Thursday, October 5, 2017

Systems security breach deflected


  1. YES!!!

    UNITY of our Light = Victory of the Light!

    Thank you to each and every Light being for waking and Holding the Light!

    In Loving kindness.....


    Victory of the Light!

    1. Ok 504 has been this way for three or four years. Can't we get to feline warriors to gaurd 504...I'm just saying.....

  2. Kind of weird to see how much activity is going on with this site these past few days...

    1. Are you also finding a weird level of activity in your own space, whether the world at large or in your own life, thoughts and dreams?

      Seems many people are, which is why I ask... Life is so Electric right now. Holding the Light feels so much more vital.

      Love you dearly!

  3. The Awakened/Unawakened Irish thank everyone for their help.

    Solas Dé Daoibh

  4. Just a brief reminder: These kind of "coded" messages that Cobra posts here are for the Resistance Movement and Cobra's connections that he communicates with, and are NOT meant for us, the "general public" who read and participate on this blog.

    I have been with this blog, listening to and reading from Cobra, since 2012 and notice relatively "recently," there are a lot of new names of people posting messages in the comments section. We all welcome everyone who comes to this blog. Though, we all want to be on the same page, have the same understanding about Cobra's posts. For anyone who wishes to know more about a topic Cobra posts about, there is a SEARCH bar at the top of the page. It will generate all posts associated with the subject (words) you type into it.

    Peace and victory to the Light.

    1. I understand what you mean ...
      I foud this:

      Saturday, September 1, 2012

      Omega Pandora operational, POS to surface stable, compression grid activated to LOGN5.9. Master delta LOC in progress. Isidic security breach deflected, HVBN stable, systems security breach in deflection. M increase to 1.5, Dreamland attempt in progress.

      Thanks for the tip
      Victory of the light!!

  5. "The power, the rulership over all of life was always desired by beings who were not beings in the love. They desired the great Divine Power to construct their own universes, not in the love. Greed evolved out of those universes. The greedy created enormous pain and suffering to feed themselves to become stronger and stronger.

    The question was always from the great resistance, who would come into the great power? Would it be the love universes or the universes who had removed themselves from the great love?

    Understand that Divine is a Great Being of Great Love, but if the power and the desire of creation would turn with the greater balance, then even Divine would become separated and a part of itself would be given as a sacrifice to the powers not in the love to create their greater universal games.

    All things became greatly destroyed in the universe, and the power of the darkness, the power who desired to rule all things became stronger. Those who chose to go to that side became greatly lost. They dropped deeper into the dimensions without a way upwards. If there was no way upwards all things in those dark dimensions would have been swallowed up into the dimension we call the ‘nothingness.’

    These dark dimensions exist in its own ‘nothingness.’ They stay there until one resurrects the energy of it and begins the cycle again, which has happened many times before in the universal history."

  6. farouk reporting in, insane attacks on us lightworkers right now. from these attacks. stay strong and keep doing your mission liberating the planet, in what ever way you can.

    victory of the light

    1. I rarely post. Attacks have been massive and co-ordinated. Last Sunday was peak for me and associate.

      As of now, all is well, better than before. This is truly the year of connection.


  7. PREPARE FOR CHANGE TorontoOctober 4, 2017 at 10:08 PM

    Black Alert Meditation (using the guided audio of August 21st Unity Meditation at the Solar Eclipse)


    5 October 2017 at 05:19

    We need also a New general meditation for alerts (black and red) and for sequirity breack and deflection. Let's do it!

    Alethea Lobo
    5 October 2017 at 08:49

    There is one at 4 p.m. GMT (daily)

    Alethea Lobo
    5 October 2017 at 08:52

    Awesome!!! Sometimes we aren't able to do many in a day due to various factors. Last Sunday, I had done 7 meditations in one day, so this one really makes a lot of sense. Thank you and looking forward to partaking in this daily one. Victory of the Light!!!

  8. Dr. Steve Pieczenik w/ Alex Jones: Latest News 10-2-17

    10/04/2017 10:50:00 AM News

    GCR talk at around 12:55. Steve talks about Mnuchin's job to re-align the currencies.

  9. Cobra, what is it

    RPS: 12:21/XORTSMODE


    PHX SIGINT loop operational

    on the right side of the page??

  10. Harvey Weinstein expose in The New York Times? What the heck is going on here. Hope it's the start of something new (exposure of these crimes) and not just some vendetta played out in public.

  11. I feel the daily toplet bomb removal meditations are having a beautiful impact. "Loving attention" is very powerful!

    Still new at this :) but getting more acquainted with the power of light by the moment.

    Much love to Cobra, LF, RM and all who are assisting with planetary liberation. Thank you!

    Victory of the Light!


  12. And in what case your coded messages are put on the right of this blog?

    How important has to be so a message??

    Terry This is the message to RM, and we don't know exactly what it means. But, judging from the facts that "RPS: 12:21/XORTSMODE" is the code that have been displayed above "COBRA" in the Portal 2012 at least for several years, while 12:21 was the instructed time for the meditation today and "12:21 operational, EELA reactivated" was posted only after 30 minutes from the time of the meditation, I would imagine something significant was achieved.

    Sunday 22 November 2015, 01:24:05

  13. Catalonia Plans to Proclaim Independence From Spain Within Several Days
    Catalan independence supporters, one waving an estelada, or Catalonia independence flag, applaud during a rally outside the city hall of Girona, Spain

    Catalonia's President Carles Puigdemont said that Catalonia will proclaim the region's independence from Spain within several days.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Catalonia will proclaim the region's independence from Spain within several days, Catalonia's President Carles Puigdemont told the BBC broadcaster.

    According to Puigdemont, the Catalan government will "act at the end of this week or the beginning of next."

    On Sunday, Catalonia held the referendum on independence from Spain. According to the Catalan authorities, over 90 percent of more than 2.26 million voters, who took part in the referendum, supported the region's independence

  14. Tamo junto!
    Come together!

    💕👽👣 Vitória da luz💓

  15. Cobra - on your next update, could you please address the vacuum metastability event?

  16. Came across "weird plans" for the full moon day of Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017.

    This seems to be some kind of call to action for violent groups.


    Full moon on Saturday Nov. 4, 2017 is at

    New York-Washington-Miami: 12:23 am (according to
    GMT/London: Sat. Nov 4: 05:23 am
    Los Angeles: Friday Nov.3: 10:23 PM Friday nite, Nov.3

    Looks weird and creepy:

    and original site:

    1. I posted this weird November 4 event, just above, that is being planned because perhaps we need to organize a meditation to bring up the positive, love energy around the November 4 full moon......

  17. it's pretty amazing to witness so much activity increasing. almost feels like we are achieving the event this year. never seen so many cloudships (lenticular clouds) like i had this week. and i live in the capital of brazil, not the most enlightened or free place. i can see everywhere how things and unfolding in and outside.

    keep holding the light. keep feeling the force.

    thank you all star seeds! together we are stronger!

    victory of light!

  18. havent read.. .but there is a video of shooting in another casino and video..

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.


  20. Good job :-)

    It's been over ten years since I last heard this song before it started playing in my mind a few hours ago. And since it ain't leaving I might as well share it.

    Yeah, I got a ticket to ride for two
    I'm going up to the wild blue
    I keep the surface ultra cooled
    And all my fuel can be renewed

    While we wait around with delay
    The sudden news is just fast-talking
    Your skin is oily, your story's old
    So tell it while your walking

    We're flying

    Not the worst idea I've ever heard ;-)



    1. On that note: For months now every once in a while I would hear a single line in my mind.
      "Coming down the mountain."

      I knew I'd heard that line before but just could not, for the life of me, remember when and where. And it just kept popping up time and again, usually when I was in bed just after waking up.
      "We're coming down the mountain." - Huh? What the...?

      And now it showed up for real, another piece of the puzzle that falls into the right place. I hadn't heard it in more than 15 years.
      Nothing shocking.

      This is Mountain Song

      We're cashing in.



  21. This is a huge misery which brought many of us here.

    And for some, if not for many the beginning of their end (as a soul level of course).

    1. Don't mind. Each soul who incarnates is part of Over Soul, and Over Soul is forever, so each soul cannot be ended. In my perspective, soul cannot be ended whether it's dark or light.
      I think galactic sentral sun cleans dark soul. It has tons of refuse around its soul. Soul itself will be remain after lethal cleansing. Dark's identity is consisted of both its soul and tons of refuse. So, when it is cleansed, it will fear as if almost vanishes. But pure soul will remain, and it will start from beginning of experience as an incarnated one.

      This idea maybe differnt from thoughts of many light beings, but it is my perspective.

    2. for certain. this game in my opinion cant be rewarded 5 stars.. but u know what.. is what it is.

      So lets deal with it. We can bohoo to the end.. n if is your plan then wait until is the end to make your seriously tunnel vision... attention seeking demands.

      one thing is for us to lose our composure... lose focus... get disillusion... from time to time.. but u take the cake man in trying to present a view of something as if u were knowledgeable of all procedures.

      At the end it might turn out that you might want to continue... once u r awake... so cut the childis tantrum .

      is this how u deal with everything else in ur present life.?

      i am sorry to say i am not one of the ones to feed your nonestop illogical self pity episodes...

      n i repeat illogical.. cause all you r doing is making demands from a perspective that does not hold all the pieces yet to this puzzle.

      so chill that nonstop self disempowering... self defeating... complacent attitude of doom.

      if that is going to b your fate at least walk the last few miles like you actually have a meaning. Not a meaning define by your self defeating mindset... not defined by someone elsss fear imposed on you and adopted by you.... But a meaning that spells out... what is to be the real you.

      get out of that shell. There is enough ignorance in this world ...

      if is true that the strongest of the strong were selected to come here n assist n if u r one of them
      .. then is time u cut the crap about ur own fears n beecome that force we need to get thru this.

      you think ur life is hell?.. you want to compared notes with some other people here that probably going thru a whole lot worse n having a much finer fighting spirit?...

      what is really your problem... you just like to take the easy way out?.. seek attention..

      you obviously are caught in a loop
      ..i do hope u find someone that can get u out of it... cause honestly... this behaviour is not borderline childish.. is childish. think about it.


    Black Alert Meditation (using the guided audio of August 21st Unity Meditation at the Solar Eclipse)

    THE EVENT: COmpression BReAkthrough ("COBRA") For Divine Harmony On Earth
    October 5, 2017 at 9:09 AM

    PREPARE FOR CHANGE Toronto: Because the "coded" messages that Cobra posts are NOT for the public on this blog to figure out what they mean, why would you organize a meditation to act on such a message?

    October 5, 2017 at 11:51 AM

    this is done in a hurry, out of haste, with the text of eclipse meditation.

    We need an improved version, a more specific one.

  23. Cabal Declares OPEN War on America + Our RESPONSE With Special Guest & Participating ‘First Responder’, Healer & Energy Worker Michael Pascoe + News

    October 4, 2017

    The Unknown Lightwarrior

    So tune in to find out:

    •the true energetic impact of the Cabal attack in Vegas

    •The quickest & best way for Lightworkers to respond

    •What would have happened if the 144k was up & running in such a situation/attack

    •How the physical Light forces needed a profound & emphatic energetic response by Light/Energy Workers first … in order for them to action an effective & successful response on the physical plane.

    •Where things stand now, post Vegas attack & post OUR energetic response.

    •A full report on Tuesday’s response (3hr energy session) by Michael Pascoe & yours truly will be provided on this week’s show … (sneak peak: it involved Maldek [aka: super Earth that was blown up during that war]).


  24. This is David Wilcocx's Dark Night of the Soul

    1. I am up late, can't sleep, so watched this Dark Night of the Soul video... thanks.

    2. play hakuna matata :) as a lullaby :)

  25. I will do the best I can. I'm sorry.

  26. Is something wrong with the PFC homepage? Few last days it opens very slowly to me and when it opens it is in list view.

  27. Hello. My name is Marko Al Kontestabile. Im SLovenian.

    I was told that I put commentary on this blog.

    I ask for help.

    11 years ago i was chipped in England. With injection against my
    will. WIth injection I've got in body nanorobots and RFID antena.
    Nanobots are all the time multiplying and deleting my life memories.
    And they are terrorising my body cells.

    Now I have 31years and this nanobots almost deleted my whole life.
    They are deleting even my thougts, for example I say to my self I've
    done something good, that I am proud of myself and these nanobots in few seconds
    delete it....

    They are recording even my dreams, and then they delete them.
    And because RFID antena in my right arm, I don't have privacy
    anymore. These officers are spying on me for 11years now, and they
    record my whole day, every day for 11years.
    These recordings go in internet police arhive.
    They work in three shifts, 8hours , 16hours, 24hours.
    They can type in computer date and time, and they see on computer
    what I was doing that day. They record everything I see.

    Why I've got chipped with nanorobots and RFID antena?
    Well 11years ago I was robbed in England, then I went robbing,
    I've wanted 7pounds for a train ticked. Then 15-20 minutes later police
    came and took me in a cell, and next day into prison.

    I've been in prison for half a year. In prison there were prisoners
    who made burglaries, selling drugs and weapons, some were fucking animals like
    chicken animals... some foreged documents,.. etc
    But I've just wanted 6-7 pounds.

    My sentence is long long time over, but they nanobots are stil
    deleting my precious life memories. And through RFID antena in my
    right arm, officers are threatening me, and insulting me and so...
    they say that I am deadmeat, brainddead, gay, even though I am
    not gay.

    Now I am living in one institution in Slovenia, please help me
    destroy these nanobots and RFID antena, or tell me to whom
    I can ask, so they get destroyed.

    I am doing nothing wrong. I am good person with good soul, I cant even kill an
    ant or fly.

    I am really sorry that I went robbing 11years ago for 7pounds.

    When I came back to Slovenia, I found out that even in Slovenia
    they chip people. There is now new green RFID antena.
    I have old one red RFID antena. I dont have any privacy because of RFID.
    New one is simmilar. You don't have privacy, and if they decide
    so, they press a button on a distance, chip opens, out goes this green
    liquid in the body, and body dies. It dies of unknown reason, because
    you cant prove that you have chiped body. No plastic shoes on x-ray.

    I just want to normaly live, without nanorobots that are deleting
    my life memories, and I want my privacy back.

    Please help me.

    I dont' have money, because in this instituition where I live,
    I can't have a job, because country would then take all my earned money.

    I've heard that many people solve this nanorobots issue, so that
    they hold on to electricity. I've tried 3times, and I've didnt succed.
    third time, when I've holded electricity I've even had wet hands
    with water. I fell like a complete failure because I've didnt
    succed with electricity.

    Another way to destroy chips, foreign bodys is with rife machine.
    MY friend builded one machine similar to rife machine, but
    he doesnt know what freaquency to put on this machine.

    And yes, I've read you can destroy nanorobots if you swim with a dolphin.
    But we in Slovenia, dont have dolphins.... And its to expensive.


    Please help.
    All well.

    Marko Al Kontestabile

  28. Тёмные твари проиграли, да прибудет свет и любовь

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