Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Systems security breach deflected at 504


  1. I thank you the Light Forces!

    Victory of us! Victory of our Light Forces!

  2. Great job on holding 504!!! Victory to the light!!

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    1. The Plieadians say they can help us with pain if we give them permission. Say 3 times: Command PB stardust
      Let us know how it works for you. I'm also a person tormented by past trauma, mental and physical abuse by family; friends and strangers. I work in my garden and try to give back to others to take away all the darkness that wants to flood in. I've had to really fight to stay out of depression. This year, with the help of other light beings, I've manifested everything I've ever wanted. Love, a garden, cannabis plants, my dog and I on a large plot of land. I never thought I would get here. I started believing and acting accordingly. The universe has given me a great gift with much more to come. Hang in there. Liberation is coming.

    2. sounds great mark, much respect for your achievments!

  4. I AM.

    The "Moondog".

    I am Anubis' twin soul, Wepwawet

    From my Higher Self to You.




    A purpose, "Opener of the Way"

    Victory of the Light!
    ~ Elder Dragon Fates De Whynot

    1. Origins of Wepwawet ~

      They came from the Waters of the Nu, which is the chaos of potentiality. First there was the water snake Apep, who encircled itself, and created in timespace, Atum which was the omniveral construct of this reality. Then many aspects separated. In the case of Anubis, he was born to Osiris and Nepthys; but, a lesser known truth, Set possessed Osiris under intoxication. They had Anubis, and Set framed Osiris, eventually killing him.

      When Anubis became a Judge, he gave up aspects of himself to Wepwawet, mostly the Set aspects, the voice inside his head becoming manifest apart from him.

      They are a Twin Soul; Wepwawet and Anubis.

      later Anubis separated Male and Female, and formed his wife Anput; which had birth to their daughter Kebechet.

      Thats the separations of Anubis' aspects downwards through eternity

      "Egyptologists now believe that he was more likely associated with the jackal, though he is often depicted with a gray or white head."

      "Over time, the connection to war, and thus to death, led to Wepwawet also being seen as one who opened the ways to, and through, duat, for the spirits of the dead. Through this, and the similarity of the jackal to the wolf, Wepwawet became associated with Anubis, a deity that was worshiped in Asyut, eventually being considered his son. Seen as a jackal, he also was said to be Set's son. Consequently, Wepwawet often is confused with Anubis. This deity appears in the Temple of Seti I at Abydos."

      "Wepwawet's worship paralleled that of Khentyamentiu, but when Osiris absorbed that god's attributes, Anubis filled his funerary role"

  5. What's going on in 504? Can you explain pls :) thx

  6. Please Compress to Maximum the Cabal !

    This neverending Game must be Finish !
    (Security breach, Red Alert, etc.)).

    waiting THE LIHGT VICTORY ! ! !

  7. Beautiful Shekina Rose speaks....Positivity!


    Love and light xxx

  8. In DREAM 3 of my (dream trilogy), I was a PEACEMAKER, and in this video I explain the correlation between LOVE, QUALITY, and ABUNDANCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeauVHVyfY8

  9. Please join this group in order to spread awareness on human trafficking and paedophilia


    Share this group all over the internet,add your friends,we are motivated by horrors like this


  10. Thank you cobra for all your consistent hard work. Victory of the light!

  11. Wow! I wonder where this short movie about Q came from? According to this movie, high profile arrests are right around the corner.


  12. Benjamin Fulford - Prepare for Change interview June 21, 2018 now has transcript posted.


  13. Hola caballero... Tu bien? Me?... Si... Buenos dias amigo.
    P.S. ananse/quetzoquatl refference = clever... embracing/facing? No fear. May the light be with us as all is one.


  15. Maybe if you told people where 504 was then you wouldn’t have to worry about security breaches anymore cobra.


    Dratzo! Let us begin.

    A lot is being prepared for a significant event. This ever-changing orb we are looking at is a world where darkness pursues its diabolical schemes with little success.

    We can not emphasize enough that the end of the Kabbalah is closer than most of you can believe. The newly formed Alliance, in the company of our Earth allies, is poised to launch a carefully prepared trap that will lead to the arrest of high-ranking cabal personnel.

    The detention plan is designed to keep the public informed as a way to limit chaos. As we have already mentioned, their "tried and true" ways of keeping Earth's citizens in captivity no longer work. Because darkness seems incapable of altering its modus operandi, its tricks to obstruct the Divine Plan continue to expose them to the scoundrels that are .Meanwhile, the masses are awakening. Globally, citizens are beginning to rise, demanding transparency and truth.

    Today, darkness is being forced to give up vast sums of its earthly wealth. Consequently, all the major governments in your world are bankrupt or almost bankrupt.

    This fact is being hidden to maintain the current trick and avoid arousing the panic and indignation that would follow if this fact were made public. The true wealth of your global societies will only appear when a global reset, based on gold coins, occurs.

    This reality is getting to the point of being revealed to the public. Once these announcements are made, they will also reveal a new series of interim governments. At this point, delicate negotiations are in the pipeline to allow all these events to happen.

    The Alliance is now in a position of power and is doing whatever it takes to make this difficult transition run as smoothly as possible. The memorable moment is about to come for all of us to give this planet, and its shallow population, a very miraculous gift.

    As we await this magical moment, our fleet personnel are taking the next steps in our outreach scenario, one of which pertains to our first post-release broadcasts. Our communication team is reviewing what we intend to convey to you.
    It is essential that your cousins, the Agarthans, are properly presented to you. They propose teaching about their true origins and their true history. This knowledge is very different from what you have learned.

    We also intend to display the various technologies we wish to share with you. This agenda is just the first part of our initial interaction with you.

    You are warming yourself in the energies of the recent and powerful Summer Solstice, which contains many keys to what must unfold. Literally, the eyes of the galaxy are upon you! Heaven assures us that innumerable necessary changes are being made to manifest, to allow the Light to emerge Victorious! This will be the opening salvo in the movement to establish the new energies that will take you to the edge of full consciousness.

    Many beings of a highly spiritual nature have united in their world to create the conditions for first contact and all that follows.

    We are using our technological advantage to accelerate the plan and ensure that this fundamental movement of openness succeeds according to the desires of Heaven. SO BE IT! NOW!


    Dratzo! Comecemos.

    Muito está sendo preparado para um evento significativo. Este orbe em constante mudança sobre o qual olhamos é um mundo onde a escuridão persegue seus esquemas diabólicos com pouco sucesso.

    Não podemos enfatizar o suficiente para que o fim da cabala esteja mais próximo do que a maioria de vocês pode acreditar. A recém-formada Aliança, em companhia de nossos aliados da Terra, está pronta para lançar uma armadilha cuidadosamente preparada que levará à prisão de parte do pessoal de alto escalão da cabala.

    O plano de detenção é projetado para manter o público informado como uma forma de limitar o caos. Como já mencionamos antes, suas maneiras “testadas e verdadeiras” de manter os cidadãos da Terra em cativeiro não funcionam mais. Porque a escuridão parece incapaz de alterar seu modus operandi, seus truques para obstruir o Plano Divino continuam a expô-los para os canalhas que são.

    Enquanto isso, as massas estão despertando. Globalmente, os cidadãos estão começando a se levantar, exigindo transparência e verdade.

    Atualmente, a escuridão está sendo forçada a desistir de vastas somas de sua riqueza terrena. Consequentemente, todos os principais governos do seu mundo estão falidos ou quase falidos.

    Este fato está sendo escondido para manter o truque atual e evitar despertar o pânico e a indignação que se seguiriam se esse fato fosse tornado público. A verdadeira riqueza de suas sociedades globais só aparecerá quando ocorrer uma reinicialização global, fundada em moedas de ouro.

    Essa realidade está chegando ao ponto de ser revelada ao público. Uma vez que esses anúncios sejam feitos, eles também revelarão uma nova série de governos interinos. Neste momento, negociações delicadas estão concluindo para permitir que todos esses eventos aconteçam.

    A Aliança está agora em uma posição de poder e está fazendo o que for necessário para fazer com que essa difícil transição corra o mais suavemente possível. O momento memorável está prestes a chegar para todos nós de conceder a este planeta, e à sua população superficial, um presente muito milagroso.

    Enquanto aguardamos esse momento mágico, o pessoal da nossa frota está realizando os próximos passos em nosso cenário de divulgação, um dos quais diz respeito às nossas primeiras transmissões pós-divulgação. Nossa equipe de comunicação está revisando o que pretendemos transmitir a você.

    É essencial que seus primos, os Agarthans, sejam devidamente apresentados a você. Eles propõem ensinar sobre suas verdadeiras origens e sua verdadeira história. Esse conhecimento é muito diferente daquele que você aprendeu.

    Também pretendemos exibir as várias tecnologias que desejamos compartilhar com você. Esta agenda é apenas a primeira parte da nossa interação inicial com você.

    Você está se aquecendo nas energias do recente e poderoso Solstício de Verão, que contém muitas chaves para o que deve se desdobrar. Literalmente, os olhos da galáxia estão sobre você! O Céu nos assegura que inúmeras mudanças necessárias estão sendo preparadas para se manifestarem, para permitir que a Luz emerja Vitoriosa! Isto constituirá a salva de abertura no movimento para estabelecer as novas energias que o levarão à beira da plena consciência.

    Muitos Seres de natureza altamente espiritual se uniram em seu mundo para criar as condições para o primeiro contato e tudo o que se segue.

    Estamos usando nossa vantagem tecnológica para acelerar o plano e garantir que esse movimento fundamental de abertura seja bem-sucedido de acordo com os desejos do Céu. QUE ASSIM SEJA! NO AGORA! VITORIA DA LUZ!

  18. Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters.

    Last week we received the new Central Great Sun frequencies scheduled for the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. The energies accompanying the June Solstice are bringing an update to their human and light systems.

    The seeds planted at the Spring Equinox will now bloom. These new frequencies are a powerful catalyst for change. Offer gratitude by witnessing changes in yourself and the people around you, in government, in the financial industry, and on the planet itself.

    The energies that surround Gaia also encompass the entire galaxy of the Milky Way. The atmosphere of Venus is getting cold. Mars is also undergoing climate change and is beginning to form on land: small ponds of water are emerging on its surface. The red spot through which Jupiter is known has disappeared. The rings of Saturn are proving to be a more elaborately interconnected web of consciousness.

    Changes in our galaxy like these are caused by an increase in consciousness. Collectively, we are raising the frequency spiral up to the 5th dimension.

    Clearly, a lot is unfolding for the birth of a whole new world for you.We encourage you, dear ones, to participate in this process.

    The recent steps toward transformation have come to the point where you are forced to come together to help each other. Each of you has knowledge of how you should transform into galactic humans.

    Share this with each other. Create a safe environment in which you can discuss these issues freely and openly.

    It's one thing to listen to this information coming out of a television, but quite another to listen to it with the love and care that emanates from someone you know. There is no substitute for personal touch.

    It is our intention that this blessed transition to full consciousness be filled with the magic of the Divine! This is a sacred task that began nearly 13 millennia ago.

    Now we are doing whatever it takes to bring Heaven back to each of you.

    Today, we continue to inform you about what is manifesting around the world.

    An era of prosperity and harmony is forming.

    This, therefore, is a time of transition. Be patient and always ready to work for the triumph of this new set of realities and to prepare for a new spiritual age.

    Know, dear ones, that the innumerable sources and the endless Prosperity of the Heavens are Really Yours!

    So be it!

    Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!

    - In Siriano: To Be One! And Be With Joy! -

    * By Sheldan Nidle

    * Source: http://www.paoweb.com/

    26/06/188 VITORIA DA LUZ!

  19. Namaste! Nós somos seus Mestres Ascensos.

    Na semana passada, recebemos as novas frequências do Grande Sol Central programadas para o Solstício de Verão no hemisfério norte e no Solstício de Inverno no hemisfério sul do planeta. As energias que acompanham o Solstício de junho estão trazendo uma atualização para seus sistemas humanos e de luz.

    As sementes plantadas no Equinócio da Primavera irão florescer agora. Essas novas frequências são um potente catalisador de mudança. Ofereça gratidão ao testemunhar mudanças em si mesmo e nas pessoas ao seu redor, no governo, na indústria financeira e no próprio planeta.

    As energias que envolvem Gaia também abrangem toda a galáxia da Via Láctea. A atmosfera de Vênus está esfriando. O de Marte também está passando por mudanças climáticas e está começando a se formar em terra: pequenas lagoas de água estão surgindo em sua superfície. A mancha vermelha pela qual Júpiter é conhecido desapareceu. Os anéis de Saturno estão provando ser uma teia de consciência mais elaboradamente interligada.

    Mudanças em nossa galáxia como estas são causadas por um aumento na consciência. Coletivamente, estamos subindo a espiral de frequência até a 5ª dimensão.

    Claramente, muito está se desdobrando para o nascimento de um mundo inteiramente novo para você.

    Encorajamos vocês, queridos, a participarem desse processo.

    Os recentes passos dados em direção à transformação chegaram ao ponto em que vocês são obrigados a se unir para ajudar uns aos outros. Cada um de vocês possui conhecimento de como você deve se transformar em humanos galácticos.

    Compartilhe isso um com o outro. Crie um ambiente seguro no qual você possa discutir esses assuntos livremente e abertamente.

    Uma coisa é ouvir essa informação que sai de um televisor, mas outra bem diferente é ouvi-la com o amor e o cuidado que emana de alguém que você conhece. Não há substituto para o toque pessoal.

    É nossa intenção que esta transição abençoada para a plena consciência seja preenchida com a magia do Divino! Esta é uma tarefa sagrada que começou há quase 13 milênios atrás.

    Agora estamos fazendo o que for necessário para trazer o Céu de volta a cada um de vocês.

    Hoje, continuamos a informá-lo sobre o que está se manifestando em todo o mundo.

    Uma era de prosperidade e harmonia está se formando.

    Este, portanto, é um momento de transição. Seja paciente e sempre pronto a trabalhar pelo triunfo desta nova série de realidades e a preparar-se para uma nova era espiritual.

    Saibam, queridos, que as inumeráveis fontes e a Prosperidade sem fim dos Céus são Realmente Suas!

    Que assim seja!

    Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!

    - Em Siriano: Para Que Sejam Um ! E Estejam Na alegria! -

    * Por Sheldan Nidle

    * Fonte: http://www.paoweb.com/

    * 26 / 06 / 2018 VITORIA DA LUZ!


  20. Raise Up your Mind
    It's Time to Shine

    Tempus Fugit

    I AM

  21. Hahaha

    Curt Schilling Backs Pro-Trump ‘QAnon’ Conspiracy Theory


    Victory of the light !

  22. 501 needs to be in Seattle cobra

  23. How about an interview as you promised.


  25. Some members of our in real life group (PFC/SotR) were recently talking about a strong shift that we can help along and prepare ourselves for, which someone aptly named Preparing For Disclosure.
    Many more sources are now also starting to reflect this "heightening state of readiness" for these grand shifts in our world.
    Life is now becoming a vast arrangement of synchronicities dynamically strung together.

    CHANGES at hand ~ Sheldan Nidle ~ 27 Jun 2018
    - http://paoweb.com/sn062618.htm

    Key points:
    "Much is being readied for a significant coming event."
    "<..> the demise of the cabal is closer than most of you might believe."
    "The recently formed Alliance, in company with our earth allies, is at the ready to spring a carefully-set trap that will lead to arrests of some of the cabal's upper-echelon personnel. The arrest plan is designed to keep the public informed as a way to limit chaos."
    "The true wealth of your global societies will appear only when a global reset manifests <..>"
    "This reality is nearing a point where it is to be revealed to the public."
    "Right now, sensitive negotiations are concluding to permit all of these events to happen."
    "The Alliance is now in a position of power and is doing whatever is required to make this difficult transition run as smoothly as possible. "
    "<..> our fleet personnel are carrying out the next steps in our disclosure scenario, one of which concerns our first post-disclosure broadcasts."
    "We also intend to display the various technologies we wish to share with you."
    "You are basking in the energies of the recent powerful Summer Solstice, which holds many keys to what is to unfold. Literally, the eyes of the galaxy are upon you!"
    "Many Beings of a highly spiritual nature have joined together on your world to create the conditions for first contact and all that is to follow."

  26. So the light Forces are making a second attempt at arresting cabal members. Hopefully they have learned from the costly mistakes of last time.
    And good souls won’t have to suffer at the hands of dark forces.
    But if the light Forces continue to tip toe around the various problems here on earth and off. Time will not be on their side and the possible outcomes could be very undesirable.
    Yaldabaoth has a list of souls that are priority to be removed from “his kingdom” as he calls it. Any opportunity that arises for dark forces to off a soul on the list is taken. If to many souls that are the driving force of the light in “his kingdom” are taken out, it will very much impossible to eradicate the dark that insists on perpetuating this madness. The promised/foreseen victory of the light will come at a cost much higher then anticipated.