Thursday, October 19, 2017

October Monthly Cobra Interview by Prepare for Change

Here is the October monthly update Cobra interview by Prepare for Change. The transcript and the audio version are available here:

You can submit questions for the next interview here:
We are getting far more questions that can be answered in a one-hour interview. We will ask as many Cobra questions as can be answered in the hour allotted.

Answered questions from past interviews are nicely gathered here: 

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Victory of the Light!

P.S. Joint Cobra / Michael Salla interview will be published next week


  1. BIG Show: Cobra & Michael Salla On This Week's Episode. We Ask The Biggest Questions + News

    October 18, 2017

    The Unknown Lightwarrior

    That’s right folks … The Unknown Lightwarrior, Dr Michael Salla (ExoPolitics Institute) & Cobra are going to be in the one virtual room together.

    Need I say more!

    This is going to be HUGE … and if you’ve been listening to Ground Crew Command for any length of time,

    1. Yeah, but will it be cancelled again like they did yesterday.
      Looking forward to hearing it ... if they don't cancel it again.

    2. @spirittoo Cobra had to do the monthly interview for Prepare For Change, so that's why it got cancelled. We lost nothing, since we got a new Cobra interview anyway.

    3. PFC interview was recorded on 10th, Oct.., not now.


    4. This interview, with Salla, is much important... It will have better questions for sure...

    5. Psych ... PFC interviews are not live ... that interview Cobra did was most likely done a week or so ago. It takes that much time to edit ... do the transcript and get Cobra's approval before it is release. The 10th is probably when the actual interview took place.
      The PFC interview was not the reason. I just hope it doesn't get cancelled again.

    6. It wasn't cancelled. Just taking time for Cobra's voice modulation and technicalities.

  2. astral traveler
    October 18, 2017 at 10:01 AM

    The Pulse...

  3. Bebe
    October 19, 2017 at 6:17 AM

    This talks about the Sun pulsing. Seems synchronistic...possibly.



    NASA Finally Admits That Our Solar System Has a 9th Planet
    Is Planet Nine lurking out there on the edge of our solar system? (Photo / NZ Herald)

    Conspiracy Theorists were right again, here is a collection of news reports coming out over the "discovery" of a 9th planet in our solar system. NASA finally admits to Planet X or Planet 9

    NASA's Getting Closer to Discovering Mysterious Planet Nine

    Sputnik International 20h ago
    9th planet does exist: NASA

    The Hans India 21h ago
    Researchers cite more evidence on likely 'Planet Nine' existence

    Orlando Sentinel Oct 16, 2017
    More ArticlesIce giant Planet Nine a reality: NASA

    Deccan Chronicle Oct 16, 2017
    Nasa Hasn't Confirmed Existence of Planet 9: What We Know about the "Planet" At the Edge of the Solar System

    Yahoo News UK Oct 16, 2017
    Mysterious Planet Nine does exist in our solar system, believes NASA

    Times Now Oct 16, 2017
    NASA admits the mysterious Planet Nine is real, but says 'deadly' Nibiru is a fraud Oct 15, 2017
    'Super Earth' ninth planet likely to exist - but won't crash into us: NASA

    Yahoo7 News Oct 15, 2017
    Nasa confirms a 'super-Earth' exists in our solar system

    Newstalk ZB Oct 15, 2017
    NASA Had To Release A Statement Explaining That Planet Nine 'Nibiru' Won't Kill Us

    Huffington Post Australia Oct 15, 2017
    The mysterious 'super Earth' lurking on the edge of our solar system Oct 15, 2017
    NASA Confirms Existence Of Mysterious 'Planet 9'

    Hit 107 Oct 15, 2017
    NASA Reignites Debate On The Mysterious Planet Nine Located On The Edge Of The Solar System

    The Inquisitr Oct 14, 2017
    NASA Suspects a Ninth Planet Could be in Our Solar System's Outer Edges

    Outer Places Oct 14, 2017
    We're closer than ever to finding the mysterious Planet Nine Oct 14, 2017
    Ninth planet of solar system does exist, believes NASA

    Zee News Oct 14, 2017
    Solar System may have a ninth planet: NASA

    News Nation Oct 14, 2017
    NASA admits the mysterious world called Planet Nine does exist on the edge of our solar system

    Herald Sun Oct 16, 2017

    1. Dude was a telescope in hawaii or kawaii somethin late 2014/15 in all google articles...

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    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Toplet and Plasma Parasite Meditation (English)

    2PM UTC

    15 oct. 2017

    In the 'Short Situation Update' published at the end of September, Cobra mentioned to us that there are a number of Parasites (or Plasmoid Entities) on the plasma plane. They were hiding inside the Yaldabaoth entity until recently when they became more active as the Yaldabaoth entity is weakened.

    For more information about this meditation please visit the link below:


    Here is the link to our facebook meditation event:

    You can convert GMT time zone to your local time zone here:

    The meditation times for many cities are listed here:


    1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

    2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of healing for Earth and her inhabitants, and to clear all exotic weapons on plasma plane to trigger The Event

    3. Visualize a pillar of blue Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through the AN stargate located in the central star of the belt of Orion, then going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through your body to the center of the Earth. Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth, then up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our Solar System and our galaxy. Then upwards to the AN startgate and finally connecting with Galactic center and Source.

    You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, the Light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously.

    Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.

    4. Now visualize a violet flame purifying the last remaining Chimera strongholds at DARPA in Northern Virginia, Peterson Air Force Base at Colorado and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island, as well as Lockheed corporation and any subsidiaries - including their energy field on plasma, etheric and astral planes.

    Then visualize this violet flame expanding through the whole planet, purifying its energy field on the plasma, etheric and astral planes.

    5. Visualize the violet flame expanding beyond Gaia, purifying the remaining Yaldabaoth entity and all other plasmoid parasitic entities.

    6. Now visualize the White flame of AN coming from a light pillar between Source and Earth, purifying all the remaining toplet bombs on the plasma planes. Call upon Archangel Metatron to assist in this purification process if you wish. Visualize all toplet bombs being harmlessly removed and dissolved.

    7. Visualize the White flame of AN expanding throughout the Solar System, purifying all anomaly, bringing Oneness and anchoring Source Light to manifest easily on Gaia and bringing quarantine to it's end.

    8. Visualize the removal of Yaldabaoth and all plasmoid entities and their grasps on Earth being released.

    9. Visualize the planet being freed from any influence from the plasma anomaly and feel the vibration of the plasma, etheric and astral planes getting lighter and brighter until all the darkness is gone as Source light is fully anchored.

    Victory of the Light!

    1. You can always count me in on this extremely important meditation in my view.


    14 October 2017 at 22:33


    15 October 2017 at 00:57

    I cannot give any dates but I can assure everyone it's in the very immediate future!

  7. May we consider us being here like soldiers. Voluntaires fighting for the liberation.

    And being so, may we have to remember that our language is, or may be, much more 'flexible,'... as much as we may not feel ashamed if hearing phrases like 'the dick to the nose'...
    But the problem is that in some cultures the phrase may seem very strange,... So, even is your language accepted, you get often the question: OK, but what does it mean?...
    The answer is: simply,... wagging the dick towards someone's nose...


  8. PREPARE FOR CHANGE TorontoOctober 15, 2017 at 10:10 PM

    Let's continue the momentum of positive lasting change by
    joining our <3 <3 <3 PFC MEDITATIONS-ON-THE-GO <3 <3 <3 initiative!
    These daily meditations are instrumental in ensuring that we continue to Divinely stear the energies in the direction of our highest visions for all.
    Please join us on our own online meeting platform here:
    Or alternatively: (a litle different schedule/meditations
    Let's meet together with kindred spirits and forge long-lasting and blossoming friendships!

    Our DAILY Meditation SCHEDULE:

    PLEASE NOTE THE NEW TIME SLOT for the GEOPHYSICAL ANOMALIES MEDITATION (Natural Disaters) to now 3pm UTC (11am EDT) :star:

    2:00pm UTC (10:00am EDT)
    ***NEW! Expanded Chimera & Primary Anomaly Meditation***
    In this meditation we dissolve all negative exotic technologies of the Chimera as well as the primary anomaly entity Yaldabaoth and its plasmoids.
    We will be doing this as a LIVE audio cast!

    3:00pm UTC (11:00am EDT)
    ***Geophysical Anomalies Meditation (Natural disasters)***
    In this meditation we dissolve any manipulated weather situations and reduce the suffering from natural disasters.
    Preview here:

    4:00pm UTC (12pm noon EDT)
    ***Light Forces Support Meditation (Black Alert)***
    In this meditation we bring more harmony and unity to planet Earth and her inhabitants and empower the light forces in their work.
    Preview: (using the suggested guided audio of August 21st Unity Meditation at the Solar Eclipse)

    4:30pm UTC (12:30pm noon EDT)
    ***Expanded Ascension Meditation***
    In this customized meditation we accelerate our Ascension process including The Event.
    Preview here:

    We have firmly been given this task in this Divine window of opportunity and we would be honored if you could join our efforts to herald in the light for the New Age that is about to commence!
    Your support and participation have an ever-lasting effect, so this is a grand Return On Investment of your highly valuable time and energy!

    Victory of the Light! <3 <3 <3 PFC-MEDITATIONS-ON-THE-GO <3 <3 <3

    1. I'm sorry to see you have stopped doing the toplet bomb meditation.

    2. Regarding Meditations for THE EVENT:

      I still think that only ONE meditation scheduled daily with the intent to bring harmony to all of the inhabitants of planet earth, and in turn accomplish THE EVENT, is enough to accomplish EVERYTHING else (such as toplet bomb removal, weather extremes, and all else).

      Those people who wish to add on "specific" requests beyond the general intent above could have the option to do so. Those people who wish to meditate at other times besides the one central scheduled time daily could have the option to do so.


      In my opinion, all of these various meditations are simply scattering the intent and energy. Frankly, they seem ridiculous and I would think produce only minimal results in trying to "organize" them as collective meditations; and the CENTRAL MEDITATION (mentioned above) I feel is being missed at the same time.

      I have been deeply open to spiritual truth since my teens and have been with this blog since 2012; so perhaps I have some perspective on this issue. That's for each person to consider, what is right for them.

    3. @Event
      for sure you look very grounded, and a long runner of this blog.

      But, so, give us please a word about the new blog:


    4. Which is this one?
      how do you feel it?...

    5. @spiritinto

      it is now at 2.00 PM UTC, the new one. You have it here in comments...

    6. consolidate some of those meditations... or add a new line to the script or segment...

      I do agree with with Event... the only thibg is just adding extra lines to the main one.. if that makes it more specific...

      as far as the meditation for weatger i think would b beneficial if the focus is to prevent false flags or any type of manipulation onland air or sea

    7. hold on. leave the weather alone causs that one is a good one for outsiders of esoteric topics to participate... but even that one could b modify. so also to prevent " grand scale attacks.. on population without using the word false flag

    8. @ "unknown": You ask me to comment about the new blog.

      My impression is that it is fake, made-up, fabricated to give an impression of authority, but simply re-states information already posted and available on Cobra's blog here. (And elsewhere.)

      A brief analysis of the site:

      The first giveaway is the URL: cosmic agent blogspot.
      I don't believe the positive forces of the FBI would use such a ridiculous sounding name. And they would have some kind of official URL such as .gov.

      The following is amateurish:


      DEPARTMENT of COSMIC JUSTICE. The New Light faction's of FBI stands for Formless Blazing Intelligence that is against The cabal/dark forces and with international and Cosmic Authority.

      "Department of Cosmic Justice." Positive people in the FBI are not focused on the "cosmos," their focus is on America and the world on earth.

      "Factions" should not have an apostrophe.

      "Formless blazing intelligence." Come on, really! Even a true "light worker" would have difficulty figuring out that image of being formless, or believing that acronym as a whole.

      "That is against the cabal, etc." A true agency would not word their objective as "against" someone.

      "International and Cosmic authority." That's redundant (international is a part of the cosmic reality).

      And the positive forces of the FBI would NOT concern themselves with assuming they had jurisdiction over the cosmos (as already stated above).

      The site in my opinion is a waste of time.

      The only worthwhile message I see written there is for each person to use their own discernment, to rely on their own intuition of what's right. That's also something Cobra has said many times.

      In short, my advise: Stay away from such obvious bogus sites.


      Let's use our time as much as possible instead to Meditate and Pray for Divine Intervention and intent for The Event NOW. For harmony and Light on earth, dispelling and removing darkness, destruction and evil. Establishing "Heaven" on earth, Enlightenment, The New Age of Abundance for all.

    9. @THE EVENT: "COBRA" / COmpression BReAkthrough For Divine Harmony On Earth

      Yep you right with diverting attention because of so many meditations, back in O`days you had to wait whole week for ascension meditation any from time to time some portal openings, nothing more, right now shedule for meditations is so tense, like in some corporation job:P
      But if you make meditation to cover all happening it would be hard for people to memorize each step to visualize.

      But before any Event or whatever happens think about this:
      384 400 km - Distance between Earth and Moon, so called sublunar plane.

      Earth radius -6 371 km

      Yaldaboth radius (3 x Earth) 19 113 km

      So you have now 365 287 km to clean up from plazmoids and toplet and whatever left. Thats take a lot of time!

    10. A "Sword": I think we are so close NOW to completely clearing the Yaldaboth, entities within it, and all toplet bombs, to effect THE EVENT.



    This is the official blog of The FBI positive faction's and the new DEPARTMENT of COSMIC JUSTICE.


  11. My place is open! This is the chance to take physical action and join my lightworker community :) but I would recommend you join after the winter is over :)

  12. A mass meditation must be open with a meditation for an initiative of RM and Plejadean Fleet for subscription.

    For many of us, our place is here! (alongside with Cobra, RM, and Plejadean Fleet) and Cobra should understand it.
    At this stage of development, nor is it on Asgardia, neither is it in

    We have already a too much amount of energy put here (alongside with Cobra, RM, and Plejadean Fleet), and there is already a too much energetic ling to RM and Plejadeans, so that it looks unpropper to try to move us from here towards another initiative.

    This energetic link passes already through the veil.

    Letters of call to RM must be given on PFC webpage!

    They have to repurpose a bit and develop their own initiative, at least for us, and... later for many other newcomers.

    Labels with "Cobra space program" were found in Cobra's previous posts.

    A page of letters to plejadean fleet must be also be opened beside of the page for letters to RM.

    1. @THE EVENT:"COBRA"/COmpression BReAkthrough



    2. @THE EVENT:"COBRA"/COmpression BReAkthrough

      As a long runner, at what extent do you consider is feasible, and how to turn it right (as timing and stages).

    3. October 20, 2017

      @ "unknown" and readers: I have expressed at least a few times on this blog that, I think ONE scheduled meditation per day is quite enough for the collective world group to achieve high numbers of participants and even the "critical mass" breakthrough of 144,000+ people meditating and praying to accomplish The Event.

      The "intent" can simply be the "all-encompassing" one we all focused on for the World Unity Meditation at the eclipse on August 21, 2017, as expressed by Cobra:

      "State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of bringing harmony and unity for planet Earth and its inhabitants."

      For those concerned whether the above intent covers ALL CONDITIONS, ask yourself does not "bringing harmony and unity to all" INCLUDE removal of the toplet bombs, the anomaly, the destructive and evil control and actions of all people and entities, severe weather, politics, etc., and ALL possible adverse circumstances whatsoever!

      I think YES.

      So, my suggestion is that for those who wish to add more "specifics" to the meditation, it is purely optional and fine.

      For those who wish to meditate/and pray more times, it is purely optional and fine.

      Just like we would individually meditate and pray on our own, is the same principal for the collective scheduled time of world group meditation. The only difference is that we have ONE INTENT and ONE STARTING TIME scheduled to maintain the Unity/collective effect of the group meditation/prayer.

      I also think, as stated previously, that the actual meditation should be OPEN to whatever an individual feels comfortable doing. In my opinion it does not have to be as specifically outlined in a "visual" context of instructions and viewing a YouTube video, etc.

      That is perfect for those who wish to, but some (like myself) may not. There are other powerful meditations that some have learned.

      And, as stated previously, I think to newcomers it is more universally accepted to NOT tell them they have to meditate or pray a "certain way," which can be construed as an occult, a certain "belief" system or ritual, etc.

      For example, stating that "Goddess wants peace and peace Goddess will have" (paraphrased) is fine for those who understand that statement in a UNIVERSAL context; but it can be a deterrent phrase to someone who takes it in a "religious" context or as some kind of "belief" require, etc.

      The main thing is UNITY, achieving THE EVENT as soon as possible for the harmony of all on earth. And I think having ONE scheduled time per day makes it simple for everyone.

      As far as the exact scheduled time for the ONE meditation focus per day, I suggest having it at:

      3:00am (GMT) daily which is
      8:00am (PDT),
      11:00am (EDT), etc.
      Midnight the next evening in Asia.

      Also, this time could more easily allow EVERYONE to potentially participate collectively AT LEAST once per week on the weekend:

      SUNDAYS at 3:00am (15:00) GMT;
      which is SATURDAY 8:00am PDT;
      which is SATURDAY 1:00pm EDT, etc.

      This time for most people on SATURDAY, I think affords the most possibility for people to participate, which is not on a conventional work day.

      For those who reside in Asia, India, Thailand, etc., it is still a time which would be later on a SATURDAY night. But those time zones would NOT have the concern of having to work the next conventional work day, Sunday.

      Knowing ONE TIME DAILY simplifies the scheduled time, the intent, all concerns in the world for The Event, and frees up all the other focusing on "additional" meditations which are optional for each individual.

      That is my suggestion.

      Let Us Bring Forth The Blazing "Light" Of THE EVENT.

  13. Cobra, what is describe here is very affordable by RM and Pleiadians, right now.

    We have not to wait till 2018 to put our names in outer Space...

  14. Artist formally known as Dave
    October 13, 2017 at 2:29 AM

    I think there were 2 barriers, chimera first then LF completed another around that one for containment around 2015. Can't recall off hand if we heard about the chimeras one being removed though.
    Cobra has said the LF support all potential positive narratives so it doesn't meet humanity has to wait until branson sends his piece of crap in to space.
    Chimera will play by the rules if winning, when losing they will pay, destroy, kill to keep control, so technically all these space things do is raise humanity consciousness a tiny bit with potentials.
    Certainly we won't be waiting for a "private" space agency.

    Also maybe they don't want to take down their barrier completely as the virus might escape, so they want to try and 'cook it' where it is, here earth, archon's, yalda e.t.c.


  15. Send messages to massmeditation open a meditation for an initiative of RM and Plejadean Fleet for subscription.

    For many of us, our place is here! and Cobra should understand it.
    Nor is it on Asgardia, neither in

    We have already a too much amount of energy put here, and there is already a too much energetic ling to RM and Pleadeans, so that in unpropper to try to move us from here towards another initiative.

    Letters to RM must be given on PFC webpage!

    They have to repurpose a bit and develop their own initiative, at least for us, and... later for many other newcomers.

    A page of letters to plejadean fleet must be also be opened beside of the page for letters to RM.

    We have already put a too much amount of energy here, and there is already a too much energetic ling to RM and Pleadeans, so that in unpropper to try to move us from here towards another initiative.

  16. My GoFundMe to fund my Tachyon Healing Chamber sessions in Waynesboro, Virginia has now raised $170! That means $330 left to raise the total $500 necessary for the minimum 5 first sessions (including the Laser Light Mandela Therapy).

    Thank you SOOOO much to everyone who has donated so far, and to everyone planning to donate. My head is still kinda spinning from disbelief, in all honesty. Just really wasn't expecting such generosity after all I've been through.

    This is to help me finally heal of my 2-year-long painful chronic ear condition, as well as heal my PTSD, depression, and anxiety from narcissistic abuse.

    If you prefer Paypal, here's a link to my

    Any amount donated here will be factored into the GoFundMe campaign as an "Offline Donation". I've already done so with the 2 Paypal donations I've received.

    I'm willing to answer any questions. I can be easily reached at (just copy and paste, so there's no misspellings). But you can pretty much find all the details explained on my campaign page, as well as on comments I've left on this blog.

    To Cobra - I hope you don't mind me sharing this campaign at least once in the comments for every big new post you make. I just want it to remain visible until I've reached my goal, as well as keep people updated regarding its progress.

    I'm still considering doing a write-up, perhaps start a blog, where I can write out my testimonial following my sessions at the Chamber, as well as inspire others to go, too. I really appreciate you for allowing me to use this outlet in the comments section to ask for help.

    And what a great interview, too! Your answers are spot-on with my thoughts and conclusions.

    Peace and love everyone! :D


    1. Hey Piper,

      I really like how you're going about fiding the solutions to your worries and want to wish you all the best with your endeavours.

      I would definitely donate some of the little money I have for your cause, but I don't have a bank account so I can't paypal you anything, I'm really sorry.
      Nonetheless I sincerely support your efforts and hope you'll reach your target soon so that you can get the treatments.

      Lots of Love and Light


    2. @RaJah If you just have a debit card and can do online purchases, then it should still work. There's the non-Paypal option through GoFundMe.

      In any case, I very much highly value and appreciate your comment. Thank you so much for the positive support. Both you and I are very passionate about music, so that means a lot coming from you.

      The campaign has now reached $220, which is near the halfway mark. It's really blowing my mind.

      Lots of Love and Light to you, too, RaJah. <3


    3. Thank you, my friend.
      I don't have any connections to the current criminal financial system; once a month I get a check, waddle over to the post office to cash it and then handle everything in cash.

      And I've found a solution. I'll give a friend of mine some cash so *he* can paypal it to you. Or he'll paypal it to me and then I send it. One way or the other I *will* be able to support your cause, and not just in spirit. As the old saying goes, where there's a will there's a way :-)

      Have a nice day full of Love and Light



    4. We did it, it's worked.
      My best friend Björn paypaled me and I forwarded it to you :-)
      Just perfect!
      Shenyen (Björn) wants you to know that he hopes you'll reach "the critical mass" of funding and that the treatments will be a success.

      Needless to say that I totally agree with Shenyen's opinion. :-)
      I am *so* happy with the progress your campaign is having so far! It really couldn't happen to a nicer person.

      The fundraiser WILL reach the target, and the help you so desperately need WILL be successful, I am certain of that.
      I'm really very proud of you for hanging in there despite everything in your life and not giving up.
      You could have succumbed to all the negativity but instead you chose to persevere and find the solutions. Good fucking job, Paul :-)

      Really really well done.
      I'm proud of your fighting spirit and consider you an inspiration. 'Cause if you can hang in here and do this, so can my girl.

      Badabing badaboom, toughest guy and girl in the room!
      And that comes from the toughest dude in the entire Universe ;-)

      Now gimme a frickin' song to play here, will ya?!
      Thank you, Universe.

      This is the heart-stoppin', pants-droppin', Love-makin', booty-shakin', Gaia-quakin', LEGENDARY

      BAND !!!


      There we go :-)
      Quitters never win.
      And Winners never quit.


  17. The Google doodle seems pertinent today (10/19) somehow.

  18. Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  19. I'm curious if any of the 4chan communications regarding the special Trump press conference are true and if that is the case if there is special security in place to keep him safe until that time?

  20. Halloween or Goosey Night? Full Disclosure is happening now.

  21. This is the only answer Cobra gave that really matters in most people’s minds.

    “Things are taking too long, but things are taking too long for quite a long time. It’s not a new development it’s something that is happening, on-going,”

    It’s not surprising the expected “Compression Breakthrough Event” seems to always be sometime in the not foreseeable future because the “Company of Heaven” have their own agendas. These agendas are not inline with human expectations because the game called “Ascension” that is being played by them has little to do with minimizing human suffering.

    20 to 30,000 people die on planet earth from hunger each day. If human suffering where any kind of priority, the “Event” would have likely already taken place. But given the slow down of magnetic energy we get from the Cosmos and our sun that the sphere Being Alliance are mitigating, it seems speed of the “Event” isn’t a priority to them.

    These beings in higher vibrations are not as compassionate as we humans think they are. They are far more colder than you’d want to know. Just read some of the “Law of One” books are read how the Ra entities respond to questions and you will understand how distant their emotions are.

    The SBA are only interested in how many people are ascending, and not how long they choose to slow our ascension process down.

    1. So the light is the 'Lesser of two evils'.


    2. How would you see the Event unfolding in the 1975-2025 window, as Cobra Claim.

      Would you see a sudden Event, or a low transition.

      What is your educated guess?

    3. The notion of good and evil in the higher worlds of light is very different from ours. Incondtionnal Love is very différent of our notion of love !

      We give too much importance to the physical plane, to death and physical suffering. This is difficult to conceive for our mind. It's difficult to conceive that some of us have been able to choose a life of suffering to grow their soul, because our soul knows only one thing, love, and needs experience to climb into the light.

      That said, have no doubt, the beings of light radiate with love, but don't have the same relationship as we with the physical plane. They can let someone suffer if it allows their soul to evolve.

      We have trouble understanding what unconditional love really is, because we often love others for ourselves. We especially like what the other brings us.

      Why do we love our children more than others? Why do we love our friends more than an unknown person ? For what they bring us. This isn't the Unconditional Love.

    4. it makes all sense.
      compassion is something that the ones who suffer develop. high vibe beings don't have suffering anymore, so yes, they must have lack of compassion.
      today i was thinking about the light and she really doesn't care for anyone, she's just interested in shining and enlightening more and more ones. we are already following her, so she doesn't have to worry about us. that was when i started calling for kuan yin and cried a lot.
      no wonder why we are called warriors.

    5. nikolas

      you end your comment in a very personal and bad way. i don't agree at all. i believe we can love people unconditionally and equally and still suffer.
      none of us is choosing suffering anymore. since the last unity meditation from august 21st, humanity declared its will of unity, love and liberty.
      this is not about us anymore. it's about their schedule.

  22. I would like to express my profound disappointment with the overall quality of the questions for this interview. I began realizing that this site was telling the truth about Trump several months ago. At first I was pro-Trump until I woke up to the truth, but again my realization was several months ago. The fact that people are still confined to this polarized state of thinking regarding Trump (either pro or anti) explains why planetary liberation is going so slow.

    Of course the right is going to be seen as a safe haven when the left has been in power for so long. The right appears to be anti-establishment, but this is only circumstantial. When George W. Bush was in office, with the right in power for several years, the left had the appearance of being anti-establishment. It's just a ridiculous pendulum that swings back and forth, with the pendulum strings being held by the cabal.

    On the issue of the Vegas shooting, immediately after hearing about it I just rolled my eyes. Same crap, different day. Yes of course the cabal was behind it. Nothing new. Then the shooting gets used as a distraction from what really matters; discussions about Trump fall in this same category. It's all the same cabal generated garbage. The cabal are some of the biggest idiots ever to exist. But if people are going to be so easily controlled and distracted, is this not simply idiots controlling idiots? Sorry to put it this way, but I'm extremely disappointed and fed up at the moment with all the manipulation going on that should be blatantly obvious to everyone.

    I have a question. Why should all creation be held back because the surface population is so slow? If the free will of the population was violated in the first place to become enslaved physically, mentally, and spiritually, would it really be such a crime to violate free will to force people to step things up? There is already the violation in the negative. The opposite counterpart is necessary to balance the equation. The surface population is already contaminated, so why not bring forth the counter-contaminate, with or without the population's consent? If this is not a possibility, I simply will ask this question: Why should those who are ready to expand into a new level of evolution be held back because the rest of his/her kind is falling behind? Students in class who are ahead of the rest should not have to play stupid and go slow just to accommodate the rest of the classroom. Students who are ahead of the rest should be put in a class with other students who are also way ahead of the rest. Maybe this isn't possible either before the event. What if I were to say the hell with the event? Yes, yes of course. A catch-22 between the forces of light and negative forces is stopping progress. Same crap different day. There has to be another way.

    1. The more advanced students are held back because they hold themselves back in order to teach the lessser students. That is why many of us have come to the Earth in this Incarnation. To help out everyone.

    2. If most don't want to be helped then there is no point. Let them be. Move on.

  23. Once again stupid questions in this interview.. I don't get anything out of it.. There where questions in there that were asked to Cobra at least 10 times in the past PFC-Interviews!

  24. this over abundance of right-biased political questions regarding Donald Drumpf is frustrating

    1. I agree. The beginning of the interview really turned me off. I know the questions come from us but I really feel like the PFC interviews are bias and it doesn't resonate with me at all. I prefer the goldfish report when it comes to Cobra Interviews. But you know what they say about opinions. =P XD

    2. The Goldfish Report is highly biased for Trump. And she hates Obama.

    3. You are right. I only said that I preferred the Goldfish report. I have my own issues with Obama but that is a discussion for another time. I really liked Cobra's response to the FBI question.

      COBRA – I would say that this whole line of question is coming from somebody who is polarized on Trump and anti-democrats. I would say that both parties and the whole situation have been engineered to create exactly that kind of polarization within the American Society. And I would say none of those parties are the good guys and the other ones are the bad guys. Not true. Basically you have Cabal infiltration in both parties and actually the Cabal at the very top, the Jesuits and the other top members of the Cabal are manipulating both parties and politicians from both parties to create exactly that kind of division. (OK, thank you)

      **Slow Claps** :3


  25. Wishing everyone Happiness, Peace, Prosperity and Progress in your Life.
    If you feel like it, light a candle or two just like millions of others are currently doing all around the world.

    Have a LIT and HAPPY DIWALI, everybody. I Love You.

    Lots of Love and Light


    1. Indian illuminated, Amma, emanating LIGHT
      on celebration of Diwali
      in India:

  26. Aeron waste cobra's time with stupid questions about trump and Las Vegas and others questions that doesnt help the planetary liberation and cobra has answered long long time ego. Even an unawakens person could answer Aaron questions. To me there was something wrong with Aaron in this interview. Cabal influence?

    1. do not forget these r questions from us. Do not blame the messenger

  27. New Video: The Event Trailer 432Hz

    1. very nice Carty another great venture n even better. only would like to add to keep in mind in leaving the text in some of ocassions a little bit longer as some of us might be slow readers.

    2. Liked this very much, thank you! But as DH has noted, some of us need a little more time to read it all..😜



    19 October 2017 at 13:57

    I'm not worried this blog is made by someone from the Cabal. Rather that this blog is made by a big Cobra fan who just wants to roleplay and pretend and get our hopes up, not by someone who is actually working in these Light factions. I want to believe this is true, though, of course.

    19 October 2017 at 17:40

    It's the truth. This new faction the Department of Cosmic justice will become the official FBI after this possessed idiot's are arrested and all the old cabal faction's of the FBI will be reformed/removed permanently.

    1. @THE EVENT:"COBRA"/COmpression BReAkthrough

      come with a word please!!...

    2. @ "unknown": I have replied above with my impression of that so called new FBI blog. In short, I don't believe it has merit. But more importantly, learn to discern for yourself what is Truth. I have given several reasons above for my own impression. See if that's true for YOU.

    3. @TheEvent

      Yes,... what is also surprisingly, is that it uses Cobra's terminology of events.
      It has also no traffic, no comments. It goes not 'viral'.
      If it was true, it has had a traffic from the next days, at least as it has Drake's blog, isn't it?

      Concerning '.gov', it will be in post Event era.

      If it might be true, it may appear a kind of 'Veterans Today', possible with only nicknames.

      This is what I have to complete.

  29. See you at the Moon soon Cobra! Yes, no?

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Cobra, I don't post comments often but here are some of my thoughts. (I know this is not your work, but rather the organization you depend on. So please don't take it as criticism of you.)

    1) This interview's transcript is riddled with grammar mistakes. I'll take one example: "It's" is a contraction of "it is". 5 or 6 instances of incorrect use.
    2) Meditation descriptions on youtube written in poor English. I often wonder whether the person writing them was driving a car, having a conversation, and thumb-typing the description...

    Even though I'm not a native English speaker, I would be glad to help proofreading publications.

    Next. Weeks ago I've bothered to report two faulty pages on the PFC interview FAQ. They still have no content (pages in question are Beings/Pleiadians and Life/After death). As these were updated some time ago, I expect they should contain new info compared to the same FAQ on -- I mean, the latter might not be up to date.

    LASTLY. I think the interview questions are not a level I would expect. Next are we going to get questions about Trump's breakfast? There were a number of excellent questions, but only later on in the interview.
    Would it be a good idea for you to scrap interview questions prior to interview or at least moving them towards the end or an optional section? Or could we have a voting system on questions posted?

    1. I understand you are new.
      Do please be mindful, that as far as grammar goes, the individual creating those transcripts is investing a lot of time and effort. Proof reading is a luxury that perhaps at this point only someone with no other responsibilities could afford to do.

      I would take this opportunity to challenge you in making one transcript (A perfect one). Once you do that, imagine having to go thru the same process twice or at times three times as there has been months that had 2 or 3 interviews back to back and people demanding fonoa transcript like only a crowd/mob of lightworkers would :)

      Lets be grateful that at least we get to read what (for some) was incoprehensible in the video.

      Note, the idea of the transcript is not really to make it an official document.. it is informal but a much helpful and appreciated tool.

      I don't even think the transcriber gets pay for this.

      Perhaps your offert on proof reading the transcripts may be considered but do you really think is that critical?

      Last, i was informed the PFC faq was in the process of being updated last i inquired. (maybe being held back by the archon pressing on someone's implant to slow such process (my guess). As far as ESAC, yes that one has a page that lists when it was last updated although i think i removed it when i placed the meditation info. I will put it back.

    2. @ "k2025": Regarding grammar, I generally agree with you that it's pleasing to read something well written including basic grammatical usage. HOWEVER, I learned that the most evolved, enlightened individuals may NOT be good spellers and there use of grammar may not be proficient either. If there were time, we could have someone proof read who is competent in editing. But I don't think it's so necessary.

      Also, another reason for grammar errors is that English is not the first language of the transcriber. And, if you've ever tried to transcribe a recorded talk, it's very time consuming and involves meticulous listening. So in typing, errors can occur just in the course of a long transcription.

      Regarding the "quality" of questions asked to Cobra, perhaps there is someone long term on this blog who could filter out repetitive questions from prior interviews. Antoine or someone reliable? Those repetitive answers could be found in the archives of previous answered questions by Cobra.

      This brings up the question what kinds of topics do most people want to hear about from Cobra?

      My feeling is that every interview should include a current update of the progress removing the hindrances to The Event. That is, as much as Cobra can reveal without compromising confidential Intel.

      Other questions could be anything related to accomplishing The Event as soon as possible. Topics which have not been covered previously. Again, to filter out already asked questions, a long term member of this blog would need to review the selected questions by the moderators for interviews with Cobra.

      One thing is important, that we don't censor others or don't decide "which questions" are better than others. The criterion for filtering should be objective i.e. questions which have been asked and answered and can be found in the archives.

      Perhaps with many interviews, the majority here will be satisfied with the overall quality of questions. I think the roundtable with Benjamin Fulford, etc. was well received by everyone.

      As someone commented, the interview scheduled with Michael Salla for Wednesday October 25, 2017 at 6:00PM (PDT); October 26 at 1:00AM (GMT) is expected to have more in depth, relevant questions.

    3. Correction: In the third line in my above comment to @ "k2025," I misused the spelling of there which should have been their. So you see, grammatical errors can come at any time. :)

    4. Dragon Heart / THE EVENT,

      Agreed... but when targeting so many readers, I hope for a higher standard. Oh well. I wrote down my thoughts directly, I felt irritated lately.

      Small note: I am not an anti-Trump person. My example ("Trump's breakfast") might be interpreted like that.

    5. lol Event @ correcting errors.. i tried to make me post grammar error free.. i failed miserably lol.

    6. For non-native English grammar speels doesn't count so much,... but at least you are an English teacher. We read the message behind, and it's enough...

    7. What is more important is to have an understandable English, with or without the speels...

  32. All mass meditations are quite important , I do agree with it, but they leave too much time inbetween to lose the numbers ,as we have tasks to perform every day!

    To keep us in a harmonious meditation,to focus our energy on all the meditations well, we need to do the mass meditations in every 15 minutes without an interval!

  33. Oh and Cobra one more thing, I live in Taiwan (though I'm from the Netherlands, I have my life here) and I highly regret missing the opportunity to meet you here. I wasn't aware of this movement yet when you were visiting Taiwan...

  34. 100% agree with commenter "THE EVENT: COBRA" -

    One single meditation = focal point

    Many meditations (choose the one you like!) = scattering


    1. Which is it? Let's put together, to not wast our time and energy.
      On the other hand, the ascension meditation was moved to 4.30 PM UTC. Is it right?


    2. When it comes to the WAM I go by the clock on Cobra's blog which is 16:00GMT so that is the time I will do it.

    3. I think the No. 1 meditation is the Weekly Ascension Meditation (linked in the sidebar of this blog).

      The other important meditation is the Toplet and Plasma Parasite Meditation (Youtube link) (recently updated!)


  35. The questions are void. We already know that Putin to be part of Light and Bush are satanist...

  36. I guess I'm in the minority, but I like questions about current events rather than who's the 10th cousin of Gargaboloeth in the 9th century before Christ. I know everyone's frustrated so anything less than "Dudes, the Event is happening next Tuesday" would probably satisfy at this point.

    1. I thought the current event questions were interesting too. Those that don't like the PFC interviews should simply wait for an interview with an interviewer they like.

      I get something out of all the interviews Cobra does. Some questions extremely interesting ... some not.

      I'd rather see Cobra doing different interviews than not because some folks don't like the questions.

    2. I don't mind the questions either. It was nice to see confirmation of things I already believe in.

      Also, whether or not the interviewers are narrow-minded in their political beliefs is beside the point. Cobra is doing his best to work with people at different stages of their evolution. And some people are new and just getting into Cobra's intel. Perhaps he can convert some Trump supporters into seeing the truth about things. Thanks to Cobra, some people have already woken up from that.

      Cobra is still doing the interview next week where more in-depth questions will be asked. People need to quit complaining. Ironic, coming from me, but that just goes to show. It's getting annoying seeing people complain every time he does a Prepare for Change interview. You don't think Cobra already knows and hasn't read our complaints a billion times? He knows what he's doing.

      Send your complaints directly to the interviewers themselves if you want to pick a fight.

    3. @spiritoo, "I get something out of all the interviews Cobra does..." I fully agree...and sometimes I find Cobra's "no comment" responses of particular interest...

  37. Cobra, are there Divine Feminine Orbs who may come near us at night and materialize in a kind of visible shape?

  38. What is wrong with Lynn and Aaron?
    I've been following Cobra's blog and reading all the interviews since 2013. This is the worst interview to date; their questions reek of xenophobia, racism, elitism and gung-ho support for one of the most reprehensible U.S. presidents in modern history.
    They sound like quacks who should be on Bill O'Reiley, Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh, instead of an outlet for the advancement of the light, humanity and the event.....

    1. Let's be xenophobic! It's really in this year
      Let's find a nasty, slimy, ugly alien to fear
      There's no more cutesy stories 'bout E.T. phoning home
      Let's learn to love our neighbors, like the Christians learned in Rome!

      We know we ought to hate 'em; they're different, you see
      We've seen they're mean and ugly on movies and TV
      The folks that ought to know have told us how it's got to be
      The gospel truth is found in scenes from Alien and V

      Let's wipe out any lifeform that seems to be a threat
      We'll serve 'em up a genocide they never will forget
      'Cause if we miss a couple, they'll breed a couple more!
      And soon we'll all be hating twice as many as before

      You see, aliens can never be as good as humankind
      A more delightful race than us you'll never, ever find
      So step aside, you star slime, we're ready for your worst!
      We know you want to beat us, enslave us and defeat us
      Oppress us and browbeat us, unless we get you first!

    2. I guess you would rather have the most evil corrupt person to ever run for office Hitlery Clinton. Must be another Liberal with no morals or Brains.

    3. @ "george paterson": You are certainly free to have your opinion but it is just that, "one opinion vs. another opinion" that Cobra highlighted the cabal agenda intentionally stirs up to instigate intentional controversial division; their "divide and conquer" strategy serves to distract people from the actual workings of the cabal which controls ALL political parties.

      Thus, NO president has been able to enact a tremendous amount of power to change the agenda of the hierarchical destructive cabal "new world order" structure.

      Further, the cabal controls all of the "mainstream media" sources of information. Thus, yourself and others who may receive their information from these outlets are basing your impressions and opinions of President Trump and all other issues on their intentional lies and propaganda advanced daily.

      We can hardly know what is really going on from the outside. Cobra has had a mission to let us know what is going on from the inside, going to the root cause of disharmony and suffering on earth. The chimera, archons, Jesuits, Rothschilds, and other cabal associations have assumed enormous outer control on earth, while the Light Forces are quickly removing their advanced weaponry and control in order to insure The Event transformation to harmony on earth is as smooth as possible for the safety of all.

      It is true that the questions asked were of a limited nature being on the level of politics which has not much influence behind it compared to the powers that be. Many deeply spiritual people (including myself) recognize President Donald Trump as being the BEST person in office under the circumstances of cabal control, in order to play his role as we move into the New Age. Though let's not get swayed by "one side or the other side."

      Let us instead bring harmony to ALL sides.

    4. Sir - I am sorry to be the one to tell you this.... it is no longer them.

    5. Sir- sorry to be the one to tell you this. It is no longer them.

    6. They are asking questions for the people. Besides, give me a break. Cobra said both sides are equally full of it. That means dems and repubs.

    7. Interview especially uninteresting ! Or rather, uninteresting questions ...

      When I think of the importance of the period we are living, it's very surprising. If they lack inspiration, they ask, we have questions per hundred.

    8. This interview is for all the truth seekers who are still stuck in the left vs. right paradigm. That's equally true for the interviewers, and the readers who still subscribe to the paradigm. I hope it actually helps wake some people up.

      I've noticed a lot of people who are supposedly against both the left and the right siding with the left ever since Trump's election. They wish Obama was back. And I'm like, geeze, all these atrocities were still going on, they were just swept under a facade.

      But then of course, the people who swing right piss me off, because they turn a blind eye to racism and homophobia, and always cry 'liberal' at the sign of any corruption. George W. Bush wasn't that long ago, people. And all the adults must remember Nixon. The "gate" suffix came from the Watergate scandal after all.

      Our society is truly fucking mad, because most people literally go through a collective amnesia every time the political parties switch. It's like damn, no wonder the Chimera and the Cabal are so successful. For all of our so-called intelligence, we are incredibly easily manipulated.

      It's like wow, maybe there's a reason the Light Forces took their time before beginning to work hard to liberate us. I think they were expecting society to be perhaps a LITTLE smarter than we actually are, a LITTLE further ahead on our own.

      So no to politics, say yes to truth. Peace and love everyone.

    9. Maybe, but try to see it from several other perspectives. It would be good practice.

  39. New Video: The Agartha Network 432Hz

  40. We'd better do
    Meditation for Natural and Man-made Disasters at FOUR HOURS INTERVALS for a few days from now!

  41. People at PFC.. specifically the meditation leads. Remember that the goal of the opponents is to keep things scattered and divisive. In my opinion there shouldn't be that many meditation when they are all related.

    I fall for such trend at times.. I went to the chat room and asked if there was a meditation for false flags.. and someone told me that the ascension meditation covers that... which is true. I just fell temporarily for the trend of wanting a meditation to focus for everything major which is really against my true belief. I believe in consolidation.

    Can 1 meditation be modified in a way to mention key words people would feel their intend or wish is being addressed. The ascension meditation should indeed cover all intends but obviously it isn't enough to satisfy the outcries... So... create -One meditation to bind them- ;)...

    "One (meditation) to rule them all, one meditation to find them, One (meditation) to bring them all and in the (light) bind them."

    I got that form Lords of the ring lol..

    If anything, a push to clarify that all intends are being served with the ascension meditation should be done to bring people at ease. Since that has not been done in a viral way, the introduction of a weather meditation brings us to believe that meditations need to be specific. That is the new trend we got now, being right or wrong i don't know but that is what we got to deal with at the present. However lets not get carried away.

    You guys are extremely creative, whoever writes the meditation's lyrics surely could come up with a script that could bring force to the moment at every single word shift.

    I am saying this, cause zeus knows how many more outcries for many more meditations will be requested.

    The new "orange" of multiple meditation is dividing the force guys, imho.

    However i do have to say... the weather meditation should be left alone cause is the one thing the general public would go for in participating as long as it does not have any heaving esoteric lingo. In fact I think that one should be modified in a way that will direct people to place intend in "prevention of any human loss" catastrophes.. land or water

    Without using the word false flags.. or mentioning the Cabal...

    just a random thought.

    and if this is not being done.. can I request for a meditation to find the freaken Neo.

    1. Hi, Dragon Heart. Consider this "war" is "Truth" versus "Ignorance."
      Ignorance - Produces lies, jealousies, anger, strife, from fear of finding ones self in a lesser condition. Truth dispels the fears.

      A loving meditation that does not hurt anyone: Connecting to the Parent Source above all false gods of the matrix.

      the light of truth increases 100,000 times in all sentient beings every time ignorance acts. That covers Any negative action..........period. Simple formula:

      100,000X (X = negative input)
      You can increase the numeric number of light on a daily basis. This is win win. From the smallest mistake to the largest ignorant push, all are being raised by the light to wake. If resistance continues in any one person, they choose their own exit plan by fighting the tide.

    2. i am not against meditations Toto...

      I think the biggest challenge we have yet to overcome is trying to bring together as many people to participate in any one single meditation. (# of participants is critical toward the effectiveness of a meditation)

      what do we know about meditations.. 1. that it can influence

      i gathered that there are 2 ways (at least to my knowledge that this could happen based on what i have heard)...

      1. if one Neo (intent) is in place... and based on our 26K history.. chances are our Neo (being one of u or some outsider) is obviously having technical difficulties..

      2. the #of intents for example to influence the devastating effect of a hurricane vs the # of intents to assist in the toplet removal is greater...
      thus #s matters.

      are we being efficient and effective on the present approach?.... that is all i am concern about.

      If one of you could get better guidance regarding this topic would be great... connect to a LB=Light Being btw :). ask Cobra for advise.. ask pikachu if u must.

      Perhaps even advertising that indeed the ascension meditation is all that is needed n covers all concerns.. then be it. Just add more time slots for it... however i would suggest some word or title modification... whatever needs to be done.

      note again i do support at least the weather meditation to be unique and separate cause is the only one that the general public would be compelled to participate on.. it just needs to be adjusted so it will encompass any other type of false flags without saying "false flags".

      This disagreement we keep having of how many and which meditation should b added or not.. should not be happening for thisl long period of time..

      u guys that are herding the people or us need to do it with conviction... n convince us one way or another this or that is the most efficient approach... is not about pleasing everyone.. is about guiding us to be efficient with the little bit of insanity we have left. Clarity in all is needed.

      just a random thought

    3. Dragon Heart, you misunderstood me. I was not lecturing you. I was offering my meditation. I've been doing this meditation for nearly 2 years now for about 7 hours per day, six days a week. I'm at 36 billion times X. 36 billion being the increase in Light/Truth/Love responding to X, and X being the negative input put forth by all souls (including me). So... every time I or another act in a negative fashion, the correction is called in. I started this two years ago. I increase my call each day. As part of the unity of all, I have a right to create with Source. The slow increase also allows us all to notice our own Karma and address ourselves. This applies to the darkest of souls as well. So ANY negative activity in any genre is covered.

    4. I didn't take it as a lecture Toto.

      I didn't mis-understandd you. I actually didn't understand what you were referring to exactly, but now I know.

      My next post was me trying to clarify my point :)
      That's quite a bit of meditation experience there... u put me to shame

    5. No,no,no, Dragon Heart! We are all made for our purpose. I do my focuses meditations while attending my purpose, it allows for it: You do by bring rational sense and calm to people. I haven't the time for such. We need you! You must never feel in shame, even as in jest. You are in your purpose...and thank you!

  42. I've never seen so many complaints, wow. I haven't listened to an interview in a long time. Nobody really wants intel, we want the suffering to end. I listened for years hoping I'd hear the Event beginning, but it's idiotic to hope for it. And who cares about the world. So yeah, forget the interviews, it's pathetic to hope.

    1. I hate hope too.
      It is not the solution to suffering. And the Solution is in Us, right now.
      Save yourself

    2. The Event is something that it will just happen but you will for certain know it has began.

      you wont need an interview to know it has started.

      What is the purpose of interviews?...
      in my opinion to inform people of the changes to come. to clarify questions.. of events past n present... to get whatever we can as far as updates but being aware that only a lil is unclassified.
      is not about getting dates/promises... the latter being too dangerous to do.

  43. Lynn talking about immigration to the US: “… There is only a limited number of homes that need gardeners, janitors and maids.“ So Lynn is this how you see immigrants? Very unfortunate. This is very direspectfull to very hard working people desperated for a better life. On the other end of the stick, look at the nationality of the ‘american Nobel prize winners’ and see how many are 100% born americans. And on a final note, with all due respect, please study economics and politics and you will understand how and why money ‘flows’ in America, much at the expense of other peoples. #peace.

  44. I would rather see that it was as little as possible so that humans can clean up this mess by them self. Some help in areas that are out of capability for normal people are beneficial though.

  45. aah...more hand wringing and pathetic cry for the promised EVENT to wash upon us all!...for crying out loud ,get real.. are you all here hoping to get it all handed to us in a silver plate free of personal hassle?..good luck to all that.

    was it not said...'If you want to awaken all of humanity,then awaken all of yourself,if you want to eliminate the suffering of the world ,then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself,really the greatest gift you have to give is that of self transformation '...LAO TZU.
    surly it was said,'Even the least among you can do what i have done and greater things'...John 14:12.
    surly it was said,'The kingdom of heaven is within you'...Luke 17:21.
    surly it was said..'Verily i say undo you,except ye be converted ,and become as little children ,ya shall not enter the kingdom of heaven'...mathew 18:13.
    surly it was said..'Be still,and know that i am what i am' Psalm.46:10
    surly it was said..'The solution to the problem of the day is awakening of the consciousness of the divinity within'..Hazrat Inayat Khan.
    surly it was said,'The salvation of the world depends on ME'...lesson 186..A course in miracles.
    surly it was said,''Be the change you want the world to be"..Ghandi.
    surly it was said.."I am the world"...J.Krishnamurthi.

    Cobra i feel sorry for you,its about time you go where you are needed most,apparently not here ,do not promise anything to these ungratified lot.
    even the brain dead know by now..the ungodly are harnessing the consciousness of humanity by engineering war,poverty sickness and every other sickness only they can manufacture or come up with ,by the grids they and the war machinery...all the while humanity is not claiming back its ownership of its own consciousness and instead wallow in its own sorrow.
    cobra when these lots are guided by their higher self than we can be sure..The EVENT is here...good luck!

    1. @free That's all nice and all, but *ahem*, if I may ask, what are YOU doing about it? If you claim to be so at peace with yourself and connected to your higher self, then why are YOU so troubled by the actions of others? What are YOU doing to change address these issues?

      I know about The Kingdom of Heaven. It's actually a good song by the Texas psychedelic rock band The 13th Floor Elevators.

      "Here you are at my place within your glistening eyes
      I'm watching your reactions as the thing within you cries
      And I'm bringing you this message 'cause I think it's time you knew
      That the kingdom of heaven is within you

      The incense and the candles and the colors on the wall
      Your image stands reflected as a princess come to call
      Your suspicions I'm confirming as you find them all quite true
      And the kingdom of heaven is within you

      Through the stained glass windows moonlight flashes on the choir
      And splashes on the altar in glows of liquid fire
      Then it bathes you with its glory and you begin life anew
      And the kingdom of heaven is within you"

      Heck, their entire first two albums pretty much are concerned with subject matter like that. Your comment's nothing new to me really. Just if the salvation of the world really does depend on you, then why do you care what everyone else is up to? Focus on your own shit, and quit adding to all the other complaints. Not everyone can simply connect to their higher selves like you can. You wouldn't last a day with my mom, so much as 24+ years (or 30+ in my sister's case) if some mild complaints on an Internet comments section stir you up. Who are you to judge us for what we're going through?

      Lately I have been trying to teach myself not to get caught up in arguing with others, as it just doesn't seem very intelligent. And I am actually making plans for myself and my future, regardless of whether or not The Event does happen. And for the record, I have displayed a lot of gratitude to others, as have many here over time. You can choose to ignore that, of course.

      The world isn't actually that bad as we think it is. I thought the world was more cruel and people weren't willing to help me, but the way my GoFundMe campaign has been going, I am learning that isn't true. It's actually teaching me to change my view of things.

      I hope you find peace, man.

    2. @ "free": Your quotes of ultimate Truth to essentially know oneself as Divine, sound good on paper. Yet I wonder (a question), if YOU are following those who speak such illuminated Truth, in your own life, then why so much frustration and anger comes through you, rather than compassion and love? No judgment towards you or anyone, but that's something we all can look at.

      My experience is that at a very young age I heard about the full potential of the human being as Divine. I started Transcendental Meditation at age 17 and studied many of the other various spiritual teachings and teachers related to self-improvement and self knowing.

      I had "thought" that realizing permanently in one's awareness the Divine Consciousness as a human being, was the ultimate I could do for my own lasting happiness, and to help others in the world.

      However, fast forward to the present, I learned that realization, "enlightenment," spirituality doesn't come in a prescribed way how we might think it does. It doesn't occur "logically"; meaning if one meditates or affirms prayer so many times they will gain permanent realization of ultimate Divine Awareness and Consciousness.

      I learned that if someone attains ANY realization in life, it is because it was given to them by the grace and grand fortune of "Source/Almighty God." That kind of attainment especially, could not be "earned" by anyone's efforts. How could that which everyone IS already in essence be achieved by any action really?

      It is bestowed by the ONE responsible for everything in His/Her/Its own creation; Source/Almighty One.

      Moreover, I learned that not everyone is meant to realize a "certain" level of consciousness in this lifetime. No two people out of some 7 billion population on earth are exactly same. No two people have the same life path.

      Looking at Cobra's message of THE EVENT, as a "representative" of the Light:

      Even the people who ARE so-called doing something to further their knowing of self through meditation, prayer, reflection, etc., they are influenced by their environment. Everything has a contributing influence; the food we eat, the condition of the body, mind, and emotions.

      And also the grip of the long lasting destructive control of the chimera, archons, the plasma "octopus" entities and toplet bombs (currently), also has its profound adverse effect on the people of this planet, especially scalar wave and other methods of advanced technological weaponry.

      Is there harm in Source bringing about Liberation on a grand scale of The Event for the world? Does Source know what it is doing? I think so, it is the ONE and only Absolute Forever Being, All Knowing, Ever Present, All Powerful, and responsible for all of its own creation, in all its own universes, in all time and space.

      I see that there are two levels to look at:

      Individual growth and realization.
      Collective growth and realization.

      Both are valuable.

      However, I don't think that either is really our decision ultimately. Because even with "free will," we only have a "degree" of choice in each moment, in each instant. And it could be said that the thoughts and perception that we have, from which our free will decides, is NOT something we have much control over. That is my experience. Life is going on pretty automatically.

      In actuality (not just what is written on paper as laudible quotes from great individuals), I think THE EVENT is helpful to all beings and is not meant to be a panacea to escape our own working on self knowing. People are basically doing the best they know how. And if not, we are all learning, growing, realizing in each moment to transform our self.

      I'm grateful for the loving kindness of Source/Almighty God, who alone is capable of transforming the horrors of this earthly world to the comfort and well being in the image of Source, "life everlasting" - which is Divine. Our very own self nature.

      Victory of the Light.


    3. I agree with Piper and Mr. Event. Beautiful comments by both of you, very well said, brothers.

      We all have our own personal talents and ways how to deal with the matters at hand. We're on the same team and it is our individual skills that make the team that much stronger.
      As a example: I am in constant contact with My Higher Self who tells me what to do next and basically tells me what to write on here as well; my brain only operates the body to type my mesages. However, I am not meant to do any meditations and simply cannot meditate my way out of a wet paper bag. Thankfully many many other people have the skill to meditate, and I am so incredibly happy and thankful for your amazing work.
      I simply cannot do what you guys and girls are doing, so I do other thiings like shamanic rituals instead.

      We are A TEAM, and We are ALL AWESOME.
      On that note I'll let Canned Heat hammer the point home ;-)

      Together we'll stand
      Divided we'll fall
      Come on now, people
      Let's get on the ball

      And work together
      Come on, come on
      Let's work together
      Now, now people
      Because together we will stand
      Every boy, every girl and man

      People, when things go wrong
      As they sometimes will
      And the road you travel
      It stays all uphill

      Let's work together
      Come on, come on
      Let's work together, ah
      You know together we will stand
      Every boy, girl, woman and man

      Well now, make someone happy
      Make someone smile
      Let's all work together
      And make life worthwhile

      Love Light, Unity, Peace, Freedom and Prosperity to All


    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Cobra, Anthony Kiedis from 4D has something Shake Appealinh for you soon, see you at the party Ricther!

  47. Why is so important to ascend.Im sure it's been ask before.But the LF make it so 'critical' thing to ascend right now.If the Planet is liberat so whats the diffrent?

    1. From my understanding, and I accept that I could be wrong, the waters have been muddied with the idea that liberation and ascension are the same thing. Ascension and liberation are independent of each other, however one (ascension) is reliant on the other (liberation). No one can ascend in the state we all are in now and those that wish to ascend cannot do so without liberation.

    2. Ascension means having complete control over what form or appearance you choose to take on. You essentially become the artist of your own reality, not bound by any laws of time or space.

  48. Is the Tachyon membrane at the heliopause will help to reduce the weather weapons?

  49. I wish COBRA will not just answer questions in the interview but also would give situation update with his own words.kind of 'The teaching of COBRA'


  50. Interview w/ ex-FBI John DeSouza on Las Vegas, CA Fires, Tom Delonge & Paranormal Investigations
    Destroying The Illusion

  51. you guys forget that PFC are presenting or grouping the questions posted by everyone?...

    logically if there is heavy inquiry on some subjects most likely questions of such topics will be addressed.

    These questions are OUR OWN questions... from your peers. Everyone is at different stages of understanding and of being up to date...
    Interviews cannot be tailored for one individual alone... or for the veterans in the room only.

    As far as question repetition, the most Cobra could do is ask that each one of review the previous questions or FAQ's which many won't or is not aware of.

    There are new people here.. with similar fears u all had once.

    Post your questions to the PFC site so it will be considered for the interview... add your 2cents.

    The results of PFC interview can be correlated to OUR effort or lack. As we are the ones who is supplying PFC with the questions and feedback and /or with no solution or ideas.

    If this is to be a teamwork effort is not about just criticizing .. is about providing input feedback in a construtive manner that perhaps will lead to solutions.. how about bringing to the table possible solutions..

    some of u do...

    the others aching just to critize without being mindful of all others.. reconsider.


    Project Cameleot

  53. Here are some questions if anyone one like to use them.

    Did dinosaurs have group souls and are any incarnate as humans now?

    What kind of animal did the grey type of ET evolve from?

    Can you travel to where source is located in the void and go there physically?

    What group were Satan and Lucifer apart of?

    What is the average amount of years a soul takes to get I am presence?

    Can we get physical description of the chimera and Archon in there natural form?

    Would it work if you hypnotized someone and asked to talk to their higher self and is it dangerous?

    What is the process for a soul being made in central sun?

    1. I'd like to answer them with my current knowledge, please!
      1. Most animals and their "groups" on earth have a one big large soul, split into each animal of the type. Dinosaurs also had a one big soul, after they went extinct, the soul was still here on earth, and it is taking part on other, higher evolved animals groups such as chickens (descendants of dinos) and other reptiles. Now for the human incarnation, it's unlikely, but if a part of that soul is evolved enough to handle a human body, it can.
      2. Same as us, all started with a microscopic speck with the ability to make another copy of itself written in it's DNA and later evolved into different kinds of species.
      3. No. Source aka "The Mind", "God", "Universe", "Singularity" etc. is outside of space and time. It's everywhere and it is nowhere. It is the code of our reality (it's 0=infinity). Just like in a videogame, the code (source) is everywhere (1's and 0's are everywhere, but you can't see them), and it is nowhere IN the game ITSELF (you don't directly see the code unless you want to and know how to)(like in our universe, you can't directly find the code in the game just as you can't directly find the source in our reality).
      4.I really dislike seing these two together, because christians like to throw their shit around and acusing those who "like" Lucifer as devil worshippers.
      Now, these two are not the same, hardly even beings.
      Satan is a non-physical being that was cleared long time ago, that was a part of the lords of karma. He was responsible for the karma and reincarnation control to SATurn. He made the SETTings there, as in, the so called "quarantine zone", one of his names is Seth (as in settings). Later the church used this being for their dogmas, mind control and fear tactics to get more people to get into their sick cult.
      Lucifer is less like a being, and more like a title, as it translates into Morning Star (venus), and Lightbearer, and it is the most powerful title of a light being (the church hates this fact and says that it is satan and it's decieving you but really it's all just scaring people and nonsense.) The Lucifer we know of, the first karma lord, came from andromeda, he did a mistake in the past and turned aginst everyone (that was cleared, he is assisting the liberation of the planet).
      5. There is no "avarage", everything happens when the time is right and the experience is different for everyone. Avarages are only for a one big soul, we have different souls, thus different experience and time needed to learn stuff.
      "Can we get physical description of the chimera and Archon in there natural form?"
      Chimera are in humanoid bodies, they reside in the most higher levels of goverments (some of them in secret societies) and control everything from there. You can see what a Chimera might look like if you look at the queen of england, rockefellers and rotchilds.
      Archons are non-physical, they don't have a constant body. They always shift, pretending to be god(s) of a certain religion, angels or other beings of light, and when a person dies and can't find a difference between a true being of light and an archon, the archon tricks them into the cycle of karma and sends them down to earth to suffer again for their "sins" (that archons made them have).
      7. First of all, you can only talk to their higher self telepathically, or if they can do it: they can speak with it and tell you what is says. Hypnosis would be risky, and the results would warry (it's a dice roll), i wouldn't recomend it.
      "What is the process for a soul being made in central sun?"
      Souls aren't made in the central sun, souls are made with the interaction of the source splitting itself and focusing on one part, and some of the older souls are made with the interaction between the source and the primary anomaly.
      Hope i helped!

    2. I do apologise, made a few mistakes in the post cause the comment was too long and i had to delete several things

    3. Alba weinman does the hypnosis that you nentioned check her out she's great

    4. Did dinosaurs have group souls and are any incarnate as humans now?

      Untwine : Do all animals have one soul each, or does it happen that several animals share one soul ?
      C : Usually there is a group soul, many animals have one group soul which then tends to incarnate in many bodies.
      U : And it’s the same for plants.
      C : Yes exactly.
      ---ref ut0216

      Richard – As the soul progresses, do we just go into human life or do we go into animal life.? Could we live as other species as we evolve.?
      COBRA – When you have progressed to the human life you never go back to the animal life again and most of the star people have never experienced an animal lifetime.? So we will just return back to our magnificence of our soul presence.
      ---ref: pc1015

    5. What kind of animal did the grey type of ET evolve from?

      animal? Sound like a strange question to me. I will post as follows:

      U : Ok. Is there still some greys on this planet ?
      C : There are some people who are greys incarnated in human bodies but not in grey bodies.
      U : Ok. So on the non physical planes is there some also ?
      C : On the non-physical planes yes.
      U : And are they all negative ?
      C : Some of them yes, some of them are crossing into the light as we speak.
      U : Ok. And then they are leaving the planet ?
      C : Yes they are being escorted away from the planet.
      U : What's their origin ?
      C : Many of them come from star systems which are part of the draco alliance in this local sector of the galaxy.
      U : Ok so it's a natural race not a manipulation.
      C : Of course they were manipulated by the archons but now they are evolving beyond that.
      U : Ok. And they were not created by the archons ?
      C : No.

    6. What group were Satan and Lucifer apart of?

      Judi – I have some questions from the internet. Gill would like to know who is Lucifer and is he connected to any of the Alien races dominated this solar system?
      COBRA – This entity has been removed from the planet quite some time ago and is now working with the light forces and has been transformed and no longer part of the dark Cabal. This entity came from the Andromidan galaxy long time ago and he had an important role in the history of this planet. He is no longer part of this planetary system. So he is no longer here.
      ---ref pc0215

    7. What is the process for a soul being made in central sun?

      SOUL ORIGIN (Identity)
      Rob – OK. There is many diff answers for many people. Generally speaking, for those of us on the earth, do we have one origin planet or one galaxy where we came from or are we soul wanderers. Is it true our home could be on a light ship?
      COBRA – Most souls have originated from the central sun of this galaxy and some souls from central sun of some other galaxies. And then of course we Went through various star systems and we spent time of various planets and a lot of time on mother ships and of course most of humanity has been created here on this planet and has grown and evolved on this planet.
      Rob – Yes, but the souls actually originated on the grand central sun. Did they have a life there or did they just originate and the soul was created and maybe had a first incarnation on a planet.
      COBRA – The central sun is a birthing star gate for the soul. Then souls are actually, they emerge from the galactic central sun and they travel and they gain experience first in the central region of the galaxy and afterward they of course wander in different directions.
      ---ref rp0614
      E: We all have made this kind of a journey, too, though star systems?

      C: Most human beings that are present on the planet have been created in this planetary system, but there are many who have come here to this planet from other star systems, most of them to raise the vibrational frequency on the planet. There also beings who came here from other star systems to assist the controlling forces, so there are a mixture of various races here on the planet.

      E: Was this also a necessity to generate the kind of energy that this transformation needs that it would draw from all of the galaxy to produce? I’m sensing that it is sort of like a thing that has to create a certain kind of dynamic to generate the transformation. So, rather than looking at the whole thing as a drama that is unfortunate because there was so much suffering, do we begin to look at this as a drama that has to do with the operation of energetic forces in creation?

      C: Yes, you can look at it from any perspective you wish. It is the human being that creates the perspective.
      ---ref ew1113

      Rob – Would you agree that we are souls and that we descend and we begin – go through a process, and the soul’s process and purpose in life is to go through a continual process of ascension which starts as a mineral, moves toward vegetable life over extended millions of years and many different worlds experiencing feelings and emotions and then moves into an animal life existence and has an extremely long experience there – many millions of years – and then the soul becomes a physical being? Would you agree with that?
      COBRA – This is one possible course of evolution and the star people on this planet did not go through that process. Actually the star people on this planet went through a different process when they emerged from the central sun, went through the angelic evolution then descended through dimensions into the physicality.

    8. Can we get physical description of the chimera and Archon in there natural form?


      Cobra: Ok, Archon is actually a being that has been subjected to very strong unnatural mutation process. A long time ago in the galactic history there was a certain group of beings that were in fact very powerful Angels and they wanted to experience matter so they devised very advanced
      technology based electro magnetic fields that distorted space and time continuum and they subjected themselves to this technology and this has changed their consciousness and this is the source of evil as you would describe it and those beings have been very powerful Angels before and they, after this process they became very powerful, I would say demons and they actually created quarantine earth and they have ruled this place for the last 25,000 years and now it’s time for them to go, they’re time is up.
      ---ref lh0612

      U : Are archons humanoid or do they have another form ?
      C : Those who are incarnated of course are in human bodies. Those who are non-physical some of them keep that humanoid form and some of them choose to keep different shapes, some of them tend to shape themselves in a more reptilian type body. But this is purely upon their choice, it is not something they are forced to do it is something they choose to do.
      ---ref ut0315


      Rob – Yes, the energies have been shifting dramatically. I’ve been feeling them. You know, I’m on an island space, which is one of the most remotest on the planet, but the energies have really shifted in regards to the on going operations within the solar system when we talk about the Chimera or the Orion group. I’m not trying to pigeon hole any type of ET racial phenotype. Are the Chimera the ones in physical form? Are they originally, in their souls, are some of these beings tall whites? Are they reptilians in human incarnation? Can you give us a little more understanding? Are they from a specific planet in the Orion complex? Are they not from Orion? What is the nature of the Chimera’s group? Is this a consortium of different ET groups, a couple hostile groups as has been suggested by others?
      COBRA – Most of people that belong to the Chimera group are Andromedans or Orion hybrids. They originate from a certain sector of the Andromedan galaxy and went through the Orion training, you might say, when they were accepted, and then they were part of the dark Orion/Draco/Reptilian Empire. They basically had taken over that empire. They were the administrators, the handlers of the Draco/Reptilian/Orion Empire for a long period of time. They were the ones who are technologically and scientifically the most advanced of that empire. This is why they are the last ones remaining. (OK) This is why they have the most advanced defense systems.
      Rob – OK. So these are actually Andromedans who at the highest level manipulated the Alpha-Draconas, is that correct?
      COBRA – Yes.
      ---ref rp0215
      Rob – OK. Here’s a question: are the chimera’s incarnated in humans or are they only controlling them.
      COBRA – They are incarnated in human bodies, yes. What they are doing, they are using technology, they believe in this trans-humanism in of enhancing human body with electronics. They like to play with this interaction. They’re keeping their bodies with all kinds of sensors and technology. At first look they look like average human being. Of course their source is not part of humanity.
      ---ref rp0914
      Rob – Is there any particular physical characteristic or probably just the extremely heavy vibe, hugh?
      COBRA – Yes, that would be the main characteristic, yea.
      ---ref rp0914
      Rob – Are they born of humans or are they holographically generated this particular advanced group or are they clones. What is this particular ?
      COBRA – Most of them were actually projected with technology to cloned bodies in underground bases. Most of them live most of their lives in underground bases in the past.
      ---ref rp0914

    9. Can you travel to where source is located in the void and go there physically?

      This wpuld be my choice as an answer...

      Rob Can you tell us more about the One? How did the One appear and where is the One located.
      Cobra – The One did not appear. The One always was, it is and always will be. It is not located. The One defines the location coordinate system. The One is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
      Rob – I agree completely. The One is everywhere and nowhere. It’s immanent and transcendent.
      ---ref rp1214?

    10. Isne't the Grey are all hybrid?

    11. greys vs hybrid

      Rob – Let’s see – there’s a question here, and this is kind of an interesting thing in general – How many hybrid civilizations have the greys seeded using our DNA.

      COBRA – They were not able to use our DNA because those genetic experiments were not successful as they hoped.

      Rob – Did they loose their ability to procreate.

      COBRA – It was greatly compromised because their genetic material was not as good as they hoped.

      Rob – Yes, that is what he said as well (Fred Bell).
      ---ref rp1014

    12. Posting to say thanks to Dragon heart for the refresher. Keep doing that from time to time. :)

    13. Thanks dragon heart those interviews must have fell out my head.

    14. np, I think what is important here is that we help each other to find what we seeking.

      I am going to post in ESAC the remaining questions I did not find an answer to brandon... maybe someone might know or may consider for interview or none ;)

  54. "Devotion"

    "Devotion is the keyword for success in life. Everyone to one degree or another is devoted to something according to where they are in consciousness and the nature of their mind. Also, their nature and intensity of desire has a great deal to do with devotion. Devotion means to fix on something, to focus one’s effort on something specific and pursue this course with great intensity.

    The main thing we need to consider, or have an awareness of, is whether or not what we are devoted to is productive or not productive, life-supporting or not life-supporting.

    We should always give due consideration to anything we have a feeling for and feel a certain devotion toward. If, after exploring the situation carefully, we find it to be good and that it serves our purpose and the purpose of life, then and only then should we become devoted to that particular pursuit. This is what is known as planned existence.

    We may only be devoted to one thing, while with others, their devotion may be to numerous things. What takes most of humanity’s time and devotion is the drive for success. If you were to ask people what is success, many would answer that it was the acquisition of wealth or "things" they believe will make them happy. Certainly the basics of food, shelter and health are most important. However such a focus on the acquisition of "things" becomes a devotion to greater bondage.

    For instance, there is nothing wrong with having money or anything material. It is only how we view and use money or materiality that counts. As a tool for our own higher development and for the upliftment of those in need, money and material acquisition is good. When it is used to control or hinder the lives of others for the sake of power, it is destructive, counter-productive, evil. So, again, it is good to know by discrimination what we should become devoted to and to what degree.

    Down through the ages we have been taught that a very high purpose in life is to be devoted to God (Source). It is very true that we should be devoted to God, but we should be devoted in the right way.

    The way of devotion to God is by love and by infusion of Everlasting Present Awareness of Being. By "surrendering" to God in this way we will be giving maximum devotion for all good because we not only place ourselves on the path of perfection and liberation, but we are also helping humanity to rise up much higher than it otherwise would.

    Thereby, we embark on a selfless crusade for humanity and by so doing we serve the purpose of God and the purpose of life which is evolution and perfection. This is right devotion.

    We do not show devotion by loudly proclaiming how devoted we are, but by silently expressing our devotion by our actions and letting our Light speak for us.

    Devotion also means that no matter how hard the way seems and how little we seem to be gaining, we just keep on going. Meditation, Prayer, and Gratitude is certainly helpful.

    Then, when we least expect it, we will come out of the darkness, out of the pain and out of the shadows of life and into the glorious bliss and light of the Eternal. By our concentrated devotion we overcome and then we stand as pillars of light. We then express our true divine Self. By our devotion to God, we merge into God consciousness;
    we come into the oneness, the all-knowing, all-experiencing, divine and eternal Self.

    So, devotion to our spiritual development is the paramount consideration of life’s journey. As we climb higher and higher on the ladder of life, we gradually “vanish” in a blaze of Light (our individual existence identifies with our Divine existence) and we realize our Eternal Kingdom, the land of the glorious ‘now.’ We pass beyond all sorrow, all shadows and tribulations of human life, even in their midst, and through our true devotion we become the eternally devoted, never again to feel the sting of death or the pain of birth."

  55. Everyone, I would like to give a major shout-out to Go Esoteric who posted a comment on Cobra's last post offering free Aura Cleansing sessions. All you need to do is a send a photo with your face and torso. This offer is open to everyone.

    Here is the link he originally posted with more details:

    Here are the replies I sent him about the results of the cleansing on me:

    "I feel a strange sensation of light, peace and calm overtaken me. I don't know how to explain it. Maybe it's because I have been up for so long and out of it, but I usually feel worse and the exact opposite when I am running on little sleep. I wish I could feel this positive sensation over me every day. I don't know if this has to do with the Aura Cleansing. Perhaps I need more time to figure that out. I can tell you are placing a lot of effort into this, though. I really appreciate what you are doing so much. I cannot express my gratitude to you enough."

    "Yeah, I feel noticeably better for sure. A sense of some weight I've been lifting for a long time gone. Like the dark energy has retreated somewhat. It's not most of it. But it is a noticeable amount for sure. There is more calm and peace, and little desire to fight or get involved in bickering. It just seems pointless and fruitless. Like who cares, right?"

    "Oh, third thing I want to add. My nightmares were more intense and deranged than usual, but I do know that my minds tends to recycle my fears, as if detoxing, because there are days when I feel a lot better following these nightmares. I'd say this is one of those cases."

    Thank you so much once again, Go Esoteric! I highly recommend everyone who is interested e-mail the guy. I'd be very interested to see if anyone else has similar experiences.

    Peace and love! :D

    1. So happy you have found some relief, Psychedelicpiper! I am pulling for your complete restoration in perfect health & well-being. Your enthusiasm in this post was such an energetic lift! All the best!!!

  56. Posted: Saturday October 21, 2017

    One World Unity Meditation

    @ "astral traveler": Regarding the time for ONE World Unity Meditation scheduled daily, I agree with the time you suggested 4:00PM (16:00) GMT daily. That time seems to accommodate the most time zones comfortably.

    Comparable times in other zones would be:

    6:00AM Standard Time (no daylight savings)/Honolulu, Hawaii

    9:00AM Pacific Daylight Savings Time/Los Angeles, California
    10:00AM Mountain Daylight Savings Time/Denver, Colorado
    11:00AM Central Daylight Savings Time/Houston, Texas
    12:00PM Eastern Daylight Time/New York, New York

    1:00AM (Next Day) Standard Time/Tokyo, Japan
    Note: Japan seems to be one of the only time zones with a very late corresponding time. I hope that is acceptable. I don't know the number of participants we have in Japan.

    European and other regions would be a reasonable time.

    On November 5 when the time in most United States cities
    changes from Daylight Savings to Standard Time, the times above would be 1 hour earlier in the United States (most cities), with the exception of Hawaii that would remain at 6:00AM and Japan that would remain at 1:00AM (the next day).

    It's best that everyone confirm the correct time in their specific area to avoid mistakes and the complexity of the daylight savings time change to standard time (which occurs differently in Europe and not all cities in the United States).

    The "intent" can simply be the "all-encompassing" one we all focused on for the World Unity Meditation at the eclipse on August 21, 2017, as expressed by Cobra:

    "State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of bringing harmony and unity for planet Earth and its inhabitants."

    I suggest that people who wish to add more "specifics" to the meditation, that is purely optional.

    Those people who wish to meditate or pray additional times, that is also purely optional.

    Cobra had suggested a meditation time of 15 minutes. Whatever time you are able to do comfortably is certainly welcome and encouraged.

    I think that this opportunity also allows most people to participate AT LEAST on the weekend, if not more.

    NOTE: The above intent for "harmony and unity" automatically includes ALL POSSIBLE conditions that we would like to change to bring THE EVENT as soon as possible. All adverse, negative conditions such as toplet bombs, the plasma entities, severe weather, political upheavals, poverty, money, etc., are removed as the speed of harmony and unity increases on earth through our Meditation and increase of Light.

    I hope everyone can see that it's not necessary to add any wording to the Intent indicated above; although if you would like to, it is purely optional.

    Victory of the Light.

  57. Cobra Space Adventure 432Hz

    1. @ "Jonathan Carty": Cobra Space Adventure is amusing, fun, "kewl." I like the range of pitch in the music - especially when it gets high.

  58. I think one aspects of prepare for change hasn been infected by the cabal. They infiltrated the Thule,masonic society pfc is easy for them
    I'm still have the bitter of last cobra's interview questions. Sincerely a devoted lightworker like many of u


  59. it's inadmissible only 2% from 24th august to 17th October...

    It's inadmissible, after the eclipse meditation...


  60. @TheEvent

    where are there now (the much claimed by Cobra) angelic beings and uncloaked ships from before 1996?

    have you been visited at night by at least some benevolent orbs?

    many of us are loosing day by day our hard achieved psychic abilities...
    where is Cobra's development now?

    Say a word please...

    1. "Some of you might remember that before 1996, sublunar space was full of motherships of our positive space bother races, full of angels and positive beings of Light. Now the parasite plasmoids near the Earth surface have been cleared enough that a certain amount of the Pleiaidian fleet has returned to the sublunar space (hopefully permanently),"

    2. @ "unknown":

      You write:

      "where are there now (the much claimed by Cobra) angelic beings and uncloaked ships from before 1996?

      >I think Cobra has written that ships are now nearby and hopefully that will be permanent. They are still hidden from view. Similarly, angelic beings vibrate at a faster rate of energy, in a higher celestial dimension, and are not usually visible and perceived by the human.

      have you been visited at night by at least some benevolent orbs?
      >Personally, I am not aware of such.

      many of us are loosing day by day our hard achieved psychic abilities...
      where is Cobra's development now?
      >I'm not aware of many losing their "hard achieved" psychic abilities. My understanding is that what's most important is our relationship and awareness of Source/Almighty "God" (not as religion). Psychic and other powers/abilities are NOT a prerequisite to spiritual realization. They are often a hindrance because they were misused or abused in a prior lifetime such as Atlantis. So they may be intentionally hidden this lifetime until the right time as they are deemed valuable, if at all. That's my understanding.

      >I don't know Cobra's awareness. I think we get a clue by his words, behavior, actions. He obviously has a gift of knowing to a certain Divine degree, in my opinion.

      Say a word please..."


  61. @TheEvent CObra

    Give us please an educated guess about Theresa's post

    Do you find it realistic, grounded,... or rather 'out of tracking',... let's say dilettantistic?

    Theresa's blog

    1. @ "unknown": Regarding Theresa's post, it is primarily re-stating Cobra's postings and even providing links of him from this site. The only part I would be "careful" about is when she ventures off on her own opinion and perception such as commenting on Archangel Michael and other comments that are not necessarily Cobra's Intel.
      Another example is when she expresses what to do before The Event, for example, "forgive others," etc. Personally, I do not believe any "certain specific" actions need to be done by anyone. It's up to each individual to find their inner "calling," as Cobra as advocated, and to listen to their inner voice (intuition) as best as possible to ascertain what is true for them. I think everything is naturally flowing and one can't really "make a mistake" in this life, ultimately. That's my opinion.

      See what YOU feel rings true for you. That's more important than what Cobra, Theresa, myself or others may advise you. In the end, take in what you are exposed to around you, listen to others, but most importantly listen to your own guidance within.

      In the Bhagavad Gita, the "creme" of the eternal Vedas which proclaim the essence of all knowledge:

      Chapter 3, verse 35

      "Because one can perform it, one's own dharma, (though) lesser in merit, is better than the dharma of another."

      In other words, better to do what's right for you no matter how inferior it may seem compared to others, than to do something that is so-called more evolved but not appropriate or suitable for your level of awareness.

      One definition of Dharma is action that is in tune with our nature for growth and realization (evolution); our niche; our nature.


  62. @TheEvent Cobra

    Even if we suppose to have an Event like transition, do you still believe in the sequence of events, in the meaning that 'the plan has not changed'?

    We learnt from Cobra's latest post that 'mass arrests' will be allowed by chimera, in order to escape.

    So, it might happen (excepting the very top of arcohons) in the pre-Event time.
    If so, this will change the sequence of events, isn't it??

    1. @ "unknown": Cobra has commented more than once that the plan for The Event remains the same. There have already been increasing arrests and whatever happens prior to The Event doesn't change the established plan of The Event.

      Since the chimera's plan to escape will not be permitted, their other plans may not manifest either (such as mass arrests before The Event).

      Nothing to concern ourselves with really.




  64. Puppets on strings and the pendulum swings.

  65. Ok people. I am now trying to modify the ESAC Matrix-FAQ to something like this

    any feedback will be appreciated. i will slowly but surely start to transfer the old information and hopefully the end result will be helpful. I will actually start with the latest interview and move to past years. I think that is better for now.

    1. It would be great if this site was somehow confirgured for easy search so that PFC can refernece it before the interview to avoid wasting any time on repeat topics.

    2. @ Dragon Heart: I thought there ALREADY was an archive of past topics Cobra has commented on? Does someone know?

      What you're attempting to do, to archive recent questions and answers to and and from Cobra, and go back in time (to when he began in 2012) is a monumental task and commendable. Thank you.

      However, I wonder if it's really necessary. First, my question above, do we already have an archive needs to be answered?

      In any case, I think the SEARCH BAR at the top of our website: can provide newcomers and everyone with prior posts to the "Keywords" typed into it. I think that should be efficient.

      By the time your project really gets going we will be happily embracing THE EVENT, lol, and it will not be required.

    3. E:... I hope the event happens before i finish that site lol... :) but yes the old archive are still available on the sites Cobra listed on this post. It is the same info except for some latest addition.

      The reason for this new format (of the old n new info) is that it will make it easier to search for answers (it will have besides the search field, tags as well) and also to address what Victory of the Light pointed out, so those that will be making interviews they could easily find questions that might not have been answered... (just by clicking at the "unanswered tab"

      The idea is as people post their questions others could Vote on them and those that are aware that the question has been addressed on previous interviews could point the person where to find the answer or just give the answer... ideally point where to find it.

    4. Victory... that is one goal of it if they choose to use it. In addition it will empower You or anyone to contribute in filtering questions and answering unanswered questions already addressed on previous interviews that way the person who asked still gets an answer.

    5. note the old is:
      (which is not updated with latest info)
      new format will contain the same as the old but with the latest info.. sometime this lifetime ;)

      And it will happen in this lifetime. :)
      but I will be more than happy if the event happens before I finish this site..


  66. Nobody asked me to do this, and I don't even know if he wants me to say what I'm about to say. This is all on me.
    If you don't like what I'm doing, Paul, too bad. I'll do it anyway ;-)

    You have probably read that Psychedelicpiper is looking to heal himself with help from the Tachyon chamber technology. You can find his post further up this page where he gives you all the details.
    My Heart and My Higher Self really support what he is doing. He's figured out the problem and has come up with the solution. He's not dwelling on his misery, he's looking for the way out of it.
    And that way of thinking is the only way forward. I consider his actions and attitude to be exemplary of how to fix problems. Not just in his personal life but on a meta-level as well.
    It takes ACTIONS not just words.

    So can you please look around, search your couch cushions, lift up your carpet, maybe you'll find a bit of cash so that you can support his efforts.
    I know that I will. I live on 305 Euros per month, but it is important enough for me that I'll chime in for the good cause.

    Please help a brother out.

    This is the "Chimes Of Freedom" EP

    Have a wonderful SunDay full of Love, Light and Peace, everybody

    Your friend



  67. @TheEvent CoBRa

    How do you find this:

    1. @ "unknown": Regarding the whitehatsreport: That article was written before President Trump entered office (prior to January 2017). It emphasizes that he is a patriot, which is fine, but it doesn't seem to have the Intel about the vast control of power beyond every president's control; i.e. the anomaly, the result of evil manifestation of fallen angels choosing evil, the yaldabaoth plasma level and its entities with toplet bombs, scalar and other advanced technological weaponry, the chimera, archons, jesuits, rothschilds, and other "cabal" factions.

      All of this is what the Light forces are dismantling for The Event to take place. By the Supreme Will of Source.

  68. Draco White Royal Archangel Raphael has something for you, Cobra. Mitä se on sä mietit? Nooooh!!11

  69. During the interview it was discussed that due to high activity behind the scenes there isn’t much for you to post right now.
    Even though you cannot post about the current situation, will you please enlighten us more frequently on other topics that we may or may have not touched on briefly in the past.
    Perhaps we can learn more about basic raising of the vibration / ascension protocols, healing, technology, places on earth or history, maybe even more personal things about other Star races, physics, the universe etc. there’s so much more to talk about than what’s going on now and previous post of yours about the elixir of life and healing have left open a lot of potential to continue on with.


  70. Cobra Space Adventure 432Hz (Vimeo link in case it is blocked in your country)

  71. outside are the prisoners
    inside the free
    set them Free
    set them Free
    -silver and gold


  72. Cobra, what happens with your WAM chronometer (on right of the page?)
    It shows 5.00PM UTC instead of 4.00PM UTC!!

  73. If you are struggling with manifesting what you want, use these tips to ask the universe to fulfill your deepest desires.

    October 22, 2017
    by Edward Morgan

  74. Thank you Cobra and PFC, always good to hear Cobra's view, which often confirms things we suspected, or shines new light on things.

    I have yet to send in a first question. I would like to know more about the California fires, so maybe I will send that in. This is the best and most logical explanation I found about Directed Energy Weapons and how they work, in this video:

    How and Why CA Fires Were DEW Created

    As for all the debate of how, when, why how many etc, meditations, it reminds me of when I first had an interest in Wicccan things and was invited as a guest to several rituals of my friend's coven. While the women were nice enough and even fun at times, I found the over-analyzing, micromanaging the ritual before it was started ("no, we should jump over the Yule log AFTER...blah-blah-blah") to be tedious and a buzz-kill. The endless discussion sapped the life out of the ritual itself, which should have some structure, but should also flow easily and naturally, IMHO. This is why I became a solo practitioner, I was not interested in all that unnecessary over-planning and power struggle B.S.

    As for the multitude of current meditations, the sheer volume of noise about them (new information constantly thrown out) is one reason I tend not to participate (it is a lot to stay updated on when my own life is busy and takes me away from the computer, and plus I am often working (thus not online) during these rigorously scheduled adjunct meditations - don't you people work?) ;)

    No I don't need to hear from Spiritoo that she has never missed a single meditation (it's not a contest), nor from Divine whatever etc. that he thinks one meditation is sufficient. My eyes now glaze over when I read the volume of comments about it, just as they do by the sheer volume of unknown's comments, although within the large mix are a few gems I value, but I just can't even read all this same old "stuff" people post, I'm already too full of irrelevant thoughts and feelings, because I'm an Empath.

    If you also find it overwhelming, I suggest to go out in nature and just sit quietly and let the rattle in your brain subside, then send clear intentions towards the situations we are trying to positively impact in the meditations.

    Now I WOULD welcome a simple, clear and COMPLETE LIST of meditations, like on one page, by topic/ frequency / time /date with a link to instructions for each one, all details at the links. That would be helpful for many of us as a quick reference to see which ones we can participate in when able, without having to sort through volumes of comments for updates. (Thanks if anyone is up for it). unknown listed some way up above in the thread, but many are missing from that list.

    Now one more thing I am confused about and should submit a question to Cobra. Almost without fail in New England, our summer temperatures end abruptly after Labor Day, but we have so far enjoyed the 5th warmest October on record, after a warm September. (Upper 70's and low 80's is unusual this late in the year.) Many of us are concerned it may indicate a very cold and snowy winter (which brings everything to a standstill, as it did in 2015). Yet the meteorologists say we may possibly have a warmer winter than normal, d/o the jet stream location. I know natural cycles are fluctuating more extremely than we are used to, having lived in a relatively mild cycle most of our lives, but I have to wonder if there isn't something else going on, like maybe we are getting lulled into complacency with these mild temps, before there is an extreme and shocking shift. Are these cycles really natural?

    Well I shall go on wondering and wandering in nature while I can.

    Also, Zerowater is a great, affordable and portable water filtration system, much better than Brita.

    1. @ "Phoenix Boulay" and readers of this blog:
      The list of meditations asked for (in my perspective) is a simple "one":

      Unity Meditation
      Scheduled Daily At:

      4:00PM (16:00) GMT.

      You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

      Note: All additional meditations; and all additions to the following "intent" (in step 2) are purely optional.

      Instructions (from Cobra's posted August 21, 2017 Unity Meditation):

      1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

      2. "State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of bringing harmony and unity for planet Earth and its inhabitants."

      Note #1: The above "intent" of harmony and unity covers all conditions to bring about The Event as soon as possible, without having to add other specifics. You may if you wish, it is purely optional.

      Note #2: In my perspective, one can choose to accomplish the following steps 3 and 4 by simply using their own meditation, prayer, affirmations, etc. as desired, so long as the above "intent" is the same and the start time is the same unified time of 4:00PM (16:00) GMT, daily.

      3. Visualize a pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System, through the eclipsed Sun and the Moon and then through your body to the center of the Earth. Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth, then up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our Solar System and our galaxy. You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, the Light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.

      4. Now visualize a soft pink healing divine feminine energy, healing all people of the planet of their past traumas, bringing peace, harmony, understanding, abundance and unity. Visualize this soft pink light healing the minds and hearts of all people worldwide. See all Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and Truthers working in unity for the creation of the New Earth. See the people of Earth celebrating and joyfully participating in the creation of our new reality where everyone can obtain what they need and freely choose to live as they desire.

      Suggested time for meditation is 15 minutes. Any time you are able to do that is comfortable for you is valuable.

      The above time seems to accommodate the most time zones comfortably. (It is also the time of the Sunday meditation on the website clock.) Most people should have the opportunity to participate collectively at least on the weekends, if not more.

      Victory of the Light.

    2. Not what I was looking for at all. That's not a list, it is a post about your one-size fits all meditation. If I felt that was the solution for me I would not have made the post. In fact, your "solution" included way too much of what I stated I was NOT looking for: details! I just want a link to click when I need details, not every detail spelled out.

      I asked for a list, meaning I just want a succinct list of all the current adjunct meditations. This would make it more inviting and more possible for some of us to spontaneously join in due to it's simplicity. Easy to scan when one has a free block of time, to see what we can participate in next.

      Thanks though, gotta admit you are persistent. So are mosquitoes. (>slap!<) :D

      More like this:

      Weekly Ascension Meditation, Sundays, 4pm GMT

      California Fire Meditation, Daily 4pm EST

      New Moon Abundance Meditation, Oct. 19th, 10:41pm EST at exact aspect


      Obviously these are just samples.

      I just don't remember them all, or the various websites they are on. I am not reading through volumes of comments on multiple Cobra posts again to find them. Makes my head spin and no, I don't need an exorcist!

      Like I said, if anyone can help I think it will benefit many of us, or perhaps someone has already made their own list of all the current options for participation. Not a bid deal, if I could remember them all I'd make it myself. Life goes on with or without it. If someone comes up with a list, thanks in advance, Thanks very much, in fact; otherwise I'm done with this topic.

      Autumn is the BEST! Get off the computer and get out there! Although we're having a pretty warm summer day tomorrow...

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.


  75. This is for every single life ever lost in any mindless, useless battle and war.

    This Cold Chisel - Khe Sanh

    War - What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing!

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Freedom and Prosperity for All


    1. @RaJah Here's my pick. Jimi Hendrix and The Band of Gypsys - Machine Gun:


    2. Great song-choice, Pipe!

      That song is just *brutal* with the lyrics and the sound and its honesty.
      Which is why they blocked it in my country. But I've UnBlocked it and those warmongerers and their minions can all Kiss My Ass.
      Only kidding. Of course I wouldn't let their hate-infested, stinking, rotten mouths anywhere near my buttocks. Don't wanna catch a disease from their lips ;-)

      Peace, Love and Understanding

      Nothin' funny about them, they're the only way forward. Bring on the Future!

      Harmony, sweeet HARMONY


    3. How's this for prophetic? Buffalo Springfield…. What is goin' down???


    4. Holy Shit, Mikey!
      YES, man! That's been in my head for years just waiting to be published! Thank You for that.
      STOP! Children what's that sound? Everyboddy look what's going down.
      And it was published in the very *second* that I was about to decree this:

      Throw your hatred down.
      Throw your weapons down.

      Peace and Love

      Now THAT is what I call PERFECT TIMING and TEAMWORK!

      Thank You to the webstaff team for our perfect divine interaction once again.




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  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. Predictions, Comments and Questions for November 2017
    Steve Rother
    Streamed live on Oct 13, 2017

    "Follow your own guidance but know that the earth is changing.....especially having to do with the redistribution of's still changing, and over the next 10 years,some of you will see a lot of drastic changes...

    ...You are masterful creators, dear ones, each and every one of you. Take your power. Balance the masculine and feminine on planet earth. Step into that beautiful harmony that all of you can create, and know that you have found the perfect spot, for your energy to have an experience, as pretending to be a human.

    It is with the greatest of honor that I greet you in these ways. Know that you are farther than you thought in the game, and we honor and applaud you from this side of hte veil. Treat each other with respect, no matter who you are, nurture one another, for you are nurturing yourself when you do. Know that it's a beautiful well together dear ones.


  81. Translation of October 2017 interview with Cobra and PFC for Slovenian readers (more interviews are available on the PFC Slovenia website):

    Link to our ESG and SOTR group on Facebook:

    Thank you Cobra and PFC interview team.

    Victory of the Light!