Monday, October 7, 2013

Pre-Event Developments

Irrationally, the Illuminazi faction of the Cabal has triggered a partial government shutdown in the United States, hoping to prepare ground for martial law later down the road. Needless to say, their plans will NOT be allowed to succeed and their actions have only resulted in an important wave of mass awakening instead. 
It will be interesting to see what happens with that situation on October 17th when the US government runs out of money to pay its bills. The lunar eclipse on October 18th is the entry point into a new Window of Opportunity with an increased probability of the Event as we head into a solar magnetic field reversal later this year. 

Finally we are experiencing mass awakening in the United States, which is a crucial prerequisite for the Event:
The Positive Military is supporting this:
And there are already groups connected with the Positive Military preparing for the Event:
It has been communicated from the Resistance Movement and the Positive Military that they will NOT trigger the Event between October 11th and October 13th this year. 


  1. Difficult to explain....unless others feel the same thing.....Ever since this government shutdown in the states started.....Somehow I am actually feeling either an essence of, or a beginning part of the event......fully knowing that's what it is........hopefully that makes some sense........

    1. Is it a physical sensation or an emotional one? Because I've been feeling slight, but persistent headaches whenever I'm not laying down in bed since yesterday.

      I also had a strange dream which ended at about 4:30 AM this morning, where I had stopped some sort of incident from taking place, but then I was taken away and didn't know where to until I woke up to a description of where I was, which I think it was called a 'clinic for remedial mental convergents/convergence'.

      That last part...what would it mean to have such a place?

    2. Another facet of Life on Earth - Nature Spirit Incarnated in Organic Bodies

      Because of the nature of the organic body and nervous system, by resonance, it can be an
      attraction for Spirit of more than one nature and path. There are bodies whose occupying Spirit
      comes from the animal kingdom, because due to the DNA breeding command structure there are
      many more bodies than needed by Higher Selves for sequential or simultaneous incarnational
      processes on Earth during EndGame. Humans animated by Spirit from the animal kingdom
      currently comprise an amazing 65% of the planetary population on Earth at this time. These
      'people' love to be fed, watered and taken care of, riot at the drop of a hat, feel a relationship to
      animals and nature and love to interact in mass crowds. You know the type. No real 'spark' in
      their eyes. Ever wondered why things on Earth 'change' but remain the same and even from a
      sequential viewpoint the civilization never seems to advance at any meaningful rate? That's part of
      it. They make wonderful slaves and a real food source for some dark groups. Soon enough,
      however, they'll all be exteriorized back into nature type spirit where they really belong. EndGame
      is in progress. We are at the historical end of this civilization right now.


  2. for thats the most WoW thing

    "crucial prerequisite for the Event"

  3. yes,yes and yes ,I kind of have the feeling that this will be a sign of the cabal last move,wake up America..thank you all beloved masters

  4. We have not had any chemtrails for the past 3 weeks here in Ottawa Canada. And it feels quite peaceful. Just wondering about any other parts of the world.

    1. Still seeing chem trails daily here in Oregon.

    2. Not that long here in Maine but through this past week, there have been none. Hopefully a good sign as they had in CA.

    3. it's been clear here in topeka ks for a while

    4. we have been down here in northern minnesota as well, but i also have seen alot of help from our friendly elemental cleaning our skys, go sylphs.

    5. Too much weather here in FL so its hard to tell.

    6. Still getting them almost everyday in New Jersey. I'm sure they are planning to create some 'event' with their poison spray. Too late though.

  5. Yes!!! thank you for the update!!!

  6. Interesting development. Aware and awakening in mass population. Let cosmic light and love unfold .

  7. We're almost there!

    If eleven disciples being on 'ONE ACCORD' got them 'filled with the 'HOLY SPIRIT', and made them capable of being able to speak so that EVERY LANGUAGE on the Earth, could understand them....WHAT CAN WE 144,000 Lightworkers being on one accord achieve???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  8. Has anyone read Ben Fullford's latest? He now says the positive Pentagon has backed off from the mass arrests. He says (WE) have to take control and rise up. I hope it doesn't come to this because the casualties will be massive. GOD help Hue-Manity!

    1. That part of Fulford's intel is not correct

    2. "That part of Fulford's intel is not correct"

      How about the default on the 17th?
      Are they STILL going to find a way to continue this charade?


    I want to get everybody's attention on this amazing New Moon report posted on oracle on October 4th.

    "You can be sure that forces that stand opposed to the creative vision of humanity knowthe power of this New Moon to birth something. Something like a new world order. A new world order will begin emerging, but it is an order that is in full support of humanity and life - not death. This is the will of the Aeon Sophia, the divine being embodied as our planet. Together, Pluto and the Black Moon bring light to the dark. Though attempts will be made to press the dark inherent in these two energies, the combination of Pluto and the Black Moon only results in love. Pluto and the Black Moon can be tempestuous, but they are always strong and committed.

    The thing to hold to this month as we see things come crashing down around us, things lashing out, and things erupting from the deep is that the time of darkness is over. THEY LOST.
    No matter how much it looks like they are taking over, it is not the case. Their last ditch effort begins. Everyone should expect the unexpected and this could be on very, very grand scales".


  10. PREPARING FOR THE WORST: This post is to alert readers that in my opinion Oath Keepers is leading us to the worst outcome, unless and until they regain constitutional standing:

    Oath Keepers has apparently been taken over by secret Illuminati infiltrators to start up a rag-tag group of counter insurgents (aka domestic terrorists) domestically to cause US it appears to me:

    My 2-cents posted as a former supporter of their ad campaigns:

    Demand Constitutional accountability of our Board of Trustees now!

    The Board of Trustees of Oath Keepers are leading this flock knowingly to the slaughter by "Going Operational."

    “Going Operational” runs against the domestic democratic methods of constitutionally forming a "well regulated" militia. Going Operational usurps the authority of elected state Governors. Oath Keepers needs rethinking. Their act violates their own Oath by acting unconstitutionally and will not win the hearts and minds of US Citizens.

    Those of us who believe in the power of well placed sign boards that speak truth to power and magical "Joan of Arc " - like significance of riding out alone to turn back would-be concurring armies, must now alert Oath Keepers members that "going operational" is exactly what the Illuminati want. Oath Keepers play right into their plans. It appears Oath Keepers Board has been infiltrated by members of the Illuminati seeking violence.

    Stay your coarse and remain nonviolent. Do not go operational. Get wiser board members if necessary.

    Do not organize to "go operational" less you become the tool of the last sought-after false flag. Words have meaning when you use them in the commission of a crime. Oath Keepers, in my opinion, is committing itself to criminal behavior in "going operational" without 50 state governor level confirming militia status correspondence in hand. Oath Keepers appears to be usurping the democratic authority of elective state governors to direct, control and regulate the militia. In the end we run a democratic republic and while we vary from that, our wisdom learned through Civil War draws us back to the election process to resolve our difference, corruption in the process to the contrary notwithstanding.

    Demand Oath Keepers Board of Trustees Act Constitutionally

    My advice to members of Oath Keepers is to demand your Trustees either produce an approved set of bylaws subjected to the approval of each state governor in which Oath Keepers intends to "go operational" or resign and renounce your support of Oath Keepers.

    Oath Keepers Board of Trustees, appears through it's actions, to becoming a tool of the Illuminati to create a rag-tag collection of combat ready, violent, unregulated, counter insurgents without official recognition from democratically elected state governors. By default, this act constitutes an act of domestic terrorism and must be withdrawn immediately or perfected with proper legal standing.

    What is lost in "going operational" in my opinion is the very moral high ground needed to confront first responders with persuasive, compassionate, reminder of their duties and oath to the Constitution by wiser, older generation of veterans who have fought our wars. It is NOT the older generation of vets who are taking the group "operational."

    Demand Constitutional accountability of our Board of Trustees now!

    1. Victory of the LIGHT!
      What you refer to a 'the' constitution isn't. Long before any dark entities invaded the western hemisphere, or the world for that matter, there WAS already a Constitution:

      Constitution of the Iroquois Nations.

      Everyone forgets, that if you can trace your ancestors back before 1492 and they are NOT of what is now called the Americas, then I rest my case. Did anyone stop to think that they might be of the 'darkness' that invaded a sovereign nation and murdered its citizens? I am a member of a sovereign nation: Comanche. It would be nice to have my home returned that was stolen, not to mention have all the murderers of my people arrested. Think.
      Long before any dark entities invaded the land called America, one could drink from ANY river. Another sovereign nation was the Buffalo, murdered outright for no reason other than ignorance and stupidity. This same murder still goes on today against sovereign nations such as the Elephant, Deer, Bear, Wolf, Cow, Birds...etc. I rest my case. Please THINK.
      There will be:
      Victory of the LIGHT!

  11. It was quiet here in Vancouver Washington for weeks.Then for the last two days there have been chemtrails.

  12. Itt Magyarországon még mindig chemtrails csíkoznak az eget. Európában is zajlanak a dolgok,itt is egyre többen ébredeznek!
    I do not write English so pay off google or anything else.

  13. This might be "slightly Off-Topic" - but this past weekend I had an unusual sense of "peace" for me....YET, a bunch of people "around me" (connected to close friends & such) had very difficult emotional issues. Three of the people having "out of character behavioral issues" are admittedly Bi-Polar. By Issues I mean, 1 choked his sister & severely injured her boyfriend and others have been severely depressed. Has anyone else noticed "certain people" are not handling the New Energies well?

    As for the Government shutdown have you noticed that it was a "Event" last Monday night and by late Thursday & Friday no one cared anymore. I keep seeing stories pop up in the news about absurd things being "Shut Down" by the Gov (to instill fear, get attention, rattle cages?) and then you have that woman who drove her car into the gate at the WH? - (False Flag? MK-Ultra?) I wondered if it was the media trying to "Stir the Pot" and nothing is 'sticking'...people just don't "Fear" like they used to?

    Is this a sign that humanity (at least in America) is now ignoring the mainstream media in droves. Could humanity be finally tired of the same old lies? It's kind of hysterical when you realize the greatest threat right now for Mainstream Media, whose only job is to take orders, lie on cue, & cheer lead for it's corporate master, is APATHY! The Zombies no longer care what your message is - you've been deemed irrelevant.

    That's an Awakening in itself worthy of celebration. It's like seeing Lemmings getting lost or disinterested in following each other off the cliff

  14. well, this is great news, hopefully this is all going to be real and not just some another human's vivid imagination/fantasy/wishful-thinking.. I will also wait & see..

    -a truthseeker from Indonesia-


    1. Szerintem nem. Hanem azt, hogy még nagyobb az esélye annak, hogy az Esemény megtörténik még a pólusváltás (maximum decemberig tartó időszak) előtt. Vagy a pólusváltás tolódott ki a következő évre most? Ez a lehetőségablak meg ugye az október-december időszak.

    2. Nem, ezzel csak annyit mondtak, hogy ez a mostani kamionos tüntetés nem fog egybevágni az event-tel. decemberig még nyitva a mostani lehetöségablak, (ha ez mind igaz), ha meg nem akkor meg következö év március-április. (Amúgy miért nem tud mindenki magyarul?)

    3. Ráadásul Cobra, még nem is irt a dicső magyar népről! egyszersem, igazán kár érte (bár lehet, hogy kivan neki adva parancsba, hogy egyáltalán nem beszélhet rólunk)

    4. Ha ezek közelítik az igazságot:

      Akkor bizony közvetve bár de beszélt rólunk.

      pl: *The new Atlantis is a new society that will be formed after the event.

      Amúgy nem vagyok megbizonyosodva arról, hogy itt az ideje, hogy széleskörben megismerjék a történelmünket, ezáltal a föld történelmének is eltitkolt oldalát. Bár ha ezek a köztudatba kerülnének, az bizonyára komoly változásokkal járna.

    5. Sarkany Papir

      udvozolok mindenkit, nem vagyok magyar de egy picit beszelek magyarul.

      "Amúgy nem vagyok megbizonyosodva arról, hogy itt az ideje, hogy széleskörben megismerjék a történelmünket, ezáltal a föld történelmének is eltitkolt oldalát. Bár ha ezek a köztudatba kerülnének, az bizonyára komoly változásokkal járna."

      fel tudnad vilagositani nekem hogy mi ez a tortenelem? koszonom

    6. Kedves lightrider! jogos a kérdés, de nagyon hosszú lenne a válasz :) javaslom olvasd el ezt,

      ha jobban megy az angol:

  16. WOW to me this is GREAT news!! Cobra, were can I sign up??? I have registered on Prepareforchange etc, however I would love to get more involved (better late than never).Ps I have also notice the skies in Cyprus (Eastern Med) are now blue, even in the summer they were always grey. To all the resistance team, GREAT work & Victory of the LIGHT!

  17. Any thoughts on Anonymous and their November 5 thing they are planning? It seems they are attempting to trigger the event as well.

  18. keep doing meditation! that's the most easy but powerful way to make liberation of our planet! thanks!

  19. Our heartfelt prayers for America for a safe, smooth & speedy passage through this epoch making event.

  20. Victory of the LIGHT!

    Did someone mention an 'Event'?

    See this and laugh:

    NSA's Utah Spy Supercenter Crippled By Power Surges

    "The first arc fault failure at the Utah plant was on Aug. 9, 2012, according to project documents. Since then, the center has had nine more failures, most recently on Sept. 25."

    One could see this as a Victory of the LIGHT, however, if you browse the posts on Zero Hedge and read the comments. Yes, you will find a bunch of arrogant somethings that know nothing but darkness and would ridicule anything pertaining to LIGHT, much less Victory of the LIGHT! I am sure to reach 'those' kinds of entities would be a difficult task and to 'escort' them into the LIGHT would be even more difficult. There is a bunch of 'them' and they need to be brought into the LIGHT! That would be a goal.


    Victory of the LIGHT!

  21. Em Portugal o céu está limpo há varios dias sem chemtrails...muito curioso...mas assim é. Uma felicidade nasce e aumenta em meu ser quando sinto a VITORIA DA LUZ cada vez mais perto...mas como abrir os olhos de quem não quer ver???a Humanidade precisa de ajuda , irmãos das estrelas de que esperam....está na hora de avanç Luz.......Saudações para Todos em qualquer parte do Universo que se encontrem

  22. Cobra you said "There is a purification process taking place in Greece right now",do you have some information about what is planned to happen in Greece and Portugal?we are in the middle of an economic war,what is going to happen here in Portugal?I am very curious about that,can you please tell me something?
    Thank you very much

    1. @João Gordinho

      Cobra has emphasized on group support as a means of tiding over any crisis. Rooftop gardens, home water purification systems, barter system , ... form the backbone of event support groups. You may not be able to form an ESG by citing the Illuminati, planetary liberation as reasons because people may not believe you. But people are aware of sudden political and economic upheavals creating immense trauma due to sudden shortage of food, water, etc. Therefore you may find it easier to create a public ESG by citing the latter reason and form a core ESG only with your closest friends who believe you.

    2. Thank you for your reply,what i really want to know is how can we get rid of the Cabal here in Portugal,i think our government is 100% under Cabal orders and that includes our President,many people is wakening up,we don't trust politics anymore ,banks and so on...but i just don't know really what to do or whom to talk about this matters..know what i mean?..."ask for guidance and it will be given to you"...

    3. Hello Joao Trust your heart. Follow your instincts, and act from there. Ask guidance. Here in Holland, more and more people are awakening too!

    4. Here in Holland, I see less cemtrails than before.

  23. The light comes from within and I pray and meditate every day for our planet.But I am also ready to do what is needed of me.If that means its time to cross over than I have made my peace and either way I am a free man!!!! Love and light to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This is truly scary....Is there anything you can tell us about this? It does sound a bit like the 'stardust' op.....only against us. Is there a way to terminate these little buggars???

    1. If I remember correctly, the Galactic Confederacy already has done something about this problem to keep it from being useful against us, since we ourselves do not have the technological ability to stop it within public access.

  25. Oathkeepers are not planning anything unconstitutional! The plan is to prepare and help communities help themselves. If the people of New Orleans had some preparation, they wouldn't have had so many deaths. There is no one to help in a catastrophe, as we saw. How can "Civilization Preservation" Teams that prepare people for anything, be unconstitutional? There is no call for violence.

  26. could Comet ISON possibly be the celestial events Sheldan Nidle has spoken about. Could comet ISON maybe be the red kachina spoken of by the Hopi Indians. According to Hopi The red kachina will begin the "purification" of the earth aka "The Event"

    Beginning of November ISON will be visible with the naked eye, Nov 28th ISON will circle the sun and on Dec 28th ISON will be its closest to earth.Path of Comet ISON:

    1. Many believe Blue Kachina has already shown itself in 2007

  27. The bubble has started to pop, we just have to wait for the entire bubble to catch up with the disintegration process.

  28. Enough with the games already. Wall Street is Dead! Long Live Wall Street! Just waste of attention.

    I'll surely see it when it happens.


  29. Hello Cobra!

    If you have information about Hungary. Please reply. What's happening in the government? Because in the state of Hungary and the prime ministers are doing irrational and dirty laws/things which is against the population. In all ways. And that is happening now more than 3 years ago... Before that destructing of my country totally was happened, but not in that increased speed... After the "false" switching system which is created the "false" multi-party system and so on...

    For example they are don't care about the people just they own selves. And they use the divide and rule card in every possible aspects. I know that is not unique in the world, but what we can done to help the Hungarians waking up and show up the example to the world too? The positive Light factions is are aware of that there is a initiative in Hungary which is want to give monthly income and want liberate the country from the debt and from any anti-hungarian opposition?

    And what about the Jews? Here is Hungary was a rumor on the internet that if Israel get disappeared from the map in a war (WWIII) in the middle-east. A lot of Jews. About 1-2 million of them are want to came here as refugees, but they want to control the (puppet/zionist) government and any (official) services which is connected to the society. And the law enforcement is tied by the laws and the increased corruption... The entire political elite is equal with the mafia and because of that very hard to reach crucial results... And of course they pursuing away the native Hungarian population because of that colonizing effort and loading up with criminal immigrants (honorable exceptions). I am not hate no one and i am not a racist from Earth and no where else in the Universe because we are One.

    But here in my country a lot of things are happening. I see it that the GC (Galactic Confederation) are intervene, but need more pressure on this though guys because we are running low of our entire spiritual and material supplies and slowly the government run us down.

    Please Cobra! If possible by your authority ask the RM to assist us in our and the neighbor countries liberation too. We doing the Sunday/every day meditations and inform each other as how as we could, but the effort is just slowly moving forward...

    Thank you for your reply and help Cobra!

    God bless you!

    1. Same question, Cobra! What is happening in Bulgaria?
      Please answer if you can.
      Love & Light

  30. False flags happening multiple times a month instead of once every year or so, groups of all different types of backgrounds waking up, things that some thought it would never happen (govt shutdown) happening...

    It doesn't need a smart person to see that our train ride is coming to an end. Whatever this end is i don't know for sure. But one thing is certain: The cabal is desperate. they once held humanity tightly in an iron fist, but now they're so weak they can barely hold us up.

    I just wish the RM could see that humans are so much more than what we currently are, humans are masters of doing great, heroic things at a moments notice. That's why you see normal everyday people in a moment of necessity doing amazing things like lifting a car, or finding the perfect words to stop someone from suicide, or risking their own lives trying to save others.

    Me for exemple, the only reason of i dont build a PFC group in my area is because i live in a certain condition that unables me to do so. But when the event happens i would be one of the first in my area to help as many people as possible.

    I'm certain lots of good souls out there would help out even if they have no clue of what's going on. Kinda like in turkey and the last wave of protests they had there, there was hotels giving shelter to tear gas victims, and stores giving free food and wifi to people.

    I think the at the time of the event surely the cabal will try to do one last act of desperation, but i think that on that big wave of light and freedom, humanity will be so invigorated by it that we will feel that the changes "fits right in" and they will adapt not take that long to adapt, specially you tell them what is to come.

    Thanks cobra for all you do, looking forward for your next interview.

    Victory now!

  31. Thanks again Cobra, for all your doing for the Victory of the Light! I do have one question. I have heard that at and around a lunar eclipse the feminine energy is eclipsed. Since our healing has to do with the return of the Goddess I'm wondering about your statement that the lunar eclipse is a entry point into a new window of opportunity. Maybe I have misinformation?

  32. Wow....TruFax............This sounds like a Matrix Val valerian response.......How wonderful to hear from you outside of your own site.........Everytime I see what police are doing it reminds me of what you just said and your wonderful series...........Have a wonderful day!

  33. Dear Cobra! Whats' this?

  34. Bocs az off-ért...
    A megoldás Magyarországon egy második államalapítás kell,hogy legyen!

    Óperenciás Tengeri Boldog Nevető Csodás Gyermeki Szerető Kacsalábon Forgó Égig Érő Mese Országot.

    1. Egységes Nemzeti Megbékélést.
    2. Nemzeti Összefogást.
    3. Alkotmányozó Nemzetgyűlést.

    4. Vallásszabadságot.
    5. Koppány Rehabilitálását.
    6. A Magyar Szent Korona Felajánlását Krisztusnak.

    7. A Második Magyar Államalapítást.
    8. Új Alkotmányt.
    9. A Politikai Pártok Eltörlését.
    10. Új Választási Törvényt.

    11. A Nép által Felügyelt,
    - Internet alapú Demokráciát,
    - Államigazgatást,
    - Közigazgatást,
    - Bíróságot.
    12. A Nemzetközi Piacokat Követő Nemzetgazdaságot.

    - Az Egységes Nemzeti Megbékélés, a Nemzeti Összefogás, és az Alkotmányozó Nemzetgyűlés összehívása, az egyetlen józan és ésszerű megoldása az 1000 éve tartó viszálykodás feloldásának.
    - A Vallásszabadság, Koppány Rehabilitálása, A Magyar Szent Korona Felajánlása Krisztusnak, az Ősi Magyar Hagyomány és Kultúra Beteljesülése.
    - Az 1000-ben történt Első Magyar Államalapítás, egyetlen Egyház részvételével zajlott le, minden más Egyház kizárásával, külföldi katonai beavatkozással, és vérengzéssel, ezért ez idejétmúlt, és törvénytelennek lehet tekinteni.
    - A 2012-es évi Második Magyar Államalapítás kezdeményezése az összes Egyház részvételével, a Nemzeti Megbékélés, és a Nemzeti Összefogás jegyében történhet meg, ezért ez haladó, és törvényesnek lehet tekinteni.
    - Az Új Alkotmány lefektetésével, A Politikai Pártok Eltörlésével, az idejétmúlt látszat demokratikus berendezkedés felszámolható, és az Új Választási Törvény megalkotásával megnyílik az út a Valódi Internetes Demokrácia felé.
    - A Nép által Felügyelt Internet alapú Demokrácia alapot teremt arra, hogy az Internet nyújtotta technikai lehetőséget kihasználva, az Államigazgatást, a Közigazgatást, és a Bíróságot ténylegesen mostantól a Nép Felügyelje, ezzel teremtve meg ténylegesen a Valódi Szabadságot és a Valódi Internetes Demokráciát elsőként a Föld Bolygón.
    - A Nemzetközi Piacokat Követő Nemzetgazdaság, a Világgazdasági Folyamatokat Követi, azzal Összhangban áll, így vállal közös Felelősséget és Együttműködést minden Gazdasági Folyamatért a Földön.

    Ez lehet a Magyarság történelmi és kulturális szerepvállalása a 21. században.

  35. The light should come from the direction of the viewer. But it comes from the left.

  36. i cant wait for the next blog update^^

  37. Can someone ask The Agartha Network, or Federation, or Pentagon White Hats to protect this guy?

    He might be a nutcase or the real deal not sure yet.

    "As promised, these are some of the classified documents given to me by my good friend in the Department of Defense, a very highly ranked official I have known for many years.

    The program is called "Nano Domestic Quell".

    "As the documents clearly demonstrate, the U.S. government has embarked on a program to implement a secret "Armageddon nano device" that mimics a flu virus, to be activated on the public in the instance of domestic uprisings, riots and armed resistances.

    The nano devices are in, or "carried" by, an estimated 87% of the population at this point, with a projected 98% inflected by 2014.

    Chances are, you already have this nano device inside of your body as you read this."

    1. If it is remotely operated, the GF should be able to jam the signals ...

    2. I have already mentioned this once before, but it is also in one or more of Cobra's earlier blog posts and interview transcripts:

      The Galactic Confederacy already has done something about this problem to keep it from being useful against us, since we ourselves do not have the technological ability within public access to stop it.

  38. Hi Cobra. I just read something posted today on Kerry Cassidy's site, Project Camelot that is very troubling and wanted to know if there was anything we could do about it? I normally don't worry about what the cabal plans to do to us, but this seemed all too plausible. Apparently, the nano technology they have supposedly been infecting us with (chemtrails, food, water) would be triggered by drones or cell towers during an economic collapse (we all know this is coming). Once activated, the nano becomes a flu-like virus that would kill people in 10-12 days. Here is the link

    Thank you,
    White Fire