Monday, January 16, 2017

10k96M detected


  1. 10k? looks likes some one like to watch zNation here :P
    but really its sound like some sport move

    Eyyy readers! Does any of you here have blog about spiritual development or ascesion topic? If yes,reply to my post with links.

    So COBRA I know you cannot disclose how close how far we are, but 2 questions:
    1. How you going to move Old Grind in ATlantis NEW energy grind without drowning all of us cause 2012 movie, big tsunamis you know what im asking this.Stops the planet stops the car the bowl with water on ours knees, dont get wet :P

    2.After the Event,shortly after the wave hits, hours after does people goes to sleep where they are heal and sleep for like 3-4 days as this guy saying:

    Or is this some others thing like OBE or magnetic sky lights auroras?

    So what 26? huh like this that timeline said but this one is so coiled with others its backward acellerate with pitstops signs its should be.

    Also Pillars of light gonna be activated tommorow?

    1. Hi Sword, funny you should ask. I've recently launched a website that connects the dots an attempts to lay everything out in a linear fashion.

      I'm hoping to add more content to my "Ascension and the Golden Age" soon.

      Let me know what you think :)


    2. Website is awsome :)

    3. Thank you for your kind words. It really means a lot :)

      If you can, please help spread the word. The biggest challenge I'm having right now is growing awareness of the guide in the community.

    4. @Reality Gateway, that's a nice little site there. Will be good to share with the "asleep" ones, as they do need a very stripped down, bare bones, plain english summary of what's going on that won't scare them away.

      Whenever sharing this blog, they usually laugh & scoff as soon as they see the URL name.

    5. @Reality Gateway, your website is great; I know a few people who are sitting on a fence in cognitive dissonance, yet ready to explore new realities. I will be happy to share your guide with them.

  2. Cobra, did aliens hack TV in 1977? Also, who is Azrael? Is he fighting for the light?

    1. I think Cobra was asked that question about the british tv broadcast in the 70s and he he said yes. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. And Azreal is Gargamel's cat from the Smurfs. I know I'm right about that one.

    2. lol @ smurfs...

      as far as the 3 days of darkness..:

      Rob -- Someone says, ‘Will the three days of darkness, which have been spoken about for years, when they take place and will you explain it?’
      COBRA – Okay. This is part of the old collective memory from the time of Atlantis and this time it will be different. There will be no three days of darkness. Actually, in the last galactic super-waves, which happened thousand upon thousands of years ago, tens of thousands of years ago, there are days of darkness because there were debris in the atmosphere as a result of the solar coronal discharge. But this time it is a little bit different for many reasons and when the Event happens, and after the Event, as we go through this great cosmic transition, there will be very strong light forces present which will transform the whole situation.
      ---ref rp0615 (R. potter Jun 2015)

      Alexandra: OK. Now you are familiar with Drunvalo?

      C: Yes.

      A: He mentions that…he talks a great deal about the 3 days of darkness and literally once we come out on the other end of that, we are babies starting all over. Could you tell me a little bit about what you think about that?

      C: Well this is a very old prophecy that has been around at least from the 60’s…is actually based on…this prophecy is very old. It actually means the exiting of the Event Horizon. I will explain. The planet earth is in what you would call a black hole. It is a? Reality. It is hard when you are inside this reality to see things as they really are. When we exit this black hole it will be an explosion of light and everybody will actually start anew. There will be no more karma and there will be no more programming. They will be able to be fully present in their own consciousness and their own connection with God. So this is what is going to happen at a certain point.
      A: Wow, that is awesome. A very different perspective but it is basically saying the same thing.
      ---ref am0712 (Alexandra M. July 2012)

    3. oops .. the 3 days of darkness answer was for Sword.

    4. @Th3N1njaG0bl1n If I remember well,
      Cobra answered yes to this question!

  3. sound good news . wish breakthrough as earlier as possible.

  4. 10k? km? atmosphere?
    96M, 1996 the congo invasion?
    thanks cobra

  5. about the link in point 2 from Swords comment:

    if thats how it works, thats disturbing, what about our beloved pets, will they shift with us or will they remain behind and die of starvation or...?

    1. Rob – OK. There’s a question here people were wondering about the souls of the animals where they come from. Why are they coming here to experience such traumatic conditions and clearly the galactic forces know about holocaust and eco and genocide of entire species on our planet. Could you comment about the souls of these beings and how they fit in this process and what the GFO will be doing to assist them.
      COBRA – It’s an unfortunate situation. All the life streams on this planet have been actually made hostage to the cabal and the animals are not excluded to this. After the event happens it will be a big relief for all the life streams on this planet because they will given much loving healing and attention. Many of the life forces will be resorted to their previous beauty.
      ---ref rp? (Robert Potter interview)

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    1. Angel Number 555

  7. great website for 3D's Reality Gateway, well done.

  8. Thank you Dragon Heart, for that explanation. I'm happy to read that part of the interview with Cobra, for as Drunvalo explains this dimensional shift, in the 2nd Volume of his books "The ancient secret of the flower of life", he also adds "That's how I can remember it from my past life experiences, it doesn't mean that it will go like that this time" (written in 1992) Durnvalo's books are available for free here

  9. Here's the part about the nature of a pole-shift aka dimensional shift, explained by Drunvalo:

    At the end, I've included some of the comments present in this page, related to the subject, so that I can present it to other people who are interested in the process.