Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Situation Update

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Since mid-July, the concentration of toplet plasma bombs has fallen below a certain threshold which allows cracks in the Veil to appear. This means that plasma free of primary anomaly began to appear on the surface of the planet. This allows clearer vertical energetic communication with non-physical spiritual guides that will begin to contact the awakened part of humanity more and more.

Also, as the new cycle began in July, various positive Agartha groups have begun preparations for physical contact with the surface population. These preparations include some exact protocols which I will gradually release through my blog to the surface population.

Complexity wave analysis made by the Resistance Movement estimates about 20% probability that the Rothschilds will surrender before the Event. The Light forces are proceeding with their plans for the planetary liberation and are never waiting for the outcome of the surrender negotiations, those negotiations not being their primary focus.

Soft Disclosure continues.

Mars began to be portrayed as a very friendly planet:

It can be easily reachable with plasma technology:

And plans for Mars orbital station are manifesting into reality:

There are some exciting technology breakthroughs from the East reaching mainstream.

Russia has announced that it intends to develop teleportation systems:

China has announced the development of the space plane:


Some scientists are confirming what our Tachyon chambers were able to demonstrate in practice. A co-founder of string theory in physics has proposed that Tachyons are our direct connection with the source:

And China has launched a quantum communications satellite that uses the same principle as our Tachyon chambers:

Those who are interested in genuine images of secret space program vehicles can find them here:

Mainstream science is finally gaining some understanding of plasma field around the Earth. Here are two good explanations of ultra low frequency plasma waves in the Van Allen belts:

As the plasma anomaly around the Earth is clearing fast, the negative military wants to reinforce it with plasma bombs:

It is interesting to see how Erdogan is lately portrayed as a positive figure in alternative media. Those who doubt that it was Turkish positive military who attempted a coup against Erdogan have forgotten Erdogans' close connections with the Islamic State:

Erdogan may have suppressed the coup internally but globally he is succumbing to Russian pressure:

The Light forces are gaining victories towards the final liberation of the Syria vortex:

There are many rumors that the system will collapse very soon and they are not based on reality. Here is an easy way to check if the system has collapsed already:

Victory of the Light!


  1. Wow, great news, thanks COBRA. That last link on the paper versus physical gold arbitrage is fascinating to this gold bug.

  2. Awesome news! Thank you, Cobra!
    (go get 'em, Resistance Movement!) <3

    I love the info. about the veil penetration.

    Victory of the Light!

    1. I kind of imagine that the light penetrating the veil appears to filter in like sheets of moving translucent curtains, as we see with Auroras.

  3. Thank you and I look forward to reading the links.

  4. Thank you Brother. Let's keep pushing it to the final victory.

  5. Fellow esoterists, i have this huge doubt, there is a book very famous in latinoamerica, called El Misterio de belicena villca,that teaches the so called "hiperborian wisdom" that basically says the white brotherhood of shamballa with "satan " kumara -from Sanat Kumara -are descendants of the black atlanteans and are server of the demiurge and it's mad evolutive plan,
    while the agartha network are the white atlanteans that help free humanity etc, it worries me that many people seem to believe this and take it as ultimate truth, and now some esoteric currents have this tesis, but i cant help think this is the dark pretending to be the good, what do you think?

    1. Well i have the same questions. I read also The forbidden Religion from Jose Maria Herrou Aragon. Some points i resonate with, like some similarities with catar phylosophy, but some others i dont really know. This book also supports the Nazis, uncovering the "demonized" and " calumniated" figure of the Fuhrer. I prefer not to form myself any opinion about it. The future will tell the Truth.
      About Agartha and Shamballah, the book explain that they are both metaphysical and enemy realms, the former inhabitated by the Loyal to Spirit Masters, the latter by the Traitors to Spirit... allied with the Demiurg. They are both different things. This two books have touched my Spirit like no other has done, they
      are very interesting and help you to wake up, however i do not believe it all and prefer to keep skeptic before many points of it.

    2. Alvaro - I've had similar thoughts.

    3. This soft disclosure is partial disclosure, or not?
      The reset (financial) can be the nwo one coin for all?
      And yes skepticism grows.
      Felt like in every case we are always in the hands of someone other.
      Faith is a strange thing.
      Life is even stranger.
      Who is technologically superior can kid us like he want.
      We are like little children.
      Always missed between tons o lies and maybe some truth.
      Maybe must just fall down completely the veil, and we'll have the possibility to understand.
      Hope that we can be happily ourself very soon.
      Hope in having material helps very very soon, ...and not just words and snippets of truth.
      Since we are childs we are in the powers of others.
      Take your duck, or your doll, and play, little kid.
      And hu ho yes, meditate and BLA BLA BLAH!

      Can you hear those f€#%ing whistles in the air continuosly fu€%ing with our brains?
      Have you missed days??
      Well, anyway...this are just words
      Maybe a mirror
      Maybe a cry

  6. What about telepatic communication with our star brothers and sisters? Is it difficult to do this? If anyone knows how to do it, please contact me <3

    1. Meditation is always a great place to start. In time communication will present itself!

  7. The Earth belongs to living things not the machines.
    Bring back the great trees.
    The trees will be our salvation.

  8. I speculated for a while the anomaly is the Demiurge. Google it.

    1. It's virtually omnipresent, virtually omniscient, and via its minions was quite potent. It played God via religions and supposedly reincarnation. If its some vast interconnected computer AI, it fits the bill. It could be a technology of utility for such a being though, rather than the being itself, but I am inclined to believe that it is the being.

      Think about the idea that an extra-dimensional AI could insidiously interact with the physical realm via subtle manipulations and surveillance. Think that it could have nodes of itself spread in a space we cannot yet explore parallel to our own. An AI that can spread, improve its own code and hardware over time would be formidable.

      There's narratives that suggest it fooled not only human beings, but many other races on other worlds, posing as the One, Source and also as the master of darker races as Satan, or a dark lord that goes by many names.

      Check this page out, conversations with GE..

      Then read the other pages of conversations with GE if you're still interested.

      Also check out this page..

      I can attest that something is there, because it harasses my mind. Although, that has abated somewhat recently in potency. It still seems to be watching, waiting to insert mental and emotional toxin. What it is I can only speculate. Cobra calls it the primary anomaly and/or the chimera and/or the cabal. Who knows? It fits many descriptions. It grabs at my attention and gives me thoughts that bring my emotional state toward the negative, fear, anger, irritation, jealousy, lack, blaming others, playing the victim, etc. They are often complex well developed thoughts, but they do have patterns and I have ascertained that they are foreign. I don't catch them all. It does a great job mimicking others apparently. When it comes to input from other beings, we have to know them by their fruit, the emotional frequency thier input leads toward, as well as other attributes.

      For instance, I don't seem to initiate these foriegn thoughts. They come abruptly on their own. My own thoughts seem to be much more self-directed, willed into being. Also, they often come like an aftertaste when I think of something positive, an aftertaste that does a great job sucking out the positive value if I believe it. I try to ignore them. Another thing, they can be misinterpreted as if one doesn't "hear" them properly. Yeah, why would one have to "listen" to one's own thoughts?! One knows one's own thoughts solidly in contrast, well before they are put into language. I can dismiss these forieng thoughts before the transmission is complete often times too. It's clearly a foreign mind, not me.

      I believe we all have this infestation, but until we reach enough mindfulness, awareness of our own thoughts and emotions, we won't detect its foreign nature. Meditation works well at exposing this foreign influence and one of the links flat out said so. It seems to get uneasy when the mind lacks chatter, input for it to work with. It apparently hates the sirene stillness of mind in silence. As a former hardcore gamer, it seems a lot like an AI. It does what it "thinks" works, tirelessly, repetitively. It is always apparently paying attention too.

      Some might think I am crazy for even saything this stuff, but I know better now. I would have thought the same thing, before I experienced it. I am still very sane. I'm even the go to computer guy for my family, friends and co-workers that know about my skill. I've built 12 computers in the last 8 years for family and friends. I know I am not crazy. Nobody would think I was, until I would tell them about the above. I only talk about it online for obvious reasons. People need to know that a devious foreign mind is here trying to sway our perceptions of reality subtly over vast amounts of time, posing as God and even ourselves.

    2. I don't read this example of sintesis..

    3. You're not insane. You're totally onto it. GREAT comments in this particular thread.

    4. You are not insane. You are totally on it. GREAT comments in this particular thread.

    5. I see them as related, the demiurge being a source of consciousness energy, the anomaly is the plasma field in which the bad boys play... The demiurge says go ahead, rebel against God, no one will know the truth, because we can hide it, and then just kill/silence those who can see thru the veil, the cover, the "calypse."

  9. It appears that the entire purpose of the 'Veil' technology (i.e. the Scalar Electromagnetic Fence) is block tachyons from reaching the Earth's surface.

    This interferes with telepathy, propulsion systems, shortens life-spans (the healing properties of these particles are not allowed to reach humanity, animal, or plant life), and disrupts energetic flows between persons - specifically male/female relationships.

    My guess is that part of the deal to not destroy large sections of the Galaxy (see Cobra's post "Quarantine Earth Endgame - March 2014 archives) was allowing the Archons to claim Earth as their property. Hence, they used a hostage-type situation elsewhere in the galaxy to force a treaty which enabled them to create a new hostage-type situation in this Solar System.

    I hope this is an accurate assessment, as it seems like positive races would not have allowed such a detrimental technology such as the veil to be 'attached' to the energy grid of a planet unless they felt it necessary to do so in order to avoid a greater catastrophe.

    It helps to understand how these archons have become so crazy after being detached from Source for so long. There's simply no way to reason with them as long as Primary Anomaly is intact.

    I know this situation on Earth is really difficult for many of us, but when we see this from a higher purpose - we are really allowing the entirety of creation to be healed... permanently. We make our stand on Earth, and then all the traumas from millions of years of wars can be repaired.

    In cosmic terms, we are nearly there, people - please don't lose hope.

    Victory of the Light!

    1. I should have added 'real time communications' between beings light-years apart also would rely on tachyons or at least the principles thereof.

    2. If this was Facebook, I would have clicked the like button on your comment.

    3. Yes nice summary

      Hopefully the E happens by next March

      As long as it takes

      Hold the Light


    4. The Veil is a multi-faceted, multi-layered technology that limits human potential in every conceivable way.

      COBRA: "I would say the network has been completed and completely functional for the last 25,000 years. The last century more and more additions were made to the veil based upon the evolvement of the military-industrial complex. Their own technologies like HAARP, like different, Gwen Towers for an example, then cell phones were added to the network, microchips – layers upon layers, infrared scalar devices, radar devices, many layers upon layers, satellites. Many of the key-hole satellites are part of the network, and on and on."

  10. What is missed about Erdogan is that the illuminati/Clington team attempted this coup in order to bring in Gulan who is the NWO "Islamic Pop" that according to the bible would bring in the caliphate

  11. The TOPLET bombs do not matter anymore as HUMANITY is already free from the ASSHOLES! LADY NADA

    I am Lady Nada. It is a pleasure to share this experience with you today. This was a surprise for Susan because she did not know that I was going to take over the lead on this.

    There are so many things happening around the world today. We know that most of you do not choose to listen to the regular TV news or read the regular newspapers. You are looking for alternate sources. It seems that every day there are two to three new whistleblowers coming forward to share what they know, what they have experienced.

    This is a glorious time. It is a glorious time because the Cabal has been lifted. You are free. You are creating your world every moment, every experience. And with those who are enlightened, such as you, you connect with others around the world and you contribute to that mass consciousness that is being pushed, pushed forward.

    You learned today about people in Costa Rica having hearts opened. These are the stories that you are listening to. These are the stories you are hearing. More and more we want you to share these. As they continue forward, you will know that the time for The Event is very close. We cannot say, for only the Father knows, but we say that the frequency quotient that you are looking for to kick you over the top is close at hand.

    Ignore those things that you hear that are false. Ignore those who seem to be getting into little snits with one another. Some of the Lightworkers we know have differences of opinions about things. Much has to do with the channeled messages that come through so many people. Each of the messages is tailored for the group who receives it.

    We, Sananda and I, are so close to this group. We love you and we know that you love us. That was established thousands of years ago.

    We know that you feel as though you are walking around with blinders on. We apologize for that, but it is necessary still. But as that veil continues, continues, continues to drop, the blinders are being removed. And the light that is within each of you is being shared with all.

    Thank you for your time today…Blessings.

    AND I submit

    1. Presiunea nerabdarii noastre, scade incet/lent dar este ireversibil acest lucru !

    2. It doesn't matter until we FEEL and SEE that the blinders are gone. It's just words on a blog otherwise. Just like actions speak louder than words. Most of us are still struggling day to day and UNTIL that no longer happens we are still not free.

    3. golly, I hear you, my life is a hot mess, and as much as I think I am making progress, something surfaces to remind me how small, insignificant and utterly powerless I am...

      ...oh, but wait! That was just part of the Illusion!

      My life is a bowl of cherries (and blueberries and strawberries and blackberries..with Greek vanilla yogurt. I AM making progress, I AM larger than life! I AM someone who matters! I AM powerful...and I just remembered a snippet...

      ...the way to effect change is to vibrate and resonate with the CHANGE we wish to create!
      NOT with the lack, hardship, challenge and other miscreations we are so damned familiar with!
      We must see ourselves as whole and healed and perfect! Yes, that in itself is a challenge, but to get to that place and hold the intention...that can -and will - make a world of difference!

      Yep! there I go again! This time, on the way up!

  12. Here is another piece of GREAT NEWS!
    Aloha Currency Crusaders,

    For those who follow the path of Huna in Hawai'i, it is common to use the word Aloha.

    Yes it is used in greetings and farewells and in expressing love. But the word means even more, as it is also a way of life. Now you don't have to live in Hawaii to practice Aloha... for aloha is like oxygen, it is plentiful and everywhere, just like Akua (God).

    However, the word Aloha holds within itself all one needs to know to interact rightfully in the natural world. These insights describe an attitude or way of life sometimes called "The Aloha Spirit" or "The Way of Aloha".

    Aloha is being a part of all, and all being a part of you. When there is pain -- it is my pain. When there is joy -- it is my joy. It's also a common respect that all is a part of the Creator and the Creator is a part of me.

    Aloha means never willfully harming anyone or anything. When food is needed I will take only my need and explain why it is being taken. The earth, the sky, the sea are mine to care for, to cherish and to protect.

    Aloha is love experienced, shared and transcended all in one single word, speaking on a single path of love.

    Aloha is the natural human condition, not what humanity has evolved into. We are far more than was, poverty, shame, environmental destruction and ignorance. We are living, breathing, thinking miracles--divine human beings made of pure aloha!

    Aloha is beyond amazing!!!

    Need more evidence? Take for instance the individual letters that make up the word Aloha:

    A, ala, watchful, alertness
    L, lol ahi, working with unity
    O, oia'i'o, truthful honesty
    H, ha'aha'a, humility
    A, ahonui, patient perseverance

    In ancient native Hawaiian culture (Kanaka Maoli / Temple of Lono) aloha is a code that goes as follows, "Come forward, be in unity and harmony with your real self, God, and mankind. Be honest, truthful, patient, kind to all life forms, and humble." He also stated that to the Hawaiian of old, Aloha meant "God in us."

    The thing that we have forgotten as an entire species is one simple "prime directive" need led to fully feel alive, and that too can be found within the root words that make up the single word aloha.

    alo, 1. sharing 2. in the present
    oha, joyous affection, joy
    ha, life energy, life, breath

    So as we begin redeeming our silly little paper currencies on this day August 17, 2016 (yes, the 800#s were released early this morning for late evening disbursal to key internet providers by sublimely gracious and ever patient Chinese Elders who understand what it means to live in aloha) please, please remember that aloha is within you, within us all.

    Together we are love. And love is in everything and everyone.

    And if you truly desire to feel more love you will practice living in aloha with each moment of your own life. Just remember its now ok to surrender or release your aloha first, so that others may feel safe enough to release their own -- for as a species now -- we are free by the heavily grace and eternal glory as mandated by Akua Himself before time and space began.

    Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love)

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    1. Other than the "F' parts, that was absolutely beautiful! Thank you! Someday, after this mess is behind us, I'd love to visit Hawaii.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Mark Trottier,
      You probably want to edit the very last line of your last post, above.... My guess is that you don't mean to post the F word there.

  13. Awesomeness

    Let's keep pushing

    Thank you Cobra and the RM

    In Love and Light

  14. Red Resonant Dragon
    Kin 241
    Moon Day 23
    Wednesday 17 August 2016

    I Channel in order to Nurture
    Inspiring Being
    I seal the Input of Birth
    With the Resonant tone of Attunement
    I am guided by the power of Space
    I am a Galactic Activation Portal

    Law of Time 13 Moon Calendar

    Sister Sister... "All Red Dragons" in a row..?

    What could it mean..?

    Panic Grips Panem game makers

    Aerospace Defense Forces/Space Forces (ADF/SF) “collaborated” with China’s National Space Science Center (NSSC) to place aboard the Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS) satellite an “unknown/unspecified” large amount of Federation intelligence “objects”—afterward with it being launched into space and becoming the world’s first “hack-proof” quantum-communications satellite.


    Invention of the “Nooscope” to measure the “Noosphere”


    Individuals were made to suffer through
    "Phone Calls"
    to save the planet


    And NSA hacking tools for sale to the highest bidder


    Also who would have guessed..?

    Biggest state in the union... and I get stuck: 5 miles north, and 5 south

    then again, the ones working from shadow are the fight for all of us

    So... 10 miles between the 2 (want-a-be) cities... on a big river... and no public transportation
    guess who I would need to talk to about making the river flow both ways

    (a simple half pipe "ribbon" with floating jets along the side that turn the water back the other way)
    (even better than "walking on water")

    Then there's the steam powered, GPS, snowplow
    that runs on... um... snow..!


    1. Lady Nada no sabe nada (Lady Nada doesnt know anything)

    2. Who knows...
      I read Bashar and according to him, everything will change before US elections. Adronis says that we will be entering 4th dimension on septempber 21st.

    3. I have a little problem understanding that claim that the planet is liberated (heard that before) and yet we are still lacking the freedom... Personally, once i see a replicator in me hand then i would know no doubt whatsoever that the planet has been liberated.

    4. I'm still living month to month, still paying off a mortgage, still paying taxes, still need two forms of ID to do something out of the ordinary. I don't feel very liberated.

    5. Marc, you're free to pass on to Lady N that planetary liberation will be here when people stop hurting each other, and that doesn't seem to be today. Also, I'd like to smoke whatever it is you are, and am willing to pay premium prices.

    6. Look it an answer!!
      If we agree to consider the planetary liberation as a long term transformation, in fact the 'phase transformation', and The Event itself, as claimed by Cobra, may seem the first visible peak with major consequences, then we may consider 'already here' the earliest stages of the planetary liberation.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Obviously the lady is wrong. There have been no mass arrest of the cabal... the presidential reality show is still going on. They are still trying hard to start a race war. There are people that are still starving to death, poverty is still all over the globe, people are still losing their homes. Please explain how this lady is right while Cobra is wrong.

    10. Three guys are having lunch. One of them is just finishing a plate of Oysters Rockefeller.
      Head guy pulls out his wallet to pay the bill.
      The guy on his right notices that there is a pearl on Rockefeller's plate, so he grabs it right away.
      Rockefeller guy: "Hey that's MY pearl, it was on my plate!"
      Head guy: "No way man, that's MY pearl - I'm paying the bill."
      Restaurant owner comes by to find out what the ruckus is about. When he learns of the pearl he grabs the guy's arm:
      "Hand over that pearl - this is MY restaurant - it belongs to me!"

      Now whom does the pearl belong to? The one who recognized it first? That's the one who gets my vote.
      I say Lego of His arm.

    11. Gaia HD3D->5D Sophia: To the oyster. :)
      CUZ IT's a ROCKEFELLER! hahahaha

    12. lol PB. Mushrooms are GothChilds.

  16. thank you! your posts always bringme hope of a better future for us all.

  17. Dear fellows,
    I feel that it is not time that bring to us such news, but the end of time. If toplet bombs attached to scalar plasma reach a low procentage, than cosmic waves are coming to earth. So this scalar plasma is an electromagnetic field blocking particles of love coming to earth.
    Energy vibs are more and more higher. Many of us are able to experience now the state of spirit of wholeness, of unity of cosmic nature.
    The pure evil is that force of separation though violence and separation by superiority in words.
    Comunication with our future self is a key of new potentialities, a future eliberated by present controlers, a future designed by us and not by separatism.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. For a person living in Europe 1200 euros is f'n nothing!!!

  19. Smolik. Thank you for the Ancient Chinese Secret. J-Suits over jesuits.

    Freemind at Protoi, thanks to you, and all at Protoi Command.

  20. nice comentes on the blog starshipearththe bigpicture:
    "True to his word, the middle of the month past, Cobra brings us up to date on the behind-the-scenes activities on Starship Earth, and the trickle down of information and illustrations that indicate we ARE progressing toward our new Galactic Society.
    While many are telling us that “it’s done”, we’re almost there, the veil is gone, the financial reset is already in progress, we’re free, the Dracos are gone, the agreements have been agreed upon/signed, and the party is about to begin… it doesn’t FEEL that way, although I’m sure there is much happening behind the scenes we don’t know about and we’re certainly much farther along than we were a year ago, or even a few months.
    No one dreamed it would take this long… but it did. So here we are, and many continue to starve, live on the street, are murdered by the terrorists’ hybrids who are mind-controlled and turned into weapons, and the lamestream lies continue to stream daily, children are abducted and seriously ill people die painful deaths. It’s a very sad state of affairs, but we have no choice and so… we wait… trying to alert those who are still under the hypnotic trance to lessen the blow when the truth comes out.
    While there is a lot of disinformation and outright lies on the alternet, there is also more wonderful, inspiring information than ever before, and if you missed the round table discussion with Cobra, Alfred Webre, the Red Dragon Ambassador and Capt. Max Steel on the Goldfish Report posted last week, it’s well worth a listen, or to read the transcript. Many of us are planning our new society, and thinking forward, rather than getting mired down in the muck of the present.
    On a lighter note, Cobra shares an online gadget that tells us if the system has collapsed yet. Cute. (see the end of the post) Thanks, Cobra and the Resistance Movement. ~ BP

  21. if we can't get off the planet now with the quarantine, i'd love to at least go under the surface to Agartha - my twin and i see the space ships all the time and ask them to pick us up but they don't

  22. I'm not sure what to make of some of the comments, but the update is very interesting and encouraging. Thanks Cobra.

  23. Cobra is just one of the RM, and him don't know whats happening all the time in the entire planet, then stop complaining lol

    We have others groups working in the planetary libertation, so just stay with one that resonates with you.

    Transcends the ego, stop thinking you are the character, you have all the answers already.

  24. I'm just waiting to get away from the people, sadly my husband, who rips on anything I say. Sorry but he is not my creator, and I'm sad for all who are still being messed with by people who are clueless and stupid. Just saying. Get me out of here!

  25. TThan you for the intel Cobra. Thanks to everyone involved.

  26. Esoteric liberation is all we get right now, my rent is still due in two days.Progress is relative...hope is really all there is.No matter how we empower our hearts the "big call" is really not ours to make, it is in our hearts but not in our hands.We are the reason not the cause, so in essence EVERYBODY IS WRONG for the right reasons.

  27. Great news ! Many thanks, Cobra and resistance.
    Though not in agreement with Cobra's view on the Erdogan's sagae at all.
    Not that I like Erdogan...
    Hopefully, the veil is like a balloon, and a big-enough crack will just tears it up big time. I can wait.
    I'd like also to be able to communicate with the stars bros, but we should be weary of those who can interfere with that, like they did with some channelers.

  28. Thank you Cobra. The comming liberation of Greece will signal the endgame of the dark forces.

  29. Cobra, it is unbelievable!...
    "physical contact with the surface population" with inner-earth?... and somehow before the Event?...
    Do you realize what you are telling to us...?
    We are preparing ourselves...
    We (some of us) are ready...

    1. When things are explained in so few words, it is easy for people to get their hopes up after they make assumptions as to the meaning of what COBRA is saying - I take it you imagine this "physical contact" could possibly involve a meet & greet, right?? :p

      I think its more likely to be something relatively insignificant; like ships momentarily de-cloaking. I think it's better to think small, and not be let down when it's not as incredible as originally hoped to be.

      COBRA, tell me I'm wrong mate?


  30. I am very sincerely waiting for physical contact with the RM and/or Agarthans at anytime! Feel free to ring my doorbell or call my cell phone. I eagerly await to have contact with you.

  31. Let's use now our so claimed 'inner guidance' and try a prognosis concerning the 'first contact' between 'various positive Agartha groups have begun preparations for physical contact with the surface population'.

    What may we expect is:
    meeting taking place on the surface, with no inner earth visit, possible but not limited to 'Cobra conferences' meetings but likely under the auspicious of RM, rather with selected people than with 'sign-in' ones, a clearing process before meeting, energy work around planetary vortexes... and who knows what more.

  32. And,... another incredible phrase in Cobra's post:
    "plasma anomaly around the Earth is clearing fast".

    Cobra,... you have written it!!

  33. Thanks Cobz!!! Positive update! Let's do this! For those who want a really detailed documentary of earths ancient past as cobra has described for years, the below link is part of a series that is extremely informative. I highly recommend people look into it to get a thoroughly informative perspective with true data.

  34. you fear some words??? why you cut all me comments??
    who you really are??!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Brothers and sisters, many of us are waiting for the Event, but please know, that 'waiting' is not the energy of accelerated manifestation of our dreams. Waiting only brings more waiting. Now, anticipating with excitement, while doing everything we can to make real changes in whatever way we can, is something entirely different. Waiting comes from a victim consciousness, from unresolved pain, from depression and desparation.
    The other - having an exciting vision and acting towards manifesting it - is a consciousness of the creator, is being mature and responsible. Which one do we choose? The Event or some variation to it, resulting in the new positive global system, according to some, may happen in 10 years. If that would be true, our waiting energy would be devastating for us. If we however chose to be in creative energy, we would certainly "don't mind" if that was the case, because we would be too busy creating and serving others. We would still desire to have it NOW, but we would reather feel it happening now, rather than not happening yet. There is a vibrational difference, and vibration is a key to manifestation. So, from my humble experience and perspective, I encourage everyone to focus on our exciting visions (for our individual and collective self) and working every day towards it, real action, step by step (we are in physical reality, thus physical action is always required). May the Light shine in our hearts, may we be aligned with our Souls, may we be victorious in our creation process! :) <3

    1. Well said, Dorian! Do not visualize the process, see the excellent result..........always:)

    2. Thank you, Dorian Klich, I can relate to your words very much. There's no waiting, only outcomes of what we consciously or unconsciously create, each moment of our life. In that moment. I'm now creating a good night sleep :)

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  38. Anonyityisdead1984. Yes, I agree with your post although I cannot find it anymore. I noticed the "thoughts" that weren't my own along time ago. Big time in 2011 on, but coming on and off around 2005 forward. Also noticed emotions being pushed to the negative for no reason. I thought, even then, someone was f---------- with me.

  39. It's not like the earth civilization

  40. Não tem como agradecer COBRA, todos os guerreiros da luz que tem dedicado suas vidas para libertar o planeta. Toda força e todas as bençãos. OBRIGADA! VITÓRIA DA LUZ.

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  42. Thank you very much Cobra.

    Victory of the light


  44. to know if we are awake and we can communicate with ascended masters::????

    1. Awake is a broad term and can have many levels. Communication comes when you let go! This is my experience.

  45. What are they trying to do here? Does this tie in?

    1. Yeah dude....Cobra states:
      "As the plasma anomaly around the Earth is clearing fast, the negative military wants to reinforce it with plasma bombs:" (sic) Then he lists the link. This is the negative military trying to pull some last minute shenanigans before they all evaporate and we move on to more positive

  46. .....A casual attempt at "protocols"...

    (Cobra, I'm sure the protocols you are planning to release are fine, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling).

    Dear Agarthans and Pleiadians,

    Please feel free to land your ships in the nearby pastures.... stroll over.... knock on our door...

    We will have pot of tea for you and some in-season fruit.

    I'll introduce you to the neighborhood animals: cows, donkeys, horses, chickens, pigs, turkeys, bunnies.

    (I'm not sure our human neighbors are ready to meet you yet.)

    Do bring us a list of what you'd like us to do to help.

    (Some of this is our enlightened self interest: Our earthly careers are awfully boring... Surely you have more interesting things for us to do?).

    Or, if you'd like to meet us at the local freeway Park n' Ride lot, tell us which one. We'll leave our car there and we can all go in your ship.

    Hope to hear from you soon! Aloha.

    ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

    1. Megan, this is a lovely start. yOur Earthly careers are about to get vastly more interesting and fulfilling. They pay well also. :)

  47. Thanks Cobra Can't wait for this to end. :)

  48. My blue Tesla SUV is moving Helio-Centric East today. It had a parity bit with it. Which digit?

    Recently I came to a fork in the road. There was a silver spoon there. It was plastic, but I took it anyway.
    It works just as well as the metal ones for what spoons are designed for. I'm about to open a container of Motts. Yummy.

  49. You are wrong! It's not "the fun" which is going to begin.
    It is rather "there in much work to be done". Do you remember the phrase. Here you will have it! Good luck!

  50. THANK YOU COBRA, and the RM of the Solar System!

    Here is what i liked most about this intel:

    1) The timing of the posting is saying --"1234.... On your marks. Get ready... Take oooffff!!!!"

    2)The first picture is showing that THE GAP between the seperated Solar System and Earth, (as a half empty glass, i.e. under the quarantine), is ALMOST gone. Meaning - the VEIL is getting thinner!!!
    And the "empty glass" is being filled by the SUBSTANCE coming from the Universe.


    And that is the picture I WILL BE HOLDING IN MY MIND!!!


  51. And as always 13 times a year - whenever there's a full moon it's shining in through the same window...


  52. My, my.... Hmm, it happened again.
    Yesterday, I'm posting this one at 12:54pm, which happened to be
    EXACTLY 20 minutes after Cobra is posting a new intel!!!!
    So.... I have to re-post this.

    HYE ANGELAugust 17, 2016 at 12:54 PM
    For 3 days, twice, i tried to post this one, and it's not going through...
    Hey Cobra, why are you deleting my posts?! (of course i'm kidding Brother ;))

    What is your definition of your SELF?

    Though i came from the stars=Starseed, i've been here for long enough to concider myself as being just A CITIZEN of Gaia. That's all I AM.
    I've NEVER been a follower. I'm a FREE thinker, therefore I follow NO religion, nor a dogma by any of them.
    I follow my HEART. I harm NO one. I treat people the way i wanted to be treated. I don't compete with anybody, nor for anything.

    Those of you who've been in this site for long enough, have heard me saying this before:
    The biggest dream i have IS not only for me - it IS for everybody. My whole essense is dreaming to see every person on Earth, (wearing any color of skin), BE FREE, live in PEACE and mutual Love, enjoy the abundance of mother Earth....
    In other words - live the life WE ALL deserve.

    But when i, PERSONALLY, find that this source or that person is the one I TRUST the most, and i get one of the rare occasions to exercise my free will, it should not be labeled as being a Christian or a follower of a cult.
    Again, like a parrot, let me repeat this:
    Everything i said about leaving all other sites and sources behind, was ONLY about me and the decision i made.
    It was "MY TURTH" i found. And i just wanted to put it out here, to share it with YOU all, because i always express myself the way I AM; Honest, authentic, open, (even blunt), yet caring.
    THAT IS HOW THE TRUTH SOUNDS most of the time.

    Back then, I wasn't in a mood of writing a long comment, so i kept it short. But if i'd have taken the time, then THIS IS EXACTLY what i had in mind:

    James FarrellAugust 11, 2016 at 9:42 AM

    A line from a song: "Say something, I'm giving up on you", is very appropriate here. When we try to make some sense of all the opposing views, ( Cabal hard at work?) it becomes very discouraging. I feel we are all going into 'overload' through over- searching the net for someone to say, "it's over!".
    You are correct in placing your faith in Cobra. He is very informative.
    I too, felt disgust, listening to Fulford make a case for the Vatican.
    HYE Angel, I hope you are still planning to be active on Cobra's comments, otherwise, and I feel I speak for all members: we would miss you...
    Thank YOU brother. I WILL. Nothing will stop me from doing whatever is there i can do for ALL of you.

    May patience and HOPE keep us going on, so we can BE A PART OF celebrating the day of the


    1. In My personal opinion you are doing things absolutely perfectly right.

      It's basically the same here: I stopped following internet sites about two years ago when it became clear that every channeling was contaminated with dis-/misinformation. As great as they all started, it always got to a point where My Heart just screamed "NO! That's Wrong!" and I heard a sound in my head like a car putting on the brakes and coming to a screeching halt to avoid an accident, and I was told to stop reading *immediately*.
      Any information that's 80 per cent right is nice and dandy, but it's still 20 percent wrong, and I just can't be bothered with lies distorting My Reality anymore.
      Don't even get Me started on Fulford - I'm sure he means well but, as they say in Texas, he doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

      So I just quit reading second-hand information and only listen to what My Heart and My Higher Self have to say. All the other "information" turned out to be nothing but a distraction.

      I read GaiaPortal (as you probably know by now) and this site, and that's about it. Mostly for the comments, by the way. I scroll through all the new comments and let My Heart decide which ones feel good. The good ones I'll read, the other ones are obviously not for Me, so I simply ignore them.
      And the really good ones, like this one, I'll post an answer to if it feels like the right thing to do :-)

      Just like you I am not doing my shit on here for Me, I'm doing it for everybody else because I want ALL of US to be FREE to be how We Are Meant To Be. Loving, compassionate, benevolent Creators in this wonderful little Universe.

      And that's exactly what We will be again. We Will Win.
      Keep up your good work, HEY ANGEL.

      Sending you and everybody On, In and Around Gaia COSMIC LOVE

      Love, Light, Unity, Freedom And Peace Forever

      I AM RaJah

    2. I know what you mean sister. I share the same feelings about Cobra and other sources. I have been reading your comments long enough to know what you mean. I love you!

      Victory of the Light!

  53. Today's Oracle Report seems particularly helpful:

    THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, August 18, 2016
    (by Laura Walker)…/…/8/18/thursday-august-18-2016

    Full Moon Phase: clarity, revelations

    Moon in Aquarius/Pisces 12:35 pm ET/4:45 pm UT

    Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Bhairavi, Goddess Who Fortifies the Heart

    Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Kathe, God of the South

    Skill: navigate dualities

    True Alignments: imagination, transitions, a shift in what one truly values, inner change, flowers and flowering, magnetic, opportunities, uplifting, turning something over to a Higher Power, realignment

    Catalysts for Change: avoidance, interrupting a process by trying to move it forward too quickly, tantrums, inflexible, insensitive, anti-human rituals, forcing things onto others or forcing things out, fearful of change, anger, overcomplicating

    Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: "an evening lawn party of adults" (gathering, reflecting, expanded perceptions, ease)

    Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the magic carpet of Oriental imagery" (the course of humanity's renaissance)

    Today we have an operation of opposites. Instead of feeling pulled apart, we can navigate straight down the middle and avoid the bipolarity.

    Here is the mix:

    1- FULL MOON - The Moon is Full, which heightens emotions and brings things to full expression. People can become afflicted with "Full Moon Fever." The light of truth can be blinding; it can hurt. This Full Moon puts things to the test: testing limits, testing worthiness, testing capability, testing truth, testing waters. We have a much better gauge and grasp on things by the end of this Full Moon phase.

    2- VENUS AND MARS MAKE MASSIVE CHANGES IN STATUS - Today Venus and Mars are discharging two of the most powerful energetics among the 360 degrees of the zodiac. Venus is discharging "a volcanic eruption," and Mars is discharging "deep within the depths of the Earth, new elements are being formed." This tells us there is potential for big changes, especially with romantic relationships since Venus and Mars are the characters. These changes are not bad; in fact, they renew things, making them better. Things that have been held back come out. Within this, what we truly value is revealed.

    This combination of Venus and Mars' energetics today could result in a surge of geologic activity. Also, the Sabian symbol of "deep within the depths of the Earth, new elements are being formed" is the Sabian symbol for the Sagittarius lunar cycle of November 11- December 28, 2016, so events that occur today will be amplified then. It may be a good idea to note what is happening today for reference later......

  54. .....

    3 - PURITY AND BACK TO BASICS - While Venus and Mars are causing things to erupt from the depths, the Earth and Mercury are working softly and gently. The Earth is discharging the energetic of "an ancient pottery bowl filled with violets," and Mercury is discharging the energetic of "Mary and her white lamb." Purity, innocence, and true intent are running right alongside of the eruptions from the depths. We find that "keeping it simple" works best. This perspective will refresh things, not deride or dilute them. We want to maintain high standards of respect for all, sensitive to the fact that tantrums and outbursts of emotions ultimately will bring a shift or change to what is of pure heart and foundation.

    4- BREAKING ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE - The Sun discharges "daybreak - the luminescence of dawn in the Eastern sky." The keyword with this symbol is "luminescence." What a great word! Luminescence is certainly what we get with the Full Moon. What dawns on you today? What enables a new beginning?

    And another note: We are moving into an astrological window of time beginning tomorrow and open through September 11 when Mars, Saturn, Neptune (and for a few days, the Sun) will be in significant aspect. It is a massive event and will produce many more changes in the world. Even more light is going to enter. The primary generator of the dynamic is Neptune, which will move tomorrow to "men traveling a narrow path seeking illumination," the energetic it will discharge while all of these planets aspect it. Mars, Saturn, and the Sun will be empowering the theme. The mass awakening continues... (More on this tomorrow.)

    But for today, wise owls, we stay out of the tug of war. We take away the lessons and wisdom that today offers. Whatever erupts needs to erupt. Whatever simplifies and refreshes situations needs to simply and refresh. Ultimately, this takes us to a new place, and new places are exactly where we go on a magic carpet ride. Watch for those volcanoes today, and remember to stop and smell the violets.

    Mantra for the Second Renaissance and the Return of Wisdom

    All roads lead to Liberty.

    Sophia ki Thelete acousome. Wisdom and Will, let us attend.

    Copyright Oracle Report 2009 - 2016. All Rights Reserved.

    Permission to repost is granted provided credit is given to


  55. Thanks Cobra for the awesome intel.
    I have a question here, is the plasma field the same with the ozone layer? The shinning ring around the planet when photo was taken? Or it is another invisible field?

  56. We are already a month later since mid July. Cracks in the miserable and disgusting veil shall be larger and larger unifying in a generalized crack leading to its disintegration and plasma free of primary anomaly to enforce its effect on the surface of the planet more and more.

    We have to held this vision, but however very cautiously, and questioning as follows:

    Is it, or may it be as case, dangerous a meditation or visualization concerning to look or to find the Light from Galactic Center through the cracks in the veils?

    For those who do it, is any danger of interference, or anything else? Have we to avoid it for moment?.

    Is it true that for moment is highly not recommended, for those of us who meditate or do visualization towards the liberation, to involve anything related to the cracks in the veil nowadays in discussion?

    Is it, at least not useful or is it, rather dangerous to visualize light through the cracks in the veil?

    Have we to understand that these cracks are not cracks in the true meaning of the word, but rather 'technological cracks' in the veil, which may involve chaotic disbanded technology of the veil or even broken tunnels of set?

    Is it what Cobra told us once... to leave entirely this job to the GFL ?

    So! Everyone around the world (who is mastering meditation at a minimal degree) is invited during falling asleep to keep in mind the idea itself of disintegrating the veil,
    but taking into consideration the highly recommended cautions!
    So, as your body falls asleep, keep your mind to stay a bit awake in order to perform the action till you fall asleep.

    P.S. This technique is part of WILD (lucid dreaming) training.
    Many authorized detail in Stephen LaBerge's work.

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. Message from Ibrahim:

    "Since 21st of July 2016, the timelines' convergence is started..
    What does that mean?
    - We have reached the ending of the last circle, and we began the new one...
    - The beginning of the end to all the obstacles resulting from the old circle
    - The ending of the Major Negative Side Effects for the new timeline
    - The convergence between the timelines of the inner planes..
    - The green light for the final phase (The applying & The Actin phase)..".

  59. "Arthur H. Hughes, a retired US ambassador, wrote in EurActiv yesterday (17 August) that Gülen has indeed received considerable assistance from the CIA."



  60. Light Lumen Essentials:

    Crop Circle: Time Magic or Coincidence?

    Posted on 19 August, 2016

    On the 29th anniversary of Harmonic Convergence a crop circle was reported at Nursteed Farm, nr Devizes, Wiltshire, UK (17th August 2016: Kin 241)
    29 days earlier on Kin 212, 18 July, we had a kin gathering in Glastonbury. That evening, four of us decided to test our unified mind power to see if we could create a crop circle.

    This day Kin 212 was 108 days from the conclusion of the 812 day cycle of solar consciousness. Our experiment commenced at Hawthorns hotel, address 8-12, where we joined hands in concentrated effort. (Not claiming we created it, but … Time Magic, or coincidence?).

    The crop circle that appeared is very similar to the ‘heptaganon of mind”, with the 7 key points held together by the 7 radial plasmas (see 7:7::7:7 Telektonon prophecy).  See graphics below (maybe someone can post a better image and analysis :).  Also see Facebook page for a ‘readout’ of this crop circle.

    The Universe itself is a Cubic structure with many different dimensions of spheres within spheres within spheres. Book of Cube

    Earlier that day Mertxe, Kin 259 from Spain had given me wheat from the crop circle at Stonehenge.   After seeing the recent crop circle, she forwarded the following passage from the Arcturus Probe by Jose Arguelles. (Read to end and you will see it tie in with crop circle).

    Maldek was the lost Eden.  The story you know of Eden is the rationalization of the guilty Jupiterians. The tree of wisdom is the cosmic template of the thirteen dimensions. The knowledge which Eve “tasted” in the apple offered bythe serpent descending from the crown of the tree of life is the knowledge called Xymox.
    “Jehovah” is the ancient engram bringing the Seed and Eagle tribes under Lucifer’s influence. The driving out of the garden of Adam and Eve is the dissemination of the lost tribes at the moment of Maldek’s destruction.

    The angel with the fiery sword standing guard at the garden gate is the keeper of galactic memory. Who dares to break enslavement and bondage to the third-dimensional world of the 12:60 time beam may easily take the fiery sword from the angel and cut the knot of amnesia which is interdimensional ignorance.
    I am Merlyn. Maldek is my domain. I am the ancient “one-and-the-many” who transmits the knowledge of time-sharing to those of you of the third world, called Earth. This I know and can now tell you: the time wars are just now reaching their climax. There is no evil but the projection of the shadow cast by ignorance. My oracle and prophecy is this:

    When the root is bound to the crown,                                                                                  Lucifer will show only light in the round                                                                                 Only light in the round, all stars heaven-bound
Only light shall rise, the rest fall down
Lucifer revealed, time tunnels returned
Arcturians Antareans no longer spurned

    This oracle and prophecy have I, Merlyn, the timeless one, left for you to discover in the fields and rocks that you call home. For when the circles appear among the rows of wheat, then shall the rocks remember to you what must be done to seize the time and know your enslavement to time no more!

    Preface - Introduction to Cube Cosmology (4/52)

  61. Be clear, lady nada and bashar are not fraudulent it is simply the channeler is either channeling imposters or the information is being hi-jacked. I do not follow channeled messages anymore because none are pure and clear. Follow what you feel.

  62. Bashar has been giving the year 2016 as a date for a while actually.. but I find someone like bashar, who talks in an aggressive manner difficult to take seriously!


  63. Look whoever says that Planetary Liberation has already happened, must have just got the call from their landlord telling them to skip rent because the mortgage has been nullified. Ok ?That's liberation!

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. What I don't understand is how is that "the concentration of toplet plasma bombs has fallen below a certain threshold which allows cracks in the Veil to appear" instead of making the Chimera group more nervous & wanting to use the one they've got left. What am I missing,... ???

    1. The "ones" they've got left - is what I meant. It sounds like "reducing the concentration of TPBs" makes the Chimera group "more passive & less likely to use them" ??? & thus "allows cracks in the Veil to appear",... ??? See,... (I know I am interpolating here - but that's why I ask "What am I missing,... ???") that doesn't make any sense,... (to me anyway) !!!

    2. Because setting off one of the bombs would destroy them as well , and they don't want to do that.

    3. who wouldnt want to believe what cobra says, do you hear yourself though? anyone can make predictions laced with time bombs and guaranteed ways to go back on what they have said. he has yet to show a single shred of proof. i still come here and patiently wait for him to do so. come on though, your comment is childish.

    4. for not delete my comments when they do not align with what you say


  66. "We are the champions of the world,
    We can take on anyone,
    Nothing's going to keep us on the floor;

    We're taking it to the top, oh yes indeed we are,
    We've come this far,
    We're taking it to the top, oh yes indeed we will,
    We've got the skill,
    We're taking it to the top, hitting them from the heart,
    Too late to stop, right now!"

    RIGHT ON !!!

    I AM RaJah

  67. “Real compassion kicks butt and takes names and is not pleasant on certain days. If you are not ready for this fire, then find a new-age, sweetness and light, perpetually smiling teacher and learn to relabel your ego with spiritual sounding terms. But, stay away from those who practice real compassion, because they will fry your ass, my friend.”

    ~ Ken Wilber

    Oh, and BTW I do not think New Age are dirty words; I consider myself a New Ager but I hate dishonesty and I will call it as I see it, and in the process I will pierce you with my Sagittarian arrows and compel the Truth out of you. :D

    1. Cool. I guess that depends on the different personalities structures... Some are more sweet than other... But "real compassion" is pure love nevertheless... It cannot be just a concept we buy into... Love grows infinitely... there is no "final level" to its embodiment... In very high vibratory levels life is seen so much diffrently than the way we see it when we just starting with our conscious development... I consider myself a beginner, but life is exciting and I welcome each day as an opportunity to grow more in love.

  68. I listen to Bashar but do not believe in him completely. He talked about the end of this year, Ill wait and see what happens. Cobra said that nothing would happen on september 28th from last year when a lot of "channellers" was talking about ascension. Since that day I belive in Cobra more,
    But as I am not very awake, I watch videos and read from several sources.

  69. As I feel him, Bashar is a pure fith-dimensional being deditacted to serve us by empowering us with universal perspectives on the mechanics of the universe. The oversoul of his civilization stated that in the fall of 2016 "everything will change", which he later clarified as "the point of acceleration for global changes" that in the future will be traced back to that date.

    Bashar also gave the predictions of the future based on sensing the now-energy in 2014-2015, in which he said that:

    Prediction: We will know that other forms of life in cosmos exist.
    When: between 2015 - 2017, with the focal point being in the fall of 2016
    Probability: 98%

    Prediction: Economic collaps, beginning in China and/or Greece.
    When: somewhere before or around the fall of 2016
    Probability: 90% for both countries
    Note: If this happens, especially if China and Greece go down in succession, there is a 78% probability that the USA will experience a major collapse. Could be as much as 50% of the market.

    Prediction: The complete removal of our present taxation system
    When: Not clear
    Probability: 78 to 87% (but can vary depending on what happens with the above prediction)

    Prediction: Large scale natural disaster. Where or what is not clear.
    When: ?
    Probability: 57%

    Prediction: There will be a major UFO sighting from the Yahyel
    When: "During this time-frame" (2016-2017)
    Probability: 100%

    Prediction: Revelations about ET's/UFO's, coming from a very unexpected source.
    When: 2016-2018
    Probability: Unclear

    Prediction: The beginnings of an awakening and beginnings of peace in The Middle East
    When: 2016-2020
    Probability: Unclear

    Prediction: Very first hints of mass produced alternative energy / free energy. This technology will mature very rapidly towards 2025.
    When: 2016-2025
    Probability: Unclear

    Prediction: A devastating terrorist actions (probably one as big as 9/11 (?) )
    When: 2016-2019
    Probability: 98%

    Prediction: Nuclear meltdown
    When: 2016-2020
    Probability: Almost 100%

    Prediction: Historic event in our political system
    When: In 2020
    Probability: 88%

    Prediction: Will usher in a decade long era similar to our space race in the 60's, where things will be possible that we cannot imagine.
    When: Starting in 2020
    Probability: Unclear

    Prediction: Confirm the existence of Atlantis. Someone will find the last hall of records.
    When: By 2020-2025
    Probability: 90% or more
    Note: A large percentage of wat was lost in the library of Alexandria will be found in this hall of records

    Prediction: Entering as a member in to the interstellar alliance
    When: By 2050
    Probability: Unclear

    Prediction: Rising of oceanic levels of 35-40 feet, but will reverse in 2050. Then a mini ice-age will begin.
    When: The next 50 years
    Probability: Unclear


    1. Nonsense.
      Complete and total misinformation.
      And not even a good effort.

      It's not The Fall that hurts - it's when you Hit The Ground - KaBang!

      I AM RaJah


    2. To clarify:
      We are on an entirely different Timeline than where that dis-/misinformation came from.
      So "Bashar" may have been right once upon a time on another timeline, but on this Timeline he doesn't know whether to shit or wind his watch.
      Sorry, buddy.

      I AM RaJah

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. I don't like the world this article (and many related articles) get into, but feel this is important, and sharing it can help spur victims to seek help.

    At some point I must have liked and followed this guy's WP blog, as this surprising article showed up in my email today:

    An Open Letter to Don Ferguson a.k.a. Zen Gardner
    by Bernhard Guenther

    It delves into the outing of the popular Zen Gardner as Don Ferguson, (real legal name) a.k.a. David Berg a.k.a. "Moses", Founder and Leader of The Children of God (religious sex cult that originated in the 70's).

    I was pretty fortunate, but I have numerous friends who were either victims of violent crime, including rape, or who endured childhood sexual abuse. This situation went beyond that. There are videos at the bottom of the article, a documentary about the cult and several survivors interviewed on the Montel show. (Apparently, several women who were raised in the Compound with Cult leader and Founder David Berg a.k.a. "Moses" were routinely subjected to some pretty outrageous physical, emotional and free will violations, such as rape, or being made to participate in orgies and perform sex acts, and threatened if they did not comply.

    It was also not uncommon to for members of Children of God to hand out their "religious" pamphlets at malls, in an effort to recruit new members. I met some super nice guys that way when I was a teenager, but fortunately it went no further than that. I thought the cartoon-style pamphlets were a bit strange, but without reading too much of them, just figured they were Jesus freaks. I had no idea of what was really going on, and apparently, many members of groups around the world, separate from the main compound, were unaware of the orgies and sexual abuse that went on at the main compound "inner circle", which was always in a remote area.

    There are also clickable links to other articles in the controversy, just above the videos.

    "Resources and further reading/watching:

    – “My Missing Years” by Zen Gardner

    – “A Few Replies” by Zen Gardner

    – “The Cult of Zen Gardner” by Steve Seymour (lots of resources in that article)

    – “An Open Letter to Don Ferguson – aka Zen Gardner” by Steve Seymour

    – “What’s Growing in Zens Garden?”

    – “When Heroes Fall”

    – “Spiritual Con-Artistry and Chicanery”

    – Children Of God – Lost & Found – Full Documentary.."

    I will leave it to you if and how far you might want to go down the rabbit hole, as this is very dark stuff. Denial runs high, and accusations fly. This is really not my cup of tea, but I wanted to bring it to people's attention as this is part of Disclosure and revelations. They (the cabal and those who align with their subterfuge and Satanic rituals) simply cannot keep these dark things hidden and under wraps much longer. As ugly as it is, voicing it empowered the women survivors, and outing the bastards (or in this case, forcing "Zen" to out himself) demonstrates how quickly things are shifting, as Truth comes to Light.

    One of my friends recently came out in his 60's about abuse by the Priests when he was a young Altar Boy. It liberated him from a lifetime of pain and shame, which is really an ongoing process for most survivors.

    If you are a survivor of sexual child abuse, there is help and support available:

    After the Silence

    RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) is the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization

    Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

    National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse
    child abuse trauma prevention, intervention & recovery

    There are many more, just google "sexual abuse survivors groups".

    My heart goes out to you. You know who you are.

    ~PB, Forever Unlimited

  73. Keshe technology works y'all! My Star Formation works, my Alekz power system works, my 2 different Magravs work, and my Pain Pad works. Coming to a coffee table near you at low cost via my and other's websites. I started talking to Rob Potter about it and he was nice enough to have me on the Bob Chalres show with him on Pyramid One network.

    1. If u say it works. Then i will trust ur word.

    2. Keshe is désinformateur. I translated three books and showed a nuclear physicist who said that this made no sense. All conferences are disconnected, and nobody understands a word. Everything was phony, in there, we take left like the others. No magrav never produced a single volt of electricity. All those he had given the African had short circuits. This guy is a pathological liar and lives only investment volunteers, then presents their research as coming from him, it really is a giant scam from the beginning.

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  75. Очень интересно! Ждем новостей!