Saturday, April 28, 2018

GBNF operational


  1. Well done, my peeps! Woo-hoo!!

  2. Does this mean we will see some positive action now?. Like real earth 3d action that leads to positive change?

  3. i just want to say that the attacks are harsher than ever, but also love is spreading like crazy! i've never seen so much love in people before. specially between women. i feel sorts of sisterhoods reconnecting somehow after a long wait. it really makes me feel positive. love is everything. if we can love, there's anything we can't do.


  4. Light up, light up
    As if you have a choice
    Even if you cannot hear my voice
    I'll be right beside you, dear
    Louder, louder
    And we'll run for our lives
    I can hardly speak I understand
    Why you can't raise your voice to say

    Making Up for all this mess


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  6. YES! Thank you Sonja and Astral Traveler.
    So far I had not enough money. But May always is the month for paying the yearly saved vacation money. Gives a bit more possibilieties.

  7. The female energy (F) of the groundbeings (GBN), activated by meditation, is doing her duty!!!

  8. Well, i might be wrong, but this feels positive.
    Please take a look at this video from the white house.
    POTUS 'welcomes' Merkel from germany.
    Look at the face of this (in germany (i am from germany, too) very hated person).
    It look like engraved in stone. Cold and fearful.
    I think she's cabal's Nr. One in "Europe" / Germany.

    So what points out very clear is the following:
    Usually Angela Merkel does a special gesture with her hands. Looks like a triangle (we call ist "Merkel"-Raute in germany). She does that on nerly every photo, that is being made of her or any video, you can see of her.

    While visiting POTUS in the white house, she kinda grabs her hands together (tight). Her face, as told before, look cold, emotionless and fearful.

    And instead of doing this hand gesture herself, POTUS does it nearly all the time, talking to the press in this video.

    Feels like he said "You're fired!" while they were offscreen before, or met without beiing in front of the cameras.

    I hope for myself, that this is something positive in any way. Hope good guy CoBra could give some insight on this.


    All the best to you dear people and much love.

    1. Just watched the Merkel video, how bizarre, her body language and expression, she looks veeeeeery uncomfortable! Lets hope its a good sign! VOTL xxx

  9. Thank you to my Family of Light. I have buried a few. :)

    If we could all just bury one, well... who know what that would bring? Awesome idea about crowd funding too. Thanks astral traveler!

    I love you Cobra, RM, Galactic Confederation, Ground Crew... St. Germaine and all benevolent Light Beings.

    Hugs to our Beloved Source...

    We Shine On... Victory of the Light!