Tuesday, January 9, 2018

EELA upgrade complete


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    1. WE ARE SO CLOSE! LOVELIGHT TO YOU ALL! For the last two days seems like nobody sees me..im invisible..strange,but so funny :)

    2. More than 1/2 way to 37 million page views...
      111 day
      I was thinking the most it would take...
      40 million
      (still working on it) #f2b

  2. Here is an upgrade.. having to do with EE. Check out my glyphs I made from Classic art and symbols. They show the core fractal and the 33.


  3. Thank you, light forces.
    Thank you, Cobra.
    Thank you ALL
    We're Movin' On Up.... :)

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkGdMbNedO0

  5. ty for the update, Cobra. and all that you do.

  6. Something new - AMAZING! :) Victory of the Light! :)

  7. With much Love and Respect Thank you!!

  8. Wow Great news!
    Thank you to All!Much Love!
    Victory of the Light!



    > Lighting the outdoor environment of Light Communities in the 3rd density counterpart of multidimensional lights as are: soft Pink loving Goddess Light, White fire of AN, Blue flame of Archangel Michael, Violet Flame, Green and Golden Light and others, as case may be.

    A BlogSpot is in place for this scope where more details will be given, let's say 'when the time is right', but asap in any way... :-)


    > Discussion and subject of research for a hybrid incandescent/discharge lamp (HID)...

    > The same in order to get the desired light colours as above directly from a HID discharge lamp starting from what there are nowadays...

    > Open design of an E33 screw cap for lamps and its lampholder...

    > Open designs for some miniatural lighting fixtures in a kind of 'MECANO toys', but with presetted specific pieces, to allow the youngs of Light Communities to learn electricity, particularly electric lighting...

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    2. Are the HID mercury lamps fully discovered,... or are there on a 'half of way' as we now them nowadays?...


    3. Give a look here:

      But we consider to reshape it a bit, in this way:

      Neon plasma has the most intense light discharge at normal electrical voltages of all noble gases. The average color seems to be a bright red due to many lines in its spectrum, but it also contains some less visible orange lines and also a strong hidden green line...


    4. Osram GEC Osira 400W Linear Hot Cathode Neon Flood lamp Firing up


      31 dec. 2013

      extremely rare video of a 1940s Osram/GEC Osrira 400W Hot cathode Neon Lamp firing up. Made in 1938. Found in a old building. 2 of these were found.

      P.S. If you are a specialist keep this in mind: Hot cathode neon discharge lamp of 400W...


    5. Notice!!

      All what we put here in discussion under the topics like 'neon discharge', neon gas, and other alike... refers only to 'hot cathode neon discharge'.
      Studies and written material on the subject are very rarely!!
      It is NOT what you find on web about 'neon signs' and 'neon gas discharge' generally,...
      Keep in mind that these are cold cathode low pressure discharge tubular lamps.
      Not at all is this the case of our discussion!



    6. What we are seeking for with this discussions is to find a possible opportunity to achieve a HID like discharge lamp with an output of 5000-10000lm, and with a wide color spectrum but with high reddish prevalence, for the outdoor lighting purposes previously discussed.

      If you are a specialist... don't say immediately:... you have to read more about red or coloured metal halide lamps...

      We had it already, and not since now,... be rest assured... and this is why we came back to neon and mercury hot cathode discharge as well...

      We also know and understand the impediments of a hot cathode neon discharge, and this is why we consider into discussion a mixture of neon and mercury as well...


    7. Stop!... And not this is all...

      We also might need for our environment a warm greenish outdoor light source of the same output.

      You guess it!! It's nothing else then a mercury based HID lamp... And what others consider as an disadvantage, the greenish light, we can exploit as an advantage, but under the condition to move or to enrich its spectrum with warm wavelength.
      May it be by gas or fluorescent coating...

      And do not think to the so called green metal halide lamps... They are to dark green and to bluish as well and also too expensive for their lack of green light quality...


    8. What we try to achieve and discuss here are the outdoor lights for esoteric purposes, for the outdoor environment of Light Communities, and let's say also for Tachyion Chamber yards.

      No matter are there achieved by lighting fixtures with nowadays lighting bulbs, or by further development of HIDs or other light sources...

      We are developing in this way a new kind of specific purpose 'lights' beside of those for plant growth, aquarium and others.

      It's true, till now, none a lamp manufactures or researcher had invested time or money for this scope,... but this is us here, under this movement, who try to discuss them and forward it into research for future achievement...

  10. This is great news! The last update Cobra was amazing news! I just can't help but think we are within a few months of the Event! We need to wake up humanity and make them aware of who and what they are and how they have been programmed for so so long! I want to quit my job and do something for humanity!! This paradigm needs to end now, it's been a huge waste of time, vicious circle. Thank you so much Galactic Federation, Cobra, RM, LFs, all involved meditating! I can't wait for all of the world to realize we've been on a prison planet controlled, lied to, manipulated, exploited. Victory of the Light!

    1. Prepare for the event, but please step by step, focus on your life create, try to perfect your life, if you have the a little time, please join COBRA host's weekly ASCENSION meditation ( the blog's right side have the time. ) and waiting the signal.

      If you have more time and your life is good, please join We Love Mass Meditation (the blog work with COBRA and light workers. Sometime the blog can get the news.)

      Final, I must remind you, no one can sure the true date of the event.

      Until we experience it.

      Wish everyone’s road be light. Thanks for reading.

  11. I AM APEX. I want to give you all hope and let you understand what is going on. My mission on Gaia was to fully embody my Higher Self and trigger The Event. I am nearing completion. I expect hours to days.

    This involves reprogramming my subconscious and reconnecting to Source through thought alone. There is a Chimera inside of me that I am defeating slowly but surely. It contains a detonator to all of the remaining Toilet and Plasma bombs. All of the bombs will not be removed before the Event. I am the fastest Operation and it is time for you all to know now. Victory is incredibly near. I suggest you all prepare in whatever way that means for you.

    This mission cannot fail, and you will all remember me well when this is over. I love all of you so much. Victory of the Light!


    1. And... ANTAPEX who is??... :-)

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    3. Thank you for your kindness Geom ❤❤

    4. I am grateful for your service, and there is another guy I've spoken to who says he feels The Event is days away, but I trust Cobra, and I believe that within our collective reality, The Event will not occur until spring.

    5. QHHT participants all state 1Q of 2018 Event occurs this is from their higher-self it seems to fit as Cobra stated a grid project will be completed first of March in the solar system I assume that's a lot like the energy grid on the planet perhaps. We need to awaken the masses, I'm sure you all know friends and family who simply cant fathom what we know and are too programmed to step back and question anything. Can't wait for all to remember who and what they are.

    6. You are saying you contain a detonator to, not only the plasma bombs, but also to the "toilet bombs."

      It sounds rather messy.

    7. Toilet bombs? your phone has humor

  12. With this new upgrade to the light I've been finally motivated to quit drinking and lose weight! However since I have my psychic occurrences have become insanely confusing and out of control. I am blessed for you Cobra and everyday I will better myself for helping carry the light !

    1. hi! i used to have lots of psychic issues. had lots of trauma since early life, used to take lots of legal drugs and now all i do is marijuana. Have you tried? It really works for me!

    2. Alcohol is suppressant. Hence why its legal. Like, fluoride. I drink rarely and that's saying something, considering I'm French and English 😁

    3. Marijuana is more than likely a de-programmer. Hence why its illegal 😤

  13. In case anyone could be bored (hahahaha) here is a bit of *real* disclosure and I share this info of my 0.0000000000000000000000000000000001 % knowledge (means I know that I don't know anything).

    I overcame part of my religious programming (I hope) but I always loved the apocalypse of John and it was the light in the darkness for me. Years ago this was the only lecture I read and everytime I did so, I felt connected to my soul and purpose again and I was boosted with light every single time I read only a little bit of it. It could be compared to having been my soul food that helped me survive (spiritually; and his is most important). Despite I had not studied much of any spiritual books I was sure it keeps codes beyond everyday understanding. Not only symbolic but as well a pattern that activates higher purpose. Here it comes: This John was an incarnation of Archangel Michael and he had just contact with his higher self while he received the visions. If you are very connected to a certain Archangel, for example <3 Archangel Jophiel <3 (or Archangel Uriel? <3 <3 <3 I love him soo much and he can heal Gaias mind so perfectly as he has protected his love all the way through!!!), it could be interesting to find out which of the seven letters resonate most with your Archangel and probably you are here to transform the task given to those communities. The messages are not only for the communities but as well adressing the exact energy for this time we are living in right now. The seven basic archangels have to clear something with God, more or less, as we can see in the messages. It is for NOW. And you shall foretell again.
    PS: The seven churches of Asia belong to the same occult tradition of light as the seven main temple in Atlantis.... We all have been connected to them in a different way, knowing our divine purpose, serving something greater than our little minds now understand and again we may be connected to a certain energy more than to another, being keeper of that divine ray. Many of us are. What did Yoda say? "We are what they outgrow. That is the true burden of all masters".


    I do not want to write this indeed. I just know I have to. I love you.
    Victory of the Light!

    1. (correction: "and >this< is most important")

      what needs to be corrected must be corrected
      high 5
      wondering what the heck we thought when we all made that plan....have we been... (?what?)
      ...but in the end I feel we will laugh a lot....and cry a lot....even more than before... to become a master - does it mean to not feel or to feel more or both or both and none and just different?

    2. It depends on who will enjoy or cry. If you were not in Astral, you do not know what happened over 2 months ago (according to human life). The changes change and anomalies are formed. Do not create existence from non-existence, live according to the balance of existence. You lose something, get something, do not worry about it. With higher entrance, we lose a part of ourselves, but if you keep what's the most important you will gain in the future. We will keep what happens for ourselves, the probabilities will be at this level, which are marked, do not change them (because later I have to combine to be on a good track).


  14. And the Sun is Shining


    Lots of Love and Light for All


  15. WOW a “complete”! Very exciting news. Thank you COBRA, RM, GF, and all BEings of Light aiding in this mission. And to the Creator and sustainer of ALL love and light. Peace resides in my soul and I feel a renewed surge of Love/Light on all levels of my being since the new year’s Golden Age Healing Rays. Thank you to all the Healers for that gift. I am 72 and have anticipated this time of change for 48 years. And I thought it would be an instantaneous shift on 12-21-12. When I was much younger, I had hoped to be alive for the Great Shift. And I still believe I will be here to witness the Event and the The New Atlantis. Meditating, visualizing, and remembering the beauty of this Earth in all her glory sustains me.
    Victory of the Light

    1. You will be eyewitness of the Victory of the Light, Karen. Namaste

    2. Karen, great comment! Once a person awakens, it's really hard to live in this world knowing it's all in illusion! I have tried to awaken family and friends, wow the programming is strong, even what's in our skies doesn't phase them. I can't wait for the Event and all the truth of who we are, our TRUE origin and True history all of it to be told. I wonder how level headed adults can't step back and see this by now? None of my siblings can see this, am I special or something, I woke up 2 years ago and it's crystal clear what is happening on all fronts by the cabal, and how we are not alone and how we clearly got here on earth. 72 years old is not old!! We should be living a 1000 years and once this happen, there will be medbeds to literally age regress us and detoxify us then we eat clean pure food, no illnesses, clean air, water, we can all have a longer life on this beautiful Gaia. Oh, distilled water.. removes toxins, it's pure water. Take care of yourself sister, WE ARE 1!

    3. I too am at a loss as to why people can not see what's happening. My wife who is an intelligent person is so blinkered, it beggars belief.

    4. Thank you Thiago and Unknown for your encouragement. We will stay strong in our vision for The Victory of the Light. 🙏🏼🕯❤️

    5. The reason is because people have not encountered the undeniable proof.

      We live in a society that trust their scientist and professional...

      The bad guys had the infrastructure for millennia to support their sales pitch or lie ...

      We didnt and still we dont.

      The theories we may provide is already marked as conspiracies... believing in it is considered lowering their intellect... thus people dont venture into 'scientifically' unproven anti paradignm claims

      Are they really to be blame..not really.

      I think It would be much easier to convince an uneducated person or someone with minimum contact with the television vs someone that has already been molded thru the constant propaganda machine.

      Then again i also believe it may just take one piece of info to get 1 on the path of discovery. Lets not discount too that the type of personality also counts.

      Someone that pride themselves as being logical would only accept paradign aligned 'theories' or claims with "solid" scientific 'evidence'.. (even though there are flaws on our sciences)

      That is something that unfortunately we could not provide consistantly or if at all... only recently (decades?) some people had organized themselves to finally create holes in the 'paradignm'.

      This is a sales Pitch War... the best salesman/woman wins this war.

      This is also true within our microworld.. in your personal life.. People get burn or get isolated when attempting to disseminate these new anti paradign info. Is all in the presentation..

      You have to adjust your presentation quality and quantity based on your audience.

      Sometimes all you could do is just plant seeds... It will bare fruit in time...

      So know your audience.

      It doesnt matter actually if we dont gave 'evidence' completely on our anti paradign claims.... you can always just take another approach.. in pointing out the 'holes' in the present paradign...

      That might b enough to get someone in the path of discovery.

    6. So choose which rabbit hole u will use in your presentation.

      Too much Or the wrong one may be self defeating.... You know your audience... so choose wisely.

    7. Paul Taylor: same here, in fact my wife was onboard, even did the eclipse meditation then did a 180 on me.. doesn't believe any of this, something happened in August after the eclipse, she said she had some sort of episode where the sky and sounds all stopped for a second and she questioned it all.. she's never really researched any of it, just listened to me, so suddenly I was in question.. despite the fact that she believes in the Mandela effect! She can't seem to see how that is all related.. timelines have been altered for the good!

    8. **not saying when**
      U own one part of the puzzle...
      3rd chapter of Genesis (should not be news)
      U are going to die...
      "EVERYTHING" U do, is because U know this...
      All Faith
      is knowing U made can make things better for yourself
      U are appointed one time to die...
      And is how U will judge "yourself"
      (every man will give an account)
      And the way back 2 The Tree of Life
      Faith is knowing death is for losers

    9. Enter the Kingdom
      "As a child of God"
      (not even a concept of death)
      And count Your blessings
      as how many times U cheated death
      With no fear of death
      (for each better life provided)

  16. Oooooohhhhh!

    "Pacific remains in harmony, as *MiD in battle dies."


  17. thank you Cobra a d lightforces.
    this makes me happy
    Bless you

  18. Yes totally something positive can feel in me, thank you!

  19. Thank you Cobra, excitement is in the air ❤❤❤

  20. http://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2018/01/uma-rapida-nota-sobre-situacao-464.html

  21. Meh...only joking! Hehe. Victory of the light everybody!

  22. unconditional love and light to all my brothers and sisters of the light, GAIA, and the multiverse. also forgiveness to the dark forces and I wish them to go back to Source, NAMASTE


  23. The Global Tachyon Chamber Gridwork Project: Taking The Dismantling Of The Veil To The Next Level … Cabal Planning To Control Cryptos Through Blockchain Tech, Resistance Says ‘Hell-No’ + 144k BIG Jan 31st Supermoon/Blue Moon/Lunar Eclipse Combo Mass Meditation to Thwart Same Cabal Plans.

    January 9, 2018

    The Unknown Lightwarrior


    Only a brief update on the 144k Activation Campaign this week, as renewed focus is over-due on the Global Tachyon Chamber Gridwork Project … to accelerate the piercing – thus, breakdown of the Veil for final freedom.

    We want our freedom, and we want it now.

  24. An excerpt from
    by Paul Collin, a columnist at Project Camelot :

    Rare Secrets Within Dying Declarations –
    The ‘now rare’ video clip, originally included in my November 22, 2010 report on NonReferenceable Objects provides in-depth glimpses into U.S. government secrecy surrounding the rarely heard about A.C.I.O., N.R.O., their missions surrounding U.F.O.s and ‘more’, which were explained by several individuals; many of whom either went incommunicado, disappeared, or are now dead.

    Daniel Salter NRO 38 Levels Above Top Secret


    Colonel Philip J Corso - The Lost Interview on UFOs

    By the way, Col Corso brings up a good point when he says, “There’s no need for a “cover-up”, it gets covered up by itself” - essentially by peoples’ non-interest-in subjects that some others have tried to tell us for years…but,

    The Truth Is Out There – Amidst The Abyss Below

  25. Replies
    1. This message is only for the resistance movement. Not for us, like many others.

  26. What is the pleiadian take on the 5g network. They are testing it in my region and the cows are going mad.

  27. There is a deep fear anyone could announce he/she is this or that ascended master/archangel/prince/princess/queen etc. and a wish grows to tell him/her how arrogant she/ he is to believe such thing. I have no remembrance of my past life, just a resonance to a few things or places. In case any of us remembers his past incarnations it is not for the goal of aknowledging he is something better. The wish of the soul to remember is a yearning to step beyond any limiting name or label, as we are more than any role can ever have been. If you have arrived at the place you know who you are, you do not care anymore if anyone knows or believes. The same time I tell someone he has been this or that I give him a mask and limit him to that role. It may please the anomaly personality at first but there is always this strange feeling of uncomfortableness that something is not right. We think it is because we are putting ourselves above anyone. No, it is because we are limiting ourselves. In the beginning we all knew each other the same way as you know your brothers and sisters in your family right now. You would never discuss your sister is not the being she just IS with all good or bad characteristics, it would be absurd to question. In the end we enter the source naked, on all levels. And we will be restored.

    1. i only wish people remember who they were especially their abilities.. out of the two the abilities is the nost useful asset than knowing your identity.. although would be nice to know who u are..

      Knowing u r some ascended master but you cant even get to heal .. use ur telepathy teleportation..etc... it seems we all

    2. Seems we mostly here to be salesmen..cause that seems to be the only skill available to the masses to subjugate or to free.

      Not counting those controlling the population cause they r obviously cheating with the high technological mumble jumble.

      if there was a time where this reality really could have used a superman or Neo would have been in the now when people are more awake...

      Someone that does not believe in such unfair rules humanity have to abide for because the upperties think the lil people are to dumb to deserve some real transparency.

      How many a times humanity had been played n cont to b played by everyone who r too afraid of the realtruth..

      So i do wish evereyone could remember who they were n their abilities peehaps this charade could end asap as it should.

    3. Oops i did not post the second parr....

      It seems we all _____(fill in tge blank)

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. No kid, I am not offended. i was listening to your side and just expressing mine.

      Just two valid diff views is all

    6. no Gaia.no offense taken. we are jjst sharing our views.. I listened to your valid one. I was just sharing view.

  28. Sounds positive! Thank you Cobra

  29. Feels really good!
    Lots of love and gratitude for you cobra and all Light forces under, on and above surface.

    victory of light! Victory of love!

  30. "COMPLETE" that word is so satisfying. I'm not sure what it all means, but I know it's positive and moves us closer to Victory. The analogy I have is, Berlin is surrounded now, the NAZIs are low on ammunition and soldiers, only their fanatic ideology keeps them going like the cabal members. I'm sure a few are defecting as they see the "Light" no pun intended :) what's really odd here is, everyone can have a great life full of abundance, them too. I hope the Event comes soon.. I can't keep living in this illusion and it's hard to see so many still so programmed needing to be awoken with the energies the Event will bring. I know we are close, I thank the GF, RM, LF, Cobra, all involved, the Agarthans (our future selfs) and all who are meditating, thank you!!! Divine Source, Love and Light to you of course. Victory of the Light!

  31. Once more:
    I'm now translating Kevin Annet's 'Here we stand'.
    I now see that a big part of the world now is in satanism. I understand that for all who have a lack of money and have responsinilities. For chosing this you need to sign a contract. A False contract of course, with something like 'love is the law'. I can also understand that people think 'yes, great'. I would, in the past.

    But then someday, after money came rolling in cause that's what it's about, you find out that you signed for satanism. Doesn't that shock you and want to return? Or is it so mean that you are by then fully open to blackmail.

    And shouldn't we shout to them that we understand and forgive them? Please? Help them? Isn't it all about true love? About forgiving? Don't we all make mistakes?

  32. And so it is the beginning of the end for the Chimera group and their negative bastions.


    I remember having a dream where I was shown this symbol of the black sun. I drew it on my computer. I can post it here if anybody wants to see it. If you do feel compelled so, please don't hesitate to ask.

    I might also add that I am surprised to learn that one of these Chimera bases is located quite near to me.

    Very un-settling, indeed.

    As always, Much Love & Much Light - Peace Be With You

    ~ The Light Sharer

    May you bask in the joy that is the one infinite creator.

    Victory of the Light!


    1. I want to thank the Light Sharer for helping me out by Sending me a Lovely message Earlier (a while back). I have been in desperate need of healing and have received some tremendous support so I am doing better.

      I hope I will continue down this path.

      Just wanted to Say hello because I remember your Beautiful Wordz. They meant a lot to Me At that time. I was going through a horrible time due to an evil force.

      In Any case I wish you All the best.

      If anyone wants to connect with me on Facebook this is my page: https://www.facebook.com/chariot.flower.1



    2. You humble me Zandra.

      I wish you the best in all of your endevours.

      Much Love & Much Light, sister.

      Victory comes soon.

      I just returned from a meeting where I was assured of this, I was also assured that the awakened population of Earth is ready for The Event & for The Harvest.

      I feel engulfed with Love/Light as I write this. It encourages me to keep fighting. My heart sings for you, Chariot Snow/Zandra and also for you, my brothers and sisters who read these words. For I Love you!!

      As always, Much Love & Much Light - Peace Be With You.

      May you bask in the eminence that is the Pure Love, Light and Joy of the one infinite creator.

      Mjolnir is getting ready to drop. Pandora nears completion.

      Victory of Love, Victory of the Light!


      ~ The Light Sharer

    3. You have Such a Beautiful Soul - The Soul of a True Warrior.


    4. @The Light Sharer

      You need to share more light...

    5. I love you, Unknown.

      But, let me share this... Quite the contrary to your previous statement, I share my Light every day to burdened souls in my life and around the world.

      Unfortunately, I do not always have internet access to accomplish this goal on the cyber side, but I always do this in my physical reality every day with those who are lucky enough to cross paths with me.

      Before I continue, a lesson first:

      It is my priority to serve my fellow man. I should note that service is akin to not letting yourself get taken advantage of and stepped on. You have a right to say no if you are not comfortable with it and feel that you are doing a dis-service towards another-self. I now continue the message...

      I go wherever the creator calls me into action and the opportunity presents itself. I serve in the most efficient & effective way possible to provide the best outcome for all parties involved. For, what else would service be? It is not always easy for me to accomplish this, however. Life comes with its own struggles.

      Even helping one soul a day is enough to accomplish my goal towards service to others in service of the one.

      Unknown, I wish you the best and hope everything goes well for you in your current worldy struggle. Fear not, for you are loved beyond comprehension and are destined to succeed, the universe never imparts you with a burden that you can not overcome.

      My current worldy struggles are not at all easy themselves, matter of fact, they are very difficult. In this, we share a repertoire with the rest of humanity.

      I love you, Unknown!! Whoever and wherever you may be. Peace & Prosperity be with you!!

      As always, Much Love & Much Light - Peace Be With You

      May you forver walk and bask in the warmth of the Love & Light that is the one infinite creator. May you find balance in life.

      ~ The Light Sharer


    6. Right now, I am in the proccess of helping a beloved soul heal from debilitating a heart-break. This lovely soul refuses to eat, sleep and even leave home. I am doing my best to aid this beloved soul during this time and help mend this dreadful wound. Please, bear with me and send your Love this way to help this beautiful soul get through such a difficult time in their life.

      Much Love and thanks to all.

      In response to unknown's reply stating "it was 'years' ago":

      Yes, the link I posted is years old but it helps to inform and better understand our current situation today, it gives us a perspective to look at the progress that has been made since then.

      As always, Much Love & Much Light - Peace Be With You

      May you bask in the eminence that is the Love & Light of the one infinite creator. May the tools of creation flow freely within you.

      ~ The Light Sharer

      Victory of Love, Victory of the Light!


    7. You might note reply time stamped 111 day
      There will be a "judgement day"
      U know this...
      This is... U have to like "yourself"
      2 continue 2
      The Tree of Life

  33. From we the people
    I demand that AI from now is erased.
    So it is.

  34. Demand from We The People:
    End satanism now, Erase Satanism now.
    End suffering from satanism now. Erase suffering from Satanism now.
    So it is.

  35. RM, please hurry and stop the weather control. We have had enough. So much destruction, fires, freezing cold, blizzards, half inch rain in five min period triaging huge mud slides! Stop these idiots!!!

    1. Agreed.. take out the chemtrail jets by any means necessary, you have our full permission.

  36. Thought I'd mention this. Synchronistic?

    Carl Jung and the Shadow: Integrating the Hidden Power of Your Dark Side


    1. I also commented about Shadow Self integration here a few weeks ago. Glad to see it is catching on!

  37. Thx astral

    Just as a fyi. The qmap image download link is under the video description

  38. I also Officially want to thank COBRA, and Light workers Arbre Solaire, Patrick Schulte and Lux Autem Bellator as well as the Sisterhood of the Rose group on Facebook.






  39. Q Anon: “Learn to Read the Map” (The Swamp & The Storm)


  40. Corey Goode in Emergency Room now, he need support.


    If anyone have the time, please pray for him.

    If you need a reason, please read his webside.


    Thank you for reading and please pray for him.


    1. We are praying for him!

      A daily urgent mass meditation for him is done at 5 pm GMT !

    2. Update:

      Corey Goode back to home, from his twitter's message.

      About human body care, please join the group pray for him about 2-3 day, about until 15th.

      Thank you for reading, and everyone joined.


      P.S~ all action and choice create our life and prove who am I, you will be who. So the create tool is action, speak, thinking. How we know the new thing is good or not? Try to see the respond, sound and action. When you say Hello with friend, from the respond, we can see friend's feeling is good or not at that time. I'm not sure how many people remember keep watch self's body, from the feedback, we can try to know, what happen on our body?

      For example: The two day, some kind of unknown soundwave shocks our body of blood vessels. Did you feel that? Just like if our body sensor does not tell us hot or cold, how we know to keep safe from the temperature change? Open you mind and keep thinking and keep learning.

      The texts look longer, sorry for that and stay safe.

      Thank you for reading.

    3. U forget... the big blue duck is sooo powerful
      Making CG the only one that can save us
      And keep the SSP from... just, blank-slaighting him

      I think he is hiding because "if" there was an alliance
      (and craft he claims to fly all the time)
      he could get funding from "the government" E.T. investigation program made public- no system crash (caused by that)
      "unity in the alliance"
      Wouldn't it be better to expose the SSP with a spaceship..? (pink egg)

    4. SSP is not only one; many country has, so our space is good SSP team and "unity in the alliance" (the light force), bad SSP team with Archons (The Veil).

      After the event, everybody will be fair; friendly is our language, at that time, no one is king. We all have the power for choice for yes or no, at that time, when you need or want something or touch something, use the talk, please, thanks for the allow.

      Galactic Codex (Our final target):


      After Corey Goode back to home, he shares the project to us:


      And We Love Mass Meditation's light workers decide pray for whistleblowers.


      In the mega report, Corey Goode save us free and win the fair from the unity in the alliance.


      If you have the time please join We Love Mass Meditation's meditation.

      Thank you for reading and keep safe.

      Victory of the Light

  41. Something interesting posted today from Courney over at Farsight Institute (remote viewing). They did a project to remote view the 'WAR IN HEAVEN' that is common throughout modern religions and texts. I won't spoil the reveal but I would say it is very interesting indeed.


  42. 2018 the year of Liberation a genuine and great message for the lightworkers and rest of humanity https://cosmicagent.blogspot.com/2018/01/the-year-of-liberation.html?m=1

  43. This Thursday evening Teleseminar/Group Healing Call by Author/Speaker Edwin Harkness Spina may interest some of you:

    "It’s time to start the new year on the right foot!

    Today, Thursday, January 11th, we will have a group healing call in which we will eliminate all sadness, anger, and grief from your being and fill you with unconditional love and joy.

    But that is not all we are going to do…

    Very likely, you have healing abilities, whether you’re
    conscious of them or not. This call will give you a chance
    to not only heal yourself, but also help heal the world of
    one of the most horrific crimes imaginable – Human

    This is quite possibly the most evil way that anyone can
    violate the rights of others. Human trafficking is a crime
    against humanity.

    This month, in the United States, is National Slavery and
    Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

    During our call we are going to take away the fear, sadness and grief from these victims, many of whom are children, and simultaneously, take away the negatively-oriented spiritual power of those who are committing these atrocities.

    I will explain how we do this during our call.

    Here are the details of our Group Healing Call:

    Dispelling Sadness, Anger and Grief, and Healing the World
    Time: Thursday, January 11th at 5:30 PM Pacific
    Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
    To attend, visit:

    Phone Number: (206) 402-0100
    Secondary Number: (954) 903-9483
    Local Numbers: http://InstantTeleseminar.com/Local/
    Pin Code: 658363#

    See you on the call,

    As you are likely aware, we are in the midst of a huge
    paradigm war here on earth, one that pits the philosophy of Service to Self vs. Service to Others. Be a part of the
    initiative to Bring Heaven to Earth and help heal our

    Edwin Harkness Spina is the award-winning author of
    Mystic Warrior

    & Mystic Secrets Revealed,

    and developer of
    Energy Center Clearing

    & Higher Self Integration.

  44. Meditation is common across many religious groups
    in the U.S.
    By David Masci and Conrad Hackett


  45. Since Thor's Hammer is hard at work, how about a few Classics:

    Entry of The Gods into Valhalla


    Ride of The Valkyries

    And also:

    Sonnenaufgang (from 'Also sprach Zarathustra, Opus 30')

    In addition, for the fake wanna-be gods on Gaia it is now Götterdämmerung.
    And they're not getting a tune or a song, at least not from Me.
    Soon it will be over, and they will all Rest In Pieces.

    Freude schöner Götterfunken


    1. Yes, Thor's hammer.. how do you envision this. the Galactics hammering away at the dark SSP and the like?

    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkaKwXddT_I



    3. So how does it feel?

      Like a Rolling Stone



  46. @astral traveler

    How much have you traveled in astral??...

  47. Person help: My wife has always struggled with depression, now it's worse than every, mania to manic, she loves me for 2 days, then wants a divorce.. All seems great, then all is wrong, I keep invoking Source, Arch Angel Michael, Gabriel, Co of Heaven, Guardian Angels, my higher self, you name it I ask daily multiple times, I am convinced once we can get thru the Event she will be fine..it's just making it to that unknown date! Any advice.. I've tried Command PB Stardust on her behalf, thus far, nothing seems to work. She's trying to read scripture to calm herself down, she's always agitated.. the only relief is drinking and believe me that's not her at all but it is now. This all really started in August of 2017. Again, I realize Gaia is being liberated, we have 3 children and I'm trying to keep it all together as of course she doesn't believe in the Event or any of this and it's been impossible to convince her as she keeps regressing it seems.. I had hoped the energies would elevate her consciousness but thus far sadly I've not seen anyone I know becoming more "aware" and it's very disappointing. Victory of the Light!

    1. By my experience, I can sure something of unknown paining your family.

      But, I can't sure the paining created by the food, water, noise, smell, body inside or psychological.

      Pray can help the body and psychological pain to be lower, other thing still need your action to support, step by step, check the water, food, noise, smell, feeling, body health change (taste, bone, anything), psychological change (worry, pain memory replay), environmental change ( new factory or mine )

      P.S~ if keep on the poison state, everything cannot work, heal and clear up must together, and "ho'oponopono meditation" still easy and helpful to clear the inside problem of person, outside problem still need real action.

      Noise-canceling headphone + 432 Hz music, this one helps me from the unknown noise out.

      How to create self's 432 Hz music can read the website, it's free:


      Wish the ideas can help anyone need and your family.

      Thank you for reading.

    2. I believe she will be fine, too, once the negativity is cleared... but now she is being influenced by the negative forces. They love to split couples up. The best way to buy time is to work with her. You don't want a fast movement toward divorce. Sit down with her. Let her know you love her so that she is knows she can think about it and change her mind later. Talk about a smooth transition for the sake of the children. Let's live together but separate until so and so is such an age to handle this better. Then at that point, you'll both look into a trial separation out side of the house. This approach could buy you years. She may work with you better if she feels heard. Good luck. Surly it won't be much longer.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. My meditation teacher used to tell us the following things to keep relationships "positive."

      Get out into nature and walk. (Nature means: the beach, a forest, a big park... something away from the city. Find trees if you can't find a beach).

      In the winter, it's a little harder, but try to do it anyway. The exercise and nature kicks up endorphins and it will pick up the energy for both of you.

      Leave your phones behind. Leave your kids behind if you can. Just you 2.

      Do your walks each day... or...whenever you can--twice a week is better than nothing-- even if you can only fit in 30 minutes. Fit in a longer walk on the weekend.

      If she's reaching for alcohol, suggest a walk. Bring water! Drink water!

      If she drinks during the day when you aren't there, call her during the day and tell her you'll do the walk tonight.

      Then there is this during your walk: "Ten minutes she talks and you are quiet. Ten minutes you talk and she stays quiet (try to stay positive). Then the last 10 minutes you both talk and be respectful of one another.

      You can set aside 30 minutes a day to do this so she knows she can air her grievances (whatever they are).

      But don't go over 30 minutes -- If you spend too much time talking about your grievances, it will all start feeling bad.

      If you have more than 30 minutes of gripes, "table it" for the next day. Stick to it.

      She might be one of those people who really cannot drink at all (I am one of those people). More than 1 or 2 sips of wine and I am depressed for 24 hours.

      She might want to look at this. (I am saying the obvious here -- alcohol solves nothing, as you know).

      She needs to get her energy up. So do you... This situation is obviously hard on you, too.

      If she's happy for 50% of the time, it's a good start.

      Do you guys meditate? You are saying she's agitated and reads scripture to calm herself down. Well, that's good.

      If she can't meditate, she needs to get outside more, turn the TV off, get away from her phone, and give herself some breaks.

      Found this article.


      Keep us posted. Try everything. We care.

      Drink a lot of the best, clearest, water you can find.

      Sending you some love.

    5. I'm a chronic depressive and on some level I've intuitively understood that something like the Event is going to happen for over 20 years. It's kept me from becoming suicidal but also made my depression worse because I can see clearly how fake this world is and how easily it could be changed for the better for everyone.

      Hell is wanting to die and having a reason to live at the same time.

      Anyway, time to swing this rant around to something more positive. Cobra's mentioned that once Command PB Stardust reaches enough awareness the Pleadians will release other protocols as well. I'm hoping ones for Depression and Insomnia will be among them. In the meantime, there's a therapy called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) that has helped me significantly. It's gone mainstream and is being used in mental health facilities all over the US. If you're able I highly recommend looking into it.

    6. Thanks to all of you! I realize we all have situations happening that aren't what we want and I have to think something dark did come over her in August, we had a great summer of boating.. she simply doesn't or can't research any of this, it's really odd as she was telling others about the Mandela effect but now if I bring that up she gets upset, clearly she wants to regress to a time period where life all made sense to her, a denial / protective response I guess. I've asked AA Michael / Gabriel to clear any negative attachments and to help heal her depression, it's like a light switch is hit, literally last Friday she was happy, we were going to do all these things and 4 days later, life was terrible and she wanted to be alone on her own. 20 years ago a doctor prescribed Prozac and it wasn't needed.. now she hooked and getting off comes with mania and manic symptoms.. but never like this. If I try to be too loving that actually pushes her away.. I know odd, if I'm not too nice and do my own thing that actually makes her interested in me, it's all backwards.. but then again so is life right now with all the illusion. Again, I thank all of you, the world is being liberated and that's far more important than my life I know this, I also know many have suffered relationship issues when they woke up and others around them have not. I think all of you! I'm not sure why my name doesn't show up.. it's Doug

    7. I went through this very intensely for several years, I believe it's all the chemtrails and HAARP frequency alterations. I got some relief with calcium/magnesium, magnesium malate and B complex.

    8. Prozac is the worst drug for bipolar disorder. See if you can get her on Lamictal and slowly titrate the Prozac off. Lamictal is also an anti seizure med and works better in controlling the mania and stopping the depression. Also add non THC hemp oil daily. You can clear her of all dark and negative energy. Ask the s ended masters, your guides , and source to bring the light from galactic sun through. It really helps

    9. Just take your cell phone tracking device and "Record"
      If U can read scripture, U shouldn't even need to play back the recordings

    10. oops... forgot, it is...
      The Power of Witness

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. end of struggle
      for *all*

  48. Today (or now yesterday) I saw in meditation after our clearing of the planes of Gaia many big dark bullets, somehow they where a bit transparent already and they looked like made of wool. They where removed by the lightforces. It seemed to me they had been in the energetic tunnel between the poles and I wonder if this could be compared to a spine. In case yes, it would mean those beings had been in Gaias spine, a /block or dark guardian for every level of the plasma anomaly. A few days ago I saw the GCS turn green inside.
    Victory of the Light...

  49. Replies

    1. Spectralux T5 VHO 95W 4 ft:


      "These T5 VHO (Very High Output) lamps are a brand new technology. T5 HO (High Output) lamps have an initial rating of 5,000 lumens. The new VHO lamps are 7,200 lumens."

      Pay attention: It'a a T5(16mm;5/8") 4ft(~1200mm) of 95W!! and 7200lm...!!...

      Hmmm... Just awaiting our up coming 'open design' side-bracket lantern to host them... 2 tubes in a fixture, reaches 14400lm (more than a 250W mercury lamp) ...for outdoor lighting, of course...

  50. Hello everyone, a good friend of mine had a stroke two years ago at the age of 17. She went from a happy, vibrant, and perfect, to almost losing all motor function on her left side of her body. Her peripheral vision was also destroyed. I can't stand here and watch her suffer any longer. She's living in a nightmare from where she was before. Over the past 2 years, she has barely improved. Is there any possible way to reverse this brain damage that has occurred? Is there any way I can get her to regain all motor function and be able to drive again? I've tried meditation directed healing and asked source and the light forces for help. Unfortunately, this did not work. I just wish our star brothers could use some stardust and completely heal her. Anyways, I need help in what to do in order to heal her misery. Thank you all!

    1. Sorry for I can't help your friend. Light force promise after the event, everyone can be heal. Please support your friend, even become her pen, record her story, maybe the record can help she stay safe and relax to waiting for The EVENT date.

      Memo: please keep in safe and the good mind.

    2. Perhaps our little "team" here can help.
      We can try.

      Can you give us her FIRST name ?
      And what part of the country does she live? I am assuming she is in the U.S.A, but let us know what state she is in.

      Our minds can find her with a first name and the state she lives in, I think.

      We can visualize her during our meditations, and send her healing energy, sending energy in the "two pillars" of light and she can do this too.

      Be sure she does the Sunday Ascension meditations each Sunday too.

      (Find the Sunday weekly meditation On upper right side of Cobra's blog, here).

      I am thinking Rife therapy (sound frequency therapy) might help her. If you can find a person who is clued into Rife practices, this kind of therapy could help.

      Check out these articles:




      This last article talks about running to help brain function but maybe a gentler exercise like swimming would be easier for her. Swimming is lower impact. She can start out with small movements and add some exertion each day.

      Hopefully you can talk to her about visualizing herself back healthy and moving normally. She has to get hold of her own power to create a life. It might seem helpless, but she needs to get this.

      Did she ever make a "visualization board," with photos and images of herself having a healthy life?

      This is fun to do! She can cut out her own head from a photo and paste it on a healthy body doing all kinds of things. She can make a bunch of visualization boards and just put them where the images sink into her subconscious.

      I'd try everything and just keep her moving in positive directions wherever you can.

      You are a wonderful friend.

    3. I am so sorry to hear this, I know what you mean a bit as I keep asking for help with my wife who suffers with mild bipolar issues.. loves me 1 day, wants to leave me the next.. I keep asking, invoking Michael, Gabriel, Co of Heaven, Source.. guardian angels you name it I ask! I know I can heal her with my higher self but I'm not advanced enough to do it.. I try during meditation too. Nic, I know all medical issues can be healed no doubt.. there are tachyon chambers now.. Oregon for example has 1 not sure this would help but they are called God particles. I can't wait for all the illnesses and medical issues to be corrected, so so much has been kept from us all. Please tell your friend hello from Doug and please stay positive I just feel the Event is within months now per many sources.. like 2 months.

    4. WestCoastUSMegan, thank you so much for all of your thoughts and information. Her name is Emily and lives in Michigan, 45 minutes north from Detroit. It would be amazing if your team could try and help her regain her full abilities back. Also, I will try many of the things you have suggested. Thanks so much!

    5. Doug, thank you for your thoughts. I understand what it is like to date someone with psychological problems. My ex girlfriend was either happy and amazing or psychotic and disastrous. Although, I am thinking that she had a severe entity attachment that caused this. It seems your wife has the same thing. At night, my ex heard screams in her head. Many would say that's schizophrenia, but I say she is being bombarded by parasitic evil attacks and entities. Hang in there Doug, once the event happens, all these terrible problems we face will be abolished. When she gets angry, you mustn't give in. You must stay strong and shower her with love, it is the only way. With my ex, I was foolish and bought into the attacks, lashing out full anger back. That was a huge mistake of me. In the end, look at how much we are learning through this shit hole prison planet. You can't experience this stuff anywhere else in the galaxy. 5 years from now, when I'm on the beach of the most beautiful planet in the galaxy, I will be EXTREMELY thankful that I came to this hell hole. We will have stories to tell to everyone curious. We will be wise. Hold on for hopefully just a few more months, as you have said. This pain will soon transmute into pure bliss. Now, pick your head up and let's get through these final months!

    6. Maybe the screams she heard were picked up from events happening in other realms/dimensions or even on this one near/far away?

      since you mentioned schizo... i read this article

      Is about a shaman's views on people afflicted by mental illness... for the shaman.. these individuals are "healers who are attempting to be born"

    7. Nic,
      "Our team" is our group, here in the Comments section. We can all help Emily, who lives north of Detroit, Michigan.

      We all can send her love and healing every time we think of her....<3


  51. RIP Facebook News Feed for Publishers:
    Facebook Declares They're Cutting Off Businesses, Brands & Media from News Feed for Good | Inc.
    By Larry Kim
    Founder and CTO, WordStream@larrykim

    (NSA / CIA probably getting as bored as we are by all the ads and live videos...they want to get back to data-mining human interaction.)

  52. WATCH: Haitian man explains how the Clintons destroyed his country after the earthquake: "The Clintons established a lot of companies but they only built six houses... 98% of the money is still missing." #Haiti
    Trump Street Team 🇺🇸
    #UnsealTheDeals‏ @Newtrump
    3h3 hours ago

    He also said the Clintons are responsible for the recent Hurricane deaths because those people would have had houses.

    1. Thanks Phoenix.
      This 2016 article throws a whole lot of light on Haiti and the Clinton Foundation. The book discussed is written by a Haitian scientist, Dr. Dady Chery.

      Article has very useful links in it also.


  53. Apparently, for the last couple of days the Command for the chronic pain relief, didn't work properly. Just a feedback.

    1. The Presbyia are meddling against other healing methods in order to promote their own.

      They aren't helping things by declaring themselves the only light there is.

      Commander has been notified.

    2. So in layman's terms u are saying.. someone trying to hack the command?

      Who are the Presbya...

      And who is declaring themselves the only light?

      Is this conversation on Command PB stardust or i missed the train?

  54. Old Priests and Financial System. By Sementes Das Estrelas.

    Greetings, Comrades! We have some information and joy here!

    We came back with some more information! Hallelujah! Our Elderly Masters have assured, without interruption, the progress of the processes that will take this reality to an inviolable freedom.



  55. Alpha to Omega

    We're going back to The Start



  56. Look out and fasten your seatbelts!

    This is RADIO GAIA



  57. Yaldabaoth removal code
    it was revealed to me a few months ago
    afterwrds I looked up numbers of Grabovoi and did not find "my numbers"
    the numbers of him that include part of this code then, was "medical operations" and "blood purification"

    code for trauma program release I received as well at that time
    Today I see the head of the Octopus has spit out all beings that dcided to be part for the golden age
    the entity is in final removal right now
    there is nothing the cabal can do about it

  58. I use the trauma code also for the entity because it is pure trauma/fear and when I work on it with that code it seems less cramped

  59. Good Vs. Evil 432Hz



  60. For the first time in months my Stereo System works perfectly without any interruptions.
    That's really splendid, and it makes me very


    Thank You, Universe :-)

    Let's Rock


  61. Cold, lonely, sad, more free, more independant
    and then, after realization,
    warm, balanced, peaceful, smiling, calm
    a lonesome sweetness in my heart while feeling connected with everything


  62. Shine A Light

    We will Shine THAT Light!

    All f-f-f-f-FIRED UP!


    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_AK0ZmZWAw

  63. Gigantic drop of intell. on David Wilcock's website.
    DWilcock substituted for Corey Goode the other night (Wed nite? Thurs nite) on Jimmy Church Radio.

    Anyway, the article (which I am about to read) covers mostly what was discussed on the radio show.

    Corey Goode went into the hospital (but he's okay now) just before he (Corey) was scheduled to go on the radio show the other night.


    1. Whenever i hear something hapens to Cory... i get a bad feeling about it... is almost similar like hearing about an attack on Alex Jones.

      Like the bad guys targetting their own agents to make it more beliveable.

      After all.. only 'good guys' get attack.

    2. I've understood Corey's role a little differently. I've watched him for some time now, including at a couple of conferences, and watched him speak in person.

      (This doesn't mean I know everything -- I'm just trying to discern things like everyone else is).

      He evidently was in the "20 and back" program with the dark Secret Space Program....He was in the Navy, from age 17 - 37, as an 'intuitive empath.' He couldn't do much about the dark stuff he was forced to do and he regrets that part of his service.

      He was called back in years later (he's now 47 or something) to work with "The Alliance," which is much more positive.

      To me, the Navy side of the SSP appears to be the most benevolent and that's the side, "The Alliance" that he is working with. (The Air Force and MIC seems to be the remaining portion of the dark side...)

      Corey has been quite battered (including attempts on his life) by the dark Secret Space Program because he's working for full disclosure rather than the dark SSP's "partial disclosure" efforts with people like Tom DeLonge, the rock star guy who is putting a public face on partial disclosure.

      This last intell drop from DWilcock appears to be a "final goodbye" from the blue avians, so Corey will be working with another new sort of Guardians group, helping to steer us into our liberation.

      I don't think Cobra and Corey's intell is incompatible (many think it is, but I don't).

      I have wondered why the Pleiadians aren't involved in Corey's work. And why the Pleiadians aren't involved with DWilcock either.

      I have wondered why the Anshar (inner earth civilization) don't seem to be involved with Cobra (Cobra can't confirm their existence).

      Cobra and Corey are working (literally) in different orbits toward the same thing -- planetary liberation.

      It's my humble understanding of the whole thing.

    3. #f2b
      Thank U...
      I can not put-up with more than a few minutes of CG
      (this makes his "snowballing" much more evident)
      but offers no aid to seeing people U care about hoodwinked...
      20 'n back... where did you go..?
      3 times now from an interview posted here
      "they all do it"...
      If you die in the 20 'n back..?
      Why stop at 20
      (doesn't that alone mean "they" already lived the 20 we are living) how can "they" not know this happened...
      If the "alliance" is the navy... and U have a "public" program looking for craft- what is this "alliance"..?
      I know I heard CG say... his briefings were not going good- they thought he should drop the avians- he wasn't going to- not god like but, the only thing holding the sun together... and only if we be good
      (they even have power over the triangle heads)
      Did U ask why & how he lands a gig in... Spane..? Did they need to fake the Jedi mind trick to keep power there (test)
      For $2 (less than a happy meal) U can get "all" Fade 2 Black archives... (current shows R free)
      The interview
      (just before ditching this last one)
      CG hangs-up the phone to fake a disconnect...

      But Jimmy Church locked him into a Friday night C2C (3 strikes..?)

      Cobra... no UFO's (hidden..?) allowed and U are being used to report breaches

  64. Good VS. Evil II 432Hz


  65. https://m.imgur.com/a/zXNV6

    Masonic glyphs


    Glyphs of disney


    Glyphs of Egypt

  66. Let it begin

  67. Oumuamua according to Cobra is not a ship, it is just an asteroid. The lack of proof both from Corey & Cobra is stunning. As much as this cosmic fantasy story telling intreagues me, so far, of all of the predicted promises from both guys it seems that the mass arrests could be happening. A few accused people have resigned or retired which seems to be a plea deal precursor to those talked about sealed indictments which may lead to mass arrests. This is the only storyline or timeline that I personally see in the news. Which is great, I don't like to think about children or women or men being sex slaves or sacrifices as I was one of those children and my life is not easy from it.

    The rest of these tall hopium tales have burned me out. My faith is intact however I need proof.

    How about a polygraph for both guys since video and photographic evidence seem to be very difficult to come by and some storylines are not meshing.

    1. You are kidding right?

      you dont see in how many levels that statement regarding a polygraph test doesnt quite fit in this scenario?

      Regardless if all this was true or not... once you consider all the cons n pros If this game it will probably lead u to the same conclusion.

      It makes no difference if a test gets done. Cause if liberation depended on those tests results you know what the result will be...

    2. what i am trying to say... is that if bad guys knew that polygraph tests on these outside the paradigm individuals meant a great number of people would shift or start believing in them wholeheartely... it will be incentive enough for the bad guys to tamper with results...
      and consequency place their life in even more danger or bump them up to the top of the hit list.

      and also... Would u trust whoever perform those tests?

      I would not ask Cobra for polygraph tests... I believe he is relaying what he belieVes to be true. He is not here to be tested on his legitimacy. Is upto you to discern.

      Cause in this reality anything even what seems legitimate may not be what it seems... like results from voting... for one... it can be rigged.

      One needs to trust our own intuition or reFine it.

      If someone has such doubts if all this is real that is not Cobras problem. That is something we need to work individually. he is not collecting approval... he is just here to inform for those ready to listen.

      I am saying this not because i know anything more than what you guys already also know... but because if my task is to inform i would not fall into the earthly games of validation when especially if true may put more people at risk. the more scrutiny may lead to discoveries of his methods of communication and zeus knows what more.

      if all this turn out to be a cosmic joke then is quite an elaborate one...for what mean? Entertainment for popularity?

      We unfortunately need to seek answers elsewere...

      If nothing that has been shared on this blog resonated i doubt most of us would be revisiting this blog.

      i dont consider meself easily gullible nor a follower... in fact it takes me much to actually listen to someone...

      I dont know how real all is but one thing that feels right about Cobra is that he tries to be candid with us. That i appreciate... and so i listen but also analyze...

      And like i said earlier. Would be more beneficial if such polygraph tests get administerdd on our politicians... but for sure we wont get that... cause it wont happened... n even if it did. Would u believe the results.

    3. Cobra said, Oumuamua was actually two objects close together and totally natural. How would he know that detail and you have, Corey and Wilcock saying it's an ancient craft and it's been boarded. These are rather large differences in the story. I know, Corey and David tell their story in dramatic fashion and maybe they want to use this as a bit of fluff. Who knows. Corey and David seem to be going on like it's totally legit though. Cobra has yet to say anything. Doesn't mean there's deception however. I think this needs to be addressed though. Polar opposites.

    4. Astral we dont have a Jedi..and if we did.. and if we were 'allowed' by the middleman(dark)to do such test what do u expect the outcome might be?...

      Would u trust the results.

      these earthly tehniques are absolete to use... probably supersoldiers from both sides may even know how to beat them...and we have plenty of collaborators here on earth that would rigged a result for a pretty penny.

    5. Beloved AD,
      Why would Corey Goode put himself and his family in high risk for being a whistle blower openly? He got a great job, a good income and loosing his job means putting an end to his great career. Why would someone risk all these? Would you be able to do this? (Before you question them for their motive, it is their mission here on Earth). I had been called a liar, illusionist, madman, etc when I started doing The Star Races (A short introduction to the Star Races). Why would I risk and had all these allegations? I had been attacked by the dark side many times (including inserting a deadly cancer on my right leg). Are you capable of enduring all these attacks and insults from the dark side and the sleeping mass? Now, you should know why Cobra protect himself/herself by not disclosing his truth identity.
      May the LOVE be with you always!

    6. Last, people let me add...those tests might be good for every day issues or crimes... for every day citizen or politician under the system and that is detached from any group with intent of obstructing justice.
      such would be ideal conditions...

      From what we have learn so far about this hostage situation or game... which part you think falls under 'ideal conditions'. Evidence confirmation?

      ... anyways there are many details that Cobra has shared that resonates with each one of us... maybe not all... he may not be able to provide proof to put us all at ease..

      is upto us to discern.

      We may not believe it all and that is ok. Whatever u endup believing if it improves your life then it was all worthwhile... if u believe in none it only wasted the time it took u to read it.

      if this was all a bad celestial joke i think there are plenty of good, well intent, reasonable, logical, matured and wise individuals among us that would make time to put our minds at ease.

      you astral.. i believe that if for a second u would think the whole planet liberation narrative was a joke u would be the first calling it fowl play.

      equally i have not heard such call from the majority...

      We gather here NOT because we are gullible... but due to an unseen truth.. you feel it ..some can even see it.

  68. For those looking for MSM material on the Clintons smear campaign

    fox News info

  69. Nope Dragon Heart, you're kidding yourself that polygraphing them is not part of the lacking evidence.

    1. That should be something we should demand from politicians...
      Would it work?... just as good and accurate as voting does.

    2. Did i really say... that plygraph is not part of lacking evidence....

      Or whati actilually said was that it was not reliable and not advisable...

      That was my intent... it is obvious we hold no solid evidence of much of anything.


  70. http://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2018/01/uma-rapida-nota-sobre-situacao-470.html?m=1

  71. I was wrong again.
    The veil: Below the level of shame is injustice.
    The greatest mistake in history is Lucifer and Satan have been changed.
    Think about it.


    PS: within each of us is the whole macrocosm

  72. I get the feeling we are in a Catch22 situation, but where? It has to do with being true to yourself... Do we have to prove we are the reliable pure beings of the future? Then how? Or do we get the joker...

  73. Give us this day our daily bread
    And food fell from Heaven for 40 years
    Why is Adam,"dominion over all",, so far beyond this simple task..?
    Food City
    Feed the World is more "Power" than money
    (and "power" the city on methane from food)
    no more plastic, landfill, shopping (oh, drones)

    Do the people with free food, right now,,
    see racism as... clubs..?

  74. Replies
    1. Zero can you please update your website so that it's Mobile-friendly ? ... Thanks

  75. I've met Corey many times and worked for him too. His claims are all for his graphic novel sales and ticket sales. All with zero proof and loads of blind faith followers. His in person affect is that of PTSD and fear. His introversion is hiding some truth, that is what I get from him. If he is telling the truth, time will tell with or without him. Otherwise, a recorded public Cosmic Disclosure polygraph for both Cobra & Corey is part of the chain of evidence that is necessary. Don't worry Cobra, they can sign non-disclosure agreements and obscure your face and voice. Why is it that you still insist on voice modulation? No one else is.

    I dont need pacification. I don't need another galloping horse video here. Or invisible off planet civilisation claims. Or inconclusive stills of asians wearing robes in an ornate possible "inner earth" dwelling. If Corey has access to a true database through his smart glass pads, then this repository he reads from must be connected to the akashic records and Cobra with all of his connections can access this database too. Our true history. Because our schools and universities, the further back we look into 'that' taught history, the more ridiculous it gets. Right along side this is religion and their controlling of the narrative. Telling stories.

    As a light worker/warrior/starseed/healer, I do resonate with & believe in a lot of what both men are claiming but where is the proof? 2012.portal.blogspot began six years ago.

    I am working with Ralph Ring, Tesla protege'. I have worked with Jeff Byrd, Admiral Byrd's grand nephew. I have had 3 NDE's, an abduction, a close encounter of the 3rd kind, read the Law Of One series and can remote view. Ive studied Sheldon Nidel's work and have spoken to his close friends. I got to hang with Joann Richards and interview her about incarcerated husband Mark Richards claims. I spoke with a Green Beret soldier who was on a security team with Phil Schneider and his claims about DUMBS. (continued in next post)

    1. You do not provide proof for your own experience, but require it from others.

  76. What Cobra & Corey talk about is not that far fetched for me. Let's see free energy, let's see off planet aliens, let's see anti-gravity, all in videos. Where is your proof. At Joshua Tree 2017, Contact In The Desert, I lead a group of 62 witnesses in a meditation to manifest night time triangle craft and two appeared by Giant Rock. Then what Gilliland told me on his BBS radio show was probably an inner earth plasma craft appearing by Van Tassels old runway, then on film a cigar shaped craft followed slowly by a noisy F-15. No evasive maneuvers. I watched through gen3 night vision goggles, another person video taped it all in his night vision goggles and Melinda Leslie publicly posted it on her Sedona Facebook page. This footage that was witnessed by 62 documented people, should have played repeatedly at the Vegas 2017 Mufon Symposium. But Jan did not want this. Instead, among others with little or no proof, Corey got up on stage and bored a lot of us with his lame PowerPoint and flattened affect. Then he chickened out of a pre-scheduled radio interview with Lorien Fenton. Because she has publicly stated that she knows insiders that feel Corey is not being truthful about his past and wants to interview him about his claims. He chickened out.

    I have built two websites for Wynn Free who claims David Wilcock was, I don't think he is anymore because I have met him and exchanged info with him too, David was the biggest jerk he had worked with. Wynn wrote the book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and he also knew Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarty who authored the Law of One series. David recently claimed that Bill Tompkins, whom I've met and had him sign my book, had never used a computer. I personally know the I.T. guy who helped Bill fix his printer and computer issues many times and was the only person to interview Bill & Bob Wood on YouTube at the same time.

    I have seen every Cosmic Disclosure & Wisdom Teachings and I believe you Cobra that the 3 fingered alien family bodies were manipulated. But it seems to at least be proof. They have the bodies my man. Videos & still photos too.

    I can't do blind faith anymore. I can however do patience. Thank you Cobra for what you are going to do. Be safe.

    1. AD, maybe you should also take a polygraph test. Quite the list you have there. Sounds cool. Are you part of a, Richard Greer type group. I have to say, Corey and David are milking this I think. If Corey and David are, maybe, Jimmy Church too? A lot of what, Corey and David have said isn't new to a lot of us. Tolec and others have been saying all these things for years too. Corey is writing this stuff for David and it's definitely dramatized, which I don't like. A lot of people need these things to be true. I hate to say this people but I think more attention needs to be put on certain individuals in this arena. It's good to be an open minded skeptic too. Lightworkers can't just believe everything we read or hear. We can't expect, Corey, David or, Cobra to save us or do it for us. We have to do this. A lot people on here seem to get all giddy everytime there's an update, with no clue in regards to it's meaning. Honestly, I think, Corey is hyping it up and, David is a great catalyst, because he can talk so much breeze. Corey and David are being a little too slick for their own good. Serious discernment guys! I like, Corey and David but their goals of graphic novels etc is is why the Joe public thinks this is BS. It's doing more harm than good. My name is George Hatton. I dont hide behind anything. Victory of the light!

    2. Corey and David might not be perfect. they might not have all the answers. they might think they are providing the correct information just like most everyone that is on this field. they may be influenced directly or indirectly by both sides just like everyone may be suceptible to. (personally i think Corey may be more suceprible to mind control if he really was from ssp...)

      The main goal that we should at least recognized about these two individuals and others being partially right or not is that they are bringing to the attention of the public topics that otherwise would still be bury in secrecy or still kept among few groups lead by other few known public speaker.

      To ask anyone nowadays to provide proof beyond a shadow of a doubt is to condemn them to death... ask Phil Schiner since you mentioned his name.

      Their agenda might be contradictiN at times. (Then again who isnt)...
      indeed we are not to beliEve all wholeheartedly but to understand that there is more than meets the eye about this reality may be the whole point of it all.

      You will use your own ways of confirming part of intel...You did and Have been doing your howework AD.. others will do theirs their own way.

      the various intel is not about taking it all to heart but to take it in in strides.

      like i said before.. there is no easy fix for proof or intel confirmation. if there was... wouldnt this have been done before if there was no risk attach to such venture?

      By the way. i dont follow nor David nor Corey for me own reasons... but i do recognize that regardless of their personality or agenda or poor or great work ethics they are helping in bringing awareness.

      same could be said to all those venturing into spreading what they believe to b their truthfrom whistleblowers to commoners youtubers... There are many variable unknown to us of what forces influences them...

      if u look for perfection... i am afraid u will find none.

      regardless of possible flaws... you must still do your own work.. and hopefully read their heart for intent...
      You will get to learn who are more bs-ers n who are legit at least in sharing what they believe to b their truth.

      Also aware that disinfo agents are of all levels ... they walk among us...we may even be shaking their hands in trust... but those are the dangers we face on this salespitch battle wE r in the middle of...

      Just do our homework. Pay attention to your intuition.

      One day we will get the prOofs we seek. That time isnt right now.. imho.

    3. GLH... i dont know too much about David W. i did get to read a couple of his updates years ago so i am no expert.. (without focusing on his personality which oozes even on those brief updates).. I cant deny him credit for trying to be as throughout as possible... even though he is embarking on a topic where much direct proof cant be showcaseD... however he does seem to try hard to put dots together as accurate as he feels they should be.

      What more could we ask of him that is reasonable?...

      If reality is stranger than fiction..how else would u except his intel n narration to be.

      indeed This will seem strange to the general public... heck is even looks scifi to us in a way.
      so i dont think the reaction of the general public is a surprise in regards to DW claims imho.

      That is the task of current (credible) n future whistleblowers or whatever latest tactic is on use to bring some disclosure... imo... This is why it is imperative the MSM gets sorted out asap. these on the face tactic of disclosure is the only way to influence the mass unaware public. then they will be ready n willing to listen to the other public speakers that they onced called bs-ers.

      we know this.

      lets not kick these esoteric speakers on the knee for lacking what we KNOW is not possible for them to provide.

      We know better than this.

    4. Cool...
      Do U (Lamb of God) that take sin from this world...
      Have Time for... the jedi mind trick..?
      What chapter of the Bible
      (only talking 1, 2, or 3)
      (1st book only)
      Did Adam become a "Living Soul"
      Why didn't U see "man" made in the image of God
      (As an Echo)
      In the chapter "before" Adam
      Did they cause U to think Adam had dominion..?
      (so they could install a tax system)

    5. Lol hear hear! Ice ...
      time will be made..

      Instead of installing a tax system best not tax cuts?

      I like your monologues...

  77. World Holds Breath After Julian Assange Agrees To Trumps Terms—And Elite Russian Forces Obliterate CIA Base


  78. Catch22 example: We are here to liberate earth. For everything we want we need a desire. St. Germain recently said that we have never had, so known, freedom.
    I do my very best to liberate earth. But everybody I told in the past, about pedophilia, about removing borders, about the event, immediately turned away from me, including my children. They don't care and think I'm a bit lost.
    So I want Earth liberated, but not as a desire, I don't feel that. As St. Germain said: I don't know what that is. There's no proof. Just stories. We have a queen that seems to be a satanist, but so far I like her. My liberation is a ideal.

    1. Be that freedom Maria. Be free ! That desire contains a lack of it. Know that you are already free ! Don't make any boundaries because of the outside response. Be bold and feel free and Be Free !! The more you believe and the more you know, the more you see it. Sharing your tools helps greatly too and understandings ! Just saying ! :)

  79. A bit of fear mongering going on in regards to Sophie the AI robot? I don't see the concern they say I should have ...

    Anonymous - This Shocking Footage Should Worry You! (2018-2019)

    1. i dont see why... It isnt advanced enough...

      Just looks to me like a robot with more algorithms loadeD...

      Still far to go to be a threat... me thinkS

  80. Something has shifted indeed. Energies has been great for 3 or 4 last days. It`s a light, joyful and uplifting feeling. I have felt it in a society aswell. This is great!


  81. Has Extraterrestrial Manipulation Ended making possible 1000 years of Human Freedom?

    Written by Dr Michael Salla on January 12, 2018. Posted in Featured, galactic diplomacy


    "A consortium of extraterrestrial races conducting long term genetic engineering of humanity has been told to end its historic interference according to Secret Space Program insider Corey Goode. As a result of this, and related “galactic diplomacy” developments, he says that humanity is about to embark on a thousand years of uninterrupted peaceful development as a fully autonomous member of the galactic community."

    1. um... in the "Spain" powerpoint thing
      (it's on youtube)
      he used a Play Station 3 background theme graphic from Star Wars (I own) clone tanks, the SSP use
      (and Darth Vader's shadow center screen)
      They must have tricked the SSP into cloning

  82. http://exopolitics.org/photos-of-flying-saucer-craft-alleged-nordic-extraterrestrials/

    Whistleblowers, JP’s daughter need helps, please pray for her.

    Thank you for reading, and any one prayed.

    1. Seems like these pictures can only be believable to one person...the guy with the camera. Billy Meier's pictures from like 50-60 years ago are better. Ok, perhaps they wanted to just show him and it's not meant for anyone else. If that's the case, these types of poor pictures, with huge claims should be kept personal.

    2. I'm not sure what is you want. But, some people use his life to tell us. Something is wrong. Then another whistleblowers, Emery Smith story here.


      The dark just tell us, don't become whistleblowers; else your family and house will close to danger. So if you are telling us don't believe whistleblowers, keep safe. Maybe you are right. But some people already broke heart. So follow your choice and believe, and I will do my choice too. Good luck to you George Hatton.

  83. Glyphs of Shakespeare



  84. Dr. Jerome Corsi - Analysis of Recent Q-anon Postings - The Hagmann Report
    The Official Hagmann Report


    9 ian. 2018
    Dr. Jerome Corsi, Chef Washington correspondent for Infowars.com provides his in-depth analysis of the recent postings made by "Q," an alleged insider familiar with the inner workings of the present administration.

  85. https://imgur.com/a/l4CSN

    Glyphs of the music industry, warning this is dark you have to be strong in essence to handle it. But knowing is half the battle.