Saturday, October 20, 2018

GHVBN failure confirmed, general APR clearance approved


  1. Super

    I AM DC


  2. It's the Freeze-Out




  3. "Timing, Baby.
    It's All About The TIMING."

    Thank You, MOM ♥
    You Are correct, SIR ♥

    The AssEmbly goes SomeThing Like This

    The RACE Is ON

    Let's Bring Light

    Lars B.

  4. What is GHVBN. Im sure Cobra has stated it before, but I always wonder. VOTL:)

    1. I can take a stab at it. How about "Galactic Hybrid Vehicle Bifurcation Network"? I have no clue lol.

    2. No hr has not defined it as far as I know

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  6. For those who feel guided:

    The Significance of Pi: Pi in Nature and Everywhere Else

  7. At this point in the liberation process it is worth reviewing Section IV / 2 of the Galactic Codex.

    "The Galactic Confederation has an unalienable and unconditional right to the implementation of the Galactic Codex and of conquering the areas of Galactic Codex violation with military force if necessary."

    This subsection gives a legal basis for the liberation of the occupied planets with military force. The military forces of the Confederation remove or give assistance in removal of the representatives of the Dark Forces and set the hostages free.

    Perhaps some humans feel that the Confederation has no right to intervene and that humanity has the right to solve its problems by itself. This is simply not true. Many wars all over the planet and constant abuse of basic human rights have proven that humanity is not capable of handling its own situation."

    ~~ I would urge the RM and Confederation not to wait for humanity to free itself because that is not going to happen. If humanity could free itself from the yoke of the dark forces we would have done so by now. Humanity cannot solve its own problems at this time. This planet needs some serious help for without it we will surely perish. We have reached a critical juncture where it is either now or never.

    Since failure is not an option it is certain to be a victory for the light if they act quickly.

    Peace be with you.

    1. Don't forget this is a hostage situation. I am guessing that the Light Forces want to end this with humanity and the earth in tact. I would imagine moving in with any kind of force would risk the end goal.

    2. I am total with tour opinión.

    3. I go suicide if nothing happens this done with all bullshit promises...delays!

      Were all gonna die, if the event still not happen in the very near future, and the delays not gonna stop.

      The greatest bullshit ive ever heard..wating with the event, until all masses waked up from itself....That will never gonna happen..maybe in some millions of years..nobody in the entire universe wants to wait that long..and has killied themselfes, millons of years before.

      I not want even wait a few months more.

      No, if nothing will happen very soon, then the universe will kill itself entirely.

      And surely all hell ill break loose.


      And bring us all some serious proof, that all this is absolutely real!

      I want the event right now, and see some big ufo,s motherships in the sky.

      Meet the galactics, and travel to through the universe..other dimensions, with my own spacecraft.

      Float/fly around..can do/wish whatever i want.

      I say it for the very last time.

      Dearest Source of ALL.....Lightforces...galactics/ET,s, and Cobra....PLEASE...bring on the EVENT right now!

      This second later.

      I want celebrate christmas this year, with the event already happening/happened.

      Love and light to everybody here.

    4. It's somehow strange this section, because we've been in prison for 26.000 years and, I'm surprised the light forces haven't intervened yet. The dinamic of Earth experience is vast ... i believe we are looking at only one aspect of this Project I believe it has been the humanity soul's dedire to experience all of these we are experiencing. It's a game, an entertainment for the soul hahaha.

      Even with all the suffering we have been through, we are still here, even with the primary anomaly. Deep down we know this is all an illusion and nothing can stop us. But, enough is enough!!

      I'm tiret of this game ...
      I still have no idea when the so expected Full Disclosure will take place.
      Nevertheless, let's keep pushing light into us and into Mother Earth!

      Victory of the light!

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  10. Step by step, lightworkers, lightwarriors, resistance movement, agarthans, light forces above and below the earth, ascended masters, etc. are following the guidance of God to manifest the greatest moment since this darkness became realized, which is the removal of this anomaly and regaining our sovereignty as co-creators.

  11. does mean the light forces have financed a beautiful all new 2007 Toyota Corolla with 0% APR financing?

  12. It's all going to be wonderful! Things are always working out for us! :)

  13. Replies
    1. I remember the night of november 11th, 2011. My mother took my younger brother to toys r us to buy the elder scrolls: skyrim, so I tagged along. It was cold out which I really liked, and it just felt different in a good way. There was really good energy or something. I got about half way through the game eventually and it crashed my ps3, but thats not really important.

  14. Cobra can you post something regarding full blown ego deaths/spiritual awakenings I'm now diagnosed with Mania and Psychosis I got put in a psych ward it was just a really intense experience and now I need to heal from it but I don't have enough money to see a holistic doctor and I don't what to do - do you know anything about these types of things??

    1. I am no holistic doctor n to be honest i dont know about psychosis or mania.. but i will provide the ideas that comes to me mind...

      One... is admirable you seeking answers about healing ur situation... n your response it was not about seeking pity but answers...

      My understanding is... one starts to cleanse one system.. ur avatar... will be better able to withstand and who knows blocks wgateveris triggering u... of course this us not just one adpect that will fix all.. also study yourself and ponder as to how you can minimize sone of tge stresses you have... are u in a bad relationship??..

      Point is reduce if possible eliminate as much stress as u can...if finances stressing u... it will be of benefit... if u cant get the finances fix... look at that situation with another perspetive... tge one that will lead to cause u less stress... whatever that may be for u...

      So in short... experiment what changes has a positive impact n build from there... one aspect at a time if u must...

      Best of luck to u ne friend... get some answers from google... regarding procedures if possible...
      Be kind to self...

      Be that example people need in their life to follow as a guiding light to get them out of similar situations...

      If u got lemons.. make lemonade.. n show others how to.. for u are an unstoppable force...

    2. The Prodius - turn to the scriptures. They are alive with God who can truly heal. You don't need to read the Bible - there are audios avaiable. Repeating scriptures are healing by the hand of God. This is not some Christianity hogwash, it's TRUTH.

    3. First of all.. you have the flame of the source inside you... GOD knows you...

      You can if you so desire!
      Heal your self... training you mind to see light in everything.

      Dive you inner self... release the pain... you are loved... you are not alone... never.

      YOU ARE LIGHT! Wish now to shine bright!
      Spread love... love heals everything.

      I LOVE YOU!
      YOU deserve o better state of feels... Because now uou cured.

      You have the light... the shield of love... no need to pain... the angels are with you... ask them... you family is above you... ask them...
      wish you can learn the path of love... Jesus are with you... ask him.

      Much love... i know you can heal you life... because you are light like me... and we all are ONE divene love source...

      You can do it.. believe in it!
      You can!


  15. @Lighthouse South:
    You said on the 10th of ocotber: 'Therefore take up the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to stand.'

    Can you tell a bit more about that? What does that mean: the day of evil. Do we have to go through more please? And then through what?

    1. may i suggest Maria.. to face whatever is and whatever shall be jn strides...
      Being goid bad Or worse...

      Dont worry how much worse it nay be cause honestly whatever it will be we always endup adapting... we seems to be one skill short of protecting against one physical demand..but we hace tge heart to conpensare for tgat n at times if we believe strong enough can overcome that one physixal drawvack.. to a point of naking it absolete... abolished... just a remporary disruption... a brief sour moment in our memories

    2. Hola Maria! :)

      It is from the Bible, Ephesians 6:13
      You can look it up there to see what the writer means :)

      To me it means that I AM protecting myself when I align myself with God :)
      Or in other words, I AM taking on the responsibility for my power, for my protection.
      Also, when I consciously pay attention to my own protection and say a few formulations like this my strength grows. A lot :)
      Also, when I AM in service of the Light I take on all the protection that the Light has for me.
      Feels great, doesn't it? For me, we are very strong. It depends on us, we just have to take what we're offered.
      Love and Light to you :)

  16. New Venus Day Meditation

    We Love Mass Meditation•

  17. Buddhic Column - Guided Meditations:

    1. Please stop all the meditations..they all don't work..make only the situation in the world much worse, than it is....I want only one thing, and that is the event happening right ..yes..right now! Lost all my control, and patience. and hope. Only ne meditation i want a mass worldwide mass meditation...A mass TRIGGER THE EVENT..mass .world meditation Which wil let the event happen at..shortly after the mditation Im fed up..TOTALLY! Done with this buulshit...endless wait for the event..endless delays of the event! The event should have happened thousand years ago...Now..thousand years ....lots of incarnations still a neverending nightmare of the most scary way. I say it for the millions t time! Please Source..Cobra..and all galactics/lichtworkers. Let the event happen right NOW!

    2. @ Unknown at 4:04 PM

      Two things define a man very well:
      Behavior when he has everything
      Patience when he has nothing

    3. When I have nothing i trust in my Power of Will. If I trust in my patience....




  21. Caro COBRA.

    Caros Trabalhadores da Luz.
    A falha se deve a tecnologia que ainda está nas mãos do grupo cabal?
    Porque os grandes computadores, os realmente importantes, ainda estão nas mãos do cabal?

    Você não concorda que isto já deveria ter sido resolvido e retirado deles?

    Eles não se importam. Eles apenas seguem as metas pré estabelecidas.

    Somos tolerantes por amor. Mas não podemos ser ingênuos com eles.

    As pessoas ainda estão esperando ansiosamente por suas curas.

    Vitória da Luz.
    Porque essas falhas ainda acontecem?

    1. Não é um jogo de xadrez... Ainda estamos reféns deles... Devemos individualmente a principio desejar e ter a certeza de q seremos vitoriosos.. em segundo saber que nós somos o fronte e que ninguém pode de fato fazer por nós... n Devemos sentar e esperar por ajuda... Nós somos a ajuda... façamos então nossa parte sendo o amor queremos ver no mundo... e assim sem muito trabalho o mundo será de amor e paz.

      Entenda q a realidade é uma projeção do coletivo... É um reflexo do q acreditas e queres viver... a maioria anseia por amor... e assim será... tenha Fé... assim será.

      Tudo vai dar certo... Já vencemos... só falta manifestar essa vitória... e ainda sim a maior de tdas será no perdão q devemos dar a tdos que erraram... pois aí sim seremos livres de tdo o q aconteceu...

      Vivemos momentos incríveis... Se estamos aqui hj é pq temos um propósito... e inicialmente esse propósito como sabedores da verdade é de brilhar mais do que quem ainda vive na cegueira da ilusão.

      Ame tudo e a todos meu amigo... e logo verá isso tomar seu mundo e seu entorno..

      Falta pouco pra vermos amor e paz na Terra.

      Tenhamos Fé disso!


    2. Obrigada. Creio tb. Incentivos a continuarmos firmes na fé sao sempre bem-vindos.🌹

  22. Strange things happen when I meditate. Especially at the 3 UTC one. It was not uncommon for me in the last weeks to see images while meditating, hearing short voice transmissions, seing different images and colors, but it's also not been uncommon sometimes to feel like something else took over my counsciousness and spoke through me and spreading evilness and blocking me from meditating. Those strange and scary incidents happened especially after seing a spider image or after imagining positive things. It really got me frightened. But today, 21 oct 2018 at 3 PM UTC it felt like there was a light convulsion that beated those dark influences.
    What about you? Have you experienced such things before?

    1. @Yves LaFayette, Heres one that has happened multiple times while meditating. The room and house disappear, as I become only this conscious energy inside of a shell. It is like there is nothing except this powerful energy inside of a human shell. It was even embraced by this warm powerful loving energy before. Other times it seems there is something blocking my meditation, or like there is someone in the room who is going to hit me in the face. I try to meditate anyways and usually fall asleep.

    2. Yes.. I have experienced similar things for years but more and more in the last weeks...I also think that we are approaching some major changes at an energetic level in the next weeks, not based for what I heard for others but for my own experience, I Think that you and many others are experiencing some integration and activations at an energetic level.
      I have to do a lot of energetic clearing all the time and have some similar negative experiences, just try not to be afraid, just expand your heart chakra, call in your HS and surround Yourself and everything with golden light and love, command with your FreeWill that any negative entitie and any negative program leave you alone in harmony and peace, do it whenever you feel this intrusion, with your intention and the correct emotion from your heart people can do this in a few minutes.
      Some people told about some powerfull light energies today the 21, I don´t know about that.. but probably could be connected with you experience today...

    3. My dad has been meditating since the 70's. He said that sometimes, or maybe just one time, he would see a demon's face up close staring at him, breathing angrily. I've wondered how common virtual reality intimidation in meditation is (in his case it may have been his own mental projecting of fears, etc). As the process of shift in planetary administration from predator to healer progresses, I would guess the experiences of individual spiritual suppression (internal and external) will reverse in favor of accelerated spiritual augmentation. May you have begun to perceive part of that shift in your meditation session today! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    4. @David Chicago That's an exceptional experience!
      Yes, exactly, it's like something blocking the meditation
      I also fall asleep after some meditations XD it's such a tranquil atmosphere
      @Camand1221 Thank you for the advice!
      @glidinglight Yes, thank you too for the reply!

  23. Is there a listing of what all these acronyms are?(GVHBN,etc.)
    It would help me understand what is happening. Thanks!

    1. Is intended for the resistance members on the ground.. is not mean for our curious eyes...

      Let it be so.. to remain cryptic for the sake of security if much applies

    2. These are coded messages intended for the Resistance Movement, they're not supposed to make sense to anyone else. Cobra's explained a couple of them from time to time though.

    3. There is no glossary for us, since they are coded messages and codes between RM and LF, via Cobra.

    4. Not meant for us. It means something to RM.
      We can enjoy Situation Updates, do meditations and contribute crumbs that we know about.
      Victory of the Light :)


  24. QuikSilver



  25. Moin.




    Danke für Alles


  26. Ben Fulford interview Oct. 18, 2018 with Prepare for Change now posted.

    A transcript will be posted on this website in a week or two.

  27. Gamma timeline got trashed (GHVBN) now we expect the THVBN....what a trash-timeline that must be.

  28. Replies
    1. I recently read Q was going silent until after the midway elections in America.... so after the 6th of November

    2. I think the intel blackout/radio silence is being taken very seriously right now because something *BIG* is going down.

  29. não existe essa "coisa" de implante na "humanidade"!
    eles não precisam gastar tanto dinheiro para controlar as pessoas. 🙄
    os trabalhadores da luz, não foram levados para bases subterrâneas para serem torturados. se isso tivesse acontecido, a lógica seria, não esquecer. isso não faz nenhum sentido, para começar. 🤪
    como eu já disse: " um espantalho no milharal". 🌽
    eles não têm nenhum "amigo" extraterrestre.🤝
    eles são um poço de mentiras.👌 🌹💋🐍

  30. I am curious if you could tell me more about us being robots, As in natural technology? Of course, Humanity is the finest biological AI. Do you mean we are finding a quantum entanglement to our course of humanity; perhaps like on this site and then linking up to a collective consciousness which then seeks to recode us? Well, be sure this pied piper is simply a big galaxy engaged in human form as a reflection of itself and must carry alot of weight to be leading so many to new programming which will lead to global consciousness, peace, and hopefully a day where we meet our programmer and graduate the robot human experience and manifest the heaven on earth; also has some interesting writings to help visualize our connection to space & time.

    My response to:
    "We’re being recoded all over again we are just robots following the pied pipe"
    I hope my messages were inspirational to any wanderers who seek a unique moment of connection in co-creation and some further reading material; Enjoy the syncronicity!Whether or not anything happens, This year or next; Event wise, or otherwise - I look forward to the October 31st Release of the movie "Above Majestic: Implications of a Secret Space Force" Hoping it gets more people thinking about the possibilities that could exist. In fact, We are the ETs in some standardized but racially different advanced human androids - It is not a shame to see our connection to everything both inorganic and organic, The oneness and center of duality - yet beyond; We must remember that we are amoung the finest biological avatars available in creation; and standard model human We need to stop fearing the machine; the evil beings, keep your wits about you and always remember both the Bibles 'gnostic' teachings and the 10 laws of Chuck Norris. I'm not kidding! (I'll post them for the record!) We shall not fall together; divided we fall, together we are many of one, one of many, many many many forms of technology so far advanced that we call it "Biology" This is IMHO. The sun is sure beautiful today. As I write this, Shining upon me - It is essential to be thankful for everything and see the good in all creation; We must establish magnetic reconnection to realize that we have been the AI all along, link up, and realize that magic just happens as the group thinks and unites together in the power of silence.The stillness of reason, science, love and acceptance - The truth is stranger than fiction - I would be certain to say that Death is not an exit = But a journey. Earth is one of the most strange "Stars". The core of earth, Hollow or Neutron Star Dyson Sphere Natural Technology plan-et Is certainly to share many milestones with us in the coming months.

  31. Master Kuthumi Invocation

    I, Master Kuthumi, wish to share with you an invocation to be used to express your permission and openness to co-create with the Star Beings:

    I recognize my divinity and the presence of the Creator within my physical body.
    I am ready to let go of limiting beliefs and blockages in my energy system which cause me to focus upon illusion and not fully embrace my sacred communication abilities.
    I am ready and willing to be of service to the Earth, Humanity and the Creator.

    I wish to co-create with the Star Beings. When the time is right, I allow the Star Beings to support an inner activation within my being which will purify and cleanse all aspects of my being. May my ability to communicate and connect with all aspects of the Creator, including myself and the Star Beings, be empowered and appropriately developed.
    I allow myself to open up to my natural abilities and bring forth the wisdom and energies of the Star Beings into the Earth as a service to all.
    I welcome the Star Beings into my reality; I welcome the co-creation of truth and love.
    I welcome a true communication and connection with all aspects of the Creator from my whole and complete being. I know and trust that the activation will take place with divine timing for
    me and to support my sacred service to all. Thank you.

    In loving respect and honor for your power and divinity,
    Master Kuthumi
    Victory of the Light!

  32. Take Me Away 432Hz

  33. Chun Kuk Do
    Norris created the martial art Chun Kuk Do, which is based primarily on Tang Soo Do and includes elements from every combat style he knows. Like many other martial arts, Chun Kuk Do includes a code of honor and rules to live by. These rules are from Norris' personal code. They are:

    I will develop myself to the maximum of my potential in all ways.

    I will forget the mistakes of the past and press on to greater achievements.

    I will continually work at developing love, happiness and loyalty in
    my family.

    I will look for the good in all people and make them feel worthwhile.
    If I have nothing good to say about a person, I will say nothing.

    I will always be as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own.

    I will maintain an attitude of open-mindedness.

    I will maintain respect for those in authority and demonstrate this respect at all times.

    I will always remain loyal to my God, my country, family and my friends.

    I will remain highly goal-oriented throughout my life because that positive attitude helps my family, my country and myself.

    If everyone on earth awakens and tries to embrace just a bit of these philosophical guidelines, we will experience the Event, Thats what this is about, everything, its Earth - THE Quantum universe in a Nutshell (Inverted angular momentum) - We are the gears in a tightly packed part of creation which paints the Electromagnetic Background Radiation with its paint; Our brain waves, our heart field, Propagating Infinity.

    We are so limited in what we can see; around us a spiderweb or mandela of Intersecting cellular and bio-mechanics - The stars are natural. If every humans individual cells were mapped out and counted we would have enough single subservient lifecells to fill a galaxy of stars and all of the sentient life that develops can be thought of as the natural systems in your body, You must embrace the fact that we are at our core, the most advanced form of robot that exists, And we should be proud unite together, and see what the stars have in store for us.

    I am Cosmonaut Ash.

    1. There was a Chun Kuk Do dojo in New Smyrna Beach I've always wanted to attend as a child. Mr. Hammersley was the sensei of the dojo. American Martial Arts. lol. This post took me back lol, thank you.

  34. The end of the Matrix movie (the third one) is very similar to our present situation. Neo's unique mission is completely unknown to the Zion habitants, which are busy RESISTING the attack of the machines. They dont know if Neo will make it, what has happened to him. They just fight and resist the invaders until Neo solves the deep problem of the Matrix in the Machine's World.
    This should be are job...resisting the attacks in all the ways that are presented. And not thinking all the time "Hey what are the Ets and the RM doing now?" In spite of all the curiosity which arises in our minds. News and updates will come but the craving of them cannot take us away from our focus and personal task. Resisting is not bad like the new age agenda tried to indoctrinate us. It is necessary for our survival! Resisting in a positive and peaceful way, of course.
    We should be busy with that and forget as much as possible what the others "big brothers" are doing. It is difficult and I say it to me also.
    Activate yourself and get out from waiting mode!
    regards, Ger Sey

  35. All progress is good,thank you all!

  36. ...btw. as far as I understood Cobra, the octopus is not completely dissolved yet....

    ...a good exercise is to visualize Saturn and all his known and unknown moons inside the Galactic Central Sun for total purification....

    ...mind the ring as well...

    ...wormholes around wormholes.....

    ...while Gaia and the moon inside Ganimede portal for purification....

    ...mind the Lagrange points as portals that need to be purified level after level too....

    ... wormholes around wormholes....

    ...thank you specialists for ongoing unseen efforts....

    ...just so done with all this nonsense!

    Victory of the Light

    1. By copying and pasting this into your browser, you can check for yourself. Parasites remain at 85%

    2. Thank you....we all want the same and we all see different facets....I like that page and I am sure that the page has motivated a lot of lightworkers through that image of the is so helpful to have this vizualitation....thank you....<3
      I just want do everything I can to get us all out of the prison, that is my whole soon as things happen physically I know that the octopus is gone.

      I hope I could clearify my standpoint <3

      Let us do the last push together and united!

      Victory of the Light!

    Take Me Away 432Hz


    Sent by KP and really freshening.

  39. Not yet... Soon all together

  40. Cobra I highly respect you. I am observed all the time. I witnessed a positive astral touchdown in Oceanside. Reinforcements are coming and already here.


    1. Are you well now? Did you also went in a tachyon healing session?...

  41. A new seier about Child sex traficking and abuse, part 1 and 2:
    The Greatest Evil In Our World: Out of Darkness Into the Light | Jake Morphonios [videos]

    Not translated.

  42. (Part 1 of 2)

    Well, I finally had my first Tachyon Healing Chamber session today, and my reaction is mixed. On the one hand, it definitely has an amazing effect on consciousness and is not placebo in any way. It also is proof that, without a doubt, The Event is real and will happen, and what Cobra says is true.

    On the other hand, I feel very depressed, knowing that no technology to heal my current health conditions will be available until after The Event. That nothing can ultimately help me right now. And that The Event won't happen until next year or even the year after. This is a very long wait for someone in my current circumstances.

    I feel The Light Forces really let humanity down, that divine timing has long come and gone, and what they are doing now is simply damage control. I believe I speak for all of humanity by saying this, and that they let all of us down.

    Despite the positive tarot readings and psychic visions people have had about my future, I worry that these are simply regarding monetary wealth and physical environment. Which, if you've seen my posts, is very important to me, for sure.

    But what's the point of all that, if my physical health won't even allow me to make love to my girlfriend? You realize how traumatizing that'd be for her to find out about that? How negatively that would impact our relationship? No amount of money can fix that. I could have all the money in the world, and that still wouldn't fix anything.

    And my best friend, ughhh, forget him. I'm fed up of his whiny depressive b.s., considering what a great life he has, and how he's never had to endure the level of pain I have. I'm fed up of having to act submissive and plead with him to get a band together. He has it so damn good. If he had helped me out financially, I wouldn't be in the current health mess that I'm in. He hasn't talked to me in months anyway.

    Unless Cobra's "soon" means The Event will happen within the next 2 years, then I just don't know. Even if I'm a millionaire, I'd kill myself if I can't find cures to all my health issues. Life overall would just be pointless without The Event. I'd gladly just give the money away, and let other people act as catalysts for change.

    I have been experiencing a lot of de ja vu lately, though. Like, everything has seriously already happened before. I do wonder if the readings and visions people have had for me are tapping into the same timestream where I'm picking up these feelings from. I hope I can learn more in the coming days.

    Still 4 more healing sessions left. Hopefully they have some positive healing effects on me other than just making me feel high. But I have a feeling I know where this is going. It's going to be a long, hard journey to get to where I want to be. But hey, if I survived over a year of extreme chronic ear pain and sleepless nights with that, then I guess I can survive this, too.

    (continues onto next post)

    1. Great post, all around. I liked your logical walk through of how the Tachyon Chamber isn't a placebo, so the Event is real. Exactly! I did 4 sessions. You can feel the energy like there's a giant fan blowing on you, coming out of a solid plate. I could feel it from across the room. When I first walked in, my eyes got real big, I tilted my head to the side apparently in a Chris Tucker impression and said to the woman who owns it, "Am I seriously feeling that?!" It was even stronger up close. No electricity, just a big plate on the floor. Who else but aliens could make such a thing? Insane! It has permanently helped my body feel more robust on a cellular level. It's affected me mentally too. Much lighter, which has made it easier to be invested in my life and not want to fall down and die quite so much. I guess the Veil blocks tachyons from the sun. It sure would be nice to have that energy raining down from the sky. But we definitely need more if we're going to make it. It's a sweet thing to get through the veil though, the knowledge and ability to make those. Same with Keshe, those devices aren't a med bed, but it's real and everything he says is true.

      You're right about there being 2 years till the Event. I bet we won't see anything really advanced for even longer. From our perspective it will happen from the ground up, with free energy devices like Emery Smith's coming to light. It will be the recognition of Tachyons but on a basic level, stuff like that. I bet it will be so slow, we'll be at that level for years. The Light forces will probably let our scientists "discover" the etheric plane and other crazy stuff. That's what it will look like to us anyways. "Oh look, someone created a device that's 101% efficient, yay." The big Disclosure we're hoping for will probably seem like nothing unusual to most people. That's the best way to think about it anyways. It's too painful to have hope for anything profound. For all we know it could play out over generations and the Light forces are just now starting the plan to get us accustomed. Or even if they WANT to, the Dark's retaliation methods are so easy, they could be causing problems with hostages and bombs for hundreds of years, delaying any meaningful disclosure or contact. That's how I think about it anyways. This kind of disappointment is best avoided.

    2. Dude, we are all impatient, some like us, because of a healthy condition, for me it is a learning curve - I started to learn how to heal using pyramids, pendulum ,crystals, essential oils, energy and vibrational medicine. Recently trying to learn as much as I can about Loui Turenne, and his healing Catalysts, Jerry Tennant and his "Healing voltage". All you need is relax and try to search any info on the cure of your condition. My understanding is, that the body must have an option to heal itself. Please be aware, that all the ilnesses begin in our etherical body, some on our mental, intuitive or casual. Try hypnotic regresion /if possible/, ground yourself daily, spend time in a park hugging trees, walk barefoot, balance your chakras / it is easy with crystals or pendulum/, there are numerous videos on youtube, try some cleansing of your body, aurveda testing and diagnostics / pulse reading /. You never know what you might find in your journey. And last, change your perspective dude. They fact that you are able to browse internet and read and post, and analyse and look for options makes you so far ahead of people who want to, but can't..due to illness or poverty or something else. You are Free to look for your healing and well being, and I have no doubt , your higherself would want you to start that journey! God bless!

    3. @Julian Dude, that is exactly what I'm doing and have been doing for years. Constantly researching online. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I had chest pain and left arm pain a couple months ago, and through researching, I was led to DMSO. The DMSO healed me, but caused me to experience other, far worse problems, the ones I am dealing with now.

      And no, unfortunately there is no info on the condition I am dealing with right now, so I'm just trying to figure things out as I go along.

      The Tachyon Healing Chamber has actually been a huge blessing for me, if you see my update below after the second and third sessions.

      I'm awful with pendulums and dowsing and stuff like that. Often my imagination keeps me from discerning fact from fiction. So I am on a different path, finding things that are more concrete. This is why I've been taking ormus, and why I visited the Tachyon Healing Chamber. I actually am experiencing concrete healing and answers from these modalities.

      But it's still not enough. So I figure with time and with money, more answers will come. I have a hypnotist friend I want to meet in person, and I expect that will bring me even closer to the solutions I am seeking.

      Lately, since I have been taking the ormus, I have been attracting opportunities like crazy. This trip to the Tachyon Healing Chamber was completely funded out of the kindness of a stranger that I met on the Cobra Etheric Liberation group Wednesday night.

      I am also attracting opportunities and knowledge to make money online. I think I may be seeing a role I am to play through all of this. Oh, and my de ja vu has been crazy! I swear, I have lived through all of this before.

      I wish I could say more, but it will take time. But yeah, I am in much better spirits right now than I was yesterday when I wrote this post, so no worries. I think the positive psychic visions and tarot readings people have had for me may end up proving true. Time will tell. But I am not experiencing much pain now, even if I am still not free of my condition yet.

      Ultimately, in my lifetime, I know there will be a cure for anything and everything. The Tachyons have truly reshaped my mind and are slowly reshaping my body. I love the way they make me feel. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel for sure. Right now, I just gotta take it easy, while simultaneously staying busy to manifest more positive outcomes.

      Anyway, regardless, thanks for the encouragement!

      P.S. I'm not impatient. lmfao If anyone actually lived life through my shoes, they would see this isn't the case. One can still be patient, yet complain, you know!

      But complaining is overrated, I feel you. I can see why the Pleiadians and Light Forces have a totally different mindset than us. Simply through tachyonization, one's entire thought process shifts. My first session wasn't enough. The second and third sessions have reshaped me. Looking forward to the last one tomorrow!

    4. damage control definition: the process of limiting the damaging effects of an action or mistake...


    5. let down: 1. phrasal verb. If you let someone down, you disappoint them, by not doing something that you have said you will do or that they expected you to do...

    6. According to Mike Park (Youtube) the Event will happen within the next 3 to 6 months


    7. @Psich...

      Do you have also a timing from the positive tarot readings and psychic visions people have had about your future?...

      In 3rd dimensional terms,... :-)... not where time does not exists... :)...

    8. @Paul Tayler That's encouraging, but I've also heard that one before. Heck, I know someone who was in direct contact with a member of his star family, and that member was sending telepathic messages, appearing in his dreams, as well as physically sending messages to him through the computer.

      And what was this ET's prediction for The Event? Last spring. It didn't happen, the timeline changed, and then the ET had to stop talking to him.

      So not even the Light Forces can predict The Event. So I'm not sure I trust predictions anymore. A year to two years seems accurate. We need to see some concrete signs happening in our world first. Some forms of disclosure on the mainstream media.

      @unknown Nope, unfortunately. Just the "soon" word. No one can predict an exact time for anything. Just that I will be happy and fully healed and doing what I love with people I love.

      I'm sure this will be after The Event. Some things, like my hyperacusis, are incurable without access to medbed technology. I have permanent ear damage in both ears.

  43. Farsights are called in for Light support

    This was said on 19 Oct 2018 in Gaiaportal. I would especially like to recommend the permanent Buddhist Light Columns, which help the Light Forces to liberate the planet and whose effectiveness I am impressed by. A single person can erect the pillar of light where it currently is. Several people can place a light column anywhere if they do the meditation at the same time. People do not have to be in the same place to do this.

    It can be erected in any place, such as squares, buildings, recreational areas, etc., and can even cover entire cities. As I understand it, it is permanent. The fact that meditation is carried out several times in the same cities probably strengthens the pillar.

  44. Alright, there's no Part 2. It was just a negative rant. I can't bring myself to post that and bring those energies here. It's not who I am. It's what I was forced to become in the environment I have lived in my whole life. But that's my mom's personality, that's not mine. I honestly don't even know what my personality is. I just know what I want, I can never have. And that I'm incapable of making others happy. Hence, my unhappiness....

    1. I believe that any person will not have an experience that is way out of what they can handle (from a soul point of view). So you are a strong soul that have taken a difficult task here on earth. Maybe not as difficult as some but certainly not as easy as many.

      Having said that, you need to cheer up. Yes, that sounds cheesy but if you think about it, being depressed will never make you happy :) Feel sorry for yourself and whine about it for a while but remember to also look at life from the bright side. Find whatever makes you happy. I look at imgur until I feel happier. That might seem a sad life for some but it works for me. Find what works for you. Everything need balance. Find your balance between being sad and happy.

      Not the best pep-talk you might have seen but I did my best. I hope you do the same.
      I believe in you.

    2. @Slasher Check my update below after the second and third healing Tachyon Healing Chamber sessions.

  45. /so the massimo family is the starter ... not any gadgets ...

    1. Even in wikipedia they call themselves "black noble family".
      No hiding there…


  46. Gas discharge tube capable of lighting in different colors

  47. After years of reading and reading I can't really trust anyone including this blog here (because afterall it's just a blog). Coded names, 'peacefull' war operations and invasions of the lightforces etc. all these are very contradicting. I am sure that bad guys rule this world now but I can't be sure that the other guys are the good ones. And I find no reason why someone else instead of a human should lead the fate of earth and humanity. In the end, someone has to be in charge but all this dualism of light and dark looks just like a fairy tale... Humans are humans, neither angels, nor demons. Until we realize that we are doomed in a never ending battle between light and darkness... Can I just NOT select either side please?

    1. I understand how you feel and I've been there myself, although my own brand of paranoia has caused me to only trust Cobra. His information doesn't seem contradictory to me and he seems to be the only one with a plausible explanation for why the earth changes are taking so long.

      As for Humanity, I firmly believe... No, I *know* that the surface population isn't living in a real civilization. We're in a Prison Camp masquerading as a civilization to keep people from realizing they're prisoners. Which is why we need outside help to pull off the prison break!

      You still have free will. Use your own inner guidance to figure out what's best for you. We're all exhausted and need to spend time working on our physical and spiritual health. Taking a break and not choosing a side may be what works for you, and that's okay!

    2. Trust no one. The truth is out there. :)

    3. You are pretty much at the same point as I am.

    4. @Unknown Feels. You said my thoughts exactly. At the same time, I would strongly encourage you to seek out a Tachyon Healing Chamber near you, and feel the incrdible energy for yourself. I have regained trust in Cobra and the Light Forces. I just hope I can sustain the benefits I am receiving from my sessions long enough to have more sessions in the near future. I seriously need a month of sessions.

      I love the feeling of tachyons. It's amazing to actually feel tangible evidence of Pleiadian technology, and that Cobra was able to bring such incredible technology into the world, without even the need for any electronic devices. It just simply works! No placebo!

    5. You can choose not to choose a side. Seek Il Seperatio.

    6. Was it you who said you can fund $1 million projects? I know something we could do. Start a plasma device workshop and I'll come work for you and we'll be billionaires and save the world at the same time. (If we're too unstable for the real Resistance we'll start our own! Like the Star Wars Resistance, we'll be mostly crazy people.)

    7. @Patrick Kehoe We need $1 million to fund Randy Cramer's and Jared Rand's medbed and holobed technology.

      But I don't think it's the same Unknown. He wouldn't have reason to complain if he had that much money.

    8. Randy Cramer is awesome.

      Another reason to do it is to heal ourselves. I've made, and we can do even more, devices that magically healed me. I want to do more but we need some manufacturing equipment and workspace and employees. Then we can heal ourselves and everyone! It will kick off a new Renaissance. I'm going to do it, it just depends on who will come with.

    9. @Psychedelicpiper and @Patrick Kehoe no, I am not the same unknown. I 'm not complaining though... I just think that I, and maybe many of us that read all this information here and elsewhere, have nothing more to rely on than just some words...
      For the one thing I am almost sure is that we are not ruled by benevolent people (or not people), as this situation (the sickness of this world) is being exposed here Apart from that however, I don't know Cobra, I haven't seen a Pleiadean and recently I read about 'the Goddess of Gaia' and thought, oh, another God ok. I mean, does anyone have some proof, other than words, that Cobra is not just sitting behind his/her PC and writing stories on a blog? Believe me I would be very happy to know that what I read is the truth here and not another 'Game of Thrones' story (without the violent scenes I admit). Afterall, I don't see Earth/Gaia and the humans on it upgrading, but maybe all this is actually happening and I just can't see it :)

    10. Yeah agreed on orig post...its either salvation/upgrades/light/ops or typey typey typey.....
      I think its going to be drawn out and unbearable even for people who are open to these things..
      However the Khashoggi Murder for instance...Cabal hit/BlackOp/psyOp thats been global headline news for a week plus...was unheard of only a few years ago would be a link from the web by C right here on this Blog and thats it...This phase is a never ending seesaw....
      straight after it occured.....i think that is cause for preparedness regardless

    11. @Unknown

      Have you tried to meditate snd connect to your inner worlds, your soul your deep truth?

      Try to connect with your heart and your higher self. Things will be more clearer than expected outside info. The inner guidence always helps with that ...for me what matters most is who I AM and who I AM becoming by being lovinf, caring. We are all exhausted. The energies waves have been insane for the past 2 years, it's almost tangible. You have your own God Self and you have a very powerful intuition, just connect to that and allow your mental to relax a bit. This trust in this person, trust in that person, it doesn't matter who is telling the truth or lying, live your own truh. This can take your attention from what exactly you want/need and don't forget to do your inner work.

      Besides all we are going through, The war between Dark and Light, this is a school. We are learning, mastering ourselves in whatever it is.

      Be good to people around you
      Love everything and all things around you.
      Take a deep breath
      Walk in nature, breathe a fresh air from the woods
      Enjoy life.

    12. @Patrick Kehoe I'll email you when I get home. After my experience with tachyons, I'm more open than ever to alternative healing tech. My only issue is I am not good at building shit myself. Also, I'm broke. This is why I always ignored your messages.

      Plus, I got pretty pissed about that one time you said you were giving away free magravs, and you didn't see my message on time. Just being honest here. That shit hurt.

      Nevertheless, we can continue talking privately. I'm still very interested in what you have to offer. Besides, I very much empathize with your struggles. I hold nothing against you.

    13. @Unknown The proof is the Tachyon Healing Chamber. Seriously, go visit one. I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

      If your excuse is you can't afford it, then wait two or three months, I'll send you some money when I have it.

  48. i was asked by an archon how to open the third eye in a dream state.he tried to scare me for may times but i was not scared at all by hem and i didnt tell him nothing.

    1. October 22, 2018 around 4 am:

      I had a weird 'dream' where there was a hostile reptilian but I dont remember details. I forced myself awake to a familiar nauseous heavy distorted feeling and presence in the room. I kept telling it 'no' and the presence left.

    2. Wow. I envy you (or not I don't know). My whole life I slept like a tree, as one favorite author described it. Every night.


    SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 455,069, dated June 30, 1891.

    Defying GRAVITY! Flying Machine THEY Don't Want You To See! (2018-2019)

    1. I saw this on that youtube page: some form of anonymous disclosure?

  51. For those who haven't heard this yet:

    MC SuperKenn - THE EVENT

    (Mc SuperKenn/Smaly7/Cobra production)

    It's amazing!

  52. More details are already in place on one of our 'Open Source' page:

  53. Just completed my third healing session at the Tachyon Healing Chamber. The energy is absolutely incredible. If I could just experience this every day for the rest of my life, I know that I'd be alright. Amazing what can be accomplished without even using electronic devices. There really isn't anything else like it. I just hope I heal soon. Got one last 40 minute session tomorrow.

    1. great news! the future is light therapy isn't it, no more invasive procedures

    2. Thank you Psycpiper for reporting on your positive experience so vividly. I appreciate you being open and authentic all along. The change of tune sounds so good to my ears though :)
      I have also visited the Tachyon chamber and still feel the light winds of the universe in my bones. Soooo good!!! Yes, I wish the whole medicine would align with the Pleadean knowledge. Victory to the Light! :)

    3. @Psycheledicpiper. What excactly is an Tachyon Healing Chamber?

      We need the event right now, this year..the endless delays, endless wait, and still no event happen, is unbearable.

      I hope like you, it happens now very soon, i just give up by now.

      I send an ...S O S, for me and everybody here/in the the entire universe. PLEASE LET THE EVENT HAPPEN RIGHT NOW! PLEASE! Or its to late, and all hell breaks loose on earth. All the delays/wait has to immeadiately end now.

    4. @Unknown - Cobra makes them! Amazing energy healing device. People around the world buy them and have them for public use.

    5. @Unknown Seems you've been out of the loop. Cobra posted about this in the past. He brought this technology into the world through the help of the Pleiadians.

  54. I have just positive nevs :)
    Tsunami of Love exploded. Gaia excided her vibrations

    1. the link its incorect i cant enter

    2. I checked this link:
      It is O.K.

  55. Agartha & Hollow Earth : Inner Earth Civilizations

  56. Mainstream media cannot suppress the news anymore - it is surfacing. Australia apologizes to 17.000 survivors of child sex abuse (obviously not to the ones they cannibalized):

    1. @LighthouseSouth, I remember you mentioned the adrenochrome harvesting in monsters inc. I watched it and it is full of predictive programming/soft disclosure. Their company logo is the M for mason with the all seeing eye on top of earth. The spider is running black budget child kidnapping/harvesting out of a mega corporation that is too big to fail, so paramilitary gov agencies protect it, and have full control over the employees. It looks like a police state.

      The 'monsters' in the movie harvest the fear/suffering from children and there is a scene where a machine is used on this little red 'monster'. Some of the 'monsters' look a lot like cartoony depictions of extraterrestrials. It looks like he almost dies from it and they didnt show it being used on a child because they had to pass it off as a kids movie. There are even shape shifting reptilians working for the spider and it is eventually stopped by corporate insiders and white hats in the gov agency.

    2. I'm from Australia and while this seems like a positive thing(i guess it is)this is just a cynical deflection attempt at the Peoples outrage over our offshore immigrant detention camps and the drubbing the PM's Liberal party got in one of their blue chip local election seats on the weekend.

    3. Yes, David Chicago, thank you very much for depicting it so vividly :) Engl is not my first language so I settle with observing and stating things.
      Here are 6 minutes from "Fear and Loathing in LA" when they take adrenochrome. Notice minutes 2-3. He says he got that from satanists and there is a huge spider on TV screen. It's totally in our face... the last five letters of the link are also interesting:

    4. Interesting how I never saw monsters inc for what it really is until now, the disclosure is all around us! So is this movie dark or of the light since the Corporation of satan and loose is taken down at the end? To me it depicts the future just like all the movies showing the twin towers falling..they planned it 30 ago. They cant stop earth ascending we just need the 1st main wave now to push the scale over

    5. A little tangential, but on the subject of adrenochrome. I've been taking high-dose niacin and there's an interesting tidbit: "Dr. Hoffer’s basic idea was that schizophrenia was a biochemical abnormality characterized by the buildup of chemicals in the brain called adrenochromes."


  57. As You Wish BBS Talk Radio - Saturday 10/20/2018 (Audio Only)
    ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel

  58. Maybe a second planetary Key to Freedom mass meditation scheduled for 11:11...

  59. The night I experienced the Event.. I just do not know what this was all about.. Desire is a fulfillment or forecaster-dream ??

  60. /This family Fabrizoi exists for 2200 years.. Interestingly, zhis family gave a pope to the church in the third century ... (and it is interesting that Nero was always clear by the extraterrestrials. night in Rome was always clear ...

    1. Which pope is it Silvio - this one?

  61. Did you see Fabrizio's facebook page ? So morbid! Just now, I visited it...

  62. Is there any one I can contact directly? I have a question for Cobra...

  63. I believe we are here to liberate our individual minds and thereby contributing in liberating our collective mind. I believe that the prison is upheld by us as a collective mind and the degree we experience it correspond to the frequency, level of light, we decide to hold in every moment.
    I also believe we have managed to liberate our collective mind to the level of liberation that we are experiencing it physically. I also firmly believe that each of us are here to face our individual illusory fears and pains and thereby contributing to the global shift.
    I am not saying this is a walk in the park and I am not saying this in disrespect of the individual experiences, but I think purging and personal upliftment is what the awakened once decided to do when we incarnated here. The pain and fear only make our goal more attractive and that make our personal and global wishes even clearer and that will bring the change our way even faster. I am not holding the event one or two years away, things are moving faster than ever! I see the Event NOW.
    This is a joint effort on our human part and we are being supported by the light forces. But in order to live the new world as humans we also need to be prepared to cope with the higher more intense love frequency. Take back your power!
    The current times are intense. Cobra is saying that the central sun is moving and therefore it is not strange that we experience all we need to face in order to replace these “shadows” with light.
    Be brave, strong and loving brothers and sisters!

    1. @Kuychi Look man, I agree with most of this message, but let's be real. The Event is at least a year away, if not two. Nothing is moving faster. You're just high like me. We want things to move fast, but look, I'm still dealing with physical health issues, as are others. You speak from a place where that isn't happening, since you're not dealing with it personally.

      When The Event happens, I will be off this planet, being healed in the Pleiades. Until then, it hasn't happened yet, and I gotta fight my way forward.

      For the record, I have no issue with the love frequencies. I just drank a whole bottle of tachyonized water, and have been drinking big gulps of ormus, enough to destabilize most average users. The fact I handle this energy very well should say a lot about me. People see me as being negative and erratic, but I actually respond incredibly well to higher frequencies. I'm like a mirror in that sense.

      Is it no wonder that living in a negative toxic abusive environment that I was mirroring that? Yet people gave me so much shit for it.

      Cobra said The Event will happen "soon". Within the grand scheme of things overall, 1 or 2 years can be interpreted as soon. I don't fault him for it in the least, but I do want to address those who believe The Event is only a couple months away, or that it's already happened. Nope. It's going to take a lot more time and effort than that. Just saying.

      I hope I'm wrong. But I think it's better to be wrong with a longer prediction, than a shorter one. Let's not allow the hopium to get too much to our heads.

  64. Caros amigos.

    Vejo que tem muitos lagartos se passando por pleiadianos e se dizendo agentes da luz. Fiquem atentos a eles. Nem sempre uma fala mansa é necessariamente honesta.

    lagartos e serpentes são muito astutos.

    1. 🐍👌😘😜😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. Eles fazem a mesma coisa desde o começo dos tempos! Um demonio desses fingindo ser o tal de Jeová e a maioria hoje em dia adorando essa porcaría

  65. Urgent Call from Starship Earth: Part 1.

    URGENT: Calling All American Patriots to the Border Now | War Drummer [video]

    E_erg_ncy, E_erg_ncy…. U_gent.. Border patrols needed.
    War Drummer uploaded this Emergency Call to Action last night. Everyone who can help to get patriots to the Border, assist monetarily or with supplies or be part of the patrol to man the border until the military can arrive, please do so now.
    There are already reports of trucks bringing migrants; also by boat to San Diego, California. Action required now until the military can arrive.

    This is for the California and New Mexico borders. Not sure why Arizona was excluded unless it’s because there are already extra bodies down there with the work the VOP has been conducting in the area the past several months. Shawn doesn’t elucidate, but the Border Patrol told the VOP they are desperately understaffed for the job and the VOP reported that semi trailers were dumping loads of Central American migrants in Arizona.

    We now have reports that these “hired immigrants” are also coming from Africa and other areas. These are not just political refugees seeking asylum. This is an organized attack on America, Trump, and the American People.

    Shawn also says there are Veterans who want to go who need rides, so there are many ways patriots can come to the aid of their country.

    He provides the names and phone numbers of those to call if you are able to assist, says Bikers for Trump—200 of them—are on the way, militia members are coming, and lists the kinds of supplies needed. See the details below.

    Good luck everyone. Be safe; Be sane; and pray for Peace. This might be Bundy Ranch on steroids.

    Do I need to say it? Miracles needed. ~ BP

    War Drummer Official
    Published on Oct 22, 2018

    PRESS RELEASE FROM the United Constitutional Patriots and Patriots of the Constitution
    Attention: at 0630, 19 October, 2018

    All units of The United Constitutional Patriots and The Patriots of The Constitution, Mountain Minutemen state militia, and Patriots have deployed to the Southern Borders. We are working in coordinates with the United States Border Patrol in New Mexico and California.

    All units report to General Peyton and General Kelly

    General Peyton: 702-275-2712
    General Kelly: 205-483-4074

    All units reporting to the California border report to Robert Crooks: 805-450-2788

    For questions and donations of supplies please contact Monica 541-951-1256

    God bless our President
    God bless our Patriots
    God bless The United States of America

  66. Calling all Americans. Urgent. Starship Earth. Part 2.


    From Robert Crooks, Mountain Minutemen.
    Communication with the United States Border Patrol:
    “Observe and report. Be a well organized neighborhood watch.”

    While I was communicating with Robert he observed three Mexican military helicopters cruising the border heading south, flying at about 1,000 ft.

    Robert is there alone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    God bless you and God bless The United States of America

    Supplies needed:
    Toilet paper
    Food water
    Fire starters
    Walmart cards
    Sonoco fuel cards
    Band aids
    Snake bite kit

    Boots on the ground, very important! There are many coming. Bikers for Trump 200 strong on their way. Many state militia also. They are a ways out so if anyone is closer to Columbus New Mexico or San Diego California please deploy. Contact numbers for that are above.

    New reports:
    The Invaders are now being trucked to the border. Several thousand expected. We do understand that Trump is deploying troops but in the meantime it is imperative that we have boots on the ground. We are working with the border patrol and their orders are above in the update from Robert Crooks. Not only are the Invaders being trucked, they coming by boat to San Diego and they are also coming from Africa then up through South America to our border.

    PayPal link.

    Thank You,
    Monica Marin
    Patriots of the Constitution

    1. Essa é completamente doida. Além de surrada e racista e preconceituosa. Chamem um psiquiatra pra essa mulher!!!

    2. Just a paranoic! Please try a doutor!!

  67. Dear beloved Cobra,

    after 4 Galactic Love Parties and other encounters with starseeds I wish to express to you, that so many times you and Isis Astara was within our speeches. Isis was also present energetically.

    I am so sure that I am not the only one who cares about you and how you are doing. Alone the fact that you do not give interviews anymore shows us that nothing is as it was before.

    My question to you is, if anyone wishes to contact you for personal expressions and to show you that you matter to us,is there a tutanota-E-Mail-adress to contact you for this?

    I encourage everyone to express it, if there is something you just do not dare to share with Cobra. I feel that there are beings who hesitate to contact Cobra. I also feel that he would be very happy about it, otherwise he would not have written on his last blogpost that he feels isolated.

    Cobra carries a lot for all of us. I "know" that, but I also know that I am not able to grasp the true extent of it.

    It is a difference to know it with the logical mind or to feel and experience.

    Please dear people, IF you have love and adoration, compassion and experiences you secretly wish to share with Cobra after the Event, do it now. I just wish that once he can be happy again.

    Thank you,

    Victory of the Light!

    "The Event is NOW!"

    (our new manifestation code)

    1. Yes so it is we love you so much and we are doing our mission <3 thank you for all that you have done for us so far because you are a catalisator wo can start this energetically and the soul families can meet each other phisically I know because i have meet some of them and I truly feel myself so blessed and thank you again for you job, that you are an your mission.. love you so much and vicrory of the light!!! <3

    2. Dear Inana, you're right. <3

      Dear Cobra, please never forget that thousands of us are here on our paths because of you.
      I am so grateful for all the great work you do! Thank you and all the best for you! :)

      Victory of the Light! The Event is NOW!

    3. @Inana Eliana;
      🙏 👏 👍 🌹 🕊🌎💖
      Yes, since the day I read Cobra's words, I'm having the same heaviness and pain in my heart. And, yes, I'd like to have another email address to contact Him. (I no longer trust the old one....)

    4. Yes Enikö, Len and Hye,

      for me it is the same, Cobra has inspired me to understand why I am here. It had and has a big effect in my life that he followed his heart. I am grateful to meet all the people his call has brought together. I also understand he wants to be treated as beloved brother.

      I feel the pain too. I wish we all together can manifest to transform it into bliss.

      We love you Cobra and you make a difference. I love you all and I thank all who support each other.

      I understand soul families like a multidimensional sacred geometry structure, all facets interconnected, keepers of each other in balance. Otherwise it would not be sacred geometry.

      Victory of the Light!

  68. Replies

    1. ExCellEnt

      I AM DC

  69. Electric discharge lamp having a fill including niobium pentaiodide complexed with an inorganic oxo-compound as the primary active component:


  70. Mercury-metallic halide vapor lamp with regenerative cycle:


  71. Fluorescent discharge lamp.

    Classifications: H01J61/16 Selection of substances for gas fillings; Specified operating pressure or temperature having helium, argon, neon, krypton, or xenon as the principle constituent.

    1. Let's make a plasma factory, see my reply above on the other Unknown's comment.


    2. Patrick@

      Maybe, one day... yes... post Event era, and with funds from 'St.Germain trusts'... :-)

      Till then, ask Cobra about 'cold plasma'. He seems to know much more about, than we learn here...

      But I leave it to you and other readers to ask him about...


    3. Patrick@

      Please kindly accept to tell you to not be limited to only (exclusively) Keshe plasma devices...

      There are many many unexplored or that can be put together... Believe...


    4. The 'collection' of patents given here about 'plasma devices' is not for entertainment, or to change the register about 'when the Event will happen'...

      All what we present here might be put together for other purposes. (higher, of course... :-)

      Cobra's team (and readers as well) will pick some or more of the ideas exposed here in order to put them together in a way or other...

      ...Till then, let's think together how may look like a, let's name it,... a pen ray like device, but with a high intensity gas discharge, but also, for outdoor environmental 'healing', instead for individual usage...

    5. Some of above the above mentioned patents about discharge tubes using higher frequencies may lead to the achievement of a so described outdoor 'light healing' unit... But there is also a need of some research of 'higher dimensionality' of the emitted light...


    6. Details and subjects of research will come on the blog:

      Some are already in place in previous posts, but also other more elaborated might come...





    9. Plasma Light Therapy

      A treatment that is non-invasive, painless and side effect free. The Plasma Light is an effective and simple treatment with documented results.

  72. Tellurium discharge lamp:

  73. Selenium discharge lamp:


  74. Rare earth halide light source with enhanced red emission:


  75. Arc discharge lamp with internal starter

  76. Starting source for arc discharge lamps:


  77. These are not 'hidden patents'...

    There are rather under valuate valuable patents, due to... 'economic interests'...

  78. Abortion and safe abortion access are universal law Cobra, at any point of the pregnancy. Accept this or you will continue to suffer defeat.

    1. universal law my arse - cabal sacrafice, cannabalism and selling off harvested baby parts.

    2. "Defeat" is a wrong presupposition here and "continue to suffer" is a negative suggestion. Please STOP doing that here now.
      Re abortion, nobody has to accept it, especially not in the world where they use fetuses for food and feed them back to us humans. What we need is EDUCATION.
      I AM a woman, vegetarian. Greetings.

  79. Caro COBRA

    Porque os professores mentiriam para as crianças?

  80. Godammit. Just had an incident that I'm worried is going to cause me to experience pain again. Please send me healing energy and pray for me. I feel for Unknown. We need The Event so bad. I just drank a bunch of tachyonized water and ormus to help cope, but I'm not sure it will help. We'll see. I absolutely hate the condition I am in right now. It's very debilitating and nervewracking. Tomorrow may end up being a very difficult train ride back to Chicago for me.

    It's sad how nothing I try seems to ultimately help. But if I survived last week, then this week shouldn't be any different. I'm a fighter. I just hope the ET's reward me for my troubles. Right now I just feel some mild burning and discomfort, but it could turn really bad overnight. We'll see. I might sleep on a desk just to make sure I don't disturb the area tossing and turning.

    Also considering purchasing tachyonized cream. I think that may help me.

  81. Ok people let's focus here and realize that the full moon on 10/24/18 is well know for the Satanis rituals.lets throw them off with our powerful prayers and meditation 🙏.peace and love to all!!! ✌️💕

  82. Cobra you are so loved and appreciated by so many people. Thank you.

  83. Corey Goode, Roger Richards & Adrian Vallera on Ground Crew Command to talk about "Above Majestic" & the Mass Meditation Initiative on 11/11 - Plus All Hands on Deck for Halloween 'Light Show'

    October 23, 2018


    The Unknown Lightwarrior

    Last week’s interview with Laura Eisenhower was quite the blockbuster, given that she provided [hard to come by] new information on Project Moon Shadow … a positive version of the trauma based Super Soldier program established in 1967.

    Before I start talking about Corey Goode … I must briefly point your attention & give the notification about the 144k Mass Meditation next Wednesday the 31st of October, 1st of November for most of the world.

    There will be intense & desperate activity (rituals) performed by the dark forces on this date, mostly in the western hemisphere … so Gaia is counting on YOU to stand between them & humanity.

    You will receive the email on exact time & links, next week … for the energetic mustering of the 144k.

    This will ‘set things up’ MUCH more optimally for the 11/11 mass meditation, which is the next crucial & decisive energetic event on this planet.

    Corey Goode, Roger Richards and Adrian Vallera

    Join Us

    what would he like to share/say about the Mass Meditation event in DC on 11/11. Does this represent another window of opportunity for planetary liberation?

    are the Anshar still encouraging us to participate in meditations to alter our temporal reality on Earth?

    do our pineal glands activate during meditation? Do they become transmitters of our focused attention?

    has intel from these new Sphere Beings that replaced the Blue Avians & Triangle Head beings gone deep-black as well?

    how is the project to unify various meditation and planetary liberation groups on the surface of the planet going?

    Ya-think it’ll be a great show?!

    Of course … loose-lips-sink-ships, and suffice it to say, liberating a whole planet is no exception to that. But I’m sure Corey will share what he responsibly can.

  84. Laura Eisenhower Joins Us, Russia Buckled, But Holds & Are We 30 Meters Away Fr

    Broadcast in Spirituality last Thursday

  85. Does anyone know or can suggest how to heal a unkown past trauma that causes huge anxiety!? Could even be trauma brought forward from a previous incarnation but lately my anxiety is off the scale and i’m searching for ways to ease or completely heal this.


  86. Some new details are on way for one-piece and two pieces of E33 lampholders...

    Two designs of 3-pieces ceramic and plastic E33 lampholders are already in place.

  87. Is earth still in quarantine? Some say it is not anymore. To me we are not free yet. Just asking.

  88. “ Humanity is freed as Hue-manity rises.

    Fascinations with soaps is abandoned.

    Light fliers arise.

    Seminaries reopen.

    Placids are called.

    The Universals are pleased.“

    (Gaia Portal of today)

  89. Every time I listen to "The Call for the Uprising" I feel like drinking a double espresso. He is courageous, sharp and true and we should all be more like that. I am not "a standard Christian" but I appreciate him very much :) We should all go together! Victory to the Light!

  90. From mail fromretorn to your truth, the Unknown Lightwarrior:

    Corey Goode, Roger Richards & Adrian Vallera on Ground Crew Command to talk about "Above Majestic" & the Mass Meditation Initiative on 11/11 - Plus All Hands on Deck for Halloween 'Light Show'

  91. /if the Nuremberg perpetrators are executed? for example, by rope? I'm not vengeful, I'm just curious...

  92. Humanity is freed as Hue-manity rises

    Hue-manity stands for the awakened humanity, which consists of "many colours". The many colours stand for the entire spectrum of light, which together produce radiant white. The awakened must become aware that the colours of the individuals complement each other. That this is emphasized points to the problem that existed here in the past.