. May all lights and whole love come and embraces Cobra and his beloved ones and may support them in they journey to Egypt!
    May be power love and light in their hearts and may everything happen as they intend!
    Love and light all over the world! Love and light around Cobra and everywhere where he looks or thinks or goes.

  57. @ROB
    Thank you my friend.
    I promised you, and IT'S DONE!
    For both of THEM! And for YOU as well.

    I don't talk about things like this. In fact, I've asked Cobra and Rob, NOT to mention my name, regarding what do I do behind the scene with Cobra and Rob.
    But this is a very serious situation for Cobra, Isis, Rob, Alexandra and me... WE ALL have been attacked for being in the Service to the Light. That's why, a few days ago, I posted the powerful affirmation, so more people could chant it and be protected.

    And today, I want to share with you the way I did my meditation for Cobra, Isis and Rob. May be, it will resonate with some of you, and you'll do the same FOR THE SAKE OF ALL HUE-manity.

    This is what I did last night. First, I chanted the LIGHT BEING affirmation. After which, I asked to be joined by ALL 144,000 volunteer souls, by the legions of ALL Archangels, Ascended Masters... etc. So, I never do my meditations alone, because WE are stronger as A GROUP.
    Then together, we flew to the board of a mothership, and WE put Cobra and Isis, with their Loved ones, inside of a "Rainbow Light cocoon". I did the same for Rob and his Loved ones. It is a swirling energy vortex - which is on the Mother SEKHMET'S Mothership, in the Crystal Room. (Those who don't know who she is, check this website: " Ashtar on the Road". I feel very strong connection with HER). I have asked that ALL my friends, and their loved ones should be RE-charged, RE-energised, RE-juvinated and healed in ALL seven body levels. After that, I asked that The Rainbow vortex would be guarded by the legions of ALL Archangels, as long as THEY think it's necessary.
    Also, I will keep chanting the affirmation three times a day - each time calling the name of one of our friends.


    1. "144,000 volunteer souls, by the legions of ALL"
      @ Hye Angel, did you say that lightworkers are less than all angels, arhangels and teachers?

    2. @Ananda
      Almost all lightworkers are a kind of angel: primes, odigos or group parts! But also most don't want to know it. Don't have access to it. We are talking about millions. Not 144,000.

  58. The Light is already here...and shining trough :-)

    Be Joyeus and Lift the World and al sentient beings <3



  59. Blessings, love and protection for Cobra, his family, and those near him. This same love and protection and gratitude for Rob and his friends and helpers. The power of the light is near us all.

    With love,

  60. HYE ANGEL, Hi :) Yes, and another is 'it takes the irritant in the oyster to create the pearl'. Still, I wish for you and your ilk in your 'line of work' many pearls of wisdom with only a little or no irritant at all. Blessings x

  61. @LINDA
    For your warm wishes, and for the wise words.
    From the CORE of my heart, I wish you the same... 10 times stronger!!

    In LOVE and mutual respect,