Tuesday, October 1, 2019


EXMOSS clear clear, MOSS Pandora sequence in progress. Project 061 downgraded, project 501 to merge into MASTERPIECE at ST point. VTXC systems security breach, in deflection. Minimum M / DL / HP / VTX requirements met, SD requirements not met.


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    1. Could be. Search Query 'SD' sorted by date with most recent at top:

      Another cryptic label 'ST point' is something that has caught my interest. Also search under 'MASTERPIECE' and click 'arrange by date'

      Both show that 501 and MASTERPIECE has been both critical for this ST point. The above 2 search result also shows past progress of the requirements of the parameters 'M / DL / HP / VTX'

  2. The met requirements are improving, this report seems positive. Good signs.

  3. reasons, causes and responsibilities
    by all means meditate and modulate, maintain the equilibrium. to each their chosen method, i exercise and continue

    for every person recycling, factions omit our industry. our, because it serves us. we support it. did not stop it and allowed it to grow. do you know what slag is? consider it next you talk of biodegradable trash and earth's atmosphere. as per guidance and requirements our vehicles receive new tires regularly and the old tires leave your responsibility. new cars made before they are claimed, old models taken away; same with electronics the phones tv's appliances all made before claimed and each year the old get taken away. fraction of the issue, i see it continue

    a bicycle weighs 30lbs. car 4,000lbs. human roughly 200lbs. and everyone elects for the car and looks away.

    the newspaper is written at a high school level of understanding though all who read it are much older. social-media has more of a retrograde effect with more abbreviations assimilated daily, emoticons memes and hashtags replacing syntactical grasp the illuminati laughs as the people ever soften. people today can literally speak as i do with emoticon images and memes of the ideal in focus. that will not write a book, surely, evidence continues

    in the U.S. over half our trash goes to landfill, of which we have ~2,000 active landfills and they are reaching capacity- what next. look up Mansheya Nasir host to Egpyt's infamous GarbageCity, their solution, that area. Some Countries Still Dump In The Ocean, see Asia for that and their major part of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and all that ocean plastic. import export of trash is a thing, check how Malaysia recently returned over 3,000lbs to the U.S. and is one of many such countries... surely it cannot continue

    lookup China's Cancer Villages. investigate the worst polluted cities and find china ranking in. China who factory produces everything for everyone and in turn is smothering itself. unsustainable patterns sustain society. how will humanity continue

    now back to you. me. us. sure be happy. positive. as you feel guided. i am just an observer of the many things i see continuing

    and i could continue. it does continue. i do not escape it continuing

    but for us. for the progress. let us be positive in our efforts (as angry as i am) to uplift and secure our world afterall it is why we all came here. to anchor (the) light of (our) higher perspective such that humanity sees its pattern errors and makes correction

    1. I agree with all you said here the island of garbage in the Pacific is the size of Texas I think I read. There is so much we could do and will do once the shift occurs. But as someone pointed out that is old 3D earth not 5D which is confusing to me as I thought Gaia was simply raising her vibration to 40hz or higher but the problems we have will need addressed still etc?
      There is a cleanup under way for the island of garbage and if all nations sent ships and equipment this could be corrected. I think there is tech to transmute all of to something safe and natural an alchemy process of advanced levels but we shall see. All radioactive waste can easily be made inert I read..

    2. great. you addressed one point of the continuum. slag remains. the dams proliferate. the great pacific garbage patch was literally one sentence i gave. And Everyone Else, Silent. bravo

    3. i understand it isn't a literal island, but i want to solidify it and colonize it anyway. that way all of the trash becomes useful and purposeful as we incorporate it into the new world. i think it would work, with some investment in infrastructure and if they would just stop trying to clean it up , kind of ruining my whole plan

  4. SD requirements will likely be met sooner if folks participate in multiple flower of life meditations daily. Rather than being impatient, do what YOU can do! Please do.


  5. Lately we've been looking at the long-term plausibility of habitation on Jovian bodies, while of course, the center portion is a gas giant, thought inhospitable for a variety of reasons. Much of the look is dependent upon research in relation to harvesting that actual substance of Jupiter. Always an industry tie-in, you know, a bold partnership between public and private sectors. The whole thing must be like an interstellar cyclone, holding its own microcosm together with all of its satellites. Nevertheless, there has been speculation about a whole new classification of life existing within the cloud of Jupiter itself. What a sunday that will be for some future generation, under a violet sky.

    1. Take also in discussion the gravitation of a 'habitable' planet...

    2. Will the sky be purple? Serious? Which Sunday? Will it be purple after the event ?

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    Victory of the light <3

  7. For only who still may be interested!

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    1. This selection (as previous stated) can be very useful in case you want to go full off-grid. (With no links to any AC grid)
      Save the links, and ask an electrical engineer in your area (if you are not one) to design your ELVDC off-grid power supply, according to the standard in discussion.

      Hopely, he will be enough awakened to accept your request (with no AC of 50/60 HZ, but only ELVDC instead). If not, search another one, or help him to 'awaken'.
      Studies are in place, the standard (IS 16711 / 2017) is in place. Go ELVDC off-grid only! It's for you and yours, not for others...

    2. Благодарю Вас дорогой, было очень интересно. Всего самого доброго Вам🌺🙏

  8. Give thanks brother Cobra.
    Victory of the Light.

  9. Thank u Cobra..
    Love and Light to all..

  10. This is an article Cobra linked to back in Feb 2018, about the goddess and why restoring goddess energy is so essential.

    Just now I read it again.

    It explains to me how so many women I know don't seem to think war is bad....


  11. Dedicated to Mermaid Goddess Atargartis. Thank you.


  12. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Miracle (with Paul van Dyk featuring Sue McLaren)


  13. Seattle Nov 3, 2019 Predictive programming/coincidence?

  14. SMILE LIKE A REPTILE.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfBxcBbiCM4

  15. Thank you, Cobra.💖 (although I don't understand the encoded message.)😉

  16. The Eye of the Tiger is how I view this epic battle of Light and Dark. As our collective consciousness increases it becomes clear the dark ones can no longer manipulate the people with fake news, TV, movies religious fear etc..

  17. VTX Central Tracking and FVTX Forward Tracking for measurement of Heavy Quarks and estimation of Gluon Polarization, DCA < 200um and Hit <25um, double counting correction in HFA. E[n] = F[n] + V[n] + U[n] to solve the complexities of Schrodinger's equations?

    Green Functional Method : diagrams perturbation explation
    Density Functional Theory : inhomogenous electron gas

    DOS for an electron gas in HA and HFA, in HFA, the DOS goes to Zero at Fermi Energy, and HFA gets the specific head and conductivity, the band of 2.4 is too wide?

    Does this help you Cobra? im trying to learn this...