Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Cobra in progress, Pandora in progress. Fatal security breach at 741, alpha timeline collapse. Beta recovery attempt failed, beta timeline collapse. GHVBN attempt, HP+/GBN-, EXC. Gamma timeline in progress. Several PB removal attempts with overall failure. P501 fully enforced with P501link confirmed. M minimum requirements met.


  1. This looks promising. In my 8 years of following it has never seemed closer.


    In which I hope to complete all our hopes on this planet:
    Cabin Death and Mass Arrests, Global Financial Reset, Full Disclosure.
    The liberation and implementation of "free energy" technologies and last but not least our vibratory lifting, so that the end of the year that will start over a day, will find us better, smarter, smoother.
    Thanks to Cobra, Asthara, RM, Plenadians, the Alliance and all the positive galacticollars that help us - hugs.
    After I triggered in front of my older parents, thousands of alien explanations have asked me about three times, so I ask for them.
    QUESTION from my parents to Galactics:


    Thank you !

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    1. Med-beds are coming and will repair everything.New technologie.s that even can grow new limbs etc, hold on.

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    3. Please hang in there! The tech soon to be released I hope can restore your eyesight.

    4. @?.!. January?


      Also, can they help those of us born in the wrong gender body, in the very least allowing me, for example to at least look and sound like a women, at least?

  5. Let this year be the one in which humanity succeeds in its struggle to liberation. Victory of the Light.

  6. Gamma Timeline! Thats very positive my friends!


  7. From 'plasma TV', plasma-antenna, and plasma discharge lamps,... to... Keshe's 'plasma bottle' and free energy...

    an year of possible 'unexpected breakthroughs'...


  8. Quantum Vacuum Scalar Free Energy

    "The conditions of an AC induced high voltage via spark gap through a Tesla style coil (long pole wound with magnet wire) with a couple of aluminum plates on both ends will create a static field either above or below it, depending upon the polarity of the connection made to a primary exciter coil of a few winds of heavier gauge wire around the Tesla style coil."

  9. Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy


    1. Yes I read era of light too, what concerned me was a dare of Jan 2nd we wld see a flash or event nobody could dismiss..I think it said the 2nd? Also.I think it talks about the NY transformer event being a DEW by the Galactics testing the grid in case it has to be taken down. It was an inspiring article but I keep reading dates on era of light and see nothing tangible to validate the information. I am positive and expect a paradigm shift any moment. Victory of the Light!

  11. That machine is all they have left to maintain control. Without it the implant grid is useless.

    Its a violation is it not? Were the light forces initially unaware of its creation?


  12. cobra ..? You have often had interview shows with Fulford or Wilcock, Goode? Can not you give them meditation and they share it? I wrote goode, but he certainly does not read it.

    1. Corey Goode does read messages. I just watched an interview where he specifically mentioned the massive group meditations more than once. He simply doesn't have time to answer the thousands of messages he gets every week.

  13. Michael Love fans, get it together, that guy is a scam. He comes out with specific intel about the things Cobra talks about, but always AFTER. What a disappointment that so many people are falling for that. He gives specific dates about the operations, he promises results in hours or days, his articles actually contain no useful spiritual information, just how we're going to be 5D gods with upgraded DNA next week. Have some discernment. At least Barbara Marciniak and Sheldan Nidle are convincing, even though they're fluff too. I realize it's hard to tell what's real, but information like Michael's, there's just no excuse. Come on, intel always AFTER Cobra's articles? It's Disinfo 101 to flood the community with similar sounding but worthless information. He says "Your divine super-angelic gifts will begin to fully activate at the 5D level on this Earth day." Oh look at that, I'm already a god! "Super-angelic" I could see him sitting around laughing as he writes this crap. Or the Archons in his head are laughing. "You will fully ascend to the 5th dimension in two days." He says this garbage every week. Quit making a fool of yourself and ditch this liar.

    1. The timeline he describes is available to those who choose it. I say yes to it, and give my energy to the powerful possibilities he speaks. What good does it do for you to trash a visionary who is willing to stick his neck out with a option that is glorious? Best to look into yourself for the reasons you can’t accept it, not trash this beautiful vision for others.

    2. Thank you you are soo right , i posted a message on michael love 's account that he was a liar and that nothing happened and he gave false information everybody was ok with that and then guess what ? I was blocked and my messages dissapeared hmmmmm ... strange

  14. Don Smith Free Energy:

    Don Smith Patent NL02000035A:


  15. Don Smith Free Energy:

  16. Wow... This doesn't sound so good. Does it?

  17. 741 Zazen girl does not yet realize that he is being infringed.
    741 I think that the zazen girl encounters Twin Ray.
    Currently, I can not communicate with the 741 Zazen girl like 504.
    504 takkyu ishino is defeated by the temptation of women and is in security breach. Probably it seems that the 741 Zazen girls are also tempted in the same way.
    The cause of the security breach is that the daughter Suzuki Seina of Hazar Mafia Japan's enslaved plan.

    Also, the daughter of Japan 's Hazal Mafia, Suzuki Seina is falsely against me,

    wrote to these sites.

    Copy and paste the post contents of Suzuki Seina.

    " Who is this girl in the white, I have dreamed of a familiar voice then opening a door and seeing her, very real. I was attacked though by her it was unpleasant.

    Was my dream hijacked to cause fear? This is a strange coincidence."

    Notice mail was erased by unauthorized access during the Japanese translation of contribution contents.
    Japan's Hazar Mafia is collaborating with Freemason's Korea branch.
    Hazar Mafia in Japan can also hack on Interpol's site.
    Please pay attention to hacking from Japan, Republic of Korea, North Korea.

  18. Compression breakthrough in progress?!?!

    1. Wow! Yes, this is an amazing and wonderful update!

  19. Assim seja!!!



  21. Brave Light Warriors, bravest of the brave, my heart and soul are with you.....May the Source be strong with you! Keep up the GOOD fight!


  22. Open Source EVERYTHING...

    A word in the benefit of Light Communities and the development...

    A 'new year gift' is already in place for the benefit of the 1st Area of Light...

    A Radial Wave open lighting unit outline, using 'natural numbers', phi and many others,...

    And,... many many others of different types will come 'soon' enough...



  24. Pipeline

    I AM DC

  25. Alfa and Beta failed. Another time line in progress. Travelers, here we go! This next meditation is so so important... Victory to the Light!

  26. 47 million page views...
    As you stand your ground
    Gathering Thunder As Your Heart
    Keeping The Circle Of A Drum
    As Evidence for the World
    That shadow of clouds...
    Bring The The Full Force Of Light

  27. Does anyone know what any of this actually means?


  28. MammaGamma

    I AM DC

  29. Thank you dear Cobra ✨ happy new year 2019 and final Victory of the Light ✨🙏🏼❤️🌈

  30. Replies
    1. I noticed that too. I haven't seen that before, so that's exciting. Compression breakthrough in progress should mean we're pretty close to the grand finale.

    2. This is the yearly report. It says cobra in progress every year.


  31. Und Wir machen unser Ding.
    Egal was die anderen labern, Gaia.

    I AM DC


  32. Und jetzt bringen wir mal ein bisschen SONNE rein hier.

    Sonne in der Nacht

    Und das sag ich nicht nur so,
    das mein' ich ganz ernst.



  33. The Miracle Of Love

    ALL IN

    I AM DC

  34. Three articles on beforeitsnews from indianin6themachine about the Bushes:, also all translated in Dutch (well... placed on



  35. Message from Mother God, Father God via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, January 1st, 2019

    Translated in Dutch:


  36. SHE sees The Truth behind the Lies

    My Angel called GAIA


    I AM DC

  37. Gamma timeline now. So, destination unknown?


  38. Allons y vent, mon amour.
    Ça plane pour moi - et toi aussie, Gaia

    In diesem Sinne

    One More Round

    I AM DC


  39. 26,000 years later ... we're still standing. Jan 5th 144k New-Moon-Solar-Eclipse Mass Meditation + Thomas Williams Truth Bombs

    January 2, 2019
    The Unknown Lightwarrior

    I have to be extremely quick with this notification. The intensities behind the scenes … both physical & non-physical, are now completely off the charts. To us, this means we’re entering a period (hint: a year) where:

    you have to stay glued to your inbox to receive any sudden Mass Meditation alerts.
    we MUST unlock much deeper layers of our still largely dormant abilities.

    To put it another way … Both tonight & last night (yes … right up to New Year’s Eve) I just completed a total of 8 hours of internal & external Mass Planetary Clearing work.

    Many of us are getting hammered by beams from physical & non-physical satellites. Many of these satellites were protected by plasma toplet bombs …

    … and then you have the unmanned drones, in the form of small disks that do these non-Newtonian zig-zag type moves. Generally at very high altitude, much like flying saucers, projecting these beams too. Yes, they were worked on.

    This increase in intensities is a sure sign that the proverbial loud crescendo is really building up to the mass-arrests. I’ll share much more with you on this week’s show. Too much to go into right now … but tomorrow on the show I'll go into it all in much greater detail.

  40. 144k Mass Meditation on Jan 5th, 2019

    New Moon/Solar Eclipse Meditation

    Soul duty calls.

    This Saturday/Sunday let's take further control over the liberation process, and show them who's now in charge!

    New Moons are optimum for setting that the manifestation has time to grow and culminate at the FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse coming up later this month.

    Let's DO THIS!

    Be a part of the most advanced Mass Meditation currently on the surface of this planet.

    Join time (log on at): 6pm EST (US)

    Start time: 6:20pm EST

    New Moon Solar Eclipse maximum: 6:34pm

    For your time zone:

    Link to click to join the live guided broadcast:

    Time to SET THINGS UP for a massive breakthrough at the Total Lunar Eclipse Meditation on the 20th of Jan!!

    Skillful and advanced meditators are ESPECIALLY NEEDED at the intention setting phase...the NEW MOON when we also have a partial solar eclipse.

    See you on the non-physical.

  41. Thomas Williams Joins us for …
    … new information about the real power hierachy...who's in control and who's not!

    I spoke with Thomas briefly online two days ago … and the guy has so much information for us that I’ll have to devote the almost 2 hrs of the show to this discussion with him.

    Here’s just a tiny taste of what he has to say:

    how the Vrill girls are very much alive, and have been held hostage since the 40s.

    the four year ‘time-loop’ of 2014 to 2018.

    who really is ‘Marduk’ … and how did this entity gain control of all trusts on this planet?

    the exact, still largely untold hierarchy of physical darkness on this planet, and how much of it is left.

    the document showing the ‘circles within circles’ of groups that made up the control structure of the planet, that also largely untold.

    some important specifics about what is done to the children of Cabal members, that will help us gain an awareness & level of consciousness and understanding of why & how the Cabal do what the do (or have always done, and why in certain respects … they need more help than even we do.

    (warning … truth bombs coming your way, this is ultimately for our empowerment & to carry out planetary liberation)

    the final truth about the RV, and why it’s not needed.

    what was done to CERN in 2015, that finally stopped it’s highest (negative) purpose.

    did Thomas’s insider contact, ‘Kim Possible’ , really change the Cabal banking codes that stopped the harvesting system of humanity’s energy?

    … how has this affected the Cabal & non-physical darkness’ ability to wage war on us, and keep us suppressed?

    what needs to happen, and what do wee need to do to actualize all this change & receive the benefits in our day to day physical existence?

    … and we’re going to start it all off with the ‘5 main tribes of the Atlantean Period” 16,000 years ago … to make things nice & interesting for ya :- )

    ( … seriously, it’s all about consciousness raising upliftment & EMPOWERMENT for you … to
    RE-IGNITE your imagination & in-SPIR-ation … the precursor to the activation of your dormant powers)

    And just to show how crazy busy & ‘on-for-young-&-old’ it has been here … I almost forgot to say:

    “Happy Artificial Chronological New Year”

    … that’s right, the New Year doesn’t really start until the energetic new year, which is in February. 2018 is still in the process of completing itself.

    That completion process started on 11/11.

    The Chinese have it right. The earth doesn’t orbit the Sun in that perfect - always the same - elliptical loop (of course … although fans of Nassim Haramein might already know this).

    That’s your first little taste of the truth bombs coming your way on this week’s episode of … Ground Crew Command (live broadcasts every Wed 9pm EST) ... YOUR central support network; and your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to get you through the Archon invented "work week" -

    click here for the reminder & to listen in-

    ( … hit the pink Follow button for show reminders & free downloadable recordings)

    Call in #: (310) 807-5232.

    Or connect from your browser using the link above.

    p.s. If you haven't joined the 144,000 Army of Light that's being built ... and you feel the calling or desire, watch the short video at this link & click to join! Let's take charge & Liberate This Planet!

    The Unknown Lightwarrior


  42. Alpha and Omega

    TIME to


    I AM DC

  43. Corey does read those messages. I watched an interview where he specifically mentioned the massive group meditations more than once. I expect he's simply too busy to answer all the messages he gets. I know he receives thousands every week.

  44. Admit it, you just make it up as you go along.

  45. what does eh mean by pandora though is it a specific female who is generating the specific timeline?

  46. Steven Swisley. I hear you and feel your desperation. It is OK to speak your truth to clear. Abide! hang in there. Practice gratitude to raise your frequency. Gratitude has immediate results and requires no practice. However IF practiced becomes more potent. Once you have raised your frequency from low, Hopelessness, Trauma, Anger Bitterness etc. to Joy,Gratitude,creativity,Bliss & Love, you may find other senses arise. Often when you lose a sense, others appear. Sending you beautiful Healing intentions. If you have trouble being grateful, Pretend to be grateful. That will jump start your rise in frequency. Another tip to jump start your rise in frequency is to listen to the most beautiful music that brings tears to your eyes (Bliss). This video does it to me. Beethoven was deaf when presenting his great symphony to the world. Though deaf, another sense appeared that allowed him to do the impossible. In the "ODE to Joy" there are lyrics written by Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller. reads:

    O friends, no more of these sounds!
    Let us sing more cheerful songs,
    More songs full of joy!
    Joy, bright spark of divinity,
    Daughter of Elysium,
    Fire-inspired we tread
    Within thy sanctuary.
    Thy magic power re-unites
    All that custom has divided,
    All men become brothers,
    Under the sway of thy gentle wings.
    Whoever has created
    An abiding friendship,
    Or has won
    A true and loving wife,
    All who can call at least one soul theirs,
    Join our song of praise;
    But those who cannot must creep tearfully
    Away from our circle.
    All creatures drink of joy
    At natures breast.
    Just and unjust
    Alike taste of her gift;
    She gave us kisses and the fruit of the vine,
    A tried friend to the end.
    Even the worm can feel contentment,
    And the cherub stands before God!
    Gladly, like the heavenly bodies
    Which He sent on their courses
    Through the splendor of the firmament;
    Thus, brothers, you should run your race,
    Like a hero going to victory!
    You millions, I embrace you.
    This kiss is for all the world!
    Brothers, above the starry canopy
    There must dwell a loving father.

    Do you fall in worship, you millions?
    World, do you know your creator?
    Seek Him in the heavens;
    Above the stars must he dwell.
    YOU are strong or you would not be here at this time. Abide.

  47. Best news since 2000 years: alpha and beta timeline collapsed!!!

  48. Victory to the Light!


  49. It ain't over till the fat lady sings, right?

    Here's a fat gentleman singing along with a beautiful lady ;-)

    There must be an Angel


    I AM DC


    Victory of the Light!