Saturday, October 13, 2018

P501 APR clearance approved


  1. Whatever that means :) But thank you for the update.

  2. P501=Project 501?

    From old to new

    Wednesday, June 26, 2013
    Project 501 Report
    Alpha timeline with HVBN until intersection has an increasing probability of p=0.6. The alternative beta timeline with sporadic YXRs, converging into possible next HVBN before intersection has a decreasing probability of p=0.4 due to increased grid ratio.
    There are three major intersection probability peaks.
    (too long to post, read the link)

    Saturday, October 5, 2013
    Project 501 Update
    Beta strategies have been modulated and need to remain strictly classified.
    There are two major intersection probability peaks remaining.

    Sunday, May 4, 2014
    Project 501 Update

    Monday, February 10, 2014
    Partial BXL0alpha decryption failure, major Isidic security breach at 504, request accelerate PHX APR, request modulate P501

    Saturday, June 6, 2015
    Project 501 Urgent Status Update

    Wednesday, August 1, 2018
    Project 501 Update

    Wednesday, August 1, 2018
    Project 501 Update
    Full gamma focus, P501 link confirmed, exit sequence in completion, project 501 in final phase.
    PHOENIX KEYHOLE almost ready. NOTE:Do you remember PHOENIX KEYHOLE? read the link of the keyhole situation

    Saturday, September 1, 2018
    Keyhole Situation Update

    Saturday, October 13, 2018
    >>P501 APR clearance approved>> This is want we(i) want to read

    1. Way to go Lester, thank you very much! :))
      That's what we ALL want to hear :)
      Victory to the Light

  3. perhaps it is time for you to say what "COBRA" means?

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    2. light forces from above and below... compressing toward the center... with light works holding the light in the middle..


    3. Perhaps Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act or C.O.B.R.A or maybe a forbidden truth who knows ...



    Electrical Low-power Transformers Enclosures - Potting Cases

    A full range of dimensional details enclosures for 'encased and potted' low power (up to 1000W) transformers will be available on this page:

    Sometimes the 'core and coil' transformers are not an option, the protected ones are needed, therefore a dimensional specification range of enclosures (using preferred numbers) will be needed for our Light Communities.
    We don't wait for others to give it, we design our owns.
    'Encased and potted' low power transformers (encapsulated in a high temperature resin, up to Class H, 180ºC) will be needed for many applications instead of the 'core and coil' (unprotected) transformers.
    We have to do ours, for us, and not to have to chose from what others do, due to economic interests, and undersized and overheating transformers, core and coil only, which are not an option...

    Some examples of enclosure (potting case) with specific dimensions are already on the page:

    More examples with specific dimensions will come...

  5. 😆 ha you got me cobra I thought it was fleet activation next.


  6. I feel like the event can happen very soon. It took me 30 years to find my twin soul and another decade for us both to get to the point in our lives where we could meet up. That meeting happened Yesterday at a sacred location in Hawaii. Cobra once said a thing that could really speed up the event is for twin souls to meet up. We did.

    Now is the time to do this event.

    Victory to the light is at hand.

    Peace be with you.

  7. I think it is a grant progress.
    Victory of the light.

  8. I strongly felt the there would be a post today. I believe the order to destroy the knights templar went out on October 13 year 1313. Victory to our light and unity through the universe.


  9. Kalil Rv
    October 12, 2018 at 4:45 PM

    October 12, 2018


    The Pleiadians report that a major movement is taking place behind the scenes to deal directly with the food of the Earth population, aiming to increase the capacity of bodies to assimilate the new waves of energies that are constantly bathing the Earth. Certain allies have visited the great responsible for feeding the human beings of the Planet. Companies that do not abide by the new protocols that are being delivered and, in some way, neglect the need to respect human life and the well-being of the Planet, will have diminished their ability to act and stop all food supplies. This also holds true for the pharmaceutical industry. For example, Monsanto did not have new beginnings or any support from the population.

    The Pleiadians suggest that, as far as possible, they should have their own gardens and, if possible, be community-based. The people of Earth must again cultivate the value of cooperation. The Pleiadians also say there are "no excuses" for not growing their vegetables at least because there are plenty of ways to do this, even if they are not in the most auspicious environments. They say that when you somehow eat what you cultivate yourself, there is a considerable increase in the ability of all your organs to regenerate.

    They also inform that, due to great agitations in the country of the Earth called Brazil, the eyes of several Stellar Commands are attentive and sending all the best energies so that movements of hatred and fury are calmed. Allied beings incarnated in this country are currently being contacted by the High Commands to relay messages of Light and Love, appeasing the mental and physical violence that is taking place in this area of ​​the Planet. The Pleiadians request that as many as possible by reading or listening to this message be open to relaying the signals of Light sent by the High Commands so that the Brazilian karmic line associated with the Roman Empire is illuminated, and a harmony can begin. They say that souls of Rome are in Brazil today for great ransoms and illuminations. They ask that all who read this message pass it on to as many as they can. They ask that a movement be created and shared in their social networks, making this movement viral. They ask for a white, blue or pink seven-day candle to be lit and when you light it say: "THERE IS PEACE IN MY COUNTRY, AND MY COUNTRY IS PEACE IN THE WORLD." They say that the more people who join this movement , more intense is the pulse of Light that will be felt, and more importantly important resolutions will have a happy and harmonious ending. In particular, they request that all Phalanges of the PVSE and the like follow the movement, sharing in their social networks photographs and the movement's master phrase.


  10. Kalil Rv
    October 12, 2018 at 4:47 PM

    They also report that a significant decrease in child abduction worldwide is occurring and it is hoped that this movement will be halted as soon as possible. The Pleiadians say that many allies infiltrated these abductions and managed to dismantle the networks formed in some countries. It is a great movement of dismantling these actions of the old energies and the sooner this is being finalized. They also say that not all children who have been abducted have been abducted in this sense, but some of them, finishing their experience on Earth, are still rescued in physical body and taken aboard their ships of command.

    Another point they would like to report is that nature is preparing for major changes in all areas and do not become frightened by these movements. Of course, not only the physical environment of the Earth, but the stars are also changing in relation to Earth. The Sun will appear closer when it first appeared at a particular time, as well as the Moon, regardless of which stage it is in. This is also due to the rupture of the plastic barrier built thousands of years ago by inverted magnetic beings from the Andromeda Galaxy. With the removal of their primary supportive entity, the SKY vision will be clearer.

    Lastly, they also report that Earth's humanity must be prepared for radio, TV and internet signals, when they themselves and Ashtar Command can, at appropriate times, "take the lead" to leave direct messages to the humanity of the Earth. surface. Another point about food is that, especially agronomists, be aware of their signs, the Pleiadians, who will begin to deliver, be they in dreams, telepathically or even leaving clear messages on their plantations that a new form of cultivation and release is arising. And the great Pleiadian agronomists are encouraged by this possibility of interaction.

    At the moment, that's what they ask me to pass on.

    Love and Blessings,

    Gabriel RL.


  11. Have you seen the sun today, yesterday or the day before yesterday.It was unusually brigt!!!J don't look straight on it!!!
    It was very stange!!!
    May be It was so bright because the great part of Yaladabaoth was removed.

    1. Yes I check it out and take pics I see a blueish orb by the sun in my photos not seen by the naked eye, is this a planet or a ship? Also when observatories were shut down people captured massive # of huge ships coming in from sun which is a portal. Galactic ships no doubt! So so cool a massive demonstration is said to happen with days now to prove to all we are not alone!

    2. for all of last week i could not go outside without sunglasses. my eyes would water and it was very hard to keep them open. it was a "white" bright light that i have never experienced before. i am a sun lover in summertime so i know this is a very different kind of light we are receiving now. i also noticed that if i went outside, even with sunnies on, after about 1 hour i would be wiped out and have to sleep for a couple of hours. makes it hard to run errands and pick up the kids from school because when i get home i "have" to sleep it off - i literally just fade out.
      much love and light to all.

  12. The sooner The Event, the sooner my health issues are resolved, and humanity's suffering ends. For now, though, I have begun the healing process by taking ormus. This is an incredible powerful supplement that acts as a conduit between the spiritual and physical.

    I am so glad that I didn't listen to the people who were telling me it was snake oil. I am experiencing a blissful feeling, and decrease in pain and discomfort. I doubt it will completely clear up my health issues, and I doubt the Tachyon Healing Chamber will either, but they will provide me enough healing and progress to ensure I can cope and be ready for when The Event does happen.

    For now, I need to focus on making money. I did receive a positive tarot reading multiple times, and I am certain that The Event will play a role in manifesting it.

    I can share the specific ormus vendor with anyone who is interested privately through email. For safety, I don't feel comfortable sharing the link here. I will say, though, it's a vendor from another country. It can do a lot of good for lightworkers and lightwarriors who are targetted.

    It has actually increased my feelings of de ja vu again. I feel like I have already been through all of this before. This is a reassuring feeling that I'm on the right path.

    Blessings to all of you.

    1. I'd be curious to know the ormus brand. That's great you're having good results. It's interesting you mention deja vu. Plasma gives me profound deja vu, and I'm quite certain that's how ormus works too, so that's cool. When I'm around plasma devices all the time it's like watching a movie of myself. I start to remember that I knew what this life would be, like a memory of the future. Taking gans is like stepping outside the movie frames.


  13. "Was ist?
    Wollt Ihr hier Raus`?
    Dann sagt es Mir.
    Ich bin Die Beste Chance, die Ihr je hattet."

    Vergiß den Quatsch

    Wir Wollen hier Raus.

    Lars B.


    1. The CLOCK has STOPPED

      Let's BEGIN AGAIN


      LIFE Is LIVE

      I AM DC


    2. Raus`






  14. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++!!!


  15. It's 'he'!... it's 'KP'...


  16. we finally need results! Arrests, public hearings or accusations in the mass media .... It is one minute past twelve for the event. Event now !

    1. Yah I dropped hope it goes down halted and RV is announced, sealed indictments are unsealed! Time for truth and the Light to shine bright in all dark corners of Gaia!


  17. Pipe

    Läuft Gut


  18. Let There Be Peace 432Hz

  19. This Update is surely for RM and is not meant to be for us, but I think it is a positive thing. Victory of Light! The Event! :) <3


  20. TOUCH Down


    For F*cking Sure
    No Worries, Darling

    Let's START A FIRE

    I Love You


  21. "Finally the Exact Date and Time of the Event that you Always Wanted to Know | Aseim"


  22. The GoldFish Report No. 281 Exclusive:
    Red Dragon Ambassador & White Dragon Benjamin Fulford


  23. And then there was


    Little ComeTs

    And not In Search Of Elusive either


  24. Blessings and thanks Cobra, of course we dont know exactly what this means, but we know it is positive and we thank you and all Galactics, RM, AMs, Alliance, Source, Gaia, Sun, (sub logos I think) co of Heaven all involved as this has been a long time in the making..I read 13k yrs of dark control, I hear 300k when battles tipped in favor of the annunaki and pleiadians had to any rate we know it has gone on far too long! Let the Christ Consciousness descend in mass upon mother gaia and all of humanity now!

  25. Highly focused and waiting to know if I need to be prepared to meet the galactic federation and sign the Galactic Codex.


  26. Wir bleiben.
    Unsere Leute raushau'n

    Man kriegt was man verdient.

    Draussen wird es Hell.
    Nichts mehr wie bisher.
    Aus Manchen werden VIELE
    Und aus Denen werden MEHR

    ETwas in Uns HAT,
    WILL und

    DAS ist ALLES Teil des PLANs






  27. Ein Haiku

    Vom ersten Blick an
    Und mit Jedem Blick seitdem
    Bist Du Die Eine


  28. I am with you all the way, all the time, in every one who you interact with. We are part of the same team. Together we are one, And I would like to establish further communication with you, Friend. Thanks for this inspiring post. (I first opened this and there were 3 comments, now 50+)

    Hello to everyone here. I am in direct contact

  29. 501 Good job!

    Levi attan and existence of Asmodeus and Beelzebub are confirmed in security violation 504 and plasma of 504 security infringement habitual offender Takkyu Ishino.
    I ask for support of the removal.
    I give the healing by some light workers in Japan and carry out the concrete rescue mission, but the rescue is difficult unless a satanophany phenomenon is cured.

  30. Hi all...please let the event happen right now....i mean it...this year.

    Everything is escalating in this world.

    See this youtubemovie.

    Will people stop fighting after the event?

    Why is this happening more and more, just before the event?

    Please bring down the veil.

  31. 501 "ON" track by the blueberries(resurrection fruit)!

    White Flame of "AN"lightenment: rays-sing An's-Heirs and fruitful-ashes(Ki's Freedom)!

  32. "Angel Number 501 suggests that major life changes are around (or ahead) of you and it may be a time of upheaval and transition. Listen to your intuition and the guidance from the angels during the transformational changes taking place in your life, and maintain a positive attitude and outlook. Release any fears and/or concerns to the angels for healing and trust that these changes will bring about positive opportunities and new beginnings for you. Trust that all is going to Divine plan and your angels encourage you to go with the flow of these much needed changes."

  33. Sing and shout for joy People! The Lord has stopped all retribution and has removed your enemies. There is no reson to be afraid. Do not let your limbs hang limp. The Creator is with you and will give you victory! Your Creator tkes delight in you and will give you love and new life -singing songs of joy over you like people people at a festival. Ot is time to bring the scattered people home and make them prosperous again. The Lord has spoken.

  34. Sing and shout for joy People! The Lord has stopped all retribution and has removed your enemies. There is no reson to be afraid. Do not let your limbs hang limp. The Creator is with you and will give you victory! Your Creator takes delight in you and will give you love and new life -singing songs of joy over you like people people at a festival. It is time to bring the scattered people home and make them prosperous again. The Lord has spoken.