Sunday, May 20, 2018

Isidic approval for ASCOM sequence


  1. Sending pure divine Love and Light <3 <3 <3

  2. What a Sunday morning, I see post through the grapevine… Most of the night felt as if something was trying to put a helmet on my head and twist and squeeze it. Morning too. It decreases when I do the goddess vortex and return to source, but does not go away... that nuisance is persistant…

    My gratefulness and love go to Cobra the RM and all LF, sending you all the light I have.

    I volunteer my services as a linguist, communicator and psychotherapist, preferably on the surface (because of the family), but in perspective anywhere. Would love to contribute in a practical way, in the meantime I meditate…

    Not knowing what the perpetuating 504 is, it sounds to me RM needs computer programmers and/or soldiers. I am feed up of looking at strongest and most clever men drinking coffee and picking noses at the surface. I am 100% sure humanity would contribute much more provided they know who the enemy is and instructed on what to do. There are hundreds of us that would be recruited gladly, in order to end this war for good, for the Victory of Light. I am reporting on duty.

    To all: humans ARE able of discerning a positive Light-being from a reptile pretending to be nice. No fears, no thoughts, just look into your heart and trust your feeling. You are brave and strong. Love to you, my sisters and brothers :)

    Victory of the Light Now

  3. Mjolnir on the surface of the planet

    I would like to say something about the first crop circle of the year. Since there is still no 2nd, the message seems to me to be more important.

    It is obviously a water strider. A water strider works on the water surface just as Mjolnir works on the surface of the planet. A water strider detects with its lower leg parts vibrations of falling insects in the water. Likewise, Mjolnir detects the primary anomaly, which starts from negative actions and thoughts from the dark ones, through a five-dimensional torus projected into the 4th and 3rd dimensions.

    Surprisingly, the lower leg parts are not visible. Likewise, Mjolnir is hidden from the dark ones.

    1. Fascinating, thanks. I went and read everything there. Intuitively I feel very good about a water strider crop circle at this time.

  4. I had a lucid dream of the Event. I explained how people can experience this now using two magnets. The dream was only six seconds long, but I remembered every detail, and I made a video on it:

  5. Meditate in 20 minutes folks. Planetary ascension and to help the Light Forces.


    Download any YouTube video as an mp3 using
    You can get the app but I've found the website is better.

    Convert Songs to 432hz

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    3. Add Chain, title it "432hz".
    4. On the right side of the Edit Chains window, Insert - TimeScale. Click it once, then Edit Parameters.
    5. Initial Pitch Shift, and Final Pitch Shift should both be the same: Semitones should be -0.318. (% will autofill as -1.82.) Click OK twice.
    6. In main Edit Chains window, Insert new command, Export MP3.
    7. In main window you'll order the commands properly, there should be only 3, TimeScale, Export, End, in that order. Click OK.
    8. Open Audacity, first time only: Edit - Preference - Quality - Default Sample Rate to 44100. Change the two "Quality" settings to Best Quality.
    9. To convert songs, go to File - Chains - Apply Chains. Select the 432hz chain and Apply To Files.
    10. Select all the songs you want to convert. When finished, there will be a new folder called "Cleaned" where the songs will be.
    11. The first time it will ask to download the mp3 encoder program "Lame". It's legit, follow the instructions.

    Convert your whole library, it will change your life.

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