Saturday, December 7, 2013

Evaluate Omega Phoenix RM2m


  1. What is Innocence ? Purity and Integrity of intention, thought, word, & deed on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Cobra would you agree with this ? I would love to hear your response.

    1. My dear Friend, I am not Cobra and I would not even try to answer your question on his behalf. However, I am a Light Worker, and Spirit guided me to this Native American Symbol on Innocence, that is represented by Porcupine. Basically, Porcupines are friendly and loving as long as there is trust. They will eat out of the hand and never put a quill into you when you have their trust. I think innocence, trust, and playfulness are something that is in short supply in our world at this time. If you wish to see exactly how it is worded in the book, Medicine Cards, on Porcupine, I have transcribed it here:

  2. If this is what i think it is, please RM, make it so omega phoenix 2 happens. Every second wasted is a second that could've been used rebuilding not only our beautiful planet but also our lives.

    Liberation ----->>>>>NOW<<<<<-----!!!