Thursday, October 3, 2019

VTXC grid recovery, RM2m L0 MASTERPIECE sequence initialized


  1. Dear brother Cobra and RM, thank you so much for your being there. The grid recovery is such a relief, let's go all the way this time. I am doing my share of meditations and else, but feel all surface population could do more - please instruct us if there is anything more we can do. Sending streams of love and gratefulness your way. Victory to the Light!

    1. I agree, we can do more to help the Resistance Movement: in particular we can try to meditate on the Flower of Life at least every 4 hours, even if we think we have other "priorities ( seriously, what other priority is higher than the Liberation of our planet...?!!!!!) and also to compensate for those who cannot meditate, by ignorance or physical disability (illness, coma, etc...) . Thank you RM and Cobra and Lighforces and Victory of Light, at last!!!!

    2. Yes, could do more. I'm sick and I can't help. But it is inconceivable to me that those who are healthy remain completely absent. They don't care what's going on over our heads.

    3. The flower of life meditations can be done with A432 frequencies too. A432 tunes can be found on youtube if you don't have the software to generate the frequencies.

    4. @ flower I suppose the rest knows. I neither.

  2. Some time ago there were messages about L3,L2 and L1. It seems that L0 is the closest to earth and that good things are happening.
    Thank you Cobra and Light Forces.

  3. Doing the Flower of Life meditation everyday here! o/ Here we go guys! Its now or now! :D

  4. Let's all do a light meditation at 11:11 today and blast our light back at the darkness and push them oit of our planet our dimension. I want to love my soul family, now, I need a loving touch so let's all connect. And so it is.

    There have been some drastic developments regarding the Event during the last weekend. Special task force of the Resistance, codenamed RM2m (...)
    Most importantly, the RM2m special task force has proposed a plan to trigger the Event before the non-physical planes are totally cleared.(...)
    The RM2m special task force has asked if we can conduct a poll to determine what the opinion of the surface population is about their plan(...)
    The RM2m special task force will give more updates in the near future as the situation unfolds.

    More at

    MASTERPIECE is the 2.3 version (i guess)
    L0 (?)

    1. That's interesting. Thanks for finding that.

    2. L0 reffers to the closest orbit to the surface of earth

    3. >Nicolightworker
      Interesting. Did they say specifically how close?

  6. David Chicago@

    It was not about predicting the Event. (Maybe tomorrow, others will ask "what event?").

    It is rather a suggestion for an exercise of 'dream incubation'. For sure, the more lucid the dream, the best!

    1. @unknown, I have done lucid dreaming in the past but I was not very good at it. I feel like what I am shone is enough for now. I will just be patient. I am sure I will be shone more when the time is right.

    2. I just had a dream that I got beaten up by a bully. Everyone watched and enjoyed it because no one likes me for no good reason.

  7. Something is definitely going on. My own contact has increased with clearer visions of their light ships and Intel. Let's hope it's go time.👍🙋 Love to all!! VOTL

  8. Cover of Financial Times 18 Sep 2019
    When the FT is calling you out, you must be in trouble…

    Time to end #BanditCapitalism | Massive fortunes are being made irresponsibility yet productivity remains low >> Martin Wolf: Why rigged capitalism is damaging liberal democracy

  9. Thinking today about birth of 5d. In terms of pregnancy at a human level. If 5d was created, it would still need to gestate for 9 months at the minimum. In our case, its been 7 years since 2012.
    My thoughts are currently around week 5-8 of pregnancy. We are detached from 3d, yolk sac and currently bridging the umbilical cord for full 5d. I would like to say 5d has been birthed but no does not feel so. Not until the cord is cut, that will be the event. Peace ❤❤

  10. 9/11/1999 Whistleblower:


  11. From meditations and so forth, I've come to some conclusions. This may disagree with some.

    I feel that light is not ultimately what I am, nor is love ultimately what I am. Light and love are expressions of I Am, but I Am/Source is beyond light and love, and of course also beyond dark. There is I Am, then there are undefined essences, then there is the expression.

    This is a realm that's created to be a realm of light, so that's why it's important to bring forth light to clear out the dark.

    Information stating that the next realm to be created is more dense than the physical world is still in the back of my mind. Each density, going from less dense to more dense, becomes more complex. The physical world is the most complex density, but an even more complex one is said to be the next creation. I can't just forget this information. Every single source of knowledge that's ever been encountered needs to be reconciled.

    1. @Info Finder, I saw something online years ago. Someone on this blog may of linked to it. It had a hierarchy of emotions. Shame was at the bottom. It was the worst because it is a form of self hate. Fear was next, only because it can lead to action, although its usually poor actions. Then hate and anger. They often lead to action although its often bad actions. Self love was next, like pride or arrogance.

      Understanding was somewhere above those. It can lead to better decisions and less hate and anger. Then Compassion and love. These often lead to good things, but sometimes naive decisions can be made. Showing mercy to the wicked allows them to do bad. The highest was pure consciousness. Love and compassion can flow from this effortlessly, but you can also be stern and grounded if need be. You know when to say no. Decisions are often more balanced. I believe the info is right because this is the order I went from, from a young age to today where I try and be in a state of pure consciousness as much as I can.

  12. Wow! That's what i call good move!
    L0 masterpiece sequence initialized. Cant say how happy this makes me feel.

    Thank you RM! Thank you Cobra!
    I AM vibrating all love i AM.

  13. It seems like we have come through a lot of "L levels," such as L5, L4, L3, L2, L1, and now L0. This looks like a very good thing (besides this VTXC recovery, whatever this is).

    Each day the energy feels better. It is subtle improvement, but there is improvement.

    Thank you Light Forces and RM !

    1. @Megan, I saw your comment about the story CoBra posted. I am not sure what the story was about but your feelings on it seemed right to me.

    2. There's no definition of L0 when doing a search. Lagrange Points are calculated with a larger mass M1 (Sun) and smaller mass M2(Earth).
      Diagram of Lagrange Point locations:

      L3 is actually the furthest from Earth so the sequence should start from there, whereas L4 and L5 are relatively nearer after L1 and L2.

      Some have assumed in past comments that L0 is the surface but no information on this can be found.

  14. Grateful to the Galactics, Alliance, Agarthans, GCS, Sol, Mother Earth and of course Source and all involved on the ground as this is an amazing period in our history to be part of. Thank you Cobra we appreciate all you do keeping us informed. Awakening has it's own problems because once a person sees the matrix it becomes very difficult to have a normal life knowing we have been imprisoned.
    Love and Light to all! Victory Now!

    1. Problem is HOW does one get away from said jail?

      Takes more than knowing one is a prisoner.

  15. I was recently momentarily deceived by a woman from Nibiru, who deceived me in the past for quite a while, but this time she gave me her name. I am catching on fast as my energy is becoming more refined. Mother Goddess always shows the way through, so pay close attention to her. You will know she is Mother Goddess because her energy will always bring tears to your eyes. Seek Mother Goddess and follow her. She balances us males who feel abandoned in the wilderness. The time is near to be reunited with Mother Goddess. Keep your white robe stainless, and be hungry for the best meal ever!

  16. I made a meditation song and integrated it into protocol Command PB Stardust. This meditation song will strengthen the Pleiadian Protocol for all those who need it. Command PB Stardust really does work. Allow my song to assist in your pain management. I care very much for all people going through extreme pain at this time. I can relate because I am one of those people with a body that has prematurely aged, and my pain can be extreme at times. I am weak because I am strong, and I am strong because I am weak.

  17. Know yourself, know the universe, practice meditation

    This is a song + video I did earlier this year

    Victory of the Light!

  18. For those still struggling with their fears and emotions.

    The "emotion resolution guide"

    1. forgot to add sungazing to the list. If you dont know about it, get into it!

  19. Final invasion starts!victory of the light!

  20. intellect emotion and spirit
    if your top three are these categories
    you will lead a life of quality

    most have socializing in their top three
    tough removing one and remaining proper

    the intellect emotion and spirit are guidance
    socializing at top is dangerous
    the balance, haphazard
    especially when you socialize via internet
    in person signals are given, instincts trigger
    you know who is worth your time but online
    all are unknowns and equally ranked until
    and then how do you handle it, did their unworthy imprint already inflict, or are you lucky to not have been made heavy silly unaware or what happens; point being majority are infected by each other and do not even know what that means

    if you meet someone on the street, they have to behave appropriate; they must behave

    online, words are king. and who has the words to play your game can sire you mate and change take and play; and you may not even know

    top three are
    social came after top three set
    most of you are never going to reach me
    i say this because i reached for you repeatedly under numerous alternative protocols and names and nobody said a thing. some of you think you spoke but you kept you blocked. most of you are lost, save for the few soul resonant guardians at post ~ blessings

  21. We need direct et contact, and we need it YESTERDAY.

  22. kevin annett-quote(excerpt)—–In short, you can’t believe anything the Canadian government

    or its partner churches claim about the Indian residential schools. These institutions are

    untreated serial killers, after all. And therein lies the real problem.—–unquote…..

    Censoring and Rewriting the Canadian Holocaust: Orwell was Right

  23. Past messages of progression (Wipeout Sequence) of L4-L1 in sequence show that L refers to Lagrange Point. L1/ L2 is nearer to the smaller body 'M2',assuming in this system 'M2' is the objective of clearing of the bad guys.

    The below link of the diagram of layout of Lagrange Points here June 2, 2015 clarifies this:

    However there's no known definition of L0 and is not shown in the above link. This is the same case with Wikipedia. Some comments in the past have interpreted 'L0' to mean the surface.


  24. Sonic Geometry 3 in 432hz A Message to the Citizens of Earth: The Purpose & Future of Humanity

  25. Sugar Ray - Falls Apart, released 28th December 1999:

    Dedicated to Light Forces.

  26. For only who might be still interested!

    For now, the only reliable 'out of 50/60 Hz' for small off-grid communities solution is the ELVDC 48V.

    It is 'scientifically proven', and a standard is already in place, the Indian Standard 'IS 16711 / 2017'.

    So, this is how you can nowadays go (scientifically proven) off-grid, stand alone, and... 'out of 50/60 Hz'.

    The other subjects on our blog, as are the UHFAC microgrids, and the now in discussion one,
    are for 'further developments', still not 'scientifically proven', and 'out of order' considered by the disgusting 'mainstream science'.

    P.S. If you are not interested at least in going off-grid or buildng your stand-alone power system, then do not lose your time!...

    1. These are (the UHFAC/HFAC) that in early stage of development and not so highly proven scientifically:

      Tomorrow, maybe!...


  27. 'RM2m' has had a long presence of being talked about on this blog with a large gap in time between the 2018-2019 period of posts and previous period of posts from 2013-2014.

    RM2m are a special task force group.

    Search Query 'RM2m' descending order older posts (2 pages):

  28. I guess one chimera in my house(4F).

  29. I think people can get unhealthy because the work of galactic force is at a certain level of spiritualization

  30. ^your body may not be able to tolerate that

  31. Dr Jim Willie says stuff here at around 57th minute that correlates with what Benjamin Fulford says about the removal of mid-level Cabal members:

    1. And Neil Keenan says here too:

    2. Dr Jim Willie has mentioned about UBS in interviews several years before.

      Its been some time so I can't remember the specific interview. Its deeply involved at the same level as JP Morgan with Deustche Bank as its water boy for financial scams.

    3. GREAT. I hadn't seen this. I love Jim Willie and his statistical mind!

    4. WestCoastUSMegan@

      …and Neil Keenan?...


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    1. Sorry I just took a break from the comment section, I'm still here okami🙃


    2. you say victory of the light. a lot. as opposed to simply promoting the victory. suppose you not the only, to each their own i suppose

    3. Hi David,
      Thanks for your note.

      I didn't read every word of the story (from an old Sci Fi magazine, evidently) ...

      but the story seemed to boil down to a robot who answered to its highest authority to guard treasures (treasures are symbolic for perhaps our earth? our souls? our immortality? our solar system?) ... ...

      Anyway, one guy thought he could make it past the robot to claim the treasures. He thought he had it in the bag.

      He was able to answer all the robot's "test questions."
      But then he faltered and the robot killed him

      The second guy seemed to figure out where Guy #1 went wrong, and he gave his best effort. He almost succeeded. He got past the robot and into the gate. But he faltered too.

      I kept reading the story thinking, "what is missing? What is missing?"

      And all I could come up as the right answer is: love. Love is the most powerful force in the universe.

      It is so obvious that we all miss it.

    4. I intended to write the above to reply to David Chicago... I got a little bit lost in the comment section... !! :)


    There is a natural fear against spiders and snakes in general.
    The mere sight of one of these animals speeds up my heartbeat and I start to sweat cold.

    In doing my research I came across the narrative of a case where a team of explorers dug underground from one of Saturn's moons and came across a nest of giant jumping spiders.

    By description these jumping arthropods had twice or more than one human hand.

    Knowing that spiders are species that harbor fractals from Baal's soul, I now understand why it is so difficult to end these arthropods.

    Considering that in dreams we are led to do out-of-body missions, I think I found one reason for the origin of this phobia.


    1. A few days ago, as I was calmly sitting here on my sofa, a big, spindly spider abseiled from the ceiling a mere 10cm in front of my face.
      I was not very pleased at the sight of that, as its legs were an easy 4cm long. While it didn't get my heartrate up, it certainly made me feel very uncomfortable and quite a bit disgusted.

      Wasn't gonna get my hands dirty by squashing it; thankfully I had an empty glass and a tissue in direct reach, so I snatched the creature out of mid-air, trapped it in the glass with the tissue on top and then threw it off the balcony.
      "Sayonara, get the heck out of my life."

      Symbolism in that? Hmmmm . . . ;-)

      Lots of Love and Light


    2. This reminds me of a dream long time ago where I was in some underground industrial area. Red-Rusted, old, decaying pipes and machinery were around me and I was looking down a "scaffolding" path.

      Then this big spider. Size of a Ferret descended down from the ceiling onto my arm like tom cruise in mission impossible. It had the body and legs of spider crab (not crab spider) but with an abdomen. It's carapace(skin) was white with reddish splotches around the body. It crawled on my arm and onto my chest.

      I didn't feel any fear while this was happening, I thought it was odd. It "spoke" to me while crawling but I don't remember what it said. I woke up after it spoke, not feeling anything strange. It was creepy.

      Another dream I had was one where I was projecting from inside my home. I appeared in my sisters room as a "ghost", which was my old room. There in my old closet I saw a big funnel web. Funny thing is, I remember seeing this funnel web from a long time ago in a dream but didn't know what it was.. But this time I felt like I knew what the big funnel web meant and what had to be done.

      Upon seeing this funnel web I shown a "flashlight" upon the web. the "light" lite up the web and the funnel web entrance where the "spider" was hiding. When the spider saw the "light" it came out of the funnel web hole. It wasn't like an ordinary spider however. It had only a thorax with four(4) black shiny "bio-mechanical" legs that looked like an twisted tree root.

      It's thorax was black and shiny also with a red "thesis anti-thesis" triangle on the thorax (thesis on top, anti-thesis on the bottom. Two triangles touching but never merging becoming synthesis)

      Then, it saw me and attacked me. I bolted backwards. "floating" out of my room while this 1 foot sized black mass chased me down into the kitchen. Then once entering the kitchen, I "summoned" a giant "oven" that was blazing with fire from within from which I telekinetically picked up the "spider" and threw it into the oven. It died, and I woke up.

    3. So far all my experiences of spiders have been positive.

      I once had a transcendental experienced with a small red translucent spider (so I could tell where its black eyes were looking, if it wasn't black it was either 'closed' i.e. looking somewhere else) that made me forget the hard financial situation I was in at the time.

      Here I am not alone in believe that having spiders in the house brings a sense of reassurance and a source of good luck. Maybe its the dynamic of 'if they are here, then the entities are not here' kind of thing.

    4. Impressionante. Mas muito realista.
      Você realmente fez isso. Eu sei, agora muitos de nós já sabem que aconteceu.
      Vamos em frente com a luz.

    5. Aranha; Baal; arquiteto; Chimera.
      Cada um se harmoniza com aquilo que está na sua mesma frequência vibracional.
      Pessoalmente não de dou bem nem um pouco com eles: lagartos, serpentes, artrópodes. Prefiro uma distância segura.

  35. Well said brother! Thank you Cobra! Victory of the Light!

  36. Waters of fulfillment are ingested by the hu-manity collective.
    Gatherings of Light increase.
    Accelerations of Illumination are experienced throughout the Galaxy.
    Many awake to Jesus’ laughter.
    Missions are completed.

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  38. RM2m L0 MASTERPIECE = Resistance Movement 2 month Last Operation MASTERPIECE ???

  39. Liberation by Heroes

    Cobra ― The divine masculine presence (the Hero) in each of us needs to be activated…

    … Long time ago, the weapons of the Hero were the sword and the pen. Now, the weapons are his one-pointed mind, the scalar protection devices and computer keyboard…

    1. The male hero is a person who is connected to the emotional side of his soul and follows his inner voice. Which can be described as following ones' wishes one is born with, and ones' talents and capabilities.

      Doing this will change life and surroundings. It will also create joy as a state of resonance to what is being created, thought and felt.

  40. Vamo pra cima !!! Chega!!! Vitória da luz!!!

  41. Where can Ashtar be seen in the V (ictoria) formations?

  42. or delete my words
    if you knew how much i do not care
    you could get offended as if i did not care
    i wrote the words because i care
    and you can delete if you dont agree
    will not affect me

  43. you need to exercise
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    youtube youtube youtube
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  44. hoarders and freetimers have excess energy because they not exercising. if their energy was expended and returned improved they would attain better things to do. trolling media and shopping for the superfluous occupy too many today because they have energy and know no way to expend it.too many were not taught calisthenics.

    i taught myself. i saw youtube.
    another sector of the internet.
    transfering information
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  45. More things can go wrong in 3D because it's more dense/complex. 3D is a valid creation, but it needs to be aligned with Source. 3D can ascend to higher vibrations and then re-descend back into 3D (possibly so, or possibly not so, depending on if this is the way it's directed to go) when the necessary repairs/modifications are made. Something complex can go to something simple to be realigned. Hmm.

    Soon I will be allocating funds for Humanitarian Projects beginning in Indonesia and then worldwide – to only those who are proven to be legitimate and honorable.
    We The People are finally becoming the winners on this earth, and we are stepping up to help one another build a better future for our children and grandchildren!
    WE, that is WE THE PEOPLE are doing this right now all over this beautiful World of OURS.
    Let us create our own teams of action and lend support to those leaders that support us and are accountable to you and me.

  47. A letter from "Life"

  48. when cobra threatens comment section removal lights light and everyone has input

    when a comment promotes the comment section removal nobody notices importance

    because the comment section is full of rogue alphas and lost confused people

    they either sire the comment or skip and continue without concerning bc they know

    this disrespect the concept of portal the information hub and makes it social-media

    let them go to social-media with their commentive stance and portal inform

    portal could promote topic threads from higher to give focus to talkative bodies

    at present there is no structure, rogue alphas, and rarely topics aiding attaining

    they just want the event in the end focus has remained where they get saved

    not attaining nor much cultivation of inner awareness- surface topics- event focus


    1. "At present there is no structure"?

      Well, I guess this applies to you as well, not does it?

      So this is not necessarily a problem about what has been posted by others, and why you think they have done it. Instead, it could also be a problem about what has been posted by you.

  49. Only Time 

    Who can say where the road goes
    Where the day flows, only time

  50. aka Magister Ludi

  51. If i only knew what all these codes meant!


  52. Celia Fenn 10-4-19… “A Tsunami of Light is coming”
    by Kauilapele
    I just saw this Celia Fenn FB post, and it connected with this latest Kp blog post. For some reason felt it wanted to go out there right now, so here it is.


    A Tsunami of Light is coming.

    Many people have had dreams about tsunamis coming.

    But what is coming is a tsunami of light!
    Right now many people are feeling very flat and have no energy. This is what happens when a tsunami is coming....the energy is pulled away as the oncoming tsunami gathers momentum.

    We are getting ready to receive the most intense and powerful waves of light codes ever on the planet, starting at the 10/10.

    There will be huge shifts as the incoming waves of light and frequency activate waves of awakening in the next four months.

    It will be incredible.

    Are you ready?

    1. Cant really be ready enough of course but in terms of ready for ALL.of Humanity to be awakened and returned to our true 5D self YES! Trying to stay in the heart but that is a constant challenge with outside distractions. I suppose that is the test that is ongoing right up until the wave arrives to end the game of duality and separation. Like the horn sounding signing The Game is Over! Time to go home!

    2. I was ready 20 years ago. Bring it.

    3. Are we going to feel like hell when that stuff reaches us?


    4. The Intro

      Love and Light


  53. Article: KaRa: It has become quite evident that those of your leaders, your world leaders, are most likely not going to disclose our presence to you, not in a large announcement-type of way. It is still possible, but it is not looking very likely at this time, at least not in the near future.


    1. Exactly so they all need to descend and decloak to a vibration that all can see then send out announcements. What happened to taking over the media??

  54. James G. on the chronicles of eARTh:

  55. Amazing 432hz music channel. The Trap EDM and Bass House playlists are my favorite.

  56. Another great 432hz channel. They have every Tool song and lots of other good stuff. This one is more rock the other is more electronic. 432hz with a subwoofer is like being back in the womb.

  57. Do frequency based not time based on the link above.

  58. perhaps we should:
    meditate during HORIZONsungazing
    exercise sunrise and sunset
    eat as healthy as we can get
    challenge each other to find progress
    define progress as ensuring longevity
    change the objective from event to uplift
    upliftment is the constant; even to the event
    when the event happens, you would do well..
    to have a mind of upliftment and progress...
    not simply idle topics now outdated with....
    respect to the event, disclosure, etc
    i like to see each personality thriving
    it is better to be in a state of upliftment
    research topics of personal upliftment
    develop on topics of presence upliftment
    healing is upliftment as health is fitness
    more efficient to use time to the progress
    than spreading awareness of what is
    what is happened and what is happening
    better to be healthy and rising than anything
    i assume the e.t. crafts are demonstrating
    i assume there are happenings signalling
    my focus is on my upliftment and
    to the progress
    it is a given the chimera being defeated
    it is a given the light is proceeding victorious
    we have source on our side and
    we are rising
    research topics of health and prosperity
    assume the events of our victory
    intake what ensures you surviving
    obesity can kill bodies
    malnutrition gives ailments
    inactivity on vital levels is unadvised
    ensure you Live Long And Prosper
    research to your progress
    intake only personal upliftment
    if it does not help you alone in a room
    there is more of higher priority
    i research what develops me
    more inclined to dictionary.comAPP
    thesaurus level repetition evolving
    i research what develops me
    most inclined to ensure you do the same
    the event is coming and victory approaching
    research what develops you

  59. bones are anchor-points for muscle
    build muscle pull bone
    physique aligns body
    unfolds naturally
    healthy logic
    fit presence
    everything reflects everything
    without fitness i could not navigate life
    i needed fitness to discern what is right
    surprising the upliftment fitness brings
    i assure you- i was at the opposite end

  60. Who can free prisoners?
    The divine masculine presence (the Hero)
    in any star seed can free Matrix prisoners.

  61. Disclosure:

    As😊WITHIN 💫So 😍WITHOUT✌️ without a 😉Doubt
    🙋‍♀️W E🙋‍♂️are ✨ 🌏 N E ✨ to BRING👍 IT💞 ON👌
    💫ALLL💫is💖LOVELIGHT🌟+ 💃W E🕺are💫ALLL💫
    ✨✨✨✨🙏✨🌹✨ 🕊 🌏 🕊 ✨🌹✨🙏✨✨✨✨

  63. For those who feel guided:

    The Event is Coming IV 432Hz

  64. ..Cobra the Pleiadian (and peeps) meet Mythi the Andromedan:
    (remember to check out the chatroom)

  65. Brahma Muhurta

    The benefits of a disease-free body and an increased lifespan are appealing. However, my grandpa’s love for early mornings stems from something much deeper. In his own words, it is his ‘me’ time. He explained it to me. He said from morning to night, we are giving in to the demands of the world. The day is spent in fulfilling professional, social, and family responsibilities. A little time is left for oneself in the night. But in that period, you are left with no energy. The only time when you are fresh, aware and can easily tune within is Brahma Muhurta, making it a special time for yourself.
    Research benefits of waking up in Brahma Muhurta
    According to the International Journal of Yoga and Allied Sciences, during the pre-dawn period, there is availability of nascent oxygen in the atmosphere. This nascent oxygen easily mixes with hemoglobin forming oxyhemoglobin, which has the following benefits:

    * Boosts the immune system
    * Increases energy level
    * Helps maintain balance of blood pH
    * Relieves pain, soreness, and cramps
    * Enhances absorption of minerals and vitamins

    5 Things to do in this ‘ME’ time

    Our ancestors figured that certain activities done in Brahma Muhurta can help one to tune within. These activities help make this time with yourself special and fruitful, both on personal and worldly fronts. Ancient texts like Dharmashastras, the Hindu treatise on Dharma, and Ashtanga Hridaya recommend the following:
    1. Meditate
    Meditation is the best way to meet yourself and, what better time to meditate when the rest of the world is asleep? It is at this time when your awareness level is at its best. One of the best Brahma Muhurta meditations is Sahaj Samadhi meditation.
    2. Read or hear knowledge
    According to Ashtanga Hridaya, Brahma Muhurta is the most suitable time to perceive spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Explore ancient scriptures or rediscover simple tenets of wisdom. According to Dharmashastra, studying scriptures during Brahma Muhurta also helps ease mental problems.
    3. Plan
    The awareness level and freshness that Brahma Muhurta bestows on you makes it the perfect time to plan important things in your life: be it work, finances or day ahead.
    4. Introspect
    Recall your actions of the previous day. Recollect how many times you gave into negative emotions like jealousy, anger and greed. Don’t let any of these memories drown you into guilt. Just become aware of those moments. Doing this everyday will eventually reduce your tendency to give into these emotions, will reduce your tendency to give into these emotions, and eventually reduce karma.
    5. Remember your parents, guru, and creator
    We often do not get the time to remember the most important people in our lives. Rishi Shaunak suggests to remember and mentally bow down to your parents, guru, and the energy that you believe runs this creation, call it creator or universal energy, during this period.

  66. Spiritual aspects of Money:



  69. why gaia portal says: "Missions Are Completed"


    1. Gaiaportal speaks of " throughout the galaxy". May refer to EXMOSS.(EXMOSS clear clear)

    2. Apenas eleve a sua compaixão para com este planeta e para com a vida. O desfecho para O Evento está acima dos 70% para ocorrer a qualquer momento. Somos a 5ª humanidade e estamos abrindo o espaço para a chegada da 6ª humanidade.
      Quem sabe. Talvez estejamos entre os novos humanos.

    3. Inferring that all those that need to be awakened for the shift, indeed are. Some are not aware of their missions bu that will kick in as the shift approaches

    4. bombing missions just started on turkish border so......

    5. I don't understand it and I'm very sad


    7. Missions are completed? I too awoke a few yrs ago now but have tried to awaken family and friends and it hasnt been too successful. Pictures dont seem to convince them! We must be close to the wave if missions are complete.

    8. Boris Yurinov. Isso pode ser desinformação.
      O campo de torção que existe no centro da galáxia, mal chamado de buraco negro, não explode. O Flash de Luz que saiu do centro da galáxia sim, é verdade. Mas ainda assim é um flash de luz e de energia eletromagnética. O campo de Torção ainda está lá. Fica em paz, irmão.

  70. Smaly 7 put up a new audio version of the Flower Of Life Meditation....����

  71. Bonsoir cobra. Beaucoup de lightworker apprennent les informations d'une taygethan pleadiene nomé "Swaruu" qui ce dis être en contact avec un certain groupe d'humain via internet. Je voudrais savoir quelle sont vont informations sur ce sujet est t'il vrai ?? Merci je vous souhaite une belle fin de soirée.

  72. .. as stated - blackholes = suns/stars = blackholes

  73. C.O.B.R.A., você tem toda razão. As aranhas estão sobre a cidade, mas no formato invisível para que passa sob elas.
    Isto eu capturei numa cidade da minha região. Passei muitas vezes sob este artrópode sem mesmo ter nenhuma noção que que ela existiu e estava lá.
    Vamos dissolvê-las. Dissolver o máximo que pudermos de todas elas.,+86975-000/@-23.5169691,-51.6872041,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!1sAF1QipNkGHacl76HUiH3HPz4jreEWmKmH_YnEwFscsfM!2e10!3e12!!7i4160!8i2336!4m5!3m4!1s0x94ecbfe55c831e63:0xaa4da87b1c9b150f!8m2!3d-23.5170907!4d-51.6870645?hl=pt-BR



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    The skeleton key manual is officially available now via PDF for just 25$!

    Ready to live the life of your dreams? For the first time ever the real truth behind "the secret" is being revealed! What they tell you about the law of attraction is missing far too much crucial information which leaves every reader amiss and at a loss for direction. This manual provides the map and key of attraction and manifestation never before produced by man!

    Be the first to buy the PDF now and receive an official paperback copy as soon the funds are amounted for production costs. Possibly available on kindle soon!

    Contact me via email or fb if interested @

  75. Note if doing the meditations to A432hz: Tuning music down from A440 to A432, which is about 32 cents down, does not make the music entirely A432. From an intel source who is basically a founder of the 'A432 movement,' he said that tuning music in A440 down to A432 preserves about 30% of A432 frequencies. Some music that's on youtube claiming it's in A432 may be something in A440 tuned down, instead of being originally tuned to A432. It's better than nothing though, but it's best to tune something to 432hz or to generate the actual tones instead of tuning it down from A440.

  76. I tried to sent someone a message about BALANCE. It was just not possible. Refused as errors. So this is very very important, maybe THE issue. And good to handle and work on. BALANCE inside. I find out a year ago and it really changed my life into something for myself.
    Refuse everything that takes it away. BALANCE!!!

  77. I saw my cooment back and saw mistakes in it that I would never make. Happens more lately.


  78. Sometimes the world works out the way you want it
    Sometimes you say the things that you meant to say
    Sometimes the moments break clear and certain
    Sometimes the things you fear just roll away

    Get ready, cause Here It Comes


    Love and Light


  79. A while back Cobra said something like "There is a war going on in California between the dark and the light, but nothing more can be said about this now."

    I recently came across this video regarding the families who run California. You'll recognize some names here.

    1. @WestCoastUSMegan,

    2. David Ch:
      Yes, pretty nauseating.

      I posted the video above because most people aren't aware how closely the Pelosi family is tied to Gavin Newsom's family, who is tied to the (oil company) Getty family and to the former governors of California (Jerry and Pat Brown).

      It is mind boggling.

      Meanwhile, Gavin Newsom's ex-wife (Gavin Newsom is the current California governor), Kimberly Guilfoyle, now goes out with Donald Trump Junior.

    3. @unknown. Well, Benji goodhead..

  80. Where did Q anon posts go?
    Is Ben Fulford authentic?
    If so is Trump working with Alliance or not?
    Are we within 12 months of Event or anything major that will awaken the programmed masses?

    Thank you

    1. @Unknown, I wouldnt think too much about q or trump. Fulfords sources are sometimes not reliable, but I feel he is genuine.

    2. Unknown@

      Ask him better to look at the date of a newspaper the first time he will have lucid dreams about the Event.

      His dreams about the grocery were very very nice and interesting...

      He seems to have detailed and vivid lucid dreams about future events.


    3. Ben, on other hand, is too mundane, and too much stuck in 3D.

      He knows only something like: "a future planning agency" and "the new silk road belt"... None else! No 5D, no ETs, nothing like!...

    4. Thanks David! I have been on this blog for a few years now. Hard to know what to believe because as cobra pointed out the Alliance was fooled so he got bad Intel. I have heard Trump was approached by white hats in our military to run for office not sure if true. I know you have been following this blog awhile too I read your comments. Thanks for the reply. Wanting to see something definitive something I can use to help those on the fence awaken. I want to know my mission why did I awaken only to be met with such resistance. 9ii woke me up and reading the Day after Roswell then utube videos. Will keep holding the Light as best I can. Ready for all to know truth.

  81. Goes with the A432 chord I made. This surprised me.

  82. The power company is cutting power to "an estimated" 800,000 people in California starting tonight at midnight.

    The power company (PG&E) says it is to avoid wildfires, for which they have been blamed.

  83. When will the complete shrinkage of MiD occur? (are there any yet dangerous toplet bombs? )




    1. …Yes! …We know you don't like it... (or at least some readers don't like it at all):
      …The discharge lamp... Generally speaking,...

      But, claims there are that it might be at the base of some 'overunity'...

      Patents are in place, studies are in place:

  86. Replies
    1. It Is refreshing to see someone able to use a hyperlink.

  87. Any News?
    hu=manity begins the full surrender process.

  88. hu=manity begins the full surrender process.

    Hue-manity rises to assist all.
    © Getty Images/iStockphoto/Choreograph/iStockphoto

  89. If there is only The Now and if all past life experiences were part of this duality experiment and if we are all Source extensions.. and if our thoughts manifest our reality, then why would we need to heal past life traumas I cant remember that took place in a 3D matrix that was all controlled by negative forces? If I need to vibrate higher to match the energies coming in how does focusing on the past help me now? See my pt here.. all we can do is The Now we must collectively be happy and high vibe. No more victimhood or guilt as I imagine I have played all roles in this experiment gone terribly wrong.

  90. Scientist Behind The Navy's "UFO Patents" Has Now Filed One For A Compact Fusion Reactor

  91. Feels like something big is up.

    This Turkey thing (US has stepped aside so that Turkey can attack Syria) is very weird.

    In California, the number has risen to 3 million people, who have had their power cut by the power company, "for a few days."

    I think we need an update, Cobra.

    Thank you for all you and the RM do !!


  92. By Universal request I made some small changes to The LightMachine, and they are SIGNIFICANT.

    The immediate response by The Universe was quite impressive.
    I sometimes enjoy listening to My Mix playlists on YouTube and just Let The Music Play without knowing what'll play next. Now is one of those times.

    After my only seemingly small changes, this song played FOUR TIMES in a row. And no, it didn't show up four times in the playlist, the song was just repeated over and over and over again.


    The next few songs went on just as usual.
    Until THIS came on, and The Universe played it FIVE TIMES in a row.

    KC & The SUNSHINE Band - Give It Up

    No complaints here :-)

    The Time Has Come to GALVANIZE.
    Push The Button.

    Love and Light and SUNSHINE.



  93. I stand corrected.
    While I may have been asked to only move small pieces, the changes made were MAJOR.

    It led to a song being played SIX TIMES in a row while I was trying this, thus knocking down that, and finally putting all the parts where they are meant to be.
    For now, at least.

    Like The Universe, The LightMachine is a Work In Progress ;-)

    Working on 'em.




    1. And now I'll actually post the song that was played six times in a row.
      It was not the one in the comment ;-)

      It was this:


  94. Over all consciousness of the planet is affected by conscious elites or secret people with cyber attunements and injury can occur to the body of those in tune to certain energies. See for example Elon Musk's left side of his face in this picture:

    (Taken from Joe Rogan interview)

    This same injury to the left side of the face can be seen in the Ghost in The Shell movie with some of the actors that play the characters in the film.

    (just coming from a biomechanist that notices people's postures)


  95. I AM what I AM


  96. Cobra said something about a conflict escalating in Turkey right before the Event. Was it like that ? I couldnt find that info again in the old posts

  97. Things are definitely intensifying.
    Everything is bursting!
    An update would be really welcome.

    Love always wins.


  98. The Zodiacal Light,...

    something you might fear about if you are not informed.

    Inform yourself, prepare yourself...

  99. MAJOR UFO sighting in my neck of the woods.....flashing object moving about....stopping in mid air....CHASED BY SEVERAL MILITARY CRAFT....