Saturday, April 7, 2018

Merge Project 83 / MASTERPIECE


  1. Had that feeling of being awake and asleep at the same time this morning.

    1. I had the exact same feeling.

    2. Another one here! Never felt this happen until recently

    3. SueΓ±os lucidos ultimamente

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    5. Sun morning here in Australia and overnight had the longest flying dream ever..flying in a gentle arc over changing landscapes( rural-riverine mostly)... felt great but completely natural...even glancing behind casually at will...that was a nice upgrade...borderline lucid too...mmm

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    7. Me too, dude and I am on vacation in Florida. The weirdest dreams. I could also hear guys talking in my dream as if they were controlling my actual dreams which were not pleasant but rather disturbing. I told the RM in my dreams to round those clowns up and put them on trial or take them to the central sun. Makes me wonder what else is going on that most humans are not aware of. VOTL!

    8. All of this is just so amazingπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’–

  2. Mine is a little like Brandon, above.

    I woke up this morning at about 4 am.... Felt like I went through "yet another" energy transformation.

    I am changing inside. Can't put my finger on exactly what is going on... but...

    Every day is different and interesting.

    1. Yes, I have a similar experience. I was sleeping so deep tonight, that I can not even almost wake up, my head was so "heavy". I can feel, that something was and is changing. :) <3 Victory of the Light! :)

    2. Me too! I was so tired last night and this morning. I slept almost 12 hours! I normally sleep 6-8 hours.

    3. I have been sleeping a lot more the last 4-5 days..really unusual for me...wake up and I feel like I have been in a battle. The Pleiadiens were in my dream the other night,in the real and on the television in the dream,they were talking about their traditions.

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  4. 83....1and1
    April (4)
    7th day...1and1
    RPS: 12:21/XORTSMODE(Bottom of screen)
    Peace and love.

  5. Sounds and feels really reliefing!! Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart♡♡♡♡Let's push this trough! Feels we are very,very near now!

  6. Don't publish my previous comment. Emergency!

  7. I woke up tonite as well, and took a while to go back to must be the energies...

  8. Hey guys, I just wanna say that I wrote answers to Geom,
    Charles Sharpe, Pervasive All Knowing, Supreme ONE: Please Bring Unlimited Spiritual and Material Abundance and Liberation On Earth NOW! and Jony Spam on topic "Soul Families", I think they will be published down there.

  9. I was just fed these 2 words just now simultaneously in meditation as a huge clap of Thunder & Lightning struck above my house, (and we haven’t had Thunder & Lightning here for over a year)


    as in:


    (The nickname for the seductive aspects of The Virgin Mary)



    (The nickname for an Exaggerated Event)

    And simultaneously I got the word:

    “Salama” ~

    This word has stunning root etymologies for our position just now in this Cosmic unfolding including lightning bolt or flash, safe, secure & “a greeting” ~

    All of which “apply” to this passage we are All in now collectively ~ (google “salama etymology)


    “Lolapalooza Salama” (as in happy seductive lightning bolt party) Every”One” !!!!!!

  10. yaaaaaay!
    thank you cobra!!!
    i love it when i ask and you post some codes. of course i know it's not for me but i do love synchronicities and it has happened a lot!

    i feel so much love even being attacked. i'll say the worst period to me is pms and weekend. and i'm in both ones, but i feel balanced as never before.

    thank you everyone spreading love! we are just there, guys!

  11. I think they tried to program me to be a mercenery if i ever took the reigns on my own life. Yesterdays vicious battle was filled with constant thoughts about wet work.

    I'm just hustlin though XD no short cuts.

  12. The applecart is about to be turned over folks......


    1. Q Anon's post seem contrary to Cobra's message of light. Rather they seem pro-Trump and divisive. Trumps talking about the wall, destroying the earth through coal mining, oil drilling, Israel/Jerusalem, and the list goes on and on. Doesn't sound "of the light" to me. Find it odd Kauilapele now quoting Q. As Cobra always says, we need to discern. Lots of disinfo agents out there.

  13. Let the concert begin! Victory of the Light!

  14. Ok, Mr. Cobra, the only update I want to see is the one where you tell us to go outside, lay down, and watch for the rainbow fog! Just kiddin, but you know that update will be the best and the last. Love and gratitude, Sir❤️πŸ˜‡!!!

  15. "What's worth the prize is always worth the fight".

  16. Wonderful things are going on behind the scenes, changes that everyone will soon see. Victory To The Light, Love To All!

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