Sunday, October 22, 2017

Light Forces Operations Videos


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    1. Of coarse I love the mass arrest
      ,I have a phoenix tattoo,that says live for today.
      My tattoo was for these very times,(thought it would have been 2012 at the time,but we have all lived thru it,this far)
      On a tie in note,grumpy,cantankerous,Blake Bailey this Saturday's Intel ,was the dollar to change to republic of America notes,any day now, then the mass arrest.
      So I'm thinking all the Intel is now being lazer focus any day now.
      So I can say ,It raises my vibrations more than they are naturally .That alone tells me there is more truth in this happening any day now.
      So great job,I have always believed, the LIGHT will always extinguish the Dark,when it focused it's attention and INTENTION on it.Ive known it in my heart forever.Its just awesome to see it is not a dream,any more it has all the power and might,I've known it to have.

    2. @MindDezign I'm sorry, but I don't believe anything will happen until 2018. I do believe the financial reset will happen relatively soon, but these things still take time. Keep your vibrations high, and don't get discouraged, though.

  2. Gratidão!!
    Vitória da Luz!!

  3. Thank you for the encouraging videos!

  4. Thanks for your Great Work, RM, LF and all Light Beings.
    Victory of Light!

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    1. That's actually totally awesome and I want to preserve this as you'll delete it ;-)

      Frickin' Good one, ~JB~. I'll raise my glass to that :-)



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    3. Now that's certainly a keeper :-)))

      "~JustBe~October 23, 2017 at 12:15 AM

      You just went GangSTAR.

      Cheers. ;) :)"

      You know what, ~JB~?
      I'm sick and tired of all the petty in-fighting going on around here in this beautiful little community that we call The Comments Section.

      We've had our differences of opinion in the past, yeah, but who gives a fuck. May I please give you a big hug. We're on the same team and together We are stronger than we'd be if we just bickered like teenage kids.

      Now give us a hug, darling :-)

      I Love You

      People Have THE POWER


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    5. Thanks.
      Well, I wasn't as I really try to stay out of everyone's business and just "do my thing." But there has been some bickering every once in a while.

      Have a nice day :-)


  6. Beautiful! So many of the keys that has triggered and reminded me my whole life! Thank you all!

  7. Thank you Cobra for the beautiful videos. I especially love the theme music in The Temple of Love video - exquisite and uplifting:

    "Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OST - Trisha's Lullaby."


    1. Cobra makes a profound statement about the 144k towards the end of the discussion. So we are needed folks … and needed fast.


      we have to bring it forward.

      "The promotional video shoot for the 144k Re-Activation was successfully shot, and yes … there was a massive energetic confrontation with that too, and had to be cleared on the fly."

      His website is working slow and block yur PC

  8. The list of meditations (in my perspective) is a simple "one":

    Unity Meditation
    Scheduled Daily At:

    4:00PM (16:00) GMT.

    You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

    [Note: All additional meditations to the above; and all additions to the following "intent" (in step 2) are purely optional.]

    Instructions (from Cobra's post for the August 21, 2017 World Unity Meditation at the time of the eclipse):

    1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

    >2. "State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of bringing harmony and unity for planet Earth and its inhabitants."

    [Note #1: Consider that the above intent of "harmony and unity" covers ALL conditions on earth to bring about The Event as soon as possible. It is not necessary to add other specifics, though you may if you wish. That is purely optional.]

    [Note #2: In my perspective, one can also accomplish the following steps 3 and 4 by using their own meditation, prayer, affirmations, etc. as desired, so long as the above "intent" is the same and the start time is the same (unified) time of 4:00PM (16:00) GMT, daily.

    3. Visualize a pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System, through the eclipsed Sun and the Moon and then through your body to the center of the Earth. Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth, then up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our Solar System and our galaxy. You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, the Light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.

    4. Now visualize a soft pink healing divine feminine energy, healing all people of the planet of their past traumas, bringing peace, harmony, understanding, abundance and unity. Visualize this soft pink light healing the minds and hearts of all people worldwide. See all Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and Truthers working in unity for the creation of the New Earth. See the people of Earth celebrating and joyfully participating in the creation of our new reality where everyone can obtain what they need and freely choose to live as they desire.

    Suggested time for meditation is 15 minutes. Any time you are able to do that is comfortable is valuable for us all.

    The above meditation time seems to accommodate the most time zones comfortably. Most people should have the opportunity to participate collectively in the meditation at least on the weekends, if not more. Thank you for your participation.

    Victory of the Light to All.

    1. Slight Correction: For the above daily meditation instructions regarding step #3, if you use the visualization: In the second line, the word "eclipsed" can be ignored.


    2. but, maybe without "through the eclipsed Sun and the Moon"... :-) :-)


    3. Toplet and Plasma Parasite Meditation (English)

    4. Meditation for Natural and Man-made Disasters (Previously called Natural Disasters Meditation) NOW AT 3 PM GMT INSTEAD OF 3:30 PM GMT

    5. @TheEvent Cobra

      Let's step a bit forward and make more understandable what '144k activation' does the Unknown Warrior refers to!...

    6. Agradeço por assumir o seu poder. Namastê

  9. Victory of the Light! We are READY!


  10. Despite everything that you have done and are still doing.

    To me.
    To my friends.
    To the woman I love.
    To every single human being.
    To Gaia and all Her inhabitants.

    I still want to give you some fair advice, dark dingbat dipshit dumbass dumbfucks. Despite everything you've done I will still try to be nice to you, okay? Okay.

    So here is my well-meant advice:
    Hold your breath and tuck your chin to your chest when you fall. Because fall you will. A long way.

    It's not the fall that hurts - it's when you hit the ground.
    And oh my, are you ever gonna hit the ground hard!
    It's gonna be a sight to see, and we will all really enjoy watching your fall and your *BOOM!* landing.

    So do yourselves a favour and practice tucking your chin to your chest 'cause the BUMP is coming. As in: You're already falling and the ground is approachiing fast.

    Sooner rather than later you'll go *SPLAT*
    And don't anyone of you dare say that you weren't warned and that I didn't tell you so beforehand, numbskulls.

    And before you start asking stupid questions that you already know the answers to: No, there is not a damn thing you can do to avoid the impavt at terminal velocity, darkies.

    It is what it is.

    I'm The Ocean



    1. I'm The Ocean
      I'm The Giant UnderTow

      I am feeling part of the Scenery
      I walked right out of The Machinery
      My Heart going "Boom Boom Boom"
      Boys and Girls, grab your things
      I've come to take you Home

      Yeah, back HOME

      Deus ex machina ;-)


    2. You crack me up sometimes, usually when I really need a good laugh. Thank you 😘💞

  11. Hawaiian Kahunas:


  12. Thank you for this video-informations.

  13. Thank you for this video - informations.

  14. Wonderful videos representing physical,spiritual, and emotional FREEDOM for humanity!

  15. Awesome job with the videos, Cobra. A small typo you may want to change: "tyrany" to tyranny. Thank you and my love around you always.

  16. Oh,ah!Now I am crying.Big hug from the beautiful Hungary!

  17. Israel Kamakawiwaole:

  18. Since black stone is gone, the power of the crown has been increased i guess

  19. Thanks for participating the every 4 hour meditation for Typhoon LAN!

  20. In my country some old government cover ups are comming out. Its like they can no longer hide it anymore. It's about secret weapon deliveries to the middle east somewhere in the 80's, and people who knew about it were being killed in supermarket shootings, as a coverup. Typical false flag, probably staged by the government. Now its coming out, and yeah, skeletons in the closet..... we'll see

  21. Updates from the pizzagate invesigation front.

    1. We have found a suspicious ad for "Crisis Actors" in Oklahoma City during the week of Halloween (10/29-11/4). We suspect a false flag is being plotted for that week. Forwarding this here to alert the good guys in military/law enforcement.

    2. One of our detectives is receiving cryptically veiled death threats regarding her work investigating a CP ring connected to the Toy Freaks youtube channel. The Awan brothers are suspected to be involved as is the Dallas branch of the Church of Scientology. She is in dire need of white hat protection.

    3. Another one of our best detectives (goes by the code name Jem777) is also receiving cryptic death threats. These ones make references to the location of Judge Scalia's murder and an image of one of Jeffery Daumer's victims in a "Arc of Hysteria" pose. He is also in need of white hat protection.

    4. I have notified them that they will have to take part in the disclosure process. Since pizzagate is something that has to be handeled with care and precision, do you guys have any advice on how to go about this. They're also aware that they may have to testify against the cabal in court.

    5. Quick question for the sake of curiosity. Are the white hats watching our investigation and our findings?

    Comment regarding the videos: Codename of Michael as a leader. Interesting. Wonder if its who I suspect that code name refers to?

    1. i hope ur group gets proper guidance

    2. u people are really investigating this?. I thought this was being done in secret thus for safery sake..

    3. My question is.. when u guys started to investigate this issue.. what protocols did u guys follow to stay safe.. to deal with situation such as you described. was it not forseeable?

      this is the part i dont understand

    4. i understand good guys may decide to tackle challenges as this one.. but we need to stop acting naive... thinking the bad guys play under the same rules that u think u would normally would have followed.

      best advised imho?. pass information on to another group willing to do this undergrounfd or at least that follows a strick mechanism for safety sake...

      if ur are really dealing in uncovering the truth about this issue in such an open format expect that anythnh n every move of urs are being monitored.... expect the unexpected

    5. u could still support the process in other ways.. like passing info along to the other group but stay clear of being in the open... n make sure contact between boty groups truly is anonymous or indirect or even coded via web.. something guys.. dont make it easy pickings for the bad guys..

    6. another thing if u guys r the real deal. it is expected the bad guys may in indirect terms tried to threaten if in public in an effort to stear u away but might b done by a puppet not by the real ones ... the rest... u can be sure will most likely b done in other passive aggressive manners...
      like i said before... they must likely by now they might have learn about u from top to bottom if u guys were doing this publickly.

    7. information is highly valuable for them... as it is to u guys. except they break rules to get to it... they have others that will break them for u

  22. Thank you Cobra, RM, and all Light Warriors and Light Beings. Love Conquers All. Victory of the Light! Peace, Freedom, Harmony, Love :)

  23. Well, I think we have outgrown the times of 'kings'and the problem with valuables is that people sometimes value the thing more than the person. I think we will know what to do when we have more of the higher energies though. I feel a celebration coming ...!

  24. WOW! I will be ELATED to send these videos, alog with the trio of videos about "The EVENT" to my friends!!! Thank you all who helped to envision and create theses.

    Also, for those who are interested, 2nd hour of Drake Bailey on is worth listening to because it will also give you the sense that big things are rolling along an progressing nicely.

  25. A wile ago Drake talked about the Phoenix project. About positive military being scattered in the US to make sure everyone is ok during some kind of event, possibly the mass arest in the near future, where everyone is recommended to stay indoors for a few days. Can't find it anymore. Anyone who read that to? Probably a year ago maybe two...

  26. The Birth of the Universe 432Hz

  27. :)

  28. Thank you dearest CoBra, for the hope and light at the end of this long tunnel. It came at the right time for me. Victory of the light.

  29. Ty! Fascinating... inspired to create art related to the 👑

  30. Ty! Fascinating... inspired to create art related to the 👑

  31. Thank you Cobra and the RM for these beautiful and inspiring videos!


  32. Here's a little tribute to a kid from Jersey.
    And it's a Calling to each and every single one of you beauties incarnated right here right now on Gaia :-)

    That's right. This is for YOU.
    So would you please be so kind to move your butts out of your seats, Stand Up to Join Us and . . .

    Come on Up for THE RISING

    Thank You.
    You're beautiful ♥ ♥ ♥


  33. Very interesting and fascinating information......Thank You!


  34. Cobra, but what so big is coming from Wilcocx?

    Something Very Big is Coming

    1. Goldfish Report


  35. Just as I said in my earlier post:
    The dark dumbshits are falling and the ground is approaching fast.

    GaiaPortal just now:

    "Descenders are accelerated.

    Leviathons present to the timid, and make their point clear.

    Clairvoyants come to the fore with connections of Enlightenment.

    Straight paths are created for the Ascenders."

    And . . . just yesterday I was thinking about Leviathon and how I mentioned him 3 years ago on here for the first and only time ever.

    Pretty neat how these things work, isn't it?
    Thank you, Team GaiaPortal! I Love You ♥ ♥ ♥

    Straight On for the days ahead!



  36. Cabal, your fate will be the END immediately!


    And new evolution from the beginning as an innocent existence.

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    1. Something good has begun indeed.
      Ride on The Peace Train

      Believe it or not, that song was played in my head a few weeks ago, and I couldn't quite figure out what the song was.
      Now I know :-)

      Cheers, girl!

      *wink wink*
      *nudge nudge*


    2. @RaJah

      "that song was played in my head a few weeks ago, and I couldn't quite figure out what the song was"

      had you a clearaudience of a never heared song, or you forgot the title of the song, thus you heared it once or many times??...


    3. @unknown

      I had heard it before, but that was a long long time ago, so I had the melody pop up in my head but not the lyrics. Well, now I know the lyrics :-)

      Lots of Love and Light



    4. I dreamed early this year, a kind of dream in which,
      being on a city sea side, in a dark night with a few mercury lamps only, there was coming from far the sea the loud sound of a song having 'the voice of the world' music and seemingly Sarah Cecilia Carr's voice, in a kind of mixed Spanish-English nonunderstandable language,
      saying something about SOLARIAN Star System, and DISCLOSURE.

      Hopely, 'in the foreseeable future' the Light Forces would be able to keep it from Akashic Records, and give it to the public in a kind of record to be shared.
      It may be worth to be shared,... I tell you...

  38. That temple of love with Fluer-de-lis videos, hmm nice synchronicity with my post about threefold flame:

  39. oh man what a good time to be a light guy
    folks our job is to hold the Light because here it comes

    really really important to save judgment - that's for the higher realms


  40. Thank you COBRA and Arbre Solaire who is a wonderful lightworker :)


    Un ami qui sème un peu de lumière en Afrique ;)



  42. Thank you. These videos were awesome!!!


  43. The WAM chronometer is showing 5.00 PM instead of 4.00 UTC, isn't it?


    1. Correction To Website WAM Countdown Clock:

      @ "unknown" and Website Manager: My calculation shows that the WAM (World Ascension Meditation) is set for
      Sunday at 3:00PM (15:00) GMT. I believe it should be at 4:00PM (16:00) GMT.

    2. CORRECTION to WAM clock:

      @ "unknown" and webmaster: Yes, you are right the time incorrectly indicates a countdown to 5:00PM (17:00) GMT. It should be corrected to 4:00PM (16:00) GMT for Sunday (and really for everyday, daily).

    3. @TheEvent Cobra/

      Let's step a bit forward and make more understandable what '144k activation' does the Unknown Warrior refers to!...


    4. Is it likely that Cobra is outlaughing us?

      Maybe due to so much meditations with uncertain results and participation?

      May he be a bit angry due to PFC changing WAM from 4.00 to 4.30 UTC?

      But in this case he might give announcement, isn't it?

    5. COBRA, but seriously!!

      There is so by so enough uncertainty everywhere...

      We don't need to bring it here, too...

      But, seriously!!

      The WAM chronometer is showing 5.00 PM instead of 4.00 UTC.

  44. A very important joint Cobra and Michael Salla interview is upcoming

    Stay tunned!!

  45. Perhaps it is the artist in me, but seeing is believing ( I do understand that we are manifesting giants and believing is seeing.) So tired of words. Malfeasance is hidden in convolusion (over complicated paradigms such as the Tax code in the USA or healthcare billing etc). In the age of photoshop, It seems that compilations of movies are less compelling than actual footage of what you are telling us is your truth. Even actual footage would require faith in the age of CG and photoshop. With the resources the resistance has and cosmic abundance surely some actual uplifting footage would be called for at this stage of the operation. No before Admins start chiding me about Groaning and complaining and Co dependency rather addressing these relevant an appropriate questions. Perhaps it could be acknowledged that we are in some very tricky awakening scenarios requiring powerful discernment. Who is to say that these sorts of questions is not "Light Work"? For in fact THAT is my intention, And that these sorts of questions should be answered and not met with anything other than compassion. Maybe I'm slow and need a little more compassion? Namaste.

    1. Rob – ...Cobra. Do you have any message for the world at this point of time – anything hopeful or something for the future for our audience to go home with today?

      COBRA – Yes, people are quite tired, but we just need to insist, and we are getting closer and closer every day and in spite of that you don’t see any tangible changes outside you can see many signs if you just know where to look. You can see the progress of the Eastern alliance on the financial front, on the political front. Little by little every day there is more and more self-disclosure things coming out. And if you see a larger perspective, it’s all part of a greater picture, and if you know how to look, you would see that it all leads to the Event. It is part of a greater plan, so you can see a small aspect of that plan being carried out every day and this is also for the first time in human history coming into the mainstream media. This was not happening before, so we just need to continue just a little bit longer. For some people it’s quite much longer, because some people would like the Event to happen today or tomorrow or next week. Most likely this will not happen, but we have gone a long way and we are getting closer and closer and we have been born in this lifetime with the purpose of making it happen. This is why we are here. And we will not give up.
      ---ref rp0216

      Although you’ve been accustomed to the Dark running the programs on the planet, it is good to use discernment, however all we prompt you to think about is the suspicion. What is it accomplishing? Is it supporting the positive movement forward for the light to be victorious? Just listen with neutrality mindedness.

      C: Suspicion is an emotional reaction. It is not actual discernment of the mind. When mind gathers information, when mind processes information, it has to go beyond the emotional reaction of suspicion or attraction towards certain information. You just get presented with the facts and in the clarity of those facts you simply begin to know the truth. And you have no need for doubt or suspicion because there are just reactions. You simply see the reality as it is.
      ---ref am0712

      phoenix lights

      U : Can you talk about the Phoenix lights event, what was happening there ?

      C : This was one of many sightings of extra-terrestrial crafts, there were many other sightings. I would say there was cracks in the matrix when the light forces and different civilisations were able to show a little bit of their presence.

      ---ref ut0615

      Ships Around the Sun

      Rob – Okay. This is a little old news, but there has been lots of . . . of course the original NASA videos of sphere’s and we had Alex Collier viewing giant ships around the sun with the energy beams. Can you talk about how big those ships were – what they were doing and what was going on there?

      COBRA – Okay, basically Galactic Confederation has huge ships, some of them inside the solar system and some of them in the vicinity of the solar system inside of the Oort cloud. The purpose of those ships is to direct energy flows from the galactic center because the galactic central sun is becoming more active and in order to sustain life on this planet and to keep the solar system in balance, those ships need to balance the energy flows, monitor the activity of the sun, balance the activity of the sun, and some smaller mother ships are also close to the planet earth and they are monitoring the activity of the tectonic plates. They are monitoring, of course, all the nuclear weapons. They are monitoring the activity of the Chimera group, and if there’s any dangerous situation they intervene.

      Rob – Okay excellent. So these are the super Luminal’s from the pure positive planes and the very high levels of security, correct?

      COBRA – Yes, yes.

      ---ref rp0315

    2. Alexandra: What is your opinion that there are not so many UFO’s in Asian countries, like India and Pakistan? Why are they only showing up in typical countries like England and Germany?

      COBRA: This is not true. No, India is very active especially area in Norther India in the mountains – many Pleiadians bases. If you read India papers they are reporting it, but the western media they are not reporting it in US. Next layer of censorship.

      Alexandra: It’s interesting because it came from a gentleman in India. He’s not seeing UFO’s or crop circles.

      COBRA: I am receiving many reports from India otherwise. I have visited that area years ago. There are pleiadians bases and UFO’s are seen there.
      ---ref am0813

      Alexandra – Last but not least, what did you think about the fly over in Arizona It was by the Ashtar command Area? (No) It happened 5 days ago. 17 ships. Very visible. Over 100 people witnessed it. Supposedly there is Hopi prophecy saying that is where ships will arrive and will arrive in larger numbers.

      Cobra – Actually, central AZ is a major vortex point for galactic federation and Ashtar command. After first contact – this will be one of the most concentrated areas for ships to appear.

      A) – We should all hang out in the desert?

      Cobra – Yes, if you want to see a UFO.
      ---ref am0413

      Los Angeles

      Louisa – Thank you. I want to ask about this Disclosure. We are seeing a lot of things in the skies lately. Does Cobra have any insight on Los Angeles? What was the sighting over Los Angeles that was reported recently?

      COBRA – There are two things happening. One is the increased activity of the US military. The other thing is the increased activity of the positive ETs over California’s skies because they are beginning to trigger some sensitive energy nodes in that part of the world because California is one of the key triggers for the Disclosure process. So they are triggering this and the military is reacting, so we have a little bit of, not exactly confrontation, but I would say energetic exchange which can sometimes be visible in the skies.

      Rob – So this particular light phenomena, which was witnessed by many people, was not a missile as was reported?

      COBRA – There were many light phenomena visible, some of them were military, some of them were ET.
      ---ref: rp1115a

    3. Last but not least
      disclosure pictures

      dragon family

      See Disclosure pictures by Dragon Family
      Source: Cobra's Portal:


    4. check out this page

      there r reasons why real images are mostly not allowed at this stage... Information is suppressed almost immediately. Even if u post it online, would be removed promptly or an anti-disinformation campaign against it would follow...


      I believe his notes and images n items were taken away.. so were Teslas.

    5. We have to work with what we got Greg.. crayolas until the binds are broken.

    6. by the way, i don't think there are active admins in the room...i might be wrong.


    “What Happened”? (why no radio show last Wed)

    October 23, 2017


    The Unknown Lightwarrior

    Firstly … I want to thank those of you who gave words of support out of concern about the sometimes inevitable ‘unhappiness’ darkness demonstrates when something high-frequency is about to get released (or after it is released) in to this dense matrix.

    To be honest … there were massive energetic confrontations I had to clear during the editing & voice modulation process. “It was nuts” … as they say.

    It’s been shut down, but it took 2 days to do it, which is not only extremely rare for the Teams to need that long … but is a strong indicator that the information & high-frequencies within the discussion would have a direct or indirect impact on the planet.

    And yes … the discussion between the three of us was that good.

    So … the show is definitely going ahead this Wed at the same weekly time.

    Cobra makes a profound statement about the 144k towards the end of the discussion. So we are needed folks … and needed fast.

    The promotional video shoot for the 144k Re-Activation was successfully shot, and yes … there was a massive energetic confrontation with that too, and had to be cleared on the fly.

    Clearly a strong indicator that darkness...

  47. Cobra - Beautiful!!

    Oh my Goddess Isis..... I have missed you so!

    Thank you Cobra.

    We are standing in the Light with you!

    Victory of the Light!

    ~ Peaceful Warrior

  48. THANK YOU! Lovely and awesome videos. Very inspiring.

  49. I’m often troubled by the glorification of conflict present in some of what Cobra says and videos like the first one. I feel like it gets us focused on the wrong things, like revenge and punishment. I’m not saying I don’t think there is a place for punishment, but shouldn’t we be more focused on our own and humanity’s evolution? This kind of thing can so easily be used by our psyches to justify our seemingly never ending attraction to conflict and polarization. Jazzing it up with James Bond? This is serious business, and I feel it is a bad idea to meld this with entertainment. We need to focus on raising our consciousness, not feeding our impulses for revenge and excitement and entertainment.

  50. LOTS coming your way, and there's good cause to be excited about it, because a fully active & functional 144k will (judging by past successful mass meditations that did ‘occasionally’ reach the 144k critical mass) transform the planetary liberation process exponentially … because jumping timelines after one mass meditation then another, synergizes with the planet’s ability to accrete central sun LIGHT to cause these exponential jumps in timelines … among ALL SORTS of other profound ramifications.

    Ramifications like:

    •Cabal cash-cows like Japan & North Korea being handed over to the Light Forces (aka, Earth Alliance) after quick & smooth soft coupes, without a shot being fired.

    •Mass round-up of pedophile rings, BEFORE the mass arrests.

    •The Anshar returning from their energy bubble, because we succeeded in raising the earth’s frequency (timeline) to match theirs … and they will no longer cease to exist, thanks to us!

    •… and god-knows how much more could happen.

    It’s up to US to make it happen.

    1. Liberal Democratic (Jiminto) and Komeito won the previous vote in Japan.

      Many politicians of those two parties are corrupt, and they will steer Japan so that Japan and North Korea will fight a war. But the number of Komeito Party's members of the Diet decreased, and Number of the Liberal Democratic members who want war also decreased, so I think they will fail this war agenda. However there may continue confused situation in Japan for some time .

      "•Cabal cash-cows like Japan & North Korea being handed over to the Light Forces (aka, Earth Alliance) after quick & smooth soft coupes, without a shot being fired."

      Really? I hope that will become a reality. That's good.


  52. Thank you COBRA, All Light forces and bringers of the Light. I feel as most here on this blog do also, that once that first glimpse of Light actually starts to manifest real physical change in this World, that All can identify as the start of breakthrough, i.e. arrests, a big disclosure, Gesara, something no longer hidden or behind the scenes, then thats the time that people All over the World will truly awaken and say "Yes, now I see, it's all true, these folk are not crazy fringe conspiracy theorists" Thats when our Real Spiritual Power and Growth as a Collective Unity will be triggered at a fantastic rate. Everyone of Good Heart will be on board and Our Ascension will be close at hand. Thank You Prime Creator. Thank You Great Central Civilization, please assist Us, We are ready to Go! Love You All. The Light is Victorious!

    1. I couldn't agree more.. I've stopped trying to disclose as friends and family won't respond.. get angry at me.. has caused a lot of issues in my marriage and family, I was too zealous I guess in trying to show people the truth about 911 and all the other events, federal reserve, SSP, etc.. I promoted too.. we need some type of catalyzing disclosure to literally wake up the people now. for some reason, even though many now realize the media is fake, they go about their days accepting it and not asking or seeking more truth. It's hard because nothing else really matters now, yet many are still pursuing life goals as they did before, it's almost as if the denial will make it all go away.. let's see huge mothership landing across America.. let's see our news stations taken over with the truth, let's see real news and truth. I am rambling because I can't get anyone to listen to me now.. they avoid any fb post.. they won't see the ctrails in the sky.. it's quiet shocking when adults ignore their own eyes and won't question anything. What to do.. stay the course and envision full truth and disclosure, a financial reset.. something that shakes people off FB Instagram, twitter something that makes them question it all!!!!

    2. My wife thinks I have been sucked into a "cult" it has caused us problems, but I know the truth.

    3. Tayler you dont have to be vocal to a point where you will have to live in the defensive from their reaction.. or feel you need to convince them...
      If I may.. i would suggest you present them with information that u feel they could assimilate and or that will open them up to more of the true reality later but it all depends on your audience.

      respect her believes even if they dont seem to blend with yours thats ok... howeve you could still plant seeds that will assist her to start listening more n more.. perhaps she may start to ask u for updates. it depends on your presentation...

      take her on a journey .. to dream what a future could b if what u have heard was possible ...

      understand ... for her would b difficilt to place faith on ideas tgat even ourselves cant prove to them...

      but there are pieces of this puzzle tgat can still make her start wondering... (of the illusions or mirtor tricks)

      u could pin point discrepencies...

      challenge her to watch a video with u for discussion.. cause u would like her input.. (not the most controversial for her at firsr specially if is about the vatican n she is religious)

      but show her the contradictions between experts.. in all fields... in politics... in medicine.. they r many credible examples u could show her.. to start her thru the matrix mind field.

      so dont stress both of yourselves... learn to work with ur differences...
      even if it means it has to be done slowly..

      Make her journey thru the labirynth more pleasant... doesnt have to take a cold turkey approach.. unless u feel ur wife can take it.

      your approach should depend on your audience...

      i heard way too many people complain how they been isolated n pushed n lost friends etc...

      then they blame it on the light forces...

      may i remind people.. you urself decide on the approach..

      there is no need to lose bonds cause of diff beliefs... this os about awakening people even if just by merely planting seeds.. it will blossom over time

  53. Wonderful videos, thank you, Cobra.
    wow, the event is coming ! !

  54. With deep gratitude to all Light Forces
    Welcome New Atlantis
    Love conquers all
    Victory of the Light
    Its done
    Its done
    Its done
    So It Is!

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  56. Letters to the Pleiadian fleet

    Welcoming our star brothers and sisters

  57. "The Resistance Movement has issued a few warnings to the hard core of the Cabal to stop attacking Lightwarriors and Lightworkers with scalar directional energy weapons. Since those warnings were ignored, the Resistance has initialized »release the dogs« protocols. This means that they no longer hold back surface individuals and groups that would like to off members of the Cabal by their own free will and initiative."


  58. Hmm!... Cobra,...

    What about "The Anshar returning from their energy bubble, because we succeeded in raising the earth’s frequency (timeline) to match theirs … and they will no longer cease to exist, thanks to us!"

    as claims the Unknown warrior??...

  59. Why love DOESN'T work:
    Everyone needs to see this, it will help everyone build a better planet and forget this "love is the "answer" to everything", because clearly it is not the way, as explained in the video.

    1. @ "Matas Vasylius": I think LOVE is the answer and the primary principle of life means it is the essence of life and every being. That does not mean it endorses wrong actions which are destructive to self and others.
      We can LOVE everyone and everything as the essential expression of SOURCE/"Almighty God" which we ARE in truth, while at the same time we may not love their individual actions that harm others.

      I think we have to realize that we have two aspects of who we are:

      Absolute, non-changing, everlasting oneness with Source/God


      Relative, ever-changing individuality which is experiencing, learning, growing and realizing everything in the image of the Absolute perfection.

      Two realities to our existence which are ultimately ONE reality of Source/"Almighty God."

      With that understanding we can say that Love IS the answer and at the same time, discernment and right action is appropriate when confronting actions which are not loving to oneself and others. It is true that passivity is not the answer to tyranny and evil intent and actions which want to destroy.

      This is also true for intimate relationships. Many think that if they feel they're "in love," that is a substantial indicator for a successful relationship. Yet looking deeper, ALL important aspects of a relationship need to be compatible besides love; affinity in body-mind-heart-spiritual natures.

      "Love may conquer all" in a certain attained consciousness (awareness), as a scripture states, but the INDIVIDUAL will always have his or her preferences apart from that Universal realization.

      Situations may demand that the individual identity, as expressed above, needs to act practically and appropriately that may not "appear" loving, but in actuality they are coming from Love for the sake of essential harmony.

      Peace and Strength go together.

    2. Very nice video.
      I try to tell tis to people for years now.
      They don't want to hear it...

    3. If we live at the SOUL-BODY-MIND-EMOTIONS level, our "love" is nothing but bullshit, a word, something rotten that everybody just keep on repeating, only to corrupt it more and more. The best we can call this is: animalistic love.
      This disgusting, rotten word "Love" should be erradicated once and for all, and the way to Truth will be much more "god". All concepts nothing but hindrances in the poor, lost human mind.
      Amor is A-Mort, which means no-death. But this Mistery cannot be comprehend at the human level. And we keep on saying: i love, love love and blahblah. Our "love" is nothing but a cheap imitation, as it is all this CREATED Universe, our souls, and all what is included in it


    This is one of the threats I'm refering to. This woman is in dire need of Positive Military/Law Enforcement protection.

  61. My GoFundMe to fund my Tachyon Healing Chamber sessions in Waynesboro, Virginia has now raised $395! That means $105 left to raise the total $500 necessary for the minimum 5 first sessions (including the Laser Light Mandela Therapy)! Any more money donated will be used to fund travel expenses, as well as additional sessions with both the Tachyon Healing Chamber and other healing modalities.

    Thank you SOOOO much to everyone who has donated so far, and to everyone planning to donate. I am absolutely floored! I just was not expecting such generosity after all I've been through.

    This is to help me finally heal of my 2-year-long painful chronic ear condition, as well as heal my PTSD, depression, and anxiety from narcissistic abuse.

    For those who prefer to donate via Paypal (which I also prefer), here's a link to my

    Any amount donated here will be factored into the GoFundMe campaign as an "Offline Donation". I've already done so with all of the Paypal donations I've received.

    I'm willing to answer any questions. I can be easily reached at (just copy and paste, so there's no misspellings). But you can pretty much find all the details explained on my campaign page, as well as on comments I've left on this blog.

    I've already got my Greyhound bus ticket to Charlottesville, Virginia set on Wednesday, November 8th. From there, I will take an Uber or Lyft to Waynesboro where the clinic is, which is like 10-20 min from Charlottesville, as I understand it.

    I'm still considering doing a write-up, perhaps start a blog, where I can write out my testimonial following my sessions at the Chamber, as well as inspire others to go, too.

    Thank you to everyone for reading! Peace and love everyone! :D

    1. I would love to know about the treatments and how they affect you! Please do start a testimonial blog. I think that's a wonderful idea! 💞


    2. I'm so happy for the progress being made over at your end, Paul, it all sounds really really good :-)

      Today it was explained to me why I was told to send you exactly 15,55 :-)
      "Pretty easy, kid. You love seeing the number 1111 all over the place, and it's included in that. The rest is number 444. Get it?"
      Sure do, especially since there's a car with a 444 plate parked next to my house five days a week, and its owner works in the house I live in :-)



      Please support Paul's campaign if you can.
      I live on 305 Euros and don't have a bank account, yet with a little help even I managed to chip in a few bucks. And that feels *so* good.
      As I've been saying for years now it takes *Actions* not just words, and I believe this deserves some actions. If even I managed to do something to help, then I'm sure that somebody else can as well.

      So if it's somehow possible, please help a brother out.

      And on a not so totally unrelated note:
      Here We go, this is what We All are gonna do:

      Let The Good Times Roll ♥

      Victory of Love and Light ♥ ♥ ♥


    3. @RaJah So that was YOU who sent that! Really glad to know that. I wasn't quite sure whether it was someone from the blog, and whether I should type about the angel numbers and stuff in my 'Thank You' note. haha For some reason I felt compelled to share all that in the note. Now I know why! :D

      It's true, though. I see angel numbers all the time now, including 1:11, 11:11, 12:12, 12:34, 3:03. 3:33, 4:04, 4:44, 5:05, 5:15, 5:55. It always blows my mind.

      I really appreciate the love and support, man. I really wish I could give back and donate to others as well, but for now, I need to work on helping myself. But hey, I'm already going through a major shift in my reality, so it's only a matter of time and action. And by helping myself, I am already helping my friends and loved ones who need me to be there for them.

      Even after the 5 sessions, I may need more to help with my condition, plus there are travel and food expenses to consider. I am making some more money on my own now, $40 a week helping my chef friend with her catering business, but every bit still counts for me. The sooner I reach the $2,500 total on the campaign, the better. Every little bit is going to be spent towards my freedom and independence. I've waited too long and have learned from many mistakes not to throw it all away. Every day is still a struggle for me, as I've gone into detail on previous posts. But with every donation, my vibration lifts, and I feel less anger towards the world.

      Good song choice, by the way, RaJah. The version you sent is blocked on YouTube in America, unfortunately. But I do know the song. The original is by Earl King, although the version I'm familiar with is Jimi Hendrix's version on "Electric Ladyland". I highly recommend checking it out if you aren't familiar with it. It's one of my fav's. Heck, listen to the entire album. It's a masterpiece of godly proportions. The only album with Hendrix completely in control of all production. His magnum opus.

      Can't go wrong with BB King, of course, who, of course, was a big influence on Hendrix. They met each other, too, before Jimi got famous.

      I've been meaning to get more into early blues. A lot of blues these days sounds the same and repetitive, but when you check out the earlier stuff, you hear all these incredible changes. A lot of it is quite experimental for its time, actually.

      Yes, Victory of Love and Light! <3

    4. @CydniPhoenix Thank you for your reply! To me, the idea of a testimonial blog sounds like a daunting and overwhelming task, but I waste a lot of time online commenting on music discussions anyway, as well as on this blog. I've been told I am good at writing, so I do believe my skills could be used to good effect in promoting the Tachyon Healing Chamber, The Laser Light Mandela Therapy, the Andromedian Holographic Projector, the Biocharger, and any other healing modality I try that is paving the way towards the future technology we will have post-Event. Alternative healing is definitely a topic I am passionate about, particularly those modalities that are powerful and seem left-field to most people.

      I do feel I owe everyone who's donated to me, and it would be my way of giving back. So yes, I am very much considering it. Though at the same time, I am not one to take notes. So I don't know how I am going to approach it. I don't want to spend too much time on it either. My OCD often gets me carried away with things. But I'm sure my connection to Source following the Tachyon Healing Chamber will inform me of how I should approach the matter.

      Thank you again for your comment. It is very much appreciated. Peace and love! <3


    5. Yeah, I see angel numbers anytime I leave the house as well. It started in 2012 and really exploded in 2013. I used to "collect" license plate numbers with 1111 that I'd see, and I've got the entire alphabet from A to Z plus countless other letter combinations like IZ-DK 1111 or IZ-RA 1111 :-)

      Seeing these numbers is a definite sign from the Universe that changes are taking place in your life and that the stars are aligning for you.
      I am willing to bet that some of the drivers didn't even know why they were sent for a drive in some cases. Well, just so I could see their car while I was on the road :-)

      Concerning the blocked video: You may want to try an uunblocker like PorxyMate or "YouTube Unblock" for Firefox, it works perfectly.
      I actually have the Jimi Hendrix album Electric Ladyland on CD, so I know that version quite well, although I haven't listened to it in ages.

      I will continue to support your healing process just like I support the healing process of everybody on, in and around Gaia. My main goal remains the liberation of Gaia and the healing goes hand in hand with that of course.

      Have a nice day and Victory of Love and Light!


  62. I WOULD LIKE TO INVITE ALL Who Would Like To Participate In The Following. Thank You:

    Speaking Simply In Your Own Words (Aloud) Daily Seems Best. You Can Address Your Prayer/Affirmation/Request To "Source, Almighty God, Supreme One," Or Whatever Words Ring True For You.


    Is it possible that:

    If people ask for more Divine Intervention
    it can speed up the process of Liberation of planet Earth?

    Your thoughts Cobra?
    COBRA – Yes, yes.

    [Reference: Cobra/Prepare for Change: October 2017 Interview - Excerpt from transcript of October 10, 2017 interview (posted October 18, 2017)]:


  63. Stop spiritual evolution! Enough is enough! Spiritual stagnation only!

    1. Lynn – Are we able to cease spiritual evolution at some point in the future?

      COBRA – You mean like stop it completely or something? (Yes) It’s not going to happen. Evolution is life force. It’s like a wheel that will never stop.
      ---ref pc0316
      Lynn – This person goes on to ask: are we forced to go forward with our ‘spiritual evolution’ in a way in which the archons are forcing souls to come back on earth? Is there a choice here that we have?

      COBRA – We are not forced to go forward. There is a natural desire of every sentient being to go forward unless that being is completely manipulated. Everybody wants to feel better. Everyone wants to be more happy. You are not forced to want to feel more happy. You have a natural tendency and desire to want to feel more happy

      Lynn – So it’s a good thing.

      COBRA – Yes of course. Isn’t that obvious.
      ---ref pc0316

      my advice... lets just first get out of this one hurtle unknown... then after u r completely awake.. then start with these rants.. they would have a heavier weight then.

  64. We DO have guardians looking after our well being! There's only so much they can do when our free will keeps us rooted in certain patterns and frequencies. Things could be so very much worse than they are. I'm very grateful for the protections in place, as meager as they may seem from our human perspective. I hope that post Event we will be able to SEE our protectors, in all their glory. I'd love to hug each and every one of them and tell them Thank You!!! to their faces. Because Love Conquers All 💞

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  71. Hoping to network with anyone near central IL, USA regarding Cobra and related

  72. New Video: Our Galactic Family 432Hz

  73. Are portals are natural phenomena(like wormholes) or are they constructed?

    1. E: Could you just talk about what these portals are? What is their dynamic? How would we know if we were living near one? What kind of energy is it that that we could discover or is it very esoteric to even try to understand that?

      C: A dimension portal is a double vortex of energy that actually transmits energy between different dimensions. Then the energy can be used. It is a neutral energy. You can use if for good purposes or somebody could use it for not-so-good purposes. When the portal is activated property, it can become a very strong, supportive vortex for the light. It can actually change the energetic signature of that area. It can improve the living conditions of the people, their well-being. This is the reason why we are going from place to place activating those portals. If we have a mass meditation on a certain specific date, that can trigger the opening of that portal, it can have a planetary global effect of improving the planetary situation.
      ---ref ew1113 (Elizabeth W)

    2. Star Gates
      Untwine : Is it true that the stargates like in the movie stargates, really exist ?

      C : Yes of course. It doesn't look exactly the same but the idea is quite accurate. These are the teleportation technologies i was speaking about. You have an entrance, a portal and the exit portal somewhere else, and you go through a wormhole from point A to point B, this is what they were developing in Montauk.

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Fat shaming never goes out of style! Maybe we should just accept people however THEY feel comfortable. If you don't like being treated as a sexual piece of meat, fat provides a wonderful armour. The shallow ones weed themselves out. You don't have to be "fit" to be a light worker or be accepted by Source. "You can't ascend if you aren't fit". Absolute bullshit. I'll take fat and happy over hungry and paranoid any fucking day. Best of luck though 💞

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  75. After my meditation on the Goddess I felt it very necessary to ask for the forces of light to remove the triggers of activation of bombs toplet the plasma implants in ourselves and to request the deactivation of these bombs and the urgent withdrawal of these implants as an activation mechanism.
    I hope to be helpful with that.

    Vitoria da luz
    Victory of light


  76. Tamarinda Maasen & The REAL Story on the Agartha To Humanity World Symposium
    Alfred Lambremont Webre

  77. [Recreating Balance] 2017-10-23: Gaia & Yaldabaoth/Plasma Parasites - Detachment Meditation

    10/24/2017 06:25:00 am


  78. all the 'treasure of experience' gained on earth is a huge filthfulness!!...

    fuck it!!

    1. I agree. I love collecting experiences but we have to get so dirty to do so. It doesn't seem worth it some days.

    2. Due to nothing for good being seen (nor in personal issues, neither on a grand scale) after so much of our involvement, we consider again to step forward and to stand up for our rights!

      It's the claim of 'spiritual stagnation' to be ensured to our request, in exchange for the 25.000 years lost here.

      This is what some of us claim for, and what we need to have assistance of.

      We consider to claim it as many times as we feel it right, and as much is needed to gain energetic momentum and imprint in 'the grand scheme of things', which is 'wagged to our noses' each time when we claim something in our benefit.


  79. Secret Space Program

    Observations by Jason Quitt – Oct 24th 2017

  80. @The Event / CObra

    Do you see any kind of novelty in Wilcocx 'news'?

    Or are there the same recycled information, and nothing true coming out?

    Give us an educated guess. Please...
    For all the readers... You have very comprehensive comments...

  81. This is what i call taking a bite out of crime...

    more bites needed.

  82. We are all more than welcome to continue jumping through hoops instead of washing our hands of the circus. But for those that continue jumping, one day you'll look up and realize your audience is gone because everyone has grown past such things. Someone will be waiting for you to catch up though, because family means no one gets left behind. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Your spirit is perfect, no matter what others have tried to convince you. You are whole and perfect. But what better way to learn appreciation for perfection than to live/suffer through imperfection! It really is a divine comedy, though some of it isn't even a little funny. Roll with the punches, and tell your "handlers" to take a hike. Much love to you all 💞

  83. Much Appreciation to Cobra and the Resistance all over the World and off World.


  84. After so much 'nothing to see', and instead stuffing us with meanless post or repetitive info, should we be told more about Planet-X citizenship, what humans are there (including RM), life span, other features, how was established that breakaway civilization, and others.

    This is what we need to know!!.. And we stand up for it!!

  85. May we consider us being here like soldiers. Volunteers fighting for the liberation.

    And being so, may we have to remember that our language is, or may be, much more 'flexible,'... as much as we may not feel ashamed if hearing certain phrases...

    But the problem is that in some cultures the phrase may seem very strange,... So, even is your language accepted, you get often the question: OK, but what does it mean?...


  86. The WarGames are over.
    Now begins THE MATCH BEYOND.



    Victory of Love and Light!



    1. We do it All for The Glory Of Love

      Love Conquers All


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  88. Mega Intel/Current Events Update

  89. Black Eyed Peas. Where is the Love? Lot's of symbolism in this one.

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  93. And then they became "telepathic"
    & learned first hand

    The fear & resentment of every creature trapped there
    By them

    Masters of the Masses For the Meditation...

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  95. I am very optimistic now! I know many are still asleep, family members and siblings included, or they simply don't want to acknowledge what is happening and choose to live in a false reality. When will the energies literally force everyone to see the true reality? The chemtrails in our skies meant I think now to wake people up! The fake news is helping but many still don't see the connection between say the Vegas FF and 911 and all staged events in between. They don't trust the media yet still believe 911 for example. I can't wait for disclosure on something like 911, JFK, C trails, something that forces the US population to become awake and aware of their surrounding.
    Cobra, RM, LF, Galactic Federation, Agarthans, Divine Source, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, everyone helping to liberate Gaia a huge THANK YOU! We are staying positive, not buying the fear, trying to live in the heart, trying to wake others up w/o causing a fight and disharmony, we the few anxiously await some form of truth disclosure to force the media to tell the truth, to force the people to see the TRUTH. Victory of the Light!

  96. Rothschild dumped US assets in favor for Sterling and euro!!

  97. <3 Want to infuse all discord on our planet with healing and harmony, to enable all people to empower themselves and use their limitless creativity to transition out of any difficult situation? <3 <3 <3

    Join us in our daily hosted (free) MEDITATIONS-ON-THE-GO APP

    Our current DAILY Meditation SCHEDULE:

    Timezone converter:
    Add your own city or timezone to know the time of a meditation

    **Gaia & Yaldabaoth/Plasma Parasites - Detachment Meditation** "This meditation can be done individually or as a group. If doing it alone, it is best to do the meditation for 2 minutes when you wake in the morning and right before you go to sleep. The group meditation will be held once a week on Sunday at 3:45pm GMT/UTC (11:45am EDT) prior to the weekly meditation."

    2:00pm GMT/UTC (10:00am EDT)
    **Expanded Chimera & Primary Anomaly Meditation**
    In this meditation, we dissolve all negative exotic technologies of the Chimera as well as the primary anomaly entity Yaldabaoth and its plasmoids.
    Preview here: (live recording) :bulb: Please see #meditation-images related to this meditation to help you better visualize the locations.

    3:00pm GMT/UTC (11:00am EDT)
    **Geophysical Anomalies Meditation (Natural and man-made disasters)**
    In this meditation, we dissolve any manipulated weather situations and reduce the suffering from natural disasters.
    Specific focus: Wildfires in Northern California, Eruption of Shinmoe-dake Volcano in Japan, Puerto Rico and Vieques from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Volcano Aguing in Bali, Hurricane Ophelia in Ireland & Scotland, Portugal & Spain Wildfires and for the suffering of animals and plant life.. New added focus: fires at the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park in Brazil.
    For more information:
    Preview here:

    4:00pm GMT/UTC (12pm noon EDT)
    **Light Forces Support Meditation (Black Alert)**
    In this meditation we bring more harmony and unity to planet Earth and her inhabitants and empower the light forces in their work.
    Preview: (using the suggested guided audio of August 21st Unity Meditation at the Solar Eclipse)

    4:17pm GMT/UTC (12:17pm noon EDT)
    **Expanded Ascension Meditation**
    In this customized meditation we accelerate our Ascension process including The Event.
    Preview here:

    5:00pm GMT/UTC (1:00pm EDT)
    **Meditation for Sheldan Nidle**
    __We will not be hosting this meditation__ but you can spend a few minutes sending love and light to our beloved channeler. For more information:

    **Gaia & Yaldabaoth/Plasma Parasites - Detachment Meditation** "This meditation can be done individually or as a group. If doing it alone, it is best to do the meditation for 2 minutes when you wake in the morning and right before you go to sleep. The group meditation will be held once a week on Sunday at 3:45pm GMT/UTC (11:45am EDT) prior to the weekly meditation."

  98. For those who feel guided or enjoy classical music...

    1. Jonathan, I am also a pianist.
      I really like your compositions.

      Upload, won't you, one or two pieces of sheet music?

      Are you using a composing keyboard? Seems like it has the sustain pedal on but maybe I'm hearing things or my computer's speakers aren't perfect... or maybe the sustain pedal is your intention, which is fine of course. It's your composition.

      thanks.... you are inspiring me.

    2. @ "Jonathan Carty": I've also played piano since age five and enjoyed your compositions. You definitely have talent and a gift coming through you. Perhaps you used to live in one of those eras in a past life. Baroque, renaissance? The feeling of your playing reminds me of the movie Amadeus (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart). Thanks for sharing.

    3. Thanks Megan for the kind words. I know most people don't care for classical music anymore, and that's okay, everyone has their own tastes, right?

      In regards to the pedal sound, it is an effect I added to a computer created mp3 from the composition software I used. I thought it sounded too robotic before lol..

      You can find the sheet music on the following page where I uploaded them...

      You will also find many unknown composers that upload fantastic works...This is one of them...

      Much love! If you have any recordings of yourself playing I would like to hear them!

  99. That first video has major clues in it .... first off is it saying Michael Jackson is alive? If so I totally knew it >>> he was always a warrior of light & love. & why is 'Michael" the Resistance leader? ArchAngel Michael > MJ ??? ahhh I can't freaking wait. Can I be a resistance op? Heller ??? My code name is M7x !!!


  100. Blockbuster Interview GREEN-LIGHTED: Unknown Lightwarrior, Michael Salla & Cobra Roundtable RELEASED + News

  101. Blockbuster Interview GREEN-LIGHTED: Unknown Lightwarrior, Michael Salla & Cobra Roundtable RELEASED + News

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  102. Blockbuster Interview GREEN-LIGHTED: Unknown Lightwarrior, Michael Salla & Cobra

    Interview GREEN-LIGHTED: Unknown Lightwarrior, Michael Salla & Cobra

  103. Cobra,... Hmmm!!
    Look like our intuition was fruitfull,...
    You are the space adventurer we believe it...

    Is this you, the blonde haired red clothed 'space adventurer' smoking the thick tobacco?? We need also a smoke from it! See we soon!

  104. Well done for connecting the dots!!

  105. Cobra and now who are these?
    please investigate

  106. hello Family
    if it hasn't been posted already, Cobra was on a radio show last night with Dr Salla and the Unknown Lightwarrior

    transcripts don't usually come up here...
    Peace Love and Light

    1. Join the 144K:

    2. Transcript of Michael Salla, Cobra & Unknown Lightwarrior on Ground Crew Command: Part I
      (From October 18, 2017 broadcasted October 25, 2017):

      Note: Transcript part 2 available soon.

  107. Why are we so much obsessed with Creation, ourselves as souls, this world, etc...
    we want to improve it, we are passionate about "evolution", we give it tremendous attention (our precious spirit-force) and therefore we give it tremendous sense and meaning. Isnt it all impermanent, the essence of it? No matter the third or fifth or 12th dimension...isnt it all just energy and vibration, always changing and changing and changing?? Look, higher dimensions are nothing but higher "floors" of the SAME BUILDING, created by the same Architect.
    Is there something more solid and stable than this BUILDING, something more permanent?
    Buddha used to say : "even devas suffer and eventually die".
    We are completely lost in this creation, as spirits, giving meaning to this there still any Memory in our blood , a Memory of a "place" which is not Creation?
    A "place" where nothing changes, a place of Eternity? Only our Memory can save us

    1. @ "ger sey": I look at it this way: True we are eternal Being, everything else could be said to be ever-changing. However, if it weren't for the ever-changing aspect, Being would not experience Itself in all of its individual forms.

      So Source/"God" manifested Creation from within Itself/Himself/Herself to experience all possibilities and potentialities in terms of One Being. Having "creation," all of its forms, allows for constantly evolving states of INDIVIDUAL experience. This allows the pure Being to perpetuate itself forever in form - in all of the dimensions and evolutionary states of Being. Otherwise, we would have simply BEING which we already are. So what would be the challenge in that?

      It's NOT that we're aiming only to realize our own inherent eternal Being, because we ALREADY ARE that. What would be the purpose in realizing what we already are? We are realizing eternal Being AGAIN but in terms of our INDIVIDUALITY. We are gaining Divine "Mind," in addition to our eternal Being. That's my understanding.
      Just as Being is eternal/everlasting, the process of evolution is also forever, ad infinitum.

      By the way, I don't think devas, angels suffer, generally speaking. They are in "almost" absolute non-changing bliss in the celestial, finest/subtlest dimension next to Source/"God." Two thousand years of human life is like a blink of an eye to them. (When you're in bliss, you don't notice time.) But I am told they can be "killed" by evil fallen angels like in the current battle between darkness and Light, but if so, that they can instantly manifest a new celestial angelic body.

      I agree with you that people talking about gaining this and that power, ability, ascension into a higher dimension, etc. is kind of superfluous/extraneous to the main purpose of serving Source/"God" in whatever capacity we find ourselves NOW.

  108. Cobra. I’m getting messages from your site that appear to be malware. Telling me I have a virus, etc

    1. i had that happening some time ago.. wouldnt let me go into this website.. not sure if same thing. but may be a way to steer u away from the blog.. may b an actual spamware or virusware scam

      my suggestion..
      browse online to see what others might have found when they encountered it... do a virus scan.. i wouod also recommend clearing browser's cache.

      google that if u r not sure what i am rederring to..when i say clearing browser cache...

      if no one else has gotten that today or yestrerday then u may have gotten it in other ways n maybe gets triggered on the most visited past website.. so it might not be directly connected to this site...

      many options.. in short it may be an issue from ur side.. check all options.

  109. The malware is likely some form of attack on your blog

    i take it there is more to this... (she is in a comma right now)

    "Earth must be warned" french astronaut screams before " Suicide" attempt...

    who believes that narrative nowadays....

    1. Sad... I see this is dated Nov. 2016.

    2. oh its been around.. i wonder if she is still alive.. i didnt know that West.. thanks for pointing thatout

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  112. 柯博拉,我是台灣的光之工作者。如果看到我的信息,請你一定要幫助我。


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  114. For Cobra: I clicked on Download The Event Handbook", wondering on how many sides the book has. Wanting to read it and maybe translate it into Norwegian. Maybe. BUT I can`t download it. Got: " Your connection is not secure

    The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.

    Learn more…

    Report errors like this to help Mozilla identify and block malicious sites "
    I will try again later.
    Anyway: I thank you Light Forces and C.O.B.R.A. for your work!!!!!

  115. For Cobra, again. This works: