Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Pandora in progress, EELA  / VTXC in progress, primary wipeout sequence / R! grid wipeout sequence in progress741L50 recovery in progress, VTX realignment complete: MASTERPIECE v1.0 operational, CITA ANNABELLA v9.2 operational, minimum hyperphasic requirements met (n=2), minimum VTXPOS requirements met: potential HVBN intersection, unstable.  LJVTX LOC security breach, M minimum requirements met.


  1. Lots of updates, nice. Just wondering "The remaining plasma toplet bombs are still the main obstacle that needs to be removed before the Event can be triggered." So, why we don't just focus on removing it? We keep doing other things like meditation for this or that but if the "Main" obstacle is the bombs why spend time doing other "minor" things?
    Like a game where you have the main mission but you keep doing the side missions for "fame, money, items, respect, etc." Knowing that i think we are doing the "side" missions to be more prepared for the Event? We are getting more and more light to be able to "hold" the Event when time comes. Don't know, but i choose Love above all anyways, Victory of the Light!

    1. Trust the plan... things are waaaaay ahead now then before...

      Keep vigilant... and spreeed your light...

      Be love... and soon we realize... all will be love!


    2. given that very few of us have physically and consciously fought in the galactic war against the cabal i choose to trust the plan and to believe that all that is being done is done in necessary sequence. so much is unknown to us and so much is part of the plan that we just cannot fully comprehend.
      for my part i cannot understand why people even try to understand these coded messages and then publish what they have oonjured up or guessed. we as humans find it difficult to not know stuff- we constantly promote ourelves as knowing or knowledgeable even after we are told we are still like children playing in the sand pit on a cosmic level - when the event occurs is when we will start to grow up and grow into being galactic citizens.
      no judgement on what is taking place is my motto because these judgements cause frustration and anxiety at a time when calm is required the most.

    3. @Robinson Amaral: I agree but would say that WHEREVER we place our attention and actions, it's wise to foremost go the Highest First for all concerns. Anything else will be less than that and to some degree limited.

      To my understanding and experience, the Highest First is the Absolute ONE who is Ever Present, and therefore All Knowing (simultaneously) about His entire Creation, past, present, and future. Whatever we call that - Ultimate Source, God, Almighty Father, Mother Divine, Goddess Presence of the ONE, etc. - the Supreme Being alone is in the position (omnipresent) to receive our Highest requests for Divine Intervention, Prayer, Deep Meditation, and whatever else our Innermost Guidance tells us.

      As we have heard,

      Seek First the Kingdom of God/Heaven
      and All Else Shall Be Added Unto Thee (You).

      I think many people have not been exposed to this
      understanding. The knowledge of the Unlimited ONE has been suppressed or altered in various ways. Thus, people are taught that they are a "limited individual" only. And people generally seek solutions in "specific areas" of life, rather than realizing and going to the SOURCE of all life. I think BOTH aspects are important, individual AND Universal requests. And expressing gratitude for both aspects.

      Whatever our understanding, God has it all under control, so to speak. The Creation can never know more or be more powerful than their Ultimate Creator. For who is it who created all of the diverse qualities on earth and in all universes in the first place!

      I also choose "Love" = the Truest Value of God in Totality.

    4. Thank you
      Well put
      And in alignment with what has resonated in my meditations and daily walks for many many years. A fellow soul traveler,
      LOVE is ALL that IS and is the Truth of ALL that IS.
      So BE it.

    5. We do not know the whole picture. I too thought this would be a good idea, but I reckon Cobre knows what's what.

  2. Za slovenske bralce:

    Thank you for the report Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  3. More bombs dropping on families. More oil being fracked and spilled. Chemtrails dumping aluminum on an already sick populous. My mother in law has dementia. My father in law wanted to fight me. People are killing themselves. When is the time? How much more suffering? All these updates are doing is getting hopes up; only to be dashed to the ground. Then the reality of all our other problems washes over us leaving us with a feeling of utter defeat. People need real hope. Real evidence something is happening. Something they can pin their hope on other than "intel." I'm writing this after talking with my wife about her parents and a suicidal friend that is living with us.... we are barely hanging on emotionally.... we're so ready but all we're going to get is intel? Forgive me if this sounds like complaining but yes; many of us are just simply exhausted.

    1. 26,000 years of suffering, surely you can manage just a bit more. We know it's coming. Keep the faith

  4. Thank you. Victory of the Light!!!

  5. Save the Creative Source on each one!

    Team, please bring me the understanding of the nomenclatures - PANDORA, EELA / VTXC, 741L50, VTX, MASTERPIECE OPERATION, ANNABELLA QUOTE, VTXPOS, HVBN, LJVTX, ...

    I think it's important to know where I'm putting my focus / attention.


  6. Save the Creative Source on each one!

    Team, please bring me the understanding of the nomenclatures - PANDORA, EELA / VTXC, 741L50, VTX, MASTERPIECE OPERATION, ANNABELLA QUOTE, VTXPOS, HVBN, LJVTX, ...

    I think it's important to know where I'm putting my focus / attention.


  7. I've pulled my funds from the big banks. I bought 1.2 acres and went right to the seller and avoided the banks. Now, I can't come up with the funds to pay for it. This reminds me of when I was told about santa claus. I believed so hard that i would stay up as long as I could looking out windows. I wanted to meet this man so desperately. Only to be laughed at and ridiculed for a silly belief. I was abused by my parents. My own brother disassociated himself with me to hang out with cool kids in school, that bullied me relentlessly. I was a virgin till I married. I thought god would give me the perfect wife. I got a narcissist that emotionally abused me for way too long. Strength of heart has never been a problem, I;ve been through th. Seeing miracles happen hasn't quite lived up to what I thought. And these are just my stupid problems. What about the children in Syria, Africa, West Papua and Haiti? What about the women taken for sex slaves. What about.... I want to have faith.... Some day.....

  8. Hallelujah sweet people. Hold on to your hearts. Hold on and trust. We got this. We are powerful, let us not forget this. We Got this! Life is on our side.

  9. Dear Light beings,

    It has come to our attention that there is a renewed massive campaign of the dark forces underway to create separation amongst the Light forces, which includes our meditation server and our meditation initiatives that are aligned with We Love Mass Meditation, the Resistance Movement and Prepare For Change ...
    We are seeing various groups and individuals, both in real life and online, and even within large respected organizations, consciously choosing to exclude other light initiatives even more than ever before, creating a potential rift between even the core of the Light forces on Earth!

    The reporting (by Cobra) of an accelerated wave of activations of Light workers/warriors seems to coincide with this "new wave of resistance" by the dark forces, to lessen the effectiveness of this "dark wave" on a global scale, and to expand the field of coherence amongst Light groups.
    While these activations are happening, it remains, in our view, quint-essential to stay grounded in our Self, and use Discernment in every situation, so that we are not caught off-guard and act irrationally or on a whim from a space of unbalanced emotion or unbalanced mind.

    This is the moment to come together and focus our intent more than ever, to counteract the workings of the dark, so that the transition can both be sped up and smoothed out.
    To us it is clear that there are 2 primary ways to accelerate the Ascension process and speed up the process towards the Event:
    1) Getting in touch with your Higher Self on a regular basis, most commonly through meditation (or therapy if needed, to release blockages), to align yourself more with your higher mission(s) and purpose here,
    2) Join in global meditation groups, either in real life or online, where we use our collective focus, energy and intent on specific key benevolent goals to facilitate a change in energy.

    With great inspiration and a sense of urgency we invite you to partake in either or both of these 2 options above, to further the planetary liberation both for yourself and for the collective, and there are many beautiful and impactful initiatives (both free and professional) being hosted by Cobra, Prepare For Change and We Love Mass Meditation for you to join.
    We, for our part, are hosting a "meditation marathon" on Sunday, May 13th, on our meditation platform, where we have included all the active meditations from We Love Mass Meditation, Cobra, and Prepare For Change ...

    Come and join us in this Unified initiative! There is no reason not to partake, other than the illusion that there is something that can prevent us, the Light community, from succeeding!
    We are hoping to reach a new level of attendance to both create a significant "dent" in the initiatives of the dark, as well as raise the level of Light manifestations to a new level.


    Victory of the Light!
    Prepare For Change/Sisterhood Of The Rose - Toronto

  10. * Meditation 'Marathon' on Sunday, May 13th - https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/2018/05/meditation-update.html
    Prepared For The Change, an on-the-go platform for mass meditation, brings light and love into all discord <3
    Please feel free to join any meditation of Your Interest this Sunday using this link: http://teasy.space/pfc/redirect-a.html

    This special Meditation Marathon is intended to help accelerate the Ascension process and speed up the process towards The Event.
    The meditations hosted throughout the day include all the active meditations from We Love Mass Meditation, Cobra, and Prepare For Change.

    May 13th is actually the first day when Mercury is in Taurus until May 29th. During this period, our thinking is down to earth, solid, and grounded. It is an ideal period if we want to put more thought into how we want to be spending our time in the near future. More information: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/may-7-to13-2018-horoscope and https://cafeastrology.com/this-week-in-astrology-may-13-19-2018/
    Together with this upcoming new moon of setting intentions, it is a great opportunity for us to create a strong and firm intention to manifest the Victory of the Light to happen as soon and as smoothly as possible.

    You can find a time-table of the Meditation Marathon as well as updates on the current meditations from WLMM here: https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/2018/05/meditation-update.html
    (Disclaimer: If you dislike the name "Discord", or feel uncomfortable with the invitation image, let it be a reminder that we are here to infuse Light into all discord!)
    Victory of the Light!