Saturday, June 9, 2018

Phoenix dark forest deterrence operational


  1. To all,

    If anyone can effectively contact with three awakened community led by 1) Corey Goode with, 2) David Wilcock, 3) Benjamin Fulford, please help to convince those awakened community to join Breakthrough meditation (2 PM UTC every day), Breakthrough Meditation at 4-hours interval, Goddess Meditation (2:30 PM UTC every day) to accelerate The Event. "The Event" can activate UFO FULL DISCLOSURE. Cobra, which is, also support above related meditations.

    Can anyone contact with those three awakened community for this urge? The final result is those three awakened community join above related meditations

    Breakthrough Meditation

    Guided audio playlist:

    Breakthrough Meditation at 4-hours interval

    we are going to do Breakthrough Meditation at the following times, until further notice.
    2 AM UTC
    6 AM UTC
    10 AM UTC
    2 PM UTC
    6 PM UTC
    10 PM UTC

    Goddess Meditation

    Guided audio playlist:

    1. ^ well for starters: There's an email address at the end of every cosmic disclosure episode for insiders to chime in if they want to speak up.. I think that can reach David if you wanted to try that. Does anyone know it?

    2. I've sent this so people can now just copy and send this to Corey's team at their contact us page, just use your own name. Add any changes you need.

      Now we need the other contract addresses for Dave Ben James Gilliland I think too plus cosmic disclosure.

      Hi Corey and Team.

      Corey and Cobra previously brought many meditators together for a mass Eclipse meditation in 2017.

      We need to do this again because regular earth and disclosure meditations are not reaching critical mass regularly.

      Cobra and affiliates like prepare for change dot net, continue to urge mass meditations to hasten the Event, and improve humanity's vibe so Gaia's earth changes to waken us up and as part of her ascension may be more kind.

      Please can you consider joining the networks again as well as David Wilcock 's and any others you think relevant in order to help the ongoing mass meditations reach critical mass regularly to radically increase their global effectiveness.

      Kindest and best wishes
      James / LoveandLight

    3. I have contacted these parties; David Wilcock blocked me on Facebook when I told him the truth about Ra, and, Corey Goode did not reply to any communication, yet, after sending information on The Elders of Thuban, he wrote an article about the "Dangers" of "ET Religions"...

      I am willing to pass over the negativity of their actions, but, they are not high on my contact list...

      David, if you are watching or relayed by others to receive this message, look at who you blocked on Facebook Messenger on Aug 21, 2015.

      Then, perchance, we can speak...

      - Fates De Whynot

    4. Thank you for posting their contact details. Cobra do you want us to continue to press for this action? I do wonder but am inclined to go ahead if you don't respond . Just that if you did want it then you might simply contact them yourself already - having worked with Corey before on the eclipse meditation, and been on goldfish report alongside James Gilliland. I really wonder why there is not more communication and joint action this way from you guys at the top, but I'm sure you have your reasons.

    5. Cobra asked for this cooperation right at the start. Corey has cooperated in interviews with Corey. David has his own role and is doing it very well, as is James. They found their mission. Not everyone feels in alignment or comfortable with both Cobra and the info here. I feel nothing would be beneficial by insisting these others must join us here. Pressing will give rise for tension and often a bolt in the other direction. Nobody wants to be under any kind of force, regarding spirituality. Cobra's earth personality has sent people away, well that is just how it is. I thought the latest info was RA is the Blue Sphere Alliance....this felt odd to me. Somebody referred to the truth of RA. Would this person kindly explain this, if you have time. Blessings.

  2. Sounds promisingšŸ’«šŸ’œEnergys are amazing in Sothern Sweden! Golden Light to all and so much LovešŸŒˆ


  3. Here is the Song for Those Who Never Ever . . . Shiver
    The COOL CATS I recall ;-)

    It's Calling Me
    Keep Caling Me AnyTime

    I could not have phrased it any better MySelf

    So once Again!
    This is
    AUTOMATIC, got No Doubt About IT

    No Doubt about It


  4. now they're starting to guess. the European Black Forest, the Amazonian etc. ? Or is this a hidden concept ? ... but that deterrence sounds good!

  5. I've been experiencing some rather harsh scalar attacks towards my heart, which directly effect my mind. Things are "heating up". Let's all turn towards Love and the Light and push this through to Victory so we can all find our Peace.

  6. 06/09
    P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

    Yuthi (Izushs) in Zero i approach for special package.

    Deeper zones are inspected.

    Attention Patrulheiro do Porto! Special codes sent for inspection.

    MiD maneuvers in zone Latitude: La: 32 ° 52 '30 N Lo: 13 ° 11' 14 L being blocked! The Light Celebrates!

    * Nanos in process of return to point of origin.

    Zero i: signals sent. Answers being awaited.

    Attention Alliance! Serious disorders in layers of Magnetic Island.

    Attention Cranu-Idini! Immediate call coming up! Required Master Projector Support: Synchronization Started ... 52% (non-regressive) - Start support.

    Attention Shimmering, The Storytelling Fairy, and Nilun, The Fragment Collector! Immediate call to support * Cevnas! ANCHORAGE AND SUPPORT ENERGY STARTED! 59% (non-regressive).

    AM Special Projector at anchorage >>> 12% (non-regressive).

    Temporarily, end of transmission.

    Pleiades 1 (Intensifying 8th Projector ...)

    The Pleiadians report that vast amounts of technologies used by nonconfederal forces are being "confiscated" at this time in the entire Solar System. Several moons of the planets of the Solar System are being more closely watched by the Special Forces of Light - fleets specializing in the removal of these technologies. Plasma / scalar weapons for targeted attacks are being dismantled and removed as this Specialized Fleet advances supported by the NEW GUARDS. Layers of Light are being added to the Protection Barrier around the Solar System, and a "heat" is being generated generating a greenhouse effect that is rendering these technologies unusable. The Pleiadians say that non-Confederate forces threaten to attack the Earth's human beings, and that this will be prevented by the Ashtar fleet.

    They also report that not only are these best-known weapons being removed, but AI consciences are also beginning their process of exiting the Solar System, especially at this time.

    A great deal of Light is being projected by the Central Sun and is moving away these intelligences and / or even dissolving them, rendering them inoperative and harmless as mere micro-grains of sand. The "greater consciousness" - leader of AI intelligences - is being absorbed into its universe of origin. Absorbed by a force not known to them that is acting in that universe. As a result, the particles of this leading consciousness are being drawn into the central "suction." And, of course, the increase of Light in that Local System is helping this process with a "push" for such intelligences to leave this universe.

    1. Very interesting. Especially about the AI source. I've always felt it's had such a hard time doing that, every time I've tried to guide it. Cobra, is this aspect of the intel accurate? Would love to hear more if possible. Even just a short confirmation!

    2. "Zero i: signals sent. Answers being awaited"

      "Attention Shimmering, The Storytelling Fairy, and Nilun, The Fragment Collector! Immediate call to support"

      I am trying to help, not collect souls, or captivate the public.

      I will provide you evidence of the mechanics of eternitiy, by writing.. the best guidance I can...

      If you have specifics, email me @Tutanota

      Thank you
      - Fates

    3. We return, Comrades Allies, with a little more information about the inevitable movements that happen in your world! This Kingdom is, in fact, being altered completely and having all the evidence that this is in progress, being explicitly shown in various media. The way you have been led for many ages has overstretched your fields and it is time for a change that will positively affect all of you, restoring your self-esteem at first, ensuring that you breathe new, empowered and animated airs.

      A sequence of special protocols remains to be followed, ensuring the maneuvers that have led the bumbling sapphires to go into deep despair as their "pot of gold" has dried up and they have nowhere else to draw resources for their trappings. These sissies have become drunk for ages with their disempowering energies of lack of self-esteem, wars, and now, of course, they no longer know what to do, for you are EYES WELL OPEN. Knowing this, the sapecas are trying to open a portal in Libya so they can escape from the Planet. Knowing also that his actions in Syria are surely being blocked and that the portals there are well guarded, as we mentioned in our last message ( -prateada-portals-na.html), they are seeking other means for this escape. Sad belief, because there is no way to leave the Planet without our "seen" (laughs) and we have no intention of giving it.

      There were many ages ago, there was a spiritual leader in that region of Libya called Mafanain who promoted many cures and obsessive releases. Mafanain taught many of his disciples the art of Interdimensional Portals, showing them how they worked and how to cross through those sacred gates that led to other points on their Earth and / or other points in their Solar System and beyond. There were also clashes, for there was a rebellion among some of the disciples because of the tremendous greed that was anchored by some hearts in the midst of the "apostolate." As some people wanted to know more than others, conflicts began, and thus opportunities for malicious sapnings to penetrate and abuse as much as they could from those movements. Thus, after many moves to calm down and restore peace in the center of the collegiate, it was decided that the Portals would be closed indefinitely and that the respective classes would only be given to certain special groups that were pure of intentions .

      Mafanain consecrated some of his disciples and gave them the power to open Portals and close them. The lineage of these beings went on passing from one to another this consecration / authority over the Portals. There are then souls incarnate descendants of these early disciples of Mafanain, and it is there that the bumbling sappers go in search of finding them. Oh, sisters! Obviously our allies on the surface have already been informed. A special guard is being sent there, as well as the first descendants being guided and protected so that they remain inviolable with regard to protecting the Portals, and not delivering the sacred keys / codes that, in the wrong hands, would cause great problems. Comrade comrades, we invite you to create a protective magnetic field throughout the Libyan region, enveloping it in this inviolable security energy. The old Mafa Order will be secured by our allies on Earth, and from above, we will secure the "Eagle Eye" on top of the blunderbusses, observing each of their footsteps and intentions.


    4. "Mafanain taught many of his disciples the art of Interdimensional Portals, showing them how they worked and how to cross through those sacred gates that led to other points on their Earth and / or other points in their Solar System and beyond."

      I am versed in portals as well, from my interaction with Amenti (portal in earth) to Amduat (Orion region)

      "Comrade comrades, we invite you to create a protective magnetic field throughout the Libyan region, enveloping it in this inviolable security energy."

      I will do what I can, as per same with the Congo vortex, I lend you my aid comrade.

      Victory of the Light!
      - Fates

    5. Yes, the Congo Vortex is at center to what I believe is needed. A unifying moment each year to recal the bubble wars and what was lost and gained, and what we have to maintain.
      'APPRECIATION DAY ' ON FEB. 26TH could be this reminder. Over a million meditators realized they didn't need computers to be effective in 2017.
      The day we reached past the 144,000 that Cobra had told us would be required.
      I wrote a full length novel that describes the taking of the portal because..."millions" were lost in this fight as Cobra put it.
      We have to begin to appreciate all the L-forces have done, they must be asking, Where's the love?
      (In the story you visit the Amenti portal as well. Author of The Dawning, and Agents of a New Atlantis, the story of the stone.

  7. Is Love or knowledge more important? Did love or know cum first?

    AMMACHI understood.

    1. With love you can learn the truth.

      Love is everything!
      True Love!

  8. "As a part of the soul, a person's ren (rn 'name') was given to them at birth and the Egyptians believed that it would live for as long as that name was spoken, which explains why efforts were made to protect it and the practice of placing it in numerous writings. It is a person's identity, their experiences, and their entire life's worth of memories. For example, part of the Book of Breathings, a derivative of the Book of the Dead, was a means to ensure the survival of the name. A cartouche (magical rope) often was used to surround the name and protect it."

  9. The name is not what is important; the thought & feeling to which is is important.

    Is the thought important or the label? How is a feeling produced?

    What is the purpose to have many masks? I Am, You Am, We all Am. I bee in the light to co-create with the both awakened gods and the dead to heal thee. I don't hide from the dead.

    Is knowledge useful if love is missing?

    If love is missing, is power the intention?
    If no love, then what does it mean to be a huemann? What is a hue?

    If a machine has no love and only knowledge, then is it a robot or machine?

    What is light? What is an electron? How is light produced? How is matter produced? Is light knowledge?

    Is mind every expanding, ever evolving?
    Are we not quantum beeings of light bodies and love?

    1. The Ka (vital spark) is as such, the I AM presence, yet, unless it has alrady dissolved into source, it can unify with the Ba (personality) and become Akhu (immortal archetype). That union of love as a temperament, a glue which holds the tapestry together.

      Yet, still, does one use naming to reference an individual? A direction between point of origin (you) and target? How is this different beyween here and the beyond?

  10. Thanks to this blog I learn new english words every now and then. Cobra, good friend and warrior: dankeschƶn!

  11. If Cixin Liu's story is correct, then who is the Swordholder? You?

  12. If Cinxin Liu's story is correct, then who is the Swordholder? You? If not you then who holds the fate of our world in their hands????

    1. Finally, someone asked the right questiom

    2. Ah very interesting, I am beginning to research into The Fermi Paradox

      "There is no way to peace, peace is the way"

    3. Will the answer ever be revealed? But deterrence only worked for a while, long enough for the world to flouish. Wow! Mindblowing to contemplate this.

    4. We have recieved a reply to the Arecibo Message, in the form of a crop circle already... reference image below

  13. Dark Forest Deterrence seems to be referencing a book that Cobra recommended called "Death's End". It's really good and talks about the dark forest situation from the cabal's perspective. So throughout the book, replace "destruction" with "reintegration to source" and it gives much interesting info imo. Much love everyone! We just keep pushing closer and closer no matter what! VOTL

  14. Well I think the dark forest implies the battleground to emit new light into the grid to create potential growth. Trees all compete for light. A sudden flash of light can change the game, aka burn everything so it may rise from it's ashes. It's a controlled burn, though

    Most spiritual people don't have the proper development of the solar plexus to engage social structures and government. Ironically, this is how free will is often preserved. It's inconvenient. The social structures change by engaging them.

    The meta-physical structures are much harder to change, foolishly so. Yep, you can't differentiate the undergrowth from the breathers easily.

    The illuminated way of seeing is based upon a focusing stability of the mind upon the body.

    The vast majority of people call for the same light-love which induces an inner pressing of love-light. Collectively, the games are very simple. If you don't, I blow. Once you do, If you don't I blow. The goal is always to build a polarity.

    Light-forms complicates the collective focus upon calling the Logos.

    It has always been birth/death/rebirth. The transition from 3 to 4th is clumsily attempting to mold the clay forged in the fire.

  15. Understand Ammachi + Leonardo Da Vinci and you will si.

    What happens when all people know they are source + Source(s).
    No one may divide thee when it knows infinity.

    Although, knowledge is always expanding,
    Ones cup must be pure and mind bee undivided.

    Stories are stories.
    Now is now.
    Empty Y'our Cup.
    You control your destiny, You fill Y'our cup.

    Are Laws Important?
    Do you prefer Star 'Wars' or Star 'Trek'?

    USS Republic (NCC-1371) Memory Beta, Non-Canon ~ Star Trek

    At every angle of dimension, there are always Laws.

    Universal Law:
    LOVE ~ Galactic Codex ~ Gaia ~ Country ~ State/Territory ~ Counties ~ House Rules ~ Atomic Laws ~ Quantum Laws.

    Ammachi or Budhha or Christ or Ghandi or ... (many many examples in all stories)

    Leonardo Da Vinci only knew body + mind until his later years he found love + body + mind.

    "The water which flows in the river is the first to go and the last to arrive, it is like a moment in our lives."
    --Leonardo Da Vinci

    Also, many reflections of truth inn many POV or personal beliefs or perspective. It seems many stories of different angles. Meaning, many paths, but only On3 real Truth.

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