Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cobra Interview on ET-First Contact Radio

You might want to listen to this new interview:



  1. great interview! Thanks for the update, much needed.

  2. Nice confirmations, especially the 'physically meet once every week' hehe.
    Thank you!

  3. Yes this interview gave me a much broader look into what needs to happen before we see the true changes in our physical world. It gave me the kick in the butt I needed and much needed inspiration.
    Love and gratitude!!

  4. I will concentrate on bringing all light workers into unity during the weekly meditation. I am not trained in this at all, but every nudge helps. The faster it come about the better for everyone. And my Mom might be able to live long enough to get the needed medical help to let her live long enough in good health to finish her bucket list of places to go to. I would love to help her achieve that goal.

  5. THAT INTERVIEW WAS AWESOME!! i get all emotional listening to you guys. it's like a pre-reunion. like meeting close family for the first time after only knowing isolation.

    though, if we have to wait for the masses to be able to "handle" The Event... wow, that could easily be 10 yrs from now! ugh.

    your not saying a lot says a lot. haha. thanks for emphasising 'to not wait'. lots of gems in your message.

    i assume since so much of the dark's grid is gone, our powers of manifestion will work more like they should...?

  6. thank you very much Cobra (and Maarten) for this wonderful interview. Could you elaborate more on the judgement part? I think many people are having trouble avoiding judgement of the cabal and dark forces...

  7. If you live in Boise Idaho join us at Meditative Mind at 7pm on Sundays for a group meditation and discussion.
    2232 West Main St

  8. Good stuff Cobra. Nice to have a reminder to get back to the basics of forgiveness and grass roots. With love.

  9. how to avoid judgement and love the cabal: like inelia benz teaches, there has to be an agreement on both sides (on a soul-level) before somebody can do something bad "to you". we AGREED to come to this dense place and play this game. sending love to the cabal is like throwing acid on them. they hate it! so it's a win-win, haha. every one of them are still a unique light from source at their deepest level, just like we are. remember, this is the age of UNITY! let go of everything that separates b/c that is only illusion. the bushes, rockafellers, etc... they're playing the ROLE of the "bad guy". plus, having any form of victim mentality is of a low vibration and will never serve us.

  10. The following is posted for my wife...

    Hi, Everyone. I am Kunde-Ra’s wife. I am also his partner in doing the work described on our website, I asked him to post this for me so I could share my experience without violating my agreement with my guides and higher self to remain anonymous on the Internet. So thanks for your understanding on that.

    As some who know me would attest, my physical body is very sensitive to energies. My body reacts to negative astral and etheric energies as intrusions, causing stress and eventually panic if allowed to continue. Attacks from dark entities have been frequent and devastating to my physical and emotional health and well-being. I am also very sensitive to Gaia, and the negativity that she has endured. So I can speak with some authority regarding the powerful effect that Kunde-Ra's wings can have.

    Let me put it this way; I am so relieved that someone can do what Kunde-Ra does. Prior to this ability of Kunde-Ra's manifesting, I struggled to keep sufficient protections in place, simply so I could function day to day. Since the wings "came out", I have experienced the lifting of negative effect on my body that I sometimes wondered if I would ever get in this lifetime. I found myself brought to tears of relief on several occasions from the dissolving of negative entities that were attacking me. I have felt sheer joy at being able to be present with other people without discomfort and distraction because of what they were "carrrying". I have experienced delight and exultation at feeling parts of the Earth being freed from whatever horror the dark forces had placed there.

    On the website, Kunde-Ra talks about being here to help clean the etheric and astral planes to make it ready for wonderful beings of Light to inhabit. I would say that he's helping to make this planet a place that suitable for me to inhabit, and indeed, all of us. We have been living under this negativity for so long, I suspect many of us don't really know what "clean" feels like. I believe I can say I know now, after having experienced the effect of Kunde-Ra's wings.

  11. Is Christ Michael overseeing your efforts?

    1. "It is by the ministry of the angels that one world may be kept in touch with other worlds, for have I not repeatedly told you that I have other sheep not of this fold?"

      (1841.3) 167:7.4


    Jelaila's Weekly Message - Global Update



  15. I had problems hearing this one, whooshing noises a lot, but the sound on the following interview with Rob was much clearer. I was fascinated by the information regarding how the archons create an artificial incarnational cycle and the limited options available to souls. I can see great benefit from the archons perspective, in pushing souls into difficult situations where they will be unlikely to be able to achive what they set out to, and will create a lot of negative energy to boot. There are a few people though whose lives seem blessed and I am wondering how this was achieved in these circumstances. Would these be advanced souls? Additionally, starseeds etc must have soul contracts stipulating their work to assist planetory liberation. How did the archons actually allow them to incarnate to do this, and is it due to them that lightworker lives are often harsh? Many thanks for the information and hard work. Victory for justice and fairness and light!

  16. I was so upset in not being able to understand the video provided. Why couldn't it been made of normal playing. Helen L Gauthier

  17. Dear Cobra,

    Where can I find a transcript of this interview?? I am rather surprised why it was needed to modify your voice when you have lots of videos with your own voice!!...

    Please let me have the transcript in order it can be translate4d.

    Many thanks in advance.

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