Monday, February 2, 2015

January Monthly Update by Cobra

You might want to listen to the January monthly update Cobra interview by Rob Potter or read the transcript there:

The Youtube version is also available. The interview starts at 27 minute mark: 

You can still send your questions to and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview. 

You can also watch the Youtube video versions of two of my recent articles.

Planetary situation update: 


The Breakthrough is near!



  1. All 3 interviews were chocked full of good information...Cobra and interviewers thanks so much!

    I've been stocking up on essentials to be ready for the Event & to help out others and working on community gardening plans.

  2. possibly some proof of chimera presence on the kuiper belt ?

  3. Thank you for answering the question about Argentina! Hope to see great changes in the near future, we have presidential elections this year.

  4. It's not obvious yet to most................But there is a big under current of change around or within Obama happening ....whether like him or not.....

    1. Maybe it's a blot a bad beef or mustard....perhaps underdone potato? There's more of Gravy than of Grave about that man. Although to be honest, God know what Michelle is feeding him. Sides reports claim he's a Mind Controlled MK Ultra - He doesn't make any decisions without his handlers "thumbs up".

      When the Event comes - If Obama makes a speech about how he's involved and he's one of the Good Guys- I will simply say "Get Off the Stage Barry! Go back to Hawaii & stay there let the Aliens speak already"- lol.

      BTW - I don't trust Chris Christie either - Ever since Hurricane Sandy (and that Judist hug) I've thought he was a clone....a very hefty clone. Imagine the techs when they got the specs....You have how much Proto-Plasm? Are we making 1 clone or 3? Just 1 guy? Who is gonna steer this thing?

      But I digress

  5. " the breakthrough is near "
    Yes I can feel it! This time it is not a disturbant in the force.
    Something has changed - and it is all positive!
    " celebrations ya - come on "

  6. If the surface population has to wait just one more day, minute, week or second for what is and has always been ours it's unacceptable and should NOT be tolerated by any of us. This ever present abomination of our free will to have a full experience in this given moment and many many moments passed is unconscionable!

    Humanity's FREE WILL, at least the awakened portion of the population to experience is being dictated by the cabals, the RM and the Light Forces all combined! At the moment Our FREE WILL, in all its expressions, is not individual but is being dictated and impeded upon by a collective. An ever present reality that is and has been perpetuated, supported and sustained for way to long.

    For the awakened population on the surface an individuals right to universal free will in all its expressions is nothing more than a fairy tale. Our experiences and the galactics experiences as it relates are and will be forever fundamentally different.

    How the conditions on the surface were even allowed to approach this level of chicanery is almost unforgivable. All the cabals, the RM and Light Forces all should be ashamed and embarrassed at what you all collectively co-created. Disappointing to say the least.

    1. We are Source. So we are gonna end up kicking ourselves when all this is over ...

    2. How about taking a little personal responsibility for your own experience Mathew? Are you helping the situation with your rants? Are the RM/galactic federation going to speed things up because you don't like the way things are going?

      You've just found a way to justify your finger pointing to yourself...Fine...keep your justifications to yourself. They aren't helping us get any more liberated.

    3. Matthew Waxelbaum is right. Passionate rejection like this is actually necessary to break down the old paradigms.
      The reason the old paradigms of pain and suffering continue is because so many people like "G Martin" are willing to role over and just blame themselves. The archons take our silence on the issue as confirmation that we approve of what they have done to us.

      How do you get out of a nightmare. Do you just sit there and take it. NO. You get out the same way Alice did in Alice in Wonderland by throwing a fit. By yelling this is outrageous and ridiculous you wake yourself up from the nightmare. However, this is no dream. The world we are living in right now IS outrageous and has become a living nightmare.

      Read the book of "Job" from the bible. God does NOT work in mysterious ways. Those beings are not god. They are our masters the archons and they were testing their slave named Job. Truth is Job failed the test. Job had a nice house, a wife, kids, a family, and many animals. The archons destroyed Job's house, killed his wife and kids, took away his animals, and then inflicted Job's body with disease and pox. After this had come to pass Job threw himself on his knees and thanked his lord. The archons approved of this because it proved their slave was a non sentient being. Job loved his archon masters no matter what they did to him. Even a dog if beaten enough will turn against his master. To do what Job did is to prove that you are lower than even an animal.

      There is a word for being lower than an animal and it is called 'golum.' The 'golum' is typically made of magically enchanted clay and mud. It is more like a machine than a living thing. A golum is less than a slave because it is non sentient. That is how the archon view the human race. We are just some 'things' that they can do with as they please. The human race can be used as the archon's play things as long as we approve of what they do to us. As long as we act like a 'golum' we will be treated like a 'golum.' Think of the book of Job as a test of sentience. The archons were testing to see if the humans were sentient. If the humans were sentient we would have to be given freedom because it violates Galactic law to enslave a sentient race.

      If only Job had stood up and raised his fist to the sky and rebuked the archons this paradigm of pain and suffering would have ended thousands of years ago. It is going to continue for thousands of more years until people stand up.

      Righteous anger over that they have done to us is absolutely justified. We need to scream at the top of our lungs "NO More." This fake created matrix of a universe is out outrageous and I am not going to stand for it any more. Say it with me: "I am not going to stand for this anymore." Even when I meditate I try to send out the distress call far into the universe. Free will is being massively violated on this planet. Sentient beings are being enslaved. We are not golums. We are aware of what is being done to us and we do not approve. Send help.

      Peace and Victory to the light.

    4. Nuvosod, thanks for the support and insight!

      At this stage of the mission and in this moment I think a palatable dose of righteous indignation from all of us is more than in order and quite frankly very long overdue!

    5. Novusod, I don't blame myself for this. I don't know what gives you that impression, but not blaming our allies doesn't equate to blaming myself.

      I read most of your post, and still fail to see why blaming the the ones who are assisting our liberation is helpful in any way. I agree that anger can be useful if it is directed properly and not overindulged in.

      I also see the huge ability of the false/parasitic mind to create justifications for bitching...IE feeling superior than reality.
      Empowered creators/people are solution oriented IMO


    7. Matthew, I have been reading your similar posts and I invite you to expand beyond the vision you have held. In brief, NOTHING WHATSOEVER happens anywhere at anytime without the ever present knowing of Source which, being omnipresent, realizes all knowledge. Contemplate that, please, and you will see that there are ultimately no mistakes that have pulled over on God or Source. Nothing happens independently of Source and its allowance for Divine Purpose. You may continue to have your viewpoint that so many are at fault. Even if that were true, it would by virtue of the Divine allowance of such "faults" for a greater outcome of good. Please consider this deeply. Thank you.

    8. @novusod is "golum" where the Yiddish word "goyim" comes from? And if i understand you correctly golum/goyim/sheeple < animals. If so my world just became much much clearer and slightly more depressing!

  7. Amazing synchronicity! I was just wondering what exactly is the charisma of a leader and there it is! In the picture! That's very deep. Thank you, Cobra:)

    1. I was thinking today how Cobra has set the standard for e-leadership. I never realized an entire movement could grow out of a humble blogspot.

    2. @Contact Point: it´s not about blogspot, it´s about the content.


  8. today:

    "Frenetic delusionals open themselves to unveiling.
    Bodes of secrecy are dissolved.
    Harbingers of Light come quickly and innumerably.
    Stresses are moderated for hu-manity, Hue-manity, and Gaia body.
    Florescing nutrients are infused to all of Gaia."

    And that's it, more or less,
    till this Midnight Express . . .

    Remember Who You really Are, people. You are all Divine Creators.
    You have No Weaknesses, only Strengths and Powers that are less visible than others.
    And that's a Fact !!!!

    *Küsschen, Süße*

    Victory Of Love, Light, Unity, Joy, Peace, Freedom and Ascension

    Lars B.


  9. Thank you for the interesting interview, Cobra and Rob, and thank you for providing the transcript too.

    Meanwhile: Interesting on-line seminar planned for Sunday Feb. 8, 10:00 pm New York, USA time..... up to maximum of 10 people.

    1. Thanks Megan! I haven't publicised it much, to see how many people find their way on their own steam. If only 1-2 people turn up, we can have an interesting Q+A. I will invite some Asian friends.

      I am at work anyway, so it makes no odds how many people come.


  10. Thank you for a very excellent interview by both Rob and Cobra!! I got a much clearer picture of current events and a renewed hope for the future!! Thank you both! Victory of the Light!!

  11. I have a headache since three week . I went to the doctor. I undergone a lot of medical examination , but did not find anything . I read on several websites is that this latest change. Ok . I agree , but why me? I'm not a lightworker, lightwarrior . I'm a simple man. I'm Nobody.

    Sorry my english. Half of google translated.

    1. I'd stay away from mobile phones as much as possible if you can. Detoxadine and Liposomal Vit C can help.

      You can also try the Six Doctors Technique:

      We're all living under blockade conditions right now. It's not easy for any of us.

      BTW, there are no nobodys on this planet. Jupiter Ascending makes that point powerfully:

      The Archons are terrified of us waking up to our full power as a collective.

    2. You are important. Send light to the painful areas and imagine the pain dissolving into the light. Drink lots of pure water. Be in nature. Thanks for being here.

    3. My advice would be to go spend some significant time in the woods. Whatever is causing your headache will most likely ease up.

    4. You're reading Portal 2012. Yes, you are a lightworker.

    5. I'd recommend using Orgone energy. I used to have headaches all the time around electronics, EMF fields and mobile phones. Since I've had my orgone pendant and pyramid, I almost never get them and I have great sleep. Hope this helps brother.

    6. The others are right, if you are here and do meditations for instance, you're a lightworker. (Remember, Cobra said many among the 144K members of the Order of the Star are not even aware about being part of it.) Maybe you didn't realize it yet but probably you have some role to play. It's not necessarily something big but important for sure. All of us have gifts, talents, contacts etc. All of us can take part in this great effort, on way or the other.

      A többieknek igazuk van, ha itt vagy, és mondjuk szoktál meditálni, akkor fénymunkás vagy. (Emlékezz, Cobra szerint a Csillag Rendjének 144E tagja közül sokan még annak sincsenek tudatában, hogy benne vannak.) Talán még nem ismerted föl, de valószínűleg van valamilyen szereped. Nem feltétlenül valami nagy dolog, de az biztos, hogy fontos. Mindannyiunknak vannak adottságai, képességei, kapcsolatai stb. Mindannyian részt vehetünk ebben a nagy, közös erőfeszítésben, így, vagy úgy.

    7. Thank you all of your answers. i appreciate it.

      @ Len Névte:

      Neked bővebben válaszolok, mert a magyar jobban megy nekem, és remélem nem haragszanak meg a többiek, hogy angolul nem kínlódom össze ezt a sok mindent.:)
      Valójában nem régóta járok ide, csak néhány hónapja. Pár hónappal ezelőtt érdekes fordulatot vett az életem, és a tetejében még volt egy álmom, amit nem tudtam hova tenni. Ez volt eddigi életemben a harmadik olyan álmom, ami úgymond beleégett a tudatomba, és a mai napig fel tudom idézni pontosan. Olyan történések voltak benne, amire nem lehet azt mondani, hogy az elmém az általam megtapasztalt dolgokat szőtte bele az álmomba. Ami "ott" történt, egyszerűen lehetetlen lenne az életemben. Ez után az álom után kezdtem el "nyomozni", és a nyomozás során jutottam el ide, Cobra oldalára, és más a változással foglalkozó oldalakra. Az első hetekben elég érdekesen álltam hozzá az itt és máshol olvasott dolgokhoz. Ellenséges voltam, és hülyeségnek tartottam, aztán valahogy magával ragadott a dolog. Eszembe ötlött, hogy a szívem mélyén én is ezt szeretném, és régen is ezt szerettem volna. Békét, nyugalmat, és szeretetet. Mivel ez nem valósult meg a környezetemben, az utóbbi években elég ellenségesen viselkedtem mindennel, és mindenkivel. Szóval elragadott a dolog, és hinni kezdtem.....Remélem nem alaptalanul. Így pl. magával a meditáció lehetőségével is itt ismerkedtem meg, így abban is kezdő vagyok. Megmondom őszintén nem is szeretnék nagy szerepet, alkalmatlan vagyok én nagy dolgok végrehajtására. Ezt most ne vedd negatívumnak, hanem egyszerűen így érzem. Soha nem hajszoltam a pénzt, a hírnevet, vagy a hatalmat, így ha kis szerepem is lenne, én azzal is megelégednék. Egy biztos: Mióta ide járok, és próbálok meditálni, sok minden eszembe jutott. Beszélgetések rég nem látott barátokkal, ahol előjöttek olyan témák hármunk közt, ami akkor fantáziálás volt, most megerősítést nyert. Pl. egyszer beszélgettünk arról, hogy mennyi eséllyel jut ki az emberiség a világűrbe kolóniákat alapítani. Akkor én azt mondtam: Erre sok esély addig nincs amíg nem tartunk össze, nem becsüljük egymást, mert be vagyunk zárva a bolygónkra, mintha büntetésben lennénk....

      Sok mindent tudnék én erről írni....Szinte minden nap eszembe jut valami apróság. Ezek a dolgok mindig is bennem voltak, és mikor próbáltam jobb lenni, segítőkészebb, empatikusabb, akkor csak rossz dolgot kaptam cserébe. Évekig haragban éltem ezek miatt a rossz dolgok miatt, csak a keserűség volt bennem. Mostanság úgy érzem, jó úton haladok afelé, hogy a múltban hagyjam ezeket, ne rágódjak rajtuk, hanem tanuljak belőlük. Hosszú folyamat lesz ez nekem, de most az egyszer bízom magamban. Megtanulok rendesen meditálni, és talán egyszer velem is szóba állnak az idegenek, vagy legalább egy hajójukat látom:)

      Remélem nem voltam zavaros, ha igen, nézd el nekem. Most egy gyerek vagyok, aki járni tanul, hogy később futni tudjon:)

    8. Nekem úgy tűnik, hogy te sem véletlenül vagy itt... :)

      Ami engem illet, lassan 3 éve követem ezt a blogot, 4 éve meditálok, de csak mostanában kezdek ráébredni, hogy sokkal fontosabb szerepet játszhatok ebben az egészben, mint gondoltam.

      Ha csak a globális meditációk 144 ezres kritikus tömegét nézzük, a 7 milliárd ember közül ez egy rendkívül szűk réteget jelent, arról nem is beszélve, hogy az Esemény idején, illetve utána milyen fontos lehet a szerepünk...
      Szóval tényleg ne gondolj magadra "senkiként"!

      Minden jót!

  12. I highly recomend that everyone read Cheryl’s Notes from Cobra’s Breakthrough Conference in Taiwan
    She did a great job, and the one very important message that stuck with me was about the power of intention and how the dark ones are very dedicated in this, so how many white magicians/great souls can we get together to manifest the final victory of the Light?

  13. Violet Flame For Earth!

    Teasy Love sent us a good looking video, we've organised a violet flame meditation around it. I enjoy the music, I've listened to the track 3 times so far. I saw some good comments about meditation in the comments on Cobras last post. I'll add them in our comment section.

    1. Eric Gabriel

      Hi all,
      My buddy Tiny and I are happy to report that final clearings of the plasma field (in the upper layers of Earth) are in final verification before the All Clear is given.

      Tiny is my alternative form come from another space that can suck up any kind of plasma based energy and render it inert by breaking it down with his rainbow laser teeth, really he’s a giant puppy just slightly smaller then the Earth herself. He breaks down the tech there by squeezing the dark matter out of the plasma tech/bombs and consumes it for fuel … he then compresses the remain dark matter into a round pellet that is expelled into the waiting hands of my Angelic buddies who take it into the light for transmutation.

      He’s doing a final once over with the violet flame and the rainbow diamond light just to be sure we scrubbed Mom’s House Clean, getting ready for her Return. So that’s my contribution to the Pond for today .. hope it helps people and anyone who wants to meet Tiny, he’s really a big puppy at Heart .. he Lights up so sweetly when the angels come and gets very fierce when he detects enemy tech …

      and then!

      No more parasitic ankle biter tech! Yay Days are Here to Stay

      <(") :P :D Love You Large and Big Hugs from me

      – eric

    2. Thanks Eric for these messages. I love the puppy analogy and especially the good news it brings to us all. There was a more recent post about some kind of global instant rendevous that's on the website. It sounds fascinating also. Thanks again

    3. EG. I so appreciate you and your Tin-ny.

  14. Amazing! Thank you Cobra & Rob!

  15. Everyone should read this:
    Cheryl’s Notes from Cobra’s Breakthrough Conference in Taiwan

    1. thanks for this great stuff

    2. I did a quick cross reading of it and got back to the beginning where C said:

      "This original Soul Contract, which we signed with the Archons prior to our first incarnation, enabled the Archons to implant us...."


      "So now is the time to deprogram our selves."

      Both is right, BUT...

      About 2/3 of C's followers are OIC incarnated.
      Being OIC incarnated is a very tricky thing, esp. related to 3D. Most people "down here" are not OIC incarnated, so they are in a total different situation. Both groups, OIC and non-OIC incarnated made deals / contracts. And not only one, many deals were needed to get permission to come down here.

      While the non-OIC incarnated only had to make deals with archons (LSA group), the OIC incarnated had to make additional deals with taurus and orion (chimera) groups. So from the "deals" perspective they are in a much worse situation than the non-OIC incarnated.

      But the good part of this is, that all "deal keepers" from dark side are already taken away. In normal case a deal needs to get finished from all sides, but if only one side remains, this one can finish the deal alone. So even if all deals are no more juridical valid they are still energetically online and active, until you revoke them. The average OIC incarnated 3d person has about 330 still active deals running.

      All deals that OIC incarnated ones made are kept in some kind of "filing department". The tricky point in this is , that one of those deals is exactly about this "filing department" and prohibits any access to it through higher "parts" who/which are connected to an OIC incarnated one. So it is quite difficult to cancel those deals. I build a simple solution for this which you can find here in our forum.

      One interesting of the OIC deals which everyone has, is about fading in the cognitions from pseudo-3d-Earth from the belonging OIC timeline into the real 3d cognition.

      You can very simple quit all deals just by ordering to the "filing department" to revoke and cancel all deals which are registered for you.

      And there are not only deals registered, all OIC incarnated ones have in average about 210 agreements registered, with whom you allow darks to do many kinds of shit to you. In the past most of these deals and agreements have been backuped by the darks with hostage and blackmailing situations. Those are cleaned up now.

      So you OIC incarnated people, you have now the door out of the trap, take it or not....

    3. What is OIC incarnation and how do you know if you are one?

    4. Good, good thank you. But.if you explain what is oic, it would be better

    5. SA, i think that is a loaded question

    6. Keep in mind all contracts are 2 way streets regardless of OIC or non-OIC. Most of us just didn't come here to suffer for nothing. Yes, the contracts allow them to attack us but we can attack them back. That is why we are here. Our very presence damages them because we are light anchors. Some of us are on a mission to dissolve this entire reality. We didn't come here just to run away. If that is the case why come here at all? If you are a light warrior you are here on a mission. By canceling the contracts we abandon the mission.

      The archons are trying to get the light workers to exit the battlefield just as we about to win. They wouldn't be offering us the door out this easy if they were winning. This is NOT the first time this door has been offered to some of us. If you cancel all your contracts you could find yourself on the other side of the veil unable to get back in and you will miss the event. Think carefully about this.

      Watch and remember your mission:

    7. Robert.. is that my question you're referring to?? Not at all. I read this blog every day and some stuff i get . Lots i havent a clue. I have seen oic come up before and perhaps i am looking just for the 'idiots' guide to answer. I suopose I'm always intrigued by so many contributers sense of "knowing" who they are.. and their 'origins' .. maybe this is the difference between those of us who read this blog out of intrigue and hope and those truly 'awake'.. another term i stil struggle with . Hope this makes sense.. perhaps I am naeive asking the question but definitly curious..

    8. @Novusod
      "Keep in mind all contracts are 2 way streets"
      I'm sorry, but you are wrong in this, many are one way only...

      "trying to get the light workers to exit the battlefield"
      You are misled in this. The OIC is outside of the real battle fields. It's a place to keep the "lightworkers" busy with playing useless light <> dark games. Leaving OIC means, entering reality, entering the battlefields...

      "you could find yourself on the other side of the veil"
      Sry, but this only shows clearly that you have no clue what the veil is... OIC is outside of the veil, 3D Earth "is" the veil. "The veil" is a region, not a border. Leaving OIC means entering it and start to get able (in theory) to do changes.

      But when i wrote the above, I expected answers like your's, and that only a very few ones will wake up... I gave up trying to wake up OIC people years ago, they (you) will wake up when all of 3D will change to the better, but OIC "lightworkers" ambient will not... By offering the door i just prevent that the OIC incarnated will blame me in future why i did not help them earlier...

      So take it or leave it, not my topic...

    9. @Hamourapi2012 Novusod is right. By definition a "contract" must have a "counter-party" All "contracts" by definition are a two way street.

      Peace and Victory of the Light!

    10. If nothing else, it's a really cool Fractal. And a free way to potentially remove many soul contracts?

    11. Yes Matthew there are always 2 or more sides included.

      But I mean that many contracts have only benefits running in one way. They have been pressed on the being to take it by using blackmailing or hostage situations.

      And also by forcing many people made agreements (they don't count as deal/contract). They need to get handled separately, in rules they don't count as deals.

  16. @Piller - sokan szenvedunk fejfajastol es mas fajdalmaktol, faradsagtol, stb. Ez mind a sotet eroktol jon - hasznald a vedo meditaciot amit Cobra javasol nem regen as eggyik posztjaban.

    Fel a fejjel testver.

    1. Köszönöm a válaszod.

      Próbálkoztam azzal a meditációval, de meditálásban még kezdő vagyok, alig pár hónapja csinálom, és még csak a technikám csiszolásánál tartok, így nem is biztos, hogy jól csinálom.

    2. @Xalyy - kerdez, mit szeretnel!

      @Piller - cask csinald tovab a meditaciot - az cask job less a gyakorlatal. Ha van a kozelben valaki aki REIKI-vel foglalkozik azt javasolom - vagy Reiki terapiat vagy inkab kurzust hogy megtanuld es akkor magadat meg csaladodat is birod reikivel tretirozni.

  17. HEY KIDS! - It's time to share another "Think Piece" we can all play. When I was a little...person. I saw this video from Billy Joel called "Pressure". Ya see gang, back in the 80's MTV used to play Videos (as opposed to leftist socialist cultural indoctrination channel it's been since 1996?) and apparently this video from Billy was popular in 1983-84?

    Seriously Watch this video of Billy Joels "Pressure" and tell me it doesn't remind you of someone (an Artist?) being cracked or molded by an MK Ultra attempt. Seriously - this video can't be an accident. I'm not necessarily a big Billy Joel enthusiast but his songs & videos are certainly Esoteric In flavor & meaning.

    Maybe this is old news but this video occurred me that THIS is an ample song about what it's like to be "Under Pressure" (for the 80's anyway)- What kind of pressure? what's at stake?, what is being threatened? How is the Pressure being applied, what anxiety's are involved ect.'s still a fascinating little piece of WTF 80's video.

    I saw this and thought- Is THIS how the AssChons see humanity? Is this what they "Value"? Party's & Lavish stuff & picking on Insecurities in 'social situations'? The 80's were pretty shallow but video is all kinds of WTF?

  18. Thank you Cobra and Rob for the excellent interview. So many of my questions were answered. I have not been able to figure out why I felt so bad most of last month (almost suicidal for no reason). The explanation about the comet Lovejoy totally explains why I have been feeling so much better lately. It's as if a full scale attack on my psyche was suddenly lifted about the same time the comet flew over. Awesome!

    1. the light of god never fails and deep transcendental vibrations of luminal resonance are uplifting and transmuting all matter / enter the silence of your beings and intend love into all of creation follow your breath form with all diligence and hold fast to truth

    2. Wow, Rob! You're a poet....very nicely put! And thanks for the great interview with Cobra....I love all the interviews & interviewers as we all learn so much from each of them.

  19. yeah my buddy Tiny, whose job is AllTransmutatorMuncherPlasmaClearingTech ... has given me the signal that the grid is clear now in the plasma level ... anyone can confirm by other means please do. So sending him on a last once over of the plasma layers and sending him on his way Home, with Loving Blessings from Mother Goddess and many Heartfelt Thanks <3 ;) <(") Yay Days final earth level clearings may commence unhindered once the All Clear is given ... no idea what that will be?! Keen to know <3

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Cobra was specifically referring to people who choose suicide, thinking they will escape the pain of this (un)reality, and don't understand that life is a gift. They would likely have a more intense purification process. I am sure your Lightworker grandfather is fine, and he is going to be watching over you, dear. Call on him, talk to him, if you need to, he most likely can hear you. Ask him to come into your dreams for a visit, or to help you with a specific issue. Sit quietly and see what ideas and solutions come to you.

      I'm sorry for your loss. <3

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Thank you to the people posting the link to Cheryl's Notes on the Taiwan Conference. I was reading a book called Co-Evolution and funnily enough the pages were highlighted on some of the text. On the right hand side were notes by someone called Cheryl. Would this be the same person I wonder as she mentions Cobra in her notes?

    Some of the last pages of Co-Evolution are missing so I've not read anymore which is a pity. Anyway, here is the link again for the Cheryl Notes and it is highly recommended. Thank you Cheryl!

    1. Thank you so much, Kate! I reblogged it everywhere. Very clear info from Cheryl and Cobra.

  22. from Cheryl’s Notes;

    ''The compression break through is not The Event itself, it means the Energy is accumulating and increasing for The Event to occur.''

    O man, this will take years and years of waiting...first we need break through and then The Event...We don't even have the first thing. Jesus Christ.

    You know, Cobra was writing things like ''Victory of the light is near'' and ''Break through is near'' in 2013 and here we are in 2015. Smart people can see what is going on, and Event junkies will never see anything. Just take a look how many comments people wrote after Taiwan post, a lot of people were like ''O man, Event is here'' yea right...

    And now BACK TO REALITY.

    1. When talking about "Event predictions", so far every single one (100%) doing those have been wrong, be it disinfo one or not. I don't know if I'd had as much strength if there would be "no way anything is gonna happen in the next 10 years" everywhere from every source. My mind automatically stopped feeling disappointed after certain (large) amount of delays. Currently these energies are making me feel like I'm literally dying, so not giving a fuck is the natural survival mode I adapt.

    2. I think you just don't get it, its not a matter of time, if you can't figure that out then you need more growing (no judgement) its a journey and the event will happen when WE are ready not when WE want

    3. @Petar, I was a bit taken aback by that statement also, as it contradicts everything Cobra has been saying since the beginning. However, if you read further into the notes you will also read this statement:

      "The Compression Breakthrough is the same thing as The Event."

      So I think it is just a simple error in transcribing on Cheryl's part for the first statement. Cobra had probably said the 'Breakthrough Phase is not the same thing as the Event'..... Calm down. :-))

  23. This is the best overview image I could find of the Brookhaven Labs:

    So it is right here, just a few feet right smack underneath this area where the Chimaera group, the beings separating humanity from liberation make camp? But they also have other bases, but this is their biggest & only access to the surface? Pretty interesting.

    You can see where they have the particle acceleration machines. The white circular building at the bottom right does strike as somewhat bizarre.

  24. Also noticed that the main astronaut/UFO image looks much clearer again :-) Love & Light to all. <3

    1. Yes, MUCH more clear! I usually look for changes but missed it this time when it finally did change! Thanks!

    2. I just noticed the same thing, it changed a few times before, so it might mean something :)

    3. The "layer" over the horizon has been "cleaned up"....!

  25. Replies
    1. It´s not so blurry anymore, but is it a technical issue of blogspot or an image exchange?

  26. Petar... and for the minority following everything, glad we understand what is being said and glad it is now becoming nearer to happening... the window has been open since 1967 - it is a 50yr window for actualisation of the Event the fact we are still within that window is fine, but the fact things have taken a leap or two further forward than expected allows for the event to occur somewhat earlier than thought even 1yr ago

  27. If you haven't already listened to Alexandra Meadors speaking about her mission in Africa please do. Excellent intel, she talks about the Congo Portal that Cobra has mentioned and so much more. Video is 2 hours long but really exciting stuff. This video was done in December 2014 I think going by the info given towards the end.

    "Alexandra Meadors gives a private presentation on her experiences throughout South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana, revealing the incessant Galactic assistance throughout her entire journey. What began as a threat on her life, these missions were without a doubt some of the most profound experiences of her life. After 60 days, she was confident that two major portals had been opened allowing never-before very high cosmic energies to assist with the ascension transition. The Congo portal was finally nullified and shut down, marking a whole new path for Mother Earth and her children. Over 2000 programs perpetuating the enslaved worker have been lifted!"

    1. She is so awesome and love her interviews. Rob potter should listen to her he might get a few pointers on how to interview someone!

  28. Wow, Wow Wow .. la imagen ha cambiado

  29. Cobra,
    I think that this may be something you and/or the RM may want to look at if you have not already!

  30. There is problems with my posts, some of them aren't published. Someone have the same problem?

    1. I KNOW the Answer!!! - It's NOT a problem w/ Cobra it's a BlogSpot tech issue within "Select Profile"- If you hit "Publish" and you do not see a tiny yellow bar w/ words behind it "Your message will be visible after it's approved" (something like that) - changes are it's been caught in a Filter or Glitched in WordPress someway.

      I've been posting here since 2013 and noticed that I MUST log into say "Google" (or have a profile loaded) before It will accept my comment to send to Moderators - remember the Capcha? (The little #'s you type to prove you're a human?) where has that gone?

      See! It's a glitch on BlogSpot - I myself had messages "Not Appear"& couldn't figure our why. Amazing I figured this out but I make heads or tales of the stuff 3DHD posts - lol

    2. Something else I've noticed and I think I did this once, is that you can click on the publish button, it's even highlighted, without actually being logged into blogger. Then it never reaches Cobra's eyes. If you see the Sign out onto the right and the Notify me box, then you know you're signed in. Scrolling to the very top of the Blog, a person should also be able to see if they are signed in or out. I don't know about you, but I don't blog much and usually sign out I guess when I'm done, and need to remember to always sign back in when I want to blog again.

    3. Thank you Gantz, I know it's not a problem caused by COBRA, but something with blogspot tech. Sometimes after login on my google account, and after submit the post, it doesn't appear the captcha, and 'your message will be approve soon', or something like that... this works bad! Patience!

      This time I was written something very cool about Archangel Michael, and unfortunately, it wasn't posted. It was about how protect yourself and elevate energy to our field with the mantra: CHRISTUS MIKAEL. It must be said, repeated how much time you need until you see the effect. This is too powerfull, it must be done with conscious and respect. You know, when you know the name of the something, like an entity, and when you think or when your say the name of, you are bringing that energy close to you.

      So, we need increase your energy level to start demolish the matrix, at the same time protect yourself against the attacks of the entropy - nothing more obvious to get the right tool - the Command of Light Forces directly, like the Ashtar Command in particular.

      If you don't get the point, let me explain, I need to cative more and more light wariors and light bringers to equalize the energy between the veils (pressure by light). This is the way to speed the process. Call them... they are your family too, they supported your back, but you don't remember yet! Don't doubt, this exist, they are here to help vanish all veils, but we need to do your part.

  31. Is this the beginning of THE EVENT??

  32. here is a project for you Cobra. $20,000 homes by a non profit organisation.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Or we could just give him his space, and leave him and his friends some privacy.

    2. JustBe,
      Why do you need to know that?...What about your discernment? No, it's not safe yet for Cobra to tell all the details about himself. I'm sure you're a very beautiful soul but please calm down and take a deep breath!

    3. "What is important is the message and not the messenger. Human mind usually associates given message with perceived characteristics of the messenger and this tends to cloud its objectivity."

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. The above cover pic is not blurry anymore :D

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. If you want to know why all the delays of the RV, Global Reset, etc, you can check this link up, I believe there are some truths in it :-

    May the LOVE be with you always!
    Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Wow. You really have a lot of interesting things to say.

    2. LOL - I know Robert - so interesting that he's deleted them.... I missed out on all that "Interesting wisdom". Maybe he should get a blog - lol

  40. Half an hour before the Weekly Liberation Meditation for the duration of 15 minutes we invite you to join this short visualisation, inspired by Cobra:

    ~Activation of the mandala of 144.000 starbeings of light, the volunteers of Sanat Kumara~

    Visualize the chalice made out of Moldavite with 144.000 facets in front of the central sun of our galaxy, carrying the threefold flame inside.

    See the rays of the central sun meet every single facet and feel every facet being connected to one starbeing of light on earth. See and feel this connection as a ray of of golden white light.

    See and feel how the rays of the central sun activate the 144.000 starbeings of light as intense and radiant as possible, the chalice serving as a magnificient amplifying lense.

    Observe the sacred geometry mandala getting formed and activated, every being takes its divine position, fully aware of its true divine purpose.

    See the mandala operating perfectly and feel how it is filled with the eternal love of the divine threefold pink-blue-golden-colored flame of life.

    Your time zone: Click on "change Your location" please:

    Facebook, please join, share and invite:

  41. Wow!........ Very interesting all............ 7 Days something big happening possibly......

    1. I had a dream yesterday, I didn't think it's important till I read that same post. I'm not sure about it's meaning but I think it's worth sharing...

      In my dream I was in sort of an educational institute, just before a major, comprehensive exam. I felt Iike I wasn't ready, was thinking about cheating. Then the women who was leading the course came in and said (referring to the exam): "the arrest will take place in the next week". I asked excitedly "Whaaat?" - and she said "Just calm down."

      I was shocked when I saw that post on Kauilapele's blog about people's dream talks like "Ready the ships and let’s start the final tow. Will take 7 days. GO… end transmission".

      Now I think Alexandra Meadors' recent message about staying calm is perhaps related to this stuff...

  42. Releasing the SOUL Construct – the creator of the matrix
    Posted: February 4, 2015 - By Karen Dover

    Blog: "BOB CHARLES SAYS" ( Roger = aka lifeisbeautiful)

    Cheryl’s Notes from Cobra’s Breakthrough Conference in Taipei, Taiwan - Jan 24-25, 2015

    Day One: January 24th
    The following are extensive notes written as fast as my hands could fly at the transformative Breakthrough Conference with Cobra and the dedicated Light Workers of Taiwan.

    “You must Unlearn What you have Learned”

    Humans have been programed in many ways.
    The First Programming of humans involve our initial Soul Contract. Soul Contracts were signed with the Archons prior to our first lifetime. Humans on Planet Earth have Free Will. This original Soul Contract, which we signed with the Archons prior to our first incarnation, enabled the Archons to implant us and program humans inside our plasma energy field to prevent us from having any remembrance of The Light and previous incarnations.

    That was the first layer of programing. The added layer of programing was inserted by the Archons before each present incarnation. These implants are inserted into our soul ~ into our Etheric Body. This part of our programming was to prevent a baby from remembering earlier incarnations. It is a very painful process prior to birth and this is one reason why babies cry when they are born.

    The second layer of programming is through our parents and the instillation of their fears, belief systems etc. On going layers of programming occur through the educational system, government propaganda, media programming, religious programming etc.

    So now is the time to deprogram our selves. We have entered the Breakthrough phase at the last IS:IS Portal Activation in December 2014. Breakthrough Phase means intensity is increasing. More Light presence and more reaction from the Other Side are increasing. It is very important to remain centered. If Archons trigger
    us by others or it is important to remain calm and not react.

    The compression break through is not The Event itself, it means the Energy is accumulating and increasing for The Event to occur. It is like we are in the middle of a hurricane. We are to Keep Centered. Keep Focused. Do not get provoked.

    This change on our planet is a Galactic Change. It is very strong energy.

    Cobra described and showed a photo of himself in a high speed space craft when he traveled beyond the Veil, high up beyond the stratosphere, This is important for the removal of the Chimera group who maintains Planet Earth’s quarantine status.

    Cobra spoke of working with Direct Contact = Physical contact with positive E.T. races. “We are working on this contact to happen hopefully before the Event.”
    Break Through Phase.

    READ MORE THE ARTICLE which is a total report
    from the conference done by Cheryl Scott

    1. I agree with the general idea of what I've called "Pre-Programmed Existence" or assessing the rules of someone's "Subjective Reality".

      For example: In My reality everyone's DNA & health structure is signature to them (and their chart/reality field). I have NEVER had a hang-over via Alcohol. Never - I'm over 21 & younger than 45- I've done shots, hard stuff, Everclear, ect - NEVER. It's just how my body deals w/ it. I, a few years ago starting having bowl issues with milk (NOT Diary!- just 2% or Whole Milk). This does Not mean Milk is bad for everyone! Just like Alcohol will never get me seriously drunk- Ever! Other people = Different Reality.

      Why mention this? Because your Belief systems of what is possible is far more Flexible. I personally have: seen ghosts, have Past Life memories, see space crafts, seen Angels, seen Darkness in humans, have 100's of precog dreams, Known people who could read minds, & remote viewed (not an expert just in my life at some point)- I know these are "Possible" (personally) having experienced them 1st hand. They will Not surprise me if they become more common later after the Event.

      I once thought it was absurd that 9-11 was an Inside Job... then gradually came to more facts & learned to accept it. MANY people are going to have serious issues with the Fall of the Matrix.

      They ONLY know: What their parents, Gov, peers, the Media, Church tells them- They don't even know How to Ask Questions - I have memories of Past Lives where I was that close minded person & I remember what I thought then & why I thought THEY were crazy. Especially Religious types.

      I always start by saying "Have you ever had an Out-of-Body experience?" (or Seen a real Ghost)- If they NO, then simply say "I can understand why you wouldn't believe me"- These people have been "beaten into submission" for so many lives & if they're successful at life- common sense will tell them THEY are "right" & you are the Freak. Why? because YOU are questioning "the program". The AssChons can only keep you sleeping if you're NOT Questioning or challenging your Belief systems.

      Time Travel, Teleportation, Alien Races, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Unlimited Energy - ALL these are VERY real to some people who have "Experienced" them. FEAR prevents you even entertaining the possibility of their existence. I don't have to tell Any of You this as You're on this Blog - Questioning things but imagine telling your High School self about this Blog? or your parents when you were only 1 years old - How many friends have you told in the last week?

      The HERD Mentality is the final "Fig Leaf" to be removed from the crotches of our Naked collective view points as a species & collective unconscious - In Fact it's why we as a Collective are "Unconscious" - Imagine THAT change to suddenly WAKING UP. Whenever, I died I always had this weird rush of "Oh Yeah, I'm Me - Not that incarnate- Oh yeah, I forgot X,Y,Z was possible". Imagine living you're whole life knowing "It's an Illusion " & Not knowing how to convince anyone...till other people "like you" come along. Personal Reality's are going to get BIGGER!

      That is what you're dealing with. It's Not Us against them- It's they Don't Know How!....YET! It's your job to be that crutch when people reality's start to crash.

  43. In CNN, Obama confesses the coup in Ukraine was an American job

    1. When is he going to admit he knows (or Knows how to find who knows) who killed Journalist Andrew Breitbart? or that is Dad was really Frank Marshal Davis or that he's been to Mars already? 1 thing at a time I supposed.

      I liked when Potter asked Cobra where Obama was standing in the midst of all this turmoil and Cobra took a sec & was like No comment - lol

  44. Mitchell

    ''Cobra had probably said the 'Breakthrough Phase is not the same thing as the Event'..... Calm down. :-))''

    let's say that way...

    so we are going thru a breakthrough phace right now and who knows how long that phase is gonna take. firts breakthrough phase and then the event.

    years and years of waiting....

    1. Hi Petar,
      Well, first let’s look at this from the big picture and then look at it from the small picture. First, the big picture, the plan to defeat the Chimera was posted in July, 2014:

      At that time they had more than a dozen physical strongholds all containing physical stangelet bombs for protection. Now it is, six months later, and they have only one stronghold left and NO physical strangelet or toplet bombs. It took only SIX MONTHS for the light forces to practically wipe out the Chimera!! Do you really think it would take years and years more to finish the job?? It is possible, but highly unlikely.

      Now, for the small picture, on an individual level, rather than “waiting” for the Event, you should be doing all that you can to help it happen. Don’t wait, participate! Ask yourself each day what you can do to help the liberation process. And the answer is going to be different for each person. Combined, we are like an energetic mandala of light- we each have our own place and our own color. Do what calls to you to be done. And no effort is too small.

  45. For those that haven't visited this website recently, I found that article mentioning the GIR, global instant rendevous, fascinating and hope it's true and soon. Thanks to those recent people posting the headsup about it.

  46. why not host resistance and provides training to employees of more dedicated light
    ( I know they have reports of them all).
    for what they do not lead workers to a point in Agartha and give them training in
    key periods in order to them to come to the surface in grid strengthening work ?

  47. Either there is new invisible chemtrail technology or something good has transpired.

  48. Hmm Kinda does not fit years and years of waiting now cause in one of cobras interviews he did with Rob they talked about how people wanted to just die or kill them self's ...So he said should not off your self's and such we are close ..So i do not think its years and years now ..Lets not forget we have the window of 2017 as well .....

  49. Please help they will need more than a 100 signatures... Blockade of the areas in the south of Damascus ,most notably is Al Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp ,and Al hajer Al asoad " black stone", over more than two years of siege, has been documented more than sixty people killed because of hunger, and power outages since the date of 13-12-2012, there are more than twenty thousand trapped in al hajer Al asoad" black stone", mostly women and children, there is a terrifying reports about the size of the disaster inside this district, people are suffering there, slowly death by starvation, the Syrian government prevent food and aid from entry this district to force them to submit to government control

  50. ~JustBe~February 4, 2015 at 4:06 PM

    Oh... And being that there's nothing to be concerned about anymore, I look forward to Cobra announcing his real name, photograph and country of origin, to all of us. That shouldn't be a problem now should it?

    ~JustBe~February 4, 2015 at 8:36 PM

    Argh! I have to post this. I'm sorry I deleted it. I don't enjoy this.

    "I've been working on the railroad. All the live long day."
    How might you handle the heat being in the kitchen with Dinah? Would you handle yourself with Grace, I wonder? Lol. Shall we see?

    So. Let's get to the point. The Dinar being the new one world currency has been brought to my attention again....

    I thought I would give you the opportunity to voice your opinions on this, by asking you to answer, in 25 words or less, if you would or wouldn't like this to materialize, and why? (Although, you really are on a pretty tight leash on this blog, aren't you? Lol)

    You wanna be responsible? You wanna be co-creators? You wanna change the world? Here's a chance for you. can refuse any responsibility and not answer, and leave it up to others to decide your fate, in which case, stop your whining and delegating.

    I look forward to hearing your answers on this.

    ~JustBe~February 4, 2015 at 5:13 PM

    .....Every notice how people, especially kids, when they're cranky or they want to scare someone or spook someone or something, instinctively yell "RA!!!!" at their "victim/s" or opponent/s?

    That's interesting isn't it?.....
    I only speak the truth.

    "She is mine..." Are you sure?

    "Wanna be a victim, ready for abduction...." Are you sure?

  51. And here comes my view about the soul contracts:

    FIRST: DELETE the believe-pattern that you have "A CONTRACT" with your cosmic family. This is archon-programming. They want us to think like this about our family.

    The contracts related to our cosmic family is this: We made contracts with the archons (!) about the degree of help, the degree how much they allowed our cosmic family to support us within our mission. If we revoke those contracts with THE ARCHONS, much more support can flow energetically! You have to revoke, to get ONLY that much help, the archons allowed us to get! They are violating the cosmic laws and they are violating our free will. We ow them nothing and we do not have to allign with those contracts that allow only a certain amount of energy flow and connection! Also, it is not about help only, it is about reunion with our family also. We are part of them. They are here, partially, this is us.


    We can not revoke a contract with our cosmic family, because contracts are something of the darkness.

    In the divine light there are no contracts. You do not need contracts in the light.

    The true divine light is DEEPEST, ORGASMIC, BLISSFUL expression of creation, so all vibrates all the time in eternal bliss and grace, in love beyond love, light beyond light.

    You just choose to be the light as which you where created. Choose to reunite with your cosmic soulfamily and with your soulfamily on earth (which are your incarnated cosmic soulfamily members).


    How to revoke the contracts, which are only made with darkness, as in the light there are no contracts needed:

    Imagine yourself throwing all contracts with darkness into the central sun and do it as often until there is nothing left, because there are many layers and it takes patience. Most important is to concentrate and to use your will-power for liberation, your decision.

    "Invokation" is what works in the divine light, it is more like "choosing". So please choose the support, and invoke the connection and reunion.


  52. Today Angela Merkel and Hollande meet with Putin in Moskow.

    Let us be aware and direct the light to their soulstarchakras as Cobra has guided us.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I deleted this comment because after posting it I found this interesting post on facebook which convinced me, not to use the word "should":

      Ok, so my native language is spanish and the spanish word for "should" as in "this should be something else" is 'debería'. Like 'debería de hacer la tarea'. That word is also the spanish word for "debt". Deber. Te debo (I owe you). Tengo una deuda.
      Esto debe de ser/This should be
      The idea is that a better moment than the now is owed. There's like an existential debt. This is the same energy that supports our financial system.
      What does this mean?
      That judgement supports the energy of debt slavery. judge you're helping to anchor that energy"

  54. Tonight I had such intense dreams and a significant part was a call from Cobra that we had worldwide meditations every 2 hours ongoing from Friday until Monday.
    The Event is heading our way!
    Yoda, yes you are right and all wars are over soon, we declare that we decide that peace, peace, PEACE please finally finally finally reaches all levels of existence.
    I only want peace, peace, peace.
    Please great Cobra in case you meet him.

  55. The Archons promised us that they would allow us being supported to a certain degree by our cosmic starbrothers and -sisters in our mission and they broke their promise of course as we can clearly see, as they created a Cosmic-Star-Light-Family-Detection-Grid which allows no contact to lightbeings. So they fooled us again. Thats why we have even more right to revoke our contracts with them.
    So we do not need any contract related to our cosmic family, as they are all made with the Archons, no matter if they allow us contact or they would force the Archons to allow us contact, those did not work for us in any case. They do not have to allow us a tiny part of contact or forbide us the contact and we do not have to agree on any of this stuff any longer.

    Because WE WANT to have that contact, always, wherever and whenever and however We and our family wishes to do so, no matter what!!!

    1. Might I interject? - While I agree with basically everything you've said- I'd like to add that there is "More than 1 truth"- Polarity is the problem - the ALL white or ALL Dark mentality is what skrews much of the equation. Having said that I think the real "Issue" facing many who are still around after the "Awakening" (Event?) Grid destruction is- SYNTHESIS. This always falls in line w/ the "Heal Your F-ing Shadow".

      We have all be "changed" (altered?) by this Polarity process- Your own darkness & polarity is STILL You- I personally will have quite the "vengeful hard-on" when grid comes down. I personally think/feel I was some level of "sadistic release" in treating them as they have me (Hey, It's all just an experience right?). This inner-dialogue, the very fact I'm typing this & explaining out in the open to you all my "feelings" is proof I am listening to the more 'Barbaric' side of my soul- However, I can't make any choices or growth- Until it Happens. I may feel no hurt or desire for 'personal justice' at all.

      I would like to say- I remember the Grid going up (Yes, I do). I looked at one what I think was a Draco? in the eye & said "Why would you enslave the whole planet? Whatever you need the people here would help you acquire- even if it's another planet- we could Help"- They did NOT want Help, they wanted Control, They knew the laws of Free Will would allow them to use us as bait, hostages, & as food- They were the definition of "selfish" & would rather kill us all & the planet if they couldn't have it their way. They may or may not have regretted that action now- I do not care.

      I now know what it's like to want to Murder an entire species & race. I now know the taste of War. I now know that "This" can never be allowed again to happen Anywhere, Anytime, Any Place. We could've helped them - Let them be Dark somewhere & trade ideas or been Allies- Nope. They choose this.

      So the visual of humanity standing at a train platform and speeding trading coming - That train is Light, Love, & Enlightenment from Galactic Central Sun. I don't know about any of you but if some were to be pushed on to the tracks just seconds before or as the train is rushing by?....can't say I'm not going to laugh.

      I think it's already "starting" for over 24 hrs #BrianWilliamsMisRemembers has been trending high on Twitter. The media is starting to turn on itself - lol. Can't wait for even larger cracks in the Media Matrix. You Light Workers can have your Peace & Love - some of us will have FUN Trolling the Liars & and exploiting & tearing MORE Cracks in the Matrix. Aint no Party like Troll Party on the Media. Come Party!!!!

    2. @Gantz:

      I did not sing the love-light-song, did you hear this out of my words?

      I said actually the opposite and I agree completely with what you mean, maybe a little misunderstanding. So nice you share what is inside and this does not mean you follow your dark side.

      Honestly the last battles I also was not very friendly to them and I finally felt a tiny little pleasure to give them a strong boost of light - I mean to their power streams - and I could not resist to send them a small light laser beam. If they would have been in the light they would have laughed maybe and said thank you for this nice shower. But as this was not the case, maybe it was not so nice for them. It felt good to have power over them. I admit. Or lets better say to conquer them. Because it was really enough now.

      And yes, of course THEY did not want help - of course not ...and WE could not ask for help -you know, because they had the power, never interested in us or our wellbeing.

      Sure we did contracts with the dark ones.

      (I am not sure that I have understood your question)

  56. Also for further clarity about the contracts with the Archons:

    We did not come here orginially to liberate the planet. This was a thing that happened along the way, because the Archons have fooled us.

    No, we wanted to create here something very beautiful and the Archons invaded the planet and took us hostage (thank you Cobra for enlightening us to this fact). So it is not possible that we made "a contract" with the lightbeings which are our F A M I L Y. We do not have to fulfill any of their expectations. First they do not have expectations and second they are not like this within their nature. They can not think like this related to their loved ones. The only only only thing they really really really want is that we are happy and free. It makes them very sad to see some of us thinking they would have any contract set upon us. This is not freedom! They do want nothing from us that we have to give to them, NOTHING. They only want to give us their love and to have a happy happy happy time with us. Because they are us. We are the ones of them incarnated.

  57. If some of us or only Cobra only came here to liberate the planet this would mean they have not been here before the quarantine. This again would mean they have entered the quarantine planet. I wonder how the Archons would have allowed this. Please Cobra can you explain more on this. Because there where many starseeds before the quarantine here, so the original pupose was not liberation, liberation mission just was necessary after the invasion. It makes me so sick this lack of information in this sucking prison. I don't know what I would do without this blog.

    1. Inana, the answer is simple. But NOT easy. Archon levels are continually infiltrated by "systems" and masters of powers imperceptible on 3D. I hope this offers comfort to you. At the very least it should facilitate the perception and highlight the very real value in dropping your "guards" - only as you are guided of course - and only with protection invoked from as many of your Higher aspects as you can connect with.

      Consider the image of Neo leaping into Agent Smith and transforming him from within - during a Thunderstorm in the Rain. The transfiguration will be in totality this time around. It can be no other way. All contracts are honored. As are all Revocations.

      There will be no Thunder without Lightening.

    2. Dear 3DHD:
      I do not understand what you say.
      I am okay with my guards and I drop the archons guard of course with all my willpower. (Not sure if they are still around).
      My question was something different.
      And no, the contracts are not honored from all sides. Darkies usually never keep their promises. This is part of their nature.

      My question was:

      If some beings came here ONLY for the liberation, it would mean, they would not have been incarnated on earth short before the quarantine, but afterwards. So they would have no Atlantis Trauma and would not have been here in Atlantis. It is about logic and I only want to understand. Maybe I will remember on my own or find out. I would like to hear from Cobra more about this not for criticism but for understanding.

  58. (We are all programmed, no judgement, just explaining something:)
    It is interesting, our programmed bloodfamily members have the properties of our soulfamily in a completely distorted way. Why? Because when we finally would meet our soulfamily, we would have a real hard activation time, so the deepest programming gets triggered to avoid the reunion. Nasty Archons, you suck. So we have to work every second on ourselves to solve the programming when we meet our soulfamily. The beautiful thing is that it is easier to dissolve the triggers than with other people triggering us, because the love is so intense, it shows us the way, as we have no other possibiliy than to let go of the patterns.
    I love you family.

  59. Cobra I am so stunned by the information given to us through the Taiwan conference and especially to see what a huge community they have built. I understand, that they might have it a little easier because of maybe a bit less Cabal control and because of the Dragon presence there.

    Here in the middle of Europe it is very hard to unite more than 2 people for one single idea or even a meeting and I also have heard in the last interview, that it was as well not easy in the USA with Prepare For Change to gather and unite people and forces.

    Being in the transition zone between Asia and USA I feel the strong urge to make conscious of the following:

    The prison program included division in all forms within humanity. To set this up, humans have been divided through "belonging" to villages, cities countries, nations and continents instead of soulfamily or vibrational match. All soul-connections have been vastly disturbed.

    Now, as we are reaching the final liberation point, villages, cities, countries, nations and continents are getting reunited again, so we get able to feel as "Earth citizens" and finally as "cosmic citizens".

    We, being in the frontline of the energetical part of the liberation process, are doing now the first step and unite our forces energetically, because then this can show up and materialize in the outside, in the political world. We do this step now. This means, we work "together as one". We say, we are from the light and we act on that, which means to realize who is more advanced and learn from them without feeling inferior.

    In our special case with Prepare For Change this means, that we understand, that it is not about nations leading other nations, but that it is about people of planet Earth uniting. We wake up from this part of our programming and step out of being a german, american or an asian citzien. We ARE cosmic citizens, no matter where we live and we are able to go wherever we want. The cosmic citizens, that are living in the moment in Asia and belong to the huge Lightworker-community of Taiwan are very successful with the Prepare For Change group because of circumstances, maybe because they are less programmed. We allow ourselves to learn from them, as we have a responsibility to lead humanity out of this old america-leading-programming. We are not Americans, we are not Germans, we are not Asians, we are one cosmic family. Please unite forces, please Cobra help us uniting.

  60. This is just a very small thing, but i just "got it". So many things, including our language have been used against us by the Cabal. This is something i found by stumbling upon an older David Icke thread. "Paypal " is actually a play on word pronunciation for "Papal" as in the Vatican.

  61. Always frustrating when we are all waiting and hoping for the event or something positive and important to happen ......And Mercury Retrograde holds everything up.....

  62. I think Johns Nesara blog has been taken over by the wrong people...I found this statement disturbing....go to church and murder should not even be in the same sentence... we call them rednecks ..This was todays headline on blog...This American blog does not adhere to the globalist's propaganda to sensor information because of any type of racist content, remarks, or agendas. A leopard cannot change it's spots! America is America! If you enter America and want to try and change it to something like your origins, you are in for a loosing fight and you will loose! Those here in America need to speak English, Learn the SAE measuring system, go to church weekly, Make moonshine, Smoke a bud, Drive 4 wheel drive trucks with guns in the back window, run a trap line, and learn to skin a buck! Militias, and those with guts built this country and that is required to keep it! If you don't like it, GO HOME!


    1. Sounds like Southern USA living to me[where im from] ; and not all traps are "torturous", from what i gathered reading that, he means to set traps and gather food from the land. Sorry if you're vegan, but most of us in the south know how to hunt, fish, and trap. Ugh too many thoughts to address. So i guess i'm a lunatic for being raised southern. >_>

    2. Promotion of animal torture-of ANY kind-is not acceptable.

      Tracey: Thank you for sharing this information.

    3. I got things straightened out with the new owner...and found this.... WHO MURDERED JOHN MACHAFFIE OF NESARA NEWS? FROM ERASMUS OF AMERICA - FEB. 9, 2015 ...

    4. Andr,,, I was referring to the whole package..not all rednecks are bad...but the ones that have this description..the ...I've had them point a gun at me because they wanted to sit in front of my house and shoot my ducks in front of me..I dont live in the south..and .we have pictures of all traps with the animals screaming or dead in them....which one is the happy trap??? the people Im referring to sit in their trucks in the woods and wait for people to drive by and shoot at by screaming at people.. There are no thoughts to address...I have been an animal activist for 30 years...I network with over 5 million animal activists world wide.. ..we have pictures of many cruel hunting trips and cruel treatment of animals.. the south in the US is the most cruel to animals :(

  63. Ichabod will be renamed by THE DIVINA.

    1. Ichabod has been renamed Spectre by THE DIVINA.

  64. i was taught from early childhood to clean up my own mess, my messy room and pay for the disaster i made on the neighbourhood ( breaking windows, etc) with my own money. ( working in gardens, etc) . This is right punishment and boy, i have learnt from it.
    Now we have all this low grade creatures like archons, reptilian , cabal, etc and all the shit they have done on earth and its innocent creatures through millenia.
    How are they going to pay all their sins?
    Of course they wont be able to do it.
    once the mass ppl become aware of that they will shout: " hang them by the neck!"
    This is a short punishment. Im against it.
    too cruel as well.
    best punishment: as low grade creatures they should pay with social services, in the post event phase. This is the least they can do to pay.
    Imagine in the future the Bushes and Rockefellers and all the low grade entities cleaning our public toilets? Lol

    1. As someone who has a healthy empathy & respect for those in the Custodial Services - Why cheapen the honest labor of the fine people who do public services. I honestly wouldn't trust these "Negative Scamps" to flush my toilet anyway.

      Best to let their "Fear" deal with them - Who am I Judge - I'm sure some inter-galactic council has better "Time-Outs" in mind besides "community service"

    2. The punishment needs to fit the crime -with interest accrued by their delays -exponentially.

      The JANITOR has all the keys to the BUilding.

  65. '' It took only SIX MONTHS for the light forces to practically wipe out the Chimera!!
    Do you really think it would take years and years more to finish the job?? It is possible, but highly unlikely.''

    Hello Mitchell, WHY do you believe everything Cobra is saying?

    How you gonna feel in 5 or 10 years time when still there will be no Event (which is one of the possibilities)? Will you even come to this site to comment something ?

    For me the one thing is enough:Cobra said in 2013 'victory of the light is near' or 'breakthrough is near' and here we go-we are in 2015. That's enough for me. It's not just about ''it takes time to defeat the bay guys''.

    This things will take time. You can feel that in the air if you are not Event junkie.

    I will be listening to Cobra new interviews. I think the guy is ok-he is not some kind of fraud, but like THOUSANDS of people out there (who were interested in this site) I really don't believe everything Cobra says any more.

    And i gotta say this; I do work on myself in spirutal sense, I'm a vegetarian for 13 years, I do Reiki and Meditation for 13 years EVERY DAY.

    People who are really working for better times are the ones who are working on themselves EVERY DAY. And If you eat meat your vibration is too low, it's not a good thing.

    So, I really don't care for ''is cobra right or wrong' story' I care for Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love and Non-violence.

    ''Now, for the small picture, on an individual level, rather than “waiting” for the Event, you should be doing all that you can to help it happen.''

    Yes, and the best thing is to work every day on yourself, you can meditate in groups also, and find God in yourself.

  66. If anyone is interested in what is going on with the Plasma Plane now......Read This:

    1. Thanks Soulvx! I usually check out the other site here:

      I usually have problems navigating for the latest messages from Ibraham on the main site. Sometimes I wonder if Ibraham is working closely with Cobra? His info ties in a lot with Cobra's. Right, I'm just about to read this latest update. Thank you!!

  67. Hi everybody. I just want to remind us all that Love already won. We got this. Time is an illusion, we use to keep track of events and moments, the GFL does not know time as we do, may not even entirely understand it. So we need patience. Its hard with all the suffering to be patient, even death, but death is also an illusion, nothing dies, only ego dies, everthing just transforms. Now is the time to be in love, in bliss, in the moment, be as a higher dimentional being, as we are becoming. Fear and anger cannot exist in 5d, so to get there, let that stuff go. Be 5d now. Its the fastest way to get there.

    1. @Flattlander:
      I agree with you in principle, yes they have not time-space-limits like we do. But all the actions of liberation we transmit. This means, we go on with transmitting the actions which are already carried out beyond time and space, because we channel them into time-space-continuum - this is our function of staying inside the matrix. It can be compared with downloading computerprograms, installing them and let them work. Thats why we are here. And only if every being can live in bliss we are finished with that task we have on our own decided to do out of circumstances. And to be able to do this, we are funcionable through reaching the highest consciousness we can (=which you are referring as staying in 5d) and the same time LOOKING AT the things and transmute darkness into light without fear or negative feelings. <3

  68. Project 515 appears to be fairly well funded at this time. Thank You all Family.

    Trails are Rails. You can't go off the Rails by going off the trails. We won't be losing any of the children to the Machine anymore. It is here to Serve NOT rule.

    I mean it of course.

  69. Hi Petar,

    Petar: Hello Mitchell, WHY do you believe everything Cobra is saying?

    Mitchell: Everything Cobra says matches what I have researched for years. But probably the strongest reason I trust Cobra is because I am highly psychic and I have always known who is a good guy and who is a bad guy. All of my senses tell me that Cobra is the real deal.

    Petar: How you gonna feel in 5 or 10 years time when still there will be no Event (which is one of the possibilities)?

    Mitchell: That would be impossible. There needs to be either the Event or the destruction of planet Earth. We have reached the point of no return.

    Petar: Will you even come to this site to comment something ?

    Mitchell: As long as this site exists I will come to comment.

    Petar: For me the one thing is enough:Cobra said in 2013 'victory of the light is near' or 'breakthrough is near' and here we go-we are in 2015. That's enough for me. It's not just about ''it takes time to defeat the bay guys''.

    Mitchell: The term “near” is relative. I don’t think Cobra is giving a time frame, I think that what he is saying is “The Event is guaranteed to happen” “No matter what, the Event will happen”, etc. The only think that Cobra has said is that the Event will happen, he never gave any time frame.

    Petar: And i gotta say this; I do work on myself in spirutal sense, I'm a vegetarian for 13 years, I do Reiki and Meditation for 13 years EVERY DAY.

    James: Great.

    People who are really working for better times are the ones who are working on themselves EVERY DAY. And If you eat meat your vibration is too low, it's not a good thing.

    Mitchell: I eat meat and my vibration is just fine.

    So, I really don't care for ''is cobra right or wrong' story' I care for Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love and Non-violence.

    Mitchell: This is also the teaching of the Buddha, which I believe in.

    Petar: Yes, and the best thing is to work every day on yourself, you can meditate in groups also, and find God in yourself.

    Mitchell: These days, I am more interested in planetary liberation than personal enlightenment. After the planet is free, I will refocus on personal enlightenment.

  70. The Mary and Michael lines are All Clear. Thank you so much Ffamily for this Heroic and Inspiring effort. It is truly a thing of Awe and Beauty.

    Gaia-Sophia relents regarding her conditions for her exit from hell.

  71. "make one great inner peace does" --yoda

  72. ''Mitchell: These days, I am more interested in planetary liberation than personal enlightenment. After the planet is free, I will refocus on personal enlightenment.''

    We definitely disagree here. I thought you were a true seeker of truth. You eat meat ? O man, you have to start to work on yourself. Even your Cobra CLEARLY said that vegetarianism will grow after the event and that killing animals for food IS OVER after The Event.

    So dude, work on yourself, open your heart.

    People who work on themselves contribute much more to the planetary liberation then those who are not and who are ''interested in planetary libertation'' what ever that means..

    You think you will be doing personal enlightenment after the event? and that is the right thing ? O man, wake up. This is story for the kids.

    If thousands of people did not change their vibration and heart, through joga, reiki and meditation - you wouldn't be alive. Planet would be over.

    personal enlightenment. - there is the effort here and pure heart, it takes time

    planetary liberation - it's nothing, it's just a trick of mind, just waiting and waiting for something, and at the end - disappointment. There will changes but not that big.

    Benefits, REAL BENEFITS, after the event, will be given to those who have been working on personal enlightenment for years - to people with a pure heart.

    Don't be crazy man, There is a lot of people who will be in troubles even after the event.
    You have to START to work on yourself spiritually every day from now.

    1. Hi Petar,

      You bring up two issues: eating meat and personal enlightenment.

      Regarding eating meat, I eat meat because my body needs it. As I told you before, I am highly psychic and empathic so there is a lot of stress and strain put on my body and mind. Meat provides the energy for me to keep going. And I eat a LOT of meat. I must eat meat/eggs with every meal or I become very sick very quickly. The only way I could stop eating meat is if this whole planet changes for the better and the vibration of the whole planet rises. As it is now, I could not survive without eating meat.

      I am a Theravada Buddhist/Taoist and there is no requirement of vegetarianism within those spiritual traditions. If you want to think I am unspiritual because I eat meat that is your choice. But, remember, even Cobra said that some people MUST eat meat at this time. If that changes in the future; I will change in the future. I just listen to what my body currently needs.

      Regarding personal enlightenment: I have been a Buddhist/Taoist since I was 16-years-old. I have gone on several meditation retreats and even helped to teach meditation retreats at a Buddhist temple in Arizona. I also went to Thailand with the specific purpose of becoming a Buddhist monk. Spirituality is very important to me. But what I found through all my efforts is that true spirituality is absolutely dead on this planet. The Buddha’s Sangha is dead and an empty shell. And the very atmosphere is toxic toward meditation and spirituality (i.e. scalar waves I know now). Through my years of practice and study, I found (quite on my own, btw, before Cobra), that if this planet is not saved personal enlightenment is an impossibility for practically everyone.

      Petar, if you try to save yourself before you try to save this planet, you will be wasting your time.