Monday, April 15, 2013

Mystery Schools

Before this planet was invaded 26,000 years ago, Ascended Masters walked freely among humanity and kept the connection to the presence of the One intact. Their mystery school was located on the main island of Atlantis:

The Asceded Masters are beings of pure Light and Love who have evolved beyond duality. You can read a very good description about their work and activities on our planet here: 

The Ascended Masters retreated from the surface of the planet as it was occupied by the dark forces one Platonic year (26,000 Earth years) ago. Main Atlantean mystery school went into slow decay as the direct contact with the Ascended Masters was lost. At a certain point it was moved into Egypt where initiation temples and pyramids were built in the area between Saqqara and the Giza plateau. At the final deluge of Atlantis in 9564 BCE all Atlantean mystery schools were destroyed and most of their knowledge and wisdom lost. 

After the deluge, mystery schools were slowly revived in the Near East from surviving fragments of the Atlantean heritage and they received inispiration through occasional contact with positive extraterrrestrial races (such as the Isis mysteries as a result of direct contact with Sirius) and from underground Agarthian network (such as Delphi mysteries). Part of the mystery schools have degenerated as a result of the strengthening of the Veil and the Illuminati come from that branch.

A revival of the mystery schools occured in the Mediterranean 2000-2500 years ago as a result of the increased activity of the Galactic Central Sun. At that time, the initiates of those mystery schools became aware of the quarantine status of our planet and the presence of the Archons. Destruction of these mystery schools was the main aim of the Khazar Archon invasion in the 4th century and the rise of the Christianity mind programming cult was orchestrated to wipe out the last vestiges of the true Gnosis. 

Saint Germain has revived old Egyptian mysteries and created a mystery school in Paris in 1775. This mystery school was operated by the Brotherhood of the Star for another century and one of its members wrote this beautiful book which contains many coded messages about the Ascension process: 

There are many »mystery schools« around the planet now with fragmentary knowledge and wisdom. True mystery schools will be established only after the Event and especially after the First Contact.

Until then, you can read these two books which give quite a good overview of the Man, the Universe and the Plan: 

Victory of the Light and the dawning of the Golden age is near!


  1. Aaa! Dear Cobra, what is happening?
    Boston? It's terrible! Poor people :-(
    God bless their souls.

    Then gold slumps 9% for the first time sine 30 years!...Is it the Event?!!

    1. its terrible but things like that still happens everyday around earth, so many death that youre probably not even aware of. its not just this media events you see..

    2. ananda, there is no way this is the Event. if you listen to cobra's take on it, sooo many other things need to happen before that.

  2. Greetings Cobra!!

    Another great intel!!
    Thank You.

    As You know, I've been waiting for many months now to have You on Eben's show, so I could ask You A very important question. But we had to postpone it because of Your tight schedule.

    I'm getting impatient.
    I could wait for the next Cobra conference. But then I thought that asking You right here is a better idea. Thousands of people are checking Your site every single day.

    Therefore, I'm asking You to answer to my question through Your next intel. PLEEEASE...

    We have heard over and over- that we've been isolated from our Galactic family by the bullies, who put our planet under quarantine. In the mean time, the Galactics were NOT allowed to interfere with us.
    Since then, we were and ARE, just power-LESS goddesses and gods, who have been controlled, manipulated and just have turned into the slaves....
    Hey, WE are waking up and becoming a nightmare for the bullies!

    My friend, let me remind You my question:


    Before coming back to Earth, we make an agreement with them, which is - TO BE PROTECTED AND SAVED BY THEM.
    During every single Earthly lifetime, that is their ONLY mission they have with US.
    THEY are responsible for our happiness, health, success and MOST importantly - for our SAFEty.
    And I'm telling You - they aren't doing a good job.
    The GOOD GUYS are still being attacked, killed, threatened by the bullies all the time.

    So, what's going on?
    Why can't THEY, our Angels and Guides interfere with US?
    Is there another Un-known quarantine between THEM and US?

    I think the whole Cobrassss Family will be anxiously waiting to her from You.

    Stay safe and protected at ALL TIMES, my friend!!

    1. I have the same question, Cobra but from a little different angle.

      can you explain the difference between “saving” and “help”?

      most of us know, only we save ourselves.

      but after a certain point, that becomes as useful as a sound bite from a jingle.

      am *i* supposed to knock on the federal reserve’s door and tell them we’re sovereign? HOW do we save ourselves?

      change yourself within and your reality changes, is what enlightened people teach. are there not tons of us who HAVE done that to a large degree (especially compared to the masses) and we are Still “waiting” to see improvement in our personal lives, at least—not even talking about amazing global changes here.

      so, after you’ve done all the work you think you can, where does the “help” come in, and how is it different from “saving”?

      according to you we are getting a lot of over-all, behind the scenes Help from the resistance movement, etc. so, they’re helping but not saving….?

      yes, I hope you can answer this question on the next mp3 interview. because I’m at a total loss right now—knowing that I’m a very powerful co-creator and being so frustrated cuz that power seems broken right now. haha.

  3. I think BOSTON is a clear way of showing how desperate the cabal are at this point ,they know their days are getting close.

  4. For those of you who are interested in mystery school Teachings, the Ascended Masters have taught their disciples how to rid the astral plane of archons and reptilians. They have instructed us that invocation of the Light and of the Ascended Masters’ intercession is TEN TIMES more powerful than meditation alone. The special Mission of Archangel Michael and his vast legions of Blue Flame angels is to spend 23 out of every 24 hours ridding the astral plane of darkness. For those of you who would like to accept the reality of the Ascended Masters and who would be interested in invoking their intercession, here is a specific “decree” that can be given for your own protection and for the removal of ALL DARKNESS on the astral plane.

    Due to the urgency of the hour, the Ascended Masters have proffered a critical dispensation that, for every one person giving a “decree,” the Ascended Masters will multiply the decree a thousand-fold. Therefore, for each person giving a decree, it is magnified to equal the same effect as 1,000 people giving the decree. I have given this decree for over 20 years. It works beautifully. The Light of God never fails! Feel free to add any additional requests for protection for yourself, other lifestreams, animals, conditions, etc. to this invocation. This decree is extremely simple and 100% effective if given according to the following instructions.

    Instructions: Sit comfortably in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, your spine comfortably upright, and your hands resting on your lap, palms facing up. Place your full attention on the God Flame of your I AM Presence that is located within your Heart chakra. Completely quiet your “human” consciousness and decree with the full authority of a sovereign Christic being, eliminating all fear, anxiety, or doubt, etc. in your decree. Treat each word as a cup of Light and give the decree with the fullness of your Heart. Give the decree rhythmically, which the Masters have told us breaks up all interference from the astral plane. Give the rhythmic portion of the decree at least three times through. Use the same visualization as Cobra’s weekly meditation, where Archangel Michael’s Legions are seen carrying off the dark entities from the astral plane. You will actually be able to strongly, physically FEEL the Light descend from your Presence and go out to bless the planet and humanity. (Continued in next section.)

  5. (Continued from previous section.)
    Invocation: In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence, Beloved Archangel Michael and Faith, Mighty Elohim Hercules, Beloved Sanatka [the Holy Kumara who serves on the Blue Ray of Protection], Beloved Mighty Elohim Astrea and Purity [Elohim who serve on the White Ray of Purity and the clearing of entities], I call upon the full-gathered momentum of God’s Holy Will, the Cosmic Circle and Sword of Blue Flame of Beloved Mighty Astrea, the Diamond Sword Excalibur, and the Sword of Archangel Michael and his Legions to go forth for the encircling, binding, and final removal of all remaining archons and reptilians in the astral plane of Beloved Gaia and answer this my call infinitely, presently, and forever:

    Prince Michael Archangel and Legions of Light
    We need thee, come quickly, to banish all fright!

    Blaze thy Blue Lightening, release Cosmic Fire
    Seize every appearance of human desire!
    Bolts of Blue Lightening descend from above
    Shatter all darkness opposed to God’s Love!
    Sword of Blue Flame and Sheets of White Fire
    Raise record and memory higher and higher!

    Saint Michael Archangel, great whirlwind of power
    Oh champion our cause with each passing hour!

    Blaze thy Blue Lightening, release Cosmic Fire
    Seize every appearance of human desire!
    Bolts of Blue Lightening descend from above
    Shatter all darkness opposed to God’s Love!
    Sword of Blue Flame and Sheets of White Fire
    Raise record and memory higher and higher!

    Lord Michael Archangel, great Sword of Blue Flame
    Protect us, defend us in God’s I AM name!

    Blaze thy Blue Lightening, release Cosmic Fire
    Seize every appearance of human desire!
    Bolts of Blue Lightening descend from above
    Shatter all darkness opposed to God’s Love!
    Sword of Blue Flame and Sheets of White Fire
    Raise record and memory higher and higher!

    Sunder unreality!
    Reveal our fiery destiny!
    Defend our Christ Identity!
    And manifest our Victory!

    Here are links to three of these mystery schools:

  6. For me it feels natural that it's NOT some angels responsibility to save me, keep me happy or make me successful. That is pretty much the definition of a powerless victim. We are not victims and we are not powerless. We don't need anyone to save us. We have to save our self.
    The responsibility of a guide is to guide. To make sure we don't wonder off to far into pathways we didn't decide to venture down in the first place. Growth, expansion and understanding is not gained if we all just live on a pink cloud all day long and angels came and interfered every time something goes wrong. Sometimes we have chosen difficult paths that we now don't always understand the reasons behind. To judge our current situation with our current level of understanding will produce a distorted view of reality.

    Why are some people attacked and this is allowed? Could it be to learn how to defend themselves? Could it be to learn to trust in themselves, to understand their true essence and power to grow and expand? Sometimes it hurts to grow. We have all experienced it when out bodies grew rapidly as children.
    We did not come here because it was going to be easy.

    Just my 2 cents. All the best.

    1. I have a different opinion about that;
      We have had 26.000 years to evolve thanks to the darkness, we have had plenty of time to understand and reasearch what darkness is about;
      I believe that darkness is not necessary anymore for our evolution, and i thank the dark side because they served us during all those eons of time to grow up and evolve, but now is done.
      I do think, therefore, that asking for the interciding of Light Forces to help us during the end times is not as giving away our power, it is just a natural occurring which is manifesting now cause we, as Human Collective Consiousness, are realizing that everything is connected into this Universe.
      Light Forces are not here to save us, they are here to help us, if i need help, i do not mind to ask for it to a friend of mine, the same principle applyies with the Light Forces i believe.
      Ascended Masters, Archengels, ETs, are not helping us cause they wanna impose their free will upon us, they are helping cause we have asked for their help;
      At the end, we gonna liberate oursleves from the darkness, no one is gonna save us, asking for help is a sign of strenght not weakness, separation is an illusion, we are part of the same thing.
      In conclusion i believe, that to manifest what we so much desire, we have to do it United, the energy of Oneness, is gonna bring us there, and not just Oneness on planet earth, but Oneness with everything there is.
      Let Ascension Begin, United WE Stand - Victory of the Light

    2. Freddylight, I have the same perspective as you even if it perhaps did not sound like that.
      Asking for help is not wrong. But demanding others to come and save you is, or is at least a demonstration of being and accepting yourself as a victim. Personally I'm done being a victim. But sure, I need help now and then and I'm not afraid of asking for it.
      Personally I don't see any problem since, like you said, we are all one.

    3. This sounds very much like Mary and the late Mark Prophet. If I remember correctly they had a compound on Shasta Mountain, where they claimed the ascended masters lived. Before our fire,I had at least 20 books..... Are you associated with them?

  7. 26,000 Earth years ago ...
    so broad perspective... is Hermes Trismegist one of the Ascended Masters? ...

  8. Thannk You Cobra for all you do.
    Reblogged this on

    Love and Light

  9. hey cobra i have a question. is sheldan nidle one of the legitimate channelers you have spoken about before?

  10. I am very careful about using the names of any
    Archangels or Ascended Masters in decrees that I
    say. It is not necessary at all and these beings
    may not be as we have been taught and lead to believe.
    I only call on Source and True Creator and along
    with that ask for assistance from only beings
    of both Love and Light that are working with
    Source and True Creator.
    Please be very careful about what decrees you say
    and also who you connect with during meditations.
    This is not something to be taken lightly...pun

    1. Archangel Michael and friends are wonderful beings but I do see where you are coming from here. Not everybody has the power to be able to discern if the beings they are channeling/calling upon are always those true beings. It would make total sense to ask why would someone need to give their power to an outside force for healing and protection? Why the need for constant separation and division. There is only Oneness which means all the powers and attributes we put onto beings seen as outside of ourselves actually is within. It is our choice if we want to give the power to heal the self to an outside source when we all have the power and beauty within ourselves. All those supernatural powers that we bestow onto spirits we believe have evolved to a more refined degree than us are all located within. I love the archangels and ascended masters but I know we are all one and anything they can do I can do. They are good friends to have.

  11. Dear Unknown,
    Based on your comment, you have never used the names of any Archangels or Ascended Masters in your spiritual work, and I would recommend that you never do this until you develop a love and trust of these Beloved Ones. For those of us who have spent decades calling upon these Divine Helpers and seen incredible results, we would say that it is always a good approach to try something before you allow fear to prevent yourself or others from using the decrees from the Mystery Schools. When you are One with your I AM Presence and you give these decrees with all the Love of your Heart, centered in Peace in the Secret Chamber of your Heart, the Light of God Never Fails, and the Archangels and Ascended Masters are able to offer profound assistance to all of humanity from their realm of Perfection and Oneness. This has always been the way throughout millennia ever since Sanat Kumara established the Brotherhood of Light in response to the rising dark energies on Gaia.

  12. Dear ENLIGHTENED people:

    I'm asking Cobra a question about the roles, the responsibilities - THE CONTRACT - that our PERSONAL (mine, her's and his), Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides have made with us. They ARE suppose to DO everything to help, to protect, and yes, TO SAVE US as long as WE are here on Earth.

    If that's the case - why should I/WE be so vulnerable and UN-safe, and go through the process of learning all these new meditation techniques, new affirmations and decrees, new teachings and prayers.... TO protect ourSELVES?

    And after doing all WE could, we say:
    "Ahhh... I'm exhausted.... I spent my time and my prescious ENERGY... Yet, NO-thing works for me... I am still unprotected, and I feel UNsafe.... Hey, You out there! I need a DIRECT help!!!
    Oh, wait a minute..... How about YOU - my own Angels and Guides? Don't WE have a mutual contract/agreement made in Heaven?
    Well, why are YOU NOT helping ME?!"

    I WANT TO KNOW.....

    1. What about those whom are not enlightened? I have just begun my spiritual journey and I am still practicing meditation. I have a strong passion for this and I believe I have gained a lot of awareness since I first woke up..

    2. I am not an enlightened person, but I THINK it is due to the power the archons still hold. I do not think being saved is needed, but a sizeable portion of us are having extreme difficulties causing a great deal of suffering. Many of us are being repeatedly energetically attacked by the archons and are ill. .Many of our light family are homeless and in a dire situations and this does not seem very acceptable to me. If I read one more 'I am homeless' post on EL, I shall scream!. It has not been possible for me to get any actual assistance for myself/others being impacted until I could energetically connect to the higher dimensions using my pendulum. Commands, requests do not seem to cut any ice at all. I can only surmise that the archons are somehow interfering both with our requests and the ability of the light beings to assist us, unless we can energetically connect directly, avoiding the astral realms.. Remember, they are 'in charge' of the etheric realms and would be able to block or interfere with communications, pretty much the same way as channelling gets interfered with. I think it is not anyone's fault and that the opposition has proved a lot stronger than was anticipated. My heart goes out to everyone struggling through this. What a nightmare!

  13. The Cosmic Instruction Manual for Planetary Evolution
    An Emergency Remedial Earth Edition

    (The manual is not a rule book, nor does it tell you how many angels are on the head of a pin and which dimension that pin is in),%20Zhoev%20-%20E.T.%20101-%20Complete%20manual.pdf

    Because we do not wish this manual to be misused, we have deliberately left
    out some information. If you find yourself wanting more answers than this
    manual offers, don’t just stand there like a jerk; go inside and ask for those
    answers. Whatever is appropriate for you to know will be given. Mission
    Control would like you to be aware that we not only stand behind our product,
    but we also stand beside you as you read it.

  14. This is such a good article i've added it to my page

    This is a growing UK based group working for the light!

  15. I have never known Cobra to mislead me in anyway.In the early days of my awakening and after my past lives reading I deleted many that I was following.I listen intently to the answers to questions posed to Cobra,and realize that certain things may we say are cloaked for the protection of others.I have never doubted any of the answers.I was in Atlantis,and volunteered to come here from Sirius.I am a victum of such weapons but fully intend to complete my mission.Victory of the Light