Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Phoenix dark forest deterrence activated, HVBN failure, VTX systems collapse


  1. Is there a reference glossary of terms available...?

  2. HVBN=High Velocity Binural Network??


  3. uuuuuu things are worsening! or are they?!

    1. When things feel like they are getting "worse" this is good!
      It gives us the impetus and momentum for all good things to arrive! And when one reads or hears things are getting "better" well then, by all means ~ things are getting better! There is only one way we are heading and that is in the most righteous way possible. This is a multi-dimensional mind of God that we are blessing and it is blessing us with all good things.

  4. Cobra Project 501 ~

    "Alpha timeline with HVBN until intersection has an increasing probability of p=0.6. The alternative beta timeline with sporadic YXRs, converging into possible next HVBN before intersection has a decreasing probability of p=0.4 due to increased grid ratio.

    Beta strategies have not yet been modulated and will come in a separate report.

    There are three major intersection probability peaks.

    The first one comes within the first half of the RR2-3 intermediate period, p=0.3. Alpha timeline is classified P501 with gradual M increase but without any hyperphasic intersections. Hyperphasic intersections come in cascading convergence only as we limit towards the omega convergence point. Beta timeline comes with declassified P501 with RM intersections as soon as possible.

    There is a minor peak towards the end of RR2-3 period which coincides with L2 penetration point.

    The second major intersection probability peak comes shortly after the beginning of the RR3-4 intermediate period, p=0.3. Alpha timeline is partially classified P501 with gradual to fast M increase and with probability of some form of EL contact. This leads to complex interference with existing HVBN on the surface. Some time before the omega convergence point this timeline bifurcates into fast hyperphasic intersections. Beta timeline again comes with declassified P501 with RM intersections as soon as possible.

    The third major intersection probability peak comes close to omega convergence point with an antarionid RM intersection which includes P501 and all hyperphasic intersections in the optimal sequence order, p=0.4. Alpha and beta timelines converge into one as we limit towards the omega convergence point."

    "Alpha timeline with HVBN until intersection has an increasing probability of p=0.9. Alternative beta timeline with sporadic YXRs, converging into possible LEVSF pivoting to next HVBN before intersection, has a decreasing probability of p=0.1 due to increased grid ratio.

    Beta strategies have been modulated.

    Intersection probability peak comes close to omega convergence point with an antarionid RM intersection which includes P501 and all hyperphasic intersections in the optimal sequence order. Alpha and beta timelines converge into one as we limit towards the omega convergence point."

    "Alpha timeline with HVBN until intersection has collapsed due to fatal security breach that erased 741.

    We are left with alternative beta timeline with sporadic HV YXRs with LEVSF pivoting to next possible HVBN before intersection.

    Minimum hyperphasic requirements are set at PHI 1.35-4.00, P>0.8, THETA >0.8, VTXPOS > 1.8.

    PHX clearance is approved for 180205.0600Z [possibly February 5th 2018], PHX VTX clearance is approved for tZ=0.

    COBRA velocity is set to maximum speed that does not produce L0 shockwaves."

    "Beta timeline with sporadic HV YXRs is secured. Internal YXR flow is disrupted, evaluation in progress. LEVSF pivoting has been position inverted with mdispersion. HVBN target has been replaced with GBN.

    Cobra protocols with wipeout sequence are now deep black.

    LJVTX declassified, protocols made public and in execution."

    "There will be 5 solar flashes.
    2018-2019 first Solar Flash from 13th dimension.
    2022-2023 second Solar Flash from 18th dimension.
    2028 third flash Solar Flash from 24th dimension.
    2031 fourth Solar Flash from 25th and 33rd dimensions.
    2036 fifth Plurisolar Flash from the Center of Cosmic Christ of 36D and 44D.
    After this last Plurisolar flash there will be massive sociological turmoil."

    1. Sunday, June 3, 2018
      Project 501 update

      "Beta timeline is metastable with stabilizing HVBN which is GBN unresolved. Hyperphasic grid is thus potentially activated but shows eclipsed activity flux. Surface R grid shows indicators of collapse. Internal YXR flow is almost recovered.

      Suggested GBNF security patch indicates theta below 0.85 for VTXPOS <2.0 for HVBN / Y triangulation.

      LJVTX LOC aborted due to unfavorable grid ratio."

    2. Oh boy,... "increased grid ratio",... that sounds promising,...

    3. Cobra, I understand the Beta timeline needs stabilization and axiums, I can provide lexiconal gnous, via The Logos, stay tuned!

    4. Woooow! a lot of information , I hope all of this have a good meaning ❤

  5. No matter what, we don't look back. We just keeping pushing forward family of Light.

    Much love to you Cobra and the Light Forces. I'm so grateful to all of you.

    Victory of the Light!


  6. Dec 21st 2012 Portal Egypt Pyrimid~

    "We will have the Egypt trip from December 15th to 22nd (main program) or from December 8th to 22nd ( Nile cruise activation together with the main program). This Egypt trip will be the culmination of the Portal 2012. Its highlight will be the main Portal 2012 activation on the solstice day December 21st within the Great Pyramid with exclusive private access for our group"

    This!!! Exactly it! The Akashic Amenti Amduat Portal! This is what I needed to accomplish in 2012, and trained for...

    This is the one true key component, for the Opener of the Way, to open the Amenti portal!

    ...Cobra, what happened that day?

    ...I knew of this portal already from Drunvalo Melchizedek's works. The "beta" timeline or optimal Atlantis timeline yet still persististing faintly, requires two individuals, my good personal friend Jordan Pearce aka Patchman founder of Spirit Science, and myself, to open that Portal in the Physical realm.

    This is the optimal and guarenteed catalyist! This is my one personal desire in life, to enter the pit at the center of the earth, and, return whole, with body intact, to Duat. From there, the stargate can then be utilized for others!

    In the interim, Jordan and I are still in spiritual training/development, but, this year's August Costa Rica trip, will reconnect our individual spiritual archetypical constructs, through the use of Ayahuasca; which we are writing a documentary about.

    After this, we shall both be prepared! Please, explain more on what YOU (Cobra) experienced at the Pyrimid..

    Thanks Comrade!
    - Fates De Whynot

    1. Yes! Anyone can join us in Costa Rica, at discount, click here:

      We will be staying at the resort Rythmia as seen in the video below:

    2. A video of Jordan's last experience at Rythmia

  7. To all,

    If anyone can effectively contact with three awakened community led by 1) Corey Goode with, 2) David Wilcock, 3) Benjamin Fulford, please help to convince those awakened community to join Breakthrough meditation (2 PM UTC every day), Breakthrough Meditation at 4-hours interval, Goddess Meditation (2:30 PM UTC every day) to accelerate The Event. "The Event" can activate UFO FULL DISCLOSURE. Cobra, which is, also support above related meditations.

    Can anyone contact with those three awakened community for this urge? The final result is those three awakened community join above related meditations

    Breakthrough Meditation

    Guided audio playlist:

    Breakthrough Meditation at 4-hours interval

    we are going to do Breakthrough Meditation at the following times, until further notice.
    2 AM UTC
    6 AM UTC
    10 AM UTC
    2 PM UTC
    6 PM UTC
    10 PM UTC

    Goddess Meditation

    Guided audio playlist:

  8. I suppose that means the light forces decided not to be afraid of the swordholder (if the swordholder is a Chimera representative who's keeping a hand on a "toplet red button").

    Or maybe the light forces themselves became a real unhesitating
    and decisive Luo Ji and presented an ultimatum to the chimera.

    In any case, this is good news! Victory of light!

  9. If the dark forest theory is true doesn't that mean that there are negative aliens, meaning it isn't true what was said earlier: the vast majority of extraterrestrial life is positive. I'm a little confused with this relevation.

  10. I have no idea what this means, but I'm simply visualizing the Light Forces and the RM doing what you all do best. Thank you for all you are doing. Sending you some <3 <3 love.

  11. Peter Pan & Tinkerbell....

    “Ptah”/“Pan” (interesting don’t you think? Since they are the same entity)

    And isn’t this exactly how “Lois Griffin” (also interesting magical name) pronounces Peter’s name?


    And Tinkerbell loves to “Tinker”, doesn’t She?

    Tinker Tinker Tinkerbell !!!

    Say it “13” times people ;)

    Tinker Tinker Tinker Tinker Tinker Tinker
    Tinker Tinker Tinker Tinker Tinker Tinker...

    Tinkerbell !!!

  12. If you type “Samarra” into Google Maps and touch on the interactive image at the bottom right hand corner you end up right in the middle of an old temple with only the walls remaining.

    If you scroll around you can even see an old Pillar/Mountain structure with a small Grecian looking Temple on the top all melted and decimated looking ~ like a wedding cake that all melted in the rain & winds of time...

    I have been turning this structure and remaining walls into a beautiful garden with internal and external crescent moon lakes with etheric light features emanating from the centres out into the Cosmos and then decorating the walls with beautiful crystals etc...Come join me in the decorations and plantings if you like!

    Also if you type “Kish” (Iran) into Google Maps and go to the picture again in the bottom right hand corner you will come to a dock on the Island’s waterfront with a mysterious and beautiful sculpture of Pan in a Hoop Ring playing his magical transformational flute into winds in the direction of Yemen and Al Hudaydah !!

  13. Ooooops!

    Backward dyslexia...(how appropriate ~ lol!)

    Touch on the interactive pictures in the “Left hand bottom corners”, not the “Right hand bottom corners” of the google results in google maps.

    sorry for any confusion there ;)

    1. Ha! I have roght/left dyslexia too. Love to you, sounds like your having a ball (ps your energy can be felt from here, not many on here are TRULY positive, at least as far as I can feel. But hey, could be wrong.) Again, love to you sweet thing.

  14. Interesting...

    I just went back to Kish in Google maps to check again and suddenly the image of Pan on the dock is gone now (interestingly) and replaced with a generic looking landscape but if you scroll around this landscape you will come across a statue of Pegasus !!

    1. Double ha! Pegasus was Just I the book I'm reading (further education of oversoul 7 by Jane roberts.) and I honestly never bother to read the comments on these. Mustv been ment to rey to you in particular for some reason or another. *shrug*. Bit more love. And there's not enough plesent socialising on this blog comments section. Ho-hum.

  15. Woke up this morning with Michael Jackson singing to me in my dream! He says "you did it!"

    Guys, WE did it! Everybody everywhere is showing signs of transformation. Even ppl that didn't seem ready are suddenly different and more vibrant.

    1. Funny you say Michael Jackson! He has been recently brought back into the spotlight in our household and it can't be by coincidence. My 7 year old discovered him and his songs, documentaries etc are on all devices. I too couldn't help but get sucked back into his story. Strange also the message above regarding Peter Pan. Michael idolized him. He loved children and fits in with the movement to protect them and save them at this time. šŸ’Ÿ

    2. My dreams are reflecting transformation also with this new moon, & feeling much relief.

    3. That's so awesome. He's with us! He knows what we are doing! As Always, love reigns supreme!

    4. Ah, yes they do. Heeheehee! Feel the good wiggly worms in my tummy, so I do. Weeeeeeeee.

  16. This is interesting. posting it again.

    Notes on Emery Smith's recent talk at Contact in the Desert June 1-4, 2018.

    Emery recently came forward on David Wilcock's Cosmic Disclosure series on He worked on dissecting and cataloguing ET bodies, ET craft in underground bases.

  17. Highly questionable when I have a weird dream then I see this kinda message when I wake up.


    Esto tiene alguna relaciĆ³n con la reuniĆ³n de Kim y Trump el dĆ­a de ayer en Singapur? Pues en la pĆ”gina de Q hay demasiadas actualizaciĆ³nes, me pongo a pensar q estos eventos de Cobra son muy positivos al contrario de lo q parecen

  19. let see:

  20. This starts to accelerate :D
    Victory of light!!

    Spain's minister of culture says he's resigning after just under a week in office over media revelations that he was fined for evading thousands of euros (dollars) in taxes.


  21. But no matter where the days have left you
    Every day ends at the street cafe
    The street cafe
    And no matter where the road may take you
    Every time it brings you back to the street cafe
    Yeah, the Street CafƩ

    No matter where the road may take you
    We'll meet again someday
    You know we'll meet someday
    Someday at the Street CafƩ

    Open 24/7 now.
    Free drinks available.

    Rock and Roll





  22. I saw super weird dreams last night and felt exhausted and sluggish when woke up. I wonder if dark forces are in panic and have increased their attacks. Hopefully the world is going to be free from evil soon. Thank you light forces and best wishes to everybody.

  23. I may have something that can help:

    I Am Presence is the ‘unmoved mover,’ the ‘unmanifest,’ and the observer of all thought, emotion, and feeling. I Am Presence is the Godhead itself, therefore is the most powerful force in existence because I Am Presence precedes all force.

    Thoughts of doubt would enter my mind telling me there is no such thing as I Am Presence. Yet, what is the ‘I’ which has just observed these thoughts of doubt? I Am I. I Am. :)

    In my own case, when dealing with inorganic feelings (for lack of better words), I state internally, “These inorganic feelings are not me,” which dis-identifies me with the inorganic feelings. I then observe the inorganic feelings with I Am Presence, dissolving the inorganic feelings. These inorganic feelings are very persistent though and find ways to come back. So I use this persistence as an opportunity to further unlock the I Am within. This can also be done with anything, such as anxiety, fear, etc.

    I Am Presence is also beyond positive thoughts, emotions, and feelings. However, the natural state of the universe is a positive rather than a negative polarity. Therefore when clearing the negative with I Am Presence, the inherent natural positive aspects of self and universe remain.

    1. Sidenote: I don't mean this egotistically when saying I Am. It's just an example to know the I Am within. The Godhead is in us all.

  24. Dear COBRA friend.
    I came across this disinformation about his work and about Corey Goode's work on SSP.
    I found it opportune to bring to your high knowledge, because, in my opinion, it is a work of DISINFORMAƇƃO made by a negative agent in the service of the reptilians of the cabal and the Vatican.
    But this judgment of mine should not be evaluated in your vision. And yes, the work I transcribe below, with the appropriate links, should be evaluated. Stay in peace. We trust in the Resistance Movement. We trust The Portal. We trust in Prepare For Change. We rely on COBRA and Corey Goode and on the work of Disclosure News and Divine Cosmos.

    "Who Are The Light Sentinels?

    The Light Sentinels are a Special Light Force Group (Earth's / Mankind's Last Line Of Defence) that combines the efforts and work of several current and former Gods & Goddesses (Gaia, Gatekeeper, Isis, Diana, Lilith, Athena, Elen, SET and Horus, to name but a few), as well as Time Travelers / Jumpers, Light Warriors, Enlightened Light Dracos, Jumpers, TOP Positive Cabal and Vatican members secretly working for the Light, and several Off World Light beings contributing to this Special Group and Earth Mission.

    The main purpose of this group is to have one single place where all LS Posts can be found.

    ONLY the Light Sentinels can Post here, but anyone can ask questions and make comments (appropriate to the posts/ topics).

    Let's see if we can make it work. It should be fun! Music Man. "
    Links: Autor the art. Rique Seraphico ; ; ;

    1. Not sure if i got it right.....a desinformaĆ§Ć£o vem onde, a seuir a divine cosmos na nona linha de cima parabaixo ? sorry for my ignorance, the adversary, darkness is also within so better to ask now !

  25. Certain sites/authors/posts have tried to say President Trump is working with Q. These pages seem to suggest otherwise:

    So tired of it all, the games, the disinformation, the lies, egos and agendas, just want us to have peace, freedom and and a world where our children can grow up happy and safe. Is that really too much to ask?

    Love and Light to all xxx

    1. Helpful, Astral. Thank you. I think you are right that little-by-little things are falling apart.

      The energy in general all feels happier. The sun looks brighter, too. (I keep wondering if that's is possible?)

    2. Thank you so much Astral Traveller I did not take this as a lecture, just a hand pulling me out of the 'mind mud'!

      I do usually feel, think with the heart and I know that change is coming, is already here in some respects and I appreciate whole heartedly the work of everyone who chooses the path of light. I meditate a lot, I try to operate from the highest part of myself.

      Every now and then I get pulled into the trappings of the matrix. I am physically exhausted. I care for my beautiful daughter who has many disabilities and does not sleep well. When I am at my most drained it's a fight to keep those negative niggles away but I am doing my best to change this, to keep my focus at a higher vibration.

      Apologies, I did not mean to moan, there is so much that is happening that is truly inspirational and positive, I do believe humanity is waking more now than ever before.

      Thanks again , sometimes you just need a friendly reminder I guess :)

      Love and Light xxx

    3. There will be lots of naysayers and disinfo... but it's true, Donald Trump is working directly with Q and Pleiadians, and so is Putin.

    4. Thank you for posting this. I have felt the same way and encountered the same thing. Thank you for sharing this very helpful resource about Q-Anon.


    Convert any YouTube video to MP3 using

    Convert Songs to 432hz
    1. Dowload and install Audacity from
    2. File - Chains - Edit Chains
    3. Add Chain, title it "432hz".
    4. On the right side of the Edit Chains window, Insert - TimeScale. Click it once, then Edit Parameters.
    5. Initial Pitch Shift and Final Pitch Shift should both be the same: Semitones at -0.318. (% will autofill as -1.82.) Click OK twice.
    6. In main Edit Chains window, Insert new command, Export MP3.
    7. In main window you'll order the commands properly, there should be only 3, TimeScale, Export, End, in that order. Click OK.
    8. Open Audacity, first time only: Edit - Preference - Quality - Default Sample Rate to 44100. Change the two "Quality" settings to Best Quality.
    9. To convert songs, go to File - Chains - Apply Chains. Select the 432hz chain and Apply To Files.
    10. Select all the songs you want to convert. When finished, there will be a new folder called "Cleaned" where the songs will be.
    11. The first time it will ask to download the mp3 encoder program "Lame". It's legit, follow the instructions.

  27. During a lucid dream I saw a building that I knew spontaneously belonged to the Vatican. There was no visible entrance to the building. I looked at it from the air and noticed the windows were transparent. But a dark grey indefinable something behind the windows blocked the view after a short distance. I got a very strange feeling that I had never had before and have the impression that even light forces can't look in there. Cobra once said that even the goddess Dou Mu doesn't see everything here.

    Here I have the impression that something should be taken away from our eyes. Since I saw the building in a lucid dream, it must actually exist on the astral plane.

    I treat it by sending the white flame there and visualizing it.

  28. DS planning another mass destruction event on 19th January 2019. Let us be free from all this darkness. Love and light xxx

  29. Never give up
    Never lose faith
    Future Earth ✌ 5D Paradise is coming

    Love has won

  30. Some thoughts on the whole Fermi paradox and Liu Cixin's misunderstanding.

    The Mind(s) is always expanding, therefore matter is always expanding & layering itself like tiers of the cake or an onion or the bark of a tree.

    In nature or matter at the nano structures or on our nose or ears, we see continuous layers building upon themselves through the illusion of time.

    Ultimately, Truth is we are INF Mind(s) and INF space(s).

    If a civilization does not under'stand this, then it is in a duality of time/space it creates for itself within its own dimension of that space.

    The yin/yang symbol is wrong & right unfortunatelY; creating tools, ideas, etc.. in 'duality' within that species illusion of space/time as a whOle consciously and materialistically.

    A S or s or ~ are all symbols of what? What is a wave or vibration or frequency or ripple? What is a plant or tree? When we plant a single seed, does not that seed create abundantly?

    If entities & civilizations have abundance at their fingertips, we are at peace, are we not?
    No need for war, omly play & love.

    1. The Fermi Paradox hindrance is overcome by the substantial evidence provided over the years; crop circles, channeling, abductions, visions, encounters, ect. There are also many whom are bringing forth disclosure with solid evidence.

      "If a civilization does not under'stand this, then it is in a duality of time/space it creates for itself within its own dimension of that space."

      This is exactly it, when time is stretched, in Duality, from Alpha to Omega, Creation to Distruction; it encapsulates.

      In the cogs of the calender, it is desirable to raise to a higher cog and not spin into it's own cycle in divergence.

      The natural "first impression" observation moment, is, what determines the mindset of future interactions. Thus, the initial presentation is the persuading factor.

      Therefore, the natural state of undiscovery, or prior to discovery, is peaceful noninteraction. When it does, however, transfer into interaction, it must be the peace maintained from previous time of interaction, which continues a peaceful future.

      Aggression interrupts the mindset of others towards the scales of negativity. That is why it is important for us, as guardians of our home, to be diplomatic and not hostile.

      Love and Light and Peace

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I would say, if the cintamani stone helps you stay out of fear and if you are able to communicate with the stone, then take it with you.

  32. Just sending these links from Asthar. Very positive messages. Peace,Love,Harmony,Abundance, Compassion to all of you.

    Before accepting the orb energy you need to ground by taking three deep breaths and imagining you are a great big oak tree with your roots going from your feet down to the center of Gaia (Mother Earth).

    To activate The Orb, simply say “I accept the Energy placed over my Head” simultaneously extending the same, to everyone in your household.

    The Clearing Healing- Protection Affirmation

    I Intend I Am Infinite Awareness.
    I Intend I Am Infinite Love.
    I Intend I Am Infinite Wisdom.
    I Intend I Am Infinite Magic.
    I am grateful I have been healed completely.
    Thank you, Universe, for Filling, Cleansing and Protecting my Being, Home, and Family with: The Energies of the Central Sun, the Energies of the Lions Gate, the Energies of the Aquarius Gate, White Light of the Holy Spirit, Dragon Angelic Fire, Scared Angel Fire, Silver Violet Flame of Venus, Golden Violet Flame, Golden Silver White Light (Light energy carrying knowledge and wisdom of higher realms) and Gaia ‘s Healing Energies into every thought, word, action and feeling I have ever had, am having and will have.
    I Invoke the Sacred Light Cord into the Heart of Creation.
    I Invoke the Golden Ray of Christ.
    I Invoke the Crystalline Consciousness.
    I Invoke the Silver, Violet, White Light.
    Universe, I want to do my part.
    I am coming to petition you today.
    I want to be fully protected, I do not want the Energy Frequencies weapons to work.
    I invoke the Sacred fire, Sacred Flame and Sacred Light into the artificial intelligence virus.
    I intend the artificial intelligence virus be filled with all Sacred Fire, Sacred Light, Sacred Flame.
    I intend these, and all viruses and Etheric weapons be filled with Sacred Fire, Sacred Light, Sacred Flame.
    I intend that all sacred energies, flame and light be put into the artificial intelligence Etheric weapons, Dark Entities, Frequencies and virus.
    So Be It, So Be It, So Be It

    And, So, It Is!!!!

  33. (Quickly and quickly with the Event, because Viktor Orban's police state can be built at any time ...

  34. Basically we don't want this:

    Or we shall have this;

    1. Absolutely! The true victory of the spiritual warrior comes from a core of love, which radiates positivity!

      Throughout daily interactions, I have personally seen a transformation in the last week, from those who were previously crushed by the mental weight of their own troubles, to a collective feeling of doing "great" and "happy". When we radiate love, it reflects back at us, like a mirror. It may be partial to the events unfolding on the worlds stage, for, we may not have a world wide cataclysm like the last 5 great extinctions we have in the past!

      Nuclear war averted, the light celebrates!

  35. Alas, people didn't see Obama being elected as the precipice of the dark.

    There was a careful coercion of the media presentation of information.

    Something people don't seem to get despite 'being spiritual' is thought is a weapon or rather has been weaponized.

    The battle of polarity on camera is for free expression. The degree of free association the person has determines ALOT. That's why stories are short, sound bites, talking points etc. If you can overstimulate a viewer without giving him the depth of a story, you can feed him bullshit. After a while he won't know the difference.

    There are few Adepts who could impose a visualization to the level done by watching television (with a pittance of the effort).

    When the shift happened in 2012 it signified a birthing between light and dark. Those with sufficient strength gained the ability to choose their path. Those positive outnumber the negative. The vast majority did not demonstrate mastery. There was a collective projection at that time. Promises were made. So were compromises.

    Despite the growing popularity of Contactees, talking about the experience 'on camera' is a trap. This was conceded. People want to believe. This is an extremely well-set trap.

    Contact experiences of vibrational-seniority are practically solely for illumination. Despite what people want to believe, this is of greater importance then 'liberation'.

    There is a great amount of tension in our collective emotional redundancies. The mediating force of our consciousness, thru a brief catharsis, (CompressionBreakthrough) will gain a more potent connection to the logos.

    It will happen by humans for humans. ET's cannot overshadow humanity. So many lightworkers are willing to sacrifice 'the human way' in an attempt to escape the suffering and circumstance by which they are learning. This has created a fence. When people denying seeing their neighbor as thy self and instead identify with an other worldly identity, how can the appreciation needed become manifest of humanity for humanity to free itself?

    1. Dear Anonmyous, you say "Alas, people didn't see Obama being elected as the precipice of the dark" and i thank you for giving me the opportunity here and now to remind our beautiful humanity that the so-called "dark" has ALWAYS been there - we just are the last to know about it. Now that we do, it isn't "dark" so much as unknown! What was truly dark was what some knew and others had no way to know (deception) there is no "darkness" with it's "own true volition because everything is source energy and it is our awareness that makes this come to light. Pre-dating others to make them "prey/pray" is only hollywood for now.

    2. Regarding Obama, below is from

      Aaron – Once again, in order to get a handle of the degree of evil that certain prominent people in the world are, could you give us, in your opinion, a rating on a one to ten scale, one being a good person, and ten being the epitome of evil. Starting off the first person to rate:


      1. What would Henry Kissinger Rate? pure 10 (Wow, I didn’t expect that)

      2. What would Dick Cheney Rate? pure 10

      3. What would Donald Rumsfeld Rate? 9

      4. What would George H. W. Bush Senior Rate? Bush Sr. 10 (wow)

      5. What would George W Bush Junior Rate? 8 (OK)

      6. What would Barack Obama Rate? Barack Obama – 5 (so he’s almost a good guy)

      7. What would Vladimir Putin Rate? 2-3 I would say (OK)

      8. What would Angela Merkel Rate? 8 (wow, thank you Cobra)

      Lynn – Can we assume that all of these people are really alive or have any of them replaced by clones?

      COBRA – They are all alive, yes. (thank you)

    3. We are trying to anchor the light, and any assessment is perceptual. Let it go, it makes no difference, I plead.

    4. I'm with indi, so sick of hearing good and evil talked about. How can we anchor light if we are so focused in the dark? Perceptual is what it is, thank you so much for pointing this out, yet again my sister.

  36. Dark Cabal Lost one more.,160abcd6269dfa90f62af94271a9ae59e44c20cy.html

    Let's belive and work!

    1. Thank you for sharing,I hope that they will lose more people

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Hurts more every time, giving heart love away. Getting stolen. Feels like being gold mined for soul, breaking and taking. Moving on, trying to let go... being happy alone. trying to share and being in hell for doing it with reality tortured, dreams invaded-dont understand-sad.

    I just wanted to share love with you :)
    <3 T- xoxo -S <3

    But you're not honest, you're just mean. I want you to say the truth!
    Instead of coverying up blatant lies, believe what you want? Get what you need, respect and intimacy.

  39. In retrospect I realized perhaps I was being energetically pummeled by the cabal past few days (crying jags, despair) for posting memes of Anthony Bordain's tweets ranting at HRC. They were on his twitter feed on Friday (the latest from June 5th saying he had information on Hillary lClinton that would lead to her arrest)S However, SOMEBODY scrubbed them from his feed in the following days. I had taken photos on the ones other had made into memes and posted on fb and twitter. ..and one of @Jack saying on Friday "Sure are a lot of birds singing lately." All their cryptically blatant remarks and symbols....Spade's husband wearing the mouse mask to signify SHE RATTED etc...

    "Symbols will be their downfall" ~Q

    Hey, and John Doe Truth In Context is back, and I didn't get a chance to listen yet! It is crazy disinfo war, as Jim states, "a war for your consciousness".

    Well we know what to do. We've got mad skills!

    He's got some great insights and analysis here:

    NEW Q Posts! Shills Have Failed! The Late Night Edition + Get To Know John Doe Truth In Context

  40. Tachyon Chamber in Eifel !

    for those interested, we have a new Tachyon Chamber in Eifel, Germany
    more info here:

  41. Does anybody know what VTX systems are?

    1. No as i'm just another meatbag like the rest of you hehe but i dare suggest VTX means Vortex so thik sites...Sedoan,Long island,Rome,Diego Garcia,Syria,Iraq,London,Washington,Antarctica-Good,Bad all in between etc etc etc...

    2. Perhaps it is not too great to call your colleagues meatbags,if I knew what they are.

  42. I just saw a big Phoenix shaped cloud. Started to mention it down here and immediately internet went dark. Haha! No way!

  43. I am so looking forward to your next interview, Cobra, since you have started doing interviews again. Does anyone know if there is an interview that will be posted soon? Love and gratitude to everyone for holding the light!

  44. Continue meditating ✨šŸ™šŸ¼❤️šŸŒˆ

  45. I like the direct way. Plan C. Go ahead! We can cope with that.

  46. The cry for the responsible ones

  47. And another!

  48. I was surprised to see that the mayor of Tucson, Arizona is a Rothschild.

    Wonder if his presence there has a connection to that gigantic observatory on the Univ. of Arizona campus, which is evidently run by the Jesuits.

  49. Is it causing all those recent Schumann craziness?
    Are VTX 15min interval spikes?

  50. Vladimir Putin invites Kim Jong Un to Russia in September
    The move comes just days after the North Korean dictator met with the US president on the resort island of Sentosa in Singapore.

  51. James Gilliland, love him!

    Love and Light xxx

  52. Victory of the Light!!! I had a very intense lucid dream two nights ago, there were dark spirits beings and it showed them taking a physical form, how they do it. I know I do work in the astral and I asked for remeberance of my dreams. I experienced very intense pressure when I awoke from the dream, the same way I felt in the dream. I was in a very dense realm. I was able to bring light to this dream but it was very intense.

  53. Me discussing the plasma plane and the Event.

    1. Patrick, AWESOME video. Thank you.

      IMAGINE if we, in this community, all made a video of ourselves and shared here. Quite nice! I’m inspired to do so.

      I like all that you said - parts are true for me and some I will be developing and testing every time I go to the grocery store. Heh heh.

      Let us know if you start a YT Channel.

    2. You did start a channel! I couldn’t see that until I opened your video on the YT app. Subscribed!

    3. Thank you! If you make a video, I'll watch it.

  54. Hi, not related to what's going on but I felt I should signal boost this individual's Youtube channel ( )

    Wonderful World of Weirdness I feel has the most genuine videos of paranormal and supernatural happenings on the platform from what I've seen so far. I think Cobra will appreciate the video link. Especially at the 1:50 mark.

  55. Powerful mind-blowing Info in this video via Magenta Pixie ����‍♀️ about what’s happening right now. ������

  56. We are safe for a while.....But remember the Universe is not a fairytale. I am really begining to feel what it means to be a galactic citizen.

  57. June Solstice Meditation on June 21st 2018 at 10:07am UTC

    Join one of the many sacred Solstice meditations around the world to connect with the Earth, the Sun, and the Divine.
    Join our initiative here:

    Let's celebrate the birth of the spiritual sun within each one of us!
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