Tuesday, January 1, 2019



  1. I am inviting people to join me and my team in sharing the mass meditation RETURN OF THE LIGHT,if you wish to join me please add me here or contact me via email



  2. The name Annabella is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning "Loving". ??

    1. Anna should have it's origin in Hebraic meaning "blessed", Bella is "beautiful" in Italian - though "bella" in Latin would be plural for "war".

  3. Annabella.exe it's a virus or something similar....?

  4. Closed to same name...changes the A for an E, are we talking abotu same "name"? or could be a similar "tool"?

    The "Annabelle" Ransomware is a Horrific Mess
    Discovered by security researcher Bart, Annabelle Ransomware includes everything but the kitchen sink when it comes to screwing up a computer. This includes terminating numerous security programs, disabling Windows Defender, turning off the firewall, encrypting your files, trying to spread through USB drives, making it so you can't run a variety of programs, and then to sweeten the pot, it overwrites the master boot record of the infected computer with a silly boot loader.


    1. then you format restore reinstall and update. easiest fix is having all backed up. it sounds more like the cita annabella profile build is now compiled and for those in the know, annabella is operational. probably not so consumer computer related but i could be mistaken. closed

  5. Happy new year! The big meditation on Sunday 20th Jan is exciting. Peace and love to you all xx

  6. Till armageddon no shalam, no shalom
    Then the father hen will call his chickens home
    The Man comes around

  7. Dear Cobra, here we all are, 2019...

    On behalf of most if not close to all of us, I bring a New Year's wish to you:

    when you wrote "This nightmare WILL be over, soon" in September


    what timeframe did you have in mind?

    Cobra - after all this time - please now share at least when the very VERY latest you expect the "compression breakthrough". Please don't keep on dangling the carrot in front of us - most of us are NOT donkeys (even if some are). Dare the most pessimist estimate of which the disclosure is NOT of any danger to the enemy. We're worth it. It's way past overdue - honestly.

    Thank you, brother.

    1. Greetings from Holland,
      Earth is already in contact with 5D de portals are open ,first consiousness will grow that will take several years than de body follows ,slowly changing in crystaline.

    2. I asked about A though your reply is about B. You did not even bother to understand what I wrote.

    3. ANOTHER several years?!

      How much MORE waiting MUST we put up with?!

    4. You are also asking about "compression breakthrough,.. that is a coming in touch with a higher vibration on earth .. 5D .Disclosure by the way is not one event but comes in steps over the next say 10 yaers

    5. @?.1

      Now wait ONE GODDAMN MINUTE!

      TEN YEARS! you gotta be KIDDING ME!

      I can NOT wait ANOTHER TEN YEARS!!!!
      I want....no, correct that, I NEED Disclosure...and DIRECT ALIEN CONTACT....and I need it NOW....I need it YESTERDAY!

      To HELL with 'steps'.

      Not 5 years, not 10 years.



    6. It is as it is..Disclosure will be but not all at ones. Dont worry everything will be much better , but de majority need to have time mentally and pshysically to adjust to the new situation/vibration on earth.

    7. we need it NOW

      And why should we have to cringe behind, waiting for the sheeple to awaken...and that is IF they wake the hell up.

      I want be alive and young to enjoy this....not dead or geriatric.

  8. Interesting:


    Hoping that Annabella.exe is "the computer virus" that will bring down "the mainframe computer system of JP Morgan that can effectively trigger a global stock market crash and related financial Reset.":


    We all would see..

    Maybe that's part of MASTERPIECE v2.3 (?)

  9. I just listened to an interesting short video about masterpiece protocol. It was very encouraging.it has to do with blue beams and energy waves to assist our ascension. Anchor the love and bring on 5d. Victory to the light and love.

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  11. I think I'd be on fire if I could stop being so angry with myself.

    1. @David

      Many of us are, because things are taking too long, it still seems like "business as usual" here on Planet Alcatraz.


  12. When I'm in bed I usually get "dreams" without being asleep, which is always very cool.
    Today in one of those "dreams" I was asked what I would name a daughter if I had one right now.
    Even in that "dream" My Higher Self helped me with My answer 'cause my own ideas were kinda shitty (Klarabella? No.), so I finally decided to say
    And that was an easy 7 or 8 hours before this post was published.
    True story.

    A couple of hours later I had this vision, not a "dream," where I was standing in front of a Portal to the Stars, just looking into it.
    And from the Other Side my Higher Self told Me that "I'm coming through real soon."


    And now THIS just popped up outta "nowhere".
    And I quote:

    We Are Young!
    So let's set the World On Fire.
    We can burn Brighter than the SUN.


    So if by the time the bar closes you feel like falling down...
    I'll carry You HOME Tonight.

    Kann man mal so machen :-)


    1. I also have "visions" sometimes, when I am
      in bed, with eyes closed.
      and is very fast; few seconds.
      Today I saw a dog in my yard.
      most of the body was white and
      he had something in his mouth.
      when I saw him, he was coming out of the yard and it seems
      who noticed my gaze, why he stopped and looked back;
      straight to me.
      it was not a dream! I was awake with my eyes closed.

    2. when I realize that this is a vision, it disappears

  13. Not sure why, but I just got super surprised and excited reading this.

    Seriously, I made a nice squee. Manly one though.

    When I see "execute no-war," it makes me really happy for some reason.

    Blessings to all!

  14. Cobra, I heard you or someone with the same voice cloaking technology intercept one of my phone calls with my friend Rachel. Cobra do we know each other on a deeper level, and I just forgot my mission and can't seem to wake up due to psychotropic medications?

    There's tons of images and videos of the pleaidians doing test runs on the power grids. To the resistance, pleiadians, and galactic confederation thank you for helping us defeat the pure evil on this planet. I'll need to be taken to a planet of healing because I've been forced to take psych meds, which have rendered me to sleeping eighteen hours a day. My brain is damaged. I heard some spirits say I will be sent to a planet of healing, which I really hope so. I have never felt fully accepted and loved my entire life, besides within the company of a few individuals. I hope this changes. Which planet is the healing planet? Are there multiple healing planets?

    1. I have a weird story. Back in mid 2012 I went to sleep one night and had a dream that seemed very real. It seemed almost like I was having a conversation with someone but I only remember a part of a sentence and blackness. They seemed like they were trying to be helpful. It was a very deep voice, and it sounded exactly like CoBras voice modulator. I am not saying it was Cobra, I didnt know who CoBra was at the time, but whoever it was the voice was definitely masked. This voice said something about people going through a process of being turned into a type of plasma or something like that. Is it the light body that we will have in 5d, or was this just a weird dream with nonsensical info?

    2. Come on man, why would he scare someone like that? Why would he use voice cloaking technology to talk to one person? And why would he tap your phone and jump in on a conversation? That's mega creepy. He'd just email you or have a normal phone call.

    3. Hi friend : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JO5f5ijzwsQ

    4. and I have several videos with the voice ...
      I really wish I had sleeping pills.
      I do not like being awake anymore

    5. I also have been forced to take psych meds. I’m only 16 and I’ve been in them every single day for four years now. My body is addicted to it now, I can’t seem to function properly without them. So I hope I’ll also be able to be healed from this. I have much hope and love still, and I’m doing very well so far.

    6. Beloved, when you love your self fully you feel loved, when you accept yourself fully, you feel accepted. You can use power of your consciousnes and ask the question "why don't I love my self fully and completelly? Where lies the fear, where is the judgement?" The answer will not be hidden from you.
      Love and Peace


  15. Powerful Meditation Music - Arabic


    Please share it

  16. Happy New year Cobra!!!! Is this the gear of libertarian?? See you all on the flip side!!♥️♥️

    1. The time on your comment says 1:17 am. Just a couple days ago someone asked me for my password for something and I told them 1990 which is the year I was born. I then saw the digital clock on the convection oven said 12:19. I was born on december 19th, 1990. Synchronicity.

  17. Do not forget all this very important meditation from cobra and tell all your contacts !!!

    * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RW4ENEeT2uY&t=86s *

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  19. I had a dream when I was eleven. Going through a light to go see my grandmother. I have never forgot that dream. I dont know what to make of all this. But very interesting. Please would someone get a hold of me and let me in on this. I'm very new to all of this. But I would like to be contacted and would like to open my home up to the Aegarthans. I've felt something all my life like I could almost tell you what is going to happen before it happens. Like I know I feel something more than most. Kind of weird to me.

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  21. it's a virus, pleople wake up please