Thursday, August 1, 2013


Phoenix APR failure, Pandora enforced. Multiple Isidic security breaches, deflected. HVBN stabilized. M=2.


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    1. What's close? I don't understand any of the acronyms that Cobra posted.

  2. From our friends and familie in Space <3 Enjoy :-)

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    1. As much as one part of it sounds like it's a concern (Phoenix APR failure, Pandora enforced), the rest sounds like that they have kept themselves intact and are at least getting closer to success.

      I assume the Phoenix APR failure has something to do with the continuation of the protests in Egpyt, and that it has possibly thrown off the intended timing of readiness for the Resistance. The plan according to the Source, however, is still on its schedule. Unless push comes to shove, things are still going to be okay.


      On another note:

      I don't know if I was forcing myself to envision this or not, but I saw myself near a giant black sphere that pulsed with blue light, while I myself was encased inside of an opaque crystal that was cracking open with each pulse of light that the sphere radiated.

      The only words I remember hearing from it are "Time is short with you. I must be brief." The rest is either fuzzy, or I never heard it, but I know that it was something trying to pass me a message.

      Anyone able to help figure out what this means, and what it should mean for me?

  4. Close what? I don't understand any of the acronyms Cobra posted.

  5. I guess it will be understood by the people that the message is meant for and this might be the fastest way to reach them. :-)

  6. more waiting, wouldn't expect anything less...more total disregard for our free will choice to have a full experience at this very given moment of will only applies to the cabals and the galactics...we the people do not get to experience "Free Will"

  7. My (educated) guess:

    The Automatic Power Reserve system on the Phoenix program ("rising from the ashes", ie the Main Plan) failed, but as Pandora (the program by which we keep the Dark contained - ie Pandora's box) was enforced, the power lapse of the APR and subsequent Dark energy flare didn't spiral into chaos.

    As for "Isidic", my guesses would be:

    1) Information Systems Integration Division
    2) Of or relating to the goddess, Isis
    3) Interim Secondary Imagery Dissemination System

    I'm not entirely sure of Cobra's position or allegiances, so I can't state with authority which of the above (if any) he is referring to, but from my position I can see how any or all would be applicable. What I AM sure of is that the Dark is constantly trying to get into places where it isn't allowed, so attempted security breaches are par for the course.

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