Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Peace Portal Activation Report

I have extremely good news. We have managed to reach the critical mass! Many websites and blogs have spread the message and our Peace Portal activation video alone has reached almost one quarter million views in just a few days. Our collective consciousness at the moment of the activation has managed to strengthen the network of Light on the etheric plane to the point that the whole etheric archon grid is disintegrating fast and events will now quickly follow.

It has been requested by the Light forces that those who are so guided can continue with Peace meditation every Sunday at 11:11 pm Cairo time:

This equals 11:11 pm in Central Europe, 10:11 pm in UK, 5:11 pm EDT, 4:11 pm CDT, 3:11 MDT and 2:11 PDT. For other locations and other time zones, you can see this link:


The negative archon vortex on the etheric plane above Syria has disintegrated as a result of our mass meditation. This means that the Cabal does not have any massive energy support for creating a war in Syria anymore. Any foreign military invasion into Syria by the Cabal may now trigger an action by the Positive Military and actually start the Event. It is extremely unlikely that the Cabal will be willing to risk that, although they will most likely push the situation to the edge.

The etheric archons do not have any large scale geopolitical power of influence anymore after they lost the Egypt vortex last week and Syria vortex on Sunday. Now they are directing all their power to influence key people on the planet, such as members of the Cabal, people with financial and political power, people with media influence and also key light warriors and light workers. Whatever they do, they will not be able to delay their fall much longer.

September will be a very interesting month. 


  1. The end of the Old is near, the veil is thinner than ever. I can feel the light spirits are closer to us than ever. Namaste

  2. This is really good,let s go on....

  3. Thank you for this wonderful news. This means we have done a great job. I still feel some negative influence but hope it will soon be over now.
    Let's keep up the good work so that the final liberation can come soon now.

  4. Replies
    1. Suck it, reptiles.
      What does that mean?
      I have even an Annunaki friend, Ash is his name. And I would never have any bad word for this great soul.
      I also had contact 1999 to reptilians from Zeta, fine people!
      A couple of weeks ago, I had contact to an Acturian - do you know that they did not envolve from mammals, but from reptilians evolutionary. I have a video from contacts. I have gifts from Argathans - touchable, not only in a dream or so! To say, suck it, reptilians - it would be the same to say suck it, "nipple man"! Don't do that, bro! There is to distinguish between any single soul. Never forget that!

    2. are the reptiles not the ones causing most of the terrible problems here? im not saying there's not good ones. just always thought they were the baddies...

    3. First of all, sorry. From your name I think you are a Sister.

      A little to my story and why I stumbled over your comment.
      I have been crushed by the cabal. 5 assassination attempts, loss of children, home, wealth. The pressure lasted long but the last year they verified my dna by tricking me into measuring devices that are also used to measure the status of the mars 500 habitat people and then they pushed out the big hammer.
      Mr. Rockefeller told me recently in a face to face breakfast, sometimes you have to crush a stone to make it a diamond.
      I helped him to change this believe system in the following way. Everything expands by consciousness from the zero point field. There is no compression, it is expansion. Time, space, matter is spread by conscious only. A dominant conscious keeps its status over a longer time (that is what he meant with a diamond) and the unconscious rest (94% in the cosmos is unconscious potential, waiting to be an actor so to say).
      As I not only have and had contacts to people from Argatha and from outer space, I have been informed that a) I am from Aeilas Gool (7 Parsec from here) and b) have been injected into my earth mothers womb with some DNA specials. Last year, after a German Billionaire pushed me into that devices they had their final confirmation that all what is going on now, all that has been prophesied is not a joke.
      With the assassinations they tried to bend the timelines but unfortunately the Arcturians do not only monitor every thought, they have also a quantum AI in higher frequencies that simulate any outcome of free will actions quicker then things do happen here in the lower freqs. By divine decree they have permissions to log into consciousnesses when needed, I have been informed about that, we tested it, it runs like a charm.
      To the reptilians. They, the cabal and any entity that you might name baddy was tremendous helpful to leverage our awareness, a contribution that the whole cosmos learns from. When you see something as bad, alter your perspective to see the loving act in that. And believe me, after what I have seen and what has done to me, it is always possible.
      And, people that are in contact with me know, I cannot lie - all what I tell you can be traced back to figure out that it is true.
      Love and Light, Steve (Stephan in German)

    4. The archon influance are the baddies lol cute word

    5. I'm very sorry for all your troubles, and if I insulted you at all, or reptiles for that matter... From now on I'll think of them as the dark forces, and not just single in on the reptiles. I'm quite new to all this to be honest, and you sound like you know so much more than I do!

    6. @Stephan Greiwe

      Hello brother, how are you?
      What Marie said was just an innocent joke, please, don't be too hard on her.

      Besides, many reptilians were really causing trouble here on earth. We can't say that them all are evil, because this is not truth. And not all humans are good also, right?

      In fact, I myself am reptilian (I mean, the REINCARNATION of a reptilian, just like cobra is the REINCARNATION of a pleiadian. I'm sure I was a dragon and many types of dinosaurs before reincarnating in a human body.)

      I also believe i had already lived many lifes as a draconian, that is the bipedal evolution of the dragons and dinosaurs.

      Your race does not choose for you what you are, it's your decisions. In fact, we reptilians have a very strong sense of honor and valor, just like the samurais from the ancient japan.

      And let me say also, the dinosaurs did not look like what the modern scientists show us. They were much more "draconic" in look.
      The dinosaurs were in fact many different types of dragons, there are hundreds of thousand of them. But the dinosaurs that modern science present us looks like zombies hehehe...

      Take care brother :D

    7. @marie Oh, when it sounded tough, that was not my intention. And, I don't feel insulted by that.
      Aeilas Gool is 7 parsec from here, but in a parallel universe. There is a portal in the Orion belt, Achilles minor where a passage is established. The one where I am from has a complete different set of universal laws. This is also what we pass after the Event - or, it might be the Event - I am not too clear about that. But what I know is, that we passed light speed in a light sonic wave a couple of weeks ago and are increasing in speed to pass this wormhole passage. That's why things are inevitable. When you imagine the universe as tomato, we are just running into the core now. It is a crazy concept but the same time we expand more to the outer layer. m must be =6.n now or 5.9n, somewhere there. Pressure is felt when you still run in the old 3d mindset. This gets dissolved into the core.

      Thank's, bro. I am fine according to the 24/7 surveillance that I have to deal with since roughly 27 years - as the German gov identified irregularities in me (but my fleet brought me to UK now) - good staff at the sec services (MI ladder up and down) - good protection from there. And good to hear that people are ready to stand for what they are. That was the first intention at replying. As said, everyone is unique, it does not matter from where we evolved.

      I passed the form being a long while ago and returned here for this extraordinary event. That is really unique. But I had light forms that I've remember, and very very far ago, up to the cymatic freqs that you would identify with a stable 5d realm, I've been a tall mantis like being. Due to the planet size, really huge compared to here. But that was all on the other side behind the Achilles minor portal in the other universe.

      And back to here. What is going on today - they chemtrail the sky like a chessboard. Very aggressive stuff now, all my neighbors rub the eyes and start coughing.

  5. Victory to the Light. Liberation from the darkness. Namaste to all of the "one"

  6. Didn't coba said he'd release the ascension plan after may? What is delaying that now?

  7. Cobra, it is like this for me right now: I just helped nine women give birth safely in labor without pain. I worked after my twenty-four hour shift. I ended up working over thirty hours straight. I got in the car on the way home, and at the freeway onramp I saw a white car with a blue stripe that said COBRA on the back. I figured it was a gentle reminder and listened to The Goddess Spiral. Hearing you and Lady Isis filled my heart with joy and happy memory. Now hearing this? I cry! I am so filled with gratitude and love and delight for the Victory. I also have deeper thanks to You and Lady Isis and the Team 'upstairs'. Thanks you for being there for us every step of the way. Aloha and mahalo and namaste.

    1. I couldn't agree with you more Miss Reiki Doc! Cobra and Isis.. you have forever changed me, as well. You were a HUGE role in molding me into the Goddess I am today. Laguna and Hawaii turned out accelerating my spiritual growth in a very, very big way. After the meditation on Sunday, I knew that we had done it. This is the best feeling ever.

      Lets keep up the good work guys.


    I knew it!! But hearing it from YOU, makes a HUGE difference.

    In the past, a few times, briefly, I have talked about the way I AM guided to do my meditations. NO ego. NO desire to become/act as a teacher.

    For more than 10 months now, I NEVER do my meditations as a single person. I do it UNITED AS ONE, with the whole humanity and the Universal Love/Light entities.

    So, today, I'd like to SHARE with you the way I'm doing my "group" meditations. They are literally, out-of-this-world.
    May be, some people will find it to be the ONE that resonates with them?

    So, usually, before I start, I listen to John Lennons' IMAGINE. That song is composed on 528HZ, which is THE LOVE frequency, the Love Wave of the Universe.

    The very first thing I do, I ask to be protected by my Guardian angels and by AA Michael, to be cleansed By St. Germain's Violet Flames, and healed by AA Raphael's Emerald Rays.

    Then I ask to be reunited my with my Twin Flame, so we could make our Higher SELF WHOLE and powerful.

    From there on, the phases go like this:
    #1- I am asking to be joined with all the ORIGINAL VOLUNTEERS, (known as the 144, 000 Kumaras), including their own Twin Flames.

    #2- We are asking the Inner and Hollow Earth sisters and brothers, including the Dolphins, whales, mermaids etc, to join our group.

    #3- It's time to invite All Ascended Masters, Arch Angels, the Galactics to join us.( I'm calling as many names and races as I can).

    After creating the huge group, we hold each other's hands, and create multiple circles around the AREA I feel taking over for that particular gathering/meditation.

    We start celebrating, singing and dancing. One circle moves in the clockwise and the next one moves counter clockwise direction=receiving and sending.
    In the mean time, the Goddesses and the Arch Angelas (as I call the female AA) are asked to hover above the Earth and pour over her colorful, Living and singing crystalline hearts, roses and stars.

    This is the shortest way I could describe it.

    For the last 4 moths or so, WE are doing this mostly over Syria, Egypt and Israel, and We're taking the control over the portals and the Stargates which for thousands of years, have become the battlefields between the dark and the Light.

    IT'S OVER!!!

  9. Que bom....estou compartilhando os links em meu facebook direto....e todos ajudando a compartilhar a LUZ tudo dará certo...agradeço por estar fazendo parte destes conhecimentos....

  10. Global Peace on Earth, and Inner Peace in our Hearts <3
    Namaste, Grace

  11. Thank you for your support and guidance. Being a light worker gives a great feeling.We have done a fantastic work. For this we are waiting from many lives. Let us complete our work in this life on mother EARTH and return to our STAR WORLDS.

  12. Is there any one from Ethiopia following this blog site? Will you contact me at egedlu@gmail.com.

  13. Victory to the Light! The Event is here. All people in the world wake up very soon. And all this beautiful! We can do this easy Together!

  14. My encounter with Oberon a few years ago. Enjoy the reading and the Energy :-)<3 http://detaalvanhethart.blogspot.nl/2013/08/oberon-deel-1-en-2_28.html



  15. Well done steadfast Avatar souls! The FB crew really felt that it had gone well, but having confirmation is much appreciated. Thank you. Proud of everyone as it has been a truly grizzly plethera of 'experiences' for some of us and keeping faith has been challenging. Never again!

  16. this is good news, but, *how* can I know that this time it's really for real?..

    -a truthseeker from Indonesia-

  17. I can't wait to witness! I can't wait to see long lost friends and family...I can't wait to meet our liberators and thank them. I will wait, though, in fearless anticipation, ready to assist the ascencion!

  18. Casting a vote for a true progressive candidate would have more of an effect than what your consider meditation to be.

  19. wonderful news. Gratitude and namaste

  20. Loving Kindness is spreading :-) My "past days" expirience in my community...I LOVE IT :-) http://detaalvanhethart.blogspot.nl/2013/08/wie-goed-doetgoed-ontmoet.html

    Blessing to you all...and may you encounter some Loving Kindness this day...and many days to come!


  21. Can someone here confirm the 'disappearance' (divine removal) of the last groups of 'lost entities' (some of which reptilian) having seriously harmful capabilities?
    I have received both intuitive confirmation and from other earth surface sources for this, but want more ^^
    The focal date was 22 august.

  22. The Razor's Edge

    New Revelation... The 144,000 is about DNA.

    It doesn't matter how many meditators there are. What was important for Critical Mass was the DNA mix. ALL races had to be included. All for One and One for ALL. Such is The Way of a Universe Of Love and Light.

    Now, those who think they are of the Octopus but are not have a choice today. Papa's time windows are very short now. Choose which side you will fall on. Or it will be chosen for you. Don't tarry.

    1. Now it makes sense!!!!
      Thank you very much for the clarification, brother!!!!

  23. Wonderful News ! Thank you Everyone ! <3

  24. Thanks everyone! It was wonderfull. I just knew it! I heard in myself 'We have succeeded! and I also heards lots of cheering in myself. Way to go...I see it as victory BUT...is there really an enemy outside of us? No...It's all inside ourselves I feel more and more. If we find peace within, we are good.


  25. And one tin soldier rides away . Goodbye darkness Hello Light ! Make it so #1 . Peace , Love and Light to all .


  26. And one tin soldier rides away . Goodbye darkness Hello Light ! Make it so #1 . Peace , Love and Light to all .

  27. LET'S CELEBRATE THIS HUGE VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now no one can say that we don't do our part :D

  28. Can anyone will explain me what are you talking?cheers for victory.I got that frequency is 528 Hz .how can I be involved or play role in good work. AMBDNYA. Please mail me fyogesh@ rediffmail .com

  29. Thank you all for working towards this direction, thank you all for not losing faith, ALL of you out there... Thank you for spreading the good news, in LOVE...
    I just wanted to clarify something in the message of Cobra. I think that 11:11 pm Cairo time equals 10:11 pm Central Europe time and 09:11 UK time, this is as far as I can tell. Since we are talking for global meditation and synchronization, could we just make sure we don't get this wrong? Dear Cobra, please, verify and if needed correct, or correct me.
    Thank you.
    Love to all
    Eleni K., Greece

  30. Judging from your newest post, I guess it's still not as successful as you initially expected/hoped, isn't it Cobra? ..this is the Reality.