Saturday, May 26, 2018

Merge ASCOM / EELA / primary wipeout / R! wipeout, JLS grid detected


  1. Hello Cobra,
    Can you talk a little about whats going on Brazil? In this week we are in a crisis that affects everyone. At first looks like a cabal work, but it could also means that people are awakening and fighting very hard.

    1. I havent seen anything special about Brazil lately. What do you think happens yourself?

    2. Brazil has stopped... people has stopped... we demand new actions from governments... we are tired of so much taxes... we do not have gas on station.. we almost have no food in markets... public transportation not working... schools not working...

      It's a mess... BUT we will prevail in the end!


    3. O país está literalmente implodido, acredito que seja o início da queda da cabala neste país, haverá desabastecimento e revolta popular contra o sistema e os governantes e elite

    4. It's getting worst pretty fast, you can google for... brazil truckers strike



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    7. I feel that something huge is starting to happen in Brazil. Let's do what we can. If you can meditate this will also help a lot. Thanks!

      Victory of the light!

    8. I hope negotiations go fine and things get better here in Brazil this coming week. I m getting really worried now. 🙏🏻🌹

  2. On 4 May I dreamed that i was in the garden and three classic ufo from Pleiades passed over me very close and I greeted them., I was very happy then another 3 more came and settled in the waters were in the form of tetrahedron,I knew that the water became purer Then I looked in the sky and I saw the Pleiades were very large pink stars that sent energy... all over the sky turned pink was almost like a fog and i ran to let others know that the Event is here and to prepare for energy integration.


    1. Understanding the Violet Light

      What is it?... a narrow band of hardly visible light of the end of the visible spectrum,... or a more brighter and wider spectrum of light?...

      An 'assumption' might lead us to the idea by which these colours of light are some kind more alike to the 'colors of sound' in higher dimensions, at least in the way in which might be comparable with the 3rd dimensional physics, to be understandable.

      i.e. the violet light we visualize might be a result of a 'f2' (square of f) of a certain 'higher dimensional band' of 'frequency', over 'a finite frequency range',... expressed at least in earthling understandable terms...

  3. L is in France, Brest [check advisory]

    A died


  4. Look out, UnderWorld



  5. light
    May 25, 2018 at 7:38 AM

    To all,

    If anyone can effectively contact with three awakened community led by 1) Corey Goode with, 2) David Wilcock, 3) Benjamin Fulford, please help to convince those awakened community to join Breakthrough meditation (2 PM UTC every day), Breakthrough Meditation at 4-hours interval, Goddess Meditation (2:30 PM UTC every day) to accelerate The Event. "The Event" can activate UFO FULL DISCLOSURE. Cobra, which is, also support above related meditations.

    Can anyone contact with those three awakened community for this urge? The final result is those three awakened community join above related meditations

    Breakthrough Meditation

    Guided audio playlist:

    Breakthrough Meditation at 4-hours interval

    we are going to do Breakthrough Meditation at the following times, until further notice.
    2 AM UTC
    6 AM UTC
    10 AM UTC
    2 PM UTC
    6 PM UTC
    10 PM UTC

    Goddess Meditation

    Guided audio playlist:

    1. They're not going to do it. They all know who Cobra is. Most just want to do their own thing for fear of being discredited by associating with someone else. For example, nobody goes within a mile of Keshe, yet he's the most legit of all whistlblowers because you can buy or make the devices yourself and see it's real beyond a shadow of a doubt. They fear associating with Keshe will be instant credibility death. I sent a Pain Pen to David Wilcock. Then he had a whole season of Wisdom Teachings where he was teaching Keshe physics. Surely David learned it elsewhere, but he could have said "hey everybody, buy a Pain Pen and you'll crap your pants with amazement, all this stuff I'm saying is real!" He was describing on the show the feeling of plasma exactly how it is from Keshe devices, after he got mine! I watched that going "oh my god bro you've felt that yourself!" Sure he's talking about another device, but it's the same thing! He's holding his hand out and says "no seriously, you FEEL it." It's not a risk, it's the physical proof they've all been waiting for. I've sent pens to Corey Goode, Kerry Cassidy, and Steven Greer. They know it's real, they're just... I don't know what... missing an opportunity. Kerry Cassidy knows what's up though.

    2. Hey Patrick Kehoe. Where i can get such pen? I saw plasma generators on sale on keshe website but they are in preoder since years and you can't actually get one.

    3. I have a different view point but basically I agree, they are not going to do it. If they are willing to join us, they should have done it long ago. This is the most classical example that why light workers/light communities can not unite. Use you own head to think about it, why people can not cooperate.

      Remember, when you are asking someone to join meditation with you, do you really know what you are asking for ? You are asking them to admit/acknowledge/agree with your reality, your world view, your methodology, your mode of moral belief and ideology. Think about it carefully, if someone doesn't agree with yours above, how come he/she can join ? So do you understand what you are doing ? You are somehow proselytizing them who are with different perspectives of the world. Please respect the law of free will, everything must base on it, stop asking the people who do not agree to come. They will come after they have the same epistemology with you, my child. Many light workers are very dedicated and enthusiastic , but sometimes they are also naive to think things can be done with their enthusiasm, unfortunately it doesn't work. People have to come by their own free will but not by being persuaded or proselytized. The unity of light workers must be based on respecting every individual free will and ideology ahead, it is not something "hey ,come to join, we are family, we must unite otherwise Event is delayed " with oral rhetoric.


    4. Patrick Kehoe@

      You claim "They're not going to do it. They all know who Cobra is. Most just want to do their own thing for fear of being discredited by associating with someone else."

      Who is Cobra, and what the fear to go alongside with him??...

      He brought many tangible products, tachyonics healing chambres, laser products, and many others will come.

      All his products are successful, and many other will come, including free energy devices...

      Give a research on the right side of the blog, on

      What is Ben's and Wilcox's fear to go alongside?

      They never came with something tangible. (with a tangible product that works)
      What so much fear about,... so, to stay one mile or kilometer aside?...

    5. I will spread this message, thanks


    7. The website says 30 days to ship but it will arrive in a week or less, usually 5 days. I've bought several, and talked to other people who did too.

      This is how it feels, the energy goes right through you, it's insane. Feels really good, semi-permanently cures pain and heals emotions. It's feels like cool liquid coming off the pen in all directions.

    8. Light comes in different frequencies. It isn't possible for different degrees of illumination to resonate as one singular frequency. That's against physical rules.

      This translates into spiritual observation as well. People of all kinds can come together for causes, but some causes are outside of the range of a person to handle. This range is the analogy to frequency.

      Ask yourself: What can you truly handle? What are you really doing and what for? Therein is your frequency.

      Every spectrum is different. This is also true of people. What are you ready for?

    9. Pls do not forget Kryon's community....





    Links opening in new windows.

  7. I can definitely feel something powerful, new and unfamiliar is added to the mix in the past days. Wow. Some additional weirdness and very trippy moments, too. I welcome it totally and am inspired to redouble my focus and intention and actions for Planetary Liberation NOW! Whenever ‘now’ shows up, I will keep going - sprinting on this Cosmic Last Lap. Gaia, the Garden Planet, is within our reach. Let’s go! Much LOVE!

    1. Aho, brother! We are all in this together. Keep shining our co-creative POWER together, for the inhibit goal. Keep it in your sights and in your heart's deepest intent!!


  8. MAKE IT VIRAL! Peace meditation for Syria and Remote Healing Session

    5/25/2018 08:17:00 pm


  9. HPM Lamps: Medium-pressure metal halide lamps

    An interesting 460W medium pressure metal halide lamp:

    HPM 12 460 120 4.1 800 44 98 22

    The arc tube is 44mm length and 22mm dia.

    It might be interesting to be used in order to achieve a fluorescent bulb in ED37/120, as case ED46/145 or ED165 format...

    You don't have it anywhere now!... And, of course,... it will be in no way for general lighting... Not of all!
    But?... Hmmmm...

    1. Proposals for research will come into discussion in order to discuss and achieve lighting sources for esoteric purposes.

      A web page will be dedicated for discussion. Till then these only are available:


    2. Imagine your Light Community outdoor environment lit with egg-shaped big lamps in all the colours available for neon-signs... You have them no where, excepting some coloured metal halide lamps, in certain colors only.

    3. The E33 thread for lamps caps and holders - a product standard for Light Communities development...

      Now, when there is already available a broad mid range of HID lamps, you have not at disposal a mid range size for lamp cap and holder, to fit this range of lamps.

      Mid range HID lamps can use either the E27/Med or the E40/Mog screw-cap and holder. While the first one
      is considered as undersized in many cases, the big one is usually chosen, which of course, is oversized.

      So we bring in for our Light Communities the E33 size to be used for medium power HID lamps, which is expected to be most broadly used, especially in the outdoor environment of the communities.




    1. Look here a random example of neon-signs color range:

      Briefly, in order to achieve each of this color with compact egg-shaped mercury lamp, you have mainly to find so:

      - a discharge tube to provide the needed amount of UV in order to irradiate the fluorescent coating of the egg-shaped bulb.

      - the needed amount (area of bulb) of fluorescent coating to provide the minimal desired lumen output, if proper irradiated with UVs.

      - a proper balance between the heat output of the discharge tube and the size of the (egg-shaped) outer bulb, in order to NOT overheat the fluorescent coating,... which in case of neon signs is not so heat-resistant.

      This last item might be the most 'dangerous' one. It might be what prevents a proper color to be achieved and the premature damage of the coating.
      This is an important item which the research must solve...

    2. NOTICE!

      Discussion about the 'medium pressure mercury lamps' (Ar+Hg) do not include the proposed 'medium pressure neon-mercury discharge lamp', which is a case itself.
      This one will use for research the 'common' phosphorous coating for HID mercury lamps. It's main light spectrum is expected to come out from the discharge itself, and will be a reddish based spectrum. Let's say from light cyclamen to violet red, depending of the balance between neon and mercury (in discharge terms, not in 'weights').

    3. Why post a catalogue about lamps here?!


    4. In that catalogues are some 'low power' already existing (so having 'proof of time') UV medium pressure arc tubes, which (at least theoreticaly) may be used for our proposed medium pressure mercury lamps.
      If you or other readers are also in knowledge you will immediately say 'yes' or 'not' as your opinion might be...


    5. The item of interest in the catalogue are the 2 400W medium pressure mercury lamps (arc tubes) which burn in any position (not only horizontal):

      HP 4/120 400 125 3.5 120 410 31 105 14.0
      HP 4/120 SE 400 125 3.5 120 410 31 111 14.0

      The arc tube is 31mm length and 14mm dia.

      They also run at 120V arc voltage and 3.5A, let say 'nearby' the common HID 400W mercury lamp...


    6. What is also interesting in the catalogue are the Medium-pressure metal halide lamps (not used in general lighting), from which the point of interest is the above mentioned 460W

      HPM 12 460 120 4.1 800 44 98 22.

      Thus we might to prefer even a lower power one, it is however to be taken in consideration.

      On the other hand, we might say that the 'medium pressure' is 'missing' from the metal halide lamps 'portfolio'... The case is also for the sodium lamps...


    7. Here a 250W metal halide UV arc tube. However no arc-voltage and amps.

      250 5000089 MHL-250 15.5 68 18 300-450


    8. Give a look to the bulb in this link:

      It is a so called 'fishing lamp' (in fact a fish lure lamp used for ocean fishing).

      But, of course our point of interest is altogether different, you guess it...

      It is a big sized bulb, let say 'big as a house', thus it's not even so... :-)

      Consider it to have 200mm/8in dia and an E40/Mog screw cap.

      Now! imagine instead of its arc tube (of 2000W) one of the arc tubes above described of 400W medium pressure mercury or metal halide arc tube.

      And, the more, imagine it coated with the fluorescent coatings in discussion used for neon signs, or as case for fluorescent tubes.

      The arc tube is supposed to provide an amount of UVs, enough to irradiate the large area of the inside coated surface of outer bulb.

      Now it's ready for research! Of course you need access to a plant where this kind of bulbs are currently manufactured. In Asia there are many, many that can do it at a reliable price.

      Discussion to come to imagine the experiment...



  11. Thank You Unknown.
    Meditating throughout the day everyday to bring about balance in the mass distortion that creates destructive versus constructive creative imagination.
    Goddess Energy is abundantly supportive.
    Ever hear of the expression, "time to say a Hail Mary"?
    Classically done on front lines during warfare. It works.
    Verily it works. The 'Mary-s' are conjointly with Quan Yin, Tara-s and perhaps Dao Mou- assisting with Loving Divine Intervention and Intercession. Not a religious energy; more a supernal, omniscient energy.
    Powerful Energy is afoot.

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  13. We learn until we EARN the Shit.

    U say The Action is GO
    I agree


  14. I keep waking up with my body buzzing, almost causing a dizzy-like feeling. Sometimes even seeing a rainbow colored grid above me. Not too sure if I'm going crazy or...?


  15. If nobody elese is gonna do it . . .
    I'll do it MySelf and Take Over the rudderless Ship

    You've got to "three" to GET OUT OF MY WAY

    Tja . . .


    1. Wünsche Dir einen schönen galaktischen Tag der Liebeswelle....und hoffen wir alle dass Dein Gaiababe bald befreit ist....Sieg sei dem Lichte, lieber RaJah!


    2. Danke Dir für Deine lieben Worte und das tolle Lied.


    3. Sehr gerne Du Lieber, Du bist so fleissig. Ich habe keine Ahnung wie Gaia das alles jemals danken soll. Auf jeden Fall darf jetzt dann mal die Er-INNE-rung zurückkehren..... nicht so wie hier ;) .... (er kennt sie nicht mehr am Ende des Videos, echt traurig, finde ich.... schnief, schnief....).....

      Ich versuche mir manchmal vorzustellen, dass aus der "übergeordneten" Sicht die ganze 26.000-Jahre-Tragödie nicht mal wie eine Sekunde ist ......
      Mich würd's schon interessieren, was ich davor so gemacht habe......und dann ist es doch wieder nicht so wichtig, weil es ist ja Vergangenheit......und wenn ich DANN überlege, das Göttliche ist ja weder doof, unkreativ, noch unromantisch, das heisst dann, das, was kommt wird definitiv ALLES ALLES toppen was davor war; in positiver Weise selbstverständlich, das muss ich ja eindeutig dazusagen nach dieser Theatervorstellung.....!!! Es ist nur einfach schwer vorzustellen, da das wahre Göttliche jenseits des "mind" liegt.....

      Sieg der Romantik, kann ich da nur sagen!!!

      Viele liebe Grüße an Deine Nadine, ich bin ja nun echt gespannt wie ein Flitzebogen ob das endlich mal was wird mit Euch! Sei bitte nicht traurig, ich finde das mit der Liebe auch nicht so leicht. Zum Trost verbinde ich mich mit den Erzengeln bzw. aufgestiegenen Meistern St. Germain und Erzengel Michael. Ich bin ja so so froh, dass sie über Gaia und die Menschheit wachen.



    GO Action



  17. Fuck 'em, Süße.

    Your BEST FRIEND always sticking up for YOU


    ♥ ♥ ♥


    1. Thanks. I used to play it a lot in my car. Now I have no radio.

  18. I posted some comments on the Teresa-Jimmy interview a few days ago... Then I decided my comments were probably not helpful, so I removed them.

    I end up just continually wanting the truth and the highest teachings. So I comb through information from a lot of people to find it.

    As usual, we all have to simply use discernment.

    I guess that's all I'll say for now.

    But here's another thing I'll say -- it's really cool that astral and hye angel had this conversation !!

    <3 to both of you!

  19. Characteristics of 24th lunar day
    Symbol - bear, "shiva", a cliff, a mountain rising to the sky, a phallus, and also Vulcan (Hephaestus) - the god of Fire and blacksmithing. This is the day of transformation and awakening.
    8 june

    Characteristics of 28th lunar day
    Symbol - edelweiss, "karma", lotus, water lily, lily. They are flowers expressing the unity of all four elements: roots grow into the earth, the stem is in the water, the leaves breathe air, the flower is turned towards the Sun - the elements of Fire. Auspicious day, the day of the Sun, into which spiritual enlightenment is possible.
    12 june

    Characteristics of 1th lunar day
    The symbol is the "third eye". A candle, a lamp, a lamp, a light, a lamp, but it can also be the altar of Hecate. Athena-Pallada, coming out in full armor from the head of Zeus.
    13 june

    More information on the Characteristic of lunar days!

    DJ BoBo - YAA YEE!

  20. ❤️LOVE❤️ Be what you wana Be!

  21. Today in the biggest Austrian newspaper (absolut mainstream) ... an article about Freemasonry, written seriously, with pics of inner view of a temple in Vienna, the capital city, including all seeing eye, circle and so on ....

    unimaginable years ago or in case conspiracy theory ... now in the mainstream media ...

    very interesting this alternating coverage, also when you take the Austrians change of policy into account - fromward EU and Soros open boarders policy (as Hungary), now trying to stop mass immigration and getting better relations to Russia and China ...

  22. The arrest of Tommy Robinson after reporting about trial against grooming gangs in London is about to generate buzz, though english government is trying all they can do to supress coverage

  23. Thank you dear Cobra✨continue meditating ✨ victory of the light ✨🙏🏼❤️🌈

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  25. For those trying to figure out the funding behind the Trump campaign, check out the (not-well-known) Mercer family, which Cobra recently mentioned at his Budapest conference.

    Here's one article I found, that ties a lot of people and organizations together, including Steve Bannon and Breitbart, Mercer's enormous hedge fund, etc.

  26. While I am well aware "Cobra's posts are not meant for the general public", someone has to at least have an educated guess as to what ASCOM is? I know I am not the only LightWorker who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. We NEED The Event to happen NOW! TODAY! Not the end of this year! Seeing comments/articles on the net talking about the end of this year things will be more in line for the Event to happen, is so depressing it makes me want to give up. Obviously none of us know when it will happen. Only The Prime Creator knows this. But every day it gets worse, & I am about at my wits end. I literally DESPISE my life. There is nothing good about it, AT ALL. I have children who I don't currently see, but who are well taken care of. I've been off and on homeless for the past two years, and am about to be homeless once again. I've held a job, up until very recently, but even when I was working, it didn't matter - I made minimum wage, and child support took 40% of my check. Not having foodstamps or other help, the rest of my paycheck was gone the same day. I've been stuck in a rut my entire life it feels like. I'm 35 years old, have no vehicle, no income or assistance, and am about to lose the roof over my head. I pray EVERY DAY to The Prime Creator, my Higher Self, my Spirit Guides, my Guardian Angels, all the Forces of the Light, etc etc, I feel like I live a good honest existence. But I also feel like I will not EVER get out of this rut without the Event. WE NEED THE EVENT NOW! We NEED a MAJOR CHANGE, and the unawakened ones need a giant SLAP IN THE FACE to wake them up. The conditions for us living on the surface are MISERABLE to say the least! I literally have nothing, and even if I go start work TOMORROW,(not having a car & only being able to get minimum wage positions) nothing will ever change. When you have absolutely NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, you need a MAJOR CHANGE. We NEED the Event and we need it NOW. When I read Cobra's post about the RM selecting members of the surface population for pre-entry into the RM, I was happy beyond belief. I truly felt I was PERFECT for it. I have no connections to people on the surface - if I were to disappear nobody would even question it. I have nothing, no possessions that I would need to take, I would be fully dedicated 100%. I've always been fascinated with military, have been raised around weapons; I feel that I would fit a lot of positions. The way I feel now, I feel so depressed, so tired (ALL the time), I have no drive, no purpose in life. I literally feel as if I am wasting Life. I accomplish nothing, and do not have the means to accomplish anything. I feel that my time, my energy, my focus, my existence, should be focused into something good, something constructive. I would have LOVED to have been selected.

    Continued Below

  27. Continued from above

    I would have considered it the highest honor, and the best thing that could happen to me. Unfortunately, we don't always get what we want :) , and as I have stated, I am not in the position to help in any other way. I lost friends over time, so I really am not in contact with anyone; don't have any "friends". As pathetic as that sounds. My HOPE in writing this message is that someone will see it and will have an idea of what I could do to help. Maybe even something online - although I will be losing my internet connection within the week most likely. Anything, really. I have wasted way too much of my life. I literally don't even want to be alive anymore, I literally want to die. Due to my beliefs (of course) I obviously cannot make that happen, so I'm basically waiting to die. And it upsets me just to admit that. But I am wasting Life. I could and SHOULD, be doing something to help. I want to contribute, and theres no reason I shouldn't be helping in some way; I have more than enough "free time". I've searched on the net and haven't found any decent places to connect with or meet other Awakened ppl. Even if anyone has another website I could meet others on, or anything. Much Love and Light to All

    1. That could have been written by me, every word of it. I just got accepted into the National Guard. I joined partly to be a part of the Cabal arrests. It's looking more and more like that's going to be the case. I was surprised, my vague fantasy is looking pretty realistic now. I ended up in the Military Police and my unit especially looks suited for the job, I'll just say that. Anyways, join the military, regular Army is pretty sweet too. It's the only job that pays anything worthwhile, any they hook up your dependents with money and health care. Negative military control is coming to an end, by the time we get in it will be great. Lot's of my conspiracy friends online were like "the military?! But they're evil!" Dumbasses don't know anything. 99.5% of the military are good people who are going to save the world. Plus military people are cool, everyone I've met now and in the past makes me feel like "finally someone normal." Regular people are so weak in spirit, mind, and body they're no fun at all. I'm going to love this!

    2. IWantToHelpHUmanity ..i am your HOPE :) i read your post. Plaese join our familiy of Lightworkers anda awekening people who are experienced all you describe...Welcome to Ascension & Energy Shift Symptoms and Changes-

    3. There are lots of non-combat jobs. Actually the majority of careers are in offices or warehouses or supply depots. The recruiters are chill, they won't try to manipulate you into going to war. With these jobs nobody is yelling at you all the time, it's just a regular job except you make 50% more. When I was at the Military Entrance Processing Station doing all the tests and physical exams I was with 50 other recruits. Half of them were wimpy girls! I was like "how can you even carry a pack?" If they can do it, so can you!

    4. The best thing you could do right now is live your life and don't focus on a date for the event. I'm sorry but you can't live your life waiting for the event. We have the corruption which has to be taken care of, then there will be more events that will follow. It's a series of events that ultimately leads us to the compression breakthrough. If we are to do things correctly, in terms of the corruption and the cabal then this is not a quick thing. We are years away from the compression breakthrough. There will be many events that lead up to this however and all of them are very significant. The event will not come easy, you want the event to come but at what cost. Blood, sweat and tears.

    5. Hey brother of light and love.
      I'm really sorry for all of that, really! But if are experiencing that so much tiredness is because you are not connecting with the Source within you. When you really do that through a lot of ways, the so danm weight gets lighter and lighter. Even if we desperately want The Event to happen Now, there are a lot of implications. I know that sometimes it seems impossible to be here, this place doesn't make any sense at all. Everything is so crazy out there. But when you connect to your higher self or to mother Earth or any higher consciousness, you perceive reality as a blessing, the breath, the sounds, the energy, all nature around you. You can really start to perceive as a neutral observer.
      Try to maditate or do anything else that take you to that experience.
      One thing for sure that everyone should do is to to cancel all the possible contract with the dark forces, here is a very good way to do that poated by Cobra :

      After doing that you've got to start cleansing yourself, because all that sansation of being helpless and not wanting to be here anymore can be very well a created perspective, created by the Arcons. It's possible to feel them.

      You got starting to free yourself from all these influences. It's time to rise up from the ashes, it's titi to reclaim your sovereignty. It's time to connect to your more expenpanded self. ITS TIME TO BE FREE!
      We still have to go through some stuff before the event happens.
      Become your I AM Presence.

      You are loved so much beyond you can even imagine!! Stay in the light, stay in the love.
      God and Goddess may bless you!

      Victory of light!!


  28. “Goddess Song” Beautiful Awaken/Open Your THIRD EYE (15 minute daily meditation)
    Taos Winds Spirit Music

  29. This you do not even need to publish.
    But we need your help here, and this is urgent.

    "In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order".

    They created chaos in Brazil to elevate a CIA agent to the presidential candidate. Now let's look at the trap: General Sergio Etchegoyen or Duyane Norman, the CIA man in Brazil, for president?;;;;

  30. Recently came across this library/trove of information detailing cabal factions/families and their various earth-surface control-grid structures and how they link to one another. Not sure how accurate or true it is nor much of anything about yhe info source, but is quite detailed and seems to remain consistent throughout. Obviously would be intetested to see what Cobra and everyone else thinks of it all...I would not be surprised if its all been posted here before at some point...

  31. Hey it's good to be here, interesting posts those keshe plasma things...getting along with cobra and so on...well i trust my intuition and all i have to do is to keep calm and patient, you know what, concerning old posts as for example the one about soul familiies and the ones about sexuality and you guys , or like Jim...eheheeh , do you folks know what ? my best guess for myself is right now to get internal healing and clearing and emotional balance, i'm staying on surface until the job is done, i mean, i just need another male to make a team, love sintesis simbiosis which seems to be dificult on surface, so far i want to believe that is possible underground as quick as i sell my house, find a place to keep my stuff till i return and vanish, the man i like on surface is not available and living between two worlds makes this human experience so far look like comments

  32. Inspirational

    :) <3

  33. Dear Cobra, RM, and Ground Crew; In the year 2011, after moving to Mount Shasta and reading the book “Telos” by Dianne Robbins, I wrote a letter to Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, the legendary city under Mount Shasta. With my letter I responded to Adama's offer “to call to you when we are in need, for we are here for you.”
    In my letter I quoted several paragraphs of Adama's description of life in the Inner Earth and the Agarthan Network. I think it may be inspiring to those of you who are envisioning joining the subterranean Resistance Movement. Victory of the Light

    Letter to Lord Adama – High Priest of Telos, Lemurian City beneath Mt. Shasta, California
    March 2011

    Dear Adama;
    I AM Karin Lacy, wishing for an opportunity to speak.
    Twenty years ago I was guided to come to California and to start my mission as a self-proclaimed Lightworker for America.
    I just moved from Chico to Weed/Mt. Shasta with the purpose of manifesting my dome village project together with like-minded co-creators.
    As part of my lightwork I have been writing Open Letters for almost twenty years. My letters document my life experience as a Lightworker and I self-publish them in my books.
    Last October I had contacted an architect who bought a large piece of land in the Mt. Shasta area and asked him whether he would be willing to trade a small corner of his land for the building of my eco-village dome project. In exchange I offered my metaphysical stone collection, which I had been trying to sell for several years.
    When he declined I felt all the powerlessness as a Have-not in our system’s social game of the Haves and Have-nots. In my despair I was shouting out to the Universe that there must be a way, that I must come up with a brilliant idea to manifest a piece of land and some money. Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures.
    It then suddenly came to my mind to write a letter to you, Lord Adama, asking you for support. Ask and it is given, I have been taught by my favorite non-physical teacher, Abraham.

    I had read your book “Telos”, channeled by Dianne Robbins. Me being an old Lemurian soul it stirred me up big time. Reading the book served as a confirmation that moving to Mt. Shasta was the right thing for me to do.

    With this letter I am responding to your offer “to call to you when we are in need, for we are here for you.”
    My request is this: I read your description of your bartering system. Would you be interested in bartering with me as a surface dweller? I am offering you my metaphysical stone and mineral collection of about 2,000 pieces that I collected over twenty-five years. In exchange I would ask for gold nuggets that I then could sell for money. I had envisioned to use the stone collection as a down payment for a land owner or a bank loan for the building of Dome Village Katrina. However, nothing happened so far. Had I gold nuggets instead of a stone collection, they would be easy to sell.
    Adama, what do you think? Is this barter offer acceptable to you? Would you be interested in these gems, crystals, and mineral specimen from the surface? The two-thousand stones are from all over the globe, plus some from out-of-space. I can imagine that you would want to display them for other Telosians to see.
    Even though I read in the “Telos” book that you in the hollow Earth reside in great palaces of crystals, lapis, gold and jewels, my humble stone collection would be unique in that it is from a surface dweller.
    My collection weighs about 220 pounds and is stored in 14 boxes.
    The 4-page letter can be read here:

  34. ...continued
    Dear Adama, I would like to quote some paragraphs from your “Telos” book that I love:
    “I dream of the merging of our two civilizations; yours from above, and ours from below. This merging will be the culmination of a great plan that we developed eons ago, before you incarnated on Earth.”
    “For us to be with you, in heart and mind, is the greatest gift and honor we may have, now and forever. For in order for the Earth and humanity to continue to ascend in consciousness, the whole planet must be united and merged into ONE Light from below and ONE Light from above. For we are all here for you, so that all of us, together, will find our way back home into the higher dimensions of Light.”
    “We greet you from Telos beneath the Earth. We are here, too, as your planet flies through space, carrying us all on our journey through eternity. We wait and watch, waiting for the moment of entry when the Earth meets the Photon Belt. We hope to be on the surface well before that moment arrives, and our plans are set for that moment of emergence when we all journey to the surface. We are not that far away, and it will only take us minutes to make the trip from our homes to yours. We will come prepared with everything that we, and you, will need for our entry into the light of the Photon Belt.”
    “We, here in Telos, concentrate our thoughts on you. We are always sending you our heart’s joy and heart’s love to bolster your strength as you move through the density and change it to higher currents of Light. It is in these higher currents or higher vibrations that we meet you as ONE. Our lives are intertwined. And soon we will all be together as we unravel this great mystery of life that will lead you, from above to below, where we dwell in peace and understanding of the Great Laws of the Universe.”
    “We invite you to converse with us telepathically, for the merging of our two great civilizations is imminent and necessary for the ascension of the whole planet.”
    “There is nothing to prepare for, since you will be aided fully, before this time of entry arrives. Know that you are on Earth at this time to assist all of humanity with its entry into the Photon Belt. All souls incarnating at this time have done so with full understanding of what is to happen. That’s why there are so many people on Earth today, more than there ever was, because all souls want to be involved in these “End Times”. All souls who ever incarnated on Earth have returned. You are one such soul. These End Times can be met with harmony and joy, or fear and chaos. The choice is yours.”

    Dear Adama, I am thinking a lot of you and the Telosians beneath the mountain and what you say in the “Telos” book in regards to your immortality. I loved the following paragraphs:
    “… For it is a glorified way of living, as we in the Subterranean Cities can attest to. We live our lives with the highest of standards, and think only love and bliss as we go about our daily business. Our lives are not so different from yours. It is only our way of thinking that catapults us into higher realms of Being, as we, too, walk upon the Earth – albeit, it is under the ground.”
    “We all wait for you by the Gates of Eternity, which is what we call our domain. For our land is as eternal as we are, as long as we maintain our balance and frequency of Love. If you lose your balance you fall. The same with Immortality. To sustain our Immortality, we must stay emotionally balanced at all times, and keep our heads in the clouds—dreaming our dream of eternity. For it is the dream that sustains us.” ….
    To read the 4-page letter please go here:

    1. Dear Karin I read your long letter and it was worth it. The information put me in a wonderfully high love state which I used to power a meditation for the world. Thank you for being on earth at this time with us all to share your spirit and knowledge. I laughed that all he said back was Hello. I wish your plans for the sustainable domes well.

    2. Hi Loveandlight, thanks for your note. When I wanted to thank you for your response to my other letter I noticed that your reply was gone. Blessings to you, dear one. Love, Karin

  35. I like this song very much, hope and strenght:

  36. Desativar para mensagens em: inglês
    IWantToHelpHumanity please please please don't give up, i'm listening i'm reading, i'm human, i have a heart, i have emotions, i'm here email me at, tell me what's going on in your mind olease if it helps go to www. we're here to each other, at least that's on what i'm focused right now let's love each other deep, we all need support

  37. well, my dear, at least you have internet and your s.o.s. is being heard, rise up and fight for your own good, there is always a solution, that's what we're here for, no drama, please, filters on , cry, shout, jerk off, wathever makes you feel better, forget yor children your nation and govnerment, use your nteligence, fight, if you prefer to give up, it's your decision, no one is coming to save you, don't expect nothing, pay attention to nature, breath, calm down and keep cool , you're bright, intelligent and worthy of all acre and love and affection, rule your mind or your mind will rule you and destroy you, turst your guts and follow your heart, all blessings for you and for all <3

  38. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE KEEP calm, patient, assertive ! All hands on deck and all aboard

    Greetings from the Atlantic...... :)

  39. Fascism is our reality:

  40. I now translate an article about thoughts you don't recognize as being yours. You can stop them:
    “That’s a Lie” — Stop Archons and Negative Thinking With This Program

  41. I now translate an article about thoughts you don't recognize as being yours. You can stop them:
    “That’s a Lie” — Stop Archons and Negative Thinking With This Program:

    1. Nice article, thanks.

    2. Thank you, vielen Dank Maria😍👍🏻Very helpful link...

  42. Alex Collier to me is one of the most reliable source of interdenominational Intel if not the most reliable one.
    The man was talking abut the Arcon invasion back in 1994.
    By what he presented in this attached webinar he clam that the issue with the Toplet bombs is all ready rectified by the light forces.
    Please use your won discernment and let NO ONE tell you what is real and what is falls.

    1. i did not hear 'toplet bombs' on the speech...
      Also is my understanding there are/were physical n hmm in other layers bombs. All The physical ones were claimed to be cleared already but not the plasmatic ones..

      As far as solar system being cleared that already has been announced here.. the issue remain planetary wise.Or region around planet n downward.

      If those toplet bombs or any critical dangerous weapons had been removed i dont see any reason why the good guys would allow for the twisted games in the planet to continue...

      The free will excuse would b invalid.

    2. Thank you Samuel, that's incredible news right? The toilet bombs have gone?!

      Love and Light xxx

    3. I meant toplet bombs lol! x


    4. About which invasion?... Maybe the second,... because the 3rd was in 1996... Isn't it?


    5. Beside of his intel, Cobra brought many tangible products, tachyonics healing chambers, laser products, and other healing lights.

      All his products are successful, and many other will come, likely including free energy devices, tachyonized pink-light lamps, light units with internal tachyonized geometry patterns, and other tachyonized light products.

      Give a research on the right side of the blog, on

      Others never came with something tangible, with a tangible product that works, and has provable results.

      And this condition makes also his intel very reliable.

    6. Dear all Cobra worshipers
      Sorry for not line up to all what cobra said as he himself stated on his Radio interviews that it is very complex and convoluted situation in regard to the planetary liberation which implies that things are changing quickly in all directions ALL THE TIME.
      Please stop cling to your believes and ideas and be open to the possibility the WE ALL DON'T KNOW NOTHING because from that healthy perspective we may found something new and revolutionary by nature.
      I kindly advise you to listen to this wise man.

      Dear cobra thank you so much for your much needed assistance to humanity.


    7. Thanks for the tech info, Unknown.

  43. Please enjoy this tiny introduction into something the universe is not big enough for...

    Gaia and the Inititation Path of Osiris Ashtar Shiva

  44. ❤️���� Victory of the Light����❤️

  45. oh for god's sake. way to bicker fellow light workers!

  46. Thank you for your helpful contributions, Astral.🌹

  47. Been having some very interesting dreams lately. I'm liking where this is going.

  48. Active Meditations

    Please click on the meditation titles for more information:

  49. Selections Of The Candidates Is Complete – Gaia Portal

    by Disclosure News | Aggiornato il 25 May, 2018 | Universe


    picture it like one big illustrated analogy. You’re sitting in an “empty space” surrounded by darkness, but quietly and humbly you realize you could not recognize darkness without there being some form of light, and in this quiet space you FEEL the light speak! But it does not speak in a familiar language. It speaks in frequency and vibration! So you learn
    its language and immerse yourself in each feeling’s meaning. Each meditation bringing more and more knowledge to the fold that LIGHTS the path home!



  52. New crop circle

    User Jonas Passos pointed out that

    the symbol of the White Goddess is embedded.

    So I would say that the moon, sending, goddess energy and alignment are involved.

    1. I would add that dimensions (first and second (all?)) and directions (two (all)) are also hinted at, and that according to Cobra the moon is again the carrier of the goddess' energy. So the message is:

      Through the moon, goddess energy from higher dimensions is sent to the earth in all dimensions and directions.

  53. Aspect of specific location within the universe, or specific aspect of location within the universe? Sometimes I get mixed up on that one because it seems to be a little nebulous. I love you man. I apologize for all of the fuss.

  54. Gaiaportal
    Grace is seeing a connection to Cobra's "Firing the Grid"

  55. Oh, also,... Resonator is awesome. That thing is amazing. Thank you. You rock.

  56. Regarding the final fall of Atlantis... and those who remained... and those who were left behind...
    This is part of the remaining imbalance that is going to be resolved in the presence of the Light.
    There are a lot of hard feelings about this aspect of the situation.
    Do not worry. It is going to be ok. We are going to accept the truth of this situation, we are going to accept love and accept forgiveness, for all that has been suffered. We are all one, after all. May the Light be with us all.


  57. Planetary Clearing Report: It Ain’t Your Fault … You’re Not Alone. Gaia’s “Original Descent Into Hell” Trauma, Comes Up For Clearing

    May 29, 2018

    The Unknown Lightwarrior



  59. Call from Astar about 3D weapons:
    19 minutes.

    The clearing / healing / protection affirmation

    I intend I am infinite awareness
    I intend I am infinite love
    I intend I am infinite Wisdom
    I intend I am infinite Magic


    I am grateful I have been healed completely.

    Thank you, Universe, for Filling, Cleansing and Protecting, my Being, Home, and Family,

    With: the energies of the central sun, the energies of the Lyon Gate, the energies of the Aquarius gate, White Light of the Holy Spirit, Dragon Angelic Fire, Sacred Angel Fire, Silver Violet Flame of Venus, Golgen Violet Flame, Golden Silver White Light (Light Energy carrying knowledge and wisdom of higher realms) and Gaia’s Healing Energies into every thought, word, action and feeling I have ever Had, am having and will have.

    I invoke the sacred Light Cord into the Heart of Creation.
    I invoke the Gold Ray of Christ
    I invoke the Crystalline Consciousness
    I invoke the Silver, Violet, White Light.

    Universe, I want to do my part

    I am coming to petition you today

    I want to be fully protected, I do not want the enery frequencies
    Weapons to work.

    I invoke the Sacred Fire, Sacred Flame and Sacred Light into the
    Artificial intelligence virus.

    I intend the artificial intelligence virus to be filled with all Sacred Fire, sacred Light, Sacred Flame.

    I intend these, and all viruses and Etheric weapons be filled with all Sacred Fire, Sacred Light and Sacred Flame.

    I intend that all sacred energies, flame and light, be put into the artificial intelligence Etheric Weapons, Dark Entities, Frequensies and virus.

    I intend, I invoke, I reaffirm that all Sacred Energies, permeate the artificial Intelligence virus, etheric weapons, frequencies and Dark Entities.

    So be it, So be it, So be it, and so it is.


  60. What happens when two ladies are lovingly embracing one another, and if they keep themselves a bit longer so...

    Do they channel Feminine energy and do they ground it on the planet? And the more if they claim it that "it is from heart to heart"...?

    "The following groups are not directly connected with the Sisterhood of the Rose but are very well aligned with the essence of the Goddess and are a good example how Sisterhood of the Rose groups could operate:"


  61. Numerology of the day:
    It's 29.5.2018, so it's 2+9+5+2+0+1+8 = 27 = 9+9+9

    And earlier on I got to see three cars with a 999 license plate at the *same time*, one directly in front of my, one approaching on the other side of the street, and one on the road to the left, taking a turn.

    Pretty cool, I liked that a lot.
    Here's why:

    To quote Keith Richards:
    "Don't Panic! Nine Ninetynine."

    So this IS 999

    Have a nice day :-)


  62. Sathya Sai Baba zei dat ondanks de enorme controversiéle onrust/knoeien alles in de goede richting gaat..


  63. Dear Cobra, the situation in Brazil is getting unsustainable, the corrupt government is bleeding the people, and we are begging on the streets for a military intervention, I just want to know why this is not happening, because the alliance does not join with the military of the Brazil, putting an end to this mafia of the country that controls this country?

    1. Hello my Dear!, The Light forces are fighting very hard to free this country from cabal's control. They just don't want to let go but the light has won already. Pray, meditate and focus on freedom and it shall happens!.


  64. From Global Citizen

    You're a Sky Full Of Stars
    You LIGHT UP The Path






    1. However a high output reliable (lm/W) violet light source is not at all ease to achieve...




  66. The tachyonized RIFE discharge tube.


  67. Juke Box Hero



  68. And whoever or whatever "they" are:
    "They" won't win.

    Oh, look: There's a 27 = 9+9+9 in the link - and I didn't even click on it, it just started playing by itself :-)
    Yeah, okay. It was The Universe who started playing the song while I listened to the previous one.
    Still pretty cool, right?




  69. Couldn’t help but comment here on the incredible metaphysics held with the words of the location/place of the lastest crop circle ~

    aside from a the obvious meanings that live within the image itself.....

    “Buckland Down ~ Dorset”

    As in....

    “Buckle Down”


    “The Door is Set”
    (!!! Nice!!! This one’s got a few “interesting” meanings for those who can “catch” them !!!)

    “Buckland” ~ (wow!) which animals “Buck”, asks Ramses, Rama, Enki & Kalki?


    I’m assuming you all also see this obvious nod ;)

    And so it seems we have all entered:

    “The Buckland Dorset”



  70. The magic of how “3 & 6” together ignites “9”

    As creators of form and manifestation it’s is certainly Important for us to study a bit more deeply The Table of Elements from a spiritual perspective in order to gain some deeper insights & understandings into our Transformation Process etc...

    For example “Krypton” is a VERY interesting one, and important

    (Its found in foods containing uranium like apricots fit example)
    If you look you will discover tha It’s sacred geometrical form is that of “The Rose Cross” in a Turquoise/Aquamarine colour ;)

    See here:

    And the word “Krypton” has obvious connections with Superman but also Krypt as in, the symbolic word for the hidden planes/Duat ~ as well as the root inside the word Cryptic, as the “language” of these realms can be somewhat “hidden” behind “The Gateless Gate”

    Welcome to The Gateless Gate ;)

  71. From above: I almost forgot to add a few things, especially regarding “Pan” & adding him to that list of names relating to posting above about new crop circle in Buckland Down, Dorset and the metaphysics contained inside this place name.

    (The Gods who represent all of the various animals that “Buck” ~ Ramses, Rama, Enki, Kalki & ... Pan of course says The Horse (Horus)

    So indeed, Pan bucks too......

    And also “Bucks” as in Money..... we are all craving some “Starbucks” in our Goldmining “Pan” ~ hey?

    Some “Panbucks”?


    & lastly there is also Set” In “Dorset” ~ (this one needs no explanation)

    Welcome Surface Earthings to

    “The Buckland Dorset Of Pan”

  72. Oh yes....

    & how does that song go again...

    “Said the Little Lamb to the Mighty Ram”

    Do you see what I see?
    So you hear what I hear?

  73. One more song everyone knows

    It’s an ancient
    Reworked in our recent times as:

    “The Lion Sleeps Tonught”

    The chanting is of the name of the Primordial mate to “Banebdjedet”

    “Hatmehit, or Hatmehyt (reconstructed to have been pronounced *Hāwit-Maḥūyat in Egyptian) in the ancient Egyptian religion was a fish-goddess in the area around the delta city of Per-banebdjedet (called Mendes in ancient greek). In ancient Egyptian art Hatmehit was depicted either as a fish, or a woman with a fish emblem or crown on her head. She was a goddess of life and protection.”

    She is also known as the image on “The Starbucks Logo” ~

    She is The Foremost it First Fish Goddess Of The Cosmic Seas with The Crown on her Head ;)

    Atargatis means Stargate

  74. anyone here might know what the following word (i cant spell it) .. 'whe-hum'

    Cant recall the exact 'whe' part but sounded like saying 'we'... however i do recall the 'hum' and there were many other wodds after that someone or i was able to read (not my voice i think)... but i did not understand the sentence.. maybe compose of 7 parts or more.. if you ask me it sounded native to me.

    the hyphen was part of it.. as i believe i saw it.

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.


  76. I've got no Time To Waste
    I'll get Mine, make no mistake


    That's where you'll find Me anytime.

    Alpha and Omega


  77. Whoops ~ I got Rubidium & Uranium mixed up a bit above with “Krypton” in soul is on information download upload overload (like everyone else in this camp) & so I got a bit mixed up by mistake here...

    Rubidium is another/different & very important element and is found in apricots....

    Krypton on the other hand, is rare on earth, but decays to Uranium in the Earth’s crust and so “roots” are where you’ll find it ~ it’s also very abundant in Stars (of course)

  78. Transcripts are now provided with the 2 recent Benjamin Fulford interviews on

  79. In my opinion this is a damp down of the panic on the other side. A lot of smoke but no power. Sorry other side.

  80. I mean a demp down of an agressive oppressor against a new peaceful nation. Blissful peace. Let's unite.

  81. Hi Cobra. My name is Christian Alves Hecksher and i am from Brazil. A truck driver's strike is taking place in Brazil and our country and economy, the way we know, seems to be changing a Lot because the system is going down indeed. I'd like to Tell you that all the things that you have been telling us is really happennig here too and i am really calm and trying to calm down others, people around me too, although it hasn't been easy. They Just do not do their homework, but i believe we Will succeed. It would be awsowme if you could send me, at least for once, a reply to my email address: or phone +55 64 982293133 telling something else about the event. Thank You.

    1. Bless you all in Brazil, we are 1 and soon this will all be over and all will know truth! Take care!

    2. Its hard to remain calm at times like these...I never expected to be this tough...

  82. I had a dream last afternoon. I want to share. Use discernment as it was just a dream.

    Underground there are trucks and tunnels that were used by the Cabal to deliver things. Now the resistance has control over the trucks and tunnels. They are using replicators to fill them with goods we on the surface use. This is to ensure the stores and non-profit organizations have plenty of supplies for us during the financial transition.

    I dreamed that the reason an unspecified number of ships are cloaked in our lower atmosphere is to beam down wireless energy to our power plants, to ensure we have power during the transition as well.

    Ashtar command has control of the satellites. And in case the internet and cellphone companies decide to turn off service, the galactics and resistance will be able to take over and turn it back on within hours at most.

    1. The tunnels exist.. there are underground highways across all of the US.. and mag rail trains.. so what you dreamed makes sense.. and Tesla proved you could direct electricity via a beam.. so that would be easy for galactics as well.. wish I had those types of dreams.. I want to know more

  83. I'm obsessed with saving the world. It's been my only care since I was a child. My ex-wife used to say "Pat, you're obsessed with saving the world, and if you don't then you're nothing, that's not healthy." I know! But that's how it is. When I heard the details of how the space program brainwashes you into thinking you're humanity's only hope, I was like "that sounds pretty familiar." It's like a vicious, unstoppable desire. I'm not very happy with life as it is, very little saving the world going on, which means I'm nothing. Come on Resistance, come get me. I'll do anything, make coffee, whatever. Errr, I'll get coffee from the replicator and bring it over too you. But really I'd be insanely good at a number of things!!! Do it!! She also used to say "you're obsessed with finding magic." Well I became one of the most knowledgeable and accomplished Keshe builders in the world. I KNEW you could build magic in your garage! I know how to build a spaceship I just don't have the resources. I know other people who have succeeded and they sent me confidential pictures. Come on Resistance, you need me!

    1. Sounds like you have some admirable “ obsessions”. How ‘bout changing that word from “ obsession” to “ passion” or “ mission”. More power to you for whatever you have brought with you into this life that brings you an altruistically calibrated innner compass. There must be mnay places where you are needed.

  84. Steve Roach - Reflections in Suspension. One of my favorites :)

  85. One more :)

  86. I lied. One more?

  87. 'Mastering the Matrix'is on Translated in Dutch:

    Thank you Lester, you gave me the idea:)

  88. Brazil finally fighting against Cabal!


  89. The New Earth Now Experience online retreat with Sandra Walter

    Ascension Path with Sandra Walter

  90. hmm I Think something big is going on

  91. I dreamt of a major update on this site last night, also dreamt of ascension & seen our galactic family lighting up the sky. Something tells me we are about to experience a flood of information

  92. Hello brothers and sisters of infinite love and light!

    There is something that has been bugging me since I had a big awakening like 4 years ago. I was born in Brazil and, everywhere I look in the Internet, I seems that I find nothing about Brazil. What, as a nation per se will contribute to the Event and after it. It feels blank. Nobody talks about the south America, about American continent in general with the exception of united States. Trust me, this country has so much durtiness, so much darkness and yet cobra doesn't talk abou it at all.

    I can feel in my bones that saint Germain is around, I can feel him as I feel the heat of the sun. I can't speculate what is goong on down here and yet so much UFO events occurring in here.
    I follow most of cobras update and nothing about Brazil in this grand plan.

    And by the way, Brazil is going through a crisis of oil, gasoline because the truckers has started a huge strike. As everything depends on the logistics and oil, Brazil is slowing down and a lot of things are stopped. Food is starting to deplete in the supermarket and everything else. It appears that is coming from the cabal, but I can't say for sure.

    Cobra, for god sake can you enlight us on this metter?
    Can you give us an update about this situation?

    1. Cobra disse em uma entrevista que o movimento de Resistência tinha planos para o BR. E também, o que é bem óbvio agora, é que o cabal fugiu para a América Latina. Hoje se vê o resultado...

  93. Please read Montague keens message for 13 May 2018.

  94. I'm reading (in internet) in a quite radical sites to see if there are some tangible changes and this week the people are beginning to change, they are coming to their senses, they see that a change is necessary (for good) and how they are being cheated, 2 months ago it did not happen :D
    Keep with the meditations, we are almost there


  95. all is so promisque...

    Planet Earth,... a lugubrious ending of planetary establishment...

  96. I have a dream it was like cobra send a message to everyone but only who pays attention can listen in my dream a repetitive message very whispered message and cobra said like this: hi I am cobra we are now reached in an important stage everyone should know that something big it will occur please remain calm this is all that we waiting for.and then in my dream my sister cam and tell me that she can also hire the message and that the cobra said that something big will gonna happen this Saturday. I pray to be like this.but some how I think it was just a dream because I am thinking always at the event and why it didn't occur yet.

    1. In any case suspicious Cobra's silence.. (in any event, three months are likely to be enough to handle 4%..)

  97. On may 30 I dreamed that someone told me that we would find out who is ours angels and what the archons are and who lives on the earth with us. All in 40 seconds. Is the second time I ve dreamed this., first was last year.

  98. sorry for my english i mean that i heard the message.we heard the message

  99. PLEASE READ ME! PARAGUAY is also in the midst of chaos! we have the police and the politicians and the cristians persecuting LGBT community! women are murdered and no one bats an eye! It is not only Brazil that is aflame, it is also PARAGUAY, please! We are under the control of these capitalists pigs!

  100. I'm searching for fellowship in Rome

  101. Can we get an update along with the state of mission tomorrow?

  102. Please and thanks of course✨

  103. This was not a dream, but it struck me as significant, though just a tame little contact from afar:

    Phoenix Boulay
    12 hrs ·

    GALACTIC FAMILY: So I went for a walk earlier to a favorite place nearby where one can see a wide expanse of sky, to look at the Moon 🌝 and 🌟 stars. I kept watching the sky..not just the lovely Full Flower Moon, but I was looking at Saturn and looking for constellations. The Big Dipper was right overhead, and nearby to the left of it (dipper cup up) is Arcturus, of course. On occasion, I post a few articles that are channeled from the Arcturians, like I did today. So I said hello to them, as I know they offer advanced healing while you sleep, if you request it. But I was just saying hello. 🛸

    Well, then I was looking right at Arcturus ✨ when a small light seemed to emerge from it, and glided across the sky..I thought perhaps it was a high flying plane, coincidentally passing directly over Arcturus from my line of sight, although I had not seen it approach Arcturus... My eyes followed it closely, as it was small and dim. The glide turned into short bursts of speed, not particularly fast, just a bit jerky, as I have seen in the past....then it seemed to slow a bit and suddenly turned left, at a
    90* right angle, then went along in that direction and quickly faded from sight!

    Immediately, as I gazed up, head and neck stretched back, a larger, brighter closer red-orange something streaked quickly across the sky where I happened to be looking! 🌠

    Now the Pleiaidians used to do that years ago, when I worked with them in meditation, but their bursts were always high, bright, spectacular and white/bluish color. This was more amber and a quick flashing streak, closer to earth.

    A short while before this, I had seen a very bright star behind a tree move away and quickly fade as it moved towards 2 stationery a similar fashion to the Arcturus craft.

    There was another area of the sky I looked at with 3 stars, and one of them started moving in a similar fashion, again fading quickly. It's as if they wanted to be seen but just briefly. Anyway, that's at least 4 moving phenomena in a matter of 15 minutes. I have not seen many ships lately, 🛸 or perhaps my perception was not picking up on them due to my state of mind or the weather. I have heard that non-believers don't see them, they remain veiled. But if you are vibrating higher you are more likely to have contact of some sort, even if just visual.

    Another thing, it did seem to me as if my vision 👁️ was shifting from normal to 3D at times, as if I was seeing into several dimensions at once, especially gazing up at Arcturus. It was like when you look at a 3D painting and your eyes shift back and forth from normal to seeing in 3D.Or maybe it is 5D! Anyway I like the stillness of the night. (This was several hours ago, it is just an area that is quiet with few cars passing by.)

    I also saw (on the ground) the same cottontail rabbit 🐇 that I saw last night, jumping all around the grass and eating, crossing streets and slipping in and out of driveways. So cute! I was by the Victorian that I photographed last night.

  104. Also, I was in the flow most of May, money coming in and going out, taking care of responsibilities and goals, but this week feel forgotten, Where are my clients? Sudden standstill. Trying to breathe and manifest....

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