Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Goddess Spiral Retreat by Isis & Cobra

This unique event will be taking place near Hilo, Hawaii from May 31st to June 2nd.

The Sun of the New Era - Golden Age is rising and we are embracing the new life with Golden Goddess spiral of Light.

At these special times in human history we are perfectly supported with astrological planetary constellations. Through Mars-Venus conjunction in the beginning of April, partial lunar eclipse on April 25th, annular solar eclipse on May 10th and through the opening of the portal on May 25th we are preparing ourselves to become an embodiment of Divine Lovers and expansion of higher frequencies of Light will bring the final balance between Male and Female polarities on planet Earth.

On Hawaii we will be connecting with the vortex which is the entry point of the Goddess herself for planet Earth and will continue the integration process of our divine sacredness and union of divine Love.

We will surrender to the pulse of Divine mother Earth, to  the pulse of the ocean and the moon, the fire of passion and expression of creativity, the breath of Love... and will surrender to the grace, beauty and compassion of Goddess herself and ground all our experiences and integrate them within our bodies and lives.

With Goddess and God Dance, meditations, breath, divine simbols, divine invocations, singing, creative expressions, with Goddess divine presence  and our surrendering to her energies we will heal all aspects of our female and male energies in us, heal the inner child, bring balance between giving and receiving. Vortex of the island will help us bring eruption of fire for life in our lives for us to be aware of sacredness of our bodies, to activate our DNA and remember who we really are. With sacred ceremony we will awaken threefold Goddess and God and consecrate our sacred power amulets...

You will experience more personal and deeper connection with the Goddess and God presence in your body and your life and ground your divine presence on our beautiful planet which is meant to be the Garden of Eden.

You can get more information and register here: 

Welcome to the dance with the Universe in the Garden of Eden!



  1. Hi Cobra :D

    Wanted to let you know that I am the general manager of a very small resort in Costa Rica and would be very happy to accommodate a group here if you are feeling inspired.

  2. Victory of the LIGHT!

    Jimi Hendrix: First Rays Of The New Rising Sun.
    Jimi Hendrix Rainbow Bridge full concert live 1970 Maui:

    Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)

    Hey baby,
    where do ya commin' from?
    Oh, she looked at me and smiled and stared out into space,
    and said, "I'm commin' from the land of a new rising sun."
    Then I said, "Hey baby, where ya tryin' to go to?"
    Then she says, "I'm gonna spread, spread around peace of mind, and a whole lotta love to you and yours."
    Girl, I'd like to come along.
    Yes, I'd love to come along.
    "Would you like to come along?" she asked me.
    Yes, take a long ride now.
    Hey baby,
    can I step into your world awhile?
    "Yes, you can," she said, "come back with me for a ride."
    We're gonna go across the Jupiter sands, and see all your people one by one.
    You gotta help your people out, right now.
    That's what I'm doing here all about.
    Yeah, yeah.
    May I come along?
    May I come along?
    May I come along?
    Yeah, yeah.
    Please take me.

    Victory of the LIGHT!

  3. It's TIME! I am DELIGHTED! And guess what? I even have time off and was planning to go there at that time anyway, just...because! Oh you both made my day! Mahalo and Aloha! and Namaste!

  4. Not to dampen the mood but could there be some intel on the attacks in Iraq and Boston? Also a major explosion happened in Texas, USA yesterday killing and injuring many people. That one looked to be an accident not a planned attack. Could we all send some healing and light to the affected families and those who lost their lives or were severely hurt. Thank you. America is the most heavily suppressed, apathetic and brainwashed country on the whole yet we have many compassionate lights here regardless keeping the balance. Sending compassion and healing to those who are suffering.

    1. I agree with you David. The attention here is
      now focusing on these conferences instead of
      what it is that is happening. The intel has
      dropped to the degree that we might as well
      be visiting a fluffy light worker's site.
      This is not what I thought this work was about,
      at least not here.
      I could care less about what Isis and Cobra
      are planning as far as conferences. What I
      want to know is what is happening on the
      planet for this "event" to happen and why
      it keeps being moved further and further
      away. What the heck is going on here?

    2. Fluffy intel is given for a reason. There will be more substantial intel given soon...

  5. Dear Brothers and sisters,
    Two days ago while working on creating my sacred geometry an accident occurred and a fire occurred on my apartment balcony in Thailand. To save the apartment I threw the plastic bucket with contents on fire over the balcony to the property below. Major archon drama hey?

    The good news is I did not burn down the building! The bad news is 3 cars were damaged totaling $4500 dollars. I naturally confessed and accepted my responsibility and my duty to compensate the victims. I feel horrible for their discomfort and troubles. 2 of the cars have minor damage but they still are claiming 1500 dollars between them. The other car is not running and probably only worth 800 dollars but is a sentimental keepsake of a dead mother. This repair estimate is 3 thousand dollars and as I understand it they can ask that it be repaired instead of being replaced. My luck. I am in their country and these are there rules I must accept that.

    The problem is I do not have this kind of money and I am supposed to leave the country on the 8th of May.. The authorities have taken my passport and it seems I will not be able to leave the country until this debt is settled. I am very concerned I may end up in jail. I can only get together about 1/3rd of this amount, as my finances stand right now. Going to jail will not solve anything, as I will not be able to earn money to pay this back. The logic of me not being able to work and make payments if I end up in jail is lost on the victims and the police.

    I accept my duty and obligation to pay for these cars and these people whom my accident has inconvenienced. I do understand that it will be hard for them to trust me to make payments when I leave the country but I do not have the resources to cover these costs at this time.

    I am reaching out to my etheric liberation family not for a handout not for a donation but to let everyone know I have some amazing products on my website I can offer as much as a discount as is reasonable to anybody who will purchase products from me as soon as possible.

  6. I have just completed making some 9foot sleeping pyramids, which are of a very high quality with gold plated capstone, and they will actually be finished next week. These pyramids will sell for 1200 dollars plus shipping on my website but I will lower the price to 950 dollars plus shipping if anyone who can afford it will purchase one to help me out. If I can sell 5 of these Sleeping Pyramids I think my problems will be solved. These also can be made into 7 or 8 foot pyramds as well. If this happens I may be able to make my commitment on time.

    Time is very short for a solution and I will have to make some arrangement by the end of next week so if anybody has been considering purchasing anything in the light tool-healing genre. I will be grateful if you can help me out.

    The group to Egypt trip will be cancelled and the deposits I have made in Egypt will be lost and I will owe some people lots of money if I am unable to discharge my responsibilities and make this trip.

    I cannot steal from these Egypt funds, which are under my care to pay for my troubles. I will have to cancel this trip loose my deposits and owe these people thousands of dollars, which will compound my money woes. I will eventually be able to repay these kind people. However the time period will be unknown.

    I am reaching out to my extended light worker family to ask if anyone can help with advice in Thai law or what my options may be. I was forced to sign a paper in Thai (which was explained to me by an interpreter) that I was guilty and I will make restitution. In principal I did not contest this issue. This is the right thing for me to do and it is what I intend to do.

    But I Was told jail would be the option if I did not sign. I found out later that the cost for the 3 cars is $4500 dollars. Now I am stuck under the gun so to speak or at least a very heavy archon load to say the least. Emotionally I am strong I am a man and man up when required but I am emotionally leaking a bit obviously as this pressure compounds my other obligations and is effectively shutting down my mission.

    I can and will pay this amount but I will need time to do this. Time I do not have. I potentially will go into deeper troubles if this is not satisfied within a very short period of time. I can satisfy this out of the courts and leave on time if my obligation is met.

    If I cannot meet this deadline I must stay in the country for 2 months possibly in jail? I do not know. This is how long it will take to go to court. I will not be able to earn a living see my son or continue my mission and events speaking schedule. etc. etc endless personal drama. I apologize for dumping this here but I Needed to put this out there for at least prayer support right now.

  7. If there is anybody who can make a personal loan with my product stock or my crystal collection as collateral I will do that and sign a legal promissory note upon my return to the states. I will be photographing my entire personal crystal collection and will sell the entire lot for a very good price. Please look under "fire sale" on my website by Tuesday. Cobra has said he will be sharing my technology photo gallery with the cobrasss on Tuesday anyway so I will receive added traffic on that day. Cobra does not know about my woes yet as he is in Zurich and is in conference mode and I would not distract him at this time.

    This is a quite scary situation for me and I am open to any offers for help or suggestions or even an e-mail of encouragement at this time. will be how to reach me or go to my site for Skype address and phone numbers information .I have a California phone number that will ring on my Skype and not charge an overseas charge to anybody.

    I am grateful for your posts here I do visit this site but time constraints prevent me from posting too much. Forgive my forward and personal appeal or cry for help at this time. I am confident that God will see to my highest resolution of this problem whatever the outcome I know. The light of god never fails. We are all in the mighty hand of creation.
    Iam that Iam
    Victory to the light
    Rob 'Pottsman"

  8. bless your heart, rob!!!!!!!!!

    i was thinking that if just 100 people would pitch in $5 each, you'd have it covered. i feel like i owe you more than that, just from your amazing knowledge you've shared with all of us so generously. i bet many would be more than willing to do this!!! what do you think?

    1. That would be nice I must admit. My pay pal e-mail address is
      so if your feelin in your heart go for it! I doubt this post will get that many more views in light on cobras great post and real honest assessment. He and I do think very much alike. especially on the RV oppt keenan etc focus. Remove the astral parasites please I am sick of these MUD SHADOWS. This love cannot be undone

  9. I am sending you much love, prayers and light! You are such a source of inspiration, wisdom, and connection for many of us! Many friendly invisible helpers are working on your behalf regardless of what you up against!

    1. Thank you for your kind words and support I have been moved to tears by the kind words of encouragement form so many. I am praying to a secret angel who may be able to help me. In the mean time, if there is anyway you would like to help please do email me at I will not flater I will not fail. The parasites and archons can bite my ankles but they cannot defeat my spirit. In jail or in Lakech IAM that IAM
      Brother Rob

  10. rob--

    that is a bummer that cobra posted something shortly after you posted this, as you mentioned, making it so that people now won't see your post. i wonder if cobra could help you out here. there are sooooooo many who check this site...i'm sure that tons of those would be willing to give you $5 each!!!!!!!!! how could we do this so that people can know your plight?!

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