Monday, January 16, 2017

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  1. One more cryptic post today Cobra and Im gonna open champagne tonight, So Thursday night lights huh?

    Also BOGDANOV could you shed some light about them,
    There gossip theire very high in cabal command, control all the France and thiere Bank industries, some Rothshild tier level

    They have financial, political, physics, quantum physics knowledge seems suspicious, they now popular on some internet conspiracy forums. So some intel about them?

  2. Cobra, hopely there is not something about the filament of darkness going from Solar System throughout the Orion Arm of the Galaxy...

  3. Cobra, do you have any intel on how much exactly of the squid entity is removed and is left?

    1. Tentacle 2 @10% as for yesterday. Check Yaldabaoth Tentacles Removal Update Update regularly

    2. Do not believe any updates on yaldabaoth or the RV which do not come directly from Cobras blog

    3. I believe C has said the plasma entity has been significantly reduced but it's head is still attached to earth which is not easy to remove I'm guessing. But again, don't take my word for it.. I'm sure with a little digging you can find a recent post where he describes the situation

    4. @zero. That's hallerious. They should do one for cabal members.

    5. @zero. Where does this information come from?

    6. @GalantEye && Chb THESE are your opinions I would not impose it on others, otherwise we are back to church listening to the priests. We have internet and hopefully a brain to use with some awarness. @GalantEye About how much, if you recall few days ago Yaldabaoth was discovered to hiddenly receive plenty of energy so tentacle 2 ONLY make plenty of sense with what Cobra wrote.
      @Wazabi The intel comes from Gabriel, a simple plumber from Brazil from his blog, I personally trust him Sementes das Estrellas

    7. @Wazabi: From Pleiadians

  4. 1996 alternate reality or alternative of choice, i dont know

  5. I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

  6. Fack all which claims the earth as a school for 'spiritual development'!...

    1. They are brainwashed! Let them come back to this sinkhole as many times "to learn" or to grow "the soul". Screw it all! I am a perfect Spirit and will go back Home. The only think i learned here is that all is BS. I do not want any memory from here when i reach Home. This is a BS World and it is not my HOME.

  7. "Year 2017 will see much more presence of the Light on the surface of the planet than any of the previous years, as the presence of the non-physical Light particles from the Galactic Center has increased greatly."

    Cobra, is this not a consequence of cracks in the veil??
    It is remembering us from your last Ascension conference notes...

  8. There is something interesting going on with Wilcock and American Kabuki about Antartica, would be nice to get some of your opinions opinions, best would be the Cobra one but dunno if he will ever answer... here is the link American Kabuki Blog

    1. Interesting commentary there, but didn't really like the tone or intent of the "Terran" person. All the "NOPE! You're WRONG, my intel is RIGHT!" stuff from the commentor stuff seemed very ego oriented.

      As David, Corey, & Cobra have stated countless times, "unity within the community" is very much needed at this time. Instead of attacking sources or worrying about who's "Disinfo", we need to focus on finding positive harmonious solutions for the betterment of the planet.

    2. lets do an anperiment.. those that can remote view or can sense anything in antartica lets collect all that info somewhere :).. in fact for everyone to try :) regardless of skills or none awakened even if just for practice... just saying

    3. btw even dreams.. astral etc should count.. why do we need to wait for others like coreyor wilcock to give us info when we could do same...

      those whose heart resonate with this idea.. lets brainstorm

    4. Honestly Wilcock seems attached to the monies too much... I remember when his YT channel was closed lil ago he made a camplain about how much cash he lost from missing google ads clicks, and than this gaiam subscription and so on, that IMO is very annoying, if ur broke you out from his intel, he can keep his intel... and I can forgive Terran for his aggressive writings more than the conceited wilcock and his doubtfully intel

    5. Forgot to mention, Wilcock is Paying Google AdWords to sponsor his channel Gaia tv. I leave this to you but for ma he is forced to find some kind of marketing/intel to pay these ads, ususally the cost is 5 to 10 dollars per day depending on how many keywords you target...

    6. As far as I recall him saying, he opted not to have ads on his youtube content. He complained that others are earning money on his work. That's a legitimate grievance.

      I actually follow both David Wilcock and American Kabuki. I read that article. American Kabuki was dead wrong in few places. He just didn't listen to what David was saying. On some points he makes interesting arguments.

      Terran: The claim of elongated skulls is bogus. This is an attempt to tie the site to Sitchin's bogus theories of the Annanauki. The 4 first essence beings directly tied to this city are not the ones who controlled this planet.

      Well, Corey Goode said that the Anshar told him Sitchen's tale was bogus. Wilcock endorses Goode. So, I doubt they're trying to tie anything to that rock.

      We are actually getting authorized to reveal this information. There are a whole lot of things that are going to come out. And I got clearance to say this too.

      Terran: OKAY... WHO IS GIVEN YOU "CLEARANCE"??? Come on David! ... this reeks... truth is truth and there's no reason to fear an OTHER unless you fear being HARMED. And if you fear being harmed by this group, why the hell are you being their mouth piece?

      Um, David and Corey covered that issue. Certain intel compromises covert operations. That's why it's withheld.

      Like I said I listen to both, but I favor Corey Goode and David Wilcock over AK. I wonder if he's been compromised by the malevolent playing on his ego. Whoever it is, they sure did give him a star role in the narrative.

      To be honest, this conflict could help us see holes in either side's narratives. Use your own discernment. Authorities are always to be questioned.

  9. spirittoo: You have repeatedly asked that I reply to your questions in comments of the Jan 13, 2017 post by Cobra.

    I have answered the gist of your questions in several posts I have made.

    You write: "We have presented to you plenty of evidence and indications that Trump as Cobra's intel and others have stated he is part of the cabal. His actions shows he is in with the Jesuits, but you tell us to ignore that."

    All that you have presented is Trump's cabinet picks or possibly replies to hearings regarding those cabinet members. That proves nothing at this point. Trump is not even inaugurated yet. Keep that in mind. His picks can be his own strategy that you have not considered. Wait and see.

    I am not pretending to state proof, I am pointing out that Cobra's and other similar points of view regarding Trump, "may be" entirely wrong. I think they are. We will see what develops in actuality.

    My problem with Cobra's statements is that he writes arrogantly as if HIS point of view, intel, is the only truth. It is NOT. He has been wrong. But he writes things like, "here's the real intel" (now paraphrased), referring to HIS intel, a very "proud" and "arrogant" statement that does NOT recognize other points of view as a possibility in God's infinite intelligent workings.

    When there's a primary presidential candidate, the press is obligated to include that in their reporting, however false their reporting has been. So the cabal could not exclude him from the media. That does not prove Trump is part of the cabal because they included him in the media. Please look at the logic of your statement.

    Further, as I have written in these posts, the cabal does NOT have total power over everything. Many of their plans go astray and fail. God is in control of EVERYTHING, not the cabal.

    The important thing I highlight is not any "one point of view." But the fact that so many just take Cobra's word as truth. It is NOT always the truth, only his perception and intel of what he "thinks" is the truth at a given time.

    Examine what I actually have written, please. Others criticize me but "generally" so. If you have a genuine concern about what I write, please state "specifically" what you don't understand or disagree with.

    NOTE: There are several people commenting on this blog who have NOT in their profile "settings" allowed for a direct "Reply" to their statements. If you would like a reply, please change your settings. Otherwise, to notice any replies to your post you will need to scroll through the entire blog comments to find a comment related to your statements.

    1. First of all I don't get the impression that Cobra is arrogant in any way regarding Trump ... that is your perception. You even contradict yourself when you state you are paraphrasing "here's the real intel". Something Cobra never stated.

      I know Trump's picks are his own strategy that I have considered, leading me to believe it will be business as usual. I don't have to wait and see when the evidence is presenting itself now.

      Cobra does recognize other points of views and has posted links that confirms the intel he has given. It's just the points of view you don't agree with.

      You state the points of view about Trump "may be" entirely wrong and you think they are.

      I maintain that the info I have seen on line not just from this blog proves that they are not wrong about Trump. So you will have to let go of the "one point of view" argument because it isn't just one.

      I beg to differ about the media being obligated to included a primary presidential candidate. Ron Paul filled that bill, yet they ignored him even during the debates, so please look at the logic of YOUR statement. The press is not obligated to do anything other that the will of the cabal. And the will of the cabal was to make Trump president which was reveal way before the election.

      The cabal may not have power over everything. But they clearly have power in the US especially in Washington. That is an undeniable FACT.

      Some of their plans have gone astray because of the work of the RM and LF. I don't know how I can get more specific than I have been in what I don't agree with.

      If you have a comment directed at me I will see it.

      Thank you for your time.

    2. Here is what Cobra stated in the December PFC interview about the most recent Trump question:

      "Lynn – Donald Trump was confirmed as the 45th President of the United States after a vote of the Electoral College on December 19th. President Trump says and claims to be “anti-establishment” but yet he is choosing and appointing transitional CEO’s and Zionists to his cabinet. Do you have any comment on this Cobra?

      COBRA – OK. I think I have already answered this question about Trump, who is behind Trump and I would say that actions speak louder than words and few months from now you’ll see how his presidency is. And I would not give fuel to any speculation. Just watch and learn.

      Lynn – Do you think he is at all working for the Light? Is there an inclination there?

      COBRA – There is a certain potential within him for the light. I would not be overly optimistic.

      Time will tell and actions will speak for where his priorities are, and its nothing is dead-set as Cobra mentions that there is a certain potential for him to do good things. I have been impressed with some things he has said, but his actions are going to define him.

      Cobra does seem to say repeatedly that it doesn't matter who is president and that no major positive change will happen until the exotic weapons are neutralized and the event has occurred to awaken the masses.

    3. Don't forget there are still many traitor problems.
      Even Cobra himself can not be sure if the info sources are friend or traitor....

    4. Greetings

      The Truth Is we are each creating our own Universe . When we heal our shadow we remove eliminate transform the ''' external shadow , bad guys cabal archons peckerwoods n all . We move seamlessly not affected by what we see of the noise out there ,,,we focus on Joy in our sovereignty are liberated NOW ,,,not waiting ,,,its an INSIDE JOB choose yourself NOW .


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    6. @hamourapi
      After reading through your emails, i have realized somethign fundamental. I feel very ashamed for bothering you and I feel like a fool now. I cant believe how stupid i was but i didnt have the experience i have right now. I want to go light path seriously right now. Ive learned it the hard way. Can you provide me another chance? I will assist the protoi by fighting the darks and protect L ppl as best as I can
      ps. I never sold out the planet to dark... I was always loyal to the protoi but i dont know why the core did it. IM so sorry brother..

  10. I've never heard about American Kabuki. Not sure why he says What he does but he lost me with the quote ..."C'mon this reeks". There is a lot of ego in that type of language. Never heard of Kabuki....Is this a credible poster?

    1. @Don Harris ....Is this a credible poster? this is exactly the point

    2. American Kabuki seems to channel/work with channels alot. I consider it simply another viewpoint. Like the 5 blind men with the elephant - each may only have access to a limited encounter, not the whole, and therefore while they may each say the elephant is like a tree, a fan, a rope, etc., they may each be "right", yet still be wrong because they lack a perspective of the whole thing, and even if they had that whole "perspective" it would still be subject to individual interpretation to some degree.

      So I take it with a grain of salt the size of a soccer ball - ALL of it - Kabuki, Cobra, Wilcock, Dunn, Fulford, the fortune cookie, the magic 8-ball, etc.

      Whatever resonates, I consider it. Whatever doesn't resonate, I toss. I keep an open mind that any or all or none of it may be true/false.

      But no matter WHAT - if EVERYONE focused on clearing their own inner gunk, and made effort to spread Love and Light to all around them and to Mother Gaia, then that will certainly only improve the situation. So if that is where your energy/focus/effort is going, then nothing is wasted, no matter who is wrong/right.

      I think that the focus of any of these "sources" sometimes is a bit too narrow and they fail to take into account that we, the Light-oriented folks, and Mother Gaia also have a hand in things, and that a LOT of previously hidden gunk is being exposed and more folks are waking up and finding their way to the Light side. As the Light vibes get stronger/higher, that will also be a factor that can affect any or all of these events/situations that these "sources" report about, and they sometimes seem to not be taking that effect into account.

      So Love and Light to all, ya know? :D

  11. I created the Yaldabaoth entity together with my twin Anna Banjabi. Now I've made it my pet. True or false? You make the call.

  12. is anybody else experiencing the mandela effect very obviously right now? has timelines been merged?

  13. @Robert Tompkinson That's a good idea, would be difficult to quantify the clearance percentage of the person tho... any suggestion welcome, I will do it

  14. Strangely enough, I've opened my iPhone the other day, and a certain number was dialed in on the phone panel: total of 15 digits plus # (all digits repeat exactly 3 times, but in a seemingly random order), the digits are from set of 5 6 8 9 0, so only a part of the dial panel was used. I doubt it was a result of pocket-dialing, it is long number and I usually do my best to avoid pocket-dialing. Somebody or something wanted to send me a "howdy"? How it's possible?

  15. Vaginal Cucumber Cleansing

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    1. Just add some pineapple and you are all set... err.. I heard.

    2. Finally something that's not related to Trump.
      Thank you for making Fresh Air :D

    3. so much lol, you made my day , as i was thinking about all the unknown trolls with their malicious bs on this blog...
      Thank you unknown sir, madam ...

      Crystalizing Our Sexual Waters:

      "There are natural ways to cleanse the vagina. And a food that comes up is the cucumber. Once a week, except during menstruation, take a peeled cucumber and insert it into the vagina. Twisting and in-and-out movements cleanses the vagina".

    5. brilliant
      'if it happens to be pleasurable that's OK'
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  16. Another kind of description (other entitled) of 'the Event':

    2 NEOTECH - Gv

    ... that this is the ORIGINAL post:

  17. @celestial serenity there is some synchronicity between our posts. We both picked up on the same thing and I posted my comments before this batch of comments including both of ours were released. Agree completely. We need to be unified. We need to take control back of our planet AND then begin the healing of ourselves, our planet and begin to forgive our wayward cabal folks. Peace and love to you all.

    1. I do not agree that forgiveness of those who have harmed the people and the planet means they get off without any consequences. their souls will be recycled by the creator. it is just very important that WE the people are able to let go of what has been done and forgive them rather than carry a grudge into the new future, a fresh start with positive plans to move on.

    2. Astral,

      I take no offense with your post. I understand your concern and where you are coming from. I completely agree that we should allow those who are qualified to clean up the mess that the dark forces have created on Earth. I have no intention of taking out underground bases or squaring off with dracos etc.

      I think we differ in opinion on the error in creation. I don't think the source creates anything in error. I think we all have free will and these evil forces just chose a dark path. Can they be "fixed"? Probably not in this lifetime. But that being said...we are part of the same universe and I think that means we all share the same consciousness. We are one in that regard. If we are to evolve as a species I think it is important to forgive ourselves for letting this happen to the earth and then to let go (forgive) of the anger we have to those forces that have plagued this planet for so long. The anger and hate is negative energy that takes away from positive constructive healing of ourselves and our planet. Peace and love to you all.

    3. Thank you!

      I've been trying to show people something I see inside my own being that applies to ALL of us. Introspection can show any of us this truth.

      Forgiveness is a red herring in many situations. The real issue is the problem that the offender is causing. Forgiveness is a release of emotional energy. The purpose of that energy is correction of danger to oneself and who and what one cares about.

      Forgiveness is easy and good for all of us when the offender, explicitly or implicitly, demonstrates that they are sorry and won't repeat the same offense. They are not a threat. Forgiving them relieves them of some guilt and the forgiver of their own energy of correction, stress reduction for both. This is the ideal.

      When the offender is restrained by another such as the police and prison, we also can forgive them somewhat easily, or at least release our energy of correction to feel more at ease about the situation.

      When we know they still intend to commit the same offenses and are free to do so, we rightfully feel worried about it. Our energy of correction is activated and we seek to remedy the situation. We should feel this way. It's not evil whatsoever, although many people who see themselves as light perceive it as dark. Protection of what you love is not evil! Evil is self-serving behavior even at the expense of others.

      What you said about stockholm syndrome is appropriate. I ask myself, wouldn't the abuser, predator or parasite prefer their prey to have a forgiveness response to their continued intent to serve themselves at the expense of others? Of course they would. Their prey wouldn't be as difficult to deal with.

      I think correction, rather than forgiveness, should be our focus when it comes to dealing with offensive beings. If they are still a threat, allowing their freedom makes us partially responsible for their predictable self-serving behavior at the expense of others. Just put yourself into the shoes of a victim and ask how you'd feel seeing the perpetrators go free. How would you feel seeing them restrained? It's obvious.

      I have come to believe that the evil here puts us into extremes and corrupts those extremes just enough to keep us from uniting and acting as our own collective immune system. It wants us either to love without protection (the purpose of fear) for others, or simply have protection without love. Either way, we either help it generate more loosh or life force energy by being polarized in love or help it harvest more life force energy by becoming dark being exclusively in fear. It doesn't want loving protectors, because they expose and remove its farming operations.

  18. Signs of Change Week 1 & 2 January 2017:

    World Events from the first half of January 2017

    1. Thanks you for sharing and Thanks you GaianEye <3

    2. Great video ... thanks for posting it. :)

  19. The energy has definitely shifted out here since our big West Coast storms. The light is stronger (of course, the days are gradually getting longer too). Feels much better!

    My women friends are all marching on Saturday, Jan 21, in cities all over the country.

    I like the idea of goddess energy getting together in an organized fashion, but my guess is that these marches are designed to be negative. I'm also concerned that it is way too easy for violence to break out and immediately, "the other side is obviously responsible." My friends do not see this, of course.

    My women friends are still angry that Hillary lost and Trump won. All this anger is being harnessed in these marches.

    Meanwhile.... there are organized meditations all week long to help bring in peace. I suggest we all participate in all the meditations that we can find (these organized meditations are all over the internet, designed by various spiritual groups).

    This week, let's all visualize peace, kindness, and goddess energy calming down all the upset... let's visualize this all week long, through this Saturday (the women's marches are on Saturday).

    Victory of the Light !!

    1. Many are simply not accepting truth of who and what the Clintons are. Denial is powerful protection mechanism, and many simply are not awake to realize all are evil, bush, clinton, Obama, hillary all on the same globalist team that want to take down america. Trump, we shall see, I hope he is who he said but after the event it wont matter.. victory to the light

  20. I thought the concept of "Chickenfeed" is an important concept to understand...David Wilcock and Corey Goode have spoken about this many times as well in their Cosmic Disclosure interviews...again citing "Agent Buried Alive" ebook by James Casbolt (
    "After 1944 much infighting and chaos broke out in the human government factions of the MIEC (Military Industrial Extra-terrestrial Complex). Factions that were loyal to the people of the planet were battling it out with factions that didn't care about the people and just wanted as much technology as they could get there hands on. As well as assassinations and cover-ups, the most important part of the battlefield was information warfare. Positive MIEC factions would leak information into the public about the true ET situation, and then negative factions would come behind them and cover it up with damage containment and psychological warfare programmes for the public, known as “chickenfeed.”

    Chickenfeed still goes on today and has become more complex and confusing. Without “wires” (intel speak for inside connections), it is almost impossible to know what is really going on in the world. The NSA is all over the Internet. They are buying up independent journalists, who are not part of controlled mainstream media, to spread their disinformation campaigns. Hollywood is a major vehicle for this, and the protocol seems to be this: any details of covert projects leaked out are made into a film or included in sections of films so the uneducated public dismisses all the information as science fiction."

    1. "Chickenfeed" is well known concept in the kfc industry.
      Trust me.

    2. Extra crispy or original recipe?


  21. Glück auf!
    Glück auf!
    Der Steiger kommt.
    Und er hat sein Helles Licht bei der Nacht
    Schon angezünd't
    Schon angezünd't


  22. The dark is very sneaky. It wants us to bicker, argue and judge each other. That will not work this time around. We are ascending to the New Atlantis, if they like it or not.

    Thank you Cobra & RM! YOU are all loved and appreciate beyond my ability to currently express...but here is my attempt in my earthly body suit.


    Victory of the Light!

    1. Beautiful message! Thank you, I really needed to hear this right now.... much love back at you💞💞

    2. “Unconditional love” is aspired toward in the realm of personal and spiritual growth as the highest form of love.

      Let's make the next step Sonja for “Unconditional love” :)

    3. Well said, words cannot express the thanks we all have for our ET friends and ancestors helping us be liberated!

  23. The revealing happens when the beings from inner Earth take over the surface BECAUSE the financial mob will pretend as if the whole world is being imperceptibly caught by their spider web.

  24. are you my Enemy in Pleiades but I do not have memory?

    1. There Is No Enemy.
      Constant expansion is taking place.


  25. Very interesting appointment at the unemployment agency today. The person I spoke to was *super-friendly* and understanding. Even when I told him that the entire financial system is about to change soon he didn't just laugh it off or something, but listened and asked questions. He actually asked for a date for that to happen, which I couldn't provide of course ;-)
    But even this guy who is firmly entrenched in the system feels that the system is fraudulent and agreed when I told him it's built on lies, corruption and criminal deeds.
    Very fascinating.

    On the way there and back I saw at least ten cars with a 1111 number plate, half a dozen 7777s and numerous 3333s, 4444s and 5555s. Really amazing, especially considering I was only out and about for 25 minutes or so :-)

    And when I returned home there was this newest UpDate on GaiaPortal:

    "Friendlies are assembled as Unity arises.

    Collaborations of Higher Light support the causes.

    Destinies of all proceed direct.

    Fantasies are dropped as the Real within expands."

    As it says on the shirt I'm currently wearing:
    Yes! Yes! YES!

    We Stick Together

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All


    1. Met with a US Bank mgr, she agreed it is corrupt and she didnt expect to have her job in 5 yrs.. shocked me as she was in her 50s but wide awake..


    2. Excellent.

      "My guy" said, and I quote "but we heard that a few years ago."
      "Yes, we did. But now our Time Has Come, and humanity will no longer agree to being enslaved."
      "Okay. But I wonder if those at the top of the food chain will allow to have their power taken away just like that. They won't just give it all up, I'm afraid."
      "Don't be afraid. Those at the top right now can prepare to see the world through bars because they will all be put in prison for their crimes against humanity."
      And he just smiled and nodded :-)

      Doesn't matter that it'll be a little different but that was the best way to describe it to somebody in the system ;-)

      "I know you're trying your best to find a job on your own." (I do? That's news to me)
      "So if you find a company where you want to work, contact my colleague and she will talk to the people in charge. We will pay 75 per cent of your salary so you can get there. It is all voluntary, though. It's all up to you. I'm not gonna put you in some 1 Euro per day job where you'll just call in sick - that would be nonsense."
      (Err, what the fuck? That was *so* fricking nice!)
      "Thank you, Mr. Sp, this way we are working together as a team and not against each other."
      "Excactly, Mr. B."

      "HAVE A NICE DAY."

      The Message is Out There, and it is being understood :-)

      No Surrender


  26. Les travailleurs de lumière doit faire quoi pour le moment?

    1. Restez Zen, positive, envoyez de l'amour a' tous, particulierement les gens du Cabal, les dictateurs, etc.

  27. Once you had a dream
    Of oceans
    And sunken cities
    Memories of things you've never known

    *Lachan ai Oshev*

  28. These words came to me in a dream last night:

    Fledglings should not judge, Mother Goose.

    Sounds very cryptic, but I get the meaning.

  29. i just read part of this article... (more like scan through it)..

    i wholesomely believe in educating the people to understand the origin or the intended purpose of all the trickeries placed before our eyes unknown to us....

    however... i dont agree in asking people to change all those pattern learn that could bring about joy in the hearts of men just because some idiots behind the curtain wishess that such acts symbolize somethong else other than what your heart truly desired...

    for example... the not celebrating your birthday cause in reality you are accepting or givinh concent to the dark on x y z.

    is it still valid even if on a conscious way you mean it differently? . even if we were not aware of its occult meaning.... isnt the energy of goodwill and joy be directed to where is i tended to... to connect to love ones and to share a special moment...

    just as we can change our view on the number 13 (or any other #)... which so many wishes to assign it to be of negativity.. we could change that as we change our belief on it... by keepibg in mind that is associated with Free Will instead.

    next time you see that #13... send a thought of transformation vs of fear.

    personally all those tricks that have been pulled unknown to me through me life or lifetimes... in an attempt to entrapped me i consider them void... because this game we live in is so ridiculous absolutely nothing is righteously valid.

    unfortunately we r in their illegal illusion... yet the ones outside expected that lil us see through much shh..ampoo on our eyes?

    1. I agree Dragon Heart, I was going to comment on PFC but felt it wasn't worth my time. Look at symbolism throughout history, the meaning seems to be in the beholder, not in what is beheld, as it is viewed from many perspectives. People tend to ascribe their own meaning to things, and when I celebrate a birthday it is not paying homage to occultists, but rather to mark a passage in time, and to acknowledge another year of wisdom (hopefully) and to celebrate being alive!

    2. Dragon and Phoenix, I agree -- If we transmute the energy from negative to positive, it's a good thing.

      (Dragon's referenced article was on TheEventChronicle website. I didn't see it on PFC).

  30. Happy days! Happy days!

    I feel the event energies ever nearer. Stronger than ever!! I feel that the event will happen with the GCR/RV this week. I feel the "Y" octupus entity is almost completely dissolved!! The "hum" (ringing in ears) has nearly ceased! The infrasound mind control technology is failing!! I feel bliss!! Let there be light!!

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    1. thats right... keep them in line..:)...

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  35. enjoy.

  36. more disclosure cia release 13 million files


    To ensure peace before and during the Trump Inauguration, you can participate in these 3 meditations, coming up soon.
    Sit quietly for 15 - 20 minutes. Visualize peace enveloping Washington DC, the nation and
    the world. This will also bring peace into your own life.

    1.) 11am Eastern Standard Time 19th January, Thursday (one day before). note -- Eastern Standard Time is Washington DC-New York-East Coast USA time.

    2.) 11am Eastern Standard Time 20th January, Friday (one hour before taking Oath of Office)
    Meditation #2, is organized by The Center for Visionary Leadership.
    They have organized these Inauguration meditations for 20 years.
    See this link:

    3.) 8.30pm Eastern Standard Time 19th January, Thursday Evening
    This meditation includes a Conference dial-in number if you wish to participate with others.

    Conference dial-in number (712) 432 0075 Participant Access Code: 116321.

  38. YouTube domestic violence away... "record"

    O.K... so, TV remote "mute" (pick a time to take power back)
    Now, the box was made to crush your mind... and stories added to keep you there (TV = "commercial" + story time/fake news)

    First "feel" your power come back to you as you "mute" "every" "commercial" (this is power sold to keep the tools of "greed")

    Now the sighted can question what is forced on all, every 10 to 15 minutes... they even know you look away- if not in a trance... and who are they
    Cars (you don't need to own)
    Drugs... "you should ask your doctor about" (really)
    And for some reason "insurance" (fake future) has the most cash for the best show (must be the cost of what they sell)

    I even bought parts to add a timer... protection of sleep kicks-in a lot at first

    And if you pay for TV (along with cost added to everything)
    3 to 5 minutes of adds- every 15 for an hour of TV=
    about 1/4 of what you pay for TV each year...
    are adds, to crush all

    Altering Portal Alterations
    (oh, "Altar"... might have to work on that)

    The "Breath of Life" that reaches Heaven
    The color of a cloud
    Returned to Earth
    The color of snow
    The color of water, and sound of the sighted

  39. I can't recall what Cobra stated when one of the war criminal dies ... will they be taken to the GCS or will the Archons keep them. One of the unholy four Bush Sr. was put in the hospital ... is he going to die or do they have another clone waiting for him? Just wondering.

    1. if i recall correctly when it was memtioned one of the issues at hand was that the chimera still had cloning facilitieses... that is one of the problems why it is or was hard to remove them...

      imo.. if supposedly he dies probably is as an attempt to escape... while the public would see it as a natural or complications to his health... in the background he would be slipping into the "underground railroad"

  40. spirittoo: Here is the quote you requested, that you claim Cobra never wrote. It is from his November 9, 2016 post:

    "Now that the circus of the US elections is over, we can finally focus again on real intel."

    Implicit in that statement is:

    1) Cobra's "opinion" that the US elections is like a "circus."

    and most importantly in Cobra's statement:

    2) "We can finally focus again on "real intel": Meaning that Cobra thinks what HE has to report, apart from the elections, is "real intel." That any intel associated with the elections is not real intel (it's a circus, to Cobra). Otherwise, Cobra wouldn't make a distinction between what he calls "real intel" and the elections.

    That is an arrogant statement because it automatically discounts the working of God, Source, divine intelligence, in the actual proceedings and day-to-day interactions related to the election process. Cobra is not considering anything to do with the elections as being "real intel."

    There are many spiritual and spiritually gifted individuals who say quite the opposite. That Trump is part of the divine plan to facilitate The Event and the pending New Age of Enlightenment on earth.

    So whether Cobra is correct or not, his communication is one-sided and comes across like he feels HIS intel is the only intel worth anything. Cobra may be entirely wrong!

    1. And the reason why it's not considered real intel is pretty obvious. The system is very manipulated and whoever "won" the presidency was already decided by the ones in "power". Therefore elections are just a distraction to make people think that they have a choice, to make them think that someone can do things better and fix the world for them, and if that person happens to be bad, just wait a better candidate will come and save us all. That's obviously a circus! Not to mention that it was so ridiculous to get the attention of modern people's mentality. No real intel can come from a predisposed show where the result is already prepared from time before and that it's just a diatraction or fake process to make people think that the ones who have the power are different groups each time. When the same grupos of power will always stay intact behind the scenes.

      And how can some people think Trump works for the light and will bring a new era of enlightenment... When he is clearly so immature an unstable (A soul without too much experience and development).

      Some people wanted to believe the same about Obama, that we was some type of lighworker that he would destroy the system form within.

      Please people, stop falling in the same traps over and over! Get out from that cage and start doing things for yourselves! How can you help to make yourself and the world a better place? Even if you are in a position where you can't do too much there's always you can do to go further. To try to heal or develop yourselves and you can make lots of decitions in your day by day to help create a better world. From simple tasks such as how you treat other people that interact with you. What you consume. What info and thoughts you share with others. The things you can do for the environment or helping other causes, etc. There is always something in your reach to help, even if it's little step. But some president won't make the changes at this moment. It's our collective action that Is changing this world.

    2. 1) Cobra's "opinion" that the US elections is like a "circus."
      You don't think the US elections was a circus? Really? That comment was more fact than opinion.

      2) "We can finally focus again on "real intel": Meaning that Cobra thinks what HE has to report, apart from the elections, is "real intel."

      It is "real intel" ... that's why most of us come here.

      "That is an arrogant statement because it automatically discounts the working of God, Source, divine intelligence"

      I don't agree, I think you find it arrogant because it doesn't fall in line with your promotion of Trump.

      I am aware of the others that believe as you do, but as far as I am concerned they are wrong too. I make assessments by the action of a person, which leads me to my believe about Trump.

      "So whether Cobra is correct or not, his communication is one-sided and comes across like he feels HIS intel is the only intel worth anything"

      Again I disagree. You which to push the idea Cobra is one sided, not that he actually is one sided.

      There is really nothing you can say to convince me to disregard what is coming from within.

    3. Yes thank you x6. It's so obvious that trump is just another puppet (and distraction). Maybe it's not so obvious to some though... Lol

  41. The recent GaiaPortal messages have been very upbeat...

  42. Cobra, what happens with William Tompkins and Kerry Kassidy??


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  44. Replies
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    3. The younger, the better...
      "New Animals" that will show
      The true thoughts of all
      With the strength and power
      To pray the Hopes and Dreams
      Of all that have been robbed

  45. Cobra, but what if someone, after liberation, will not want to merge with his soul group or his twin-soul, and will want to ascend technological by its own (using Ascension chambres)??

    Will we be obliged to merge with soul group or twin-soul, no matter we desire, or not??

    Will we have after liberation other kind of 'obligations' in order to have access to Ascension??

    Cobra, hopely will we not have ever any obligation after liberation, of any kind!!

    1. i think the ascension chambers r there to increase your vibration... to remove the blocks... to bring you into a certain high degree of awareness or consciousnes....

      i dont think the chambers are intended to cheat the whole natural soul evolutionary steps.

      i might be wrong...

    2. And, Cobra, there is a section in the Galactic Codex, you have never explained, nor had you a question in interviews about.

      It is "Section I/3: Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to merge with other beings in proportion with his/her position in the Soul Family Mandala"

      "This subsection is an instrument of regulation of all relationships inside a Soul Family. It guarantees the merging of beings of opposite polarity (twin souls, soulmates) and alignment of all other beings regardless of their state of development and outer conditions".

      But Cobra, why is it so a regulation necessary??

      Hopely we will no be obliged to merge with other soul group members, if we do not desire to.

    3. Look here!! We have the right to benefit from 'ascension tech':

      "Section I/2: Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to Ascension

      This subsection explains how the Ascended Masters use their advanced understanding of spiritual technology of Ascension and by utilizing the Electric Fire of redemption assist all beings that free-willingly choose Ascension."

  46. Nothing is worth of as much as is need to be done for!...

  47. BROTHERS ... How much is missing ... PLEASE ... EVENT NOW ..STOP WITH SUFFERING


  49. New Babylon
    January 18, 2017 by Edward Morgan

    "Read if you have eyes, see if you have the mind to know.
    This is part of the secret projects, in fact, everything she outlined was all related to (un)acknowledged special access programs, as is EVERYTHING THAT I POST".


    1. Babylon's Burning



  50. Three Factions of the CIA that Control the World

  51. In full disrespect for 'Ascended Masters' and 'spiritual guides' who were unable to prevent the invasion 25000y ago.

    We do not need so a kind of adviser.
    After liberation will we take our fate by our own.

    Or, have we to know who they were (these ascendents and spirituals) to avoid them and to go in touch with others.

    In the 'much healing' process we need a kind of spiritual lustration, let' say it so...

    1. We may declare ourselves 'conflicting parties' against those ascendents and spirituals who are guilty of lose control of Atlantis (as a jewel, 25000y ago),
      and according the GALACTIC CODES, section II, may we be kept apart from all of them, by the other light forces of liberation, to no longer deal with them in no way anymore.



  52. "If the Doors Of Perception were cleansed all things would seem as they really are: immaculate."

    At first Flash of Eden we raced down to The Sea
    Standing there on Freedom Shore

    Waiting for the Sun

    The Sea:

    Be Yourself - WakeSurf

    Surf's Up!
    WaveMania ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



    1. Blink and you'll miss it . . . on the underside of the WakeSurfboard it reads PHASE FIVE ;-)

      So here We Go then.
      It's Time. It's Time.
      Time for Me to Fly - and everybody else as well

      Hey, IceSphere:
      This is Land of Hope and Dreams :-)
      Bells Of Freedom Ring!

      Surf's UP!
      We're gonna get what we give




    2. Open The Doors

      Otherwise My Girl will have to kick them down.
      And She will.
      Because She is GAIA and . . .

      She's The One


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  55. Galactic Federation of Light

    Ascended Twin Flame André, The Secrets of Saint Germain’s Plan, November 3, 2016

    by Christine Preston (Swansea, UK)

    "the Candidate for the American Elections of 2016, Donald Trump, was the one who would be elected and that he is a soul extension of Saint Germain."

    Transcript and Video (13 mins 28 secs):

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  57. Galactic Federation of Light

    Ascended Twin Flame André for Archangel Michael, Post-Election Victory Celestial Communication
    November 10, 2016

    by Christine Preston (Swansea, UK)

    "Donald Trump is now the President Elect and it is important to remember that we have on our side some great masters such as Lord Sanat Kumara, Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha and Saint Germain, as well as a multitude of Angelic Forces and Galactic beings, who are providing assistance to mankind and this beautiful planet called Earth, so it can gain the same status as the stars and worlds in the vast region of space that are now at peace because a great many battles have been fought in the past decades against the vortex of darkness that invaded our galaxy as well as our solar system."

    Transcript and Video (12 mins 38 secs):

    1. Divine

      there were great expectations about Obama as welll... that in a soul level he was or is a high end light being etc... however unfortunately like eveeyone else is subjected to the pressures of this lame game... supposedly in not so obvious ways for us he still assisted in making things happened in the background even though he still had to play by the tune of those in power...

      since there is a game changer at this time ... basing it on the fact the bad guys have been losing so much ground the bad guys also has to change their game... not necessarily their objective of relenquishing power...

      whati hope is that the pressure and influence the light forces are having in the political arena will suffice to keep the positive direction going...
      thus in light of such leaders will be able to follow thru as well...

      but again... personally all this is temporary for as i have said... once all ttechnological control mechanism is gone... it wont matter who has the diaper... everyone would be able to see thru the mirage that there wwnt be any choice by leaders than to do what truly is the righteous things to do for all... cause the game would be over by then.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.


  59. I hate war, and I hate guns and all that shit.
    I'm a vegan and go out of my way not to step on insects or spiders on the sidewalk.
    But at the end of the day there is no way around it: The first record I ever bought with my own money had a cannon on the front label. It never fired cannonballs, but nonetheless it was a cannon.

    And to bring it full-circle I'm gonna play the first song of that album One More Time.

    With all tthe Love in My Heart:
    For Those About To Rock (which is All of Us) - We Salute You




  60. This has only been in my head for a week or so, waiting to be shared . . . ;-)

    From South Africa.
    This is . . .

    The LOVER OF THE LIGHT ! ! !

    Goodness, gracious. Great Balls Of Fire - WOOOOO ! ! !


  61. Cobra, what do you do?
    The hum is becoming louder and continuously again,... while it was almost out before new year...

    Cobra, what (the hell) kind of 'back and forth' do you prepare for us??

  62. I fack all of those (higher, and higher, and again higher and higher) beings who were responsible (even due to their lack understanding or unpropper actions) to avoid the fall of the earth 25000y ago and quarantined!!

    In full disrespect for all of them!!

    No only the earth inhabitants are responsible for accepting implants, but rather also the higher (and higher) beings who lost from their hands the supposed beautifulness of former Atlantis.

    Should they never come in touch with us again as alleged 'ascended masters' and 'spiritual guides'!

    In full disrespect for all of them!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


  63. Heading for Venus? Probably not ;-)
    Still . . .

    This *is* THE Final Countdown

    10 . . .
    9 . . .
    8 . . .
    7 . . .
    6 . . .
    5 . . .
    4 . . .
    3 . . .
    2 . . .
    1 . . .

    When you walk through a storm
    Hold your head up high
    And don't be afraid of the dark
    At the end of a storm
    There's a Golden Sky
    And the sweet silver song of a Lars
    Walk on through the wind
    Walk on through the rain
    Though your dreams be tossed and blown

    Walk on, walk on
    With hope in your hearts
    And you'll never walk alone
    You'll never walk alone

    Walk on, walk on
    With Hope in your Hearts
    And you'll never walk alone
    You'll NEVER walk alone

    Walk Of Life

    So can't you see Me standing here
    I got my Ass against the
    I ain't the worst that you've seen
    Can't you see what I mean?
    Everybody!!! Come on and We all might as well

    *YOU* ARE The Voice, try an understand it!
    . . . & Nobody Else!!!
    And now WE will make things better.

    So let's tear down the walls that hold us inside and get this SpaceStation off the ground!!!

    Lift off and happy flying.
    Cheers to The Future of Humanity

    I AM RaJah
    I AM DK
    I AM Is-Ra-El

  64. A little step forward clearing Yaldabaoth, now Tentacle 2 @12% here the visual information A feast for The Light!

  65. Cobra, your everlasting claim is to spread the truth, and we, the long term followers of your blog agree with.
    This may be the reason we are here now since long time.

    But the problem is that we have compromised ourselves, all this years till now, in front of those to whom we try to spread the truth.

    We are not tired Cobra, but how we are, we are compromised and absolute inefficient towards those who we told the truth, a truth which never came true.

    This is what we achieved till now! To compromise ourselves by spreading a truth which never comes true!

    P.S. Good luck Cobra in spreading the truth!! You was indeed much more efficient than us. It is the fact that we, the long term followers of your blog, are still here!!

    You may rely on us even if we can in not any way rely on those to whom we try to tell the truth.

  66. Cobra, we are filthfully enough about 'bigger pictures', 'complicated cosmic situations', 'when the time is right', 'grand scheme of things', and so on!!

  67. Cobra, if this misery of so called planetary liberation is lasting to long, than will your light forces provide for common people a way to the galactic central sun??

    This might be the greatest gift for humanity, instead of others like 'new atlantis' and other 'cows come home' promises...

    And, in this case, the darks should supposedly not interfere due to the fact that they will be contented that not only they are sent to the galactic center, but also common people will volunteer for... :-)

  68. In full disrespect for all the members (those among the 144.000) of the Order of the Star who will not awake to their mission until the Event.

    Friends indeed are the friends in needs.
    So we will no longer need their awakening after the Event. Should they remain asleept furthermore after.

    1. it is a pity....

      at least in me eyes your comments have turned unreadable.

      best of luck on your wild shootouts.

    2. i would like to see you try waking up to your own power...

      whats the hold up now?

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. In full disrespect for the 70 billion non-incarnated human souls who are awaiting what they consider the best condition on earth to incarnate, instead of coming now and 'push a bit longer' and participate.

    1. perhaps you have forgotten... this is a rescue mission...

      there are some souls still that stayed behind....

      last... imho it is of grrat relief that some got finally the freedom we wish for all...

      the less souls at the hand of those tampering them... the better...

    2. i doubt that they might be awaiting still... i can see them already moving on... if they are becoming fully conscious they probably would opt in returning to their original home/family and/or taking some vacation time or exploring the universe...

      from what i gathered... people outside matrix could connect to any other soul out there... or transport to any place....

      thus after the event or when the planet has reached a higher vibration... those who wishes to revisit could probably just do it at a blink of an eye if conditions are right... no need to reincarnate

      anyways i am sure those still eager to assist in liberation of planet are probably doing so from whereevee they are... but first their healing needs to be completed and Zeus knows how long that might take.

      there are too many unknowns really as to what is happpening in the other side of the veil. would be foolish of us to demand for them to be doing something when we dont have all the pieces of the puzzle (again... in order to make a comprehensive request demand or judgement.)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.