Sunday, February 17, 2019

Declas MIL


  1. Thank you,Cobra.💖💫💫💫🌹

  2. That sounds almost Identical to a Q drop to me.

  3. Sounds like something QAnon would say!!😜

    1. Hey! I was trying to give you a shout out on David Wilcocks 2nd live stream the other day! XD I love finding people from here, across different platforms.

  4. If you feel like you are under attack by the dark forces help is out there. Visit and contact Rosine about a remote healing session. She was able to help me by identifying and removing a dark entity that was attached to me and it was making me feel horrible and was causing me to think about really bad stuff to put it mildly. I thought I was going crazy but Rosine knew what it was and she healed me over the phone in only one session and I know she can do the same for you. VOTL! ❤

    1. Thanks for taking the time to share that help TTR


  5. unknownFebruary 17, 2019 at 2:44 AM
    Areas of Light development...

    …From the disgustingness of the 3-phase power system with grounded neutral as an active wire,... to Tesla's wireless transmission...

    …Let's develop a 'clean' environment with no stray-voltage for our Islands and Areas of Light... Time is now!...

    A post with the subject of discussion is in place:

    If you are a qualified electrician, but also awakened, and are you in interest of establishment of first Islands of Light, please come to discussion to find together the best solution.

    If you are an 'indoctrinated' of mainstream science, but are you awakening now, you are also welcome...
    Every one of us who is interested in this concern is welcome.
    Let come together... Time is now!... Islands of Light need our work. Let's do it!


    1. Our proposals of 'wall plug', may it be single-phase or 3-phase, do not use the grounded-neutral as a 'hot wire'. So, currents flow only in line wires.

      No grounded active wire if you want to avoid stray-voltage!... nor for supply voltage, none for 'low-voltage' (extra-low-voltage), no else...

      active wires have to be not grounded!...

      Visit the pages and look up the diagrams for a better understanding.

      The main page:

      and a Q and A page:

      Mainstream science is interested in only minimizing 'costs' and voltage drop at end users, but not to keep clean the environment of stray-voltages, or to be you in no or less danger...


    2. The proposed solution, with 1x120V AC or 3x120V AC in discussion has the grounded neutrals kept apart (not accessible to plugs) from plugged apparatus.

      Look up the diagrams, and understand there is no stray-voltage to come from.


    3. Please see also that contact-voltage between lines and earth is only 60V in the proposed single-phase system and 70V in the three-phase one,
      so it's the less dangerous you can achieve in a power system of 120V, single phase or 3-phases.


    4. However, in the described cases, a low value capacitive current might flow, but it's value, and voltage-drop is very very low, comparative with the current in earthed active neutrals.


    5. In any of case, as our estimation, in short networks and independent from main power grid, as the case in Areas of Light, the proposed single-phase and 3-phases (with non-active grounded neutral) will properly work;
      even in 3-phase system not equally loaded by single phase consumers.

      If you are a qualified electrician, but also awakened, and are you in interest of development the first Islands of Light, please come to this discussion...


    6. We give a call to electrical engineers who were involved in designing or working in 'UK Reduced low voltage' systems, to discuss particulars of these kind of networks;
      that are most alike with what we want to develop for Islands of Light.

    7. Areas of Light development...

      Another item of interest is to set the standard for 'Extra-low voltage'. It's what is vox-populi named as 'low-voltage';
      thus, in electrical engineering low voltage is something else.

    8. We consider as resulting from this:

      "Some types of landscape lighting use SELV / PELV (extra-low voltage) systems. Modern battery operated hand tools fall in the SELV category. In more arduous conditions 25 volts RMS alternating current / 60 volts (ripple-free) direct current can be specified to further reduce hazard. Lower voltage can apply in wet or conductive conditions where there is even greater potential for electric shock."

      "Although that standard defines safety rules for electricity, the Regulatory Standard no. 12 requires an even lower voltage for start and stop devices on machines and equipment made from March 2012 and on, stating it shall not exceed 25 volts a.c. or 60 volts d.c."


    9. "Lower voltage can apply in wet or conductive conditions where there is even greater potential for electric shock. These systems should still fall under the SELV / PELV (ELV) safety specifications."

      We consider to set for this case 12V and 24V DC ripple-free.

    10. Discussing Electrical: As an observer, your information on your pages, makes me nervous. After trying to talk with you about it, I dont feel like positive progression was made. I would be wary to utilize this info. I also suggest to others to use their own judgement on this and to exercise caution. Please everyone, consider doing your own research before following the work of others.

    11. Wes Tozer And upon reading your comments Wes Tozer you are clearly trying to dissuade others from progressing, so simply that you are unable to find validation in others works only speaks to your character flaws. Stop projecting and grow up dude. We do not need you bringing us down, and like you said, if we can discern for ourselves, why do we need you to tell us so? It's 3D vs. 4D/5D now. We should all know our place, so know yours.

    12. None of these points are about electrical. Which is what this discussion was about. So rather than attack me, why don't you talk about content... Content content content. Or am I projecting? Seems to me like you're making this into a "us vs them" argument, which is odd because I thought we were all on the side of good.

      I now understand the "fighting in the light worker community". Since your first instinct is to attack the person and not the content. Perhaps I should go and grow up a bit after understanding and knowing my place. Or perhaps, not. My place in this world is well defined by myself and others and it is a beautiful place.

      Unfortunately, this conversation brings too much negativity.

      I wish you all the best on your journey.


    13. Wes Tozer@

      Dear,... why are you so nervous?...

      We engaged in the talk, and all your question were answered, answers were given with the evidence we consider for each question.

      There is the 2 pages in place with our conversation and Q and A.
      Don't be nervous, please...


    14. Wes Tozer@

      and... btw,...
      may you bring your point of view about how may look like a Light Community, on all the aspects you consider, or have you expertise in.
      Any point of view might be useful for something so new, that is new for all and lines need to be drawn in this concern.
      Why not?...

      Kind regards

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  7. The First 9/11 was Stopped by a US Citizen in 1999.
    For more information Twitter: @awb555

  8. I also did a session with Rosine and I liked her very much and would use her again.

  9. The past 24 hours has a huge I sustained increase to the schumann resonance up to 100hz. Many Intel sources have indicated that a new phase has started.the U.S. will have a bank holiday on Monday, I feel a high possibility of a financial change is set to happen. Hold the light. Pain is temporary, victory is forever.. I love that saying I read on this site. Hello 5d. Have a great day all.

  10. I think the surface military will be fully briefed.


  11. Thank you all! Together we are unstoppable! Anchoring the love and light in the Pac NW!!


  12. I hope we will soon see arrests and a new financial system ... The people must be given a sign, so that many have hope again ..


  13. Break It Down Again
    No More sleepy dreaming


    Love and Light

    I AM DC

  14. Cobra, what is "The 9 virus?" Is that was was seixed in CA recently? In my meditation it was mentioned. Having the most wonderful
    contact this week. Have some been allowed to make contact?

    1. Not entirely sure what my dream meant, but I'm Métis and met a full blown native man (headdress, war paint and all). I didn't grow up on a reserve or anything but my grandma on my dad's side was. Anyway I'm calling it a "heritage dream" for lack of better context, and it happened a few months ago, early November 2018. The dream started in a desert or plain covered in light snow. It was clear and there was nothing around for what seemed to be a long walk, just blue sky and white ground forever. Then out of nowhere there was this native man as I mentioned before, all decked out in native garbs, so I presumed he was a chief or something. He was standing beside a bare tree (not sure what kind) and a large irregular rectangular gray rock (3 feet tall, 2 feet wide, 4 feet long). He said to me "If you wish to obtain the knowledge and wisdom of the ancients, place your hands upon the stone". So I did of course lol. As soon as my hands touched the stone I felt a massive surge of energy through my entire body and everything went kind of white, it felt almost like being electrocuted but not painful, but I felt a force pushing on me. Then birds burst from the bare tree, flew into the sky and I woke up... most intense dream I ever had, and I've had a few other rather mystical ones!


  16. *Meditation for urgent intervention to the implantation of the Galactic Codex on Planet Earth.*


  17. Something really big will happen.
    Let's wait and see...725...724...723...

  18. "Ready, Terrans, are you to meet yourself? Mesh also shown is. Sky is checkered, we ride New Grade and Terrans observe. Aiaiai Terranos, when your greatness will perceive?"

  19. Thank you for all light ones ⚡️😷

  20. Funny I was playing Dark Souls 3 last night and I looked up an item chart and one of the columns read Delta* and it kind of stopped me for a second, then I thought of this blog.
    The * part at the bottom of the chart said: "*Change from previous level". Thought that was neat :P

  21. Very interesting intel about Pope, Vatican, El Chapo, human trafficking:

  22. To fill the days until Evevt happens, I recomend to you to listen Billy Meiere tapes. Billy Meiere is the man who contacted woman from Pleiadies Semjase and othe beings from diferent star systems and universe. This probably will make you to look a bit diferent to all theese things.

    1. Wish they would FINALLY LAND.

    2. it's so close! can you see them every night brighter in the sky?

    3. How can one differentiate btwn stars and ships? Thanks!!

  23. Hold on to your hats guys, looks like DECLAS coming!

    Cobra: Declas MIL

    Majestic12 on Twitter: WALL-E warned you.
    Future proves past.
    In 2016, we won.
    However, [they] still believe they are in power.
    Now: Stage III
    Big Week Ahead
    Buckle Up
    DECLAS coming (some).
    Events NOT Dates.
    Time is an illusion.

    Q on 8 chan today:

    The President of the United States, the Commander in Chief, AGREED that an illegal coup was attempted against him.

    Stop and understand the GRAVITY of acknowledgement.

    Do you believe nothing will happen?

    Do you believe no one will be prosecuted?

    POTUS making statements for no reason?

    How do you introduce the TRUTH to those still asleep?

    DECLAS coming?

    The message must be direct (bypass the non reporting of the TRUTH (facts) by FAKE ‘spin the narrative’ NEWS).


    1. Hmm interesting, was wondering the same thing, Qanon and [DECLAS]..

      It makes me wonder if the Declassification of documents is either just asked by Q to anon replies (usually), or, if Qanon actually knows something...

      Ok, one thing I have to say about Qanon...


      My frustration comes primarialy from those who spur inaction; individuals who want their followers to  depend more on what to think, than, the evidence presented.

      This is why I find Benjamin Fulford far more critical to the change needed in the world, because, he presents FACTS; as opposed to those such as the riddler Qanon.

      Qanon detracts people from action, by filling a fanbase, based on his theories..

      "Activate Sessions", Alice (Hilliary) in Wonderland (Saudi Arabia) with "Who are the White Rabbits?", and, emotional hooks such as "WWG1WGO" and "Patriots Protect Partiots", as well as continually trying to prove over and over he works with the President.  

      Then, if anyone makes sense of these broad statements, they get a positive affirmation of "good job patriot" from Qanon, for propping up an origional statement based without facts.

      This creates a passificism, ignoring the necessary of the actions to be performed, in exchange for reliance and complatencency with a belief that Qanon and 8chan are protecting the world.  

      That is what the bad guys want above all else, for the good guys to do nothing...


  24. Just in case this comment is not censured, I'd like to say, a "loving" creator(s) that allows evil to continually prosper, steal, and m@rder is deranged at best... Perhaps that is the reason they keep humans on a prison planet, because of people like you and I who question the status-quo. In my very not so humble opinion, I believe the "creator (s)" must be dethroned and put on trial for allowing such perverseness to prosper. And, no I do not think it is about freewill since the freewill of millions is always ignored while the freewill of predators continually honored.

    1. I must agree we all need answers why duality game was allowed in the first place much less then neg ET were allowed to hijack the game, murder rape and kill millions how did this happen? To me it wldve been better to hit earth with a massive light pulse and start over. Yes we go back but so do the dracos and all the rest.. hit reset button if you will. Vs letting the virus spread to a pt where the control is so firm it takes years to liberate. We all want action we can see now.


  25. ROBERT DAVID STEELE: What Trump's About To Do Is SHOCKING! (Powerful Interview)

  26. We need no president, no priest and no pope. We need people to re-alize their own sovereignty and to quit giving away their consent (Freedom) for obviously corrupted systems that do not serve the majority. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting a different result. You are the ONE You have been waiting for.

    1. @Greg Dampier

      NOT going to happen, Greg. IF the masses wanted to fight back, they would.

      It will take, DIRECT, PHYSICAL ET contact to take on the bad guys.

      MANY people DIED trying to take on the bad was a US president. And HOW does one take on the empire and their advanced technology and weapons?

      So, the cheerleading speech won't suffice.

  27. Hi! hey, I'm reading: The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One, but some information about quaratine of Planet Earth and other tings .... does not resonate with what I know from co.bra; does anybody else have felt the same or it is just mE? as far as i have been reading, some times it seems like a justification for the quarantine and karmic processes I wonder if this channelled info was froma positive source? does anyone knows? thanks in advance for your kind answers!

    Victory of The Light.
    pain is momentary, victory id forever!

    1. He mentioned in an interview that he doesn’t agree with certain things in that channeling.

    2. oh! ok, thanks!! I knew it! somehow some info does not resonate with me either, sound more like an agenda to reinforce the karma stuffonce again. Thanks you for your comment @Scott Widmer!!

  28. "Yet Another REAL woman: Ex-CNN Reporter Amber Lyon Blows The Whistle On The Pay For Propaganda MSN Ruse... APPLAUSE, Please"

    I hope she is being warn abiut the dangers she faces.. or protected. Or something

    Would be nice if protected

  29. Cobra when I was around two to three years old someone used a toy alligator to break my hymen. I also experienced the symptoms of Ergot poisoning. I don't know how to feel about myself anymore. I just know I felt special and magical as a kid especially when I was twelve years old. I wish I could keep that feeling forever.

  30. For me, being in a bubble implies giving up trying to awake people. I already gave up and I am a grave. I am silent and observing now. Time is over. Those who had ears, lucky of them.

    1. I still FB post leaders to make people think but direct disclosure is way over most heads. If they still think 9ii was real they are still so deep in programming. Hoping the wave awakens them.

  31. Cobra UPDATE! PLEASE.

    Were waiting for the event!

    We want/need it ABSOLUTELY RIGHT NOW!

    And please bring a HOPEFULL update, noy common boring updates anymore! With no hope at all

    We al need Big proof, that something VER BIG! Is on the way, around the corner.

    There is still no proof/evidence at all.

    Love and light.

    1. I agree lots of statements like Soros arrested, Obama arrested at Gitmo, I did see lawyersfor911truth filed in Manhattan I think for a grand jury to review the evidence they are presenting for 911 truth but until Trump issue a text alert, or mass media speaks truth, financial reset takes place something all can see that we have turned the 5D corner. I imagine we will all experience a flash of love light energy and then the changes we want manifest

  32. Hour after Day after Week to Years end...
    Is your Soul any bigger than the Love you expend
    The grain of sand that holds an ocean at bay
    Or the size of Light
    Always Creating
    Each New Day

    8th Moon... Galactic Moon... Year of the Red Cosmic Moon
    Solar Seal: Red Cosmic Earth... Moon Day 13
    I Endure in order to Evolve
    Transcending Synchronicity
    I seal the Matrix of Navigation
    With the Cosmic tone of Presence
    I am guided by the power of Birth

  33. According to James Gilliland (Andromeda contact), a clean-up action in the 4th dimension takes place from top to bottom. The top sub-plane of the fourth dimension lies, so to speak, in the middle of the mental plane.

    My own observations might well confirm this. People in management positions are more often than not represented at these levels. The dark ones had to allow this to happen because they need them to maintain their system. Many of them were programmed to keep them under control.

    Recently I have observed some of them behaving unwillingly in stupid reactions from others, to a much greater extent than before. Before the 1996 Archon invasion, such behavior was commonplace and present in many people.

  34. They know the only real definition of "labor" is machine... not more "fake" jobs (unsustainable demand for more "fake" money)
    Jobs will be replaced by machine-> Transition Now->
    *International Spiritual Immigration Services
    all fake jobs replaced by machines->
    replaced to the "border squad"->
    I.S.I.S.-> to educate vs evict-> ET send $ home
    2 the People of real needs
    (Mexico has that, and makes "time" for more doctors)
    [*cut & pasted]...


  35. We the Collective would like to tell you about the current situation above your planet. We told you that Gaia will Ascend. She is almost ready for her final burst of Energy. The Energies is also affecting many on your planet. Have you noticed that you may require more sleeping time? It is normal. Your DNA is getting in line gradually. Dear Ones, know that the latest burst of Energy was meant to be soft and gradual.
    ..., we are all around your planet at the present moment. Special teams were sent to land on your planet. They are on the surface since a while. Many official contacts were made. But for security reasons, the special teams are highly protected. We know that some of you can feel our presence on the surface of your planet. The Light forces are making progress removing the Cabal.
    Please note that your 3 Density world is failing. We would like to recommend to ground yourself and enjoy the soft transition. Many of you think that you will jump from one dimension to another overnight. That is not how it is meant. Your spiritual Journey brings you to a gradual shift from your 3D world to the 5th Density. Most of you wouldn't be able to withstand a sudden shift. Remember grounding and meditation are a must in order to gradually go through the transition
    The spring equinox gate will soon open. There will be a burst of Energy to allow you to step into the 5th Density. This burst will be the first of many.
    ...As we are talking right now, know that several beings are coming out in the open. The Elementals, the animal kingdom, and many others (I think beings from Inner Earth) are about to make their First Contact with the Humans. It is important to continue your Spiritual work. Your higher vibrations will open the door to a world never been imagined before.
    Merlin via Bernard Lariviere

  36. Please so the meditation for planetary liberation and invocation of the Galactic Codex at 9:19 PM UTC (4:19 PM EDT).

  37. FEMA BARGES I have seen videos stating FEMA barges in Hawaii were holding people against their will and then killing them. I am not convinced as the cargo containers shown appear to be from cargo ships that fell off..anyone have any info?

  38. Wow I just realised that I have waisted 6 years of my life on this blog... good bye everyone.. goodbye Cobra.. maybe seeing you again sometime ;)


    1. As I wrote elsewhere yesterday:

      It is YOU who has Devine Creative Power inside Your Being.
      The dark has spent a lot of time and energy in making you all forget that YOU can be just as powerful as the Source and YOU can create your own Reality, thus literally changing what is going on not only in your life but also on a Global Scale.
      They use electronic frequency technologies, mind control and dark magic to suppress Your Powers to keep you from realising who you really are.
      That is also the reason why there is so much disinformation and misinformation on the internet. They are scared of YOU living up to your potential and changing the Reality we currently live in.

      Your Powers are immeassurable, so they want to make you feel small and dependent on others to save you. Everybody is waiting for "the event", I know that. Including myself.
      But that "event" is not something that will be brought on by some mysterious "outside forces." It will be initiated by US.
      Please realize that YOU ARE THE EVENT.

      On 12-21-2012 Gaia started raising Her Frequencies and Vibration, and that has been ongoing ever since. She is almost ready to flip the switch, and She wants YOU to come on board and join in as being the Creators of that Change.

      Please FOCUS on the current slave system we live in collapsing with the darkness and its minions disintegrating while All of Us truely Wake Up and Co-Create the New Gaia, resulting in Complete Ascension for All.

      So, good choice :-)

      Love and Light

      I AM DC

    2. Please STOP, saying stupid are the that. You sound almost as a cabal member, to try keep the event away from us.

      The event is coming from the galactic central sun...not from me..tou, or who the fuck else!

      We are all suffering here still, with astronomical proportions, waiting for the endless delayed event.

      and cobra refuses to update. Its getting a big joke! A PAINFULL joke, for me/us all.

  39. james gilliland-quote-----Full Moon Purge

    ECETI NEWS February 18, 2019

    The Earth and the collective consciousness are purging. These energies can be overwhelming especially with sensitives and empaths. There are other planetary influences at play, Mars the warring energy, Pluto deep dark releases, combined with this super moon are accelerating this. Muster all the energies you can to clear but don’t be disappointed if you still feel the heaviness. I would strongly suggest the words not mine and this too shall pass. You will see the deep dark secrets revealing themselves, the true nature of people, “politicians and dark hearts”, the great awakening and house cleaning is in full swing. It is as if a spiritual fire hose was just turned on full. All we can do is surrender, release the past and be the solution. Take time to do your own house cleaning. This is a major turning point, the masks are coming down, the truth is being revealed and those who have been willingly or in ignorance working for the dark hearts will have a severe karmic reaction. When I say in ignorance I am referring to the mind-controlled masses that fell for the politicians and lame stream medias social programming race and gender card games. The games are over the people are waking up. You are going to see some very short careers in the political and main stream news. There was an undeniable coup to take out a duly elected president. The Russian hoax has finally come to an end exonerating Trump. Now comes the consequences. The round up has begun, top people will find themselves soon wearing orange suits in a nice tropical setting. Too bad they won’t be able to engage it. The gold standard has been engaged ending the Federal Reserve which is a consortium of private bankers and never was Federal. Treasury will take over ending the siphoning off of trillions to the global elite. These next two weeks will see a lot of action. Clearing energies and critical thinking as well as personal responsibility will be the tools necessary to get through these times. The victim roles, blaming, projecting will not be supported with these new energies. Remember not everything you are feeling is yours. Be kind to yourself, others and the planet.Be wise, be well,
    James Gilliland-----unquote.....

  40. For those saying we have no right to call out for help from the Light Forces and to have more dignity, read the Galactic Codex. We have a lot of rights. Everyone needs to read, claim, and decree them.
    "Section IV/1: Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right of calling upon the Galactic Confederation in need and the Galactic Confederation has the right to assist, regardless of local laws."

    1. Thanks Purple Girl, for the reminder!!!

    2. Good, it's time we have contact.

    3. Pleiades 1 Messages February 23 2019

      Main Matrix in collapse.

  41. meanwhile, socialist loons run rampant.

  42. Call of soul mates beyond the veil

    Hey, brother! There's an endless road to rediscover.
    You think your present life is everything, but there's so much to rediscover.

    Hey, sister! Know the water's sweet but blood is thicker.
    You're looking for sweet things in life, but soul mates are stronger.

    Oh, if the sky comes falling down for you - There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do.
    The search for connection is up to us.

    Hey, brother! Do you still believe in one another?
    The dark ones are telling us to divide.

    Hey, sister! Do you still believe in love, I wonder?
    Implants, programs, manipulations are supposed to destroy our love.

    What if I'm far from home? Oh, brother, I will hear you call. What if I lose it all? Oh, sister, I will help you out.
    We can find the connection if we search.

  43. Cobra.....UPDATE please! We all deserve the event happen right now.

    Not endless pointless talk, about central race this and that. And other things.

    I read that on your blog for years now, since 2012......the same over and over again, and here we are...nothing happened.

    Remember back in 2012, or so, a story about the event happening any moment too...and central races this and that.

    Here we are, with still suffering and no event.

    Very interesting your stories. about the galactic races, but we all want the present right now.....right now literally, and laterally...the....EVENT!

    But every galaxy in the universe has a central sun?

    So, please give us the long awaited BIG UPDATE! That everybody needs prepared very quick. The event is happening any moment now!

  44. for future remarks,

    spartan 1 and spartan 2 published information about Antarctica Octagon structure buried under the ice on Feb 20, 3 days after this post, what a coincidence

  45. <3 <3 <3 Daily Buddhic Columns Meditation
    with a unique location every day
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