Sunday, April 15, 2018

ISO CHMB deflected


  1. The Syrian portal is still safe I feel. The brightening continues. Thank you all Lightworkers. We'll be meditating with the 144,000+ later today!

  2. Love and light to all you lightworkers and lightwarriors who will see this. PLEASE NEVER GIVE UP, WE ALL NEED YOU. Love and support! When it's over, all you lightworkers and lightwarriors are invited over to my house for dinner! And big hugs and thanks! Stay stong, the rest of us are behind you!

    Thank you!!!!!!

    1. John Murray,
      How nice of YOU! 👍👍 (=2 thumbs up)
      This is one of the most HONEST and uplifting comments I've read. I bless you and I send YOU lots of 💜💗💜💗💜💗💜💙💜 🙏🏼
      BTW, we need the address of your house... (just kidding 😊)

    2. Thanks John haha, whats your facebook because after the event i will go and we can celebrate together

  3. Dear Cobra, still thinking about u & Isis Astara. I have wanted so often 2 post something, yet I have felt as if words c/ not convey my solidarity. Hope u r moving thru healing.

    Also tx 4 posting the RM progress notes. Ppl somewhere r doing SOMETHING.

    Ba workbook WAS out of stock @ Dolphin Temple; req'd notice; !!NOW AVAILABLE! Ur link had vanished; I got Ka workbook. Interesting.

    Love the P's; but when seeing those exhortations 2 Do ur mission! Wake up & join the Lightwork! I just want 2 choke the living shit out of some1. HOW CAN WE? Targeted Individuals r living in an electronic torture PRISON.

    How many Lightfolks r TIs? PREVENTED from doing their work. Losing function of all kinds from torture /molestation.

    Molestation: More than 3/4 of TIs r women. Goddess symbolism.

    Dear Lightppl everywhere, please add Targeted Individuals 2 ur lightwork.

    It's encouraging that Q /anons & SOME mil & SOME LEOs r pursuing human trafficking 2 shut it ALL down. Less nrg food 4 Archons, less suffering 4 sick lucies. We progress.

    Yet ALSO NRG FOOD 4 Archons, suffering 4 lucies: TIs r tortured & molested daily & nightly by psychotronics; networks of Cabal-/minions, anomaly-minions continue this torture & molestation w/ NO interference; LEOs pretend that this technology simply does not exist! SO NO NEED 2 address torture nor molestation via any law whatsoever bc it's not happening!

    Feels like TIs r the abandoned stepchildren. WHEN SHUT DOWN? Is ANY1 ANYWHERE working on this?

    TIs CAN'T shut down psychotronics; others must do this. WHEN?

    Be light. Be truth. Be well all.

    1. Hi dear one. I am one of the tortured TIs, too. My only choice to escape their agression is to NOT THINK ABOUT IT ANYMORE. Just ignore it. Just try this method and see if it works. It worked for me, partially. But anyway, we all know it's going to end soon. The Event will clear it all and for good. So, just focus on your normal life, love yourself more and believe it's gonna END and we will be free at last.
      If you want to talk, my email address is
      People in our situation need much support. If no one believes us, we should seek support among each other.
      There are around 1.2 million TIs only in the US. And who knows how many others around the globe.
      So, stay positive! Do not expect things from others. Do what you can for your own good. Maintain your mental health, as much as possible. And reach out for people who can enlighten or help you.

      God bless! Victory of the Real Light!

  4. Time is approaching for our Peace Meditation and the energies are rising as more and more people have made a decision to join us and we are gaining momentum.

    Hopely there will be again many signs in the sky in the form of rainbow cloudships especially in Asia (where more light is coming from) in the last hours before our meditation, indicating that the Light forces are supporting us in this endeavor.

    Next hours will be decisive for how many people join us and how much impact or meditation will have on the planetary situation.
    Therefore we ask for all to spread the news about this meditation far and wide...

    1. Rainbow cloudship spottet in Sri Lanka last week ;-)
      Sorry that I cannot post the photos here, which I have made

    2. Rainbow cloudship spottet in Sri Lanka last week. ;-) sorry that I cannot share the beautiful photos I have taken here....

  5. Have the light forces made any progress at all? I am worried that chicken shit issues like with trump are becoming a distraction. It is kinda pissing me off that nothing can be done as long as the bombs are still a looming threat. I am getting tired of the bombs excuse.

    1. It's frustrating for sure. The reptilians are the most technologically advanced race in the galaxy. The Light forces won't admit it, but why would they? It makes perfect sense they'd tell us everything is under control, but I've never believed it. Hyper-intelligent evil reptiles built underground bases millions of years ago, and have presumably been improving them ever since. You don't just waltz in there. It's going to be a lot longer, the Dark is more advanced in our part of the galaxy. The proof is the history of our solar system, it's all negative right? They've been in control for a long time.

    2. I still think they might come back. The way I see it, the toplet bombs are just some dinky land mines they left behind. And they're still giving the Light forces trouble! If the empire returns, I bet they'll annihilate any resistance.

    3. They can't come back because they're the wrong frequency and they know it.

    4. That's exactly the kind of Light propaganda I'm talking about. If that's even a real thing, they'll MAKE it right for themselves again.

  6. Through each moment, recognize "they" are YOU.
    Through each moment, recognize Source is YOU.
    Through each moment, recognize the Source WITHIN.
    Through each moment, allow this Source-light to glow within the sacred chamber of your heart.

    Through each moment, allow the sacred chamber of your heart to shine forth that connection point YOU HOLD within the sacred grid of Light.

    Through each moment, whenever you feel "they", "them", "THAT HURTFUL OTHER"... allow the sacred sourcelight within you to glow brightly, imagining that it is echoed within "their" connection point to the Sacred Grid of Light.

    Then, trusting in The Light, return your focus to your own heartlight, and move as it guides you, flow as it leads you, and shine as it creates and re-creates you.

    This will strengthen the Peace Meditation, and every other way you serve to fulfill your sacred purpose.

    You are ONE!
    WE are LOVE!

  7. Thank you dear ✨Cobra ✨for these updates ✨eternal love and light 🙏🏼✨❤️🌈

  8. Beloved Ohana:


    We NOW liberate the Syrian Goddess vortex and End this 'little shop of horrors' for Good!

    "Ama-Aha ♂ / Malenah ♀ is called by Pleiades 1 to completely bring his earthly mystical energy to the Earth’s surface. Called to anchor Malenah’s (♀) strength and, together with his grouping, transform black magic into white magic.

    Ama-Aha is supported by three pillars: Kuan Yin, Saint Germain, and Master Pórtia. Called to form a powerful egregore[?] of Light on these three pillars and move all his mystic legacy so that all those who approach it in this present incarnation will be healed, liberated, and renewed forever!...Kuan Yin, at present, is constantly at his side supporting him in all of his movements on the physical plane.

    Ama-Aha has a mystical army waiting for him to move on the surface." —through Gabriel Raio Lunar

    I AM In Love


    From the Ascension Conference in Budapest

    Posted by (Germany):

    "Cobra once again pointed out the importance of tomorrow's peace meditation at the current Ascension Conference in Budapest.

    Each participant actually saves lives!

    Even if the time, 16.04.2018 - 3:57 clock, may seem uncomfortable, the impact is in the true sense decisive for the war! So let's do it and help the light to victory!"

    Let´s give them the final push folks!

    Victory Of The Light!

    1. Thank you for the post very much,you have just motivated me even more to participate and share !

    2. That post actually made me set the clock and do the meditation at time.

  10. We must be very close to compression breakthrough. The dark is messing with my phone and all the positive things I listen to. Full speed ahead towards the victory of the light.

    1. things are crazier than ever here today. hope it gets better before the meditation. i'm deeply sad and lonely and hungry and thirsty.

      help me goddess help me pleiadians!


    Peace be on earth, and among all beings!

  12. Dobre novice za vse slovenske bralce! Kot ste morda že ugotovili, so na slovenski PFC domeni že dalj časa bile težave. Ker stran od nedavnega žal ni več dostopna, smo ustvarili nov blog v izogib vsem odlašanjem pri posredovanju pomembnih informacij tudi tistim dragim sodržavljanom, ki niso na Facebooku.

    Blog je še vedno v fazi posodabljanja, trenutno so objavljene vse objave s strani The Portal v obdobju od marca do aprila 2018, ostale objave bodo sledile v doglednem času. Objavili bomo tudi vse do sedaj prevedene intervjuje s Cobro, dodali pa bomo tudi nove zavihke na meniju, kolikor hitro bo to le mogoče. Vljudno naprošamo za vašo potrpežljivost.

    Prisrčno vabljeni k ogledu novega bloga na sledeči povezavi:

    Prisrčno vabljeni tudi v našo Skupino za Podporo Dogodka in Sestrstvo Vrtnice na Facebooku:

    Zmaga Luči!

  13. Syrian Army declares full recapture of Eastern Ghouta

  14. We are the Light Forces!
    We are proud of this!
    We are proud of ourselves!
    We will be victorious in the end!

    Victory of the Light!

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  16. Drodzy bracia i siostry Słowianie. Jestem tu z wami, od dawna, od początku. Wszystko idzie dobrze, jest nas wiele, jesteśmy silni, a bedzie tylko lepiej. Ufajcie swym sercom i sobie nawzajem. Pamiętajcie o naszej pięknej Matce Siemi, zwróćcie sie do niej a da wam siłę. Sięgnijcie wgląb siebie a odnajdziecie mądrość by iść przed siebie nieustraszenie. Moc jest w nas!



  18. Please join me in profusely thanking the Universe/Source/Creator NOW for Victory of the Light. The dark crumble under the weight of Love!

    1. Yes sister.and meditation done! Lets bring light to our beloved mother gaia and all beeings. Peace and happiness for you all

  19. 7:07 for everyone on their mission

  20. Meditation during exact time Comey interview airing. Coincidence? :)

  21. My deep thank you to all of you who have just participate in the Peace Meditation. Ty for your/our effort and Love!

    Victory of the LIGHT!

  22. Big power in tonight's meditation!

    1. Megan which meditation.?. the one early on the 15th at 3am pacific time.. or u refering to another

  23. Beautiful meditation tonight. Goddess wants peace and peace it will be. VOTL

  24. Sending much love, light and peace to Syria it's people and to all of you my Light family!

  25. Thank you so much for all who participated. We saved lives today. We helped bring The Event closer!💞🌎🌍🌏💞💫✨🌟

    1. I must ask.. the US already fired the tomahawks.. I believe and follow this blog but it appears the deep state has Trump's ear. I do wonder why the galactics allowed any of the missiles to hit their targets.. ??

  26. And now, 90 minutes after the meditation, the energy feels clearer and higher.

    Something good must have happened!

  27. Dear Light Forces, Resistance Movement,

    Breakthrough Meditation at 2 PM UTC every day

    I am writing to urge Light Forces, Resistance Movement to tell many awakened community, such as the awakened community led by Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Veronica Keen, Justin Deschamps, Kauilapele, The Mind Unleashed, Steve Beckow, Prepare For Change.... to organize "Unity Meditation" like "UNITY MEDITATION AT THE ECLIPSE 2017-8-21" to join Breakthrough Meditation at 2 PM UTC.

    We can notice it is the huge success to reach critical mass in "UNITY MEDITATION AT THE ECLIPSE 2017-8-21"

    If many awakened community can hold next "Unity Meditation" like "UNITY MEDITATION AT THE ECLIPSE 2017-8-21", to join Breakthrough Meditation at 2 PM UTC, it can accelerate "The Event" and maybe activate "The Event" within 2018 April.

    I urge Light Forces, Resistance Movement can tell many awakened community for this urge to organize "Unity Meditation" like "UNITY MEDITATION AT THE ECLIPSE 2017-8-21" to join Breakthrough Meditation at 2 PM UTC.

  28. Successful meditating!...

    We have still in place:

    2.45pm April 16
    Monthly New Moon Peace Meditation

  29. i was really struggling but the moment of the meditation was beautiful. i saw and felt so much light and love!
    willing to some feed back!
    thank you all for participating!

  30. I actually saw some pink lights during the meditation. It was more than just a visualization. It was similar to a DMT type hallucination. Overall I think it was successful and that peace will be preserved for the time being. Sorry cabal, no world war III will be permitted this day. Victory belongs to the light.

    Peace be with you.

  31. I envisioned the pink and violet light over Syria all day.. I must ask why did the Russians or the Galactics allow any of the tomahawk missiles to even hit their targets? I guess I just don't get it.. the GF has tech beyond our imagination and certainly can easily deal with cruise missile technology.. they could easily just use a directed EMP and shut down all the carriers/destroyers of the US so they can't fire.. or use directed energy weapons to simply take out the cruise missiles Doesn't anyone else find it odd these were allowed to even hit Syria???

  32. It was delightful to have a meditation at 3:57 AM. I really was surprised by this feeling. I even did NOT need a clock to get awake. I am sure, that my angel woke me up. I am soooo happy to have done it - victory of the light! WE ARE VERY NEAR. I can feel it. And I feel connected to all of you....thank you, Cobra and thank you to the lightforces!!! <3 <3 <3

  33. I suggest to all lightworkers that we arrange for an urgent mass meditation for the Soul of all the children victims of the horrors of the satanic rituals of Kabbalah involved in PEDOVORE. I am a mother and I have been heartbroken and I am horrified at the degree of evil. I froze in disbelief. Anyway, I now feel more serene than URGENT a global meditation for the Soul of all the children who died in the most macabre way imaginable. JOIN US NOW FOR THEM! LET'S ORGANIZE A GLOBAL MASS MEDITATION for THE PEDOVER VITIMS.

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