Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Windows of Opportunity

There was a lot of progress lately.  A huge victory of the Light has been achieved on the day of the opening of the 8-8 portal. ALL negative entities from the lower mental and lower astral planes have been removed. The only remaining negative non-physical entities are now hiding within the implant hemispheres on the etheric plane. If they wander outside implant hemispheres, they are removed instantly. There is not even enough of them to maintain implant hemispheres for all 7.2 billion incarnated humans so some of implant hemispheres are already disintegrating and some lucky humans completely free of any negative non-physical interference.

The remaining etheric negative entities are concentrating their attacks on lightwarriors and lightworkers, but their final removal in inevitable and will come soon. Outside of implant hemispheres, angelic beings are healing war-torn etheric and astral landscape, clearing the remaining anomaly and restoring the non-physical planes to their original paradise state. This is how etheric plane looks right now:

The Resistance Movement has communicated that as the non-physical planes will be clear soon, it is of the utmost importance to reach a certain degree of harmony within the planetary liberation movement as lack of harmony there will soon be the last main remaining factor delaying the Event. 

It is also very important for the grassroots preparedness infrastructure teams for the Event ( ) to organize themselves in such a way as to be able to handle millions of inquiries from confused surface population in real time without delays at the time of the Event.

People trying to guess the timing of the Event based on the timing of my conferences are wasting their precious energy. People waiting for the Event are doing the same. It would be much better for everybody to start forming Event support groups in their area NOW. The Resistance needs a certain number of functional Event support groups on the surface before the action can be triggered. These Event support groups will absorb the shock of abrupt change for the masses of humanity as those groups will be most qualified to deal with the changes.

There are two Windows of Opportunity coming in the near future and each of them is a potential time for the Event, if only the awakened part of the surface population begins to cooperate enough.

The choice is ours.

The first Window of Opportunity comes within October – December timeframe. It will be triggered by the solar magnetic field reversal:

Solar magnetic field reversal comes in 11 and 22 year cycles and it usually triggers societal changes:

There is much more to this first Window of Opportunity and intel about this will be released in September.

The second Window of Opportunity comes within March- April 2014 time frame. It will be triggered by the Galactic Core activation by the G2 interstellar cloud:

The potential of this second Window of Opportunity is huge, since it encompasses changes on the Galactic level.


  1. WoW!
    So the event could happen this year.
    I really hope that there will be enough Prepareforchange groups!!!

    But my guess is that this wont happen on the first oppurtunity.

  2. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest achievements of the light forces! The amount of negative influence that the incarnated humans suffered from the astral plane was HUGE.

    Many criminals that committed horrible things were being influenced by lower astral plane beings (demonic possession is this).
    And not only crimes, the low astral entities were responsible for much more, even for the degeneration of music, influencing men and women to create senseless songs, instigating violence, uncontrolled sexuality, drugs and etc.

    I would like to apologize for being so hard in my previous posts.
    Is that, because of what the brother "Lightworker 77" said, it was appearing that the light forces had "abandoned" the offensive in the astral plane, just because we don't have 144.000 meditators.

    That is why is very important to be careful with what you say. I was angry, because I’m pretty sure that it does not matter if we have 144.000 meditators or not, we are ALL working hard to create a better world (at least the ones that read this blog).

    I, myself, have been working since 2005, in the awakening of the masses. It was a tough path, but with the help of my mentors and god, I was able to do a lot of progress.
    I'm no better nor worse than anyone, but I was blessed with many spiritual truths (at least truths for me), and my path allowed me to share those truths with some people.
    Everyone that does this kind of work has to face a lot of opposition (not only from the non physical planes, but from people as well.)

  3. Is the second Window of Opportunity, the last Window of Opportunity? Thanks.

  4. WOW! This is huge news and progress! Lightworkers / Lightwarriors let's unite we can do this :) Thanks Cobra.

  5. What a disappointment. As the time for The Event keeps receding into the near future, the less likely it is to happen at all. At least this is the rule in 3D Reality. 2012 has become 2013 and is now 2014? Either Humanity is being treated like a 2-year old child, or The Event is a sham. Which is it?

    1. Perhaps it is us, the way we perceive things. Maybe we are not determined enough, or we are frightened by the very idea of change. How many times in the past few years have you doubted our ability to make change? How often when someone posts something that has good news and not so good news, have we focused on the not so good, while failing to recognize or appreciate the good news. When we hear things like the power may be out for a few weeks do you become nervous that we won't be able to survive the conditions? When we hear them say that the financial industry may be shut down, do we think that without our money (no matter how little that might be) we will starve? How often do we fear that our neighbors and friends who are failing to hear the message, may get caught up in the chaos and do harm?

      How much time to we spend on ourselves, working through our ego issues? Perhaps it is time to go with the flow of the river, let the tide gently take us out to sea. Meditate, or write, or listen to music, and try to not get our hopes up, so our disappointment is less. Because the only one who can have an affect on our ego, our beliefs is us, individually. No one else is responsible for that. Once we are able to recreate ourself, we will be able to recreate the world.

    2. The fault IS NOT ours, dear brother. It was in the past (due to the primitive behavior of humanity) but it is not now. All light workers and light warriors are working hard to create changes, but the situation is much tougher than it looks.

      The dark ones manipulated our DNA, they hypnotized our minds through television, they created fear-based believe system though the TV-news, they suppressed our spirituality with religions, they poisoned our water/food, they stimulated our violent behavior against nature and ourselves and much more.

      We had no chance to deal with this, in other words, because we didn’t even know why it all was happening.

      Cobra is a pleiadian reincarnated, and he, himself had hard times in his life on earth.

      It is like a master in psychology manipulating a 10 years old child, the child would do stupid things, but it's not ENTIRELY its fault.

      Now that many, many people know that we have been manipulated, they are fighting back and creating positive changes.
      Let’s keep up the hard work, but let’s not blame ourselves for failures. It’s not easy to live in the planet earth.

      Let’s not blame anyone, brother, just keep working.

    3. What is time anyway. Life unfolds as it will. We will follow along.

  6. Before forming Event Support Groups, it may be a good idea to make the following link viral :

    this will prepare the ground by informing the surface population of the basics of ascension so that setting up ESGs will be easier.

  7. Ok Cobra,

    Thank you for this update necessary.

    We are ready to form the groups. We expect contact.

  8. it's not that people are being "negative", but for most people/humans, what we want is simply more solid, real proof of all this "Event" things.

    Otherwise, how can you expect for most people/humans on this planet to give up their security (which is getting much more difficult, realistically & financially nowadays), if they don't really have any idea about all this stuff and if it's real or not?

    Most people need to be shown concrete things. Most of them are not too fond for the 'abstract, vague' ideas only.

    Just sharing my realistic thoughts. thank you.

    -from Indonesia-

  9. If the negative entities are cleared from the lower astral, WHY are the channellers still at it unabated? Help me out with this one as I am baffled. Thank you.

    1. The etheric is not cleared yet

    2. Thanks for that, I had thought the interference was coming from the lower astral. Namaste.

  10. I'm ready to do what I can, where I am, on vacation or when I'm back home...but you know, the more time passes and the Shift in all of us gradually takes place, the more all of this "fear and worry" about being "ready" makes no sense. I listen to the folks that speak thru Blossom Goodchild and I FEEL that when the Event happens, we will all be orders of magnitude more ONE, more joyous and full of love...and we won't need plans or organizations because we'll all just KNOW what to do, instinctively. Helping will be automatic, and there will be too much joy and excitement for anyone to be afraid for long. It'll be right on the night, as those who go on stage say. No worries!!

    1. which is why in my opinion I've always stated that in order for MOST people on the planet to truly "Wake Up" , then "The Event" has to happen FIRST! and THEN afterwards, most people on the planet would start to really got PROVEN that this is all really *REAL* and not just some made-up fantasy/imagination/wishful-thinking only.

      and from there, I strongly believe, we will then start to see the REAL Changes everywhere *automatically* , and reallyy fast & simultaneously everywhere, just like you've said!

    2. Exactly Hahnemaniac WE wil know exactly what to do...WE are already fully prepaired and ready :-)...The Field of Plenty is waiting :-)

      Like I AM always saying Everything is in Perfect and Divine Order :-)

      Meditating on- and contemplating Peace is wonderfull...So I will join in (in my own special way) the 25th...

      BUT!!! Why wait until that date...that Moment??? Why not meditate and Contemplate SEE PEACE happen NOW?...

      Well I will :-) From this Moment on I wil every day dedicate 15 minutes (starting 14.00)of my time to meditate on Peace...Every One who likes can join in on this PEACETRAIN :-)

      In Loving Kindness,



    3. What you guys are saying makes a lot of sense.

      I also have no idea why Cobra is so obsessed with having so many more people awake so 'the event' he talks about can happen.All that is needed is for the necessary safety nets to be properly set,and all players in their proper spots and ready to go.This network would me made up of the people that already awake.

      Because lets face it..we are a hopelessly brainwashed society as a whole.People are indoctrinated to never accept anything as reality unless the government,media,public education system,scientific community etc TELLS THEM SO.I myself have tried for several years to wake my family/friends up to the existence of the NWO.The majority of times it's to no avail.

      Considering that all these informational venues are owned by the cabal;it is actually pretty insulting and insensitive for these so called benevolent aliens and ascended masters,to think humanity as a whole will ever be able to free it's mind from this matrix by itself.

      Trying to tell people the truth in the current one sided biased climate is akin to tring to plug a badly leaking dam with chewing gum.Pretty much wasted effort.If you care about the people that are sick and dying nearly as much as you claim coomon sense dictates you should attempt to do something about it then playing this endless waiting.

      You're actually making things worse instead of better the longer you drag this on.People are getting so tired of false channelings,no shows,disinformation,and delays that your movement actually seems to be LOOSING support rather than gaining it.

      Compare the enthusiasm and high number of posters on your blog 1-1.5 yrs ago as opposed to today Cobra.How could you possibly think you are gaining more support over time rather than making things worse?

    4. Well Cooter its written "Let the dead sleep." and by "dead" it means the ones who are a sleep...They will wake up when its their Moment...An other one is "don't trow your Pearls before the swine" don't share anything with the Ones who are not ready...They will trample on you or simply not understand...That having said...

      Actions speak louder than words...We have to show how its done..By BEING THE EXAMPLE...Its just like with kids...You can talk/preach until your face turns bleu...They learn from your actions...How you live your live...Then they will start questiong you...and then you have an opening to shut some more Light in the Darkness...Do you feel what I mean :-)?

      Lets start being an Example

      And a little dessert...or breakfast...or lunch any One :0) Enjoy !!!

      Have a very Blessed day dear Friends and Family,



    5. And the very last of this day :-)
      You all see there is enough you can do and share...:-)

      I AM looking forward to tomorrow morning...and the News I have to Share then.

      Big hug,


  11. To be waiting, and judging the beings that are dedicating all their time to help liberate the planet, telling them they are a 'disappointment', is of no use, it's just slowing things down.

    Take matters in your own hands. Go out and do whatever you feel helps. Do energy work. Do gridwork, go to different places, important energy points, and call in the light. Talk to people, make loving connections with them. You have the power, you just gotta use it.

    It doesn't require any proof about the event or anything. You know the situation on this planet. You know there are ways you can help.

  12. @Hahnemaniac, you are ready, you know. But most ordinary people think that only the solid is real, that there is no life except on Earth, that death is the end of everything, that they are here to bring up a family and earn a decent pension, that the news is true, religion is to authentic word of God and that those in power are acting in the best interests of humanity. All those beliefs, all that they felt to be true, their world, will suddenly be challenged or collapsing apparently without warning and without their consent. I think this could cause bewilderment, fear, being overwhelmed, even denial and may not be welcomed initially. We need to figure out how best to support them through this with some kind of an organised approach and keeping explainations simple and relevant, I think.

    1. I think we are thinking too rigidly and "3-D" about this. First, given some channelings I've read, I wonder if the Event will be more than 3-D changes in governments and financial things, but also changes in ALL of us. If we suddenly could access knowledge or hear each others thoughts, how much more easily to communicate! If most of the fear is from etherics and they are gone? Et cetera. But equally 3-d is the way I see the support groups being formed: top down, hierarchical, secret and only the initiates know anything, so many eager to help left out...why? I feel that high dimensional societies are wide open, and each knows what they do best, so when a need for that shows up, they just do it. Organic, instinctive, no need to control from above... Why not publish the informational hand-outs so they can begin to be translated? There's no need for a super-polished english version as it has to be adapted to each language and culture. Why so many facebook pages, but where no one ever posts anything substantive? When we tried, we were told that people who had been at a Cobra conference were doing it elsewhere, to be patient! I say we go to "createaforum" like "soulfamily" did and do it ourselves...

  13. Cobra, at least tell us the percentage of necessary event-support groups that exists now, being 100% the needed number for the event to start.

    For example: We are with 65% of the needed groups already formed.

    It will help us to work harder if needed and will increase the possibility to trigger the event in the window of opportunity of this year.

    1. it will take longer for the site to be organized than it will to form groups. I sent in an application at least a month ago and have not been contacted yet. I know there are many more out there who have not been contacted either. But I do not suspect there are many people receiving those contacts, organizing the applications, and then reaching back out to them to organize the groups. It will take time, but i think if the Event happens within Window #1 we can learn on the fly. I actually would enjoy that more than a gentle transition. Get people excited about this. Especially as over the next couple of weeks/months more hemisphere implants will be free of negative forces, and will be less reluctant to go with change. Truth is starting to illuminate my friends. Steady progression is key.

    2. Hi Colby and Gui and anyone else out there who hasn't heard back from the prepareforchange website yet..

      1- Join Facebook Page: Cobra Etheric Liberation
      2- At top of page, there is a tab, Click on the FILES link and then scroll down then click on YOUR COUNTRY and get started.

      There Will be others from your country on that page, you can start networking and meetups.

      Don't wait around :D

    3. Thanks Ambereyes....


  14. Cobra, will there be any changes/announcements about the financial system before "The Event"? I understand the changes are underway with the BRICs alliance and Iraq being lifted from Chapter 7 and the U.N. voting for Basel 111. I guess I am asking as a college student who just took out a loan for school and seeing as clear as day the absurdity that the Federal Government can charge 6.8% interest on a loan when they're 16 trillion in debt. Also am asking as a human who parents are struggling financially and are cut off from the light that seeing money shouldn't define value. I know this applies to a collective nature. Thank You.

  15. As Cobra stated,
    "ALL negative entities from the lower mental and lower astral planes have been removed. The only remaining negative non-physical entities are now hiding within the implant hemispheres on the etheric plane.

    The WORLDWIDE MEDITATIONS are working. NO more proof needed as to how powerful NUMBERS (there is STRENGTH in numbers.

    Our next step is to take things to the next level as Lightworker (which means everyone reading this blog, and get organized.

    Why would Heaven authorize the EVENT to take place when WE are not ready as Lightworkers to facilitate so much information filtering into the public.

    Everyone keeps asking WHEN, even I have, but AGAIN, WE ARE THE ONES WE ARE WAITING FOR. :)

    I REALLY don't want to miss the first WINDOW but if we keep waiting for someone else to do OUR Job, it will have to wait until WE WAKE UP :)

    We are the ones who signed up for this job BEFORE THIS LIFETIME BEGAN.

    Take a LEAP OF FAITH.

  16. I agrere Babycakes Well said 144,000 WE CAN DO IT!!!!

  17. A forum or means to communicate/locate others in our areas who would be interested in such groups would be help a lot! Where I live, I struggle to find others who will even consider the possibility/potential of the Event, let alone those willing to form preparedness groups that I could trust to be working from the right place. If, however, we could communicate with others through a forum on this site, we can trust they have at least been seeking enough to find this site and discern it's Truth.


  18. We'll have to John, Heaven and everyone else is counting on us.

    Personally speaking, I've always wanted to be in that number. I'm HAPPY GLAD that I am :)

  19. Something I did today was to send this email:

    Dear friends,

    Please take a minute to read this email.
    Yes, it is a mass email, but I am sending it to each of you bcc to respect your privacy. Feel free to forward it.

    I am feeling very strongly that we have a tremendous opportunity in the next few days, weeks, and months, to help create the peace in this world that we all yearn for deep in our hearts.

    First of all, James Twyman is asking for us to join in with 10 minutes of prayer while he gives concerts designed to bring peace to Syria and Egypt, Aug 15 and 18. He is in Jerusalem today. From the link below: "You’ll be alerted as soon as we know the day and time of each concert. You will be asked to stop whatever you are doing for a ten minute period and activate the prayer at that time. It’s that simple!"
    To sign up for the group & get the emails, go to:
    I met James 4 years ago, and found him to be a very sincere and loving human being.

    Next, there will be a coordinated worldwide meditation for peace on Sunday Aug. 25, 5:11 pm eastern daylight time (instructions below). This request comes from a person called Cobra, who I have met twice. I have been following his blog since he started it at the end of March 2012, and trust the information presented there very much. More detail on the meditation here:

    For these prayers & meditations, 144,000 people holding the same focus & intention at the same time would be extremely powerful. It also adds power to do the meditation in groups.

    Finally, some of the people attending Cobra's conference in Laguna Beach, CA at the end of May this year have set up a website:
    The purpose of this website is to create local Event Support Groups, to assist in minimizing the confusion and chaos that could result during the first few weeks after the Event. For those of you who have heard nothing yet about the Event, in a nutshell it is the liberation of Earth from the criminal organization responsible for much of the violence and conflict here amongst humanity (no, it is not just "human nature").
    Cobra's blog:
    A great write-up about the Event:

    Instructions for the Aug. 25 meditation:
    1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes

    2. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light, coming from the Galactic Central Sun and then descending down through your body

    3. Visualize that Light flowing through your heart and then through your hands directly into the Syria conflict, the Egypt liberation process, prison camps of North Korea and all other unresolved situations on the planet, filling them with Light and eliminating all darkness which exists there

    4. Ask the Goddess presence (divine feminine) to come through your body

    5. Ask that Goddess presence to direct energies of peace and harmony to all those unresolved situations and everyone involved in them. Allow that energy to flow through your heart and then through your hands into those situations for a few minutes.

    Thank you for your time. I will be happy to answer questions, by email or phone (phone may be quicker, I type very slowly).

    Thanks again,

  20. LOL YES me too Baby Cakes Me too That's why I came back. :)

  21. Getting ready up-date

    I gues I created a new "window of opportUNITY" ;-):-) :-) :-)

    Well getting ready for the Peacetrain now...Blessings to every One


  22. Martial law in Egypt.
    If this is rehearsal for our Earth, we will stay here for another 25 000 years...