Wednesday, January 3, 2018

EELA recovery complete, upgrade in progress


  1. Keep up the good work - Victory of the Light!

  2. I'm very Happy !
    The EVENT is at door !
    Victory Of The Light .!.

    1. YES :D. Victory of the Light. Hold THE LIGHT, KEEP SHINING! :) <3

  3. Yay !! Thank you so much RM/LF/GF/lightworkers/ lightwarriors and Cobra! Sending my love and best wishes to all of you .
    Victory of the Light !



    Some 'Q posts' like comments...

    Subject: free energy device


    1. What are the technical standards to be in use in the firsts 'light communities'? (sooner or later after the Event)

      Would we use the disgusting nowadays standards, or have we to develop our 'open standards'?...

      Do you know that actual standards are many times developed due to disgusting corporate and 'economic' interests?...

      How will the power supply from 'free energy' devices look like?...

      Are you enough about three-phasse power distribution, with all its advantages?
      Would you have it further in your light community.

      If yes, and if however needed due to technical reasons still in place,... then would you prefer the 'pure' three-phase distribution, with no neutral wire?...

      Which will be the voltage and frequency in the first Light Community? Those that are established in the surrounding area,... or some particular ones to create more 'independency'?...


    2. WavePoint HO T5 Fluorescent Lamps

      Colors are as blue, white, violet and soft pink.

      An outdoor post top luminaire which hosts 8x24watt HO-T5-Lamp of 21in coloured light tubes might be suitable for the colors at disposal.

      We can open-design it soon.

      The same for the 54watt HO-T5 Lamp of 45in, but as an arm bracket lantern. (It needs to be longer than 45in)


      We consider that Light Comunnities (sooner or later after the Event) should be followed by the rest of the world in the way of 'Ascension'... But not the Light Communities to follow the rest of the world in it's rules and disgusting technical standards or products...

      So we need to develop our own standards and products, from the lower to the most important of aspects.
      We shall only to keep what we consider good from the nowadays tech and standards, and develop ours, as the case may be...

    4. FYI
      A nice HID twin-arc MH lamp for aquarium application (the bigger one in the image):

      BT37 E39/E40 twin-arc

      and also a nice one for hydroponic lighting:
      BT46 twin-arc E39/E40 MH lamp

      Twin Arc technology offers the benefit of two metal halide lamps in a single unit.


    5. Are LEDs even so long live?

      Look at this Twin arc HID BT37 metal halide lamp.

      If you are a specialist,... then look attentively to the left arc tube (as much as you can it)... What do you see??

    6. A nice blended light self ballasted mercury lamp:

      If you are a specialist, keep it in mind, thus not this is what we seek for. Remember also that the arc tube (of mercury or metal halide discharge) is in series circuit in this case, and the lamp works directly to the supply voltage, without the need of any ballast. Of course the halogen tube works as a ballast.

      But what you have to do if you are a specialist,... is to imagine this lamp with the arc tube and the linear halogen one interconnected in a parallel circuit inside the outer jacket of the bulb.

      What happens now?

      You, as a specialist will answer immediately: Stop! you need a ballast now to lite this lamp.
      Yes, it is true! The lamp with this parallel connection loosed its 'self ballasted' feature.

      But not this is all!

      More questions and answers for you as a specialist will come later...

      Till then keep in mind: 'hybrid incandescent/discharge lamp'...


    7. A white 'daylight' E40 tubular clear xenon lamp

      "only Xenon-HID has the similar spectrum as the sun which gives the best lighting condition and lights up the cities as if in the daytime"

      "Widest range of color temperature: Xenon-HID's color temperature varies between 2000K and 12000K"

      Q: How do you achieve a large color temperature that varies between 2000K and 12000K in a clear glass single gas discharge lamp without some other additional gas mixture?

      Would you like this 'daylight' like 'white fire' light in your outdoor environment?


      "To reduce unintentional ultraviolet (UV) exposure, and to contain hot bulb fragments in the event of explosive bulb failure, general-purpose lamps usually have a UV-absorbing glass filter over or around the bulb. Alternatively, lamp bulbs may be doped or coated to filter out the UV radiation. With adequate filtering, a halogen lamp exposes users to less UV than a standard incandescent lamp producing the same effective level of illumination without filtering.[citation needed]"

      Filtering UVs emitted from a lamp, instead of its conversion into the light (by fluorescent coating)?...

      Which is the 'economic interest' in this case?...


    9. Is the filament in the midst of the discharge tube?

      What filament?

      What arc tube?


    10. How?... What?...

      Filament in the arc tube??...
      In the midst of the arc tube?...

      Are you still after the New year party?... or are there decades since you told it once...

      Do you speak about... what?

      Discharge lamp?... Blended self ballasted HID with linear halogen and... metal halide arc tube...

      Yes,... there are both in the midst of the outer jacket of the bulb,... but...

      Hmmm... Filament in the midst of the arc tube?!...


    11. Look what a ludicrousship!...

      An E23/23.5(E70/76) lamp with an E39/40 giant screw.

      We are going to 'open design' an 'open standard' of an E33 screw cap for lamps...

      It will be an intermediate size in-between the E26/27 and E39/40...

      This size is already in DIN standards for fuse screws, and there are rumors that there were also some E33 sodium lamps manufactured in Germany,... but we have to bring this standard world wide...


    12. We have to consider that in Light Communities we have to say: No, we don't need your product manufactured according your ISO or CEN standards! No, you have to follow our standard which we consider as better, and free of any corporatist and other kind of miserable 'economic' interests...


    13. E33 screw cap for HID sodium lamps?

      "Die Kontaktierung der Lampe mit dem Leuchtensockel erfolgt meistens über ein Edison-Gewinde in den Größen E27, E33 oder E40."

      We have to bring it to all!


    14. E33 screw cap for lighting bulbs:

      Reduzierring E33 auf E27
      mit Edison-Gewinde nach DIN 40400"


    15. Very rarely! And interesting as well...

      HID 400W mercury lamp in an ED28 sized outer bulb

      It's not by error! Look the lamp and look the lettering on the box. It's so: 400W mercury lamp ED28. There are otherwise in a ED37/ED120 or BT37 bulb size.

      But keep it in mind so: A 400w mercury arc tube in an ED28 bulb size.

      You will find quite often metal halide lamps of 400w in an ED28 jacket, but no case for mercury lamps...

      But this is in our interest for another discussion: if it works... an oversized mercury arc tube in a ED28 outer bulb jacket. Yes it is, and we will use it soon in another topic...


    16. Some vintage outdoor lighting fixtures for fluorescent tubes, - post-top for short ones (2ft/600mm) and bracket lantern for long ones (4-5ft/1200-1500mm):

      Guess which ones there are in these collection?...

      Thus there are no longer available in nowadays improved versions, we might 'open design' some new versions of them due to 'our standards' and needs
      in order to get the coloured and rainbow lights to welcome 'free energy devices' to lit them in our outdoor environment of our 'Light Communities'...


    17. Filament LED bulbs in ED28 jacket: 30W, 4000lm, 2700-6500K.
      There will be need of 2 in our post top luminaire...

  5. Response to some comments from the blogpost before this one:
    Event = compression breaktrough (it's the same). And Operation Cobra is in progress since this blog was created.. pls do the research before getting overly excited and as a consequence dissapointed afterwards..

    1. Exactly. You only need to take a look around. People are oblivious. There needs to be a global awakening first. Years???

    2. It is not possible to wait! (cobra 108th vice-deputy...)

    3. The Compression Breathru phase started about 2014 not since the beginning of the blog.
      Cobra – We have now entered the breakthrough phase which means the actual process of the compression breakthrough has started. It is not an instant process. It is not an instant event. It is a certain process that has been initialized with this portal activation and will culminate in the event.

      Rob – ...from what you’ve described there’s a layer around the earth, like an onion that is the compression breakthrough field. It seems to be, what you are describing, is if we could imagine, not in any one place, not all at once is the veil being lifted, but in little areas all over the planet, little Nano viruses of light are penetrating it and eventually it’s going to shine through completely. Is that right. It’s kind of a general wispy, kind of like smoke coming out from various places, right.
      Cobra – This is exactly what is happening.
      ---ref rp1214
      Rob - A lot of people are wondering, what is the state of the compression has it gotten any closer to the surface of the planet? Or are will still at
      approximately 300 feet above and 300 feet below the surface of the planet?
      Cobra: There are various layers of compression. Of course, we have the main layer which is 8.6 miles above and below the surface, and we have the other layer of compression which is about, I would say, 100 feet below and above the surface. There are various densities of this compression which change all the time as the clearing of the etheric archons is progressing.
      ---ref rp0514

      and more info on previous old post.

    4. Yeah, for those who not believe him:

    5. Operation Cobra is not the breaktrough phase in particular.
      @DragonHeart: go to the 2012 status report and see for yourself pls

    6. "Cobra" stands for "compression breakthrough" and this is the mission. Then the event/shift.

    7. Beck. right... breakthrough is not Operation Cobra. op cobra is the compression breakthru... which i understand from the post i found it started somewhere in 2014.. but ur post says it started on 2012.

      which post from 2012 you found that it says compression breakthru started on 2012?

      we are basically saying the same thing regardless of the time difference..

      the point is that people understand that this compression breakthru is part of an ongoing process but also is part of the final phase before the event.


    8. @Dragon Heart:

      In the very first "State of mission report 2012" from January 1st 2013 "Cobra in progress" is indeed mentioned. And has been in every yearly state of mission report since then as well.

      And you're absolutely right. It is part of an ongoing process that has been going on for a while with the darks trying everything they can to slow it down.
      But We will succeed - sooner rather than later :-)

      Lots of Love and Light


    9. thanks Rajah for the link...


    I think I may have completely solved the cabal's crime in Haiti in 2010.

    Vibro Cholerae is a murder weapon of choice for use in organ trafficking operations due to its method of action. Also because the murder weapon can simultaneously be used as the perfect cover up. Just this morning found some genetic forensic analysis that was done proving that the strain was not local. Suspect the contamination of a major river via septic waste was intentional.

    I may need protection/security, for I don't want to end up like that doctor in Toronto.

    The more I think about this war against the cabal, the more I realize that my role to play is not like the rest of you, but instead as a "normie" detective.


  7. Introducing The Finest Rife Research Instrument Yet

    The BCX Ultra
    And New, Advance Beam Ray Accessories!

    1. Spooky2 is much cheaper, and has waaaaay more options. Going to give it another try for my hyperacusis. I didn't make the best use of it in 2016 when a guy was letting me borrow it, as I didn't fully understand the illness I was dealing with.

    2. I have * quite a lot * of experience with the BCX Ultra machine. It's very good.

      This person, Carly, at sonoma health and wellness website (link below) knows her stuff and you can order it from her, and also get consultation on illnesses.

      She was interviewed on 11-11-2017 on Ground Crew Command Radio with one of her clients. Below is link to interview.

      I don't know anything about spooky2. You simply have to be careful with the engineering on these machines. If the frequencies aren't exact, and the engineering isn't good, it's not going to be as effective.

    3. @WestCoastUSMegan Was this originally your comment that unknown reposted? I apologize if my reply came off a bit too firm.

      I do trust you've gotten great results from the BCX Ultra machine. After all, it's all the same technology. They're both Rife machines.

      The Spooky2 is far more affordable, though, and it's the one I personally feel guided to, as I have already spent a lot of time with figuring it out back when I was borrowing it. The price will come out to around $200 total, for both the generator device on its own, and the cold laser/low level laser therapy attachment ear plugs. The software is free.

      Here's the website:

      It has a very active and dedicated userbase. They have both their own forums, as well as a few Facebook groups.

      It is powered by free software that updates every month, and people continue to post a lot of success stories with it.

      Different journeys, same destination. ;) Peace, love, and light, my friend.

    4. Psychedelic,
      No - no problem. "Unknown" is unknown to me. Unknown is not me.

      I don't know anything about Spooky2. It's great that you are getting help from it.

      I looked only very briefly at the Spooky2 website and I didn't take the time to figure out how to order one.

      All I really know is the BCX Ultra machine, which is basically one price that has everything with that one price. You don't add on additional stuff, that I know of.

      Just use what works for you!

      There are people around the world making great things, and as we know, China is making things very inexpensively these days.

      As I wrote, I like the BCX Ultra machine, and the people associated with this website. I used to participate in a more general forum... that talks about all different Rife machines... It's easy enough to search and find those types of forums.

      These are the people I know.


  8. This is SKY BLUE

    Victory of Love and Light!


  9. Love 💓

    Vitória da luz!

    Thanks for all

  10. These changes I feel are so subtle - well, the 504 alerts are not subtle and generally very unpleasant. But I definitely feel the changes more or less each time. I remember a time a few years ago when there was a constant barrier which surrounded my heart. Through the course of all these operations, I can for certain say that the wall around my heart is gone and the heart now is free to radiate as it pleases. There are other energy blocks that have persisted for some time that are getting better with this eela recovery. VERY EXCITING TIMES!!!

  11. Very much looking forward to this:

    "A new situation update will be posted in the first few days of 2018."

  12. What about Putin's $200 billion wealth after the event ? (Bill Gates:$76 billion, for example ...)

    1. Hopefully we will ALL have abundance after the Event and the bad guys will have something else in store for them.

  13. Someone said EELA might be related to the Chimera Group

  14. There has definitely been some kind of shift as I'm finally starting to be able to sleep reliably after months and months of Insomnia!

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  16. Thank you Cobra, RM/LF.

    The insane misery of sick individuals and low entities consisting of parasitic machinations at subtler mental levels against aware or unaware individuals, is a violation of the divine right of self determination that can no longer be allowed to continue and must be stopped.

    Sovereignty over one's own thoughts must be guarded and granted and action must be taken.

  17. All sounds very positive, my higher self and my human self thank all involved!! This is epic, beyond epic really, once we all get literally reconnected with Source energy imagine the awareness level then on the planet, once all truths are disclosed, imagine how people will see their lives.. eat, sleep, work, pay taxes, stress over debt, repeat, this has been the norm forever on earth, I can't hardly go to work.. luckily I have a good job that allows me time to research truth, like this portal of Cobra's. I can't wait for some catalyzing event to happen that literally WAKES us the masses! I had hoped all the energies coming in would do that already but the people around me are the same at work, family, friends no real paradigm shift in their awareness.. when I awoke 2 yrs ago I was really vocal on FB and tried to awaken my family, as you all know, it all backfired on me, even obvious staged events they believed.. that all ends soon right!! What is the status of yaldoboath? Toplet bombs? Reptillian bases on earth.. all of it? thanks Cobra.. Victory of the Light! Stay positive we are close!

    1. While direct confrontation is something that usually backfires, what one can do is to sneakily plant seeds within their minds by for example having a "what if" discussion on philosophical topics and so on. The planted seeds will get them to think, and perhaps the seed will grow into a beautiful plant one day.

    2. @unknown. i think many of us egerly await disclosure that we can reunite with those family and friends who have distanced themsleves from us. it will be a great day when they begin to understand the burden of truth we have all carried for so long and the work we have done as a collective to insist on full disclosure so that we may all begin anew.

  18. PARASITE UKUAK = It is a highly determined plastic being and its main function is to cause discord among Lightworkers promoting conflicts, disrespect, aggression, dishonesty and all that is possible to generate chaos. Uses from the old saying: "Divide to conquer". It is directly connected to the Yaldabaoth entity. The elimination of it through collective meditation will consequently lead to "chaos" within the Yaldabaoth entity, since it is connected by a "thread" to that entity. And by being "electrocuted" by the force of a passive meditation of the PVSE and the like, you will eventually be a conductor of that Light energy that will be discharged into the "belly" of Yaldabaoth. The PVSE(the leading portal of the stars in Curitiba Brazil), is a powerful Vortex, a field of very strong and impenetrable energy, unless some breach is given. Anyway, this parasite is trying to puncture it.

    It has spermatozoid appearance, and of course, it is much larger than one. (I was not allowed to say the size, specifically). It is releasing negative discharges in the protective layer of the PVSE, in an attempt to get the attention of the PVSE. He wants to be "heard" and have his accepted intentions entered through openings - these personality weaknesses of those sustaining the Light on the surface. When this parasite is removed - and will be - some others that are also in the "belly" of the Yaldabaoth, as a result, they will also be obviously accelerating the process of complete removal of the Yaldabaoth.

    PVSE and related are being called to this work immediately so as to assist the Light Forces in this task further.

    Important: Key Lightworkers will be pressed more than usual by this parasite, as he knows that if he knocks down a "Leader", several will fall with him, in effect cascade. It is important that each Lightworker maintains his active ethics, morals, and spiritual strength through anchorages, meditations, and invocations. A Lightworker needs to respect the other and not generate situations that end up giving openness to this parasite and its associates.

    Finally, a simple warning with no intention to create fear: this parasite has the ability to create scary scenarios such as inducing nightmares, making chilling presences and even moving objects of place, in order to destabilize, emotionally, the Warriors and Lightworkers to at least break through, and entering the Lightworker's field, he will attack the vortex from within. The only way he can pierce and violate the vortex, be it PVSE or some other, is "being invited" by a "weakness" of those who are the Guardians and Sustained of the Vortex.

    The Light is always Light.

    It is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

    1. Those parasites want to 'delete' me...I'ts extremely sticky.

    2. This is incredible. I think perhaps I could see as much if I were to truly cleanse but I continue to feel weak. I picked up on the discharge and called it a "bleed".

      I will meditate on this thank you!

  19. I’m struggling right now and I can normally carry a lot. A bit of help from above would be so welcomed right now ...

    1. I think also our baggage is getting very heavy because it needs to be let go! Been feeling the same recently.

  20. This new interview is awesome! First part was posted for free. Send some healing their way. Thank you!

  21. Somebody can help me please? I am experiencing strong attacks!!! URGENTLY

    1. Yeah, also woke up with a headache today. Never have a headache usually..

    2. francensence (high quality) can be dropped under the tongue every hour raises vibration Also cutting out sugar and eating more raw food raises the vibration
      In emergency, soak in a bath with essential oils sea salt etc Being in water give relief .Also standing on damp earth with bare feet , (earthing )listen to 432 hertz music alot

    3. 1) Take a lot fo water terapies. Water is excellent in taking away energoinformation and energy in general.

      2) Spend time in nature as much as possible. Fresh prana and not so much artificial electromagnetizm as in cities. Helps alot.

      3) Avoid people who are deep in matrix or have addictions.

      4) Listen to high vibe music. Listen to mantras for example for protection.I found it wery helpful. You can find themon Youtube. Or try some tibetan singing bowls. Low vibe astral parasites cant stand high frequency sound.


      Found this wery helpful. Actually this is universal mantra.

    5. Free remote distance healing by means of low level laser therapy is being offered to anyone who may be interested in receiving this support.

      You can read more about this technology here:

      you can email about this service

    6. I try to see the problem today, and I guess I can make a easy detailed now.

      Look at COBRA /2013/10/, in that time, COBRA first time to tell us about the etheric plane.

      Then 2017/03, the etheric plane problem almost clear up.

      Today the battle of etheric plane still continue. why I can sure? Because something can order etheric implant program active to pain many people into crazy and sad, when the program active with high power, we can see 504 or black post comein, so we see many brave people choice stop self to stop the etheric implant program work, when you feel sad want to gave up, try to focus on search hope and pray, do not keep thinking.

      One day my head feel very pain(left eye inside with about two hour and its no problem), after that day, I can feel manything are not so impotant, until I decide to choice it, i guess the part of etheric implant program almost removel from my body.

      Wish the feedback can help someone. Thanks for reading.

  22. People should read the information on this qhht website:

    It's the website based on a qhht practitioner named Marilyn.


  23. President Trump Considering Declassification Of Secret Technology
    The Alex Jones Channel

    2 ian. 2018

    Will President Trump release government held knowledge of advanced, terrestrial technology?

    Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family:

    Follow Alex on TWITTER -
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    Infowars on G+ -


    1. I love Alex Jones. I'm grateful for accurate reporting on minorities. And will be grateful for Trump if he keeps the third world trash out of western countries.

    2. third world trash... i mean that are human beeings with feeling you refer too, or u refering to these waste disposal site there... i have a hard time reading an unrespectful approach toward other human beeings.

      stay in the love patrick, really do, at least till you can see what circumstances born them in 3rd word.

    3. Patrick, unless you are a native American Indian, you are also third world trash. Bet you belong to a nice Nazi club or KKK

    4. There is a lot of trash in third world countries, and also in the "first world". Only intelligent people can observe and discern

  24. Replies
    1. Can you please explain what you/it means. I learned that christ is an energy.

    2. ...and no matter how much we read, things reveal themselves only when we are ready, never before.....this is good....

    3. Thank you. I tried to fathom the role/being of Christ energy, knowing that it's not a person but I can't. I understand that it's an undependant energy having it's own place, but me too much human:) I learn:)

  25. Something else to check out. The whole vid is great but 5:09 is especially interesting.

  26. Cobra, would be interesting if this statement from you
    is still up-to-date:

    [September 20, 2017]

    „..So, the reason why it was so tough is because we are right before the breakthrough, I know, it's not gonna happen this week, it's not gonna happen today, but it's gonna happen in a foreseeable future..“

    Or was it cancelled through this one:

    [December 7, 2017]

    „Certain things did NOT go according to the plan and I can not release more intel about the Event although I would like to, the situation is simply too delicate for that.“

    Would be nice if you could clarify that. Thank you!

    What are the thoughts of you others here on that?

    Victory of the Light!

    1. my thought is COBRA will clarify what he can WHEN he can. hanging out for intel that is going to answer all the questions we have just causes impatience and anxiety.

  27. Urgent!! Please Light Forces, Resistance Movement consider to arrange “Unity Meditation” within January 2018

    Dear Light Forces, Resistance Movement,

    I am writing to urge many awakened community, such as the awakened community led by Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Veronica Keen, Justin Deschamps, Kauilapele, The Mind Unleashed, Steve Beckow, Prepare For Change…. to organize “Unity Meditation” like “UNITY MEDITATION AT THE ECLIPSE 2017-8-21” to join New Toplet and Plasma Parasite Meditation with daily meditation at 2pm GMT.

    I wish It can be held within January 2018.

    We can notice it is the huge success to reach critical mass in “UNITY MEDITATION AT THE ECLIPSE 2017-8-21”

    If many awakened community can hold next “Unity Meditation” like “UNITY MEDITATION AT THE ECLIPSE 2017-8-21”, to join New Toplet and Plasma Parasite Meditation with daily meditation at 2pm GMT within January 2018, it can accelerate “The Event” and maybe activate “The Event” within January 2018.

    I wish Light Forces, Resistance Movement can tell many awakened community for this urge to organize “Unity Meditation” like “UNITY MEDITATION AT THE ECLIPSE 2017-8-21” to join New Toplet and Plasma Parasite Meditation with daily meditation at 2pm GMT and urge It can be held within January 2018.

    Urgent!! Please Light Forces, Resistance Movement consider to arrange “Unity Meditation” within January 2018

    1. I agree, let's have more of the organized worldwide mass meditations please. The more we can keep up with it, the quicker our victory over the dark forces will be.

  28. sorry for stupid question: what is EELA?

    1. It's okay, these messages are intented for The Resistance Movement, not us. Except for the few times Cobra's given explanatiions for what a code means, we really have no idea what they mean and everything we post about them is speculation. He has't revealed what EELA is to the best of my knowledge.

  29. just read Bens report... assuming his intel is correct and a portion of collateral gold being transported by navy ships was hijacked in international waters.....

    i have to wonder two things.

    1. i thought all gold was moved offworld ... or is it just partial?

    2. Was the cargo allowed to be hijacked in order to identify the bad guys... if not.. wth?

    1. Dragon, I don't think it could be the case.....
      You've been following this site much longer than many. So, brother, can you remember - How many times Cobra have said that the gold and other treasures have been taken off the world, by the LF? (could be to their ships and/or undisclosed planets/asteroids in the SOL System). Oh, and in the joint interview, when Cobra said this, BEN had NOOOO idea at all!
      I keep believing and trusting Cobra more than any body else. Follow Cobre, and by trying to memorize as much as he's talking about, you won't get confused or distracted. 👍
      Yes, sometimes, you and we will be disappointed... But NEVER lied to.

    2. One thing that Cobra has repeatable said is that you need to practise your own discernment regarding things you hear, see and read (and eventually feel).

    3. Our good source Cobra has stated that the gold has been moved off world...I think anything to the contrary is misinfo. Sometimes Ben is being fed misinfo by his sources.

    4. thanks all.. sometimes i go to the dip end when i read about the earthly games.

    5. What is hi-jacked is Off Ledger Gold (Au), and i see it as, intentionally let to happen to catch dark Agents

    6. I believe that there are a lot of sting operations going on - false movement to catch the bad guys. For instance - the house fire at the Clintons compound. Did it destroy evidence? Was it a ploy to get the good guys in to get evidence or exchange evidence before it was destroyed, dressed as firefighters, etc. We just don't know. Of everything I have read - I trust Cobra, as Hye Angel says - we are not lied to by Cobra, but we may be disappointed when plans are changed.

    7. is not that i am implying inwas lied to.... i was questioning if some gold were left or still left that can just cause more eathly games...

  30. A gift for the RM/LF:

    As always, Much Love & Much Light - Peace Be With You

    ~ The Light Sharer

  31. I have been utilizing the Command PB stardust request since the information was given to us in early November... My Chronic pain involved severe low back pain for the past 9 years...about 4weeks later the chronic low back pain disappeared and was replaced by nerve pain in my right hip and leg and also involving the right knee...
    I have consistently asked for assistance with the stardust protocol. About 10 days after the back pain and the nerve pain began...ALL pain disappeared!!! There are no words to express my gratitude for this pain relief and for the Pleadian healing team! Bless You! Bless You! Bless You! Thank You! Thank You ! Thank You!
    I intend to share the results and the Command PB Stardust video on my Facebook page to help as many people as we can!
    Thank You Cobra and all!

  32. Sadly enough,... KP begins to look so tedious,... so dull...

    1. He faces much influence from the darkness. If he is at all as tired of the nightmarish attacks as I am, he could probably use some love spells!

    2. I don't think "going within" & "living from within" is so dull...Maybe not so exciting for others but "enlightening" for Kauilapele!


  33. WK12 was a spectacle. Thank you for letting me see that before everything changes.

    Be The Wind




  34. Storm Front Comin'

    Straight Into The Storm - and LOVIN' IT

    Ocean Rising


  35. Sorry this message is so long, but I’m asking that it be read through to the end. I feel that hopefully many will find some useful insights into why there is so much division among lightworkers.

    Addressing conflicting intel:

    As an example of conflicting intel, David Wilcock states that gnostics worship lucifer (, whereas Benjamin Fulford states that the ‘gnostic illuminati’ are a group that wishes to take down the cabal, mentioned in his various blog posts and videos that can be searched on youtube ( This is one of many examples of conflicting intel. So yes, I’ve found that intel must be placed second if there is going to be less division among lightworkers.

    Now I want to take a deeper look at possible core principles behind all the conflicting intel, for possible understanding.

    One possible core principle: Is suffering necessary for evolution? David Wilcock uses the rubber band theory, stating that stretching the rubber band back makes it propel forward, causing greater evolution. The Galactic Codex, however, states that accepting suffering as necessary for evolution is just a tactic used by the dark forces to enslave a planet. So, which is it? Perhaps some suffering is beneficial for evolution, but there is a threshold point where the suffering becomes detrimental/enslaving. These concepts are discussed here with a conversation I had with another occultist:

    I’m going to leave this here for now, but what I’m seeing is that it comes down to something very basic that’s creating division. I’ve found that from something very basic emerges something very complex. From this very basic ‘something’ (core thought-forms) emerges all the discrepancies of principles which leads to discrepancies of intel, thus creating confusion and division among lightworkers.

    1. I don't believe suffering is necessary for evolution, yet at the same time part of me is thankful for the experiences I've has in this reality and I hope that it will help me gain a greater appreciation for the post event world and enrich the experience.

      I'm also the sort of person who, if I discovered horrible experiments performed by scientists with no morals, I'd fight to make sure their research was preserved and learned from, even as I'm helping to burn their laboratory to the ground.

      I sincerely hope the culture this world develops after it's freed is truly unique and unlike anything seen before due to the experiences we've had here.

    2. I have the same mindset to these subjects, as you evolution.

    3. Thank you Info finder - I remember reading the Codex and Cobra's messages that suffering was a part of the plan to enslave us - not the original plan - and that was such good news! But we have centuries of religious and other teaching that we need to suffer for past karma/sins - and since we are still suffering, it is easy to keep that belief going.
      I believe the Codex is true - I go with what makes me believe in Source and a just universe and lightens my heart. I trust Cobra - of everything I have read - he makes sense. I believe many others are getting disinformation mixed with truth.
      We can't let conflicting information shake us - Of those following Q and Mega - they both say that disinformation is necessary to carry out the white hat plans. Good things are coming!

    4. Getting hit really hard so I might have been focusing on something that helps. Thank you all for the feedback!

    5. Bear with me..

      Fear and love ARE NOT opposites. We are very confused ab out this specific topic. You fear for the safety of what you love. If you don't love it AT ALL, you don't fear for it AT ALL. An old jalopy gets smashed? Oh well. Your kid gets hurt? No!! This is why. What good would a parent be if they didn't love AND fear for their kids? If they don't love them, they don't fear for them.

      Fear interrupts love, yes, but why? Well, consider the basic primitive reason why it exists. Fear is the fight or flight response to threats. It is a protection mode for ALL LIFE. ALL LIFE experiences this MODE of operation when in danger, because it is necessary for survival. When in positive emotions and you realize a lion is charging at you from the distance, you had better STOP feeling good and start feeling fear or you will never have a chance to love again, will you? You'll have to be reborn and relearn to get there. So, your body, in the wisdom of its design, blocks your positive emotions to provide you with an alert before it's too late.

      The problem comes when we imagine or obsess over threats and put ourselves into fear repeatedly, blocking our positive emotions that fuel our spirit, draining us with negative ones instead. This makes us frustrated, drained and depressed. Putting us into this state is an objective of the spiritual parasites we suffer. They are drug addicts for the emotional energy they steal from us. This motivates them to study and learn techniques to make others feel negative emotions.

      Suffering avoidance is a fear based protocol of behavior. It is a stick to your mind. It can cause evolution and it often does. Yet, it is not the only way evolution takes place. The energy feeding useless beings want us to believe such things, because it serves their pathetic self-interests.

      There are other evolutionary pressures. We have social evolution, which is based on how much others like you. If you do well, you rise up in the social order. Psychopaths hack this system well at times too. It's a pressure for self-improvement, but it is a carrot more than a stick. You don't just survive predation, you thrive from prosperous results. There is a reward for good behavior rather than just punishment.

      Also, sexual selection is a form of evolution. Women and men seek different traits in their partners. This causes us to have to evolve to meet those expectations, which are largely based on the wellbeing of the offspring, believe it or not. Men seek healthy women who can give birth and provide milk. They also want a healthy, loving personality to go with it. Women focus on the character of the man and his ability to provide for the family more than looks as the men do. Both of these expectations make us want to improve ourselves and become more VALUABLE to other people, enhancing our existence with more beauty and good behavior as a result.

      Fear makes you fight or flee, but love draws you toward a goal like a magnet. It is not draining, it fills you with energy as you seek your goal you love. It is like wind at your back.

    6. When we evolve from fear from organic stimuli (natural, not artificially created) we can get good results too. We fear heights, spiders and snakes, because they can harm or kill us. This is good, to avoid harm and death.

      Here's the difference between this kind of fear based evolution and what the useless eaters from space have to offer. When we are not around snakes, spiders or heights, we don't feel fear, because the threat is not present. When we fear technologically advanced external foes wanting to enslave and torment us, we cannot really leave the threat. We have to live with it. So, it's natural for our minds to repeatedly bring up the unresolved issue to try to fix it, but WE CAN'T. We can't fight or flee it. We just get drained and our parasites get fed. It's not helpful to us, despite what some say about it. I say, if it is so valuable, I want to watch YOU (outsiders in support of the abuse) to go through it yourselves in front of us all and show us the value you claim exists with your own consciousness.

      A dirty secret of loosh sucking is that no matter who does the harm, energy is still radiated, available for absorption by those in persistent negative emotional states. So, some of these loosh feeding beings create the conditions for loosh suckers to feed, while remaining clean themselves, so they can claim they are benevolent. This allows them to manage the loosh farming while looking like honorable beings you can trust.

      How do you know these beings?

      You know them by the fruit their behaviors bear. Do they produce and share value with others? Are they neutral in that way? OR do they seek to create imbalances, conflicts of self-interests, to cause fear and suffering, in order to covertly feed on spiritual energy?

      We are like young kids in an old gangster's neighborhood. The locals won't put them down. It seems at times, they've been brainwashed into endlessly forgiving their intentional malevolence. Yet, this could all also be a perceptual error due to the awesome deceptive proficiency of the local parasites, pretending to be benevolent. Perhaps one day we will know.

      Remember forgiveness is for those who have now chosen to balance their own self-interests with that of others in light of their previous offences. Forgiveness IS NOT for those who intent the same out of balance behavior. It frustrates the victims and observers, it opens up more to victimization and it empowers the disease. in this case forgiveness IS NOT GOOD. Yet, we don't hear this nuance much at all. I thirst like a dying man in the desert to hear light oriented messengers talk about forgiveness in a way that is balanced with the understanding of these intransigent parasites.

      Think about slavery. How does it work? Well, slavery is making free beings into useful property. Without love for one another, all property ownership is based on the ability to fight for the property. Animals experience this too. When they live in a territory and another animals comes to take it, they are challenged by threats of force. They either overcome the threat or have to abandon the property. We make laws and have police to avoid needing to do this with each other, to fix the loveless psychopath problem. Slavery is the same, except the property is your will, your mind, your being, maybe even your soul.

      The property seeker, the slave seeker, abuses their target, the owner of the property and the property they seek. They abuse them until they submit to the will of their abuser. At that moment of msubmission, slavery is established and the free will spirit is subdued. The will to live is also greatly reduced, but usually not entirely. If the potential slave does not submit, IT CANNOT BE ENSLAVED! Seriously! If it submits right away, no abuse is even necessary, the fear was enough.

      Why do I even say this?

    7. Well, what happens inside your mind when you try to forgive these endlessly abusive beings attempting to own us? I've tried many times to forgive them and I discovered something. In order to forgive them, I have to subdue my own free will spirit. It makes me feel less like living and more like dying. I don't even want to go on anymore. So, I snap back and say NO! I CANNOT and WILL NOT forgive unrepentant, intransigent parasites seeking my slavery. I will not be a slave to their repeated abuse. To love them, forgive them and allow them is to give them ownership of you. There is another way I STRONGLY prefer.

      Reflection is a principle where a being who knowingly does something harmful is seen as open to receiving the same kind of treatment from others. This is much more natural than forgiving uncorrected abusers. We don't feel for those who are hurt in the same way the hurt others. That is what reflection means. We can use means against harm causers up to what they are doing to others. THAT IS NOT EVIL. it is common sense, not submission to slavery. Beware of this insidious manipulation. Put forgiveness in its proper place. Understanding is the precursor to forgiveness. If you understand forgiveness won't help, don't do it. It's common sense.

    8. One further reply. A source of intel can change their mind if they get new intel. This doesn't make them hypocrites though. Changing perspective is different than hypocrisy.

    9. i can confirm that punishment leads to enslaving behaviour.
      jesus brought a part solution for this in forgiving others.

      learning how to trigger good behavior combined with forgiveness and accepting other people differences is the solution i think.

      and for the division amongst man, one source of that i find is money. and punishment. even children punish others when they dont fit the groupcodex and i think we need loving people, able to show the children not to exclude them.

    10. @anonymitiyisdead what about loving and forgiving plus looking for ways that they cant enslave others anymore. like removing the main enslavment-tools from the system, that they cant get a benefit out enslaving anymore.

    11. @Anonymityisdead1984, I agree that the abuse should be returned to the ones dishing it out. This gets done as a balancing act. Cobra had an interview a while back saying there would be simulations for the really abusive ones so that they can experience what they dished out. Afterward, if unwilling to stop what they do (unrepentant), they get sent to the galactic central sun. Everything they are gets permanently destroyed and they start over. This sounds fair.

    12. Another thought though is that the root cause of abuse is still unknown. The primary anomaly is still not fully understood. If fully understood, would there be a way to transform the abusiveness of even the worst of them? This would transform them into benevolent beings again. Hypotheticals aren't super useful now though. Just pondering I suppose.

    13. just like there are negative and positive dragon families so is with gnostic illuminatis...

      see table second table...
      there is a link where the ingo was compiled from

  36. Watch this video to get the latest bread crumbs contribute to this silent revolution in what ever way you can young old professional and blue collar retired or millennial. If you want a better World, help spread the word the Cabal is going down! The Swamp is going to be emptied. Find your niche in this great play the stage is set, decode q post, tweet, share by the fire at night every thing counts be kind allowing and gentle of those with severe blue pill effectiveness.

  37. Creepy (Pedo?) Store Featuring Comet Ping Pong Art In Phoenix

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Creepy robotic love
    Donna Summer

  40. I love you Cobra. We need you. Please take care.

  41. Jared Rand Update - Upcoming Galactic Technologies To Be Released To The Public:

    MedBeds, Free Energy, Replicators

    Grow Limbs, Age Reduction, Health

    JANUARY 2018 1/3/2017 - Jared Rand - Upcoming Technologies Listen To Call

    Free Conference Call Replay Link:

    1. When will this technology come out? Hope not in 20 30 yrs lol.

    2. hi Jared excellent news i am very interested victory of the LIght

    Jordan comes out with 'space tech'...

    The Secrets Behind Anti-Gravity Propulsion Systems
    Destroying The Illusion

  43. Will the financial reset happen BEFORE the Event? Or will it happen at the same time as the event ?...

    1. is my understanding that is part of the event.

    2. Reason i asked is... this channeled message from Saint Germain says something about the GCR with the date before 15th January 2018. Your thoughts? I know with channeled messages is to use discernment. But my understanding from this message is that Saint Germain is only talking about the GCR and not the event.

    3. is my underdtandin that any financial freedom could only happen by or after the event...

      the bad guys need to b removed

  44. As we might wait much longer on further intel, here is some stuff to read -while further waiting ;-)


    Stand by You - Rachel Platten

    We'll make it, everyone.

    Love will transcend All obstacles.

    I Love You.


  46. I believe in woman, my oh my
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    My Oh My

    Come On! Let's Go, baby!


    1. I believe in women and men.
      Was considering if men should liberate themselves. Of course theu must. We all must. But they might be doing it themselves. Not by their ladies, not by theirmthers.

      The call of women with angel calling music, Mike Oldfield

    2. Oh that seemed not what I wanted.

    3. ... and my dear Mink Deville

      more dear Rajah?

  47. Very interesting to get some drastic historical background:

  48. Thought that we were getting some big, new intel drops this week COBRA? We are dying to know. Thank you.

    1. What do you want to do with that intel?

  49. One more comment, sorry! I ask that the next coming aid to humanity be to transmute sexually perverse energy. There is the stardust protocol for physical pain, yet sexual pain is a far deeper form of torment, because it infiltrates the mind on a much deeper level (in my opinion). Can you create a protocol to heal and stop further sexual abuse on the surface? If I know at least 6 individuals who were sexually abused as children, and I'm just one person, then this is obviously an epidemic that needs to be healed, top priority. Thank you for listening.

    1. I ask that the next aid to humanity is one we can use to heal from physical injuries, and to heal others of their physical injuries.

  50. Can we use command PB Stardust for the Power Ball?


  51. Be beautiful light ambassadors.
    Thank you all !

    In posting from 25 - 12 - 17 Cobra, says:

    * Monday, December 25, 2017

    A new Update Status will be posted in the first few days of 2018.
    Namaste !

    1. Information is changing on an hourly basis at this point. It is almost impossible to create a relevant update in the current situation. David Wilcock is having the same problem right now. Any post he tries to write becomes obsolete before he even gets it out the door. I feel we are on the cusp of the event itself that maybe only weeks or days away now. Consider we may not get another solid update before the event. When we hear something new we will be on the other side of the veil. Just a thought.

      There is a tonn of information and truth bombs posted in the comments above. Use all discernment but the truth is out there.

      Peace and Abundance be with you.

    2. consider also that there maybe a dissapointing update on the horizon..

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Just an observation here, but we did get a few situation updates, granted, they were coded Intel not meant for general understanding, but updates nonetheless.
    Things are escalating, quickly.
    It's a swelling crescendo. Emotions here are running high with anticipation.
    Everyone has been working incessantly, as we're not out of the woods yet.
    A crescendo is the most focused, passionate, active part of the composition. It's when everything comes together.
    We all want the answers, we all want to see this play out on the global stage, but waiting for the updates won't make it happen any faster. Where are you focusing your passion in the part you create in this lovely little number we're all playing out?
    I guess, what I'm trying to suggest-trust yourself.
    You are at the helm of your journey.
    You have the answers you want, everyone does, but it takes responsibility and commitment to follow through and act how and when you can, trusting not only in yourself, but that it's all coming together, because you're following your own compass back to the heart of things.

    They're fighting battles we've forgotten how. They're fighting not only for us, but those still dreaming in amnesia.

    That is amazing, in my opinion...and I also think it calls for patience.

    We each have a piece to the puzzle, because we all have a hand in the creation of it.

    The more you focus on 'waiting' for it to happen, it's always going to feel just out of reach.
    At least, in my experience. Instead, as an empowered being, what commitment to action are you taking to create the desired outcome? Where are you focusing your passion?

  54. something big is going on / prepare.. question is when it is being prepared ?

  55. We are in a war! How can you forgive the Enemy? They dont give up, as it seems, their attack is stronger than ever, they dont show mercy, in their arrogance they want to fight till their last breath to preserve their stupid, miserable "life". There is no other option than being a warrior and fight with the good crew until their last atom is destroyed.

    1. Of course I understand you sergej ... Do not think I do not understand you ...

  56. ...those meant to know, do...I guess...

  57. New technology:
    Say "silver mass" (new)
    "black mass"
    ....silver is for acceleration, black for removal....this tech brings stuff automatically into GCS

  58. Thanks 4 the Mike Pense (the pervert) Information.


  59. Beginnings: The day the news got exciting
    Tracy Beanz

  60. Yaldabaoth entity mainly was dissolved through southpole portal, yes, and now I found a bubble of him at the northpole which seems to be the most ancient aspect of him upon which all other aspects are based. He also deflected focus to southpole so we should not find out. I am not informed about history, but maybe it has to do with Hyperboraea.
    The technology I mentioned: It only works for lightworkers and it only removes installations of dark forces. There is no misuse possible, so you do not have to be afraid of using it.
    (other profile, so don't be confused please)

  61. PS: and this most ancient aspect upon which all others are based upon, it means when it gets dissolved, it gets dissolved on all other related places and times as well and actually the other ones loose power even more. There are aspects related to places and times of course; as always.


  62. Thank you Resistance and Light Forces.

    A protocol is needed to protect positive thought forms from disturbances and depletive conditioning from negative beings, at aware and unaware level.

    Individuals must tolerate making efforts for themselves and others to see them taken away no more.

    Victory of the Light!!

  63. We don't need more information. What we need is Cobra. regardless!!!!!

  64. Victory Dance II 432Hz

  65. We can think about a concept that Cobra gave to us in March 2015 (link at bottom of this).

    Ho'o pono pono -- It's Hawaiian for forgiveness.

    Here is part of Cobra's post.

    "...Forgiveness will open a flow of cosmic Love upon the surface of this planet and this energy is exactly what the advanced extraterrestrial races need to anchor their ships here after the First Contact...."

    I have been thinking of this post because right now I am watching people around me do some things that "are not great." Let me put it that way.

    "A" figures out "B" is doing something not great.
    B is mad at A because A figured out what B was doing.
    A is working pretty hard at forgiving B... but...
    Now, according to B, "A is pure evil!"

    We all need to implement ho'o pono pono as our new world approaches. And we can forgive ourselves, too.

    Cobra's post, worth reviewing.

    1. Well said Megan. It is something that all religions teach...It is difficult but worth it, especially SELF forgiveness...We've all done 'things' that we aren't proud of or wish we hadn't done. But forgiveness brings healing..which is what this planet and everyone on it needs very badly..


  66. Love this man. Listen to his wisdom:



    2018 will be a year of FAST EXTERNAL MANIFESTATION, whereas 2017 was dominantly a year of INTERNAL REARRANGEMENT in preparation for 2018.

    EMBODIMENT WILL BE KEY - How are you grounding your spiritual-self in your daily human life? Make that a focus in 2018 - the world needs that and YOU.


    If ‘stuck’ is where you have been, it is the time to say; “I’m done with this - stuck is no longer working for me”. 2018 energies will support your ability to manifest new intentions, release painful old wounds fast and learn to ask for (and RECEIVE) support. Set an intention.


    How much more loving can we be? How much kinder? How much more of service to others?

    This is what many of us will dive deeply into this year.


    Healing and transformation - especially when taking big or deep leaps internally and externally - takes time. Your personal transformation is deep and we are right now in the heart of a massive planetary and collective transformation. Be gentle with YOU as this can make things INTENSE at times and FAST.


    COMMUNICATION will be a big focus - communicating clearly and boldly will see communication provide healing in your life. For many of you, getting things off your chest is going to be a huge key to moving forward. Equally, there are going to be more people than ever before available for honest, open, emotional communication.

    JUDGEMENT and DEFENSIVENESS may show up around you or in you. As our emotions come more to the surface, if we feel overwhelmed or unsure about what we feel, we can move into judgement or defensiveness. Notice this around your own communication with others and the places where you have decided that another person can’t handle it, or it won’t go well, or three years ago they responded badly so you won’t risk it again. Time is changing so fast and so are you, so the old stuff no longer sticks.


    Choose to direct your attention away from fear energy/reporting/storytelling as much of it is designed to suck you into fear, anxiety and smallness. Be mindful of these areas and REMEMBER there is AN ENORMOUS WAVE OF POSITIVITY and INNOVATION happening on the planet everyday.

    It is time to embody that innovation and apply yourself to emotional openness. Many of you will be leaders of this for other people. It is time to SHOW YOURSELF in all your transparency.


    2018 - LOVE, FIRE and ACTION - Here we go!

    Lee x



    NEW MP3



  67. *** Prepare For Change Network’s Online Healing & Meditation Group ***

    Let's come together with kindred souls in a loving space to ground the energy of positive and lasting change through the power of emotions in our synchronized guided meditations:

    We also offer free individual and group healing sessions to gently release old energies and to further integrate our expansion of Light and Love towards the greater whole.

    If you feel inspired by our initiatives to bring more light into your own life and the world at large, feel free to join our community with talented and passionate people, to connect, share and collaborate.



  68. Light Chamber Replicator Antigravity Teleportation – Jared Rand

    by Disclosure News | Aggiornato il 6 January, 2018 | Full Disclosure

  69. Does anyone have the Command PB Stardust manga in English or Brasilian Portuguese? I could not find any by Google Search. I would be thankful for a link.

    1. Here is the English one:

  70. James Mitchell how are you? I kow you are a silent observer here, i know you wont give up also and hope you can deal with this last hell's phase the best possible. Kind regards, every once in a while i visit your blog also, your views are interesting! Dont need to reply here but anyway take care and all the best

  71. Observation: "Eternal fountain of the Goddess" dark forces had in their hands since a long time and they sucked all the energy from it. Not sure if this was physical or somehow symbolic, non-physical. They do that with all symbols of the lightforces. Finding out what resonates, finding out your keys, unlock which is yours. If its in your hands it will be used for good. In eternal service to the One. Our One True Being. (The term "One True Being" stems from Solara and I suggest to read her surf report for the year 2018 .) Good luck everyone, let us create New Heaven on New Earth, where all beings are happy.
    Victory of the Light!

  72. does this mean another bad guy was taken from airport

    Water main breaks, flooding airport terminal at chaotic JFK

  73. thank-you Cobra and The resistance I appreciate everything you all are achieving and doing "victory of the Light"