Monday, December 3, 2012

Short Update about St. Maarten Conference

This is a very powerful place! All three main St. Maarten vortexes are now activated, thanks to our dedicated group. We did not turn anything into sunshine because St. Maarten is a tropical island and the sun shines here all the time. Rainbow starships were accompanying a few attendants flying into St. Maarten for the conference, one even had a close encounter of the third kind! If things speed up like this, what can we expect in Egypt?


  1. I understand that this website is primarily here to serve as The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light, but couldn't you also make it a bit more informative for the rest of us as well? It's hard to find anything that is informative and useful for the general reader.

    1. Look back in the older posts, all the info Cobra can share atm is listed there.

    2. There are plenty of info in the previous posters. You can check them out if you have time.

    3. Light - contact me at for copy of 'Maitreyas' Constructive Notice in Equity - document recently Served on Trustees left holding the bag now that the Archons/Controllers have left the planet...Enda Kenny and the Office of the Taioseach in Ireland accepted and acknowledged 'Maitreya', The Vatican returned the Served Document, are we surprised ?


    4. Light, not to be rude, but, No.

      Think of it like this;
      There's a battle between 2 forces, one good, one bad. The bad side doesn't play by any rules and looks for ANY bit of information that will help their lost cause along in hopes of gaining some ground.

      The 'codes' posted here aren't supposed to make sense to ANYONE other than the 'good guys' who are IN THE FIGHT. The rest of the people who happen upon these codes don't have the necessary 'Need-to-know' clearance to understand it or even to be involved with it.

      How much of a shit-storm would the good guys be facing if they posted the 'codes' along with the code key or no codes at all, just blabbed it out over the net? HUGE.

      You do NOT tell your enemy your moves unless it's a trap of sorts. Why else do you think during WW2 codes were used to send messages?

  2. If things speed up like this, what can we expect in Egypt?

    Rainbow all over the world :-))))
    I hope, I believe, I am in love with pleiadians and all good beings <3

  3. You are in our thoughts and prayers! Our best wishes and love shall accompany all of the Cobra Family to Egypt. Namaste.

  4. Dear Cobra and Isis,

    I enjoyed the conference that you and Isis did on St. Maarten with all my heart.
    I know with all my heart that the Victory of Light will manifest really soon!
    The both of you are special people and I love you both!

    Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona!



  5. I don't know what a rainbow ship is, will have to look that up. Sounds like a very lovely conference!

  6. Why are you waiting until tomorrow? Don't you know tomorrow never comes? NOW is the time!!!



  7. "A significant part of intel about the Plan and the Event will be declassified soon. I will be able to post this most likely on December 5th or 6th."

    I'm excited to hear.

  8. We are not to rule nor be ruled. When Love is the only Law everyone is a Law unto himself. Let it be so!

    Ah Yum Hunab Ku. Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

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