Wednesday, August 24, 2016

U96/21127 timeline integration complete


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    1. If your down
      If you feel pray to the negative
      If you feel the world has gone to hell
      If your just not seeing all the possitives
      If your wallowing in not seeing change
      If you want to help lift vibrations of light and dont know how
      If you dare to be free

      Than play this three times a day and dance, rejoice


    2. This is similar from the sound, so you could like that one too...

    3. This song touches me so deeply, on the one side it is depressing but on the other it is so true and pure, just....pure...from deep deep within...
      I really Do wonder how this band has not become more famous, it seems they had a small seeming purpuse, but maybe more profound and in the end able to transform wider than one could imagine. Please also look up the website, amazing accurate painting there with the octopus

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    1. Or, it is rather something related to a timeline integration...

    2. as I see it : Timeline From year -96 to year 21127

    3. I see it as timeline from 96 to 21/1/27

    4. Remember the meditation for the event we did november 21.2015. It was at 21h12. It was a success and we stabilized the positive timeline for the event. So may be this timeline is now ready to manifest.

  3. Sounds fantastic! Keep up the great work everyone.

  4. VICTORY of the LIGHT!

    1. Victory of the Light Radio Show with Rob Potter... :-)

    2. Le Bouvier is the french name for the Bootes constellation, where the star Arcturus is. This song contains light codes for the listener.

      "At the end of seven hundred years, the laurel will be green once more."
      Anonymous Cathar Troubadour, 13th Century

    3. In ultimele 7-8 luni,nave arcturiene au survolat zilnic spatiul,dimineata la orele 6.15/6.25/630 am vazut asta. Ora de care spun corespunde fusului orar din Romania. De multe ori,apar si spre ora 16.30,asa ca din senin si iar imi ofera spectacol vizual ,chiar in zona mea de domiciliu temporar. De destule ori, nici nu se misca aproape ca stau pe loc. Navele energetice vazute de mine seara in aceeasi perioada sunt rare/foarte rare,dar exista in campul meu vizual. Acestea nu stiu cam de unde vin.

  5. Moving ahead toward our Freedom with positive momentum! Thanks RM, Cobra and all Gaia & ET Light Workers! Blessed is the Light!

  6. All my Keshe devices work. Get ready.

    1. Who are you (one as we are, or a specialist in domain) and how did you get the devices (manufacture in a garage using blueprints, or in a factory)?

    2. I've been showing them to people, it's the real deal. You can feel it so strongly it's hard to keep your hands near it.

      Here is someone else's making visible plasma, the golden rings. This video alone should be overturning all of science. (Mute volume to enjoy more.)

      This is a list of working magravs. Each video was carefully selected, they all show evidence with meters.

      The silver in this copper wire is a plasma coating spreading down the line of one of my magravs. The picture was 2 days ago, now it's completely covered it and will spread through my house making it disappear off the grid.

      Here is me on Pyramid One Network talking with Rob Potter.

    3. Thank you so much Patrick for all your hard work! I'm glad you're posting this information here. I don't really understand why Cobra ignores the Keshe technology. People, including Dr. Greer, are still acting like there are no working technologies and someone still needs to "invent" one. Keshe should be discussed MUCH more openly. I'm following him daily and he's making such great progress for all of Humanity. Bless you, Patrick and all others who are building Keshe technology.

    4. Magrav test successful.

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    1. Uhm,... be careful,... "Soon" is a cosmic word w/ an infinite span,... as in a "Cosmic Blink of an Eye",...

  8. MISSING ONLY 130 DAYS FOR 2017…!!!!!

  9. Was pretty sure this is what you were talking about earlier

  10. This is a whole list of the songs I've compiled that either say or reference the "truth". I've reviewed every song in this playlist multiple times and I can guarantee that every song in here has, at least, some truth/disclosure. Now, you may have to listen closely, as some of the songs have deep (hard to understand/see) meanings. It is absolutely stunning that there are this many songs, most of which are mainstream, that all sing about what's really happening on Earth; including corrupt governments/corporations and the illuminati, to far-reaching subjects like aliens, while sprinkling in a few songs that strive for freedom. This playlist will awake anyone; The number of famous artists who speak truth is simply not ignorable, even by the most sheltered of minds. Enjoy!


    1. 'tv' etc want the peoples collective focus, to manifest the desires of the top (their ideal world). don't put "too much" attention on what comes from the mainstream event if it resonates truth.

    2. Please listen to the songs, you'll learn otherwise. There is no "trickery" here.

    3. Wow, great playlist! I will dig into it tomorrow. Meanwhile, cause I did a quick check and it wasn't in it, check out Placebo's Hold On to Me, from their 2013 album.

      My jaw dropped when I heard the end lyrics:

      Our task is to transform ourselves into awakened multidimensional beings
      Thus fully merging the fourth and fifth dimensions into the third
      It is the inner union between Earth ascending and Heaven descending
      This sacred merger has already been achieved by many of us
      And numerous others are awakening daily as the Call steadfastly intensifies
      We are reclaiming our Divine Birthright and Heritage
      Remembering that we are Angels incarnate, vast starry beings of Light
      Who are no longer limited and bound by the illusions of time, space and matter

      We are ready to join as emanations of the One
      The new doorways cannot be opened or passed through
      By any of us still operating as invidiual beings of consciousness
      They are brought into manifestation through our Unified Presence
      Through our focused intent
      Through our total commitment to serving our Higher Purpose
      This is the bridge to an entirely different energy patterning
      It is the step beyond the known dimensional universe
      It is a journey into the unkown which shall lead us ever closer to home

      AMAZING, right?

    4. Just added him to the playlist. Thank you very much for the find!


  11. Excellent work, everybody.
    Thank You All for your contributions ♥ ♥ ♥

    I Feel Love

    NEXT please. Onwards & Upwards ♥

    Victory Of Love And Light. And Peace Forever.

    I AM RaJah

    1. Tampenii...Mai ales cand chiuie cei din sala asa aiurea...Unii ar spune ....evolutie. Eu ,ma abtin.

  12. The hope of seeing this status update in the near future is the only thing that keeps me from killing myself.

    "Wage slave timeline defeated. The concept of "Monday mornings" utterly destroyed. Joie de vivre fully restored in all of humanity.
    Now leave all of the false light Luciferian cities where all of the wage slave jobs were, and return to Mother nature"

    1. I was suicidal until I let go of everything that was bothering me. It took a lot of daily meditation on love and forgiveness, and reading the Law of One was very helpful. Freeing from feeling of victimization leads to peace and joy. Love and light.

  13. Had you seen friends?... Not only 'evaluate U96'... but also something with 'timeline integration complete'...

  14. Yes, you are right of right. It is!

    The more that, from a 3rd dimensional only point of view, ...all is so filthy ...and so disgusting... it's so hilariously ludicrous...


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  17. I think I remember reading that 1996 was when the Cabal/Reptillian/Archons/whomever hijacked the timeline that we were on leading to a 2012 Ascension event. Perhaps this update is referring to that some how. Perhaps the diverging timelines have been reintegrated?

  18. Breath of Nova Gaia
    is pushed forward

    Above ground...
    The Wind
    to contain
    all formation that need to
    Below ground...
    A "web" to contain
    all formation of rocks

    Bounced around in
    Of Gaia
    from the
    Of Gaia
    by the motion of
    With that Breath
    Of Gaia

    Moon Day 2
    Law of Time 13 Moon Calendar

  19. Two amber dots and a cracked-up
    Nova Gaia

    And sometimes for
    The Grins

    1. Grins fading fast. Turning to disgust. The lies oh the lies and deceit. The feeling of control oozes thru my essence. Someone trying to control me ?

  20. Cobra's intel was right about the coup in Turkey and the US did back them up and stopped the coup ... check out this report ...
    Turkey Invades Syria, Backed By U.S

    The question is what is going to be done to stop this bullshit or are they going to be allowed to set back all that has been accomplished?

    How many more people are going to die in order not to provoke a war that is already happening!

    Why is Syria and Russia siting with their thumb up their ass letting these asshole invade the country?

  21. You Cannot Worry and Believe In The Same Point of Time
    a message from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

    "When you do not see a solution to what befalls your heart, let the Universe intervene. Do what you can and trust God, and the Universe to do what you cannot. You are asked to hold your peace in the mist of the battle, to anchor with the divine certainty that you will arise unscathed.

    It is time to put on the ruby slippers of belief. Click them like a ‘professional time traveler’ and allow them to escort you into doorways that are far greater than any beliefs you now carry. Believing so deeply and so strongly is not for the weak of heart, weak of light, or weak of purpose.

    Stand strong in what lives in your heart. In the mist of all hell breaking loose become a living blessing. Use your light and your heart to bless another. Bless all that cross your path, become healing and holy in every aspect of your being.

    You cannot worry and believe in the same point of time. They cancel each other out thru the laws of physics; they cannot hold the same space at the same time. The energy of flying through the air with the greatest of ease represents what we are being asked to do. We are asked to LET GO of what we have been holding onto so tightly and allow ourselves to freefall from one bar of light to another. The belief factor has to be 100%. Nothing less is acceptable.

    Look for ways to be a blessing. You can never out give God, but it is good to try anyway! Whatever you give, in blessing, in belief, in peace to another, will be given back to you several denominations higher. Let the desire of your heart lead you into a place that will help you bypass all that comes to circumvent your soul."

    1. Not sure who u are speaking to. But for me personally I have no faith in anyone that is around me. The lies and deceit that is fed in my direction are so deep and reek of control. I am asked month's ago by someone as to why I haven't said thank you. Days later I said thank you. For what I should be thankful for I did not know.As for walking divine that is not me. I drink and do other from time to time.I am very tired I also have no one to talk to. I feel miserable at my job. So in parting I leave with these words,those closely around me are losing any good will I may have had toward them. I am looking to get out of here and find a fresh start. I have tried to get close to those around me but have the door slammed shut over and over. So I give up and now will let happen what happens. Hardening of my heart increases by the day.

    2. She is speaking to anyone who can hear the message. I understand your feelings of despair and isolation. I feel like that sometimes, too. Realize, it is illusion, it sucks your attention and focus, so you spin out and mis-create more of the same. Oh, I know THAT one! so her message is that we must stand strong and keep the faith, get into your heart and FEEL gratitude, bless life instead of cursing it (I need to stop swearing like a pirate - it is a negative affirmation).
      No matter how bad, it could always be worse. But flip that script and think, it could always be better! to get in touch with that, count your blessings and you will feel gratitude, and gratitude is the seed that will fuel your intentions to experience a better life. We all are challenged by this, almost daily. We have a choice on how we view our circumstance. Choose wisely. All things resonate more and more, so don't get caught up in the negative, empower yourself by residing in your heart. You will then discover that you are NEVER alone!

      Be kind to yourself, and others will follow suit.

  22. So let me guess...This timeline will be very different but with more positivity... So the same thing wouldn't happen that was bad to us to know more bout our transition...especially for The event


  23. I know that 've played you this nine million times before, and now that WE ALL managed the TimeLine Adjustment it is more true than ever.

    We're All someone's daughter
    We're ALL someone's son
    NO MORE will we look at each other
    Down the barrel of a gun


    YOU'RE THE VOICE, try and understand it
    Make a NOISE

    Each and every single one of YOU is a Creator, YOU Are A God In This Lovely Little Universe.

    Don't be afraid of the dark, show them who YOU really are!

    I Love You

    I AM RaJah


  24. Central Banks Are Terrified... But of What?
    by Phoenix Capital...
    Aug 23, 2016 8:36 AM

    "...We firmly believe the markets are preparing to enter another Crisis. With over 30% of global bonds posting negative yields, the financial system is a powder keg ready to blow.

    The Bond Bubble is THE bubble. And with over $555 trillion in derivatives trading based on bond yields, this bubble is over 10 times the size of the one that nearly took down the system in 2008..."

    1. Thanks PB. I'm always intrigued to uncover THE the's.

    "Goodbye America! President Obama Has Just Signed Over The Nation! Wait Until You See How!!!!
    IMPORTANT! America Is Changing Like Never Before!

    As of October 1st, 2016, the United States will be ceding its power of the Internet to ICANN, which is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. What this will do is give control of the Internet from the United States, to a worldwide platform — a One World Internet system, in preparation for the New World Order.

    IMPORTANT! America Is Changing Like Never Before!

    As of October 1st, 2016, the United States will be ceding its power of the Internet to ICANN, which is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. What this will do is give control of the Internet from the United States, to a worldwide platform — a One World Internet system, in preparation for the New World Order."

    Is this true?

  26. "The Guardian of the New Dispensation" through James McConnell [Ancient-Awakenings] Wed. Aug. 17, 2016: "Monumental shift in consciousness/ 'The Event' very, very soon"

    extract/ digest:

    "I am a “Guardian” and I am not just one “Guardian”, I am all the “Guardians” together. You could say that I am the Collective Consciousness of the “Guardians”. I have come in time, in this special time, to bring you news, to bring you understanding.
    We are here now. We are here to bring in the New Age, the “New Dispensation”.
    But the “Guardians” only come a few moments before a major shift occurs. A few of us have been here a while speaking through various sources. But the majority of us have not been here. Now we are.
    You have heard many times about the “Event” and the smaller events leading to the larger one. That is true. You are about to have an announcement. I am not here to make that announcement, but you will have an announcement very soon. It will come from the leadership of this country, but it will be an announcement that will reverberate across the entire planet.
    So rest easy, our Brothers and Sisters of the Light. Rest easy knowing that you are going to be going through a monumental shift in consciousness. I am not saying it is tomorrow or the day after or the next week but it is very, very soon."

    full message:

  27. Are you all sure that new timeline is better?

  28. In the stillness of meditating
    In the quiet of this unknown

    In constant wading chest high in thivk negativity

    I feel the end is near everything is crunching up together till the only thing it van do ,pop
    ...and it is ...about TO

  29. Just all together meditate every sunday at 6 PM UTC, together with thousants of other human beings to trigger the Event. Just pray to free us from Evil!!

  30. these pretzels are making me thirsty.

    1. Then you need a beer to quench that! Is it Octoberfest again?

  31. The Colombian gouvernament and the FARC has reached a convenant and are fully integrated from yesterday on.

  32. U96


    completion for humanity

    11 11

    11 9

    clear numerical symbols of love's perfect power

  33. Interesting

    1. I am shocked Keshe has managed to stay alive.. Finally it seems there is some coordination and protection protocols that work. If this is true.

    2. See my comment just below in response to James Farrell...Alexandria and Kevin Annett have a huge announcement about their efforts (regarding pedophiles exposed) coming to fruition!

    3. Ok. Thx for headsup Phoenix

  34. I feel that humans could never be part of the Galactic fleet that travels the universe helping civilizations. We have too much compassion. We could never monitor a society, and wait for just the 'right time' to intervene. We could not tolerate the suffering, misery, torture, child rape-sacrafice, hunger, disease, wars, and too many more to mention. We would be able to if we were all a bunch of 'snake-eyed' proxy humans!
    If our Galactic saviors don't soon show up, there will be nothing left to save.

    1. I am leaning toward the same conclusion @ james farrell. When we read the "channelings" that say our wondrous world is seeing great change I ask myself "where"? the wars rage, s, the starvation and deprivation are rife, the elite continue with their sick games and although I have tried to stay positive I have to admit that I am starting to think this whole thing is nothing but bullshit. Today I feel as though we are doomed to live this miserable life until we die. I have followed directions - withdrawn from the matrix as much as possible, have no money in the bank. We used out money to pay down our debts and now live on the money under our mattress which is fast running out. I have been on this journey since well before 2012 and rankly I see no substantiated improvement. I have held the belief that it will be done i God's time not ours, but when will our will be done?

    2. Separation from Infinite Spirit causes strife. Our vibrations higher or lower according to the love emanating from our heart at anyone moment.

      I fuss at you; I lower both our vibrations.
      You fuss at me; both our vibrations drop.
      Our vibrations drop, and we are both open to more attack from the lower energies. It's a cycle.

      Now, one who connects and sees truth and holds love, is strong and does not react to the one fussing but holds them in love. If enough do that, then perhaps we get the cycle to move upward - not downward.

      This is what OUR JOB is. We have freewill to turn it around. However, our definition of "love" is intellectual and therefore flawed. Infinite Spirit has "True Love" which s/he is willing to share if we truly desire the connection.

      If the Galactics have true compassion, they will show us how to leave the downward cycle and return upward. Stopping two boys from fighting at recess will not insure they don't take it up again on the way home from school.

      This is why each of us must go to Infinite Spirit with the healing of our wounds and learning the deeper meaning of love. When we no longer have buttons to push, our true selves can emerge.

    3. @james farrel
      Its a matter of prospective.Im not attacking you ,But we earthlings us humans are very new to all this because of the 2000+years of lies untrueths and misdirections that has kept us in the dark this far.
      We as a collective think it all starts with us . The galactics have been doing this for thousands of years .Im sure when we become members of this galactic community our thoughts would be telepathicly read by the collective and have a impact on the over all consideration of what should be done . Being the youngest to join I doubt very much we would even come close to having a final say .we will just be a shade of color in the over all consensus of inputs of opinions evaluated .

      We need to have a new different mind set we are not the begining of the univeres. We are meer infants at the outer reaches of the end of ONE universe.

    4. Alexandra Meadors and Kevin Annett have good news!

      Kevin Annett: A BREAKING GLOBAL NEWS RELEASE- August 23, 2016 - YouTube

    5. People have to learn to control their compassion. When they can they have reached the state of wisdom. Having compassion and wisdom means you dont help others unconditionally but instead help them so that they can help themself. This is all done without demands for recognition. At best the help is so subtle that the ones being helped hardly notice it.

    6. Thanks for your input BLWarrier:
      As 'meer infants' would we not expect a parent, or guardian, to keep their creations from harm? You know...give us a little of what the Agarthans are getting.

    7. We will get nowhere as long as we expect salvation from outside. Feeling sorry for ourselves is counterproductive. Salvation begins within and spreads out.

    8. "Mere infants.."?? Speak for yourself dude. The souls incarnated here are of a wide range of ages. There are so many talented Light Workers. How do you know that one or two haven't been around since the beginning of this universe?

      You can't come to sound conclusions about the way Humanity would react to prison planets without first attaining a higher level of awareness through ascension! ... which is likely a prerequisite to joining the Galactic Confederation.


  35. Of the
    Self Ordained
    "My Free Will"
    to live

    Princes gather where Princesses abide.

    Balance is achieved with those of the Royal Light.

    Masters of perception embrace the present.

    Distal settings are uploaded.

    Gaia Portal

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    2. Rats... not quick enough..(

      I need more time

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  36. Tell 'em, GaiaPortal ♥

    "Princes gather where Princesses abide.

    Balance is achieved with those of the Royal Light.

    Masters of perception embrace the present.

    Distal settings are uploaded."

    On that note - Tell 'em, Boss!

    We stand shoulder to shoulder
    And Heart to Heart


    Zeitlinien zurechtgebogen und korrekt geflochten für unser aller gemeinsame Zukunft. Jetzt geht's LOS!
    Und zwar richtig! Raus aus'm Schleier, und ab nach hause.
    Volle Kraft voraus ♥ ♥ ♥

    Auf geht's, Kameraden

    I AM RaJah

  37. Galactic Reunion:

    1. Here is what they say:
      -"Now, come on Spocky, be honest, have you not been bored without me the last 300 years?"

      -"Well,I have sleeped a bit longer, visited my relatives (nice) ... and I also did my tax declaration.... (oh that's as well important) ... yes, that's as well important....
      ..and in the year 2068 I have won the Bronze Medal in Team Showering of women (cool...our Spocky has always been a sports ace, giggle...)"


      -"Kaptain I have beemed someone up that wants to participate here!"

      -"..he can come in, he gets a cheese-cream-cake instantly from me!"(giggle, beep)

      -"Now I am really curious, come in if you are not a Taxi driver...."

      "Servus, voila, you need a pearl diver?"

      Here is the original movie the joke refers to....but, even if you do not know the movie, without understanding, they are hilarous just by gesture... :) (according to my taste ^^)

      "Der Schuh des Manitu"

      Superperforator Song (last wish)

  38. Is there a 'dead-mans trigger' attached to George Soros? Is that why that little cancerous shit is still breathing? Is there a way to detach him from or isolate/defuse the trigger from a non-physical realm (the dream time) ? Simple yes or no will do. ;)

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  41. Monday, March 7, 2016 The Ascension Plan

    This time window has its basis in the scientific fact that solstice Sun is completely aligned with the Galactic equator within the 1975-2021 timeframe, and this alignment is perfect within the 1980-2016 timeframe:

    Between 1998 and 2016, the Light forces have kept the Ascension plan strictly confidential to prevent the dark ones from interfering with it. Many channels and intuitives tried to access the Ascension plan but did not receive any signal.....event...2016.

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  44. Urgent update from Simon Parkes - Germany, (and Europe, UK, California) (3min video) 'Aug Update'

  45. All are chosen, but only the ones that have a passionate desire to connect to Infinite Spirit will choose to do it. These will reveal themselves has they do it. It could be anyone. Even the ones that are going to do it won't know they are one until they do it. The ones who choose. The ones who will it.

  46. For our love captain and all of his crew :)

    Here are some more Cobrasss...."And this is how we do it"... ;)


    1. Thank You so much for that lovely Pearl Jam video, my friend. Love that video, and just a few days ago thought about playing it again. No need to do so 'cause you did it :-)

      Out of all the bands in the world they are my favorite, and there is PJ merchandise, records and CDs all over the place in strategically important spots of my LightMachine. And wearing the "ALIVE" T-shirt always makes me happy, which is why I've got two of them :-)

      I've been to over 60 New Model Army gigs, seen the Stones, The Who, Deep Purple, Bob Dylan, Metallica, RATM, Motörhead, Guns'n'Roses, Sting, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Chris DeBurgh, even Bruce Springsteen and many otheres live in concert.
      Even Neil Young & Crazy Horse and Soundgarden where I almost left my physical body 'cause the Energies were so intense.

      Pearl Jam? Not a chance, always sold out within minutes after tickets went on sale. That is just so typical and absolutely fitting, in my opinion :-)
      At least I've got a lot of their official bootleg recordings of their shows. No band has ever put out more albums than them as they record and publish every single show to their fans and family.

      I just LOVE Stone , Eddie, Mike, Jeff, Matt and BOOM, they're just the best!

      "We will see you again. And we hope it's soon."
      I always WAVE when they play this one :-)

      Buenos Aires:


      Thank You again.
      Lots Of Love And Light. And Peace Forever.


    2. Just found this one, first time I see it:

      "Pearl Jam - Love Boat Captain

      Is this just another day, this God forgotten place?
      First comes love, then comes pain. Let the games begin,
      Questions rise and answers fall, insurmountable.

      Love boat captain
      Take the reigns and steer us towards the clear, here.
      It's already been sung, but it can't be said enough.
      All you need is love

      Is this just another phase? earthquakes making waves,
      Trying to shake the cancer off? stupid human beings,
      Once you hold the hand of love, it's all surmountable.

      Hold me, and make it the truth,
      That when all is lost there will be you,
      Cause to the universe I don't mean a thing
      And there's just one word I still believe
      And it's

      It's an art to live with pain, mix the light into grey,
      Lost nine friends we'll never know, two years ago today
      And if our lives became too long, would it add to our regret?

      And the young, they can lose hope cause they can't see beyond today,
      The wisdom that the old can't give away
      Constant recoil
      Sometimes life
      Don't leave you alone.

      Hold me, and make it the truth,
      That when all is lost there will be you.
      Cause to the universe I don't mean a thing
      And there's just one word that I still believe and it's
      Love, love. Love. Love. Love.

      Love boat captain
      Take the reigns, steer us towards the clear.
      I know it's already been sung, can't be said enough.
      Love is all you need, all you need is love,
      Love, love,

      My feeling is, even your girl does not seem to read your comments here, energetically she will receive it through us sending it into the morphogenetic field. So I can sense even she does not show it she must be crazy for you. I am highly intuitive myself and my higher self has told me I shall write it down here: Love is love, I know it myself. Big hug from your Magdalene brother. Those in the know like you, just know anyway ;) and they will gladly forgive all the cryptic messages. YOU are not being fooled and there is nobody making fun of you. Only LOVE remains. There is no higher or lower, we are ALL ONE.


    3. Posting that song and the lyrics is honestly one of *the* nicest things anybody has ever done for me, thank you *so much* once more.
      I played that video a few times this weekend, so it is even more great that you're now sending it to me. Just amazing.

      And your words are absolutely amazing and uplifting as well. You are right, my girl doesn't read the comments on here, and I use this site to talk to the Universe and send her my Love via the ONE consciousness of All That Is.
      We had known each other for five years, and for me it was Love At First Sight and every sight since then. In 2012 We finally sealed the deal that We Are Meant To Be Together.
      In April 2013 I told her "I Love You" and She responded with "I Love You Too." That was the happiest day of My Life, and still is to this very day.
      Shortly afterwards the darkies invaded her head and the mind-control set in...

      She will be free soon just like All Of Us. I have waited thousands of lifetimes for Her, I can wait a little longer while we clean up here for everybody on Gaia.
      But I'm really looking forward to her *so very much* and I miss her dearly. But LOVE CONQUERS ALL, and TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES :-)

      By the way: She can have quite the temper, especially when she feels like she's been wronged or fooled.

      So LOOK OUT! She's A Force Of Nature. And She's My Girl

      Once again, thank you for your kind and loving words and the brilliant songs, Croix de Lorraine.
      Let's put a little Fixing on It, and I'll Fight to get Her Back Again:-)

      Love, Light, Unity, Peace And Freedom Forever



    4. And there's more:
      Due to your link I just now found *this* gem of a song.
      Now that's what I call TeamWork and Timing.
      It's ALL about the TIMING, Baby.

      And on that note We're gonna wrap it up :-)

      Thumbing My Way Back To Heaven

      Lots Of Love And Light. And Peace Forever.

      I AM RaJah

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    1. It makes me hot when guilt hits me to the ground
      like your "bitch slaps"
      slap me
      very hard
      and then do it to me very dirty from the back
      as always, this comment will not be released-
      makes me feel even more guilty...

    2. Guilt will consume you friend.

      Say what you mean, and mean what you say. And then guilt won't even be even be a factor.

      Always stand in your Truth.

      Peace In.

    3. Even...... Be.......

      Balance....... See?....... :D

      There's more where that came from spanky-pants! Lol

  49. Hey everyone here is article I just wrote outlining various television shows that have many nuggets of truth and disclosure in them. Some of them are pretty big nuggets. Thanks for reading and much love! =]

  50. According to Lindsey Williams: The establishment is practicing to defeat rogue American units who will fight to defend the people in the coming martial law subjugation enforced by foreign troops from the United Nations in UWEX 16. Troops at Ft. Carson will be working with foreign troops to defeat civilian forces with COMBAT TROOPS. Foreign mercenaries are training in Northern Colorado to defeat Guerrilla forces consisting of American citizens. Denver Internation Airport just conducted a mock Guerrilla raid on the airport. Foreign troops from Poland and Denmark are training for mass incarceration and gun confiscation at Camp Grayling in Michigan. The above stories will be covered in the next release of the Red List News. For now, these stories illustrate that the current Junta running DC is preparing to fight American citizens in a guerrilla war and we are the Viet Cong.

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  52. Preparing for the Third Wave and Timeline Shift by Sandra Walker | Creative Evolution


    "Timeline possibilities are numerous, however on occasion we have trigger points in the Shift where higher vibrational timelines present for the collective choice. Each has numerous possibilities for how they play out, however the main experiences are described below.

    There are two main timeline possibilities presenting for the September Gateways:

    1. An accelerated Christed Ascension timeline which will speed up the process and prepare a greater number of souls for the 2017 dimensional shift. This involves accelerated clearing, full disclosure and heightened embodiment experiences for those participating in Ascension.
    2. An Ascension timeline (they are all Ascension timelines at this point) which steadily allows for collective unfoldments (slower rate, less Divine intervention). This may be frustrating for many awakened however a good learning tool for patience and collective action.

    Gateways, like timelines, have always been about possibilities; opportunities of us to accelerate/level up or keep the steady pace of the Shift. Conscious actions of many awakened Lightworkers have continually leveled up the collective by proxy, raising the bar through Gatework, Gridwork, and the constant Global and personal activity of heart-based Ascension practices. The first two waves of 2016 knocked many Lightworkers off balance, and many are absorbed in their own experience of the physical. If your intention is Unity Consciousness, it is time to reunite with HUmans however you can and spread the Lovelight you have Mastered. Do this in alignment with the New Light; repeating old light habits or creations will feel like madness.

    How to choose the higher accelerated timeline for all:..."

    1. You got my attention Phoenix. Back in 2014 I felt like an emotional lightening rod, but now, a beacon. I do a spontaneous visualization often throughout the day. I see white light from above enter and fill my body. I release it out of my hand as my imagined body spins around in slow circles. All my meditation is done spontaneously. I lack the sense of time, and self discipline for regularly timed meditation. I'm willing though, and always yield to the impetus!

    2. It's a roller-coaster,ebb-and-flow for me. I feel the depths and the heights. In the 90s' I took classes, spent a lot of time, money and effort to learn meditation/visualization/self-healing techniques (with a group)and then learned how to apply them to others and to planetary healing...I also got into Zen Buddhism, but now none of that is easy for me, so I tend more to contemplate and visualize, clear and call back my own energy that I left scattered across dimensions...and sometimes I feel like I am slowing bleeding and being drained, or like I just can't catch up with myself, or get a good night's re-evaluation is required.

      I quit my job. It has been a huge energy suck and anger trigger all summer. I am going to visit family (so grateful my parents are still alive) and lie on a beach, decompress and reboot. Just for a couple of days. Then I am free to co-create whatever I want, from an un-muddied palette.

      Yet again I am TAROT'S FOOL, ready to step into the unknown, blindly trusting that the Universe, and my own innate wisdom, will lead the way.

  53. I was listening to the Cobra/ Rob interview and surprised to hear it interrupted by many Comercial s .I was under the impression that we are trying to save the planet ... not capitalize on it ...who benefits .?????

    1. So you want to foot the bill for producing these gems? Great!


  54. Sitting here in my lovely little LightMachine, and all of a sudden the Horizon just Lights Up - What thheck was that?
    Stepped on the Balcony to find out more.
    "Oh, it's a Lightning Storm in the clouds far far away. I hope it moves my way."

    It did, and now It's Here! :-)))
    Absolutely fantabulous Light Show In The Sky all around, this is just Beautiful. Thank You, Gaia. I Love You.

    She's A Lightning Bolt. She's True.

    I AM Mine

    Riding HIGH Amongst The WAVES

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace And Freedom Forever

    I AM RaJah


    America, stop pretending it isn't so, stop further alienating and isolating yourself from the rest of the world. Don't let circus maximus and political muppetshow govern your mind and distract you from what really matters in life and what is really going on in the world we are part of.

    As if all prophecies were a bunch of looney-tunes and time of Grace never ran out? I don't get it…
    Wake up this is a geo=political synopsis of what we are all up against, be aware, it's a shitstorm brewing at our doorstep.
    Then, after you become consciously aware, direct your focus to peaceful and positive outcome with minute details, how you get there and what it is different after...

    You do not believe in your PSI power?? Only the worst fear is a slightest doubt, let it go…simple as that, but easier said than done without dedicated discipline, and then you're god, almost hah! ;)
    We've trained for this, we've practiced it, time to use it and show what you got


      World Peace ‏@idclrWorldPeace Aug 26

      RT @welive4love: I Declare World Peace - Site for Peace #IDWP


  56. NOW:
    With these Hands, I pray to the Lord.
    With these Hands, I Pray For THE LOVE, Lord.

    Come on, rise up.
    Come On! Rise Up!

    THE BOSS Abides

    I AM RaJah

  57. GAIAPORTAL: Teleculicus comes before the grand Juries of Light
    by ÉirePort

    Teleculicus comes before the grand Juries of Light.

    Vibrational similarities are praised.

    Sevens are contacted, as Galactics send their craft.

    Andalusian Spirits calm the day.

  58. Dear Cobra and dear readers,

    today I would like to share my experience in meditation yesterday:
    I felt a huge light beam of Sanat Kumara filling all spaces of the Earth and then I saw a big spiral all around him, in the middle like a rod through him. This rod was all guilt and pain and suffering that ever existed, all packed upon his shoulders. I was truly shocked. I found out programs and contracts that should lead all of this stuff to this gigantic being, so He (and his golden Hordes) should carry it for humanity. Of course he is stronger than strong, anyway, this is not right.
    I have tried to find those contracts and programs and the lightforces of Archangel Michael brought them into the Source, partially.
    At many other occasions it has come to my insights that in general the negatives have managed it to unload onto and blame those vast beings and all other lightworkers for their crimes. This is why lightworkers work and work and work upon themselves and get reloaded with all the "carma" of the negatives again and again. So it is essential to delete those technologies, contracts and programs and to stop carrying it. It is NOT ours. Many times the programs work also through blood-family-members without them being aware of it. So their programs work against the lightworkers and many weird situations exist because of this. We have heard many times that our families do not understand what we are doing and unconsciously, energetically they try to stop us. We must understand that this is not THEM doing it, but the darkies who are controlling them. We have the power to delete such contracs, but we must really WANT to find them. Just visualize dark spots of energy, catch them with your hands or thoughts in visualization, bring them up into the Source and observe them explode in the light. Just think: "Show me the contracts, all copies, self-sustaining systems, technologies and all related elements of negativity" (etc.etc.)... "all tied plasma toplet and plasma strangelet bombs shall be deactivated and harmlessly removed."

    Which I also tried was speaking with the Earth, as the Earth has a soul as well. Maybe you explain to her why the veil has to get removed. I feel she is very used to it and does not really know what is happening or what will happen when it gets removed. According to gnostic teachings she had a shock when she was thrown out of the Central Sun (must finally read the story). I feel it could help us and her to connect with her soul. Oh, yes, and finally the last thing I want to share is, that Yaldabaoth has his anchor into the Earth through her heart space. I know that all of this sounds weird to many of you. Yes and through her heart space its all connected to the Earth-Star chakras which is blocking humans from real soul-contact to the Earth. My conclusion is, Yaldabaoth has manipulated the tree of life by occult means, occupied it. Could be thats why its called cabal (from Caballah). I have read something like this somehwere. The final key is forgiveness, when it is seen what is to forgive. Or in other words on a higher plane that there was never anything to forgive, yet this is only possible step after step. This is a step later on the ladder and it is useless to try to understand it before (true) forgiveness has been learned. Just sharing. :) <3


    PS: I hope you are very happy dear Cobra, all girls love you. <3

  59. The Accelerated Timeline Has Been Chosen?.

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  60. A video to help Feel The Event Now!

    Put these keywords into YouTube:

    The Event is Comin Now
    Gisele Frederich

    Enjoy & Love ~ Gisele


  61. ∞ LOVE ∞

    Lars Bredehöft