Friday, March 20, 2020

A New Cobra Interview And a Short Message to the Surface Population

A Cobra interview has been created by We Love Mass Meditation to bring more clarity in the current planetary situation and to help spread the word about our coming Ascension Timeline meditation.

You can listen to the interview on Youtube:

Or read the transcript here:

On Sunday, March 22nd at 3:58 Am UTC, Saturn will enter the sign of Aquarius. You can join our booster meditation taking place at that moment, to plant the first seeds of the coming Golden Age:

Since now until our main meditation on April 4th/5th, the Light Forces are asking everybody to visualize the Violet Flame purifying the surface of the Earth, removing all fear and removing all viruses. You can do his simply for a few seconds or minutes many times daily every time after you read any coronavirus related news.

People in infected areas are asked to invoke Command RCV Stardust protocol as often as possible to help the Pleiadians in stopping the virus. All Command RCV Stardust instructions, videos, images and other resources are gathered here:

Those who feel so guided can also do the Flower of Life meditation to strengthen the positive energy grid on the surface of the planet in those challenging times:

Victory of the Light!


  1. Тёплые приветствия из Казахстана ! Благодарю за Вас за все и Силы Света и все все кто участвуют в освобождении.. Очень важно пояснение насчёт фиолетового Пламени,так как много противоречивлй информации ходит.. Благодарю 🌺🌼🌺🌼🌺🌼🌺🌼💕💕💕🙏🙏🙏🙂Всего самого наилучшего! Победа Света! 🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿

  2. Wonderful Cobra, I love to read your interviews before the meditations, they inspire and motivate, explaining their impact and necessity. Much love to all from UK Xxx

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  3. Thank you Cobra,one question,
    What is the 'Atlantis Alliance'?

    1. >Breach
      Read the interview again.

    2. I know,but he can give a general idea,not who there are but what is it in general.

    3. That's the most we will get for now.

    4. I had replied to a similar question with my guess that it was located underwater... but reading back I found out that they are in and around the Moon... their membership and history of course is still classified...

  4. I knew it!

    "Cobra: Right now the toplet bombs are only within the implants. This is the only location where they are still remaining; Inside implants, inside the energy field of human beings. Deep within the implants, there is a black hole singularity and this is where the toplet bombs are."

    1. So the idea of hostages with bombs strapped onto them is fairly accurate in this case.

    2. @Info Finder

      I hope it won't take long to get these damned implants OUT. @_@;


    3. Hmmm... It looks like there are only 'on your property'...

      There are no longer 'on the public domain'... :-)

      So, you are 'responsible' for them...


    4. Hmmm... So the 'Galactic Court' will catch you for hidden them inside of your 'field'...


    5. Not surprise you, if at the upcoming 'galactic trial' would you be held accountable due to your accept to be implanted in the Atlantis time.

      Humanity has to be prepared. All of us might be held accountable beside of the dark ones, for complicity.

      Beside of our work for planetary liberation that will continue, we have to stand up and ask for clarification: How will be these problems addressed??

    6. I seriously doubt people will be held accountable for having implants. That would probably sound really silly to the galactic council. Don't blame yourself for things that aren't your fault. I don't know how it happened in the beginning 'way back when,' but the fundamental objective of the anomaly is to violate free will. So, my take is that beings didn't choose this and it's not their fault. Even with the implants, there is free will, although definitely limited. There is, for example, the choice to do the upcoming meditation. Even if the implants can manipulate people to not want to do the meditation, people have the choice to go against this manipulation and do the meditation anyway.

    7. >unknown
      Well you can keep them if it makes you happy.

      If I don't want it in my personal space I give Light Forces full permission to remove it.

    8. Get them out guys!! Write "I am God, I am NOT God" repeatedly until you pass out. That should get rid of at least the primary implant in the head.

    9. Info Finder@

      Hopely the Galactic Court will not use anything against the earthling lightworkers who will try to question 'too much' or to claim some rights in concern of their post-war situation.

      But, after 'soo long' time we are entitled to expect or to anything.

      A post-war dictatorship in the supposed (more or less) interest of the 'highest good' is not at all acceptable.

    10. Info Finder@

      Expect the Galactic Court to claim that due to your free will and 'contracts' you have accepted the implants.

      We need lawyers from the earthling Light Community to advocate our post-war condition.

      Till now claims are that we shall not wait them to save us.
      OK! We do not wait them to save us, but instead we consider us entitled for some 'surprises'. Unpleasant, of course.


    11. Question everything here means not a distraction from our work, meditations, and others, that will continue.

      It's simply our claim to question everything, like in a family.

    12. The Galactic Codex provides more perspective. Even if the surface population was found guilty by the galactic court for 'choosing' implants, compared to the upper cabal and so forth, the surface population would probably be 'last on the list' regarding judgement. The surface population are regarded as hostages, at least from my understanding.

    13. They can scan me all they want, if ANYONE accuses me of accepting implants....I DEMAND the proof.

      Also, since some "GENIUS" decided, that we, poor humans, get the 'benefit' of total amnesia upon being born into this shithole planet, then all I can say to my prosecutor, while I hold my mid finger up, "SWIVEL ON IT, BARFBAG!"

      It's like if Hitler incarnated and is a child now, he is to be executed for what he did in the past




    " What does blue dawn mean?

    Cobra: Blue dawn is a coded word that means the dawning of the age of Aquarius. it is the blue energy of the Galactic Central Sun which is being activated. This energy when activated will completely transform the surface of the planet and that you are experiencing already. It has been doing that already. Because this changes the society although the dark forces have released the virus, the Light Forces can be the intelligence and the consciousness of the Galactic Central Sun. They are using that opportunity to completely transform human society. The change is irreversible. It cannot be reversed anymore."

  6. Thanks for the update and the interview!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

    Interview translated to spanish
    Entrevista traducida al castellano

  7. Cobra thanks for all you do that is benevolent for Humanity. I am a light Worker of that There is no doubt.and you have censored my questions on the 2012 Portal blog .Questions I would think you would want people to ask, the hard questions that are both relevant and appropriate. So I am assuming I am ONE of those that is OUT. Too bad as my compassion and frequency is off the charts especially next to those I move among. So I AM sure about me, but still suspicious of you. When ONE discovers and wakes up from the generations and lies and Filters, not only in this lifetime but apparently many lifetimes, Do you suggest we follow ONE who hides his identity and disguises his voice, with no verifiable evidence and very cryptic info Blindly? can't imagine your answer would be "yes". As that is what got us right where we are. I still have the letters you had us download to community leaders from 5 years ago. You requested no such letters be distributed this time as the shut down has actually taken place. Do you not see the confusion from that? I discerned not to distribute this letters then as it would hurt my credibility in my community. I have been saying in my posts on the 2012 Portal blog. Don't bother shaming me or guilting me because I know who I am. I don't do shaming or guilting. Cooperating with "Light Worker" groups that demands blind obedience IS problematic as that is not my nature as a sovereign being who has learned of the many life times of cruel deception by controllers who also have fake names and disguise their voice. A compassionate person would totally get that. I often write that while the controllers are playing 3d chess most humans are playing checkers. Have you not considered that after all these years that ONE may stop cooperating with the big meditations as it may be discerned that the disappointments of the build up and then delay after delay may be a way of getting ONE to consent. That disappointment and frustration then can become "Loosh" for the controllers? I have thought of it. I know that there are higher dimensional beings that are not effected by "time" as humans are. so they could take the "Time" to actually contact all of us that have revealed themselves and are easy to find and contact. I have requested that of your group many times and nothing. There are many out there revealing much of our true history, but you remain silent even thought the cat is completely out of the bag. verifying such info and expanding on it would do much to increase the frequency of all. You know this info and the cabal knows this info, so how could it hurt for the Workers of the light to be lifted out from under the veil of forgetting? You have emailed me before. feel free to contact me again and I would be happy to assist in any way I can. This is my 5th request that I can remember. will it continue to be crickets?Sending you Love and Light. Namaste


  8. There are quite a few things said in the interview that I have been "told" as well and know to be right.

    The world has we have known it has ended.

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All


    1. Greg, if your so sure of yourself but not Cobra, why beg so much for his contact/attention?? You say..."So I am assuming I am ONE of those that is OUT. Too bad as my compassion and frequency is off the charts especially next to those I move among." Well, Greg, that is WHY you are possibly out. Too much ego and not enough faith. To those of us who have such faith see Cobra as an aid to what we already know and feel. A place to confirm our intuition and inner guidance. I suggest you try to do the same. You don't need Cobras acceptance or permission to be wa lightorker. Shine on in your own way without expectation. Victory of the Light to all!!♥️🙋‍♀️

  9. This is an excellent interview.
    Thank you to Cobra and to Hoshino, Patrick and Jedi for doing all this. The transcript is also really helpful.

  10. So 'Tommy-Hat' is entering the Age of Aquarius. That guy's got some serious street-cred in the Sol 'hood.

  11. (I think it was previously mentioned in a different interview that this was the case with the toplet bombs being in implants. This filtered out for some reason though.)

    1. And in a subsequent interview didn't he say that the bombs inside the implants had been removed? Also that only key lightworkers had bombs inside their implants?

    2. Ad, I don't recall this. I did a search though to learn more about implants.

  12. I can really see the final layer of the anomaly being removed as creating the most instability, as was shown with the last mutation. Being 'on guard' will help. Game changer game changer game changer lol!

    Full speed ahead!

    1. It will be interesting to see how it feels like getting something nasty within one's energy field switched off.

  13. Let There Be Salvation! Open Invitation to a Global Meditation

    We will reach Critical Mass again with this one!

  14. And we healed and started anew💜💙💛❤🧡💚

  15. Càm òn nhiêu Cobra, bình an 🙏🌷🌏🐬🌴🌞🌊❤

  16. For better life to all
    Keep shining bright soul...


  17. A personal favorite movie line from the movie Saving Private Ryan, edited for relevancy:

    "But what if, we persisted, and saw through this.

    Someday we will look back on this and say, making the Event happen was the best thing we did out of this whole godawful shitty mess.

    Like you said, we do that, we earn the right to go home."


    1. It's very likely to be summoned to the Galactic Court before going home, for 'infighting between lightworkers'.

      So, your way 'home',... might be much 'hindered'... :-)...

  18. Great interview and great reviewers! There's a lot less classified information as well. Does the fact that toplet bombs remain only ih human implants mean that if we simply purified every human on the planet our job would be done? Of course it's not that easy since most people won't believe something like that even exists without a physical proof. We'd need professional doctors to find these implants and show them to us on some kind of scanner.
    But if the Light Forces can remove the bombs and negative beings from other planes, then it's just a matter of time until the human will be purified as well.
    Let's hope we get millions of participants in the meditation and purify everything in one big sweep!

    1. The toplet bombs do not exist in our 3D realm but other etheric realms (Astral)?

    2. @Aquilla I know. My point was that all humans on the planet won't meditate to or even allow other people to get rid of their implants without a proof that they exist in the first place. So if that's a requirement for the final purification of the toplet bombs, then we're screwed. Even after mass arrests and ET disclosure I'd be surprised if even half of humans on the planet believed in the etheric realms, vibrations, ascension, etc.

    3. Aquilla, they exist in the plasma plane (not etheric/ astral)...

    4. @Tropby

      So long as I get off this rock.

  19. This interview with Cobra cleaned up a few things, like contacting the Atlantic Alliance and the location of the remaining Strangelet devices as implants.

    Good job. Seems like the Galactic Court will have a lot more cases to handle than just the top bad guys if those spreading negative propaganda of Lightworker groups also find themselves on the rap sheet.

    1. *cleared
      I hate typos.

      Interesting though he didn't specifically name the Cosmic Central Race here. I guess there's nothing new from them at this time.

      [ Jedi: The meditation instruction suggests we visualize the pillar of Light connecting all light beings in our solar system. Can you give us some examples of such light beings?

      Cobra: Yes, there are beings that are parts of Galactic Confederation. There are beings that belong to the Jupiter command, that belong to the Ashtar command. There are the Pleiadian fleet, Syrian fleet, Arcturians fleet and Andromeda fleet. There are members of the Resistance Movement in various places throughout the solar system.

      There are non-physical beings such as Angels, Archangels. There are Ascended Beings. There are many different beings of Light which are channeling the energy of the galactic center throughout the solar system and toward planet Earth in this final liberation operation.]

      I imagine they would have to master faster-than-light transfer of Galactic Energy, it takes 27,000 years at lightspeed to travel from the Galactic center which is in the neighborhood of Sagittarius A*, to Earth.

      In recent Goldfish reports Alex Collier (Andromedan contactee) has been upbeat, which is a significant change from his previous grim assessment of humanity's path in past appearances. So its something worth thinking about.

    2. Yes, we are in an awakened state that allows us to question everything!

      Many abuses might be made against Lightworker groups that also find themselves on the rap sheet.

      Yes! Beside the fighting for planetary liberation, we have to stand up, and to 'question everything'. We deserve at least an answer about specific points of our post-war situation...

    3. We claim the right to question. It like in your family. You fell free to ask and discuss.

      Another kind of dictatorship for the Light Community due to allegedly trolling or infighting, is not a solution.

    4. >unknown
      Doesn't work in my shallow middle-class biological family.

      When you said 'family' in your second comment in the thread, I assume you mean 'soul family'. I don't know mine yet, and if I did have such a soul family I probably wouldn't be seeing them for some time, post-Event.

    5. Spec Ops@
      No! It's not the earthling nor the soul family.

      It's only the 'family' of this blog...

    6. Still waiting to find my real family.

  20. I was born August 4th 1960. I played in the dirt, lived in the woods by day. It was great. I'll do the meditation.
    I must say, it is really happening now.
    What's our place? Relax and enjoy the show. Meditation...yes. do what you want. If you think about what we've been through.....
    And WON
    You would chill.

    That's all. I'm excited.

  21. Thank you, I look forward to the meditation.

    Any body else out there experiencing headaches these last few days? Purification?

  22. Cobra many thanks for the updates and role you are playing right now. It is valuable.

  23. I`ll be joining on 22nd but the Saturn isn`t entering into Aquarius now. It has just entered the Capricorn only :)! The western tropical system is OFF. The great prophet Edgar Cacey has stated this along with many great astrologers who have studied the texts and have proved it in the field- in the real life! There has been so much of a manipulation of information throughout the history and I definitely wouldn`t trust anything with western influence especially. The bible for example have been twisted and changed beyond the recognition to distort the truth and why would astrology be different? I better trust the rigid and conservative hindu culture who could have preserved vedic knowledge more how it was! By the way please do not forget to invite all your facebook friends to the Facebook event of April`s 4/5th med. Thnx!! And about these little meditations,- I don`t even want to think about them. Sick and tired!! Though I`m still doing the sunday`s med.


  25. Somewhere in the darkness, Kenny Rogers broke even, but now he's teaching the Light Forces how to play country music.

    Kenny Rogers
    August 21st, 1938 - March 20th, 2020

    1. @Anami

      I could give a damn shit about celebs. They pretty much 'sold their soul to the devil', as it were.

      Fuck 'em.

    2. >anami
      Trying to make one's way in this world is hard. The crap piles up so fast you need wings to stay on top of it.

      Some even tell us that believing in a higher power is just an antidote by the elite to make us believe there's justice at the end so we don't riot.

  26. German translation of the interview transcript:

  27. Thanks Cobra. Would be good now to do meditation on 22nd

  28. Thank You Cobra and All Light Forces, more Amazing news, we are getting so close Folks. The next three months will be Transformational. Bring it on! The Light is Victorious!

  29. To Greg Dampier with Love

    Dear and Beloved Son of the Stars, Let the Lilies in the Fields Flourish in the Balance and Harmony of Love and Light. Forget Dualities and Misunderstanding. For what passed, passed and Remember that each one as a Divine Being in this earthly garb had to overcome himself in a long and hard journey and feeling alone and misunderstood, but we were always together inside. Love, as if everything depends on Loving and knowing and that Never will fail you. Love and Light. Remember that each one had to fulfill their role and in this Now it is to Forgive, Love and Let it flow. After all, we are all UNO, with UNO and UNO. We are All Apprentices and Masters. Gratitude Amado and Vitória da Luz.

  30. I Phuv Wasdelpe opre o Korona vírus Meditation avla gata 5 april (Romanes/Gipsy/Hungarian language)

    I Wreme avilas te keras variso.
    I Wreme avilas te las e Luma anda amaro wast.
    Hatyar Wreme site lel kado.
    Aganik i Wreme chi zhal sukares.
    Ék Sanca avilas amen, hot palpale te suvas o Chasso Collective.
    Khote kaj so optimal site zhal.
    April 4-5 o Jupiter taj Pluto Igen Zuraloj.
    Ék portal putras, so khetane cirdel amen amaro zhanglimassa.
    Ulav kado informacion, Sako gaj te resel Andi Luma.
    Ker Meditation vaj Rudjin O Dell zhutil. Ulav Le Devlesko Kamlimo, te resel sako gaj, taj te síngrel o Korona vírus.
    Sako zhutori trubul amen. Worta tu kon dihkes kado. O Dell Zurales Kamel tut.
    Chi bistrel pra tu. Taj patyal Anda tu. Mangel te Rudjis amenca. Site Merel kado Korona vírus.
    April 4-5
    Zhutin te Nerril o Metcho. Apal chi maj Darassa. Saj avel khetane 144.000 eze/mia Manusa. Igen sukar avilon.
    Saj aves vitu Anda kadal manusa. Jek lanco site keras.
    O Jupiter taj o Pluto sar khetane tordjol kade kerassa. April 4-5
    Ék Portal puterdol so zhutil le Angelon ando Marimo, gegen o Tunyariko

    Meditation instruction 20 min:
    00:09 Hasnalin tyiro maj lasho technik, inker tut Andi Pacha taj ando Zhanglimo andre.
    02:15 Cipin avri Anda tute, hot kado Meditation po Zhutori hasnalis, taj kado Planet te tordjol pe pesko Than, po maj optimal Wreme.
    Taj kado Korona vírus te murdardjol.
    03:00 gindin kodo, Anda o Dell ék Metcho avel so Finland sar ék Cherhaj
    03:33 Kodo Metcho pordal avel Ando Univerzum sako gaj.
    04:02 Kodo Metcho resel kaj amaro Kham.
    04:13 pordal resel Anda amaro Galaxis.
    04:36 Ande pagrel pe ando Atmosfera
    05:06 Anda Phuv sa Anda le Zhuvinde resel kado Metcho
    05:31 Kado Metcho zhal machkar andi Phuv ande
    06:00 Gindon, kodo Metcho singrel le Korona virost. Kamlimo kerel Anda les.
    08:00 Uzhrel sogodi pe kadi Planeta.
    10:00 sasstarel le Nasvalen.
    12:00 Singerdi sí amari DARR khatar kadal Nasvalimata.
    14:00 Gindin kodo, hot i Wreme Ando maj pozitív linie tordjol taj durr inkrel amen khatar Le nasvalimata, khatar le Marimata taj khatar le Rajimarta.
    16:00 gindon, hot o Pharno, i Rosa o Wuneto taj o Somnakuno Metcho sasstarel sa le Hamisago, khosel o Chorimata taj Barvalimos anel pe manusa.
    18:00 gindon kodo ék nevi Wreme avilas kaj so Feri m, uzho Kamlimo, Metcho taj Boldogsago m, voja örömo trajil sako gaj.

    (Felhívás a meditációra! A videó első fele Cigány nyelven hallható, a második fele Magyar nyelven. Hatalmas köszönet a videóért Matzi Goldberg-nek! A tömegmeditáció pontos ideje magyar idő szerint április 5-e, reggel 4 óra 45 perc.)

  31. Thank you! Always love to see Cobra interviews <3 Another quite interesting of-topic question: on a hero dose of psilocybin I've seen in a few cases text all over the walls, as if embedded in the fabric of our reality. It looked like sanskrit or tibetan... excuse my ignorance but does anybody know what it could be? Is it the Akasha?
    Victory of the Light!

  32. Cobra,let us do also the meditation for reaching 1million participants who will do the Ascensiontime meditation every day or every 4 hours interval until April 4th or 5th!!!

  33. If meditation succeeds, will we move on to the next stage of the bubble of heaven?

    1. I assume that even if the meditation is successful the Event will have to take place before we move to the next stage. This meditation is specifically aimed at destroying the virus and getting us onto a less volatile and more comfortable timeline leading to the Event (which is probably just weeks or months away)...

  34. Thank you very much.

    I very much hope that we reach critical mass on April 4/5!

    To reach 1 million would be 6 or 7 times. I wonder what the light forces could do with that much light energy.

    Victory of the light.

  35. Dear Cobra, Thank you for your updates and interview. They are clear and inspiring. Also Thanks to Hoshina, Jedi and Patrick. Love you guys!.
    I live quit isolated in the woods and the energie here already was very light and clear but the last days I can feel a shift is happening it is even more bright and quiet than before. I taking part in the meditations as oft as possible and looking forward to the meditation on the 5th (here in The Netherlands).

    With Love and Light, Claudette.



    Friday, March 20, 2020 ~ Please Share and Make Viral

    A New Cobra Interview And a Short Message to the Surface Population

    TZ here; Just saw this and I will enjoy the interview myself later. There are amazing things taking place and I will be back with an important message this evening here on the blog. Lets take part in the 'booster' meditation tomorrow to *plant the first seeds of the coming Golden Age:*

    PLEASE EVERYONE EVERYWHERE take heed of Cobra's siggestions for the Violet Flame and Flower of Life and the Command RCV Stardust tools to CONTAIN THIS VIRUS NOW!!!!

    Lets say that we divided up sweden into 25 areas and that ONE person in each area connects with the Pleiadians and the Command RCV (Remove Corona Virus} tool {nano technology that removes virus} and requests that for their area - and we do this worldwide - see tools below in many languages - and WE WILL CONTAIN THIS VIRUS VERY SOON. Then with our meditation on the 4-5th we will 'contain' everything that needs containing preparing the way for Total Transition in the near future.

  37. For our German speaking community - translation of interview included:

  38. Thank you so much for the intel.
    Victory of the Light.

  39. Thank you, Cobra. I will be doing the booster meditation tonight! Can't wait! Victory of The Light!

  40. My Lord !
    I am aware of the evil tools they forcefully put it into my body, out of my free will.
    Will you heaven mother and father, guardian of our existence - UNTRUTH OVERC0MNES - speak for them child

  41. I would like to take Cobra backpacking and fishing after all this is over. He can pick the continent....keep in mind that I prefer colder climates without snakes. 😁

    1. He will probably get on the first transport to the Pleiades when the Event happens ... I am determined to visit him even if I have to go all the way there...

    2. I plan to get off this rock as well with the ETs.

  42. I noticed that Command RCV Stardust is much more powerful now. Saying multiple times each day in Seattle, USA. Glad to hear that we can use the Ascension Timeline Meditation starting now. Will be posting a guided meditation version soon on YT. Thank you for your great work Cobra and WLMM team!

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Thank you for not censoring this honest heartfelt message. gratitude.

    1. Comments not getting posted is also due to severe connectivity issues (your comment may never have reached Cobra) or privacy conscious browsers who go overboard with their security settings...

  45. Could progress be determined/guaged by less or more chemtrail sightings? and does COBRA have anything to say regarding austin steinbart's "Q"revelations? or Rob Potters interview with the Venusians? hearts want to know.


  47. Thank you Cobra❤️ The beginning is near!⚡️☄️👽🤍🛸💙

  48. james gilliland-(excerpt)-quote—–Full disclosure of these off worlders will come to the masses by July. It has already come to those who are awake.

    Those who are not awake are only establishing their ignorance and character by dismissing it. Just as the darker forces have their ground crew, corrupt and decadent leaders in all walks of life and institutions the Light Forces have their ground crews.

    The dark forces are not frequency specific to the incoming energies designed to awaken, heal and liberate the planet. They will implode taking with them all aligned with them. This will create temporary chaos as the controllers kingdoms fall or transform. This is what is unfolding.

    How do we get through these times? An old Cherokee saying comes to mind, “If it isn’t good for everyone, it isn’t good”. If it is not aligned with Universal Law, it is unsustainable. If we do not flow with these energies and make the necessary changes and transformation we are not sustainable.

    Unfortunately, you will not hear these messages in the what are now fully compromised spiritual and UFO communities. You will not hear them in the majority of alternative main stream media, organizations who are also fully compromised. Their primary focus is on profit and entertainment.

    Fame and fortune have become the goals of most people in the field afraid to rock the boat. Those at the top who control the industries, conferences and media outlets control the narrative. They have become a distraction and have removed anyone who is authentic and dedicated to the awakening and healing process in service to humanity and the Earth.

    The truth will come internally not externally.

    Go in peace and be well,

    James Gilliland—–unquote…..
    jimmy writing of compromised spiritual and ufo communities…..

    absolutely – some people getting sucked into the flashy fluffy always fleeting star chamber …..

    as a former busker and background performer in the film business – it showed me the real of it is when the creative juices are flowing efficiently,the truer the artist is emitting his/her soul expression when doing a piece of work…..

    its the artistic process and all dynamics involved in that process that we can learn from…..

    and it opens up more windows of the creative kind by beginning and writing one line or playing a few notes or doing a first take of a scene -the second take one often modifies their performance after experiencing the first take of a manifesting scene for a film…..

    and when ones completed a performance,just let it go without expectations of any sorts – and the energetic expression sent out that can often have positive effects will not be hindered and limited by the artists sometimes preconceived expectations,and sometimes hubris driven motives…..

    its not uncommon for one to be very critical of their performances of any sorts at the beginning……if one perserveres and doesn’t give up on themselves-the artist within them will continue to reveal its very powerful infinite source energies expressions…..

    heart centred soul expression is the artist…..

    or its probably just me-im a little f$$$ed up at the least of course…..hahahahahaha……

    victory of the light for light to light be light sacred light…..

    1. Mick Gordon who does heavy metal and has gotten his big break with the Doom video game franchise is one example. Real down to earth guy.

      For those aspiring to be musicians for video games. Now much more lucrative as no one's going to the movies or large sporting events and video games are quarantine friendly.

    2. That coincide with 'Drake Bailey timeline'

  49. jim humble-quote—–Regarding the coronavirus, at this point in time if you have it, I would suggest trying MMS first as MMS has eradicated a wide range of maladies. In my own personal experience traveling around the world and helping people with many different diseases, I have to say there have been positive results at least 95% of the time. I would say those are pretty good odds. At this time MMS is being used by thousands and thousands of people in more than 185 countries. —–unquote…..
    when the lightforces get some podium time the dark quacks quacks sermons wont be working in pulling the wool over the peoples eyes anylonger……
    this suppression of solutions, remedies, medical technologies and real medicines for our peoples is an ongoing massive crimespree in itself of course…..
    problem reaction solution -forces responsible for delivering poisons also are the ones offering their fake solutions…..
    from this article-quote—–See also:
    Chloroquine dosage information (in more detail)
    What are some side effects that I need to call my doctor about right away?
    WARNING/CAUTION: Even though it may be rare, some people may have very bad and sometimes deadly side effects when taking a drug. Tell your doctor or get medical help right away if you have any of the following signs or symptoms that may be related to a very bad side effect:
    For all uses of chloroquine:
    Signs of an allergic reaction, like rash; hives; itching; red, swollen, blistered, or peeling skin with or without fever; wheezing; tightness in the chest or throat; trouble breathing, swallowing, or talking; unusual hoarseness; or swelling of the mouth, face, lips, tongue, or throat.
    Signs of liver problems like dark urine, feeling tired, not hungry, upset stomach or stomach pain, light-colored stools, throwing up, or yellow skin or eyes.
    Signs of low blood sugar like dizziness, headache, feeling sleepy, feeling weak, shaking, a fast heartbeat, confusion, hunger, or sweating.
    Trouble controlling body movements.
    Mood changes.
    Change in how you act.
    Not able to sleep.
    Feeling confused.
    Hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that are not there).
    Change in hearing.
    Ringing in ears.
    Muscle pain or weakness.
    A burning, numbness, or tingling feeling that is not normal.
    Fever or chills.
    Sore throat.
    Any unexplained bruising or bleeding.
    Feeling very tired or weak.
    A very bad skin reaction (Stevens-Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis) may happen. It can cause very bad health problems that may not go away, and sometimes death. Get medical help right away if you have signs like red, swollen, blistered, or peeling skin (with or without fever); red or irritated eyes; or sores in your mouth, throat, nose, or eyes.
    Heart problems like heart failure and abnormal heartbeats have happened in people taking high doses of chloroquine for a long time. Sometimes, these have been deadly. Call your doctor right away if you have a fast or abnormal heartbeat; very bad dizziness or passing out; or shortness of breath, a big weight gain, or swelling in the arms or legs.
    What are some other side effects of Chloroquine?
    All drugs may cause side effects. However, many people have no side effects or only have minor side effects. Call your doctor or get medical help if any of these side effects or any other side effects bother you or do not go away:
    Belly pain.
    Stomach cramps.
    Not hungry.
    Upset stomach or throwing up.
    Change in color of skin.
    Change in color of hair.
    Hair loss.
    These are not all of the side effects that may occur. If you have questions about side effects, call your doctor. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects.
    You may report side effects to the FDA at 1-800-332-1088. You may also report side effects at
    See also:
    Chloroquine side effects (in more detail)—–unquote…..

  50. Cobra thanks so much for the interview and clarification!❤️
    I will be doing the Saturn>Aquarius meditation tonight in my time zone to prep for the Ascension Timeline med on 4/4, also doing it every day along with the 4/4 one.👍

    May I make a suggestion/request though, regarding #4 of the instructions for Saturn meditation about reaching/exceeding critical mass?... Personally, I’d like to substitute the words “WILL be reached” in place of “CAN be reached”.. WILL just feels more “success-definite” to me, whereas CAN seems to be more of a “maybe”... Is this ok?...

    Much Love to you Cobra for everything you do!!🥰
    Victory of the Light is Ours

    1. Maybe he's giving us a free will choice here? It's not like the Light Forces can force us to do the meditation, choose the optimal timeline for ascension, etc. We chose to be on this quarantined planet in the first place.

    2. @Tropby
      I trusted my gut on this one, and chose “will” over “can”...felt right...maybe some others did the same...
      Love and Light to you.

    3. @Tropby

      Speak for yourself.

      I would NEVER, EVER choose to come to this TWISTED PLANET willingly. Some of us either got TRICKED or FORCED to incarnate here.

      And don't you forget that.

    4. >Tropby
      Looking at how this world works, anyone who says he signed up for this dumpster fire willingly would scare the crap out of me.

      No one does that unless they are mentally ill or looking for a reputation.

      Who knows, with some charitable types going into places like Syria unarmed and predictably getting killed by Daesh, that's their problem.

      All I know I got my head screwed on straight with common sense by my side. *shrugs

  51. Za slovenske bralce:

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  52. Maybe a bunch of us could meet in Bora Bora (in French Polynesia) when this is over.... It looks like Heaven on Earth! Plus, there is evidently a Pleiadian base under Bora Bora. I think I'm ready to go hang out with my people.

    1. WestCoastUSMegan that is on my mind too. What is next after this? I am eager to be with my own kind too. Everything is up in the air right now, we will have to see what happens.

  53. so if chloriquine is unleashed enmass-which is a bigpharma drug with lots of side effects-at the same time proven to cure malaria...…

    chlorine dioxide MMS is still an option at the same time-than putting in the body this typical big pharma hazardous to the health chloriquine…..

    this is still a loss either way for the dark forces who definitely want mass vaccinations which would have been a cocktail from hell for sure.....

    advanced lightforces have found a way to prevent biochips from being part of this vaccination from hell that will never enter the humans bodies other than a very small group of vicitims used for so called testing the shyte…..

    the medical industrial complex is slowly each day being publicly exposed now for the criminally insane beast it is.....

    looks like the whitehats are in control in large part.....

    these high end lightwarriors are brilliant......bravo......hahahahaha…...


    lady gaga-quote-----beware vampires the blood you choose to suck,choose may fill your pores inside out with a wicked poison.perhaps you took a bite of flesh you cant handle.perhaps I am also a vampire,or a new creature undead you have yet to meet.-----unquote.....


    BREAKING NEWS - the vampires are busted.....


  54. So I assume normal people who don't trust the light forces at a first meeting who aren't cabal but refuse to have their implant removed will be forced into the central sun? It is also extreme to say that it only takes one bomb to destroy the entire solar system if not immediately contained. I'm not a awakened soul so I can't use this new reality filtering technique. I'm also disappointed that this meditation only removes distractions for the light forces to do their work. I don't like the implication that even with the chimera gone that bombs will stay until a free will decision is made.

    1. Only after the bombs and implants are removed will First Contact take place... "Normal" people should be more ready for Contact after these negativity inducing implants are removed...

    2. @AD
      How much longer is this gonna take?
      I wanna meet the aliens and go WITH them while I am still alive and young.

  55. We just witnessed 100 plus lites moving west to east thru pleidies and over Orion in equal succession over 15 mins in Northwest Michigan! Welcome!!!

    1. I've witnessed something similar too a few days ago!

    2. saw multiple reports of that on fb as well.

  56. Fuck the "Event"

    All it's currently doing is screwing the common person over. No access to essentials, and growing talk of further clamping us down.

    If any of this shit is "real" just declare martial law and get it over with.

    Cobra "2012".... Probably gonna take until 3012 to get this done. The speed of help is laughable at best, pathetic at worst.

    Do something real for once.

    1. Don't wait. Take control over your own life - go within. Your ignorance is not an excuse for being disrespectful.

    2. Você não entendeu o desarmamento dos implantes na população humana da superfície. Mas você compreenderá no momento certo. Tudo a seu tempo.

    3. >Sick of Waiting for Fake Help
      No issue. Just go out for a walk and shout to everyone what you said above. You will feel better since you will only need a wheeled stretcher afterwards.

  57. Polish translation:

  58. Ways to tell people about the coronavirus meditation:

    - Finding and emailing spiritual meditation centers around the world.
    - Posting on spiritual forums, such as a David Wilcock forum.
    - Social media
    - Online Chat groups
    - Word of mouth

  59. Thanks for the interview and whomever typed up the transcripts Cobra! Just completed the Saturn entering Aquarius mass meditation in my time zone and I feel pretty good. Also, I somehow awoke this morning with very little physical pain, a highly unusual event for me. Then a friend sent me a link to a live community video on healing tonight from Australia's John Douglas and his Angel Team. After this live event we all got a healing, where I soon felt a lightness and jovial-ness. Then did a double Saturn entering Aquarius mass meditation for here; once before and once during the proper time. Now I feel like I am going to now float through my ceiling. See everybody on Linear Earth time April 4/5th, 2020. #AscendInPlace

  60. Entrevista traducida al español en base a la transcripción en ingles:

  61. Thank you Cobra for the interview! The dark forces thought the "Endgame" meant certain victory for them, but how ironic that their last line of defense lies within all of US. Now we must turn the tables on their nefarious schemes by raising our vibration SO HIGH on April 4th when we combine the power of ONE MILLION MEDITATORS and create a huge Laser Beam of Divine Energy that will completely DISSOLVE those implants with hidden toplet bomb triggers!!!

    Their implants can only work and exist in us as long as our FREQUENCY that we are emitting is low enough. That is why there is absolutely No Room for low frequency emotions such as anger or hatred at this time (no matter how justified some people think they are) – constant expression of these emotions are what’s keeping us tethered to the Matrix and their booby traps…and keeping people very ill as the body produces deadly chemicals when it’s subjected to chronic stress and negativity.

    By raising our Frequency to exponential levels on April 4th and Quantum Leaping to the 5D Timeline, we can dissolve these implants, remove the final threat and Trigger the Event!!!

    Do we all understand the Power of Gathering One Million Meditators on April 4th????????????????????????????????

    It is the KEY to Our Liberation!!!!!


    I wrote an article that I posted today to help everyone delve a little deeper into the Ultimate Power of FOCUS - what Focus actually is and how to use it (individually and collectively in our Mass Meditations). I think you will find it informative and you can share it with everyone who'll be participating and making history on April 4th:

    "Laser Focus Incinerates the Dark Matrix"


  62. The booster meditation went well. It really felt right! hehehehe Victory of the Light!


  63. Wir werden erwachen unter falschen Propheten.
    Um als Kinder dieser Erde unser Erbe anzutreten.

    Wir wissen wer Ihr seid.
    Und wir wissen wer Wir Sind.


  64. This is FREEDOM and I have been waiting and expecting this all my life and I can't believe it is finally happening. Earth is getting detoxed from humans. Whatever comes out the other side of this scenario is a society that has been stopped in it's tracks. I am not anxious about humans I am happy for the Earth and I hope to see conditions return to a pre-industrial era quickly. Goodbye!

  65. I've sent information and requests to Corey Goode and to James Gilliland (of ECETI ranch)to please promote the April 4/5 global Ascension/Coronavirus meditation. Both of them have big followings.

    James has a radio show every Saturday night with a lot of listeners and Corey has a big Facebook presence and he's giving an on-line class right now, on Ascension.

    You can go here to find James Gilliland's weekly radio show. Scroll down a little bit and you'll see the archives.

    Tonight's show (Saturday, March 21) will be posted in the archives in a few days.

    On tonight's show (3/21/2020) Corey Goode was on!

    Corey talked to James about his lawsuit against Gaia tv and Jimmy Church, the radio host. It sounds like Corey was kicked out of a lot of UFO - alternative conferences and basically was blacklisted, because he complained about the work environment at Gaia.

    Anyway, maybe James and Corey will promote the meditation.


    Please remember that our WEEKLY KEY TO FREEDOM MEDITATION on Sunday was replaced by the new ASCENSION TIMELINE MEDITATION!

    Feel you later!

  67. Thank you for this wonderful interview.

    French translation of the interview - Traduction en français de l'interview :

    Victory of the Light !
    Victoire de la Lumière !

  68. The pipes kept playing, for you and me
    They kept on saying we will soon be free
    And your soul will never fade away
    You'll live forever, when the pipers play

  69. Light scenarios
    come to the forefront.
    Effects from higher realms lead to an end to power struggles that are viewed from a higher perspective like the conflagrations in Australia.

    Conflagrations end.
    In the next step, the view in the lower realms falls on the unit.

    Acceptance is full.
    Coronations are ended.
    Artificial power structures end - The Higher Self takes their place - The damage from coronations is seen from a higher perspective as the damage from the coronavirus.

  70. Fényerök szabadaitsatok fel minket most 2-3 napja plazma pókok támadnak
    közel jönnek és energiát lopnak ha észreveszem elmennek.

  71. ¡En Español!:

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. En mi país España van a aumentar la cuarentena hasta el 12de abril
    Será para que no podamos salir y meditar en grupos?no sé que pensar..

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. Found a good visual for the violet flame to clear the coronavirus:

    Violet Flame Earth Ascending

    1. Thank you so much to Info Finder for bringing Ascended Mastet St Germain and Violet Flame Consiousness closer to us.

  76. I am wondering, if a person is disabled getting enough just to pay Bill's and rent, have cash and gold/silver on hand??? I would have to not pay any bills... what should a person in this situation do?


  77. "Victory of Life". By Q.

  78. Robert Downey Jr (ator de o Homem de Ferro) faz revelações sobre a rede de pedofilia da elite de Hollywood

    Ator nomeia elites poderosas conectadas à rede global de pedofilia O astro de cinema Robert Downey Jr. fez uma revelação chocante e levantou a tampa de um grande anel pedófilo de Hollywood que conecta elites poderosas "em todo o mundo". A estrela do Homem de Ferro registrou uma enorme rede de pedofilia, prostituição e tráfico de seres humanos que envolve toda uma série de, o que ele chama de "f * cks doentes". Ele não apenas nomeou algumas celebridades famosas de Hollywood, mas também expulsou uma das pessoas mais poderosas da América, que ele diz ser uma "Pedra de Roseta de toda perversão ...
    Em 17/07/2017 Brad Pitt revela: A elite pedofila de Hollywood controla a América

    O Sr. Pitt descreve como toda a indústria de TV e cinema é conduzida em torno de uma cultura de preparar crianças para redes de tráfico de crianças que se estendem por todo os EUA e além, até os escalões superiores do espectro político e da hierarquia social:

    "Você acha que Hollywood é sobre fazer filmes? Isso é apenas um subproduto: é sobre dinheiro e, mais importante, poder e controle. As pessoas que dirigem Hollywood, também dirigem a América e a maior parte do mundo, e não se importam com filmes.

    Austrália 4444 crianças abusadas por sacerdotes católicos

    No total, entre 1980 e 2015, 4.444 pessoas alegaram incidentes de abuso sexual infantil relacionados a 93 autoridades da Igreja Católica. O abuso ocorreu em mais de 1.000 instituições. A idade média das vítimas foi de 10,5 para meninas e 11,6 para meninos. A esmagadora maioria dos sobreviventes era do sexo masculino. Quase 1.900 autores foram identificados e outros 500 permaneceram não identificados. Trinta e dois por cento eram irmãos religiosos, 30% eram padres, 29% eram leigos e 5% eram irmãs religiosas.

    Katy Perry admite comer carne humana: 'Em Hollywood, nós comemos a melhor carne'

    Estrela pop Katy Perry fez uma confissão chocante de que ela come carne humana durante uma entrevista de rádio na qual ela afirma que "todo mundo em Hollywood faz isso". Em uma admissão horrível, o cantor do Bon Appetit alegou que a "natureza proibida do produto" dá a ele…

    Investigação acusa 300 padres de pedofilia nos EUA, com mais de mil vítimas

    Abusos teriam sido encobertos por quase 70 anos, informa relatório feito na Pensilvânia

  79. Why are all the planets on the same orbital plane?
    ..and other really cool things..

  80. Breathing Technique ~ Pranayama 3
    Warrrior Breath, victorious
    ujjayi = to conquer, to be victorious

    Ujjayi is known for the soft hissing sound made by directing inhalation/exhalation over the back of the throat.

    Step 1 Inhale through your nose, then exhale slowly through a wide-open mouth. Direct the out-going breath slowly across the back of your throat with a drawn-out HA sound. Repeat x 7. Close mouth. AS you inhale and exhale through your nose, direct the breath again slowly across the back of your throat and hear, a soft hissing sound.

    Step 2 This sound, called ajapa mantra "unspoken mantra", serves 3 purposes to:

    -slow the breath (for perfect Ujjayi pranayama),
    -focus awareness on the breath and
    -prevent mind wander.

    Regulate breath by adjusting the even pace and sound in smooth flow - 5 to 7 mins, 10 to 15 mins. Return to normal breathing for a minute or 2, then lie in a restful pose 2 - 3 mins. When proficient facilitate with your Mental Concentration or Dharana.

    ..blessings and gratitude for whales
    thanks for spiraling concentrations
    out galaxyward and continuance..

  81. Traduction française de l'article et l'interview (french translation of Cobra's article and his interview)

  82. thank you so much cobra, really, thank you for being, i wish to meet you one day maybe in another life or reality and send you much love face to face.

  83. Did Cobra say that the Event will happen after 2-4 weeks of changes?

    Patrick: If people have money to buy gold and silver, how many ounces at least should they buy in order to prepare for the Event?

    Cobra: They need to have enough of this to get them through somewhere between two weeks to a month of changes. So whatever amount of money you spend in two to four weeks of time, this is the amount of money that you have to store in gold and silver, if you have enough money. You will also need the same amount in cash. That is the recommendation for those who have enough money.

    1. >Mera

      It means to keep maintaining 2-4 weeks of cash, by continual monitoring of your funds and topping up when there's a shortfall.

      Same goes for your Gold/Silver investments.

      With food its the same but there's the added factor of expiry dates.

      Maintain this routine until Event, which may take up to 2025 at the slowest.

      Do not make assumptions.

  84. cobra can you tell me how can i connect to acesnded master jesus?

  85. Are Deep State Satanists being Arrested under Cover of Defender Europe 20 Exercises?
    Written by Dr Michael Salla on March 20, 2020.

  86. Truly Amazing News ~ Censorship is DOWN! Mass Awakening within Next 3 Weeks ~ Light-worker Sanity Will Be Much Needed.
    By Therese Zumi Sumner

  87. I`m sharing a lot this 4/5 meditation everywhere and I must say that there is a better response from people this time. I don`t know is this because of this quarantine rat race stoppage or the people have become more lined with their true selves or simply understands that something needs to be done or that it is the right time for it or they are feeling subconsciously that this has potential...etc,etc., so I have a feeling that this whole thing could turn out extremely successful. I would like to encourage everyone to share the info because there is such a wonderful response at the moment. We could really achieve something this time.

    1. Olá
      Estou divulgando o protocolo comand,e meditação ✨🙏

  88. In my opinion we shouldn't meditate against coronavirus (becauce in fact it brings many good things) but we should meditate for unity. This meditation does not attract interest among other spiritual leaders because it has a wrong intention.

  89. Um pouco de explicação sobre os Arcontes e os Jesuítas.

  90. Is Ben's blog working??

  91. from this article-quote-----This video is based on information provided by Aneeka of Temmer (Head of Taygetean Intelligence, Pleiades) on the current situation.

    Some of this information is what comes to the Taygetean team from high-level terrestrial sources, so it still may be speculation, and not everything contained in the video are strict conclusions of Taygeteans themselves.

    There is no ET race that seems to know for sure at the moment what is behind the current global situation.

    The Federation itself is only observing for now. We appreciate the efforts of the Taygetean Intelligence who are working hard to uncover the full plot.-----unquote.....


    some science that this pleiadiun intelligence group includes in their transmission at the link posted above - is that DNA always returns to its original blueprint may take thousands of years for a human depending how much the DNA has been altered.....for a fruitfly it will only take a few weeks.....for a virus which is the smallest living DNA expression,it will return back to its original blueprint DNA form quite fast.....this is why at first in Wuhan the virus killed much more effectively than it did after a short time when the DNA of the virus strain returned to its original blueprint form-and was then again a conventional flue type virus.....

    5G plays a big role in all this as more and more peoples on the earth surface are becoming aware of.....

    apparently the scientists on the earths surface haven't knows this fact about DNA-and that's probably the main reason the cabal lab produced bioweapons have not worked in a genocidal level of criminal insanity on our great peoples of the earths surface to date.....

    also as reported by the pleiadiuns is more intel on what cobra has released in his intel writings also,about 2 main factions of the cabal who are at war with each other.....

    1. I hold Teygetans and Cosmic Agency SUSPECT, since they keep spewing "Prime Directive" garbage.

  92. Global markets sink despite Fed's promise of unlimited support for the economy

    CNN, 23.03 - US stocks opened lower on Monday and European markets were paralyzed even after the U.S. Federal Reserve pledged to create an unlimited amount of money to keep the world's largest economy from plunging into a deep recession. .

    The decision to buy unlimited amounts of government bonds was part of a much larger package of extraordinary measures announced by the Fed, which also included a promise to launch a loan program for Main Street.

    US stocks were about to open dramatically before the central bank's announcement, which briefly raised European stocks and oil prices. The Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq retreated some of their losses, but still started trading in negative territory.

    "It was clear that our economy will face serious upheavals," the Federal Reserve said in a statement.
    "Aggressive efforts must be made in the public and private sectors to limit job and income losses and promote a rapid recovery when disruptions subside."

    Global stock exchanges were hammered on Monday after US lawmakers failed to agree on a massive stimulus package designed to help Americans deal with the coronavirus pandemic and as authorities around the world took action increasingly draconian to restrict movement and public meetings.
    The Australian and South Korean markets fell more than 5%. Hong Kong's Hang Seng (HSI) index fell 4.9%, while China's Shanghai Composite (SHCOMP) fell 3.1%.
    In Europe, London's FTSE 100 (UKX) fell 2.7% after the Fed's announcement, while Germany's DAX (DAX) and France's CAC 40 (CAC40) fell less than 2%.

    A new wave of coronavirus job losses is about to collapse.
    Currently, there are more than 339,000 cases of coronavirus worldwide - forcing further travel restrictions, shutdowns and interruptions for companies.

    1. pep talk to CNN... To date, for the "crawling on the stock exchange" the fed has already:
      Reduced interest rates from 1.25% to 0.15%.
      Printed more than $ 700 billion in QE.
      Launched the program of repurchase of $ 1.5 trillion.
      Launched another $ 1 trillion REPO program. daily!
      He announced that he would start buying commercial paper (short-term corporate debt).
      Allowed primary dealers to start placing assets, including shares, as collateral in exchange for a short-term loan.
      He announced that he would start buying up municipal bonds.
      Ready to pump liquidity into hedge funds, clearing systems, the ECB, the Bank of Japan and, it's scary to even say ... the Bank of China!
      Opened unlimited dollar swap lines around the world.
      And the result of all this is almost 30 trillion dollars of global destruction of wealth (bonds and stocks).
      And to hold fast to the FED: US GDP is $ 21.5 trillion., and the volume of obligations for all debts and social programs – 84 trillion dollars.
      And if the strawberry field is too small... the world GDP is about 82 trillion dollars., and total volume of unsecured liabilities – more than 2 quadrillion in "greenbacks".

    2. Thank you, Cobra. I thought You've banned me forever.

  93. ..look at this amazing passive collection system for ocean plastic..

    #theoceancleanup #itshappening #💓🐋

  94. just saw some footage of what really happened in LA a year ago. while they were doing a drill in downtown, there was a crack team in hazmat suits dropping in on a building in long beach to remove a biological agent and it was caught on camera! according to a q post, "future will prove past" and it would seem to me that LA was the original intended location for the COVID outbreak!

  95. Co.Bra. and the Light Forces suggested this simple meditation to help inspire more light workers to join our Age of Aquarius Meditation that we did in January.

    “Here are the instructions of this meditation:

    1. Visualize violet flame to purify energy field of all lightworkers on the planet.

    2. Visualize brilliant white light through the crown chakra of all lightworkers to inspire them to join our activation if they feel so guided.

    The suggested time of this meditation is 11 minutes, you may also do it for 15 minutes or longer if you wish.”

    Thought maybe we could also use this to help inspire more light workers to join the Ascension Timeline/End of Coronavirus Meditation on April 4/5.

    Thank you so very much to all the beautiful sacred beings of the light!

    WE GOT THIS!!!

  96. "Scientists have tracked 40 mutations of coronavirus - in Iceland alone"

    And this from Alfred Lambremont Webre "5G can be used to mutate the CoronaVirus RNA, increasing lethality of pandemic."

  97. Looks like we are about to enter the storm. Stay calm people and remember this is what we have been trained for. Soon we will look back at this in awe. Stay safe

  98. Through The Battle Smoke // KUNU

  99. Everything feel frozen in time

  100. I have created a "Preparation Checklist" for our historic global meditation on April 4th, which I am of course using myself. Please send this out to everyone participating as with all the volatility in the world, there are many reasons the internet could be down on that day or in certain areas and we can ensure Maximum Success by being thoroughly prepared and organized, along with Keeping Our Vibes Super High and Rehearsing Our Future by Practicing the Meditation and Feeling the Elation of Victory ahead of time!

    We must allow Nothing to Interfere with our preparation and participation in this Life Changing Meditation!!! TIME FOR TOTAL LASER FOCUS.........

    We only have 11 DAYS LEFT EVERYONE! Every Moment and Every Day from now till April 4th is crucial and can literally Alter Our Destiny and that of all mankind!! Let's be ultra prepared and keep spreading the word.

    Make every moment count. You can get the Checklist here:

    Preparation Checklist for Historic Global Meditation On April 4th

  101. Trying not to overuse this trilogy, but:

    Matrix 3 Because I choose to


    1. Using Matrix: Reloaded footage, this is

      Shock To The System

      Light and Love


  102. Stupid Facebook is really clamping down on sharing options! Cant invite all of my friends to a facebook event anymore! Apparently there are new limit settings which werent so harsh last time! Plus other options are affected as well.

  103. Breath Technique #5
    Even Fluctuation ~ Sama Vritti Pranayama - balanced breathing is known as sama/even vritti/fluctuation in Sanskrit. This breathing technique focus to balance your inhale and exhale at the same length, breathe smooth and steady to bring about balance, equanimity.

    Find a breath length that is not too easy, not too difficult a pace, measure cadence for the set length of practice - between 3 and 5 counts.

    Choose a comfortable seated position.
    Breathe in and out through your nose.
    Count inhale and exhale to even in duration.

    You can add a slight pause or breath retention after each inhale and exhale, functional breathing involves a natural pause Practice for gradual build to 5 minutes and Dharana/mental concentration

    Advance ~ Breath Technique #

    Resonant breathing - inhale 6 seconds exhale 6 seconds, a rate of 5 breaths per minute. Continue for a few minutes.
    Breathing at this rate maximizes your heart rate variability (HRV), >stress (ptsd) reduction<, adds oxygen, promotes clear thinking. Mental concentrations made potent

  104. What Is Triggering You Right Now? ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton∞the-9d-arcturian-council/

  105. This blog is infected with trolls. They are disgusting.

  106. I can reprogram my mind. I can see the code in my mind and I can change it.
    I started my blog, where I write about this:


  108. i planted cintamani stones in every corner of my house for 88% shield against the collective global energy full of lower frequencies. I also wear a very large cintamani stone on a cotton necklace giving me additional 98% shield against virus air droplets for a 10 foot radius. maybe we can continue to disperse more stones if cobra can get more

  109. United, and other airlines are sending their largest planes to the desert for storage as they drastically reduce operations due to coronavirus

    1. one can only dream they're Geo-engineering aircraft being removed.


  110. It's a real shame this planet Earth...

  111. The interview in Hungarian/magyarul:
    Cobra magyar oldala:
    Magyar Cobra Csoport a FB-on:

  112. the 2 dark force factions at war are being quickly unmasked to the general population of the earths surface…..

    one of the factions at war – some of the archon black nobility dark forces are ordering their political agents to promote giving lots of assistance to the peoples,and generally promoting the indefinite shutdown of basic conventional economic driving forces – that sees more and more of the peoples now having no work no paycheque etc….this is the faction that is so far collapsing the world black magic monetary system…..and looks like they will win the war against the khazarion zionist money changers,who have otherwise been partners in crime in many ways with them up until now…..

    the other faction is attempting to keep their black magic babylonian money system going – the khazarion zionists,are ordering their agents in political houses of the earths surface to get the countries economic systems up and running and get all the slaves back to work as they desperately and unsuccessfully attempt to keep their monetary system going…..this faction is most certainly the losers of this major battle playing out…..

    extreme chaos is manifesting in especially many western countries political houses currently more than ever,as they are full of khazarion agents and black nobility agents getting very different marching orders from their masters…..jesuit disciples and khazarion disciples clash as the peoples watch in wonderment….

    regardless if any of these political level agents have any true care and concern for the peoples of the countries they are supposed to be serving – it makes little difference as their masters rule not them…..

    medical industrial entertainment industrial corporate industrial banking industrial political industrial judicial industrial prison industrial military industrial aerospace/secret space industrial industrial etc dark forces factions societies complexes dark force controlled systems are being brought to their knees now-as the peoples of the surface are adjusting best they can in the difficult moment……the dark force minions are being thrown and abandoned by their demonic masters,to the quickly awakening massively powerful lighforces wolfpacks roaming/patrolling the solar system and hunting down the filthy outlanders…..

    this war between 2 major cabal factions will lead quickly to full planetary liberation – as they are in so many ways the same bird – and a a bird of course cannot fly with one wing…..

    someday this war is going to be over…..

  113. Cobra, can people TRANSLATE and repeat "Command RCV Stardust" in their own language, or should they ALWAYS use only English?

  114. There was a Fulford post I saw about an hour and a half ago for emergency action to stop a planned 5G attack on Tokyo. The post is now gone. Maybe the attackers have been neutralized, and this is why the post has been deleted. Thought I'd mention this just in case though.

  115. Further thoughts regarding the coronavirus:

    The mortality for different age groups can be seen here:

    It's obviously not going to work to try to get young people to self-quarantine. If I was 'running the show,' I would make it mandatory for all elderly on the planet to self-quarantine for their own sake. I would draw the line at age 70 and older, because that's when the mortality really starts to rise. People who are age 50-59 have only a 1.3% mortality, but ages 70-79 have an 8% mortality, and those aged 80+ have well over a 10% mortality. The mortality is extremely low for everyone else, at fractions of a percent. (Those who are caretakers for the elderly would have to take necessary precautions when delivering their groceries to their houses, etc.)

    If it's also 5G attacks though, that's another ball game. It's also another ball game if the coronaviurs hype can actually aid in mass arrests and plasma plane clearing.

    Anyway, doing the meditations will help, and it's possible that any benefit to free the planet as a result of the coronavisus (making an attack backfire on the enemy on the chessboard) has run its course. I don't know though. There are many, many variables here lol!


  116. Bloomberg 03.24 - Gold has extended its manifestation with new waves of stimulus measures, with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. saying that precious metals are probably at an inflection point and it's time to buy.

    The precious metal is rising along with risky assets amid renewed hopes that the US Congress will pass a spending package that, along with the Federal Reserve's massive stimulus program, could ease the impact of the coronavirus.

    The traditional paradise is resurfacing after the decline in the past two weeks, when investors favored the dollar and sold the precious metal to raise money.

    Goldman reaffirmed its 12-month target for gold bars to advance to $ 1,800 an ounce; As spot gold has not traded at this level since 2011, the year reached its highest prices. The increase in Fed action would also offset the negative impact of weaker demand for emerging metals, the bank said.

    There was also a vote of confidence in gold bars by veteran investor Mark Mobius. The port's recent liquidation along with risky assets like stocks and oil was a sign of sheer panic, with investors selling everything like the spread of the pandemic, Mobius told Bloomberg TV in an interview:

    "I think it's a mistake," he said. "People should have gold and maybe this is a good time to increase their gold holdings - in fact, I'm thinking about it."

  117. (testing - unsure if me last post went thru - i didnt get a 'wait for approval" notice)

  118. I know I should comment, what? Sounds like an egocentric circus here.
    I'll say my part...yes.
    I spoke to Source whom I met. I asked If humanity survives and wins. YES!!
    That's all I have to share. Have fun arguing amongst yourselfs.

    Free & Universal Invitation to All – No Experience Necessary
    You are invited to participate in a very powerful global meditation unifying our spiritual, cultural and ethnic wisdom and healing modalities to benefit all of humanity at this time of need. This meditation will be co-led by world renown teachers, healers & visionaries of Non-Human Intelligence Contact.

    Uniting together to raise the energy equal to and then greater than that of the energy of fear and re-center into love, peace & freedom.

    We are equally present as your Co-Leaders of this Council of Light Meditation:
    Barbara Jean Lindsey
    Eric Mitchell
    Solaris BlueRaven.
    Miesha Johnston.
    Geraldine Orozco.
    Lorien Fenton
    Melinda Leslie.



    Barbara: Welcome to the Mother ship and briefly introduce Council of Light
    1. Solaris - Purify and create sacred space
    2. Barbara & Eric – Begin Meditation Connect hearts, minds & souls to become a group synergy (keep it simple) – Female/Male/Galactic Balance
    3. Miesha – Speaking a Galactic Light Language
    Raising the united healing energy up and off the scale
    4. Geraldine - Eradicate fear, worry, blocks and anxiety
    5. Lorien & Melinda - Re-establish & Re-program into inner peace & harmony
    6. Solaris – Anchoring Galactic Center into the crystalline Earth grids closing circle
    7. Council of Light - each co-host express closing gratitude and heartfelt acknowledgments
    8. End of Meditation - Participants feeling more vital and empowered
    9. Feel free to contact us