Monday, October 1, 2018

MOSS section2 fleet activated


  1. Lets keep doing the meditations guys

    Four Navy officers accused of sex with a minor, pornography – report

    1. Ice Sphere16 minutes ago
      (read it "not" the fast way... Go)
      Every religion is a "nation"->
      It's "power"
      is the number that pull together->
      If every church recorded your "vote"
      and all the nations pulled together->
      wouldn't an
      just become/transform
      (a billion $ party)

  2. Co.Bra. post from March 31, 2015

    "The general plan of the Light Forces to liberate our Solar System and rough outline of their fleet positions has been known for decades:


    "The smaller ships belong to the Ashtar Command, the Jupiter Command and Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian and Resistance fleets. The larger spheric biosatellites belong to the Central Civilization."

    1. Section2, section1, section0 fleet positions for both MOSS and EXMOSS?

    2. Theese fleet have existed since 2002 or earlier?

  3. The purification getting closer to planet earth.

  4. Multidimensional Operations Solar System (MOSS)

    The Light forces have begun sublunar operations today, as the next logical step towards the completion of MOSS.

    One aspect of MOSS is to clear these implant stations

    One of the main purposes of MOSS is to dissolve that entity, take it into the Galactic Central Sun and transform it there into a pure positive plasma elemental essence.

    Since the start of MOSS, the Light forces have asked me to spread pieces of Cintamani stone among the most awakened Lightworkers and Lightwarriors.

    The vast majority of them have joined the positive Alliance fleet in this Solar System and are now assisting in MOSS.

    After the successful removal of all physical strangelet and toplet bombs in late January this year, an operation for the final liberation of our Solar System (codenamed MOSS) has been initialized.

    1. Bro thanks for info and summary

    2. Thank you Lester for this clarifying flow with the happy ending :) Victory to the Light!

    3. Thank you Lester, thank you! 🙏💖🙏


    4. If the removal of all physical stranglet/toplet bombs were completed, what are the toplet bombs being currently removed?

  5. We ask for ask additional light force intervention for surface humanity, we are grateful, thank you to all the lightforces protection and support we love you all ❤ Victory of the light will soon be declared.

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    1. I wrote some things about wahlberg on here a while back.

  7. Anyone knows the difference between Exmoss And Moss?

    1. Ex stands maybe for extern ans moss is the core Operation ans maybe Really near to the surface? Watch the Clouds by sunset :-)

    2. I think that EXMOSS are invisible but MOSS are visible...

    Energetic completions are verified

    Energetic completions are verified.

    Astral layers are cleansed.

    Pardons for those in return are granted.

    Destinies of hu-beings and Hue-beings align.

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  9. MOSS section 2-1-0...Boom..Cabal outside...Victoria to the light.Event's enough

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    1. In the concern of Light Communities development, only some outdoor environment terminals will be in discussion on the blog. The rest will be left to the water supply specialists to decide.

      A problem that might be on the list is the thread standard for outdoor fire hydrants. At least in US there are many, many. We have to conclude which might be at best for our Light Communities...

      If you are at least an average 'awakened' specialist, please come forward to draw some lines...


    2. Some examples of outdoor hydrants (in size from 1/2" to 1-1/2") with different hose threads will be in discussion in a blog page.

  11. From ED:



    SO BE IT.........SO IT IS








  12. I ApoloGize.
    This is a Bad Joke on George Walker Bush.
    But he was a Bad Joke HimSelf, so it's Okay in My Book.

    When I quote that NumbSkull it is not without a twinkle in My Heart and a Spark in My I :-)
    I Say:

    UnLeash The ComPassion

    Der Kommissar

    Vienna Has Called ♥

    Alles Klar.
    Herr Kommissar.

    I AM DK

    1. Hey RaJah😃Find ich lustig, dass du auch mal an uns Wiener denkst👍🏻Sending ❤️and light to all of you from the heart of Europe!


  13. A full range of dimensional details enclosures for 'encased and potted' low power (up to 1000W) transformers will be available on the blog.

    Sometimes the 'core and coil' transformers are not an option, the protected ones are needed, therefore a dimensional specification range of enclosures (using preferred numbers) will be needed for our Light Communities.
    We don't wait for others to give it, we design our owns.

    'Encased and potted' low power transformers (encapsulated in a high temperature resin, up to Class H, 180ºC) will be needed for many applications instead of the 'core and coil' (unprotected) transformers.
    We have to do ours, for us, and not to have to chose from what others do, due to economic interests, and undersized and overheating transformers, core and coil only, which re not an option...


  14. WOL


    I AM DC

  15. What is the diference between MOSS and EXMOSS?
    The MOSS means multidimesional operations solar system but does EXMOSS mean extraterestrial MOSS?

  16. We are tired galactic brothers and sisters , doing the best to hold the light

  17. I wonder if these spider plasmoid entities(corresponding to the major city pop.) are as large as the Chimera.

    Are those Maman Statues the approx. size of the Chimera?(<<COBRA?)

    1. That's an interesting question.... But I think the chimera are reincarnated into ordinary looking people so they can do their damage here on earth without anybody noticing....

    2. @Keep Moving and WestCoastUSMegan, On the physical plane they may look human, but on the plasma plane would they look like arachnids, and if so how large would they be?

  18. Friday, June 19, 2015

    If anybody is still asking why the Event hasn't happened yet, here is the answer again

    Earth primary anomaly quantum fluctuations well, or in other words Earth primary anomaly accretion vortex, maintained by the plasma implant grid and supported by plasma strangelet and toplet bomb retaliation mechanisms is the background meta-strategy of the Chimera which maintains quarantine Earth status and still prevents the Event, Disclosure and First Contact.
    The activity of this plasma accretion vortex gets magnified every month around the time of the full moon, when Earth-Moon plasma doorway opens.
    When the Earth-Moon plasma doorway is open, both the presence of Light and clearing of darkness get magnified.

    Plasma implants were first put into surface humanity population 26,000 years ago. Each time just before an individual was incarnated, he was re-implanted again. In this way, the surface population was kept in amnesia for the whole 26,000 year cycle.

    The implants were maintained by implant stations below the surface of the planet and throughout the Solar System, and kept replenished with fresh anomalous plasma from interplanetary and interstellar space.

    An implant is a plasma black hole with an approximate diameter similar to the diameter of an electron (10-17 meters). It is rotating in a strong magnetic field which produces an antigravitational effect on the plasma.

    The network of implants in the plasma energy bodies of the surface humanity is the deepest hole of the collective subconsciousness and the basis of the planetary plasma anomaly accretion vortex.

    The implants in the frontal lobe of the brain compromise the decision making process and keep the person separated from the Source. The implants in the reptilian brain cortex keep the person locked into survival fears and thus susceptible to become a slave worker for the central banking system. The implants above the navel separate heaven from Earth, a man from a woman, emotions from the mind and love from sexuality. They fragment the personality and block the flow of kundalini life force. They suppress the emotions, which lower their vibrational frequency from joy into pain, then further into anger, and down into sadness, further down into fear, then apathy and finally into unconsciousness. This is the reason why many people feel nothing.

    Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun dissolves the implants. Cintamani stones serve as a focal lens for that Light and they ease the plasma dissolution process.

    You can accelerate the process of implant removal with this very efficient meditation:

    In this meditation exercise, you put yourself in one part of the figure eight, and your implants in the other part of the figure eight, as described in the link above.

    Here is another interesting protocol for implant clearing:

    The concept of karma as punishment and reward system and the concept of planet Earth as a school was designed by the Archons to keep people from discovering the truth about the Archon/Chimera control system and the implant grid.
    It is true that everybody is responsible for their actions and that we can learn from our mistakes, but to imply that by experiencing our present life conditions we are »paying off« karma of our past negative actions is a very subtle and deep form of manipulation and a very handy excuse for the Cabal to keep doing what they are doing, as they are simply »teaching us a lesson in the school of life«.

    Primary anomaly is the root cause of all suffering, and all negative actions of all sentient beings are a chain reaction of generational trauma, originating in the original fall from grace, the original encounter with the primary anomaly millennia ago, and the original experience of the implantation process in that distant past.
    All this will be resolved as a result of the energetic intervention from the Galactic Central Sun.

    1. Thanks so much Keep Moving for this Very useful information.

      Adami I Am Love ��, (& so are You)

    2. @Keep Moving, 'An implant is a plasma black hole with an approximate diameter similar to the diameter of an electron (10-17 meters).'

      It it is really 10 to 17 meters, than could you imagine how much anomaly would swirl around an enormous crowd. I bet it would make empaths sick. Is this why I never liked being around lots of people?

    3. @Keep Moving That's the technical explanation for why The Event hasn't happened yet. The ultimate reason behind why The Event hasn't happened yet is because the Light Forces didn't see us as a priority in the past, and selfishly expected us to resolve everything ourselves. It may hurt for you to read it, but it's the truth. Even Cobra's alluded to this.

  19. Dear COBRA.
    Lightworking Friends.

    Victory of Light.

    NASA is called upon to give in-depth explanations. And their high-level toys are confiscated right now. Show, is not it?

    Victory of Light.

  20. So, according to this article there are 'bizarre' particles coming from underground in the antarctic. They may go through one side of earth, go through the center, then leave out the other side. Is this related to tachyons? Are they originating from underground, and if so, are they related to the agarthans?


  21. Dear COBRA:

    Universal Dissolution of Yaldabaoth - September 23, 2018 - 100%

    Cleaning of plasma and removal of its arachnid parasites:
    Progressive Count Activated.

    September 26/2018 = 1/7
    September 27, 2018 = 2/7,
    September 28, 2018 = 3/7,
    September 29, 2018 = 4/7,
    September 30, 2018 = 5/7,
    October 1, 2018 = 6/7.
    Waiting for the final outcome.

    Victory of Light.

    Victory of Light.

    1. The last percentage message is "Yaldabaoth in UNIVERSAL DISSOLUTION. 99% (non-regressive)". We are still not at 100%.

  22. May I have everyone’s attention.

    Voat is planning an internet OP to expose the horrors of Hollywood pedophilia once and for all. Something has been subconsciously telling me that NOW is the time to strike. Details on “Operation Yep Yep Yep” in linked thread below.

    I need you guys’ help. Spread awareness of this case, make memes, distribute memes. Heck even a mass mediatation on 10/16 could help.

    All of this is based off an investigation that started as the result in a blind item reveal by Crazy Days And Nights (CDAN). Link to full investigation below.

    Also, I suspect a MAJOR false flag is brewing.

    Regarding the article on the 400 guns stolen, here’s my thoughts and deductions.

    1. False Flag inbound (obvious).

    2. A similar weapons trafficking related theft happened about a month before the attempted false flag in the Super Bowl last January (Q made a post around that date saying as such IIRC).

    3. MULTIPLE culprits given 400 guns.

    4. Given SB similarities, I believe the target is a major sports venue. Such as the World Series. Baseball is “America’s Past Time”.

    Here’s the kicker: The World Series is going to be playing during the seven days before HALLOWEEN. That week is a MAJOR time for Satanic shenanigans. Game 7 is on Halloween itself.

    Also 1 week before US midterms.

    1. Way to go Darknight 111, go, go, go! I'll join to the best of my ability and refer some friends

  23. 非常感谢,尊敬的COBRA先生。现在双方衔接非常合拍。上面的朋友们不必再害怕了,该来的终究还是会来,就像你们对人类说的不要害怕睁开眼睛看。请你们也不要害怕,即然躲不过去那就请跟我们站在一起再次去战斗。我们的时间浪费的太多了,那个漏洞肯定是补不上了。再次感恩每一位的付出~~~亲爱的芝加哥,谢谢你

    1. google translate:

      Thank you very much, Mr. COBRA. Now the two sides are very close together. The friends above don't have to be afraid anymore. It will come after all, just as you said to humans, don't be afraid to open your eyes. Please don't be afraid, if you can't hide, please stand with us and fight again. Our time is wasting too much, and that loophole is definitely not enough. Thank you again for your contribution~~~ Dear Chicago, thank you

  24. I have experienced profound changes (improvements) in my own consciousness since these “fleet” messages began. With each message, it has felt like I am experiencing an increased level of sanity. In a strange but extremely comforting way, I am feeling like my mind and sense of being are “rewinding”, back to familiar feelings of peacefulness that I can remember from earlier in my life, before 9/11. These feelings have been synchronized with physical healing changes in my body, and positive developments in relationships and physical life.

    It is a great relief. I’m curious to know if any other readers of this blog are having similar experiences?

    1. Yes, I feel like I'm coming home to myself. It has been this way for a while. I had not thought about the 'fleet messages' starting this, but maybe they are increasing it. If they are cleaning up our implants it would make sense.

    2. @Aegon Bear That's strange, because I'm feeling worse than ever. An understanding that I will never have the feelings back that I had when I was younger. My physical health has me trapped in a box, yearning for something that is so impossibly far and out of reach.

  25. Check out this episode of Cosmic Disclosure. This is some of the most compelling testimony on UFO's and aliens that I've ever seen. And it has great artwork to illustrate what he's talking about.

  26. I think they just attacked my flame with a scalar weapon. We had just connected recently. The bond was growing exponentially. And just earlier I felt this horrible sickness come over me. I started sweating and I could sense what was happening. I've been hit with one of those beams. Thought myself lucky to survive.

    I want nothing to do with this world if she's not here anymore. I have to believe spirit wouldn't just let this happen! Not now! Not when we are so close!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thankfully it was only on my end. Capitalizing on my personal fears no doubt.

  27. Sananda: It is all a lie. It is a story, a paradigm, a setting designed to help you learn certain lessons. All of it. His-story. A construct. A stage. A make believe land far away, a fictional play.
    0 Comment|Return To Heart
    Sananda: It is all a lie. It is a story, a paradigm, a setting designed to help you learn certain lessons. All of it. His-story. A construct. A stage. A make believe land far away, a fictional play.

    You have chosen to be an actor on this stage, a participant in this grand play – it is a movie of your own making, you and the thousands of others who decided to come to earth to experience this ‘virtual reality’ each with your own lessons and feelings and symptoms of dis-ease that you wanted to perform and observe.



    1. Also in Dutch:

  28. At the time of writing this it is 1:44am. It is another number I see a lot and may have to do with the 144,000. I usually dont try to figure out the coded messages but I thought of something. In the last update CoBra said this:

    'Throughout the Galaxy, in our stellar neighborhood and inside our Solar System, Galactic Confederation fleets are positioning themselves for the final liberation'

    So if MOSS (Multidimensional Operations Solar System) is the operations in our solar system, than would EXMOSS be
    'Throughout the Galaxy, in our stellar neighborhood...', which would be just outside of our solar system.

    From september 21st to the 28th EXMOSS fleets 2 through 0 were activated, then october 1st MOSS fleet 2 was activated. Next comes one and zero. If they activate in the next few days then does that mean the entire galactic confederation has activated?

    It sounds like the higher ups just outside of the solar system activating (EXMOSS), then the 'boots on the ground' in the solar system (MOSS) activating, in order.

    '...Galactic Confederation fleets are positioning themselves for the final liberation'. Does this all mean the event is happening soon, maybe within this month? Or am I ahead of myself?

    1. No David, I agree. I also read the Pleaidian Quick Update on Facebook today and for what its worth one of the sentences said 'Main Fleet arrives in LEO. Larger vibrations are felt'. I like it when bits of info tally

    2. @David Chicago

      Section2, section1, section0 fleet positions for both MOSS and EXMOSS?

      Co.Bra. post from March 31, 2015

      "The general plan of the Light Forces to liberate our Solar System and rough outline of their fleet positions has been known for decades:


      The smaller ships belong to the Ashtar Command, the Jupiter Command and Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian and Resistance fleets. The larger spheric biosatellites belong to the Central Civilization."

    3. I am thinking similarly. There seems to be a convergence of geo-political and exo-political elements. Cobra has said that at the time of the Event, the mass arrests will (or may not) happen, the financial system will be under the control of the Light Forces -- it will all happen at once. I feel we are getting very close and that it all may very well come together very soon, perhaps even this month, although I have also seen that things are taking much longer to play out than I ever thought five years ago. Patience. And stay Light and in the Light.

    4. I m also seeing those patterns, everything are converting to "now" ,evertything are coming togheter and from all levels/sections/directions.

  29. Just noticed the time of publishing my last comment was 2:10am, another number I see all the time. Is it 2-1-0, like a countdown to something?

    1. I have noticed that you are quite into this number seeing thing. I have also noticed it but to be honest I think it is just a mind trap. When you think about it, why would it really matter, REALLY. Isnt it more probable that it is just another mind trap to get us to think and hope for something futile?

    2. Eu vejo 33 e a hora repetida o tempo todo !

    3. @Slasher, I hope it is not a trap. It is a mind job seeing, believing in, and working towards something that no one else can see or even believes is possible. Like the event and first contact. We have to though, and the event and contact will be worth it.

      @Jorge F.F, I see 1:33 on clocks sometimes, which I believe to be a single 33.

  30. outcasts of the mystery schools…..
    bringing in perverted rules…..
    money changers of Babylon…..
    singing luciferian songs…..
    reapers in their hellish grin…..
    sucking loosh from the pilgrim…..
    satans magic is served up…..
    the tabernacle chalice cup…..
    milky way is breaking free…..
    eons of war brings liberty…..
    and so it was begins anew…..
    mandala of light is tried and true…..
    mandala of light…..

  31. Eager to make contact...
    Son of The Sun

  32. Eager to make contact, if I can be useful, so be it!

  33. Let's keep on supporting this with our meditations. We're almost there! Thank you COBRA, RM, LF, AC and galactic brothers and sisters. VOTL!

  34. @ WestCoastMeghan
    I remember you writing you were not clear on whether Christine Blasey Ford lies. Listen to the tone, hesitation, eye movements in crucial moments & reverting to reading, change of facts, inconsistencies, the fact that in the first statement she mentioned 4 boys in her room but no Kavanaugh, her "pro-bono lawyers" recommended by sen. Feinstein, the fact that she was silent for decades and came up with it now… slime.
    It takes only 6 + 7 minutes to conclude. Enjoy :)

    Rachel Mitchell is just a brilliant examiner, polite and "in contact" but "no shit". Just plain perfect.

    1. Lighthouse South:

      Yes, thanks. At first I didn't know. Her 'injured little girl' facade bothered me. The website has a bunch of good analyses too. So do the latest Q drops.

      Everybody's got her number!

    2. Lighthouse: By the way, this thing has further increased the divide between men and women and for this reason I have tried to stay out of the whole thing........ When I try to stay out of arguments, I am immediately labeled by the people who are in them as "on the other side."
      People in the US are so mind-controlled and can't see the wisdom of staying out of the muck.

    3. @LighthouseSouth, The whole thing seems really pathetic.

    4. Spoken like a true boys club membet

    5. More on this topic from a professional & patriot:

    6. I am a woman aaaall over… and a mother :)
      However, that does not prevent me from seeing a false rape/misconduct accusation.
      @WestCoastMegan - I sympathize with you on that. I have tried to talk to my very very close and dear & very educated US friends about some satanic families and they have immediately labeled me as "anti semite". Unbelievable. I wonder if it is media or fluoride in the water... We are still friends though :) they'll come around ;)

    7. I am sure they are both slime but I don’t care for “why didn’t she say something before now attitude”. I don’t even know a women that hasn’t been groped, touched inappropriately. Women keep silent because they are programmed to believe they somehow asked for and because they know men stick together and are programmed to believe the women deserve it. i believe he is guilty especially since he was a heavy drinker. Why would she even say another person was in the room when it would be easier to say it was just the two of them.

    8. @Lighthouse....going too slow.
      The masses/sheeple need a seldom seen, LONG overdue CULTURE SHOCK....and something TANGIBLE.

  35. @ Maria
    I tried to reply to you post on Nostradamus and bioweapons but my replies did no go through at that time so I am trying again.
    I see Nostradamus as a PR of that movement, not as a prophet. He just told us what the secret meetings were about. Besides, the timelines have changed so many times. Evil ones can talk about their plans but know nothing on the moves of the Light side :)

    It is also true that at the moment POTUS has made an alert on bioweapons in US and Fulford also mentions them (among other threats of the falling deep state)… The attempts so far are many and futile.

    The only thing that we should focus on are the things we can do about that:
    - strengthening our IMMUNITY on physical, mental and emotional levels (I would have plenty of advice here but you probably know it all. Thinking is crucial: fear harms, courage helps.)
    - cleanse our bodies from metals, nanos etc... you probably also know how to do that. At the moment I take zeolite Panaceo and listen to this excellent lady:

    Most of all, remember you are Divine. When you get out of bed put on a Full Armor of God. Walk with it and carry it with courage and grace. When you go to sleep ask the Ascended Masters to work on you so that you easily fulfill your mission on Earth.
    Everything is ok :) Enjoy :)

    1. Lighthouse! I already did that once with an armor Kevin Annett had in an article. Pfff. I didn't know what it was like:)
      Thanks... I felt a bit alone.

    2. We are all in this together :)
      As Cobra says "this nightmare will soon be over", I strongly believe that.
      When I have no one to talk to it helps me to read this blog as well as some others which throw a slightly different light on the "nightmare" :)

      In total, it is once-in-an-eon experience, very valuable... and we are in this together :)


  36. RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - October 1, 2018

    (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

    Trump's presidential alert test scheduled for October 3 may not be a test.

    The Cabal's fiat financial system is now defunct and is on course for collapse.

    The collapse of the European Union will become imminent once Dow Jones hits 27,000.

    Zimbabwe is expressing their concern over their country's national debt.

    The RV/Reval is the solution.

    It is believed by sources that the RV/Reval may begin today.

    The war against the Cabal that began on September 11, 2001 ends this month.

    Red October.

    Source: Operation Disclosure


    In Dutch:

    1. All this is according to Q anon. It may be close but is part of the Event as are the Mass Arrests. Trump is not going to arrest anyone. If he was going to do this he would have done it by now. He is part of the Swamp. True he has been a foot in the door which has prevented the Globalists from taking full power.

    2. Sounds great! Time for disclosure and truth on all fronts! The matrix goes down.

    3. Rather sooner, then later.
      I wish all the best to those very much people, that are still in deep-sleep mode.

  37. Humanity will go bonkers once the info is released about babies being sacrificed and even eaten!! I'm all for forgive and forget, but I really think the cosmic energetic wave needs to envelope humankind first otherwise this will not go well. Stay focused guys, we live in a beautiful world, it's just the dark forces need to go now.

    1. Why do you want to forgive and forget them killing kids ?

    2. I have already sent links to all my friends and some acquaintances so that they are not in too big a shock once it goes mainstream :)
      Good example:
      Hampstead, central LONDON - includes parents, teachers, "honorable" citizens, vips, police, judiciary.
      This is what children say in a leaked police recording (that has "disappeared" from the court case (which has set the perpertrators free and handed the children over to them to do it even more):

    3. Paul, the truth is beyond what we can imagine and we know it's happening. I am told news media will start to glitch more and more and truth is coming out per the media. many are blind to all of this, either by choice or simply naïve. I have friends and family I have tried to awaken and like you I'm sure, it's backfired, pretty lonely when you see it all and everyone else just goes about their day as if all is normal. Sure sounds like we are close Paul.

    4. Agreed....nervous breakdowns will number in the the space of a few days...let alone any of the rest of all"this"...

    5. where's the article if there is one?

    6. LET them go bonkers, I say. It's time the sheeple get the wool ripped off them, it's time they see the emperor is butt naked, and as the old saying goes:

      The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will PISS You Off.

  38. Does EXMOSS means EXternal Multidimentional Operation Solar System, out of Solar System?

  39. This nightmare will be over soon!! For the last couple of days I've just stopped wondering how its gonna really doesnt matter :). All I know it's gonna be amazing and mindblowing ♡♡♡ So now I let the new come!Thank you all in the whole Universe♡ Let the New begin !!

  40. As a Brazilian resident in Sao Paulo, I am in shock after reading what Benjamin Fulford posted about Brazilian politcs status regarding Jair Bolsonnaro, in his latest report (“Khazarian Mafia and the Fake Allien Invasion...”)

    1. He misinterpreted it. Benjamin knows very little about what is going on in Brazil, he just report what is given to him.
      Bolsonaro is influenced by the Khazar jew banks, but also the positive Military do influence him(NOT HIS VICE), and so is all the rest of politicians in Brazil. But he seems to be the one that will end the communism rise Brazil. He is the least evil of them all.


  41. It's not that I look for These Gems, I just *find* them.

    Genesis CH.1 V.32

    I AM DC


  42. 54

    You Know?

    Big Wheel keep on TURNING

    I KnOw

    I'M The GIANT UnderTOW

    I AM DC


  43. I*m The GIANT UnderTOW

    And it was only a Bad Joke.
    So Far, this right Here on Gaia was only


    I don't need to fight
    to Prove I'm Right


    I AM D fucking C !!!


  44. Bring ME The WINTER


    "Ich hab Dich auch lieb."
    Kopf auf den Hinterschlag ;-)

    Things Are Gonna Change So FAST

    White Horses


    I AM DC


  45. GAIA 3:16 says
    "DOn't Talk About IT,
    DO IT!"

    So I guess I might just as well Shut The Fuck Up and Just DO IT, right?


    DO IT

    DK 3:16

    I AM DC

  46. Disclosure?

    Searching for 'Planet X,' scientists discover distant object billions of miles beyond Pluto

    Co.Bra. post on PLANET X

    And this Co.Bra. post...

    The incoming Goddess Love energy has been transmitted towards our planet through an object named 2012 VP113, which is a small planetoid beyond Pluto. It looks like a pink egg and acts as a prism to transmit cosmic Goddess Love energies into our Solar system:

    This small planetoid body is a necessary bridge to prepare human consciousness for an official public announcement about the existence of planet X:


  47. She's definitely my twin XD. The approach is intense yet the distance is gained again! Like counter orbiting objects on an elliptical path.

    The fact that we met and the fact that we have an understanding and respect for each other means there is not a GODDAMN thing yaldy or his minions can do now!


    1. I hope it is your twin flame. I met someone a few years ago that was possibly my twin, but at the least a close soul mate. We were targeted and divided. The last time we met it was under an oak that I used to sit under when I was a little boy. The stars were so numerous and bright that night, we created a vortex and pierced the veil. I know we had a small victory with our brief interaction.

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  49. Posted: 02 Oct 2018 09:39 PM PDT

    Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 3, 2018

    Compiled 3 Oct. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” Byington’s Before It’s News articles on a Satanic Cabal CIA & Vatican-sponsored international Pedophile Child Trafficking Ring:

    Source: Dinar Chronicles

    The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

    Judy Note: Justice K Confirmation Oct. 3 = Indictments Unsealed = 50,000 Arrests = Cabal Fights Back = Emergency Broadcast System “test” = Martial Law = curfews and securing of borders, ports and airports = Stay indoors 3-4 days as things could get violent.

    Advice while in Martial Law: Have what you need, stay close to home and never go out after a curfew without a military escort (which could be provided for currency exchange/redeem appointments).

    President Trump declared (via a Q+ post) that this month would be “Red October.” Chinese Elder/BRICS forces were said to be in full command of the RV as of midnight Sunday Sept. 30. The NAFTA Agreement was also signed on that Sun. night Sept. 30, opening the door for currency exchanges. The Cabal financial system went defunct a few hours later at 12:01 am EDT Mon. morning Oct. 1, 2018. The Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation vote (essential for RV/GESARA compliance), was set for confirmation on Oct. 3. POTUS Twittered to expect a communication blackout attempt via a censorship of Twitter, Google and Facebook on content deemed threatening to the Cabal’s survival, especially around the November midterm elections. A 30 min. “test” of the Emergency Broadcast System (that could announce Martial Law) was scheduled for Wed. Oct. 3 at 2:18 am EDT. Rumor: the “test” could be followed by 800#s alert.


    In Dutch:

  50. Reaching The -Frequency- Of The Event, to Manifest It. The Whole Moss & ExMoss Business Explained & Why It’s Made Victory Nigh + Blasey Ford’s CIA/MK Ultra Connections + Much More

    October 3, 2018


    The Unknown Lightwarrior

    Lot’s happening as always, the ramifications of which is yet again reminding us that planetary liberation ain’t for the faint-of-heart.

    But DO hang-in there … and ‘keep it together’ … because here’s why.

    On this week’s show, I’ll be putting needed focus on analyzing the whole Moss & ExMoss business Cobra has been reporting on.

    I’ll reveal:

    what Moss & ExMoss actually is, and how it was used to suppress consciousness of the kind that’s crucial to a more smoother – not just quicker - planetary ascension.

    how it’s affected us individually & as a collective to unite at a whole new level to expedite planetary liberation.

    the powers it unleashes for those who are consistently doing their internal work

    These are critical breakthroughs for planetary liberation.

    … with our minds not freed, it’s ‘a wee bit hard’ to unleash our power & expedite planetary liberation … (what, did you think our off-world brethren were going to do it for us??). This is just one (of MANY) parts to manifesting the Event sooner, rather than later.

    Physical & Non-physical darkness has placed so many layers of interferences on us, that the situation was – beyond stupid -. And that’s the off-world’s perspective, because they see things a lot more clearly than us.

    Actually … they’re surprised we’re still standing.

    BIG kudos to us!

    All-in-all … it’s been full steam ahead with winning the war on the non-physical planes. The unavoidable pre-requisite to liberation on the physical plane.


  51. What To Shine The Transmutational Light of Your Consciousness On, This Week.

    This week I also get into...

    for the Liberals among us (as far as our 3D false persona is concerned) … get crucial clarity on why Q is asking for all Americans to vote Republican these mid-terms. And it’s not what you think.

    Q confirm’s that Trump is part of the Q-Team
    US White Hats promise a ‘bloody October’ in retaliation for Cabal’s latest attempt to assassinate Trump, (yet again weakening theories that “Trump is a Rothschild/Black Nobility agent pretending to be a good guy”). And what it means to us, that the Cabal had to use an Israeli sub in order to launch the missile against Air Force One.

    White Hats fight back in the Kavanaugh hearings circus as they & their Senate colleagues not working for the Cabal prepare legal charges against those propped up by the Cabal who made false accusations. Find out how Lightworkers helped bring this development about.

    Find out what one Lightwarrior did to the replica of the Babylonian Arch of Ba’al, known as the Gate of Satan, erected in Washington, D.C. ‘just as the slander fest against Judge Kavanaugh ramped up’.

    and as always much, much more on - Ground Crew Command (live broadcasts every Wed 9pm EDT) ... YOUR central support network; and your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to get you through the Archon invented "work week" -

    click here for the reminder & to listen in-

    ( … hit the pink Follow button for show reminders & free downloadable recordings)

    Call in #: (310) 807-5232.

    Or connect from your browser with the link above.

    p.s. If you haven't joined the 144,000 Army of Light that's being built ... and you feel the calling or desire, watch the short video below & click to join! Let's take charge & Liberate This Planet!

    The Unknown Lightwarrior

  52. Could we ask the light forces for a second global Key to Freedom meditation ?

  53. From the new update of Corey Goode:
    "I was told that there were some pretty significant setbacks for the Alliance in recent weeks. The alliance had been infiltrated and a tactic was used to make none of the Alliance cells trust one another."

    Any comments?

    1. Perhaps it is a story of the past. Dont 'worry.

    2. "
      I was further told that the Earth Alliance had fully agreed to push the MIC (military industrial complex) Secret Space Program partial disclosure narrative. The Alliance was now going to ‘pull out all stops’ in ramping up the hype to the US Space Force as well as arrange more and more public ‘sightings’ of triangular craft belonging to the MIC leading up to 2020.

      I was told that they are going to boldly push the MIC SSP partial disclosure narrative and to also try many of the Cabal for unrelated crimes or in private by military courts. I had been told for months that the military courts had been ‘warming up’ and had been in contact with key State Attorney Generals and District Attorneys to coordinate cooperative action.

      This means that any solid narrative that supports a full disclosure will be minimized and discredited by people that once were our allies."

    3. This is one of the reasons I am skeptical of corey goode. If they try a partial disclosure than that will show how weak and desperate the chimaira/archons/cabal are. Full disclosure will happen immediately after. That means there is no such thing as partial disclosure.

  54. Some useful guidance from St Germain.

    "You look for those changes happening outside of yourself. You look for confirmation by going on your internet, by watching your television set, by speaking to other people, you look for confirmation. But what you really need is the confirmation within yourself. For it matters not what is happening outside. It only matters what happens inside. Because as the changes are developing within yourself, that is the catalyst for the changes happening outside of self. So as consciousness changes and increases within your own personal selves, consciousness has been increasing outside of self as well. Just need to continue to allow the process to happen."

    "You want NESARA? You want GESARA? Then make it happen. Make it become so. You want the RV? Make it happen. Don’t sit back and wait for it. Make it happen within your own visualizations, within your consciousness create it. Create it into being. Create the financial changeover. Create The Event coming. You control much more than you believe that you do. Many of you say “what can I myself do?” Well you can do much. Many of you are doing much. If you have not yet felt that you are contributing, know that you are contributing just simply by being a part of these meditations, a part of working together to bring all of this about."



    p.s. - Channeled material so please use your internal discernment

  55. Waiting for all sections fleet activated
    Victory of the Light !!

  56. Return to your truth:

    Reaching The -Frequency- Of The Event, to Manifest It. The Whole Moss & ExMoss Business Explained & Why It’s Made Victory Nigh + Blasey Ford’s CIA/MK Ultra Connections + Much More


  57. No reward is worth the physical pain I am enduring, and have been going through for the past 3 years. Staying alive will only justify the pain the Light Forces have caused me. Jumping off a skyscraper, I should have done this years ago. If only I knew at 18 what I know now. I would have saved myself and others so much pain.

    I am still seeking other options, but I know all too well the limitations of currently available healing methods. I was in extreme physical pain for all of 2016, and had many relapses in 2017. The condition I endured still hasn't been entirely cured, so what I am dealing with now would be no exception. I cannot stand anymore physical pain on top of the mental pain I already have, and the abuse I continue to endure. I am nearly past my breaking point.

    And financially, hah, as if I'll ever break the targeting on that one.

    Perhaps my death is what is needed to break the deadlock between Light and Dark, and allow The Event to happen. Certainly this blog would be a better place without my comments. I know many people here don't want to see me posting anymore.

    But hey, I welcome the negative comments. They will help contribute to the push I need to end it all. Come on, and tell me that everything is my fault, that's exactly what I need to hear.

    My words are only a natural response to an unnatural and unhealthy situation. This has gone on for far too long. And just like I enjoy dreaming, because, despite negative situations, I am always in different places and do not experience physical pain, I hope this is what death will be like, too. I don't expect sunshine and roses, but at least there will be less of a burden to carry.

    I will stick around for another month or two, depending on whether things get worse or not. We'll see.

    1. I implore you to seek professional help for the state of mind your currently in. I see your comment here as a cry for help, but faceless strangers on a blog cannot provide the support you need. Stay strong.

    2. Sorry you have to go through that buddy, it's really not fair. Hopefully we see the end of it.

    3. Try ORMUS in the first place and don't go just before fireworks starts. You will see Universe showing you messages to stay if you'll try anything.

      Psychical pain is bad. But whole nights of being tortured, killed and raised from the dead only to experience same thing all over again. You try to wake up at all cost, You open your eyes in your bed with sence of relief only to see same shadow people from your dream all around you.. It's still a dream.. they push you into the abbys again. You can't wake up. When you try to fight more they make you forgot who you are and what you know. Calling Divine makes them even more angry but you remember nothing arleady... until you wake up at the morning.. then you Thanks to the Divine that you're still alive and not stuck there with them...

      This what's happened to me. True story...

    4. The personality speaking through you is known as anomaly. It suffers, not you. Then it makes you suffer. When the anomaly ceases to be diametrically opposed to the essence of the creator, it will find peace. Until then it will only cause problems.

      Fortunately, Paul Piper is a beautiful man and will only enjoy beauty and harmony when he is cleansed of his affliction. He has been severely harassed by hatred of the nature of his beauty, and it was never lawful, appropriate, and it is a terrible tragedy that his life has felt the way it has. I'm really sorry, Paul. Thank you for being strong. I know some part of you still holds to your deepest Truth. Thank you for being strong. Everyone is doing their best. I think Cobra is right: 'This nightmare will end soon'. One day I hope you can see your time in this life as a great service, and you can see the full implications of what you have brought to this sphere. I have no doubt whatsoever that your contribution is beautiful.

    5. Praying for you and your situation. I do wish the Galactic Confederation would send more healing. People have suffered too long.

    6. @Petro Vikini, I have had similar experiences and have been sharing some since summer 2018 on this blog. Please share some stories in detail if you are able.

    7. @Petro Vikini Indeed, I am awaiting the ormus. It is shipping from another country, as I opted for a particular vendor whose ormus has a strong reputation for its spiritual properties. Each batch is hand-made every month with the beginning of each moon cycle, and is surrounded by archangels during its creation.

      It will take at least a week, if not a little more, until I receive it. I didn't want to just order some random ormus off of Amazon that would probably not do much except get me a little high. I think it does differ greatly between vendors.

      @Unico Thank you for the kind words. Although I will never see this time of my life as a great service, because my suffering only causes me to lash out, and suck positive energy out of others. This does a great disservice to myself and others, and to the energy grid as a whole. Instead of uplifting others, I drag them down. I think the world would be a little lighter without me.

      I think Cobra's definition of soon is much different than everyone else's, sadly. Soon could mean another few years.

      @Purplegir1 Thank you.

    8. I hope ORMUS works for you, finding the real stuff can be tricky. My personal experience with it is that if the bottle you get is clear, it's basically just water with a tiny amount of ormus material that's less than what's naturally found in say, organic fruits and vegetables.

      If it's thick and cloudy with the stuff, you've got the real thing made properly. I believe this site sells the real thing, assuming they're still in business:

      Taking real ormus is like a powerful pleasant buzz or high with no negative side effects at all. You feel good, your mood improves, and your thoughts are clearer, faster and more intuitive. You may also find yourself with the sex drive of a teenager again, and yet it's easy to just push it to the side if it's unwanted.

    9. @Evolution I'm sure the stuff I got is real. I actually spoke on the phone a few times with the guy who makes it. He's very much like-minded when it comes to alternative beliefs. He actually dedicated an hour of his time to me yesterday. The testimonials are very powerful, and the latest batch he created was less than a week ago.

      It's not just the physical ingredients that are important in making ormus. The non-physical ingredients are just as important, if not moreso, and he apparently excels at that. He does get customers from all around the world ordering from him, despite the extra wait for shipping.

      It actually helped one of his customers with eye inflammation, and that is exactly what I need, as I am dealing with eye pain.

      Of course, it could be marketing hype. Like the time I bought orgonite after someone here was hyping a vendor from Greece in the comments. It didn't do anything at all for me, and actually had the opposite effect of manifesting for me, because I lost a lot of money shipping it back, which I really could have used right now for investing....

      But I have a feeling this may be different. I also get all my money back, and don't have to ship the ormus back, if I end up disappointed.

      There's a couple different formulations I will be receiving actually, so I'm looking forward to it. I am very suicidal, but I will hold on long enough to see if this does anything for me.

      Thank you to all who have expressed concerns for me.

      Just wondering, does anyone do tarot readings here?

  58. 👽 COREY GOODE UPDATE - Anshar Contact and Majestic Masquerade Event Announcement 10.2.2018 👽

    Greetings everybody,

    It has been a long time since the last update from Corey Goode.

    He finally post it yesterday on OnStellar and not on Facebook for now. So, here is the link of the update:

    Good(e) reading! 😋


  59. Sorry! The Corey Goode update is also available on Facebook 😑


  60. I do feel we're close as well, but I'm tired of expecting things to happen "in the coming months" or "this or next year"... Things are escalating worldwide, and they can (and it seems they should) escalate more as we get closer to the breakthrough.

    Lets pray we can see more signs in the coming weeks so that we can expect more for the coming month. Maybe the Kavannaugh and Russian meddling farce being exposed, maybe Trump signing a peace treaty with Iran and allowing the remaining terrorist to surrender or die in Syria?

    We need to see a little more substantial evidence that these guys are completely defeated... We're almost there and we know deep inside that we're bound to glory!

    The victory belongs to the light and to unconditional love!
    May God and the beings of Light be with us!

  61. I really hope Trump doesn't F anything up we are really close, but then again the event waits on no one.

    1. I think he is being coached by white hats in the military and I hope the alliance has met with him..agreed we are so close I cant wait for everyone to wake up from this bad dream and remember who we are..

  62. I'm looking for a few people who want to learn to make plasma devices and I'll teach you. I know almost everything there is to know. These lessons will be great because they're not workshops. I'll teach you directly on messenger with pictures and short videos.

    Devices like this sell for thousands of dollars. I want to help people not only heal themselves and those around them, but I'll help you start a business doing it. I sold hundreds of Health Pens all around the world. Once people start to realize Keshe technology is real, it's going to be nuts. Forget about the Event, just this will shake up the world.

    Dr. Rodrigo is from The Spaceship Institute and he makes some incredible devices. The really do cure serious health problems. When I had 6 Magravs and several Gans Reactors running in my house you could see the energy swirling around the entire house, projecting through walls and ceilings, everyone could see it. You could feel it even out in the yard. All the plants outside had transparent vortexes swirling around them 24/7. It healed my whole family and pets. The house plants grew like crazy, you can see pictures on my website. Everything Keshe says is true.

    1. Lol...forget about the mean businesses > humanity freedom and the purge of negativity...cmon, wake up buddy.

  63. I was meditating yesterday(which I rarely get a chance) and saw something definitive for the first time, it's looked like a tulip with stems on the top with bulbs and the tulip was made of a beautiful soft glowing White Light and it just popped out of the dark on me. it was very beautiful, I was scared before to see something but not anymore.

    1. The last time I meditated, the house and room disappeared, and it was just my consciousness inside of a human shell. It was being hugged by this warm golden pink light energy. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences ive ever had.

    2. Wonderful! A sneak peak into Nova Gaia!

  64. Some more 'food' for thought. I was reading a channelling from Sai Baba and in it, there was a mention of fear no longer being allowed to persist on GAIA because there is too much light. And the direct result of this is that the dark ones (ankle biters) are essentially running out of fuel.

    So, what we see as delay after delay after delay in the 3D world, might correspond to the Dark Ones starving to death on the non-3D planes. Could the delay in the event be as simple as waiting for the ankle biters to run out of food?

    Makes me wonder?


  65. I got the point of COBRA wants, the meaning of cocreate.

    About the Parallel universe, in this timeline, some choice make us experience the dark age, so who did the choice? The answer is us, for the different reason make everyone come here in this time.

    What the meaning about cocreate? it's meaning share your ideas with your experience to help more people drop this timeline, into more fast more good timeline. The point is self first, after other people see my choice, they will choice follow or not.

    And i know the comment will break many people's life, please forgive me for my choice, good bye dark, you are funny but its time to end.

    A book from the russia's woman, Anastasia. she create a human's book from God. Writer is she's lover Vladimir Megre.

    "Anastasia - Vladimir Megre. The Ringing Cedars Series."

    You can use your way to get this book and change your life.

    Sorry for looks longer, thank you for watching.

  66. Emergency alert:


  67. The most evil human on eartH

    in Dutch:


  68. "President Trump/Q+ Called you!" by Sierra (NZ) - 10.3.18
    10/03/2018 10:56:00 PM Emailed, News, Thoughts, Tweets
    Entry Submitted by Sierra (NZ) at 4:20 PM EDT on October 3, 2018

    Lisa Mei Crowley has a screen shot of the Presidential Alert test on her Twitter feed...

    It reads...

    'Presidential Alert 14:18 Oct 3
    THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System
    No action needed.
    Type: Presidential Alert'

    Guess what the numbers 14:18:3 add up to in numerology? Yep, it is 17.

    Q post number 2319 features a screen shot of the Presidential Alert and a link to US Attorney Jeff Sessions' official Twitter feed. The tweet features a picture of Sessions giving a speech and these words...

    'US Attorney Jeff Sessions @TheJusticeDept thanking Utah police officers for their efforts in reducing violent crime in Utah.' (Sessions' tweet)

    These words from Q are below the Session's tweet:

    'What a wonderful day.'

    Lisa Mei Crowley's tweet explains this Q post very well...

    'What a wonderful day, indeed! Looking forward to hearing from President Trump via the Presidential Alert again soon! Nice to see Sessions in Utah! Meeting with Hube, perhaps? Getting ready to unseal a few indictments? last count was over 55 k!' (Lisa Mei Crowley tweet)

    Q has always said to TRUST SESSIONS. The Emergency Broadcast System test was a test for something massive that is about to explode onto the world stage. Mass arrests and military tribunals. Oh, and the GCR.

    President Trump/Q+ called you directly to let you know...


    Where We Go One We Go All.

    Love and Light
    Sierra (NZ)

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    In Dutch: