Sunday, January 21, 2018

Joint Cobra / James Gilliland / Kaulapele / Winston Shrout Interview by Goldfish Report

You might want to listen to this new joint Cobra / James Gilliland / Kaulapele / Winston Shrout interview by Goldfish Report here:

Or here:


A link to the transcript will be posted here as soon as it is available.

Victory of the Light!



    A word in the benefit of Light Communities development.

    Details on the subjects already into discussion are coming on the BlogSpot that is in place for these:

    Let's encounter with our 'under designing coloured lights' the space friends coming with their ones, as Cobra told us in the end of this interview...
    Or, who knows,... until they 'arrive'... would we already have some of ours already in place... :-)


    1. Details and 'blue prints' are already available...

      This page contains 'open details' of an outdoor post-top lighting fixture, we try to achieve and discuss about, for outdoor lights for esoteric purposes, for the outdoor environment of Light Communities, and let's say also for Tachyon Chamber yards.


    2. HID lamps for esoteric purposes...
      Some 'Q posts' like...

      - do you remember 'medium pressure mercury lamps'?

      - are there also HID (high intensity discharge) lamps?

      - what are the wavelengths of the 'medium pressure'?

      - what about the UV spectrum?...

      - how long is their arc tube comparative to the 'high pressure' ones?

      - what about an amount of neon gas in the arc tube of 'medium pressure mercury lamps'?

      - a greater amount of neon, and smaller amount of mercury?...

      - is there necessary the small amount of argon too?

      - how do neon or argon ignite at lower temperatures?

      - how do phosphorous coating of cold cathode 'neon signs' (in fact with argon and mercury) will work at a higher temperature in case of coating the outer bulb of a medium pressure mercury lamp?

      - is there in this case the need of an oversized outer bulb?

      - is there the ellipsoidal form of the outer bulb the most preferable?...

      - which may be the lowest acceptable 'lm/w' output?


    3. This is only one example of a 'sky blue' HID lamp, at hand nowadays (used for plant growth) for our post-top fixture:

      Energy Used 400 Watts, Base Mogul (E39), Bulb Shape ED-37, Color Temperature (Kelvin) 7200, Brightness (Lumens) 32000, Bulb Finish Clear, Bulb Technology Metal Halide, Average Rated Life (hr) 10000, Length (in) 11.5, Diameter (in) 4.625,

      As it is a 4oow and 32000lm output, it will be only one bulb inside the lampshade of 0,8sq.m/9sq.ft.


      This one is a similar of 1000W, 90000lm,... but in the same BT37 size of bulb.

      It will give a 'sky blue fire light',... but... the lampshade of our fixture (of 0,8sq.m/9sq.ft) is too small...

      The bigger lighting fixture (on the right in the image) will be needed
      in order to have both a 'fire blue light' and an acceptable glare of the lampshade as well...



      This is another example of 'Red Sunrise' plant growth bulb:
      'Sunmaster Red Sunrise Standard MH Grow Lamp 1000W 3200K - Bulb Up'.

      Rated Wattage: 1000
      Base Type: Mogul (E39)
      HID Type: Metal Halide
      Rated Initial Lumens: 115,000
      Bulb Orientation: Universal
      Bulb Shape: BT37
      Average Rated Life Hours: 12,000
      Color Temp: 3200K

      It will give us a 'red sunrise fire light'...

      We have to chose bulbs with universal or vertical burning position (bulb up or base up) in order to work properly in our luminaire.

      Many similar products have the horizontal position for burning, so they work not properly vertical, but not the case in this example...


    6. If you are a specialist give a look on the spectral diagrams in this page
      to have an 'educated guess' how the lights may look like...


    7. We remember that... for our purposes, to enjoy a certain colour and quality of a light,... the 'master piece' of the luminaire is the light coming out from the neat surface of the sized lampshade.

      The light which falls on the ground or in other parts of the outdoor environment is altered due to the surface on which it comes...

      For instance: the soft pink light might be seen 'as is' (in its real quality) only on the surface of the lampshade, but not also on the ground, green trees, buildings, so on...

      Luminaires for 'esoteric lights' must match other conditions than those for general lighting...
      While the last ones have the scope to light the roads or the ground, ours have the scope to 'advertise' the color and quality of the light...

      Let's say,... let's consider them as small sized 'advertising billboards' advertising the light in the spectrum, quality and uniformity as we desire it...

      This is why ours have to be 'bigger than usual' post top lighting fixtures, with neat surfaced lampshades 'visible' from all around... in order to catch the observer's attention with their light colour and quality,... but not instead to give a light on the ground as is the scope of general lighting fixtures...


    8. And to have a better image in practical terms, let's consider two fluorescent lamps, one a linear tube, the other a compact fluorescent, both having the same lumen output and the same wavelength of light, let's say again the pink light.

      The linear tube having a neat and a larger surface then the compact fluorescent one... will 'expose' a better quality and uniformity of light, while the compact fluorescent being irregular shaped and smaller will give a lower quality, glaring and nonuniform pink light...

      That is the case of lighting fixtures too...


    9. @anami

      and... we may also consider ourselves tired about yours and many others postings about 'consciousness' and 'relevant content'... from which arises only one particular question:..."when The Event will happen?"...


    10. We need and want also to welcome, with our lights described in this section, our space friends coming with their ones, in our contact zones and else were...
      and we consider to prepare this contact, each one as he considers at best,... but not only by asking 'when The Event will happen?' or 'when will we have the 'First Contact'?...


    11. We remember here that what we put here in discussion about 'lighting' refers only to a certain particular type of lighting that is not nowadays in discussion, as logically resulting from its description, and for the point of view of 'the average person'.

      We don't put in discussion in any way the 'mainstream science' of lighting.
      We only try to define and to 'materialize' a domain of lighting which the mainstream science don't even like to hear about, if it comes for 'esoteric purposes'...

      This is us, and this is here, and not anywhere else where we 'learned' about lights for, let's say, metaphysical purposes...

      What we get or discuss about the mainstream science of lighting is what we find in our interest, to put together, in order to obtain what we need for our particular scope of lights and lighting...

      And here is this, here is the only place and the only way where we may or can to speak freely about... and where we can to discuss how to bring in nature these, already in discussion 'lights' and 'fires' or 'flames', as was previous already in discussion.


    12. and..."anami"!...

      may you better step forward and come with an initiative which was prevented by the 'mainstream science', corporate interest of standardization, or copyright, or 'security reasons'... and which may be in the interest of what we call 'for the light'...

      This is another case of 'question everything' or 'raising consciousness'... no matter it refers to technical or scientifical domain, or anything else...

      Anything what you question with a proper argumentation is creating a certain kind of breakthrough,... not only awaiting the Event and the 'release of 6000 (or millions, or who knows how many) of hidden patents' and technologies, and so on...

      Be courageous and step it...

  2. Soon mainstream :-) Thank you <3


  3. The GoldFish Report No. 182 - Rob Potter: From Venus With Love Conference and Bolivia Update
    The GoldFish Report

  4. Amazing thanks can't wait to listen! ✨

  5. Lone Wolf - Motivational video for those fighting battles alone (not made by me), the Event is near. I felt guided to post this video here.

    1. Thank you, i loved it. I will be forever a lone wolf. I gather sometimes with wolf-comrades, but i like the path alone

    2. This resonated with me. Than you

    3. TY Lightworker, great video, I've shared it around to All my fellow Lone Wolf's <3

  6. Unity in the Community. Now that's what I'm talkin about.
    One of the best Goldfish reports Yet. Great to see Cobra, James, Winston and all around the table. Great intel, Great message to the Lightworker community. Loved it. TY Cobra, LF & RM, your keeping on mission is wonderful to behold. The Light is Victorious!

  7. Since posting the Jesus Synchronicities I have experienced a strong attack in my gut today a few is causing me to experience disconnection from Source/people/my newly healed inner child..if anyone feels so guided to send some protection and love my way I would be BEYOND feels like a dark implosion/suffocation in my gut area...=( <3 <3 <3

    1. Have you tried the Command PB Stardust?...
      Sending you some Love and healing vibes, hope that helps.

    2. I have experienced things like that. I always seem to just deal with it myself. People in my life arent interested in any of these things. I think being around people who know and can emphasize is really important. Spending time in nature helps a lot. I totally understand though.

    3. Count on me! I'll send you Love & Light and l'll ask the assistance from some Archangels and Ascended Masters in my next meditation. <3

      Maybe this will help too. It's a speech of the Angel Haheuiah about protection. I didn't find it in english, so it's in french (I know you can understand a little french! ^^), but you can use google translate.

      Vous demandez souvent une protection, vous demandez a être protégés. Que votre conjoint, que vos enfants, que vos parents soient protégés, que vos amis soient protégés. Savez vous que chaque fois que vous faites cette demande, en fait, vous envoyez de la crainte. Vous faites exactement la chose opposée à ce que vous voulez voir arriver car quand vous demandez la protection, c’est que vous êtes dans la peur de ne pas être protégés.

      Alors au lieu de demander la protection, il suffit que vous affirmiez que vous êtes protégé en toutes circonstances. Vous n’avez plus besoin de demander une protection qui se trouve hors de vous, mais simplement de réveiller celle qui est déjà en vous, ainsi vous êtes maître de votre vie. Rien ne peut vous arriver car vous avez votre armure intérieure.

      Il est important que vous compreniez bien cette façon d’être. Chaque fois que vous demandez, vous affirmez en même temps le manque. Il ne faut pas demander, mais simplement être déjà persuadé que vous possédez tout et qu’il suffit de l’éveiller en vous. C’est une façon de faire complètement différente et qui correspond aux êtres de lumière, aux combattants de lumière que vous êtes, aux êtres en devenir divin, complètement divins. L’amour, toujours l’amour est ce qui vous guidera le plus. N’ayez pas peur de montrer vos sentiments, n’ayez jamais peur de vous ridiculiser, vous serez toujours protégé pour ce que vous faites. Raison de plus d’être protégé si vous êtes tout en accord avec les lois divines et avec l’amour de Dieu.

      Je suis avec vous en permanence.
      De mes grandes ailes je vous protège contre tout, mais en fait, c’est vous-mêmes, qui déployez vos ailes pour vous protéger.

      Ps: Thank you for this Jewish story, I didn't know it! :)

      With Love, Ronald

    4. Hey Jonathan, sorry to hear this. I'm sending you all my love and healing!♥

      I'm curious, what Jesus Synchronicities are you reffering to ?:)

    5. Sending you❤️❤️❤️and light from Vienna!

    6. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart! I am feeling better now :) You are all amazing, really!

  8. Thank You COBRA! This interview is just WOW !!! Great guest list! Wonderful, uplifting information! Many thanks to all the guests and, of course, to the GoldFish Report! Victory of the Light!

    1. Es domaju, ka esmu vienigais latvietis seit. :)

    2. Ne ko jau! :) Es domāju tieši tāpat! Patīkami beidzot redzēt, ka ir vēl tautieši, kuri arī skatās kaut ko vairāk kā tikai Panorāmu :)) Turam buru, Jāni! :)

  9. Replies
    1. Interview to COBRA at 2014/09/23

      Shorter point:

      1. Please join our group meditation on time, the time at the blog right side, WEEKLY ASCENSION MEDITATION, and meditation way at this page:

      2. Group people for together meditation or create a blog to share local language information.

      3. This page has all important information, please read it.

      I guess that's all. Thank you for reading.

  10. AWESOME interview!! Thank you Cobra, James, KP, and Winston, it was great to get clarification on some things, and witness the energies flowing among you all!
    Also many thanks to Louisa and the Goldfish Report, as always, great job!


  11. Fun times await us ahead!!

    Oh, what a time to be alive!!

    As always, Much Love & Much Light - Peace Be With You

    May the Creator grace you with the healing rays of love and abundance.

    ~ The Light Sharer


  12. Thanks, Cobra. James, Tolec and yourself, I have enjoyed listening too for some time now. Victory of the light.

  13. I think this is the second time i ever listened to an interview. I normally just read the transcript.

    this interview was well prepared. The host engaged each participant fairly. It assisted in putting pieces of the puzzle. most importantly The host introduced not only the diverse guests to the public but to each other. I think some where not aware of each other prior and from this meeting a new positive bond will form.

    One panel member though i feel needs to ease down on the fear that beholds him... and inform of facts(which he does) and of the dangers but not create more fear... perhaps guide people on how to use the already broken system (while it lasts) to create the abundance needed.. or hack the broken system. To be wise on their tactics.

    It is undeniable that in order to reach abundance in a broken system pool .. u need to learn to swim in it... it doesnt have to mean about losing yourself or having to step on someone..

    if the badguys are eager to push for bitcoin... then by George... lightworkers/warriors should b in the forefront... taking that challenge and when they learn to make profit.. use it to assist in creating the world they envision... empower others...

    Anyways... i know i should preach what i speak... i got me reasons why i dont embark in such a task... more like an excuse

    1. Err correction...

      'Preach what i speak'..

      'Walk the talk'


  14. Thank you Cobra!

    Excellent intel, guest panel, and unity of energy! Especially the corroborating information sharing with you, Cobra and James!! Louisa does an excellent job as always!

    Heartfelt Thank you to all of you!

    Perfect timing with this new update today on Gaia Portal!

    * * Powerful and very meaningful message from Gaia Portal:

    Gaia Portal January 21, 2018

    "Felicitations to the Angels are recalled, as Higher Essence prevails.

    Hue-Essence is recognized by those Ascendants of the Realm.

    Mighty powers of planetary surface are seen for their smallness.

    Solitudes are remembered."

    We and all beings deserve the unequivocal Right to have unencumbered access to Love and LIGHT of the One infinite Creator

    .... Always, at All Times,
    within All dimensions, All planes...and with absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

    May Loving Kindness and Goodness envelope and lift you into the highest LIGHT of your free will.

    ~ Namaste


    ( of the LIGHT)

  15. it sounds great thank you Cobra wipe them out.
    Victory of the Light

  16. The Space War 432Hz

    Here is the Vimeo link in case the YT doesn't work!

  17. The hints cobra has posted since July is quite obvious that this major operation that is ending in March is the moment of the event

    1. Pretty much all the channeled sources these days suggest we're just weeks or even days away at this point. Certainly feels like it.

    2. My understanding is that COBRA was just sharing what the rumors are...

      The RM is not confirming it.

      he did say .. if a certain someone had enough.. full disclosure will happen..

      I am perplexed at the so many degrees of 'enough' and yet it seems is never quite 'enough'

      Let this completion of the operation be the green light or signal for the Guardians to rise to the occassion. Let this define once and for all the 'Enough'.

    3. This video makes me suspect that Nithyananda secretly reads Cobra ;) ..... (despite its another culture than the gerrrman, I love it, he says exactly the same but in a completely different way, I love how truth of Archangel Michael (the dragon slayer I mean) is received everywhere). And he is a real fully passionate worshipper of Shiva. I feel Shiva in heaven may get unpatient as well if we not soon move ahead, out of duality-anti-love-consciousness. Listen to this from beginning to end, you will not regret. Peace, love, Victory of elastic big hearts!

    4. Yes, channeled messages = exercise caution, sure. I guess I could put that disclaimer on everything, but here? I figure these lightworkers don't need to be reminded about discernment.

  18. Thanks for the really good interview!

    I especially appreciate Cobra validating the portal that attracts ships at James Gilliland's ECETI ranch in Trout Lake, Washington, USA. Trout Lake is not very far from the beautiful Columbia River gorge, which is famous for windsurfing.

    I went to James' ranch a couple of years ago and we all did several sky watches at night while we were there.

    Wow -- 30 or 40 or maybe 50 pretty significant ships (some could have been satellites, but most were just glowing and definitely not airplanes) flew over each night, toward or away from Mt. Adams, which is the mountain right there, about 14 miles or so from the ranch.

    We saw sets of very weird lights, hovering in front of the mountain. They must have been extremely bright because they were so visible 14 miles away, halfway up a very sheer rock face of the mountain.

    I especially remember some very bright green, hovering lights that were shining on the side of the mountain for some time on one of the nights.

    The whole experience was quite neat. We also did the Sunday ascension meditation as a group. I think there were 50 or 60 of us there for one of his skywatch weekends.


  19. August 25, 2015 / 7:10 PM / 2 years ago

    Dental device promises pain-free tooth repair

    Matthew Stock

    "(...) technology can painlessly repair teeth by ‘supercharging’ the remineralization of tooth enamel".

    "Remineralization is a natural process where minerals present in saliva and some foods enter the tooth enamel to make it stronger and more dense."

    "(...) technology ‘supercharges’ the natural process of remineralization".

    "Driving healthy calcium and phosphate minerals into your enamel, and through a natural process it will bind on and add to the enamel that’s there".

    "A patient’s tooth is first conditioned and cleansed to separate any decayed tissue or organic material that has built up in the lesion. Once clean, the tooth enamel is ready for the treatment"

    "(...)to introduce natural minerals back into the clean lesion. The electrical field pushes the mineral ions into the cavity, triggering remineralization from the deepest part of the lesion."


    1. "Of course, If you align the etheric blueprint, the physical body will follow sooner or later."

      "Rob – Very good. The other thing a lot of people have been asking questions like: Will I be able to re-grow my teeth or I’ve lost a limb, will that be able to be grown back? Will that type of thing take place?
      COBRA – Yes, at a certain point."



      Thanks for your help with 'Command PB Stardust'!

      We need from you a kind of Command PB Stardust like procedure that aligns our 'etheric blueprint' so that the physical body will follow sooner or later with the scope of 're-grow teeth' as described by the medical procedure that claims that repairs teeth by ‘supercharging’ the remineralization of tooth is a natural process
      where minerals present in saliva and some foods enter the tooth to make it stronger and more dense, to reintroduce natural minerals back into the clean lesion.

      We consider that your help might come from the alignment of this process in the patient's etheric blueprint, and so, after a time the patient's tooth will repair naturally due to the described process...

      With Kindest Regards!


  20. The GoldFish Report No. 183- Capt. Randy Cramer, USMC S.S. : HOLOBED REGENERATING TECHNOLOGY
    The GoldFish Report

    20 ian. 2018

    On The GoldFish Report No 183- Capt. Randy Cramer USMC S.S. returns with Winston Shrout to discuss HoloBeds, medical devices which restore injured persons health. Randy speaks from his personal experiences having used this advanced technology in the Secret Space Program MDF. According to Randy, this Holographic technology repairs not only limbs and wounds, but illnesses and diseases by mapping the DNA of the individual. Randy is presently seeking venture capital to begin the research and development of this technology that is sorely needed in humanity at this time. For more information please contact Randy at his website where you can email him at or visit there at

  21. I love James Gilliland's work and to see himm together with Cobra was amazing, great job Goldfish report, keep uniting the Light!

  22. Thank you for the interview. I have something very important to share. I'm doing my own disclosure of metaphysical experiences I've had. This is my 'forbidden past' and it was hard to do this, but worth it. Please let me know if anyone here has gone through similar experiences. Thank you.

  23. I wish the it would have been possible to redirect the missile set for Hawaii towards the dark veil. They could have known the taste of their own medicine. I strongly believe in "Remove thorn by a thorn, remove enemy by an enemy [using enemy's enemy]" of course forgiveness has a place.

  24. What is up with the sun this morning??? The long shadows are almost eerie... What is happening?? I feel a change in the energies and it’s like a million emotions at once. What is this?? Does anyone know?
    I don’t even wonder if I’m crazy anymore it just doesn’t matter now.

  25. From benjamin fulford (this week)

    (Pentagon sources, meanwhile, say “the shutdown was orchestrated so Congress can be arrested, as they lose immunity while not in session.” In addition, the sources say U.S. )

    I find it an issue that there is even such a rule.. that protects Congress indv specially if they r known to have been part of some major atrocities.

    have to wonder who suggested that stupid rule.... What good purpose it serves? None but an incentive to continue the ill acts.

    1. They can still be arrested for felonies. It’s inky for misdemeanor offenses to stop people from hijacking a session with needless interruptions. I’m disappointed that Fulford would print that. It’s flat out wrong.

    2. Thanks for the clarification.



    Short meditation update

    1/19/2018 09:54:00 am

    With some delays, the instructions for the meditation for Iran will be posted shortly. It will be held at 5pm UTC everyday.

    Special thanks to Kent Waara who has kept the Facebook event for this meditation alive in the last two weeks as well as providing the much needed goddess energy in that region.

    At the same time, the meditation for whistleblowers will be stopped for the time being as it seems that JP, Emery Smith, Corey Goode and his daughter are recovering well.

    We also have something very exciting to look forward to on January 31st, when we will have the blue full moon and lunar eclipse meditation.

  27. I think RaJah and the others will love this cover because it's very appropriate for now...times like these!

    "Every time I hear it, it reminds me that there is nothing more resilient than the human heart."(Malukah)

    Thank you!


    1. You are indeed correct, my friend, I absolutely love it :-)
      Thank you so much for sharing, Tataum.

      Earlier on I told this to friends on Facebook, and it bears repeating here:

      We Are Members of the ARMY OF LOVE.
      And nothing will ever stop us.
      ♥ ♥ ♥

      And this may very well be our Entrance Theme:

      Victory of Love and Light!
      Kaze Ni Nare!


    2. kkkkkkkk! Great! That's Happic (Happy + Epic).

      I also think about this for the whole picture:

      or even the "dance apotheosis"

      because of the greatness and rhythm of the Event!

  28. Yes I love it too. This love is so touching, minute 12:

  29. From now on I'm going to have to download the interview onto my hard drive ahead of time before it gets hacked. I assumed it would be there the next day so I didn't download it. My mistake. Fuck you cabal. Your days are few and numbered. Not deleting this comment this time. You're done. May Mjolnir destroy you all!!!

  30. I enjoyed this. Cobra are very good at what he is doing - seems that he knows almost everything.:)


  32. It's a little bit late, but I made a short clip regarding too COBRAs first situation update this year. The making of the graphics took a bit of time, so I will be always a little bit behind with this vids, but my plan is to make such clips to each new situation update, to highlight each update with some visuals.


  33. It's a little bit late, but I made a short clip regarding too COBRAs first situation update this year. The making of the graphics took a bit of time, so I will be always a little bit behind with these vids, but my plan is to make such clips to each new situation update, to highlight each update with some visuals.


    1. Good Job Earth... all efforts to spread the info.... the merrier..

  34. Was the 7.x earthquake... a failed attempt to create the distraction rhe badguys need

  35. looks like that move underground in the L vs D battle has occurred - GOOD NEWS!

    pretty easy to figure out whose life is at risk...(HINT - not yours)

  36. Are we near ????
    "Recently, Dragon sources have communicated that “between November 2017 and February 2018, somebody will finally have enough and will trigger Full Disclosure.” It is interesting to note that this time frame coincides with a major operation of the Light Forces"

  37. Spiritoo

  38. spiritoo..
    info on link from prev post
    'Australian researchers have come up with a non-invasive ultrasound technology that clears the brain of neurotoxic amyloid plaques – structures that are responsible for memory loss and a decline in cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients'

  39. Before you get to sure of yourself just rmember that Cobra Said if it were not for the Toplet bombs that are being used to hold us hostage it would have already been over!

    I'm sure the light is pushing the dark forces to the limit, just short of triggering the Toplets, so let's not be to harsh on the enough is enough scenario. We haven't come this far, this close to victory to fool-heartedly overstep that fine line and trigger the end of this universe as we know it. The fact that light forces are even now able to have introduced the Hammer of Thor is indication enough that they are pushing the Dark to the limit of that fine line. Let's cut them some slack.

    1. Well said. I couldn’t agree more.

    2. All well said, but it is clear there are too many levels of 'enough' by the different groups which usually does not match our own.

      It is understood every group is working at their own needed speed.

      This is more about understanding where each group is coming from than cutting anyone a slack. Although undersranding leads to such.

      I trust that the LF does have their best interest in heart for humanity... and i believe they will indeed keep their word that when opportunity rises to trigger the Event regardless of any earthly affairs, they will do so.

      this new 'enough' introduced in this post ... is just another example where we will need to understand 'who this indv is all about'...

      If such colossal decision rests on his shoulders alone... will the correct decision be done... whatever decision it may be.

      From what i have read, there have been glimpses of opportunities where earthly decisions could had been made (by individual(s)) to bring about a swifter liberation or at least to kick it in gear.... those windows of opportunities came n went..

      Will this be yet one of those?

    3. Not an individual that would ever be publicly disclosed. Even that individual has very little individualism about him.

    4. i dont expect knowing the identity of anyone at this stage.

      Gaia would my guess

  40. Ok, wouldn't a govt shutdown be a great time to make arrests, financial reset.. where is the $$ coming from to keep the govt going? What nation is loaning us the $$ for our T Bills if China is moving off the petrodollar? We need to see something tangible to wake up the masses! C trail jets are still operating, why can't the Galactics take them out if ships are literally landing and or going inside mountain bases? How is that allowed by the dark SSP unless they have all been taken out? It's a bit confusing as they seem to operate with impunity yet there is still a threat of these toplet bombs? How are ships coming and going from the surface yet there is a war going on we are told below sublunar space? Can the galactics just take over the media satellites and start explaining what is happening and how the dark cabal wanted to destroy 95% of humanity via nuclear war and all the other lies we have been told? I think we are at a pt where we need cold hard truth something to shock the hell out of the sleeping, in denial masses.. so they can stop their mundane daily routines of indifference and see truth for once in their life. As you can see I am getting impatient with my fake life especially since people are not waking the up as fast as I'd hoped.. even the Hawaiian event didn't phase them.. oh just a false alarm.. since when does a button mistakenly pushed cause this type of alert? Clearly something was inbound and was taken out. I suppose the media could've spun it and said NK launched and we stopped it and now we must nuke them.. show all the ships.. show people they are not alone!! Show them there are highly spiritual beings from Source here to help us remember who and what we are! Victory of the Light

  41. :-(

  42. Guess I shold check GaiaPortal more often...
    Felicitations to the Angels are recalled, as Higher Essence prevails
    Hue-Essence is recognized by those Ascendants of the Realm
    Mighty powers of planetary surface are seen for their smallness
    Solitudes are remembered

    I need to smote something
    F.U.N. (Fader United Nation) one of my dream co.
    Also had "White Rabbit" Lyrics posted all Sunday on the feed (Go ask Alice, when she was just small)

    "Wonders Gathered, and sometimes used, just for grins of Angels"
    (Theirs alone If You don't see it).
    Our Blessings.

  43. Korea of the... North
    U see me as I see U
    (Inter Continental Understanding)
    Remember The Mark of the Lamb

  44. Someone asked previously how to be part of the alliance.. how about assisting The White Hats...

    "We ask all our readers to formulate a battle plan utilizing their social media accounts, friends, contacts and family to help get the information we are about to release in the coming weeks all over the internet. Email lists of media, representatives and associates should be formulated. Twitter and Facebook accounts primed to spread the links to the reports that will come unabated over the next few weeks."

    'A CALL TO ACTION' - The White Hats Storm


  46. :)

  47. For those that are being targetted in any electromagnetic mean..

    1. Double edge sword, these folks are very sensitive conduits and get purposely tricked into thinking their sick, rather knowing the truth of recalibrarion or ascension symptoms.

      Need to be aware and recognize more than hide, from energies around them.

      In hopes of allowing the new,earth energies to be accepted into their physical conduits. Lovingly

    2. There are some indv. being targetted more than others or to some extreme.

      is already known.. the population is being exposed to various degrees of pollution/pollutants such as EMF that may be the source of some very sensitive indv's ailments.

      So is true ... it would b hard to determine which symptoms belong to which source (ascension or pollution)... however for some there is no guessing as to the source.

    3. In addition.. I think shielding or covering ourselves with silver or gold have more of a benefit overall ..being targetted or not.

      monatomic gold assists in raising our vib... is my understanding.

  48. Why haven’t you post my comment Cobra? At least you could give me an answer. Please. Thanks.

    1. Rhalmia do be aware that when the posts reaches a certain size the newer post wont show up until you hit the 'Load More' that would appear just below the last entry n before or after the textbox where you add a comment.

      in other words... make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom... look for the add comment textbox n see if above or below it u see the word 'Load More'

      Depending on the number of comments you may have to do this several times...

      Usually this happens when the # of comments is reaching 200 mark... it varies..

      Secondly... there might b some delay in posting as it probably depends how much time they got available n number of posts to review...

      Hope this helps.

  49. "Do not be dismayed by things that seem to go backwards that might occur. See them in the grander scheme of a longer time frame that marches forward slowly to a marker where you will have peace." - Kryon

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  52. Boring and wholly inacurate misinterpretations on key points, cobra not included.

    For real, how about having someone on there who is already connected to and within unity consciousness, established within new earth frequency guidelines, of course.

    Maybe you can get the exact correctness on answers, actually correct.

    Challenging concept right?


    Michael, of course!

  53. This is a battle soley on the premise of those who do not embrace new earth frequency available now for recalibration, in promotion of unity consciousness, rather service to self mentality. In more detail, its those who do not embrace the equal opportunity chance to promote themselves to a higher learning means and ways of personal behaviors and personalities,that reflect those of the whole unity consciousness, as a total in municipality congruent to universal beliefs established many millenia ago, here on earth and prior to.

    Just forwarding this message along to anyone who would actually like to know the truth of this very simple concept established eons ago for our benefit of choice as it relates to ones individualism, ego based behavior and personality.

    As opposed to one who is unified within the whole, not only quantum measures inside but to embrace this wholeness on the outside personality and behaviors of the intended human physical body in discussion.

    Honestly guys, all other discussion on regarding the planets integrity in this dilema, compromised by ones pre established belief system(your guests) is completely insane and of no validity.

    Dont be afraid to publish this, it us comments made from the heart and infinite reality bestowed into within me and upon me of universal truth.

    Established in only one way and manner, recalibration to the new earth unity consciousness, now freely available to all who encompaas the know how, courage, belief and pre established pure benevolent love of all that encompasses earth and beyond


    Michael, of course!

  54. Thank you Cobra, Louisa, Kauilapele, Winston, James, and Steve, and everyone involved in the production. Great discussion, always informative and much appreciated.


  55. Lovely Divine Feminine message:

    You are the creators - I am here to support you
    Pamela channels Isis (Egypt, December 2017)


    © Pamela Kribbe