Tuesday, February 24, 2015

PPN removed, drastic Isidic security breach at 504, TUNNELS in final completion


  1. Hi Cobra,

    This has been the best news yet.
    Gratitude and Thank You to You, the RM, the Light Workers, the Light Warriors and to All who actively partake in these changes...much Appreciated for All that You do.

    Well I suppose the wait is now over.

    In Love and Light

    1. Naleen, would you be so kind and elaborate how "drastic Isidic security breach at 504" goes along with "the best news yet"? Thank you in advance.

    2. Well. it is the best news yet. Thank you all and me too! Grateful!!

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    4. Contact Point, I don't understand why you think Lee Binder was being snide. Since, as you yourself write, "We don't know what the security breach means," how is it possible to know this is the best news yet? I think it is a fair question. Lee did not contest the comment; he simply and politely asked for an explanation. That is not being snide; it is reasonable to ask for clarity regarding something that is not obvious or clear. Your own statement cast more confusion regarding what Naleen said. Thus, I will follow-up. Why is this 'breach' positive (or the best thing that could happen)? No challenge here, just a wish for the logic behind this statement. Can anyone explain this to me?

      Sorry, but for some reason, this is listing me as anonymous. My name is Jim Chao and I often post as Amorosidad. I will see if I can fix this.

    5. Maybe I misread the tone. No point in dwelling on this non-public info. We honestly don't know if the breaches are good or bad, but other indicators point towards a slow positive upswing. Onward.

    6. Makes me think of the federal reserve. A lesson in how to make nothing but appearances bear fruit. How have they found so many willing to believe...what?

  2. Great news! Thank you.

    What might PPN be? ny ideas?

  3. Question to Cobra or anyone who may know the answer:
    Is the only reason for the dark being on this planet to have a base of operation or do they get something out of keeping humanity in such poor conditions?

    1. Read this link Marie and you'll find a lot of answers.


    2. They feed on are negative emotions

  4. PPN= Powerful Plasma Network (i guess:)

  5. Thank you!
    This PPN thing lasted quite long, whatever it is but, visibly related to 504 somehow:

    02.25.14 Cease and desist PPN else Midi Endgame initialization 140228.11Z
    03.02.14 (...) HVBN unstable to stable, major Isidic security breach deflected, PPN continuation, minimum surface conditions agreement breached, L51 possible p=0.1. M=3, Midas package. (...)
    03.24.14 FINAL L0E clear, PPN in removal, APR sequence approved at 504
    03.31.14 (...) HVBN unstable to stabilized, major Isidic security breach deflected, PPN in removal, L51 threat removed. (...)
    04.23.14 Cease and desist PPN until 140425.10Z else GLOBAL L51
    04.24.14 GLOBAL L51 unsafe, PPN grid ratio failure, black systems alert at 504
    04.28.14 PPN in final removal, grid ratio evaluated
    06.02.14 (...) Major systems security breach in deflection, HVBN substable to stable, several medium Isidic security breaches deflected, PPN almost removed. (...)
    06.29.14 MDS/PPN systems security breach at 504
    07.01.14 (...) Systems MDS/PPN security breach deflected, PPN morph into PB. (...)
    01.01.15 (...) Drastic PPN security breach deflected, PB security breach in deflection. (...)
    02.19.15 Drastic PPN security breach
    02.24.15 PPN removed, drastic Isidic security breach at 504, TUNNELS in final completion

    Love, Light, Peace and Unity for all!
    The Breakthrough is indeed near!

  6. Tunnels in Final Completion.........Whatever that is.........That I recall.....its the first time I've seen it mentioned..........

    1. perhaps it is referring to the Tunnels of Set

      "Tunnels of Set, plasmatic fistulae of disgust, are being cracked open by the Light, the infection oozing out, being transformed by the Light and being absorbed into the One. This is the occult reason for craziness happening on this planet right now."


    2. The tunnels of the being called Set. These are all on the plasma plane Cobra has said, along with the toplet and Strangelet bombs.

  7. Obama aide John Podesta says ‘biggest failure’ was not securing the disclosure of UFO files

  8. Processors Per Node
    Project Programmer Number
    Parameterized post Newtonian

    Or, my guess given the circumstances:

    Public Procurement Network, which if so could mean that they've taken down Big Brothers all seeing eye of government imposed vigilance and intrusive practices they secretly used.

  9. Now Creationの管理人のWPさん


    2-22-15 Cobra Archive, Transcript and Web Bio




  10. 2-22-15 Cobra Archive, Transcript and Web Bio



  11. 2-22-15 Cobra Archive, Transcript and Web Bio



  12. In Sheldan Nidle latest update he stated that once the event kicks in with the financial reset we will first be reunited with our inner earth cousins, the Agarthans (ex Lemurians). Wonder if Cobra's "tunnel" has something to do with that?
    I'm feeling very positive today! I get the sense good things are just around the corner... Lets keep the focused for the final push! Victory to the light my friends!

    1. I think "tunnel" relates to plasma/ether clearing of the negative goo and that is called 'black tunnels of seth"? Check previous blog posts, must be there.

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  14. Great News. We ARE having an effect, with each and every thought.
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    Each of us are sovereign individuals of equal value and worth. Combined we represent a force that is unstoppable and it is OUR collective WILL that CAN CHANGE everything and ANYTHING to how we want it. Currently most of what we do not consent to is controlled by a minute fraction of the population who would have us believe that they are all powerful. But nothing can make them equal to the power of the vast majority. The 99.99999%.

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    1. Thank you!
      Signed and will be shared.


  15. GAIA PORTAL ENERGETIC UPDATE 25th of February heart
    "Long-term constabularies have taken form in Gaia Energetic grid."

    Lifeisbeautiful says heart:
    As all for shure feels the energetic flow of changes rapidly manifest
    and todays Gaia Portal Update feels very connected to yesterdays
    Cryptic message from Cobra aswell, which sounded like this:

    Tuesday, February 24, 2015
    PPN removed, drastic Isidic security breach at 504,
    TUNNELS in final completion

    "Long-term constabularies have taken form in Gaia Energetic grid."

    “Force” fields of Peace are strengthening concomitantly.
    Fendings of Higher Aligned Spirit workers is ended.

    Placements of planetary flight paths nears completion.
    Arcs of Connection are finished.

    However this has something to do with this summary from YRFT article I do not know other than I have no fear and are open to what ever that will take place as we approach the THE EVENT with faster and faster speed of expansion of love in truth.

    By reading this post from YRFT which talk about the matrix ( or what is called the numbergenerator:

    Text from the post:
    This system has been working for set, tiamatt & ef for centuries. When they pulled earth & us down into set’s server and set up ED (number generator/code editor), they elongated time."

    I came to think about the disclosed infomation given in the Capt America movie about this constructed slaverysystem of the archons which in this scene where this guy in the matrix computer who spook from within the computer about HYDRA= Chimera
    and shield which got hijacked by HYDRA and infiltrated as we know has awaken to.

    Captain America 2 NWO Messages in plain sight!
    ( about Operation Paperclip and more )

    which further in the endscene it reveals that the endgame would be played out in KIEV, as Scarlet Johannson in the movie, delivers documents she was give by some of her contacts

    And if we then concider the post from Cheryl from the Cobras Breakthrough Conference in Taiwain about the incarnation hijacking and the Karma construct more pieces coming togther and more healing is happening as these old energywaves is releasing big time in the flow as THE EVENT is moving faster and faster its manifestations :-)

  16. The news from the RM and Cobra keeps getting better and better. The Tunnel of Set was filled with the gooey plasma used to keep us mind-controlled....almost cleared out. Next the Veil to be broken through with lots of light from under the Veil (us, the RM and Agarthans) and from outside the Veil...all our Freedom Fighters: Angels, GFL, all the "Good Guys". Thanks from the purity of our hearts for helping to free us....WE LOVE YOU!!

  17. Thank you ObaMa. I so love that V word.

  18. If the tunnels mean the tunnels of Seth, well these are indeed good news.

  19. COBRA - OK. The tunnels of Set are not physical tunnels. They are not underground structures. They are structures on the plasma plane, on the quantum level.

    Rob – Are these part of the plasma scalar field network or just part of the Archon and higher dimension negative ET’s where they exist.

    COBRA – This is part of the anomaly of the plasma plane and I would say they are a quantum singularities which contain darkness and this is being cleared right now. It is in the process of being cleared right now.

    1. ger sey, thank you for this great explaination.

  20. This message confirms my astral travels last evening. I feel the energy of anticipation, very positive, but, unusual looking ET's preparing for something imminent, on board something big.....Very cool...also, attacks on communication systems from the dark. I can't wait to extinguish these parasites!

    Cobra, I find it easier to focus on this meditation when I can focus on your voice, even with the modulation. This was a serendipitous discovery.Your energy has this effect. Would help me if you Could make your own guided meditation Cobra, and share it with us. Maybe we will get the 144,000 sooner!
    Victory to the Light!!
    Love and Joy,

    1. Cobra, I 2nd the request. I have told so many people, that "even though Cobra's voice is modulated it always opens my Heart when I hear him interviewed", You must be aware your voice has that effect on others.
      Please put your voice to the weekly meditations. It would bring so many others to the weekly meditation.
      As always, I send you soo very much Love.
      Blessings from the Heart,
      Adami I Am

    2. Synchronicity is EVERYWHERE!
      I am a trained classical musician. I recently met one of my soul mates, a world class singer. We are on the opposite sides of the planet, never met in person. We are collaborating on a new song that will go out to heal the souls affected by wars...these people need so much love. We were divinely guided to do this. I hope you will all hear it and feel the healing love.

      Being sensitive, I always prefer the vibration frequencies of human voice over computer any day......I read vibrations, not computers. The piano seems to amplify intentions in meditation, and induce meditation. What joy, love and peace! If you really want the 144,000, perhaps we should think outside the box....Cobra, I really like the planetary mediation videos but maybe a variety of mediums and /or styles could appeal to more people. People are resonating with your energy. LETS DO THIS!!! LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

      I would appreciate sending light to this project so we can bring it forth and manifest it to bring to the Palestinians and Ukranians...etc...NIgeria, Cameroon.....Syria, Egypt, etc...

      Spread the love...transmute the dark. FInd your joy, stay in your joy and love,love , love your brother (Hint, chorus) love, love, love your sister.etc.. If the divine light wants this to come to fruition then let it be so.

      I play it for you all the time in meditation,, Cobra, I know you and other Light Workers can hear it...sending you love and strength for a very long mission you have been on, so you can guide us to Victory of the Light!!!

      With eternal gratitude.

  21. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/i-demand-world-peace-now
    Salve a Luz Salve a Luz Salve a Luz... Âmem como o Divino Mestre nos ama... em silêncio, como o Grande Madiba, Ghandi e tantos outros seres enviados da Luz para equilibrarem as vibrações neste plano... Amados filhos da Luz, o Amor Incondicional é o que restará, eternamente... Somos todos filhos da Luz, imagem e semelhança de Deus, energia inesgotável da mais pura fonte... Amor Incondicional... Somos Todos Um... Mitakue Oasin... Filhos Guerreiros da Luz... em Silêncio, vibrai o Amor Incondicional... a mudança que o mundo precisa começa pelo Universo Interior de cada um... Somos todos UM em energia do mais puro Amor Incondicional... vibrai a Luz da Verdade e Vida... Silêncio ... Luz Paz Amor... Vibrem o Amor Incondicional.... Ele É Luz, PAz, COMPREENSÃO, FIRMEZA, PERDÃO, VIDA, É TUDO E O TODO... em silêncio, dentro de Eu Sou, dentro de você, dentro de cada Um de todos Nós... Somos todos Amor Incondicional... o mundo das ilusões está se desfazendo... os véus retirados e verás que o Bom Pai permite que estejamos aqui pelo Amor de Deus... o contrato que cada ser assina com o Criador e Salvador pra vir a este plano é Amar Incondicionalmente... Âmem como o Divino Mestre nos Ama...

  22. VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!!! thanks cobra rm

  23. Hi! COBRA looks the cabal are ready for an EMP?

    Solar Eclipse to Disrupt Power Supplies

    It happens on March 20th.


  24. everything you are, you got it

    streams of rapture are in heightened presence and increased profusion

  25. Could this message be referring to the "Tunnels of Set"? COBRA has referred to these so called "Tunnels of Set" in the past and their destruction is key to the planetary liberation if I remember correctly. But on the other hand, the Tunnels referred to in this post could be totally different.

  26. The Tunnels of Seth or soon to be cleared...Yeah!!!
    Another step towards final liberation!

  27. Referencing Planetary Situation Update - January 16th 2015.

    "TUNNELS of Set, plasmatic fistulae of disgust, are being cracked open by the Light, the infection oozing out, being transformed by the Light and being absorbed into the One. This is the occult reason for craziness happening on this planet right now."

    Whether this is related to the current post or not, I don't know, but I'm sure the RM is VERY busy right now.

  28. Hi Mitchell T James,

    Thank you for all your help, with all my questions.

    2 more.

    1 How do i have to deal with my mother/stepfather, who have little or no interest in the comming shift/changes...and the event....

    .....it feels for me, very bad/negative, unpleasant feelings, when i everytime try to attend them, teach them, on what is comming/change in the nearby future....

    ....they say...we know it.....stop talk about it......they not want know much...they say...they know...but, are not interested att all, i feel, strongly know.

    No starseeds i think.......what i do about it.....everytime, i tell them tons of talk about it...but have the convinced feeling, they not like it, when i talk about it, also for them, the upcomming changes, are also for them.

    But what about their minds/hearts.....i feel very bad, exhausted, when i everytime try to help talk about it with them, but they not interested....while they say...we know!!

    But they not want know, and dont know....what is their reason/purpose, of their existence on harsh 3D earth.

    The upcomming changes are also for them too, but still see no changes in their mind/heart, and spirit.

    Like they sucked up all my energy. But they take care of me, in daily life.

    3 Can i make contact with the galactics, spacebrothers/sisters, via channeling, or other options...and so yes, how can i do that...and receive messages/contact.....while meditating...laying down, and focus on them.

    Love and light,

    Remco. And yes, i go inside, to continue with my questions...to my inner self.

    Thank you very much, for all your help.

    1. Hey Remco,

      Cobra and many others have said that no one can interfere with free will. Sounds to me like you have done a great thing by providing them with the information. Now they must choose and its likely they already have in their heart but maybe they also want a little more proof. The Event will see that they have this.

      As for the second question. I honestly couldn't say. I personally have seen visions of E.T's during meditations and dreams but i dont know if its just my imagination having a fun time. The first was a dream about 5 years ago concerning rough times on Earth and in it was a person that looked entirely human, the difference is that I could see their soul and this was most definitely not human. It was golden and calming and completely stripped away all my fear. That dream is still vivid to this day.

      The second time was about 2 years ago during a severe period of depression and in meditation I saw what looked to be almost identical to 3 stereotypical grey's except they were white but not a white i'm familiar with, kind of glowing and kind of not at the same time, very hard to describe. Again no fear or sense of negativity. The prominent E.T just kind of cocked its head as a dog does when its confused. It actually felt like they were just as surprised as i was.

      The most recent which was about a month ago maybe, was something that is very difficult to describe. Ive searched for images and the closest match i could find is not what i saw but the best i can do. http://www.3dartistonline.com/users/661/thm1024/1420771384_ItsoutThere.jpg It appeared briefly, within a dimly lit room of some sort and had some clothes on that seemed to have a raised collar at the neck. I dont remember any feelings of good or bad with this one. The image was there and gone in what seemed like a heartbeat.

      The only advice I can offer would be to simply meditate and not have any expectations other than positivity of course. The images i saw were brief for me likely because i was not expecting anything, i was just simply relaxed.

      Kind regards, always

      This might be a duplicate as my PC was having a crazy moment.

    2. Hi Remco,

      1.I would recommend that you just not talk to your parents about this issue. You already told them once and once is enough. They are not going to believe any of this stuff Cobra says until it happens and they see it on TV. When the Event happens you can help them to adjust to the new information. Until then, just don’t talk about it.

      2.I am not sure what method you can use to contact ETs. We each have different psychic abilities and they must be exercised to become stronger. The ETs must also be open to the contact. The Light Forces are rather busy right now and may not have a great deal of time to chit chat. You can try scrying; it works best for me.

    3. Remco, I'd never force information on anyone, just concentrate on finding some switched on friends in your local area.

  29. Sounds Great! I COMMAND WORLD PEACE NOW!!

  30. But Mitchell,

    My parents, who not believe in it, also changed in their mind...spirit, heart, after the event,

    So, the unpleasant feeling with them, will be gone, after the event i hope, because, all darkness in the universe, will be gone away.

    I hope, we all act different, more loving, more happy, after the event, and feeling muuuch better, than now.

    Hope, the event, and after, will be worth the thousands years of wait, and suffering.

    The event must need to hit at full power, so we all feel something euphoric is happening.

    You was wrong, about that you said, in the 5 th dimension, you cannot materialise with your thoughts.

    Sure you can, i read, and hear, alot on the internet.

    Watch the movie below...what you think, you create.

    But a last question, why do i and other people, still have horrible dreams, when asleep, that persons attack me with a knife...and other very bad things.

    Why is this, just before the event, when all darkness, will be gone?

    After the event, all negative things will be over forgood...also bad dreaming, i hope?

    Nightmares, is also the work of darkness....but they nearly all removed.

    1. Hi Remco,

      Okay, this will be the third time I explain this to you: the Event is not Ascension!! The Event is just arresting the bad guys, reset of the world’s financial system, and disclosure of ETs. It is NOT moving into another dimension. Your parents are not suddenly going to believe in ETs and everything else when the Event happens. They will still be the same people they are today. They will need your help to adjust to the new information. Consciousness of the whole planet will improve after the Event, but not instantaneously. If you think that the Event is going to transform this whole planet into a utopia in an instant, you are going to be sorely disappointed.

      There are lots of things on the Internet. Don’t believe everything you read. From my understanding, the ability to create solid objects, which last and really exist, doesn’t happen until one is very, very advanced in the 10th, 11th, or 12th dimension. It would be absolute chaos if just anyone could manifest anything they thought about. Creation would come to a screeching halt. The being must be very close to Source and of a pure mind to create. Replicators are dangerous enough, the ability to manifest anything you want, when not of a pure mind, would probably destroy the universe. Of course I could be wrong about this. I am not an expert in these matters.

      Dreams are very tricky things. Sometimes they are psychic; sometimes they are from the unconsciousness; and sometimes they are implanted into your mind from the Archons. I can’t be sure why you are dreaming about being attacked with a knife. My guess would be that the Archons are doing this because they want to break you down and make you exhausted. I would think that after the Event most people will not have bad dreams unless it is from psychological issues.

  31. IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: FCC Adopts Strong, Sustainable Rules to Protect the Open Internet | Federal Communications Commission


  32. excerpt from
    The 26,000 Year Cycle - The Next Planet of Existence
    a message from Steve Rother and The Group


    Now, we also wish to mention a word that many of you are feeling: anxiety. Many of you have felt an incredibly strong, increasing anxiety over the last three to four months. For some of you it has turned into a full-blown depression. To others it is simply anxiety, a lack of being able to sleep through the night without worrying about something. This is happening because of the thinning veil. Although you have looked forward to this and we have told you for a very long time that the veil is truly your friend, the veil has kept you from feeling too many things. As a consequence many of you are feeling somewhat disheartened. You are feeling a lack of that very unique life spark that you brought from Home. Be patient dear ones. Do not judge yourselves by the single night’s lack of sleep, or by your feelings, or even how you feel about yourselves in these times of change.

    A Step Up for Humanity

    All of humanity is experiencing a radical re-arrangement on many different levels. On Earth you have a timeline that you have been living in that is based in masculine energy, and over there is a feminine energy timeline which you are about to cross. How will that affect you? Well, that is exactly the question we are asking you. How much of this can you take, how much of the balance of energy can you land? That will determine how much of this imprint stays with humanity after those timelines cross, so prepare yourselves, dear ones. Prepare yourselves to rethink your life. Prepare yourselves to dare to look under every rock for opportunities and things that have been brought to you. Even your own guides will now communicate with you in a slightly different way. It is not them that have changed, it is you. All of humanity is taking a step up and you must learn to communicate on these new levels as well. These are exciting times for us, and we know that you have gone through so much over the last several years. You have accomplished it all and have stepped forward in the new light, moving past your greatest fears to create a reality of carrying light in a new world. These are the times that all of you had hoped would arrive if you dared to stay long enough. Well, you have and the energy is shifting right now.

    Dear ones, it is becoming magical for each of you. Now is the time that you can reach out your hands to share this with other humans...."

    And So, It IS!