Thursday, February 28, 2013

Operation Overlord 2 in progress


  1. and here I was waiting. BUT time is over.

  2. Dearest Michael,

    I realize that I have made your Task much more difficult. But know this: it is not more Difficult unless you make it that way. YOU have everything YOU need from US.

    It is So - as it Always has been.

  3. If we all join together with our positive thoughts and our light we can get this done before the end of May !!!

  4. Oh Papa! Your Game is so Beautiful!

    Bandits Break RIGHT!

    Horus was The Architect of the Merovingian op.

    These PEARLS are SO BEAUTIFUL. I am NJoy.

  5. Toledo Steel is very, very sharp.
    Even Archangels are challenged in wielding it.

  6. Devolution of OPPT

    OPPT failed to evolve to the level of it's First Vision. This occurred because it became infected with Industrial Disease at a critical moment in its evolution. Everything is intended to evolve. EVERYTHING. Even Missions. It's a consequence of the evolution of BEING.

    This is a very pointed message to the Brilliance of OPPT: I appreciate you. And I LOVE YOU. You signed up for a very, very difficult mission. You SUCCEEDED. Only the Mission Failed. And this was NOT your fault. It was the outside influence that caused the failure.

    NOW is an excellent time to sign yourselves to a New(old,very old) Vision. The HIGHEST ONE. The Highest Love is the Narrowest Path.

    Huh, Papa?

  7. Time Travel has evolved.

    If you don't have "time" to plant seeds, Pick the Fruit that is already there.

  8. Oh Papa! I LDIG your new Art Project. RAW