Tuesday, October 15, 2013

HD wormhole clear


  1. Dear Cobra,

    I'm from Indonesia.
    not wanting to sound pessimistic (but it's more of a realistic, BIG difference there..), are you sure first of all that the "Event" is going to happen 100%? and if It does, then will humanity, including the MOST majority of daily, "layman", pragmatic, skeptical, & 'down-to-earth' people EVERYWHERE around the world/planet will really truly Wake Up?..

    I just basically need a *strong/sure* confirmation (so not only as a 'wishful-thinking'..).
    thank you..

    -a truthseeker from Indonesia-

    1. Hi Niki, that's always been our mistake to date, we search for answers externally, when all the answers are within, we just simply need to learn to dive within ourselves (through meditation etc) for guidance. My intuition relks me were in for a planatery change ie all of us :). As to when, were all hoping soon, as the cabal have screwed everything and all is in shatters. We just need to be patient and when the EVENT happens we can rejoice all together. Namaste George.

  2. My dearests,
    11/23/2013 is indeed that major oomph all have been waiting for. This will be the day that consciousness on Mother Gaea will blossom to its natural vibrancy. The energy encapsulation will overtake the darkness. Think of it from an ethereally optimistic, yet lucid perspective...dark is dark until light shines through. You are the light! Mr. Haralambous correctly and eloquently replied, 'tis only necessary to delve inside...into your heart center and deeper into your roots and universal bliss that is spirit. Light is prognosticated and yes the date is set for 11/23/2013.
    May the blessings of all the heavens grace y'all
    infinite love, adoration, and respect