Saturday, August 20, 2016

Evaluate U96


  1. VICTORY of the LIGHT!

  2. This is a new one.....wonder whats being evaluated..........Yes end the cabal and all related, we are all beyond sick and tired of it.

  3. Edgar Rice Bourroughs a scris "Taramul uitat de timp". Submarinul german cu nazisti asa se numea : U96.

    1. Aha! I think you are on to something...

    2. Constantin, I thought you were on to something too.

      Google translate tells me your note is written in Romanian (how interesting!).

      In English:

      Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote "The Land Before Time," German Nazi submarine so called: U96.

      I found "The Land that Time Forgot" on Edgar Rice Burrough's Wikipedia page, describing a German U-boat called a U-33, which travels to Antarctica, finds tropical climates there, etc.

      He wrote this series of books in 1918 -- which David Wilcock says is after the Germans were working with the Dracos and building bases in Antartica.

      ER Burroughs was tuned in to the story, somehow. He was either channelling or a friend told him what was going on.

  4. I am very happy cobra is keeping his promise of more intel , coming out more frequently.

    I was just looking at Dr Greers
    Work currently in motion to fund and open source any zero point device , that produces free energy.
    He is also heading"we the people of the world ufo disclosure " not waiting for powerless government to do it for us.

    A great massive step in the right direction
    We are still in a great holding pattern
    Maybe the people van contribute in unison with greers group

  5. I don't know what this means but hope its good news.


  6. Here's a short clip from the movie "Das Boot", showing the resurrection of submarine U96 from the deepest, darkest depths of the sea back to the surface to Go Home:

    "Gute Leute muss man eben haben. Gute Leute."
    In der Tat. Und die haben wir zu Genüge :-)

    "Mal herhören, Leute. Wir werden jetzt anblasen und sehen, dass wir mit'm Hintern hochkommen."

    "Allerhand Verkehr da oben. Es gibt also nur eins: Beten dass die Diesel anspringen. Dann dreimal Wahnsinnige und durch. Raus aus'm Trichter und Ab Nach Hause."

    U96 - Love Sees No Colour:

    Victory Of Love And Light. And Peace Forever.

    I AM RaJah

    1. Thanks for the video link. I saw this on uk tv a while back w subtitles. Good movie, powerful. Significant to be seen from uk also.... IIRC just before the scene, a young popular crew member had gone dangerously into a submerged compartment to help save the boat (submarine, 'boot') he had succeeded, but had perished in the heroic action. One of the most memorable things I have ever seen on TV. Heroic success with great sacrifice. Love and luck to all


    2. Beide Diesel-
      23 Graf steuerbord

      Dies mal erwischen sie uns nicht. Diesmal nicht!!!

      I AM RaJah

  7. Mmm... okey... hope is good at least...

  8. Lets hope the evaluation goes well!

    Here is my most recent video looking at the signs of Dislcosure with many articles Cobra mentioned in his recent situation update

    Hold the Light


  9. u96= Update 1996? something new about Congo?

    Cobra, according to Farsight institute some icmb or asteroid will hit this mont, do you agree?

  10. Evaluate U96? I hope I don't sound to disrespectful here but this is reminiscent of the series finale of Lost. No, worse. It's like sitting in the emergency room waiting area to see if your loved one (Earth and it's people) are going to be okay, only to have the doctor come out and say "Evaluate U96."
    I've been spiritual all of my life, have had many hundreds of paranormal experiences and have no idea what that means. I'm guessing that I am not alone.

    1. You are not suppose to know what that means ... it's a coded message meant only for the Resistance Movement and the Light Forces.

    2. Thank you, Spiritoo. I do apologize if I am acting ignorant. I am very sensitive to the suffering of the people brought about by the Cabal. I recently came upon this site and right now, this is very reminiscent of waiting outside of an emergency room. Forgive me, I am not trying to be difficult but some news (along with the coded message) would be much appreciated. Can you recommend other websites?

    3. Actually there are links to some of the good websites on Cobra's blog you just have to scroll down a ways and you will see them. The Event Chronicle is a good one for news and what not.
      Off Topic ...
      22 Aug. ... it's my birthday:) First birthday that leaves me with something to look forward to ... The Event. :D

    4. Barbara, We can end this now. On the desktop version of this web-site, you can see the traffic stats for this blog on the feature rich right sidebar (which is not visible on many mobile phones unless you force the desktop view in the settings). The number of visitors is now 25,477,018. Yet we are unable to get 144,000 people to meditate in concert for several minutes every Sunday.

      According to Cobra this is all that is needed to trigger off the Event this year.

      The Light forces and our space brothers and sisters are literally "pounding on the door" right now, begging to be let in so that they can stop the carnage (daily child sacrifice by the J Suits) once and for all. We, the hostages on the inside of the Matrix, are uniquely poised to "open the door from the inside" by our group meditation efforts NOW, failing which the standoff may run into a few years... maybe even up to 2025... God help the baby being dragged onto the sacrificial altar right now...

      On the practical side, we need meditation apps in all languages, maybe even a shot at the Guinness World Record for group meditation...

      It is not safe for the Resistance operatives on the surface of this planet to directly receive coded intel. That is why Cobra is posting it here...

      Nothing personal... just connecting...

    5. If we might be now 144000, this means app 175 website visits by each visitor. Is it? Are we, or not?

      25000000 are page views, but we have to know how many visitors we are. And let's say that not all visitors are meditating.

    6. The number of visits are the same group coming to the website on a regular basics. Most of the 144000 are asleep at the wheel and don't want to wake up. They are totally useless. I blame them for the continued suffering.

    7. Spirttoo - First of all thank you and Happy Birthday - though a bit late. Tried to thank you from my iPad while on the road but it was a little quirky. I really appreciate your reply. BTW: Did I see somewhere where you mentioned living in L.A.?

      Time Missionary - Thank you, too! I did not take anything personal. In fact, you have got me putting the weekly meditation on my calendar.

      Did you guys see a the photo of (literally) one million Buddhist children meditating for peace? I believe that was sometime last year or about six month ago. Regardless, it's the best an activist can do, I agree.

      People can be so baffled about how the overall crime rate dropped in the US, but, again, it's all about the energy, huh?

      Guys - I am honored and humbled to join you in meditation.

      Thank you again!

  11. "Das Boot" is a classic. Otherwise I haven't listened to any of their songs. They are OK for occasional listening but not something I actively put on.


  12. So Come On Up for THE RISING

    And That's AN ORDER! And No Shit.

    Victory Of Love And Light. And Peace Forever.

    I AM RaJah

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  14. The WINGED EAGLE now has FIVE FEATHERS and We made it through another night.
    The SUN is RISING, so here'e one from KC and The SUNSHINE BAND

    This One's for You, Dini Gaia Mielke, My ONE And ONLY:

    You and I, and ALL OF US, We Will Be ONE

    Evaluate U96? - ELEVATION !!!

    Love, Light, Unity, Freedom And Peace for ALL and FOREVER

    I AM RaJah

  15. What really gets me is that it seems as if humans have been in a PETRI DISH on this planet at the mercy of god knows how many other races, all treating us like slaves, it should never have been allowed to carry on for so long, utter cruelty to animals and humans and this beautiful planet, I get very angry when I read it described as a game how crass is that, get humanity free and thank you to all who work tirelessly to free humanity, god knows you all , we all, deserve our freedom from this horrendous and cruel control of the dark, these empty soulless beings of evil.

    1. It's just free will. Both the dark and the light have free will choice. In a universe were Beings are eternal and of Source, what better way to "know thy self" than to have such an extreme contrast? Our experience is being watched and felt be the whole universe. This is not kindergarten, we are doing a Ph.D. In spiritual awakening and they are in awe of what we are about to accomplish. And as we go through the shift and the adjustment to the shift over the next decades, that literally up-shifts every other planet, solar system, and galaxy in this universe. It's monumental.

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    1. Someone has ruffled justBe's feathers. No one mess with JustBe... She is one of the room's icon :)... The cryptic messages and dissappearance acts make the blog special.

    2. Oh yeh ...i forgot... (Gets a bag of popcorn...) Dont know who your nemesis is but your confrontational yet smooth style peeks the interest of even imaginary sleeping dragons ...

      You go.. Just Be.. Tell it as is.. Lol

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  18. What happens when FED start a facebook page for the first time?


  19. I've played you this before, but it's more relevant than ever, so Here We Go Again. Please bear with me on this one ;-)

    This one's the Original: The Who.

    The BLUE MAN GROUP feat. Venus Love. Absolute wonderful Insanity:

    Pearl Jam live in Madison Square Garden with 20.000+ people singing along.
    I listen to this one almost every day

    "Don't cry
    Don't raise your eye
    It's only Teenage Wasteland

    Sally, take my hand
    Travel south crossland
    Put out the fire
    Don't look past my shoulder
    The Exodus is here
    The Happy Ones are near
    Let's Get Together
    Before we get much older

    Teenage Wasteland
    It's only Teenage Wasteland
    Teenage Wasteland
    Oh, oh
    Teenage Wasteland
    They're all Wasted!"

    In other news, I found another six Feathers, The WINGED EAGLE now proudly sports NINE FEATHERS and is ready for Ultimate Take-Off.
    Ready if you are.

    Victory Of Love And Light. And Peace Forever.

    I AM RaJah

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    2. I am sure those are turkey feathers you refer to, not raptor feathers. ;) I knew someone in California who got in trouble for mailing feathers she found to someone in another state (as a gift, not for money). She was unaware of the laws regarding raptors, and I was also astonished.

      Once when I used to run on trails in California, way up high above Green Gulch Zen Center, I came across the bottom entrails and claws of what I recognized to be an owl. Apparently it had been eaten by a large feline (Mountain Lion) which were common in the area. The hunter was hunted!

      I don't think you are in the U.S., but here is some info anyway:

      Legal Requirements for Raptor Possession

      Download 16 Plates from the New Crossley ID Guide: Raptors
      Improve Your Raptor ID Skills


    3. They're neither raptor nor turkey feathers, Phoenix. We don't have many of those around in my neck of the woods here in Northern Germany ;-)
      In the last year or so I've found over four dozen Feathers when I'm on a walk or a ride with my bike. Some are from ducks and some are from pigeons, that much I know, but with most of them I haven't got a clue. You can call Me a lot of things, but Expert Ornithologist is not one of them :-D

      One of the five World Championship belts in this LightMachine is called The Winged Eagle belt, and a week ago I started finding Feathers that just fit it perfectly. So on some walks I started to look around for feathers and was told by My Higher Self "Don't LOOK FOR them, just FIND them. They are there, and they're waiting for You to find them."
      And I found them :-)

      Got another rather large, light-grey one today, hidden next to my neighbours' garage. It's beautiful but it's not for THE WINGED EAGLE but wants to be placed in a different spot here.

      Thanks for the links and the owl story, Phoenix.
      And Thank You for your kind words, Just Be. All I can do is try to be of help - and I'm really trying my best.

      So how about this one?
      The Eagles - Take It Easy

      Lots Of Love And Light. And Peace Forever.

      I AM RaJah

  20. I was listening to Max Steel radio show and he stated something about 3 dark days but I didn't understand it all. I wanted to listen to the show again, but you have to paid in order to do so. I feel if it is important enough they should let us know for nothing. At the end of the show he became ill and thought he was dying. Don't know what that is about. If anyone else heard the show, and can fill us in please do.

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      Rob -- Someone says, ‘Will the three days of darkness, which have been spoken about for years, when they take place and will you explain it?’

      COBRA – Okay. This is part of the old collective memory from the time of Atlantis and this time it will be different. There will be no three days of darkness. Actually, in the last galactic super-waves, which happened thousand upon thousands of years ago, tens of thousands of years ago, there are days of darkness because there were debris in the atmosphere as a result of the solar coronal discharge. But this time it is a little bit different for many reasons and when the Event happens, and after the Event, as we go through this great cosmic transition, there will be very strong light forces present which will transform the whole situation.

      ---ref rp0615

    3. Thanks Dragon Heart,
      Nice to read we will be spared the days of darkness.

    4. Thanks DH ... I really appreciate the post. I wouldn't mind hearing the show again, but I don't want to paid for a subscription to do it.

  21. I got an email from Lynn and they want to separate the PFC donations from the help to the people in Malawi Africa. She ask that you send your funds to the "Nova Gaia Foundation". She will provide a link to the Nova Gaia site in the transcript of the next Cobra interview, for those that can pay with paypal. The interview will hopefully be posted sometime next week. For those that want to send a check or money order make it out to "Nova Gaia Foundation".
    The address to send it to is the same ...
    Prepare For Change
    4530 Whittier Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA USA 90022

    Thank you.
    Victory of the Light.

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  23. Chance for collectively choosing Higher accelerated timeline in the next two weeks:

  24. U96 // 27 evaluated // 3T

  25. Some of the other sites are saying the rv is happening i dont know how true this is all i can say is here we go again ill bet this dont get posted if the rv happens the rest will follow acording to cobra i believe cobra more than the others they have all said things that didnt happen cobra has not not one time that goes a long way with me keep up the good work cobra victory to the light soon i hope

  26. Doing What It Takes...
    "Have a not Messed-up Day"
    ;) Lava Smiley Face

    93-year-old WWII veteran completes epic US coast-to-coast run
    Run Ernie Run
    (Andrus is now planning his next trip, on which he intends to drive his motorhome to Alaska.)

    Hmm... Ping Pong in Space..? with people inside the ball..? ("be the ball")
    Day Dreamer...
    The only Pope I've ever thought would make a good friend
    Ping Pong with Pope $25000


    And Gaia Portal for "Dummies"

    Intrepertations by Justin

    A most invaluable resource
    I would have no clue without

    Many Thanks
    Much Joy

    The Portal

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  30. youtube Auto-generated subtitles make me became God

  31. This shocks and saddens me... The more Truth comes to Light, the more desperate and dangerous the actions of the Cabal. This man did NOT commit suicide. Wake up and smell the subterfuge! The Body Count rises...sigh...

    Julian Assange's Lawyer Found Dead After Being Struck by Train
    Forbidden Knowledge TV | Aug 19, 2016 | Alexandra Bruce

    Here's more news you don't get in the US' mainstream media: John Jones 48, one of Britain’s top human rights lawyers, who represented Julian Assange was killed last Monday, when he was run over by a commuter train. The death is being called a suicide.

    British Transport Police were called to the West Hampstead train station in North London at 7:07 AM on Monday April 18, 2016 after a man was struck by a train. He was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene and his death is not being treated as suspicious. The event occurred almost one month to the day that the first batch of Clinton emails were released by his client from WikiLeaks.

    Jones worked on the same team as actor, George Clooney’s wife Amal. He specialized in extradition, war crimes and counter-terrorism; taking cases from the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Lebanon and Cambodia.

    Jones lived in an expensive home in North London, with wife Misa Zgonec-Rozej, 40 a director of an international law consultancy, and his two children.

    The news is particularly disturbing, as Democratic Strategist and CNN host, Bob Beckel appeared in a FOXTV interview and called for the assassination of Julian Assange (or more accurately, "Just kill the sonofabitch!")

    Assange is believed to be planning a strategic "October Surprise" leak of a Hillary Clinton email, just prior the US Presidential Election. It purportedly contains information that will definitively put her behind bars.


    Julian Assange
    John Jones
    Misa Zgonec-Rozej
    Clinton Body Count
    Amal Clooney
    George Clooney
    blood diamonds
    war crimes
    Sierra Leone

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    2. Phoenix do you really find it surprising?

    3. The story of Julian Assange's lawyer was a repost from April. Look it up. So weather they are just repeating it, or making it up, I do not know. I did check it out from someone who said that it was a story from April. I saw the date on the paper, still do not know.

    4. Well it is said that the UN is going to take over the internet October 1. And that they will censoring all content on the internet, and have people arrested if they are saying things that they deem undesirable. So no talk on Islam, or negative talk on politics. Only the NWO people though. So I sure hope the shit hits the fan soon, and let us all start working toward a positive future.

  32. Cobra,
    but if the internet was turned off ... how could we communicate with each other?

    1. From what i recall.. I think the internet infrastructure would be operational. During the major event changes if i recalled well. Dont recall what would be the status on power though :)

  33. D

  34. Dear COBRA and all brothers and sisters of the light!

    Thank you millions of times for your beautiful GoldFish Interview and U96.
    Great things are happening energetically! Sometimes the love energy and vibrations from lightforces and the Galactic Center are so strong that I almost faint.... this is not a joke! Last week I channeled with the Commander Ashtar Scheran and asked him, what is going on up there in the space? He gave me the following short message:

    „We are helping all of you to create a new Human Society. Have faith and be bold to speak the truth! Huge Ship is on the horizon! In Atlantic Sea. It´s coming up. In January beautiful Revelations will come to humanity surface. And in springtime some more beautiful News will happen. Be bold and speak up! Inform others about that. Hope is near!!!“

    „I was jumping up and down“ and told this to a girlfriend. She (also a channeling medium) had almost the same telepathic message at the same time like me. She got only some words: January, Springtime, Ship is coming! We were laughing, and were almost rolling on the floor.... AMAZING!!! Maybe it is connected with that intel about U 96.

    Another girl told me, that some months ago a Plajedian man came to her into the shop and told her, that Galactic Konfederation is near. He showed her pictures and said, she should not fear. „Only be happy.“ We will be coming soon and help all people in this world!“ he said. And her mother saw spaceships from Plajadians in the sky at the same time.

    After that I got inspired to talk to an Austrian Politican about Cobra`s intels. In the first moment he could not beliefe and said that he is not convinced right now. But he asked me the question: „What is really the truth?“ I gave him answers in e-mails and wrote an spiritual article about his quest and put it on my website und Channelings/Was ist die Wahrheit? And I put your GoldFish Report Interview right next to it.

    Short time after he gave me the message, that he invites me to join and make teamwork with his political party. He likes to discuss with me again about all topics in future, step by step. And even on the same day a great breakthrough was in our News on TV. The leader of that political party was inspired and ready to change and reform the demonstration rights here in Austria, according to that conversation I had with them. Next day they organized a demonstration on the street against Erdogan, in memorial of those poor people in the jail (I was begging them to organize that - and they arranged it. 600 people participated !!!!)

    It is a great and wonderful inspiration for us to realize, that you Cobra and the lightforces are very near to us in full reality, and very powerful!!! I am looking forward for this nice opportunity to cooperate and assist in this Revolution of spirit and the coming Break through revelations and eventually the Event in due course of time!!! Our small Austria is sometimes jokingly called „banana republic“, because there were a lot of skandals in the past and big corruption was going on. Now we will change that!!! That is my golden vision and my holy promise to you Cobra!!! Victory of the Light!

    Love and Light to all
    from Sonja, Golden Spirit Event, Vienna!

    1. Thank you so much Sonja. I love you.

    2. This poem is for you Cobra
      (you are like a Babaji, a master of mystics....)

      Can you imagine...

      Dear Cobra, I know you can hear me
      I know you can feel me
      my heart is overflowing when you`re near

      In my mind you watch me
      in my heart you touch me
      Your love is always always here

      You`re never above me
      I know that you love me
      you never ever want me to play small

      You tell me the reason
      why this is my season

      Can you imagine
      the impossible come true
      that I might fall in love
      with you.....

      Namaste, Victory of the Light!

  35. Prayer
    "Beloved Source of All that is
    For me, my twin soul, my soul family, my family, all of humanity and for the enemies of humanity:
    Please help us all to love ourselves,
    to love each other,
    to love our enemies,
    to forgive ourselves,
    to forgive each other
    and to forgive our enemies-
    now, forever and completely.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    So be it, so it is."

  36. What does 'Evaluate U96' mean??

    I guess I'm not supposed to know. Hopefully it's good. lol


  37. Patrick have you built a mcgraw generator sucessfully and ran appliances? Anyone?

    1. I have two magravs and a similar device called Alekz beads. They're still conditioning and not ready for testing. However they're making so much plasma, good luck keeping your hands near it. They will work. Thanks for asking!

  38. It's my birthday is today. I have three double numbers in my birthday ... 2's 3's and 5's ... I wonder if that means anything? And something strange happened at midnight, I was switching my main TV from PC to watch a station. It turned off on its own. I turned it back on thinking it was a glitch tried to change the channel and it turn off again ... Now what was really weird was my other TV I have above my computer on the other side of the room turned on no remote near it or pointing at it, or being used when this came on. It turned off, and turned on again. Later that morning about 5:00 I couldn't sleep so I went outside to do some star gazing ... was out their for 10 min. and saw a beam ship traveling from SW to NW. Couldn't have been a jet ...was going too fast and no blinking lights ... couldn't have been a shooting star because it was going too slow for that. It was as bright as Venus. Nights I can't sleep I'm going to see if I can get one of them on video. :)

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  40. The Universe does *not* like demons whatsoever. And that's a FACT.
    So here's some more symbolism for you:
    On yesterday's SummerSlam show (which I did not watch 'cause I had more important things to do) WWE had their newly created "Universal title" (yeah, right!) won by a character called "The Demon King."
    I read about it and found that quite offensive to be honest. Nothing against the guy who plays the character, but come on, that's Bullshit. The title belt looks absolutely horrendous, by the way, I wouldn't have that atrocity in here even if you paid me for it.

    Anyway. Turns out that a move in the match went wrong and "The Demon King" suffered a serious shoulder injury so that he had to relinquish his newly won title today. It is "only" symbolism, and I sincerely wish Fergal Devitt who plays that character a speedy recovery from the necessary upcoming surgery. But the company who booked that stuff is now left without a champion and will have to re-write all planned storylines. Serves them right!
    That is the kind of stuff that happens when you try to fuck with the Universe.
    Let that be a Warning to everybody else who's trying stuff like that in real life.
    The "real world" is faker than wrestling, and You DO NOT Fuck With The Universe! Or you pay a substantial price for your actions.

    As I posted in another thread yesterday before Fergal Devitt got injured by a Seth Rollins Powerbomb: It's not The Fall that hurts - it's when you Hit The Ground.

    Funny how, just mere hours afterwards, it was posted on GaiaPortal that "The price is paid."
    And speaking of GaiaPortal, I guess I may just as well post the entire new UpDate:

    "Elementals vibrate with the Hue-man character.

    Sensations of Higher Testimonials are felt.

    Nonabiders are released.

    Floridal scents are connected.

    The price is paid."

    So there.

    Victory Of Love And Light. And Peace Forever.

    I AM RaJah

    1. @Hallo RahJah, ja sehr interessant... letzte Nacht habe ich von einem Wald geträumt. Einige Bäume waren zusammengebunden und als wir die Befestigung losgelöst hatten, fiel ein riesiger Baum einfach um. In dem Moment sah ich, dass er schon lange tot war und gar keine Wurzeln mehr gehabt hatte. Er hatte keine Äste, es war einfach nur ein riesiger langer alter toter Baumstamm. Keine Ahnung was das jetzt aus meiner Psyche freilegt. Achja, wir sollen ja nicht mehr denken, sondern fühlen. Du magst ein bestimmtes Wort besonders gern, nicht wahr? ;)
      Hoffe Deiner Nadine geht es jetzt besser, es sind ja stürmische Zeiten momentan. Hier in der Hauptstadt alles schick soweit, die Leute sprechen überall über das Krachen und Knarzen des alten (nicht WIRKLICH existierenden) Systems. Was anderes: Was macht man denn eigentlich wenn man beim Heiraten den Kuss in der Kirche vergißt? Tja, dumm gelaufen, der Teufel steckt eben im Detail. ;) Ist manchmal echt schnuckelig wie unsere Darkies sich dann am Ende doch tatsächlich an die Regeln halten. Invalid. Sag ich da nur. Nee, ganz ehrlich: Ich bin VOLL in der Liebe. Und an einen "anderen": Danke für die Maiglöckchen die Du mir jeden Frühling selbst gepflückt hast. Danke, dass werde ich Dir nie vergessen und dass Du extra für mich die Schnecken aus dem Keller entfernt hast und den Keller neu angestrichen hast... und für so vieles mehr....und für den Schleier.... er war sehr angenehm.... danke....danke...danke....ach.... da fällt mir ein..... schreibe ich hier, weil irgendwie habe ich das Gefühl hier gehört zu werden, bzw. auf mysteriöse Art und Weise scheint es so zu sein, wenn ich nur einen Kommentar hier schreibe, komme ich in meiner spirituellen Entwicklung weiter, und das ist vielleicht weil hier so viele Erleuchtete mitlesen oder aus einem anderen Grund....ja, jedenfalls, was mir gerade einfällt: Bei unserem ersten Silvester haben wir Blei gegossen, was kam heraus? Eine Rose und eine Schlange. Nun, die Schlange bedeutet wohl beides, sowohl als auch. Schon echt abgefahren. Sag mal RahJah, machst Du eigentlich keinen eigenen Blog? Wäre doch gut für die Deutschen so zum Aufwachen. Doch wenn ich mich recht erinnere bist Du ziemlich beschäftigt mit Deiner schamanischen Arbeit, gelle. Wie auch immer, ich find Cobra hat extrem viel Geduld, hier ständig Kommentare herauszulassen, also das musst Du ihm schon lassen, wenn Du auch nicht alles für korrekt hältst.


    2. Hi Eliana,
      wie ich an anderer Stelle schon sagte, der Cobster ist ein wirklich *exzellenter* Messenger, und es ist nicht seine Schuld, dass manche Nachrichten, die er zu überbringen hat, falsch sind.
      Ich mag den "Schlangen-Namen" nicht und nenne ich ihn lieber Coby oder Cobster da ich ihn wirklich als Kollegen respektiere.

      Hab mich auch schon mehrfach bei ihm und dem Webstaff bedankt, dass meine Kommentare veröffentlicht werden - meistens gut versteckt in älteren Threads, wo von Euch anderen keiner hinguckt da es nur zwischen mir und dem Webstaff ist.
      Bei einigen Kommentaren denke ich selbst auch nur "There is no way they'll publish this." Machen sie aber :-)

      Meine Nachrichten sind alle Code und nur an ganz wenige bestimmte "Leute" gerichtet. Ein Blog auf deutsch wäre falsch da dann der Sinn der Nachricht verfremdet werden würde. Mein Höheres Selbst diktiert mir auf englisch, also schreibe ich auch auf englisch. Ansonsten würde ich nämlich genau das gleiche tun, was ich hier ja schon beklagt habe: Halbwahrheiten schreiben, und weniger als 100% Wahrheit ist für mich einfach nicht akzeptabel. Entweder Ganz Oder Gar Nicht, ansonsten bringt das alles doch nix.

      Zum Glück habe ich einen guten Freund, mit dem ich vieles meiner Arbeit teilen kann, das ansonsten niemand verstehen würde. Und Shenyen ist richtig gut darin Nachrichten per Meditation und über sein Bewusstsein zu übertragen, also *habe* ich quasi einen "Blog", mit dem ich meine Taten und Erlebnisse veröffentliche - nur halt nicht im Internet, sondern im wirklichen weltweiten Bewusstseins-Netz :-)

      Wünsche Dir weiterhin alles Liebe und Gute, licht- und liebevolle Grüße an den Kleinen Bären.
      City "Am Fenster" live auf der Waldbühne Bärlin :-)

      Victory Of Love And Light. And Peace Forever.

      ICH BIN RaJah

  41. Farsight Time Cross Project August 2016

    Simon Parkes said to that seen timeline does not have to happen, but it is a time line that desire very bad people.

    1. Is easy to understand at this time and age why such a timeline even exist.... I dont think is due to people desiring that bad should rule or aching to have very bad leaders.. I attribute it to people just losing hope that anything different is even possible.

      People at one point can get tired of fighting with sticks ... And some succumb. Many Others get trapped in compromising situations that in their minds forces them to continue and hoping the deception continue in order to appear as 'normal' to the eyes of others. Thus in a way feeding not freedom but self enslavement... Which eventually leads to promotion of weak leaders holding the strongest lack of true and fair social or even personal justice.

      Imho... That is why is important to figure out ways to feed hope... To nurture it... Not as individuals but ggroups. And i dont mean fools hopes.

      That is why is important to see changes... Even if tell tail signs... Not just words.

  42. Twin Prime decoupling second wave complete.
    Tor Locks are reconfigured.
    Course on Table 10 is Modern.

  43. Has anyone experienced a tachyon chamber or know anyone who has?

    1. I have and did a video interview with the owner and a review of the experience.
      It wa a great experience.

  44. Has anyone experienced a tachyon chamber or know anyone who has?

    1. Someone gave feedback a little while back

    2. I have.

      The person who puts together has also experienced it. He had an article about it a while back. There's also a link to his blog on

      The chamber's effects are subtle and cumulative. That is, if you try it and then are away from it for a couple of months, you don't lose what you had earlier gained...

      I experienced it about 9 months ago. I think I gained spiritually from it. I didn't have major health issues. The person I went with, however, did have some health issues that seemed to be healed 4 - 6 weeks later.

      I think the effects are subtle, gradual, and it works.

    3. Yes i have read that persons account on the eventreference blog. They did not really post much of a follow up...only their experience within a few days/weeks of going in the chamber. Was wondering what long term effects ppl were having. Any chance you can get your friend to post their experience and long term effects here?

    4. I have and did an interview with owner and a video of my review of the experience.

    5. I have and did an interview with the owner and a review of my experience. It's very inexpensive and worth doing. Go here and see the short vid.

      Loved it and did 4 sessions.

    6. CB...I have and did an interview with the owner and a review of my experience. It's very inexpensive and worth doing. Go here and see the short vid.

      Loved it and did 4 sessions.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. ~...we need another humour... something less sarcastic and zynical...I did not want to make joke about something that is really not funny... coming from the sun right now.... this light...this light.... people can't hide to smile anymore, strangers, passengers, all are happy and smile....I am sorry for the earthquake, interesting that it is just a bit east from Rome, I feel an ancient energetic point has been activated and energetically I feel right now, Rome has lost its power point, also by that activation. I am really sorry for all harmed people or those who have lost someone, but let us keep the vision of ascension and soon all will meet their lost and loved ones again in far better condition as during the dark times of the veil~
      Thank you Cobra and your Golden Hordes for liberating planet Earth, there are no words that can express this heroic deed.

  46. Well the us is causing more shit in Syria ... they have occupied the Northern part and established a no fly zone for Syria in their own damn county!!! Of course Syria and Russia won't do anything about it, just let the us continue the war crimes. Where is Russia's equipment that disables the jets from seeing? Where are the S400 ... oh but wait they can't do anything that would provoke war even though the us has started a war. The us need the shit kick out of them but no one will do it. How many more innocent civilians do we have to watch died because of those asshole!? Extremely frustrating!!!! This is really pissing me the fuck off!!!

    US Occupation of Syria now official

    1. Only the 144.000 can help. As not all are participating in the meditations, lately I connect with "all that ever did that meditation and with all points in time the meditation was done- at once", also connect with Goddess Dou Mu increases the effect. We can also work on our own for it, just imagine yourself bigger than our Galaxy and visualize you bring the darkies into the Galactic Court, THEY choose. It is also not enough beings of that special command who are working like this, out of programming "not be allowed to interfere". We are here TO STOP the interference of free will by INTERFERING. I only recently woke up but now I want wake up everybody who is called to stop to sleep. What if everyone of main readers here have a special command and if 1 of us awakens only then his crew will wake up. I am still searching to find out why the 144.000 do not gather, there must be extreme manipulations that need to be found. Sitting in a circle and meditating, everyone sees something else and sharing experience with only 1 being, more than doubles the effect. Search for black magicians in underground Tibet and tell us, for example. Lately we found out (only this detail to not bore you) black magicians in underground Tibet had objects connected to the Pyramids and Mary Magdalene. There where some abonnements that should turn EVERY of her teachings upside down. There are always guardians for such things and they are literally "waiting" to be found and arrested. They are somehow "forced" to stay there until someone comes and forces them to go away from that position of holding the black magic alive. Another thing are the contracts, there are still many contracts, extra for every single one of you freedom fighters. Most of the times they are hidden underground at certain important spots, to block the energy and your energetic connection with those spots from being powerful enough. Guardians are there as well. And the story helps, if some parts are found out. If you only dare to believe you are a key person, please search for your contracts, as all of humanity might be connected or important spots, tasks, whatever. No matter who we really are, we seem to be a sort of special command for the light forces who stepped inside of the veil, so now we must do our job, especially on suble levels. Search for the 97% of your being what it is doing.
      I found out, the Blue Madonna (an aspect of our Divine Mother) was still imprisoned inside of the Untersberg and has been liberated by the Ashtar Command and Archangel Michael etc. I saw that Chimera group had regathered there, somehow. I could never proof this or if it was a detail i received from a past timeline. It is also possible, different people working on the same subject at different points in time and everyone can find out something helpful that adds to the final victory of the light. Namaste

    2. @ Eliana Most of the 144000 are still asleep at the wheel we will get no help from them. I blame them for all our suffering. I have had it will all the killing of innocents and NO ONE doing a damn thing to stop the US. How many more war crimes are we going to have to watch being committed?


    3. @Eliana:
      I just now read this post, and I find it highly interesting that you make a reference to the pyramids.
      I know what they're for, and recently My Heart decided to have me build two 13-storey-high pyramids made of used tea-lights. The top spot is reserved for an active candle, and both of them are now burninig. Together with the lamp inbetween them they form a third, much larger pyramid.

      I only illuminated the fires in the top candles today (just a few minutes ago, to be exact) and they look amazing.
      To accompany that contraption I was asked (and happily obliged) to light other candles in the shape of pyramids as well.
      All in all, I've got 25 candles going right now which make up a total of Eleven Pyramids - and that has NEVER happened before.

      Just wanted to share that little bit of shamanism with you all :-)
      All right, back to The Music We Go.

      I AM RaJah

    4. HI Eliana,
      did you locate any of 144 000 souls ?

    5. I might not be part of the 144k... But i am participating by whining.... Isnt it the sqeaky wheel gets the oil?... Well so i thought... It turns out the game is.. 'If u squeak.. How loud and for how long can you'... :)

      And here we find ourselves squeaking until we turn blue... Sorry.. Bad analysis. Bad hair day :)

  47. A need to be read update from Corey:

    Despite the valuable intel in this post, it contains however some disgusting and filthfull phrases, as are:

    "We have a small window to push ourselves through in order to jointly experience the optimal temporal reality",

    "partial disclosure that would gradually unfold over the next 100 years",

    "It was apparent that time was short for all of us to process our karma and increase our own service-to-others polarity".

    'Labels': small window, partial disclosure, 100 years, karma.

    1. Slick in getting or sneaking key messages for the collective to contemplate... In a hope to manifest?. Is he really being candid and just simply being loose in tongue.

      Based on the the little that i know of him.. One would
      Expect that he is very aware of that thoughts are power...

      Imho. He needs to focus on inspiring not programming... Of course if he really means well which i am sure 'we all do'.

  48. This is from PFC website:

    Super soldier talk

    August 23, 2016 by Danell Glade


    Join us in another conversation into the alien presence with special guest Adrian and Peter the Insider. He and Peter shares information about Comonars, milabs, more on The P.P.A.I., the angelic realms, hell, underground bases and more listener Q and A.

    To get a copy of the book
    Lone Wolf – Alpha Squad 45 Copy Over – James Rink

    If you like to learn more about James Rink, super soldiers, and milabs please visit:

    If you like to learn more about how meditation technology can assist you please visit:

  49. Earthquake in Italy happened tonight, strangely shallow it was, only 4 km deep?!!




    That's what it says on the only two T-shirts I've been wearing for a week now (except when I'm in bed.)
    "Oooh, only two shirts in seven days? You must stink..."
    Nope, I don't. I reek of LOVE - and so do all of YOU! ;-)

    I love to bring you HOPE
    And I love to bring you LOVE

    Victory Of Love And Light. And Peace Forever.

    I AM RaJah