Wednesday, February 13, 2013


New Cobra Conferences Around the World

After the successful activation of the 12-21-2012 portal in Egypt, we are beginning with a new cycle of Cobra conferences. 

There people will receive more in-depth intel and will be able to ask questions. The locations of those conferences are strategically positioned on key planetary vortex points to enhance the planetary Light body grid. One of the main focuses of these conferences will be an energetic transformation of the financial system. The purpose of the conferences is twofold: to strengthen the planetary Light body with vortex activations and to bring some Light and clarity in the minds of dedicated lightworkers. Each of the conferences will be a unique energetic event. You can help making this viral by posting this information on your websites, blogs and facebook.

The first of those conferences will be taking place in London from February 15th to February 17th this year. This conference will be located very close to the famous »City«, which is the major center of financial control for the planet and we will be activating the London vortex so that it will become one of the main Light vortexes in the planetary grid. Some new intel will be released at this conference and will later be released on the blog also. 
Right as we start our conference on Friday in London, a near-Earth asteroid will pass well within the geostationary orbit very close to Earth. It will not hit us, but the energy of its passage so close to the surface will be very exciting:

You can get more information about the London conference and you can also register here:

The second conference will be held in Rome from March 15th to March 17th.  Rome is an ancient city which holds the key to the control of quarantine Earth and also the key to the planetary liberation. We will come to Rome to unlock the second of those  keys and assist in the liberation of the planet. This will be the first New Society conference by Cobra ever. The purpose of this conference is to create the foundation of the new socitey that will be created after the Event. It will be a working conference with the focus on manifesting the changes we all want to see happening. If you want to be one of the leaders, simply choose yourself and join us! We will be building a new world! People with expertise in leadership, healing, media, art, new technologies, finances, law, spirituality and all other aspects of life are welcome to attend. You can register here:

The third conference will be taking place in Zurich, Switzerland, a well known financial center, from April  19th to April 21st. By activating this vortex, harmonious resonance waves will spread around the world, assisting in the transformation of the planetary finances.

You can get more information about the this conference and you can also register here:

The fourth conference will be held in Irvine close to Laguna Beach in California. This will be the second New Society conference by Cobra. People with expertise in leadership, healing, media, art, new technologies, finances, law, spirituality and all other aspects of life are welcome to attend! It will take place from May 24th to May 26th this year, right at the full moon  on May 25th. This date is one of the most important energy portals of the year 2013 and a major breakthrough is expected then. This is the time of “The Wesak”. The Wesak is a time of spiritual blessing for humanity and an outpouring of light for the entire planet. The main vortex for this is centered in the Himalayan mountains where many Initiates and Masters will gather to anchor the Light for the Earth at this time of the full moon in May. But this is just one part of the story. This portal is much more than that. I will release more intel about that portal when the time is right.

You can read more about this conference and also register here:

There are further conferences planned later this year but this will depend on the planetary situation.

Join us and together we can create Victory of the Light!


  1. What about the EVENT? It was expected late 2012 but now it is not mentioned anymore. What is the current intel on this?
    Thank you.

  2. I want to go so badly. Live 10-15 miles away from Irvine too... Need to raise $300 by May!

  3. We welcome all devoted lightworkers to attend the conference in Rome and to bring their personal expertise and knowledge in the different areas to share with others the foundation of the New Society!

    Not by chance Italy is hosting the first of the New Society conferences, as it happened last year with the first of the Cobra conferences organized around the world. Much is happening in this country, where some of the most powerful cabal powers -religious, political and economic- have exercised their powers throughout the centuries. At the end of February the political elections will take place, and in the light of the incredible amount of corruption surfacing daily in all areas, it is likely that the old politicians will be wiped out and replaced by new people emerging from movements deeply rooted in the society. The abdication of the current Pope is another incredible, powerful sign of the changes which are about to take place, not only in Italy but in the whole world.

    Since the elctions of the new Pope will take place in March, at roughly the time of the New Society conference, we recommend to all those who want to take part in the conference to book in advance their hotels in Rome: a provisional list is published in the Facebook group 'Portal conference Cobra Rome 2013' ( and it will be regularly updated with more info. For the registration, please use the info and details provided in the page on this blog devoted to the Rome conference.

    It will be a GREAT event, so again we look forward to seeing many of you in Rome in March!

    Victory of the Light!

  4. Ok so no event or major changes before May?? That's what I get from this?

    1. It's probably directly correlated with the status of the collective consciousness of Humanity. Being a part of the collective, we each can contribute to the furthering of the cause by doing our own part.

  5. It would be very wise for The People to strengthen their Vision of Wicone Was-te now. Do you really need a pope or anything like him? Ask the questions. Find the answers. You have them.

    Wicone Was-te = Beautiful Life

  6. Cobra

    because there are now more conferences , is it safe to assume that the event wont happen anytime before last conference is over ?

    Victory of the light

  7. Super exciting, they all sound like great energetic events !

    Thank you !

  8. Dear Cobra,

    I love your info and take part in the liberation meditations as good as I can.
    What I miss is a good word for the animals.
    Although they help us so tremendously on so many fine levels, we treat them the same way as we are being treatet by the cabal or the reps or... whatever. - we keep them in cages, treat them inhumanely and then kill and eat them.
    Shouldn´t we who call ourselves so proudly Lightworkers, not refrain from supporting such an inhumane practice and at least refrain from eating their flesh?!

    Love and Light and freedom for all of God´s / Gaia´s creatures!

    1. Absolutely Hylobates! Dragons are People too. Here's a deLIGHTful alternative: Wine and Guac.

    2. OMG! "From Afar" is absolutely the ONLY way to truly appreciate this.
      It's Mastery.
      It's Perfection.
      No more Words.

  9. Thank You Papa, as difficult as it was, I needed the eyes that saw Faedra through the fog to perceive the A.D. of Constantine. I am in your debt, can I play with my Friends now?

  10. Oh, Michael. I am the wealthiest woman in the Universe! I would very much like to have ALL of my Pearls with me now.

  11. What a Big Crap this all is !!
    False prophets that work for the ENEMY of GOD !
    The "event" ?!What event ?! There's only one Coming Event .
    The Coming of the LORD Almighty !
    Prepare yourselves with Good Feelings , Thoughts and Deeds ...
    Think of Others , other than USA 's Fat belly , which , by the way , is Responsible for so much Suffering in the World ...
    Don't let yourselves be Fooled by the False Prophets of these last Days of Deep Darkness and Ignorance .

  12. Victory of the Light!
    Thanks Cobra!

    My new video:


    « The more I hear about the Archons and their helpers and all the Galactics and their helpers, and the continued lack of visible progress for the people of this planet, I'm drawn back to a TV show from many years ago. A Science Fiction show about a war between elder races who had been tasked to guide the evolution of the younger races. Between the Vorlons who guided the growth of the younger races through regimented order, and the Shadows who guided the growth of the younger races through chaos and war - always expecting that the younger races would choose sides.

    Maybe it's time we, as a people, and as a planet, tell both of them to get the hell out of our planet and take your minions with you!(Archimedes)»


  15. Victory of the LIGHT!

    Meteor over Russia:
    I would say this is in the category of an event.

    There is a part of the meditation that speaks of all human beings finally free from all oppression. If you think about it,that goes hand in hand with the World Liberation Movement. Once Humanity is liberated, all and everything will be liberated, advanced technologies introduced so Humanity will not have to eat the flesh or embryo of innocent animals and birds. I for one can not wait for such a day to arrive.

    Victory of the LIGHT!

  16. My Dear Constantine... You are Blessed. Please be in receiving mode now, WE are about to LoVe Life back into you.

  17. Oh, Papa! Your Upgrades are sparkly and beautiful. I'll try to send you a picture.

    I didn't know You were a Game Designer!!!

  18. Oh Michael... I learned a new word today. Can you surpass it?



    In all the Creations, the most precious Gift any Being may offer is that of Self-Sacrifice.

    It is through this amazing Gift that the doorways of possibility are opened, allowing avenues of Growth on Orders of Magnitude greater than that which was possible in the older Creations.

    This message is for Those who have achieved such level of Service to Others.

    You volunteered to be injured beyond all possibility of repair or redemption so Others might have the possibility of True Growth and far richer Lives, and for that We are eternally grateful to You.

    I know that in Your present injured state My words cannot Truly reach You. Just please try to comprehend that we honor You more than You can ever know, and We all thank You so Very Very Much.

    Your Service is now at an end.

    And now My Dear Old Friends, We bid You a most tearful, affectionate and heartfelt Adieu.


  20. " Right as we start our conference on Friday in London, a near-Earth asteroid will pass well within the geostationary orbit very close to Earth. It will not hit us, but the energy of its passage so close to the surface will be very exciting:"

    Looks like you were wrong cobra, looks like part of DA14 did hit us.

  21. OT:

    This actually took place the week before christmas 2012. It played out in other dimensions, but the full effect was still there:

    Revelation 16

    This next part describes the old timeline. The way it is now constructed, there won't be 1000 years between the imprisonment of the beast and its release any more. That would have turned the world into a post-democracy world wide fascist (political "black") state, much like the NWO people talk about, only to once again turn into a post-fascist liberal (political "red") society after 1000 years had passed.

    This process is now much faster, we're talking months or weeks. Same logical structure applies though:

    Revelation 20

  22. I thought people who follow this might find interesting this view at the recent Russian meteor event.