Sunday, February 10, 2019

Black alert at 504


  1. Hey friends, Q Anon is back. Victory of the Light.

  2. as always.
    BUT Why? again again and again...
    Please close these doors and stop these attacks permanently.
    Better security-systems are highly needed.

  3. Always getting Better, never Giving up Light Forces! <3 :) Song of the Pleiades: Victory of the Light! <3

  4. PLEASE BRING ON THE EVENT RIGHT NOW! Its too late, soon!

  5. Make sure that the multi-device application is not installed without permission. I came to my smartphone I heard that confirmation mail has arrived because payment has stopped.

    To say that claiming this is occurring is that all the part of the gas lighting using the position information of the GPS is used for infringement of privacy and destruction of data and hijacking of applications of other SNS accounts with a camera of a smartphone from another terminal You can do whatever you want.
    Strict attention.

    After that, please contact the police immediately if the application has been installed without any permission and claims have occurred.

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