Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pleiadians, our Sister Race


  1. Tonight I have dream this face!!
    In a dream was the face of my friend very spiritual

  2. have you text to this topic ? :) we here but what about us ? we not just "race" or just "sisters" or "others" as we are you as much you are we as fact. we are not only beings as point is seen your self in others as you self are souls as we self too. not focus to spiritual things as spirits and spirit words are only exist in lower physical dimensions but focus to understand you self have soul what have or what can have physical body to continue physical life as all dimensions are more or less physical. spirits and spirit world is under physical dimensions under nature own law as only soul is over material as much soul understand to be as own understanding is only real limitation what everybody have so have common sense and full responsibility and peace.

  3. Indeed, we are brothers and sisters..

  4. Hope to be able to visit there soon. As well as many of the other aligned planets. I was told I might be able to become an ambassador, as she said emissary representing earth. Which is why I am working on my second Masters in International Relations and Conflict Resolution. It would be a wonderful thing to spend the rest of my life going to other planets working on interplanetary relations and economic exchanges. The wonders I would be able to see and experience would likely blow my mind. Would love to have those images go up on my You Tube page. Would I have followers then!! I might also find someone to fall in love with among the other related human races. I seem to have failed at it here. At 50 had 2 dates in my entire lifetime and no relationships, ever. If I were straight I might have had better luck at it. I also failed at some opportunities that might have become something. I really messed up, several times.

    1. I want to work with extraterrestrials as well :-)
      I don't have a Master degree in "Extraterrestrial civilizations" but I have worked whole my life on myself, I am 52 and 40 years have spent on lifting up my energy and clearing myself....
      I don't have a big love in my life neither, but easily fall in love with everybody, who has high energy, clear heart, fast mind and high spirit... :-) maybe this is the best way to follow them.

    2. I have similar goals, I am 18 years old and recently started my soul journey. I have experienced some vibrational feelings but I still haven't gotten THERE. ya know what I mean?
      I'd love to exchange emails with either of you to gain some more insight on how I can lift my energy, cleanse my chakras and connect with extraterrestrials.
      I have a lot to learn and no one to go to for guidance so I love to come to Cobra's blog and hope to see comments like these.

      I'd love to hear back from you.

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    4. Dear Castel, Osho has more than 600 books, so I decided to give you the most useful for me - "The book of secrets" You can find it free of charge on his site. In these 5 volumes Osho gives as I remember 112 technics for fast clearing and lifting. My favorite technic is "Just as you have the impulse to do something, stop."
      You must register in order to read, if you wish, read and find what works for you.
      Love to you and to all <3

    5. Miranda,
      You can find me at I do have very limited memories of my contacts during my abductions. I believe it is for security purposes. My father was a member of the USAF Intel as well as the NSA and a stint as a US Marshal. And I know now that the military/grey/cabal have taken me a few times and literally tortured me for information. I have known for a number of years how to block them from getting me. They have to 'ask', by putting a tone in my mind. I tell them to go F themselves now. I am a Nichiren Buddhist, with very limited knowledge on how to do any of the clearing work you are speaking of. Though I do know from personal experience if you ask for help with doing anything from your dead relatives that you were close to as well as the Mother aspect of what you may consider to be God, they really will come to your aid. You must have complete trust that they hear you and will send angelic help if needed. You need to vocally call out to them to come to your aid. I always start with saying ' I know I am not worthy of your help, but I believe in you, that you will help me'. And then go on to be specific with what help you need. I cannot believe that you would have much clearing work to be done, as young as you are. Do you have any reason to believe that you have not had a relationship with some off world race? No hyper real 'dreams', no waking and finding your clothes on backwards? Do you remember being in a space filled with white light, where you could not see a wall or where the light was coming from? Contact me if you would want.

  5. Arcturians . Andromedans. Sirians. Alcyons. Orions. Venusans. Marsians. Acartans. Nibiruans/Annunakies.

    Grey or blue. Green or pale white. With mouths or with beaks. Humanoids or insectoids. Reptilian or crickets. Covered with furs or leopard spots.
    And finally, Arch Angels, Angels or God/desses and/or just formless BALLS of LIGHT.

    They are our Galactic/Cosmic family members.
    We are the descendants of 22+ ET races. THINK ABOUT IT!

    AND WE ALL ARE THE CHILDREN OF ONE AND THE SAME MOTHER GODDESS. (The father might be unknown... or multiple entities). Well.... as above so below. Right? :>))

    WE ARE ONE!!!

    1. ...and Sassani, don't forget :-)
      Sassani are hybrids between us and grays and I find them lovely

    2. @Ananda

      Thank YOU, Ananda.
      I just met Bashar on the Awake and Aware event.
      He was brilliant!!!


    3. Salut HYE ANGEL :-)
      Lucky you, I have never met neither him, nor Cobra, what happened on that event?

    4. @Ananda

      I'll be glad to share it with you, my friend.
      Please email me.


    5. may share it with me too ? thank you so much!

  6. Looks like a daft punk video. I'm cool with that.

  7. Te salut Cobra si iti multumesc pentru efortul tau si dragostea ta de a ne lumina si pe noi ceilalti,din alte tari, despre ceea ce urmeaza sa se intample.
    Iti doresc multa sanatate si forta. Sa fii luminat de Dumnezeu si sa ne aduci vesti minunate despre momentul cand vom putea sa comunicam cu fratii nostri stelari, aici pe pamant.
    Multumim pentru sfaturile tale.
    Te urmarim cu mare interes.

  8. Dont forget our fallen brothers and sisters from the Pleiades. This star system is a veeery large system and multidimensional as well. Enough space so for the Good the Bad and the Ugly.

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