Saturday, December 28, 2013

Event Situation Update

Our internet poll has shown that 90% of the awakened population (14,112 of 15,660 people who voted) is in favor of the Event taking place now and is at least theoretically willing to take risks that triggering the Event might entail.

Our street survey of the general population has brought similar results. Around 20 volunteers did »sociology research« in various locations on all five continents. I gave them the following instructions:
»The purpose is to conduct this survey on a busy street or inside a shopping center in  a large or small city where you can stop many people anonymously. The purpose here is to get an accurate sample of the general human population. Do not search for awakened people or people of a certain age, gender or social status. Do not try to convince people into anything. Do not give any explanations about the Event, ETs, Cobra, the new financial system, etc. Do not try to convince anybody into participating in this survey, there are many that will be willing to stop for a minute and cooperate. Just say that you are conducting a street survey for a sociology research and you can then give them the document I attached to this email (of which you will make many copies) to those who are willing to cooperate. They can either circle an answer YES or NO. The goal is to collect between 200 and 1000 answers in the general area where you will be conducting the survey. Please send the results (numbers YES and NO) back to me as soon as possible.«

We collected 5853 valid answers, of which 5064 people circled YES. This means that almost 87% of the general surface population would be open to partnership with the Resistance and positive ET civilizations after the Event. It is interesting to note that results did not vary much across different countries and continents. 
The petition did not bring expected results. Due to heavy interference from the Cabal, we have managed to gather only about 20,000 signatures.
Also, some people are wondering if this is just a »phishing scam« to gather names and addresses of people. No, it is not. Neither me nor the Resistance have any interest in gathering that kind of data. Also, if you worry about governments collecting that data, you can just switch off your cell phone and computer right now. They already have content of all your emails, all of your phone conversations, and your real time location whenever you have your cell phone near you. But do not worry again, all this is just raw data sitting somewhere in their computers and it is very unlikely any human being will ever look at it since all alphabet agencies have vast amounts of data to process every day to keep the Matrix running and too little time to look at it all.
If people can not handle a simple petition, how will they handle the Event? I can assure you, after the Event the comfort zones of everybody will be definitely expanded or challenged, one way or another. 
It is very important for the signing process to continue despite the opposition. The number of signatures does NOT determine the timing of the Event, but more signatures can definitely help to ease the process energetically. You can sign the petition here:
Or help spreading the word through Youtube videos in 17 different languages:
Or through this Youtube video:
Anonymous are supporting this petition through Op#Wings:

The RM2m special task force has evaluated the results of the poll, survey, petition and some other intel and has determined that most of the surface population would support the Event taking place now, but would not be willing to step out of their comfort zones and actively support the actions of the Light forces, at least initially. 
The Resistance will trigger the Event when instructed from the Source, although they would like this to happen as soon as possible. They are fully aware that people have had enough and want to see some action. 
One of the main problems is maintaining the system infrastructure in the first few hours after the Event is triggered and the arrests start taking place.
Years ago, key members of the Cabal have insured themselves against their removal from the surface of the planet by putting special computer code in the main programs that run industrial control systems which form the backbone of the current infrastructure (electricity, water, food production and distribution). This computer code requires special sections of those main programs to be updated daily by the key members of the Cabal signing in with fingerprint and iris identification. If only one key member of the Cabal fails to sign up or pushes the panic button, a virus is activated and it crashes the program, creating a cascade of disruptions in the infrastructure. Imagine what can happen if more of them fail to sign in:
Although the Resistance can now reset the financial system with a push of a button, its control of internet is not sufficient enough to guarantee a smooth running of the industrial control systems infrastructure in the first few critical hours after the Event. The Resistance is now dealing with this problem and it will be resolved.
The other problem is that most rich people got rich by their involvement with the Cabal one way or another and most of them have little secrets they don't wish to expose. They might be fiercely against the Light forces after the Event is triggered, fearing to lose their little privileges. The Resistance suggests general amnesty to those who were not involved in deeply inhumane criminal acts and fair trial for the rest of them. The Resistance also suggest that they may keep all wealth which was gained in fair business endeavors and to share all unfairly gained wealth with the rest of humanity. Here is one fairly good proposal:
You can read about the newest developments regarding the financial reset here: 

There is also a good article about debt offset. There is no direct link ( source website ), so I am quoting the article verbatim:
»Right Of Offset.
Banks have long enjoyed the privilege of offset as prescribed to them by statute and common law. That right allows the bank to take money the bank owes you and offset it against the loan you owe the bank. Thus they can pull money from your savings account to pay off your car loan.
I am sharing this with you because Karen Hudes briefly mentions this right in her latest interview, but in reverse. She mentions governments that owe the bankers offsetting for the gold the Federal Reserve owes those countries but refuses to give back to them. The Fed also refuses to honor the bonds they gave those countries for their gold prior to WWII. So Hudes is suggesting that those defrauded countries just offset the debts and call it even. So why hasn't it been done yet?
It hasn't been done yet because the Fed Reserve has been playing a shell game with the world. The money lent to countries have been done so either by the IMF, the World Bank or another Central banking system. But what is happening now is that the world is awakening and realizing that all of those individual banks are just parts of the whole – the Cabal's network of global banking system. Each week that passes countries are getting madder and madder about being defrauded by that global banking system.

The day is near when they start mailing in letters to the banks with just one statement on it, “ Accounts Offset. All accounts settled.” When that happens those countries will keep one third of their revenues and all of their natural resources to provide for their own citizens. All of that will be realized by the cost of just one postage stamp. The time is coming folks.«


There are other factors delaying the Event but they will not be discussed now. They are being dealt with and I will speak about them when the time is right. The Event and the subsequent coming of the Golden Age is written in the very essence of our Soul and deep down we all know this is what we are here for. Doubts about the change and feelings of despair are artificially created by the etheric Archons and their technology in their last desperate attempts to slow down the process.
Regardless of appearances, final victory of the Light is near!


  1. ... What is coming will be blamed on some unforeseen event out of everyone’s control, that few saw coming or thought would actually happen. Then, another event will take place concurrent with this event, or immediately after it, to confuse and compound an already explosive situation.

  2. Thank you :)
    ((Akit érdekel a másik petíciós videó magyar fordítással, itt találja:

  3. Wow, I didn't know the infrastructure could be that vulnerable to a cyber attack! I thought that was all just part of the typical hype. Guess we need a strong antivirus program- galactic style! Thank you Cobra and the Resistance for all of your hard work!

  4. @Cobra,

    O.k. let's do it. God bless you and the Resistance.

    God help us all.

  5. "Years ago, key members of the Cabal have insured themselves against their removal from the surface of the planet by putting special computer code in the main programs that run industrial control systems which form the backbone of the current infrastructure (electricity, water, food production and distribution). This computer code requires special sections of those main programs to be updated daily by the key members of the Cabal signing in with fingerprint and iris identification. If only one key member of the Cabal fails to sign up or pushes the panic button, a virus is activated and it crashes the program, creating a cascade of disruptions in the infrastructure. Imagine what can happen if more of them fail to sign in"

    How long have the RM and light forces known about this and they are just addressing it now. Please! Either the RM and Light Forces are incompetent or they are just jerking us around.

    90% of the surface population wants this started now. We have spoken, been heard and still nothing is done. The RM is now impeding our free will decisions. RM and light forces only speak to us when u want to get serious and until then this is all rhetoric.

    Keep enjoying your 5D experience while we and the general population continue to suffer. You abandoned humanity after the fall of atlantis and continue on with the same level passiveness that got us into this mess.

    Whenever you are ready we will be waiting!

    1. Right on Matthew, you hit the nail square on the head.

    2. OK, one big issue with all this. at some point millenia ago things took such a turn for the worst and negative forces drove us into this hellish existence. But why have you waited till now to right it? where was the balance?

      We were being messed with but no one fought back for us? So all these thousands of years of suffering ensued. no matter how you cut it, there is something not right there.

    3. Please do not give up and please keep on walking forward. Many from the 5D and other lightbeing realms are right here in 3D human bodies suffering with the rest of Earth populations and trying to remember and wake up. We are part of the general population that suffers. We do not know when it is going to happen but apparently we have entered the Age of Aquarius so it will happen in this time period. Remember other awakened beings that came before us and already passed on - we are closer now then we were even in the time of Nikola Tesla or during the hippy movement Just keep pushing forward and every step will take us closer.

      Here is one of my favorite songs from the Hair:

      Let the force be with you my brothers and sisters.

    4. With a beating heart and understanding of the impatience to see change coming, I'm confronted by some of the replies here, angry and blaming "others" seeing how deep our need for a savior has taken root in our minds. And how waiting for a savior is part of the program that keeps us in submission. Ultimately, by waiting for others to make us happy, that's a mindset of a baby in need of others, due to its condition. Those of us here are no babies anymore and we can't allow that sort of victim stance rule over us. Boys grow up to daddies and girls grow up to mommies, both grow up to be grandparents. We lightworkers are grandparents, in a way, having seen already so many games played out in numerous lifetimes and timelines. Creation of our reality is in our own hands and hearts, the time of waiting is over.

  6. Victory of the LIGHT!
    The old stand by is getting interesting. The comments are still interesting. It would be nice to have this somehow seep into comments. Also, it seems that there are time travelers:
    Meanwhile, Joe Beer Can sits in front of his entertainment center watching the playoffs, totally unaware that anything is going on. Now, what we need is more of this:, only on Joe Beer Can's playoff upstaging the winning point. Joe Beer Can needs to have his "WTF was THAT!?" moment, and begin a new life as a true believer in the existence off world beings. The circular reasoning debunkers would sit down and cry. I and millions of others would be happy as you know what. Perhaps a party would break out, a celebration of sorts. It would be a relief.
    Victory of the LIGHT!

  7. No general amnesty. They need to lose all their 'little privileges', their stolen monies, and do some serious hard time.

  8. Dear COBRA,
    I think there might be something wrong with the counting on the petition site.
    I signed it on 15th Dec, at 9:36 o' clock but my name has vanished as well as the time has no chronology sometimes. Maybe more people have vanished from the list???
    Thus, I signed the petition again.

  9. This is all very exciting. I only hope that very few people are harmed through this process. Here in america, cabal seems very strong still.

  10. By the way, has anybody heard updates about the energy machine we crowd funded a little while back?

  11. I am very tired of this game, first this has to be done, then next something pop up.
    More delays, more requirement, more petition, more meditation, etc.
    When will this be over? If they (Dark and Light) want to continue to play this game, why don't they go to another place and continue to play this game and LEAVE US ALONE! I am sick and very tired of hearing this and that without obvious major actions.

    May the LOVE be with you always.
    Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer.
    www, (FREE gifts in here)

  12. In fact, turn 26,000 years of darkness and trash in 26 or more years is a Herculean task. Congratulations and happy 2014, 2015, 2016...

  13. Hi Cobra,
    Thank you for the update—always appreciated!!

    BUT ... I just saw this recent and disturbing post on a site that I visit often (see partial article below, and link with full article at the end of this post). I know the cabal is not giving up and won't stop until they are arrested, but if we are waiting for the Event, and we don't know when that will happen, will this type of scenario be prevented regardless of when the Event occurs? Can you please offer some insight on this?

    Here is the article in part:

    A DHS Insider says that Preparations Have Been Finalized to Respond to a Crisis of Unprecedented Magnitude Within the United States. .... he/she also says, "according to every internal document I’ve seen and read, and from the few people I’ve spoken with who understand what’s going on, preparations have been finalized to that will include the use of lethal force against U.S. citizens under the instructions of Barack Obama."

    More ... “I’ve seen documentation of multiple scenarios created outside of DHS. Different plans and back-up plans. Also, please understand that I deliberately used the word ‘created,’ as this is a completely manufactured event. In the end it won’t be presented that way, which is extremely important for everyone to understand. What is coming will be blamed on some unforeseen event out of everyone’s control, that few saw coming or thought would actually happen. Then, another event will take place concurrent with this event, or immediately after it, to confuse and compound an already explosive situation.” I asked for specifics.

    “As I said, there are several scenarios and I don’t know them all. I know one calls for a cyber-attack by an external threat, which will then be compounded by something far removed from everyone’s own radar. But it’s all a ruse, or a pretext. The threat is from within,” he stated. “Before people can regain their footing, a second event will be triggered.” Again, I asked for specifics.

    “I’ve seen one operational plan that refers to the federal government’s response to a significant terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Information at these levels is compartmentalized. I don’t have specifics, just plans for the response. The response will be controls and restrictions on travel, business, and every aspect of our lives, especially gun ownership and speech that incites people against the government. I guess some people would call it Martial Law, and they would not be incorrect. But understand that this will be a process deployed in stages. How quickly of a process remains to be seen.”

    I know that Melchizedek has also said, "It will feel like there is no way out, and then miraculously, a way will open."

    Thank you for all that you do!
    White Fire

  14. Cobra, is it possible to use similar technology, to project expressions of love and other expressions that can have a positive impact, to the etheric brain, similar to those of the archons?

  15. Okay -- yes -- it appears that there are a few problems. How big are they really and what will be the state of them at the time of the Event? It is very difficult to know. But -- in spite of this I stand in faith on this inner truth.

    "The Event and the subsequent coming of the Golden Age is written in the very essence of our Soul and deep down we all know this is what we are here for. "

    Yes. And my testimony based upon my real life experience is -- I have exactly whatever I need WHEN I NEED IT. I am aligned with the Divine Eternal Purpose.


  16. I think that what bothers people the most is our inability to be able to help. Sure we can spread the word out, share what we have etc but it's just not enough.

    I wanna do something, anything!

    If i could get a job that was nothing but shining the boots of RM operatives, I would do it with tears of joy in my eyes.

    There's an ulcer-like feeling inside my body that tells me that I should be on the lines getting the planet straight with my own hands.

    I pray everyday for source, the light forces and for the planet. I pray for not only a speedy event, but for the suffering for mankind to end.

    But, as bad as it might sound, and I might be terribly wrong, but I don't think source sees/feels our suffering as we do. Since we're just extensions of it, I think it might be like looking at a person with a really ugly cut.
    It looks painful, but to the person with the cut, it's 1000x worse than it might look like.

    Please don't let the Liberation process be like the euthanasia debate, with the doctors being the light forces and the patient being mankind.

    We're suffering, greatly.

    4 days ago I just watched a man nearly die of pain in a hospital bench because the hospital was so poor all they could do was give the man a weak painkiller shot for his sudden appendicitis attack.
    There was no doctors to take care of him, only a nurse to give him painkillers, 2 nearby patients fanning him, and me holding him so he wouldn't fall off.

    While all that was happening, my surroundings kinda faded away and all I could think of was "How much lower can we go? We're so much more than this. We don't deserve this."

    Please. RM, Light forces, source, god, anyone above and below. Do whatever It takes. Go full offensive. Bring the light upon the surface of the planet with all the might of the galaxy and beyond.

    Whatever side effect, whatever bad thing that it might happen won't scare me.

    Even if the cabal have an "I WIN" button which blows the planet into a quintillion pieces, I'll be happy. My soul will be so full of joy it'll be brighter than the sun. Wanna know why?

    Because if I die, I'll die free.

    I'll die knowing that my soul is eternal and immortal, and that my existence from that moment until eternity will be pure light and joy.

    1. Beloved Neekian,

      First, I thank you to bring comfort to the poor patient who was in great pain. I know the extreme pain cause I had twice pancreatic inflammation and wish I was dead. The pain was so bad that I wish I can kill myself instantly. But all these pain can not be felt by the higher force cause they are not in physicality now. So, to them, it is nothing or worst it is just an experience according to them. They should be here to experience these pains with us and see whether they want to keep delaying the liberation.

      The Light force had blown a planet Madulk into pieces which is the asteriod belt now, And those beings on that planet reincarnated into Earth. And according to some articles, those were being who worshipped the satan, Lucifer. And I think they are not going to do it again cause everything will have to start all over again.

      Maybe this is the reason why they didn't want to start the EVENT :-

      Piperon : Hello Light beings! Why have you not started the EVENT?
      Light : Hello, patience my dear, it is going to happen soon.
      Piperon : Oh no! Did you used the word "SOON"?
      Light : Yes, we did. Why are you asking?
      Piperon : Because everytime you used the word "SOON", the promise never delivered.
      Light : You see my dear, the higher time is difference from your 3D time. So, if we are using the word soon, it may take a few years in your 3D time cause 1 second here is many months in your time.
      Piperon : Oh my god!
      Light : OH MY GOD!
      Piperon : WHAT?!!!
      Light : While we were speaking to you, the time for the EVENT just passed and we are over the timeline now! OH NO!

      May the LOVE be with you always.
      Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer.

  17. We all know the time for humanity to reemerge is nigh. Love and peace to all. It will happen will we make it happen within ourselves. Much love to everyone.

  18. Thank you Cobra. I was wondering if the RM2m took into account the fact that while in theory people might seemingly not want to come out of their comfort zones at the time of the Event, this is a 'before the fact/Event' evaluation. From what I have seen, any crisis that has occurred across the globe tends to bring out either the best or the worst in humanity, with the preponderance being "the best". I have faith that this will continue to hold validity, even with the confusion and chaos that will ensue in the initial stages ...

    1. Thank you, I AM LOVE, your view is mine too. I'm pretty optimistic about people's ability to bring out the best in them, for that ability has been pent up for such a long time, that it longs very much to come out and be expressed. We know by now, where it leads to when we bring out the worst in us, don't we?

  19. Thank you Cobra for this update.

    (I have really been feeling those feelings of despair lately, as pressures of daily life keep mounting up and up. But I am also aware that many people on the planet have a much worse situation than me. I guess I am just showing my own personal weakness, and the divergence between my expectations of life when i was younger, and the reality that I actually now face.)

    But I will try to hold on to the light.

    My very kindest wishes to all of you out there.

    Victory of the Light !

  20. Thank you so much for all the detailed intel and for considering every detail. While I would love to have the Event, it is much easier to see why the Resistance would want to iron out more details and save many more lives. Thank you all for all that you do and are doing for us. Love and Blessing to you!

  21. please please please,EVENT NOW .I was around downtown Orlando a few days ago and seeing so many brothers and sister living outdoor ,their face ,the face of one neglected by society.just can not describe deep down ,how much I want for this event to happens and see my brothers faces full of joy..inside of me I talked to them hold on brothers the change is coming soon .can not wait .just for the sake of my fellowhumans.

    1. your post is a very realistic, "day-to-day daily" everyday concern of us, mere humans, who live and 'trapped' here in this very LIMITED world/existence...

      thank you for voicing out & representing my similar concern too..

      -from Indonesia-

  22. Thank YOU, Cobra.
    Well..... because WE know so little - and we are sooo tired and sick of struggling every single day of our lives - we wanted the EVENT to be triggered as soon as possible.

    Now, I see that there are many unknown obstacles to conquer.
    But which one is scarier? To continue living like this for a bit longer? Or to have a turmoil for a while, and then THRIVE?!

    I think the RM, and the Ascended Masters are the only ones to have the answer, because they know about most of the remaining dangers, and the plans the other side has.

    And, this is what I have to say: It makes me feel really hopeless and powerless, to see our Ascended Masters acting as powerless masters....
    What else can WE DO to help THEM to assist us to get out of this prison planet?
    Maybe, we could/should have some more official RM members from the Lighworkers spread all over the world, who don't have a real plan to follow, and a real, OFFICIAL leader to guide?

    The motto "Lightworkers unite" needs to BE put in motion and done FIRST!!!

    1. As a truthseeker & Lightworker from Indonesia, I also wholeheartedly agree with this (and I'm sure for many, if not all, Lightworkers here)!

      Cobra, RM, et all,.. please do tell us what we, the "mere lowly humans" here in this such "LIMITED 3D earthly existence" can really DO/ACTION, in order to help speeding up The Event...!

      I strongly believe that most, if not all, Lightworkers (and Truthseekers etc) would LOVE to do SO MUCH MORE than just simply "pray & meditate" every time.

      Like one comment above said straight-forwardly: Please do give us perhaps some kind of a *REAL Job* (even "Career", or "Occupation", using our mundane earthly terms/jargons..) to be able to really ACTION / DO in a very *concrete, real, see-able, proven" basis , in order to help you & your team!

      If you DO view us, the "mere 3D lowly humans" here, with also a part of BIG/huge importance, then please...PROVE to us, and even more, INVOLVE us to also HELP you to reach our same goals...!

      I strongly believe that we all here would very much LOVE to do that,....rather than keep living everyday with such "BUSINESS-AS-USUAL, NOTHING HAPPENS AS USUAL" sad, depressed, & mundane reality ... in this 3D world... Please do understand us here, urgently..

      thank you very much~

      -a truthseeker & lightworker from Indonesia-

    2. Try this Niki: Click on Join Event Support Group... See you there :)

    3. What humanity needs now is lifting of the 'veil', elevated consciousness expanding 'heart-mind' and clear 'knowing' of our history and the current world situation not dependent upon any media source, but rather inner knowing ... not yet again one more petition to sign, or not sign. We have a world full of those dedicated to the 'true Light', the true Light of Creator, the true Light of EarthMother. Those of us on this path for years are dealing with the 'carrot' syndrome ... one more step and the carrot will be ours. A response on the Liberation Now video site says it so well ...

      " do understand in the S.F. BaY Area alone there are way more than 144,000 cosmically agreeable people that after years of betrayal and abuse, won't put their name on another list. If you need hard copy, you are commercially motivated. If you are telepathic, you already know this.

      Blessings of the true Light be yours and ours and all of HUmanity

  23. Im sorry, that i didnt tell anybody about the evnet or petition, but thats only because most of all my friends are laughing about me, and i dont know for how long i need to live this life. for example, my mother returned home from a abroad at april, and at the first day she were home, she started to prepare for the event, she bought food, made our house proof, she took all money out of banks, she spend all money and now she is thinking how to survive, because she hoped for the event! And the same thing happened whit me, now i dont know how to survive, because i have nothing! of course it sounds ridiculous, i have my family and friends, and i have love, i have food and everthing, but i am not happy, because i need to worry how to pay my monthly bills and my loan in the bank and so on.........
    Please make the Evenet, because this is anfair, those who believe in you and all resistents movement right now are unhappy, but those who dont know nothing about all whats hapening still live their lifes and feel normal, happy and satisfy. ( Im not speaking about Syria, Africa and other countrys were war is going, but im speaking about average people). Please make the event, we all want to live in peace and love, not like this!!!
    Thank you!

  24. We need the event to happen now, there is too much talk of last minute delays, and the continued talk of how powerful the flippin cabal are, well fuck them we have amazing power when we start, I am sick and tired of hearing that the cabal are doing this or that. We have the power to make the change today. When this happens the good guys amongst us will join in and make the change, today. So let's make it happen, since when do we have to be given the permission for the change to happen, we are giving our power away by allowing the delays. I have serious reservations when it comes to decisions being made for us and continuous delays. I came here for the change and not willing to wait any longer and give thieves and bullies more time to abuse the poor and weak amongst us, come on and wise up, we can do this, now, today.

  25. In 1987 critical mass was achieved during the harmonic convergence. We were told then, that our actions had averted the anticipated wipe out in 2000, and that our move into the photon band, and into the Golden Age. Since then we have been waiting in anticipation for the change, now termed 'The Event". During the ensuing years, we have seen little to suggest that the next 'new thing' is the one. I think many more of us would step up to the plate and say a resounding YES bring it on if only we had something on which to hang our hat. Everything and I mean everything I have read so far has been reactionary, a very current example is the Cabal meeting in South Africa for Mandela's funeral. Mandela's unofficial passing was three days before his 95th birthday, the staff at the hospital were aware of his death, expecting the government to allow the nation to celebrate his birthday then to announce his passing. They created a morgue in his Houghton home thereby blocking media intrusion etc; until the time was right for all concerned when he was then officially declared dead.
    Right now I want to see something, anything, that I can attribute to an intervention by the Beings of Light, because for me seeing is now believing.

    1. Thanks Kalindra for getting to the heart of this problem. We all need concrete evidence of planetary change to believe in and support to get out of our comfort zones. A number of posts on this site have expressed these changes. For me, seeing is believing. Often I see the light forces in the night sky and sometimes during the day. They have been putting on quite a show to get our attention. The surface population will eventually get in the habit of looking up to see the show. These observations are now a common occurrence ( Also, the fact that WW3 was prevented or delayed in the Middle East is a critical sign of things to come. Wow, Anonymous is now supporting the Event. I admit that I am dismayed that my community is slow to awaken but time will tell the story. Best, Nikwoof.

    2. It's very interesting to read these comments while I'm in the year 2016. So many good things have happened and brought change. Most of it happens on the invisible inside of our reality and the manifestation of material expression follows. It's a law of nature and our instinctual yelling for help or a savior is part of the old playground ruling. Dividing weak and strong, feeling victimised in denial of inner strength due to wounds on the soul. In 2016, it's April now, so much becomes evident how we create our reality. The truth is coming out fast now and many who were on the fence have stepped off it on the side of freedom and justice. It's so much more about being and much less about doing, reaching for that and creating it at the same time. Make it real, it's up to you, it's up to me.

  26. "The Resistance will trigger the Event when instructed from the Source, although they would like this to happen as soon as possible."
    - Better get ready NOW, when the signal comes from Source there is no stopping it, ready or not.

    Why don't you ask for Galactic help, their super-advanced computers should be able to hack the Cabal computer and stabilize the system.

    The so-called 'primitive' rural communities won't notice a thing when the system goes down. The best life style after all...

  27. And the time is now ...
    AKA Faye

  28. Why do we wait for the RM? Let us look for additional things we can do, not only mediation, spreeding love, showing love and act always in love would purify a lot and we should act like this in every situation and not sitting arround, reeading posts and articles. they are fine to read, but shouldn´t be the only thing we do. Let us liberate ourselves. The RM is a unknow thing for the most of us, i guess COBRA don´t know as much as it would be good. So, let´s trigger the event for ourselves by doing all, really all, we can to do this.

  29. I have no desire for retribution so yes I vote for amnesty. But, it is also time for the EVENT!

  30. I have been with this site since its first day. I have read and catalogued most of the info here for my own study. I have participated in the many group meditations, and have traveled to sacred sites to activate portals, sometimes a year before Cobra and his group announces those places. It is my duty and my priviledge to serve in this way, and I will continue to do so...

    Having said that....I, too, am human and have felt many troubled thoughts abounding through the human Earth consciousness. Some are mine, some are the collective. I have rarely written anything in the comments, but I share now. Forgive the length.

    Just some thoughts, some venting, not meant to be critical or ungrateful:

    I am always befuddled when we are told that events must wait until the general population is ready, or a critical mass is ready to receive information that is potentially life altering. When, in normal human existence, do life changing events ever come when we are "ready"? Were we ready for 9-11? Are we ever ready to receive bad news such as the loss of a loved one, or the diagnosis of a dreaded disease? Are we sitting ready to have our homes ravaged by hurricanes floods and fires?

    Of course not. Life changing events by nature come unexpectedly, and the human soul adapts. We always adapt. It is the beauty and strength of our human-ness, our divinity...we always persevere and endure.

    Having said that, if there are beings who are able to assist us and can see ways to reduce our suffering through traumatic events, then of course we use our free will and say "Yes, please help us." And we are grateful. Very grateful. In my opinion, we have asked and asked and asked. I know I have.

    It is just common sense that humans want to live in a non-suffering, divine state of joy and peace. The reason we don't is because we have been trained to believe otherwise, and are being handled by those who wish us harm. It isnt becuase we dont choose it. Of course we choose to be free and live in love...and if ANY of us knew the true way to have this, we would choose that way. The problem is the confusing bird-nest tangle of information and options: Just believe in this religion, just follow your government, your political party, just believe this channeling, that galactic, just read this news site or alternative reporter, JUST FOLLOW YOUR OWN HEART… seriously.....WHO can really wade through all this make the "right" choice? We are all just making the best guess we can.

    It often feels like a game to see who is "worthy" of divine existence...are we smart enough to figure it out? Are we "good" enough to "see" the way? Will we sign up for the right thing to trigger this or that event? Oops, made the wrong choice? Well it was your free will after all, so you got what you asked for.....

    The playing field is very, very slanted from what i see.

    Why isn’t it enough that those of us that ask for changes, ask for help, ask for freedom, joy, love and health….why aren’t we allowed to have that? Divinity by nature needs no earning…it is given. It is Grace. Our birthright ~~~stolen from us.

    “Fighting” for ones divine rights makes no sense! I refuse to “war” for peace.

    Someone, something is standing in our way and toying with us.

    BE GONE!

  31. Anyway, that reminds me of Moses and people walking in the desert for 40 years. Separating the wheat from the chaff?!

  32. Hmmm... The blog lost my comment when tried to preview it...

    Well what i was to say, was that I too want the Event rather now than later. But I think too many lightworkers are now using hate and anger as fuel, rather than love and peace. We all know what hate and anger lead to...

    i too think that the Cabal deserves punishment, but that could be just to give them empathy. When they could feel the horrors they have done, they would repent and turn to light with glee.

    So the bottomline is, as hard as it is, that we cannot win with anger.

    And when writing this, I just saw an light orb travelling thru my peripheral vision. :)))

    1. Beloved Valokaari,

      For your information, the cabal had been given many chances to turn to the light and work for the humanity as a whole but they refused every time they were offered due to their greed and power urge. Sometime, they pretend they had given in and wish to turn to the light but rather that was a trick to get the light to lower down their shields and then they penentrate the light force with offering of money, power, etc.

      And we were told that these playing the role of the cabal were formally very enlighted beings. And they were told that when the Divine time is right, they were joined the light but they forgotten this and now they hanged on with their power and greed. And Arcangel Michael also said most of them are in containment now (and they will change their hearts with the incoming energies and switch side) but all these are not working otherwise we will be liberated some times ago. So many promises and yet nothing seems MAJOR happening. Life dragged on and bills have to be paid. So, we are in dire situations with the finance, health issues, etc. Can you feel our agonies and pain, would you like to have some of them? Perhaps, make a round to the hospital or hospice and see for yourself how the patience with terminal illnessess are suffering in great pain and decide why we shouldn't be voicing up in a negative way (not anger and hate as you said).

      PS : If you are in your comfort zone, you won't probably understand how we are going through with the suffering and pain now. And PLEASE don't tell me "No pain, no gain".

      May the LOVE be with you always.
      Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer.

  33. I'm a Lightworker from Brazil, and I want to say something. First of all, i'm feeling different, for real. Right now, when i think about myself like, just a year ago, its completely diferent who i am right now. My thounghs are diferrents, my mind thinks diferents. But i want to say that, this is the only thing that have changed in me. I mean, ok, we do all this stuff, we send good vibrations and stuff, but, for this 3D World, i guess people don't want LOVE Vibration, they want food, they want water, they want someone to love, they want a HOME. Sorry, but i can't see a poor man searching for a meditation, for a good world. Sorry, i can't see a thief praying for the good of the other one. Sorry, i really can't see those things. I'm starting to get really pissed off about this situation. "Don't worry, my beloved ones, everything is under control", then when i look at the world, i see lies, i see blood, i see dead childs at the hands of the father. I see war, i see weapons, i see nature geting destroyed. THESE THINGS IS WHAT I SEE. Sorry, im about to think that all those stuff is only to make us feel confortable, wich means, this is a lie. Sorry to say, but this is what i'm about to think. Sorry for the bad english. Peace (if you want).

  34. Blessings and thank you to Cobra and the RM for your lightwork and your update! I wanted to think about all this before I commented, as the implications are vast. I have a daughter and a son living in different large cities in the U.S. and the idea that the infrastructure could collapse is certainly a serious consideration and one that is "close to home" for me because of them. Having said this, I would like the RM to consider the following. 1. The stress of trying to stay out of fear every day around financial and health issues is really intense for lightworkers, as we are all under attack. 2. We've prepared for lifetimes for this, and at a certain point we need to be trusted. I've not been able to put together a committed and successful Event Support Group and so at the time of the Event I'm going to need to "wing it." But I am absolutely committed to following my guidance at the time and I know I will know what to do. We lightworker/humans are going to behave differently under the pressure of the Event than we do when the life is sucked out of us daily by archons. We are like racehorses at the gate.....all we want to do is beak out and run full speed ahead, but instead we have to stand still while the flies bite us. Lastly, when I was seven years old I took swimming lessons for two weeks. On the last day the instructor invited us to jump off of the high diving board. I suppose it was my innocence that compelled me to do it, and I jumped, and it hurt...but my point is this: sometimes you just gotta jump and trust!

  35. Hey guys!

    I don't know if I'm right, but...

    I'm nearly fifty years old and, as a child, I had a recurring dream: I was in a place like a great school, with many rooms and gyms. I walked along the hallways and dependencies with my family and friends. Everything was fine, we were happy. At a given time in a gym where we watched a game or presentation, I realized that, around us, some people were lizards!

    That's right, I used to have this dream some forty years ago!

    As it scared me, I would search for protection with my family. As the dream kept unfolding, more and more people turned into lizards, even my family. In the end, I was alone. Well, that's what really happened, because I feel alone and this fight for the light is a quiet one, for me.

    My life on this planet has been complicated, as it surely is for all of us. However, I realized some time ago that I am a creator. That's right , everyone talks about it, but I believe that a few really understand it.

    The more the years come, the more I realize that I probably don't have a specific task to accomplish. Maybe I simply have to stand here and create the reality with my thoughts. That's what has happened more and more clearly in my life.

    Now, you my star brothers and I, isolated here on this earth, shouldn't we create the event?

    Isn't that why Cobra and the resistance both insist on making us understand that we need to devote ourselves to meditation?

    Maybe this role that we have here is a fundamental one: to imagine the event, to imagine the new world, to imagine our star brothers coming, because we help create that reality? Using some deep and inspiring music to unite the thoughts with the emotions.

    I'm trying to meditate at the times established by Cobra. But, would anyone of you create new schedules that are compatible for everyone, count on me!


  36. Thank you Cobra and the RM.

    I am reading a lot of frustrated posts and I want to say something to that matter. I have lived in a few different countries with different political systems and have been exposed early on to various political, economical and scientific information that may have been omitted or sidetracked in some other parts of the world, especially in America. I am still progressing with my awakening in many aspects. Although I also want the change to occur now I do understand that there are millions of aspects to be considered by the RM and there are always some new twists discovered that need to be dealt with. I continue to play the game in my everyday life as much as possible while shielding myself and family from all brainwashing and programming as much as I can. I do approach relatives and friends and colleagues with different information about the cabal, ufos, false flags, planet liberation, etc. Sometimes jokingly make statements about issues that may be far fetched to the audience but I believe that things do sink in and if they hear about these things that may trigger the beginning of their awakening later. They may associate these with other info they may already have or hear elsewhere. I really do not care who thinks what about what I say and whether they think that I am crazy. I want to make sure that my consciences is satisfied that I did the right thing by passing on the information and warning that I know about. Everyone has the free will as well to listen and look into it and act on it.
    Just as many others, I am not from earth, but came here to help - so there are many of us here lighthbeings who are actually experiencing the 3D pain and difficulties on earth.

    At this moment all I feel that I can do for the liberation is spread the news among individuals I come in contact, meditate, prepare and protect myself and others, keep my senses open to any new info, play the everyday game (with the bliss of knowing that it is a game) and keep working toward fulfilling the purpose of my incarnation here. I also fully understand that many of us are not here to actually enter the Golden Age but here to help that happen for humanity doing what needs to be done no matter how minuscule it seams at the time. A multitude of minuscule actions will make the tipping point at one moment.

    Let the force be with all of us working toward the liberation.

  37. A few weeks ago, when the question on 2012portal was posed (it has closed and sits at 15,660 total votes) we were reading the comments and talking about it. We were hesitant to say YES precisely because we had a hunch, but didn't know very precisely, what the ramifications were/are of doing the Event now. Now we know more of what is involved if things aren't in place to prevent catastrophes.

    But it sounds like there are very, very sharp people at work solving these problems, for the right reasons, and soon "the big downside" will no longer exist.

    To help out, we are visualizing all the positive light, love, wisdom and brains heading the way of the light forces who are solving these problems so that the Event can take place easily and smoothly with minimal disruption and no loss of additional lives.

    To paraphrase my favorite meditation teacher's affirmation, which she gave out for decades and decades: "Divine love and divine guidance is manifesting in this situation now."

    Let's keep up our positive meditations, keep our own energy high, let's stay positive, operate from love and from our hearts and good things will happen.

  38. Roll on the Event - it would be so lovely if your site was not against a black background - there is no Light in black and it is dark - what about a change to some glorious and uplifting colour? Blessings to you for the good work

    1. Black saves more energy,and good for the eye.

    2. Without black, there is no light. Balancing is the answer. The symbol of Tao or Taiji showed it well.

      May the LOVE be with you always.
      Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer.

  39. COBRA! What up with the Elite and this currency revaluation and the American Dollar getting reduced by 30%, this means our food gas and homes will increase, the Event needs to happen now cause of the so called smart meters on everybody's home is dumbing them down because if the meters from the electrical box is putting out a frequency that disrupts the people thinkin mood and over all health, no matter how much we try to inform the people they will not believe until the PTW say "We are taking over" this health care bill that got passed is said to help bring down the the economy, as the final stage then people will wake up on morning and their bank accounts will be empty and banks will not open so that's gonna call for the people to look to the same people to help us who undermine the people anyway. What are we going to do with the collapse omf the dollar that's coming? Chia us dumping dollars left n right, nobody other then the USA wants our money any more because it's a fiat currency and everybody else money will be back by gold or what ever asset that country has, this RV stuff is bullshit & part of the plain to and over time we will see the effects when it time to buy soap or milk gas home mortgage what us the event really about?

  40. Thank You, Cobra,
    This Event will be synchronically event done by Heaven and Earth at the moment of Now.
    Just waiting, little bit more, for rising our consciousness to critical mass as ignition.
    Love, Light and Prosperity for All

  41. Beloved Cobra & RM
    I just wanted to add that even the strongest of us suffer from the occasional doubt & fears. The longer we delay the more chance of more of us falling off the path. Im no pessimist or an outright optimist, but im a realist, i see as things as they are in this moment. I am sure i can speak for a lot of us that as our securities (ie financial, family, etc) crumble around us our ability to help the world will deteriorate. Can you offer any words of help or guidance? I want to believe with all my heart and deep down i know i havent lost the plot, we JUST NEED HELP TOO!

    Lets hope we dont have something new to worry about next month as i feel something new pops us every now and again.

    Anyway, Love and Light
    Victory Now.....Liberation Now....

  42. Here is what we can all do: "Gilliland stated that it is important to practice love and kindness. In addition, we should use prayer, meditation and positive thoughts in allowing the higher vibrational forces to infuse the planet with these new energies. "If people just set time aside and prayed, set intentions or use meditation to focus on the world you would want to see, love, joy and bliss... and asking these higher dimensional beings for help, then they can come in, according to Universal Law, and assist us even more. If we start asking for help and put the intention out there that we really need help to get through these times, we're going to see some divine intervention that is just going to be incredible. If enough of us ask for help, we can put an end to the tyranny here." Please read the full article that is available at

    Copyright Information: Copyright in5d and Gregg Prescott, M.S.. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in any form.

    1. Couldn´t agree more! That´s why I´m meditating everyday and trying to ask for divine interventions. Don´t know if I´m doing it right, but at least my intentions are good, and I really hope my prayers will reach our et friends.
      Thanks for sharing the article!

  43. In my humble opinion, I can understand that a lot of chaos and tragedy needs to be averted at the time of the Event, but the Light Forces shouldn't wait for the "perfect" moment....because there isn't going to be a "perfect" moment. The Light Forces have unconditional love for humanity and want to have a pain-free transition, but the Cabal knows this and will use it at every turn to their advantage. So this cat and mouse game could go on indefinitely until the Cabal surrenders (which is never going to happen). The Light Forces have infinite patience, and the Cabal have infinite patience....but us humans don't have infinite patience! Every day that the Event isn't triggered is another day when hundreds die of starvation and disease, and parents go to bed worried about the future of their children. This needs to end NOW!

  44. We lightworkers are ready almost. But to lift the mass takes time. May triggering event happens soon and in god good time. Fully undertaking!

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Cobra,
    Millions of little girls all over the globe have been and are being brutalized with female genital mutilation (fgm). They have the most sensitive and private area of their body literally sliced off with a filthy razor blade that has not been cleaned. There are given no anesthesia and are held down with no choice but to bear the agonizing pain. The pain is excruciating and then their legs are tied together until they heal. Some of the girls die as they go into shock because of the unbearable pain. Some get infections and many of them have urinary tract problems and pain the rest of their lives. And to make it worse when it is time for them to marry and bear children a bull's horn is use to "open" them up again.

    I want you to tell these little girls why the event cannot happen NOW!!!! Every 11 minuets a little girl is subjected to this most horrendous ritual.There should be ho amnesty for the Cabal and neither should they be able to keep any of their wealth as they enjoyed the good things in life as the rest of humanity suffers. I feel this would be an insult to all those who have suffered and died as a direct result of their cruelty. If the 1st few hours would be chaos that is but a blink of an eye compared to the eons of time humanity has suffered under their control and manipulation.

    You say that there are not enough awaken people who want to help with this and I say that I have sent more than one email on Prepare for Change website offering my help and yet I have never heard from anyone.

    Taking responsibility for our actions is supposedly a big deal so with that said the Cabal must answer for their crimes against humanity. No amnesty.


  47. I dreamt Cobra was holding a class to spread awareness among first noone was willing to hear him out and just left...then they came back and begin to listen about how we are being manipulated by a small bunch of persons, the cabal. Then I also dreamt these cabals were begining to lose and were drowning...

  48. Everybody, listen here! WE ALL HAVE THE POWER TO TRIGGER ANYTHING AND DO ANYTHING!! Agree?? So, I suggest that ALL OF US, on EXACTLY JAN 01-2014 @ 01:01 hours ( 1:01 am) LONDON standard time, VISUALIZE a big bright wave of light coming from the galactic central sun shinning and enveloping the entire globe Earth. Hold that visual as long as you can.. Something WILL CHANGE! And at this point, any change is better than no change. Are you all with me on this?

    1. I'm with you Star Child. Thank You. :)

    2. I'll join with my family.
      Great idea. Thanks.

    3. im with you great idea,bless you

    4. Hei Star Child!
      I'm with you. I guess, here in Brazil, it will be 22:01.
      Thank you.

  49. The people in Thailand cannot wait for the Event

  50. I am sorry for this thought in advance but sometimes I get to the point where I don't care anymore. I just want to go back home and I feel death at the hands of the cabal would be better than being here in anticipation of what might not ever happen. Im nothing like them. I don't understand all the cruelty. Living here is very difficult!

    1. I am so with you john lincoln. Holding all this positive vibe for all these years is tireing. I am so ready to be out of here!!!!

  51. First of all, i really think that we did nothing. Nothing. Let me say something:

    - At Africa, people still dies every minute from starvation, diseases. Theres no water there.

    - At Mexico, people still deal with Gang Wars. People ketting lost in drugs, and killing only for vengeance and gang stuff. Mafia.

    - At the hospitals all around the world, patients dying, because theres no right pills, theres no technology for them. They sleep at the floor, side by side with others in pain.

    - At all streets in the world, theres still people needing home. They sleep at the streets, they don't eat, they suffer from the rain.

    - At Siria, people in WAR. Being executed, losing their children, suicide bombs attacks.

    From our galaxy, the planet Earth is the only planet that has Pain, duality, fight, war, blood, manipulation, lies.

    And what we did? Absolutely Nothing. This game we are playing is on for more than 26,000 years. I can only see Christ in this. He, and a few others Masters, was the only person in the whole world, that did something for humanity.

    And what we, the so called Lightworkers, did for them? Love and good vibration? Gotta say, so far we did nothing.

    The patient wants the right pills
    The blind wants to see
    The poor wants food and home
    The Inocents wants Peace
    The paraplegic wants to walk

    What we did? Have we ever done a miracle for someone? Have we did a miracle for ourselfs? What I did? Well, i did meditations and some deep inside travels. Its good, yeah, it is. But, for the humanity. What this means? Nothing.

    Sorry, i'm almost losing hope with these games...

  52. Yeah, it's pretty bad out there I think the source needs to know what's going on and please press the button. I'll be honest with you Cobra, I think people are getting very angry the more and more you speak about these things because there has not been one arrest. You know how simple our minds work. I'll arrest the pope myself or any member of the royal family. Just let me know. Nate

  53. Cobra and Resistance Movement,

    We, the citizans of this Sacred Planet doesn't want to becoming ruled by the same idiots thousand and thousand years without regard.

    The time of creativity, the time to spread our higher ideals, the time to live in freedom, the time to explore our truly nature as beings Of the Soul Creation - this time must become real in our lifes as Gaia is ascending, as we all are ascending with Her.

    We love our Planet. We adore the nature. We love our equals, and we care about them.

    The Cabal doesn't care about us.
    They desrespect all kind of life for their interess.
    They doesn't ask our permission to commit horrifying wars, destroying lifes, and exploring the natural resources from this Planet. THIS MUST STOP NOW!

    They never will surrender.
    They are ignorant.
    They denial the magnification of the LIGHT.
    They cannot grow without steal the energy from others.
    They must pay for all their actions.
    They doesn't deserve amnisty!

    We want peace.
    We want knowledge.
    We want to restore the natural habitats and given to the other species good conditions without invasions or exploring them to a industry of death.
    We want the freedom.
    We want living in Higher Love.

    But, to all this whishes becoming real, we must know the truth about the Planet and our selfs. This can't happened where Cabal controlling.

    The Great Godess of the Truth Athenea is incarnated.
    She is the complement Of the Ashtar Command.
    The libertation will happen because when the truth rules the World.

    We want the truth. We want the Event now!

  54. So sad that the Event could not trigger in this year.
    Among the very of lightworkers can't "hold" this "situation/position" for more time!
    People are tired of waiting, The pressure on us is bigger than anytime.
    Cobra if you can give a "spark of hope" to US, to the HUMANITY. (like a photo that no one has seen before for example) WE would very appreciate it!
    I'm not talking to you as a man. I'm talking to you as a HUMAN.
    I speak not only for myself, but the people all around the world!
    We have waited, meditated, did what we had to do! But one single "spark" would give us energy to go further.
    Thank you everything you did to us!
    Victory of Light!

  55. Beloveds, YOU are the ONEs you've been waiting for. YOU ARE Divine MASTERS. YOU ARE GOD, Source, Great Spirit, Allah, whatever you label your Higher Power, made Manifest. All ONE, each of us, an aspect of God, in Unity, creating the Event.

    What is called for NOW, is your inner Knowing of Your Own Divinity. There is No separation from SOURCE. That was the illusion, equates into suffering, pain, disease, less than, lack, powerless, hopeless, worry, fear, etc. If you approach your current 3D existence from the illusion perspective and think someone or thing will save you, you have lost track of your mission. There is NO Thing Outside of you, you need. You may not believe me now, but when you look inside yourself, you will find Your Truth.

    Granted, there will be confrontation with all those reflections of the illusion, Daily. As a Spiritual Warrior, which I Know you ARE or you would not BE here Now, You Must face down these illusions Personally, in your own life, daily. With Complete TRUST and FAITH in your Own Divinity, your connection to Source, an aspect of the Great Almighty, with All of the Wisdom, Power, LOVE that is GOD. When You can unfaltering, look in the Mirror Each Day, and see the Loving, Powerful GOD in your OWN eyes, without wavering. Allowing your human existence to BE the place where Heaven and Earth meet, THAN, WE change Everything. It is only by freeing ourselves from the bondage of our limited thinking, beliefs, perceptions and allowing ourselves to stand in our Divinity, that changes Everything.

    Each ONE of us must go through this rite of passage. It is the shadow self, the Pandora's box of lifetimes of deluded thinking. Your tools are Forgiveness, for yourself and others, Gratitude, for all things Great and small, but the Greatest of these tools is LOVE, for our ancestors, enemies, oppressors, perpetrators, self included. They all agreed to Help us, in finding our way back to Source. Where we came from and where we will return.

    And while we're here, in Human form, let's help a few others on the way.
    Press on mighty Warriors, press on
    Remember and Never Forget Who You ARE. Love, Love, Love.

  56. it is unacceptable to delay the event any further beyond 2013.

    starting 2014 every soul shall be armed with information and cyber defence weaponry. the internet as is will no longer be a trusted source of information. every statement made on a blog like this one here, will be cross checked for consistency, automatic judgement will be provided. the chain of trust will be established. disinformation agents will be tracked down and disabled with extreme prejudice. empty promises will be made costly.

    we understand that there is a story generator, the AI director, which does opinion mining to see what generates the most speculation, fear and feedback.

    warriors, good luck. the war is on your mind.

  57. I think the event needs to occur now because after this year people can no longer pay their bills and will die of hunger, so please tell them to the forces of light to activate the portal now, you can count on my help, otherwise close this blog and stop giving false hope to people,

  58. Ellen just stated one strong reason why we should not wait a second longer with the event. I just cant understand why that fgm madness is allowed to continue. That is just wrong in every possible aspect. I wish I could so something to help those poor girls. But how could I, if even the light forces cant or wont help...

    That being said, I just lifted and angel card for 2014 and it said VICTORY!

  59. Part 1: Dear Cobra, RM, Galactic Light Forces, friends, family and neighbors: EVERY day, 25,000 children die of starvation and disease. EVERY MINUTE, 126,000 (one HUNDRED TWENTY SIX THOUSAND) LAND animals are tortured and killed for "food". Our 5D cetacean family (DOLPHINS and WHALES) who are here, like the rest of us, to ANCHOR IN higher dimensional energies, are slaughtered and tortured for food, entertainment and through military underwater sonic experiments. MILLIONS of girls are killed EVERY YEAR only because they are born here as "girls", through GENDERCIDE.

    EVERY MINUTE, one football field size of rainforest is wiped off so we can grow crops which we feed livestock with and also to raise livestock through most despicable unimaginable cruelty and demonic practices, which in turn we kill to eat, which in turn kills us back, since we feed our LIVING cells with DEAD, tormenting energies, which affect our minds, souls, hearts and bodies, which create this dead/ly energetic etheric soup from which our entire planet feeds, every minute of every hour of every day, unable to raise above these frequencies, no matter how much we'd meditate, being completely overwhelmed on subconscious and painfully aware and conscious levels, for those who KNOW what truly takes place, even through our limited 5 going 6 senses. Through satellite photos, the US land is BURNT because of animal agriculture.

    In the US alone there are 50 MILLION hunters, of which many hunt for far more than “food” despite the thousands of meat, dairy and eggs cruelty free alternatives available today...
    there are now THOUSANDS of DEER, BUFFALO, OSTRIDGE farms..we KIDNAP sentient beings from natural habitat and “domesticate” them, as we did with the chicken, turkey, pig, cow, goat and sheep, long ago...
    whatever beings have been living in these 7 billion human looking bodies have managed to wipe off and eat every single creature and being that swims, crawls, walks and flies...eating our selves to self destruction, besides all other forms of planetary devastation beyond our control and knowledge...

  60. Part 2
    We deforestate our very home world and we "eat" ourselves into fast self extinction, polluting our waters, our lands and air by thought and eating addictions, while electro pollution blasts our minds 24/7. Atomic experiments continue, in our oceans, destroying our water worlds and ecosystems. Comet Ison has been nuked out. Since Dec. 9th, when the first positive breakthrough has been posted here, minimum 500,000 children have already succumbed to hunger and disease, 1,2 TRILLION LAND ANIMALS have been slaughtered for food alone (60 BILLION PER DAY, ONGOING), THOUSANDS OF RAINFOREST HECTARS AND MANY MORE FORESTED LAND HAVE BEEN DESTROYED and tens of animal species destroyed.

    The SPIRITUAL, PLANETARY, ECOLOGICAL, HUMAN, ANIMAL holocaust, genocide is beyond incomprehensible and astronomical proportions. Are we now also held accountable for not jumping ANYMORE out of our "comfort" zones to do street survey with a dumbed down, overwhelmingly mind controlled, implanted population? or that some are hesitant to put their names and addresses in a petition? we thought RM was 45 mins away from triggering the EVENT, at the beginning of this month, but the only MAIN reason for not doing it was to obtain some feedback from the awakened population. the petition is not valid anymore since is being tempered with...the benevolent forces know through our frequency blueprint and our thoughts and feelings that 90% of everyone, awaken or not is READY since a long ago for Change...despite appearances, they know and we know that WE ARE READY...some of our apparent reticence, apathy and reservation is not genuine but only a cabal programing and we know the Light Forces know this...

    we are not in our “comfortable” zones but in hugely awkward and uncomfortable situation, dying to DO something big and tangible while very little is being available for us to do while much more is expected, after years of doing more than the average amnesic planetary citizen, due to the ongoing implant programing, hypnosis and endless attacks on our every many would’ve or could’ve resist in our situation?

    we’ve learned that the vast majority of beings in Creation never had a 3D experience and we are representing a fascination exception for them, being seen as kamikaze light warriors for having the mad courage to project in such extreme, harsh realms to transmute the darkness through our very presence here...

    MOST light workers have lost the will to be here, now, even with the much anticipated positive astounding changes coming our way...

    above us, 24 billion regressed souls occupying the lower 4D octaves have been energetically feeding THROUGH us and animals and planet...

    we are much more that self sustainable for we’ve sustained countless regressed beings for too long...

  61. PART 3
    if a WRITTEN agreement was more important than a genuine, feelings and thoughts expressed will and desire to start things over, then why the cabal's written agreement with the light forces, eons ago, which was nullified and overlooked, was treated with more relevance than the agreement of lightworkers who have agreed to sign up to be here now, to help bring in the change? why our will to help and heal this world has been override by the cabal's will to destroy this world? with such advanced technology, knowledge, experience, resources, that LIGHT possesses, did we have to get here only to realize the cabal's insured for destroying or slowing down the infrastructure, for something to be done last minute?

    many of us still have countless unanswered questions because we understand the magnitude of the spiritual holocaust that took place many millions of years cannot be reversed overnight or grasped through 5 limited senses but being right here, first line of defense, FEELING the nightmare while KNOWING there are beings the size of a CITY or a PLANET or BIGGER with infinite powers, knowing that a 5D being is MILLIONS of times more intelligent than a 3D GENIUS mind, knowing that this whole thing has been in the end no more than an EXPERIMENT turned ACCIDENT OF galactic proportions, ONE CAN'T HELP BUT WONDER: WHAT HAPPENED SINCE THE CRACK IN THE DAM became the cosmic disaster we try to resolve now, upon which so many other worlds depend on its successful resolution? so now it is not the RM responsibility to trigger the event as we understood on DEC. 9th but it rests upon SOURCE to do it...

    and if our will, desire, needs, desperations and signatures are also not nearly enough, then why waiting any longer, with so much suffering 24/7? what could possibly happen worse that what it already is, within 24 hrs of the event? beaming up, stardusting the bad beings not possible? is still darkness in control of this realm still? we are beyond tired of wanting to move, act and do so much...

    we are now in hibernation mode...desensitizing ourselves from the evil and nightmare this world has shown, disconnecting from the many hell trucks filled with terrified beings being driven against their free will to live and be happy and free, to the very planet's hellgates called slaughterhouses, by the MANY THOUSANDS in our ascending world, while some of us swim against the current, trying to awaken COMPASSION in humans for other HU-MANS and NON HUMANS sentient beings on this planet we all call home right now...

    the levels of nightmare, spiritual and planetary holocaust are beyond bearable for even the mightiest light warrior...we need IMMEDIATE intervention from every possible dimension and below surface level/s...people of this world have been trained to survive crisis, through famine, disease, tsunamis, hurricanes, wars, atomic wars, holocausts, slavery and many other ongoing sources of Light forces and Source believe that at last, we are not ready to survive a few hours or even a few days of temporary disruption and chaos which potentially can be triggered by a POSITIVE event?

    We are the voice for the voiceless and vulnerable children and animals and the homeless and suppressed women and the elderly and the rain forest and her children who could not be here, sign and voice their cruelty filled lives and traumatic deaths...Light forces may be aware of their pain but its energies can only be FELT from THE SURFACE, IN THIS BODY, THOUGH THIS HEART...For what is worth, let us hope that this grand cosmic experiment or experience will serve its sole worthy purpose of becoming the prime raw example of how we could prevent further and future similar experiences from ever repeating in our ever unfolding cosmos...way before the crack in the dam could ever expand to this unimaginable, incomprehensible astronomical proportions...

    In gratitude and with Love for ALL that ALL are doing for ALL of us. Namaste

  62. are you going to mention anything about the radiation from japan cobra.

    1. Been said that it will be taken care after the event.And that the situation about the radiation isnt as bad as the news may indicate,and the cabal still fearmongering with this....

    2. Thank you for commenting on this. @pegazus

  63. Yes, no more waiting needed.

    So darks run if you can!!!
    Or attack the Protoi if you have balls...

    We will get you anyway...

  64. Fukushima, Russian bombings, Irak, Syria, Weatherconditions, Poverty, Hunger,Disease name it: we hear it 24/7. Surely all (normal) people on earth would love to live in peace, love and harmony? We DESPERATELY need Divine Intervention and help NOW cos things are really swinging out of control here on earth...HUMANITY needs HELP asap!

  65. Victory of the LIGHT!
    Lets examine this:
    and this:
    I am of an entirely different spirituality being an indigenous human to the land now called America. My people for one have been waiting a VERY long time to see freedom and justice returned to Earth. Another 'think about it' moment.
    I'm not sure, but in the NW sky, when it is clear, I am sure I see a single flash of light when it is dark. I often see this flash as I am collecting my thoughts to the Great Spirit. I am so very grateful for what I have.
    I would like to share the word of VINEGAR again and again. Candida is what doctors do to you when they prescribe antibiotics. Candida is what eating meat does to you. I'm sure there are many other reasons for the cause of Candida. Candida is called many, many different things and is exploited by the medical society. What brand of cigarettes did doctors once recommend?
    Vinegar is MAYBE the only thing that safely can flush Candida out of your bowels, but first the vinegar has to get into your bowels.
    OK, when a person has survived chemotherapy, some have reported back that their grey hair returned to their normal color. Hmm, another 'think about it'. The stomach.
    I saw a photo journal of indigenous people deep in the Amazon, probably never in contact with 'modern' anything, and their land is being decimated as I type. But why is the elder of the people very young looking with thick jet black hair? Yes, 'think about it'.
    You know, the NSA is back: Published on Dec 30, 2013
    by: Jacob "@ioerror" Applebaum
    Meanwhile JOE BEER CAN sits not caring about anything but who goes to the StUPER BOWL and the mud on his face and his big disk breaks...
    Who has a camera? Who has a camcorder? Your iPhone is hacked by the NSA, so don't use that. If you have a 'capture device' video or photo, get out there and get what you can.
    How The NSA Hacks Your iPhone (Presenting DROPOUT JEEP)
    Victory of the LIGHT!

  66. Greetings,

    Love to all. I agree with UNplugging Pleiadian above. We humans on this planet are about 7 billion. We are witnessing huge destruction of humans but more importantly non- human life. All orders of sea life dieing, birds and insects like bees dying, radiation from man and space at never before seen highs. the planet mother earth in great pain and turmoil. More earthquakes, volcanoes, extreme weather than ever before. Is the RM plan just to let this all continue until all life is killed off, and the planet earth is a smolder, then rebuild again? is this the real event?? Our own science has shown that this planet has gone through life ending events many times in the past and after thousands of years of such event life starts anew, fresh, clean pristine. Is this what we should be expecting? I want the event Cobra is describing to happen, however I wonder if this is just a distraction from the real event that is obviously unfolding on mother earth where life is wiped out via natural and unnatural events to be started anew with a clean slate.

    In my view if the RM has the ability to stop or change the obvious progression of destruction mother earth is now experiencing, as she has before, then Now is the only option. Every day they do not act the planet and life here dies more and is happening quite quickly.

    Love to all.

  67. "The RM2m special task force has evaluated the results of the poll, survey, petition and some other intel and has determined that most of the surface population would support the Event taking place now, but would not be willing to step out of their comfort zones and actively support the actions of the Light forces, at least initially. "

    I don't know how the RM2m could come to this absurd and a little insulting conclusion. Didn't we vote that we are willing to take "risks"? Do they think we don't know what "risks" means?? Whenever there has been any kind of significant emergency in history, humans have risen to the occasion to help each other. Katrina, 9/11, and any other type of disaster has numerous stories of acts of heroism. Even during the atrocities of WW2, while the aliens were just flying around taking pictures, humans were risking their lives to save each other (i.e. "Shindler's List", "The Diary of Anne Frank"). So I think the RM2m is underestimating the actions of the surface population...and overestimating the actions of the cabal. I think that when this thing finally goes down, the cabal is going to be much more cowardly than anticipated (bullies usually are), and the surface population is going to be much more brave than anticipated. (BTW, if they need any help from me, they can call me day or night and I will help!).

  68. Cobra what do you mean about ,stepping out of the comfort zone ?, cause as far as I know the majority is willing to help ,they just don't know how,I mean I talking about the one who are awaked ,and really if that means that at least some of us are waiting for something more evident ,like announcements or landings ,to jump ok.there is nothing comfort this type life paying for ererything thank you very much.

  69. I’m sort of losing hope about this EVENT having to keep being pushed back. It’s annoying me. We’ve been under this 3D matrix for too long and this shift needs to happen NOW or it’ll be too late. I mean, I know it’s gonna happen soon but it seems like a lot of lightworkers are using up their energy and are really tired.

    Cobra said that the Archons are influencing people to feel lost and losing hope of this event. So for those of you who have been feeling down, I know how you feel because I feel it too. It sucks. I hate it. I don’t wanna give up. It makes me sad and heartbrokened that we have to keep suffering like this.


  70. the divines control the chemtrail programs they harvest all human engery we are the power for there batties,when the skys clear up we will c change ,we r the ones we have been waiting 4 love out

  71. After 15 days, my signature to the Planetary Liberation petition was removed also! I tried to re-sign but it remains frozen at "sending" each time I try. I tried several times from different computers and it stay frozen at "sending" each time. They just don't give up!! I wrote to the website managers to ask about this issue. I will report if they respond with anything.

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. You saw hope, but we have not
    Dangerous you described, we can not know the truth
    Your free will as an excuse, ignoring our freedom has been deprived
    You have give us hope, then destroy it
    I think, is the time, make some movements, give us confidence
    Otherwise, we will only sleep from waking regression
    One from the Chinese people on earth

  74. High levels of radiation in san Francisco. Cobra any chance you could verify?

  75. The State's War on Sustainable Communities. Cobra any chance you can comment?


  77. I have been asking other Lightworker Blogs and Groups to Consider promoting the Petition......................... So far I have not heard a thing back from any of them.......Amazing!!!

  78. Thank you all! We all need to start using our group collective consciousness because when group collective focus on a specific intent, the results will be amazing! I m sure this is what it meant when we were told that WE are the ones we've been waiting for! And this is REAL power that we can use to help ourselves and not depend on others who might just be jerking you around! Try this, with your family or a small group of friends and try to create an outcome collectively! IT REALLY WORKS!! Happy New Year and buckle up coz it's gonna be an amazing ride and the engine has been ignited!!

  79. Dear Cobra, I am supposed to have an inner knowing on what is the right thing to do, but having been unable to connect to that inner knowing i was totally deceived by the cabal, hence me being left with major self doubt problem when it comes to assessing situations like the Event. It is not because i do not want to do my part (if i can). Also i dont think i am the only person here wondering what would be expected of us, or what action should we take before/during/after the Event. Can you teach us how best to act? Im sure many more people would participate once they know what they are in for. Meanwhile thank you for everything :-)

  80. Tools for Applying the Event Study Methodology and News Analytics: Abnormal Return Calculator, Text Analysis, Regular Expressions, Data Sources

  81. This page illustrates how event studies apply regression analysis to estimate normal returns, which are then used to derive the abnormal returns.

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  83. Love and Light. I hope the positive Event comes now. I hope you have peace.

  84. Surprised by the result of chinese street survey.As far as I'm concerned,99.9%people here only cares about money and reproduction. 1.4billion of people in this country,tens of millions of smart phone adult users,but there seemed no one ever protested publicly on the goverment's block policies about foreign websites.You might have no idea how hard and risky to register a google account and leave a comment here.But no one ever..,you know,sheeple just"love"the way they got treated by the shepherd.
    You just cannot save the ones who don't want to be saved.

    1. When the NEW GODs come,those used to be poor would ask for money,those don't have women would ask for the young and beautiful ,those infertile would ask for offspring,etc.
      I'm not saying people can't have their dreams come true,what I'am trying to say is:if the release of suppressed advanced technoledge only means humanity can realise their self-centred materialism desire much more easily ,then I can't foresee any difference. In my opinion,morality or spirituality lifting should come first,and material life improvement should come the last.