Monday, March 16, 2020

Endgame Scenarios

War for liberation of this planet is reaching its climax.

After the coronavirus outbreak in China was contained, the dark forces planted another, modified strain of the virus in Codogno, Italy. Codogno is just a few miles away from Piacenza, which was ruled throughout the centuries by many main Black Nobility families: Scotti, Pallavicini, Visconti, Sforza, Farnese, Bourbon and Habsburg.

The Italian virus outbreak is an outer manifestation of infighting between two Black Nobility factions and the faction which planted the virus wants to crash the economy. They seem to be quite successful right now:

The critical moment of the spread of the virus throughout Europe was when European ministers decided to keep the borders with Italy open at their meeting in Rome on February 25th, as ordered by the Black Nobility:

Open borders allowed the spread of the virus first in Europe and now also worldwide.

The spread of the Italian strain of the virus throughout Europe and globally has triggered massive quarantines:

As many people have noticed, all this creates ideal conditions for the mass arrest scenario.

I can confirm that the Positive Military has the plan to carry out mass arrests as has been released by Drake Bailey:

Dragon sources from mainland China are confirming this, saying that the current emergency allows the cleanup to take place, and that all this will become visible by April 15th.

Resistance has communicated that they can not confirm the Positive Military plan, but they are also not denying it. They have also stated that Positive Military is not the only faction at play, and that “there are also other scenarios involved”. They have added that mass arrests are NOT yet taking place, although the Positive Military is already involved in certain preparatory operations. 
Until all toplet bombs are removed, the Event can not happen, but a scenario similar to Delta Option is possible:

Light Forces have very recently managed to remove the vast majority of plasma anomaly on the surface of the planet along with the large part of the last layer of plasma toplet bombs. This is a big victory and it is one of the factors that has triggered the plans of the Positive Military.

Unfortunately, as the clearing of the plasma plane was nearing its completion, a very powerful defense mechanism within physical implants of all surface humans was activated by the Chimera as their last defense line. All physical implants namely have a singularity well with topness producing quark-gluon plasma that creates toplet bombs which are interconnected into a network which connects implants of all surface humans.

As this defense mechanism was activated, it created a mutation in quantum primary anomaly field, which resulted in partial distortion in the timeline flow in late February. This is why the dark forces were able to plant samples of virus in Italy, Iran and Korea.

This timeline flow has been already partially corrected, and our meditation can ensure that we will shift into the best possible timeline towards the planetary liberation and Ascension.

The Resistance was able to destroy all biochips which were meant to be put into the new vaccine which is being developed against the coronavirus. Therefore the new vaccine can NOT contain any biochips, although it can still contain chemicals dangerous for your health.

On a spiritual level, the coronavirus outbreak has drastically accelerated the total and final purification of all non-physical entities that are still to some degree surrounding the surface of the planet. It has also triggered a purification of human excesses, recklessness and selfishness, a purification of illusions and brought much needed grounding.

Forced to stay home, may people have exited a vicious cycle of needing to produce more, spend more and consume more, and finally have time to listen to the birds singing, as they have returned to now silent cities with much less human activity:


It is a purification of the Matrix:

Zhong Nanshan, a top Chinese epidemiologist who has correctly predicted the end of Chinese coronavirus outbreak, is predicting for the pandemics to be over by June if social distancing measures which can stop the spread of the virus are taken immediately:

Defender Europe 20 military exercise troops will NOT bring New World Order to Europe nor will they conduct mass arrests, but they can spread the virus very effectively:

The efficiency of social distancing measures and lockdowns in stopping the pandemic are excellently explained in the following article:

The fact that this coronavirus is a bioweapon is finally hitting mainstream media, as top level officials around the world are starting to ask questions:

It is now common knowledge that 5G base stations seriously compromise the immune system and that they play a crucial role in this pandemic plan of the dark forces:

5G network is part of the plan of the dark forces to reinforce quarantine Earth:

Chimera-controlled US Space Force wants to use 5G as a defense line against positive extraterrestrials:

What is happening right now is the peak of the quantum war for planet Earth between the positive extraterrestrial forces and the Chimera group.

Details of that quantum war can not be released yet, I can only say that the positive side is removing topet bombs and the negative side is developing technologies like this one:

Here you need to understand that in every war there are moments of victory and there are moments of defeat. The road ahead may be quite intense and bumpy, and things may not always go according to the plan or as predicted, but we will be victorious in the end.

With the meditation coming in a few weeks we can shift a lot, as our unified consciousness can directly affect the quantum field dramatically.

Until then, you can also use vitamin C to boost your immune system, and it may also help against the virus:

You can also use Command RCV stardust protocol as much as possible. It removes about 75% of the virus, as this report from Wuhan from February 20th clearly shows:

Pleiadians have communicated that their protocol would be even more effective, but there are always some extremely selfish people who are not part of the dark force cabal, but they are spreading the virus through their recklessness and even by selling the virus on the dark web (watch the video from 8 to 14 minutes mark):

This war will be over soon, and a new world will be born, the world we have all been fighting for.

Victory of the Light!


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    1. Cobra stated in a previous update that 2 weeks before The Event, it will be visible.

      We are there.

      I'd be surprised if the meditation even happens.

    2. Its certainly unprecedented. One of the busiest cross-border links in the world, Singapore-Malaysia Causeway normally seeing 300,000 people a day, on March 18th, 2020 at 7:20 AM after the Malaysia ban on travel took place.

      Sorry for long URL.

      Air pollution will definitely go down for sure.


  2. The next weeks and months will be crucial.
    For the dark ones and their "elite" this is a wet dream come true where people only focus on the fear and do not pay much attention to anything else, thus allowing the governments to make laws without anybody even noticing.
    And not being allowed to demonstrate against them if they do notice. For example, the yellow vest movement in France has been forced to stay off the streets.
    This crisis can well be used to not only put entire populations in quarantine and house arrest, but to also implement such evil things as mandatory vaccinations and chipping the population, expanding mass surveillance and almost everything else that was akways planned.
    They will explain all this by saying that it is all "for the good of the people."
    And they can get away with it because people will be willing to accept such measures.
    It is the old "problem - reaction - solution" scenario where they have created the problem, caused fear as a reaction and will provide the solution the population so desperately needs.
    With the corrupt media going into full-tilt overdrive to sell us these solutions which will, at the end of the day, only benefit our oppressors and play right into their hands.

    And We Won't.

    At the same time, what is currently happening is a huge opportunity to wake up the masses. A lot of the distractions are suddenly dropping off, and people are being forced to slow down their lifes. Many people are stepping off the treadmill that is matrix life for the first time in forever and start to realize that there is more to life than just work, eat, sleep, repeat from the cradle to the grave.
    With basically all sports events cancelled another big distraction factor falls to the wayside. People may start to think about a lot of other things than they normally do, as there is more time they have for themselves suddenly.
    Therein lies an opportunity for them to get exposed to videos and articles that they would normally not pay any attention, but the boredom of their new everyday life may cause them to click on and watch videos they otherwise never would.
    If only somebody could alter the YouTube algorithm to recommend videos normally not shown. Hmmm . . .

    There is a whole lot more opportunities offering themselves to both sides in this war, like the financial repercussions and such.
    It is of vital importance that we stay ahead of the curve and make the most of these opportunities.
    And We Will.

    This is

    No fear


      And We Won't."

      How? You mention the Yellow Vest movement, but what did they achieve after 1.5 years of protests? What did Hongkongers achieve with 1/4 of their citizens protesting?
      I don't like empty slogans like that. The truth is if the governments use force against us and the majority of people don't actively oppose it, then we can't do anything. Even millions united in protests aren't enough to stop the coercion machine of the government.
      So how exactly do you think we can stop all the negative things you just described? I know. But no one will listen to me because the vast majority of people today absolutely hate freedom and personal responsibility. They're completely addicted to being taken care of by the nanny state.

    2. >Tropby

      So far Mark Passio ( is the only one who's probably doing it the right way with the information about Natural Law, and karmic consequence weight most heavily for those who carry out the wrong action, with the assumption that no one from outer space is coming to help us. (He believes in UFOs but the entire Galactic Confederation thing to him is complete New Age BS)

      But his brute force drill sergeant style approach that come from his ex-Satanist days (apparently that's how they keep each other in line as ignorance is a high level sin) ensures that he will have a small listening audience.

      On the other side Thomas Sheridan says to quit the evangelical 'truth' crusade of trying to wake other people up because people will simply shut out the uncomfortable truth and its not worth the personal cost to one's life like social isoation and ridicule.

      Either way we are for certain screwed if we have no one but ourselves to extricate out of this mess.


    3. I say this because LOSING IS NOT AN OPTION.
      The Light has prevailed in every Universe ever, and it will in this one too.

      And so it is.


  3. Thank you Cobra! There is much distortion for the surface population at this time but hearing from you always keeps things in perspective. Love and light! We WILL win!

  4. Thank you for the update Cobra!I will do anything I can to make the meditation KNOWN and ask people to JOIN us!Lightworkers and Lightwarriors,time for fighting to the Victory!❤❤❤

  5. Thank you for the update Cobra. Can/Does the command RCV stardust work if requested for an area that is different than the one in which someone is currently located?

    1. Probably the same as with meditations. They can affect remote places, but your location will be affected the most even if you're not focusing on it.

    2. I say it every morning during a meditation at 9 AM EST and I "see", how it spreads with a coat of light around the whole planet...

    3. Time and space limitations are 3D concepts. The soul and light of the heart are not so limited. Connect with your heartspace and request that your lightwork be connected with where it is needed, in accordance with Universal Will.


  6. I was waiting for for this update! I felt it coming today! Thank you Cobra❤️ Victory of the Light!!❤️

  7. thank you Cobra, victory to the light as ever! Rose

  8. "I will reveal about Delta Option plan as much as I can:

    Instead of waiting for the optimal conditions with toplet bombs removed and non-physical Archons removed, a certain “special forces group” would initiate removal of some factions of the Cabal within USA only. None of the Chimera, Archon, Black Nobility or Jesuit members would be touched in this operation. They would keep a low profile and show a friendly face. All other factions of the Cabal within USA would be taken care of. “Special forces group” would provide tactical support for Positive Military to carry out the operation. Mass media would be freed from the Rothschild control and US dollar would collapse. Limited disclosure would begin immediately.

    This change within USA would trigger a strong international reaction and we would have an unstable and chaotic transition towards the Event. Worldwide financial system would go through extreme volatility, but would most likely not collapse. There would be a worldwide purge of lower Cabal members. Mass media worldwide would gradually release more and more intel."

    Sounds good to me ;)
    Maybe we should meditate on the Delta option to be implemented as well? Certainly better than waiting to get infected with a virus. And the social impact would be lessened thanks to the quarantines and a lot fewer people going outside. Also, the lower contrast would make people freak out less. We're already in a state of emergency, so the shock of mass arrests wouldn't be so huge compared to a seemingly peaceful time. Seems like the perfect time for physical action against the Cabal.
    Also, thanks for many updates and explanations lately! With the explanations from this post I no longer have any complaints about the meditation one.

    1. @Tropby

      I feel the masses SHOULD see the arrests happen. Time for them to see the emperor is butt naked for once.

  9. perfect, A most needed update. thanks a lot!!!!

  10. Open Air Factor -> negative ions (+ vitamin d)

    air ionizer article:

  11. 谢谢你,Cobra。胜利在望,接下来我会继续贡献自己的一份力量。

  12. ENDGAME! In the Avengers "Endgame" movie, it seems as if the avengers have been utterly defeated by the angry god of death 'Thanos' but at the last moment, they all come together as one mighty FORCE and defeat him!

    This is why it is imperative that we all come together en masse for the upcoming Spring Equinox Meditation when we will Flood the Earth With Motherly Love and bring back the nurturing, compassionate, loving energies of the Goddess. Her love is more powerful than any toplet bomb or matrix implant and even more powerful when we channel it collectively!!!

    When we all come together in mass numbers on March 19th and infuse the world with the deep enduring tender love of The Earth Mother, we will pummel those dark matrix creations with her pure feminine light! Any remaining toplets, implants or anomaly will be obliterated on April 4th when ONE MILLION POINTS OF LIGHT (Meditators) Laser Beam them out of existence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Matrix Implants and dark creations CANNOT EXIST in a Fifth Dimensional World or within 5D Beings.....which we are fast becoming!

    MASS MEDITATION IS THE KEY TO OUR ASCENSION TO 5D! Let's stay Focused on our Global Meditations, beginning with March 19th at 11:49 pm EDT (3:49 am UTC), the exact moment of the Spring Equinox.

    Then continuing our Daily Meditations where we hold and FEEL the VISION of every moment of our Breakthrough Meditation on April 4th, see and feel the energy of ONE MILLION OF US joining hearts and intentions around the globe!!!

    I feel inexplicable joy knowing that we have already created the Miracle and Liberated our Planet. Thank you so much Cobra, Light Forces and Resistance for all that you continue to do on our behalf! So glad to know the biochips were removed from the CV vaccine and that 5G and its role in this pandemic (and beyond) is being explained as this nefarious network must be removed ASAP and our Mass Meditations will ensure this happens.

    Victory of the Light is Imminent!!

    Who will be joining us on March 19th???

  13. "and finally have time to listen to the birds singing"--This made me smile :)

  14. Victory of the Light!

    Love to all! Thank you Cobra for this informative update. I can say everyone I speak with at the store knows this virus isnt naturally occurring. Most think there is another agenda. I keep telling them avoid fear, stay positive and know a great future awaits us all!

    We are 1!

  15. Entering a New Dawn of infinite potentialities for upliftment of humanity

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  17. One million people worldwide meditate synchronously:APRIL 4TH/5TH 2020

    Twenty minutes to bless our planet
    We know no borders, no regions
    We do n’t distinguish between races and religions
    I only wish our planet is better
    I only wish each of us happy and healthy

  18. when meditation succeeds to remove the remaining toplet bombs?

    1. I think the soonest is December. The complete removal of toplet bombs will immediately trigger the Event. The Event is supposed to happen at the end of the 3rd transition phase and we just entered it in January. Each phase is supposed to last from a few months to a few years. The 2nd phase lasted 11 months, so I'd assume that December's meditation will be a good chance to clear the toplet bombs, end the 3rd phase and trigger the Event.

    2. has the patience is nearing the end...

    3. Since 2004, bombs have been removed ... meditation after meditation, critical mass is reached and everything starts over ... endless cycle. As a precaution, I await the arrests. The Event will only take place AFTER mass arrests. And as for gold, make no mistake about the gold of the Anunnaki, which has been seducing Humanity since the beginning ... before they came from the mines of Abzu. Today, we are not so sure anymore.

  19. thank you Cobra for this 'reality check"! For some reason i feel woken up by this post..Much valuable intel here. I think many of us lightworkers have been thinking and explaining the CV away by saying it is "fear porn".... which it is in a way, yet it is also a physical reality as much as a bio weapon. Ultimately, as Cobra says here and as what others have been saying, it is something that will result in an acceleration of our individual and planetary ascension process. In the mean time we must do what we must engage our will, hold the light in our hearts, ground ourselves in nature, start mega dosing on vitamin C (me and my close ones are on 10+ grams a day as part of our own personal health regimen that we started before the CV outbreak) and meditate! Meditate in your own way and meditate with the many groups holding collective meditations.... especially on this spring equinox... and especially on April 4th. Meditation can take many forms and can be as simple as being aware of your breathing and watching your thoughts.... watch them slow down. It can be a prayer, an invocation to receive, or as Cobra offers, listening to the birds singing. Do you think the birds are worried? As Kaia Ra says though, do not deny your worry or your fear or whatever you are feeling... your feelings can be a way towards listening to your heart. This is a time of personal transformation as much as a planetary one. It feels like a great wake up call to us all, and a way to bring us together. We are all in this together yet we must all stand in our own individual sovereignty as free beings and not be afraid to be all we can be and do all we can do in these times... to expand our comfort zones, invoke our higher selves, whatever that means to you, in order to have a greater sphere of influence. The mass meditations coming up, if reaching high enough numbers (at least the critical mass of 144,000 for the April 4th one) can change and speed up the timeline towards the Event and our Ascension path. Om Mani Padme Hum

  20. vitamin d levels may generally go down during the winter due to decreased sun exposure (too cold outside)

    deep breathing may help by increasing oxygen in the blood

    selenium may be usefull as part of an integrative strategy

    oxygen theraphy for coronavirus:

    vitamin d (cold and flu): "Vitamin D supplements protect against acute respiratory infections including colds and flu, according to a study."

    vitamin d (immune system): "Deficiency in vitamin D is associated with increased autoimmunity as well as an increased susceptibility to infection."

    selenium (immune system): "The notion that Se “boosts” the immune system has been supported by studies involving aging immunity or protection against certain pathogens."

    1. And dont forget about Iodine! Its very important. Search for Lugol Iodine

  21. The garbage going on between the Black Nobility Families is typically what losers do.

    Reminds me of my current job that I will be leaving end-March. Because of the virus and reduced customer inflow, the boss has given 2 options to the workers, accept a $200 pay cut on an already ridiculously low salary across the board, or leave.

    This will be their funeral. No one works for months only to get reduced pay when already under financial pressure. Employees will start finding less than honest means of making up for the loss.

    Because of causal factors unrelated to the coronavirus that happened around the time of the Jan 11th/12th I decided to leave my job which requires 1-month notice, now looking back on it those circumstances put me ahead of the curve.

    I don't owe these wankers a living. They can go take their toilet paper money and shove it up their toilet-paper jammed rear ends.

    As this article said, this virus really was the big break from the insanity that the world surface population needed.

    One guy I follow (Thomas Sheridan) who is highly skeptical of the Event said those under quarantine will find the opportunity to take a break from socializing with fake friends, the soul-sucking job, and find time to write that book, paint that Warhammer 40k model army that was sitting in the box, reading books that had been gathering dust or some other creative pursuit, or time to self-reflect on their past choices that previously they didn't have or didn't want to have the time for.

    People will wise up when they realize what they thought they needed was just an excess they can live without, like big sports and other forms of mass entertainment that get shut down. The video is 'Every Cloud'.

    Corona will lose its shine on April 9.

    Corona will become the Little Guy's Finest Hour.

    Screw the troglodytes, sanctimonious, virtue-signalling, passive-aggressive, NPC wa*kers.

    Praise Goddess Hathor, Goddess Atargatis, Goddess Urd-sama, Goddess Kali-Ma, God Sobek, Ave Lucifer, Long Live the Horned Gods.

    Victory of the Light.

    \\ //

  22. This isn't rake Bailey's info I seen a random 8chan or 8kun user prediction. Relaying in this is nonsense they gave us many false predictions in these years, cause just regular people guessing.

    "Unfortunately, as the clearing of the plasma plane was nearing its completion, a very powerful defense mechanism within physical implants of all surface humans was activated by the Chimera as their last defense line. All physical implants namely have a singularity well with topness producing quark-gluon plasma that creates toplet bombs which are interconnected into a network which connects implants of all surface humans."

    Okay, now people create toplet bombs too, great. We will never run out of excuses right? Always just prepare for the preparation stage cause some setbacks :D

    The 5G map is just bogus, we don't have any 5G station in my country but have more than 100 cases of coronavirus. On that map all we can see the virus is just worldwide just as 5G and selling [put a world wide brand name here].

    And I don't belive the US military is full of chimera now, mostly part of the positive military, you can't quote Q things then tell the military developing qantum network what helps the toplet bombs to produced.

    The rest of the article is good I think.

  23. the song I am going to play when the cabal are openly gunned down by world.

  24. Cobra💕🌹💕🌹💕🌹💕🌹🙏🙏🙏

  25. Thanks for the udate!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  26. Its on like donkey kong. All these years of wondering if this legit and this virus lock down thing is such life changing event that one can only think damn the aliens are real and here. Alit of peoples minds are going to be blown!

  27. Thank you Cobra, Light Forces, Resistance Movement and Light Workers you are Amazing! And WoW! it's finally happening. Lets do this, one more big push and then ride out this Storm. Source is with Us all the Way. Remember stay Chilled, calm and Meditate on an Excellent outcome. We can do this Folks! LOVE to You All ❤️ The Light is Victorious!

  28. It was quite obvious that after the release of the virus in Italy, that it’s a war between different factions of the Cabal.

    The way the economy it’s crushing (flights companies, hotels, restaurants etc. all own by the Cabal that are losing big money) it’s shows that one faction still don’t want to give up on crushing the actual economic system and replace it with crypto currencies.

    Also the way Chimera triggered the anomaly of chips in humans it shows that unfortunately even after the removal of last layer of toilet bombs the event cannot take place.

    It seams that every time we come close to liberation the dark forces still finds a way to remain one step ahead of us.

    This means that the mass arrest everyone was hoping for now (as this quarantine time was given the best opportunity to take on the dark forces) will not take place.

    Delta option cannot take place also because the results of that option will wipe out most the planet so both dark and light forces cannot take that risk now.

    It’s like a chess game where the dark forces make a move and the light forces must make their.

    The only good thing about this quarantine will be that at least the planet will breathe for one month or so since the humans will leave their cars home, plane’s will stay down and other factory’s will be probably closed as well.

    The bad thing is that light workers cannot travel anymore until summer (or even more) and because of this they cannot anchor the light in the places they supposed to.

    Unfortunately, the way the collective unaware population was reacted to this “pandemic” was pathetic!

    Instead of acknowledging that this is just another biological weapon at play, they start to freak out and buy everything from shops but most of the toilet paper!

    This toilet paper thing it seams that is yet another MK-ultra CIA mass mind control program at the work.

    I do not expect anything good for the surface population from this year as well since the dark forces are still much more stronger that the light workers community thinks they are in reality.

    The only thing I personally find annoying it’s the ban travel specially when you know this a fake virus made in lab and the purpose of it is to crash the economy!

    But I hope until summer this madness will stop and we can go back to our “normal life” with or without a crypto currency run by the other Cabal faction.

    My intuition is that at the end of the quarantine the debt fiat economic system will manage to survive (as it was done it many times before) and things will get back to normal.

    Already the FED has made another 700 billion dollars injection on the actual system. That means that they are in no way done with this.

    In the meantime we must just ignore the mainstream media news, try to ignore the unaware masses (who will scream at you why you are not freak out and make stocks of toilet paper!) and go on with our life.

    1. V the Guerrilla Economist says this is not a real financial crash. If there was there would be massive moves to Gold, Silver and Crypto. The exact opposite is happening and prices of Precious Metals are crashing (although crypto briefly picked up today) and everyone is flying to the Dollar.

      As for the travel ban just take it in stride. Basement dweller lifestyle is the new black, and people like me who realized how fake, inconvenient (because of the groupthink) and a waste of time hanging out with friends was when I was in High School (in the 2 years leading up to 9-11-2001) learned to shut ourselves in and spend time with ourselves.

      Self reflection, self-development and creative pursuits will take precedence over useless consumerism. People will learn to buy what they need, not what they want as a result of the quarantine.

      Its the bunch who are addicted to 'retail therapy', social events and clubbing to validate their fake sense of self who will go nuts.

      Globalism is dead with quarantine lockdowns at country borders being enforced.

      Greta Thunberg is probably on suicide watch right now with the lack of attention for her rubbish climate change crusade.

    2. I know, I know. However, what if the biochips/implants themselves are a part of the last layer of toplet bombs? If so, this could be a game changer? I don't know. I know. I don't know. I know. I don't know (repeat?)

    3. Yes the toilet paper! It's exactly like the Montauk project how they would use the big radar dish to project thoughts out to the city and make everyone do something weird at the same time. Why the hell are people getting a two year supply of toilet paper? They've probably got a few weeks of food, a few days of water, no water filter, and years of toilet paper. It's got to be a mind control test like Montauk.

    4. The Elite must be watching and pissing in theirs pants from laughing

    5. Spec Ops, yeah I don't do much of anything in public either. On days off I usually don't go anywhere anyway.

      Greta Thunberg on suicide watch - lol! Probably.

  29. I read half and have to say...I know Drake and Kim. This is a test. Gosh, how to say..... who you are?
    Better be yourself because we already know.
    Now. How do you really want to live?


  30. Where is Drake's intel?

    It's not here:

    1. Drake Bailey has a Facebook page Cosmic Voice. His YouTube is Neotech. He is a weekly guest in Gail of Gaia YouTube. This last week he was "busy"😃 I follow him closely, not personally. I should watch my wording. Kimberly Ann Goguen is the one calling the shots and I love her!! Check out Tank and Michelle on YouTube Speak Project. The 15ths show explains truth. Oh I'm so excited.

  31. Former Spy: Is Corona Virus A Blessing & Did We Flip Evil Intent to Achieve a Greater Good?
    Robert David STEELE Vivas #UNRIG

  32. Game on, end game. Swords up. Be good, be kind, check your neighbors.
    We how do you want this to play out? I know Drake and kim.
    Make a decision now. It better be a good one

  33. Thank you so much!!! I will stay calm and I will keep meditating!
    Victory of the light!

  34. I don't care what they plant. I have successfully fought off every thing because my mind is made up. We win.

  35. Thanks for this heartening update
    Individual vigilance is of essence to remaining grounded in high frequency .
    Victory for the Light 🙏 NOW!

  36. I would not at all take seriously the mass arrests section of this post. We've been through this before as far back as 2010 and we know how it turned out.

    Even David Icke in one of his books laughed it off, asking sarcastically if the participants of one of these worldwide mass arrest groups were offered a Parker Pen for participation.

    No one likes their hopes played about like a yo-yo. This is also in reference to past articles addressing people's 'trust issues' and skepticism of these things.

    Once any post features dates of any kind you can bet the Cabal will do what they can to avoid them. So I wouldn't pin my hopes on dates.

    Also is this the same Drake that David Wilcock relied on for the last claim of coming Mass Arrests? If so, I wouldn't hold my breath.

    I would apply the same logic to that vaporware known as 'Mass Indictments'.

    Focus on your hobbies and creative pursuits during this lockdown. You will be better for it.

    Over and Out.

    1. I am agree! I do not believe in “mass arrest” thing either since the legal system it’s in the hands of various factions of the Cabal.

      It’s pretty naive to think that they will arrest themselves!

      Unfortunately, there is a lot of fake information out there regarding the “indictments” and all of this crap!

      Some light workers believe this things and to be honest it’s sounds like a nice dream we all want to believe in!

      But the reality it’s pretty different and much more dark than any nightmare!

      Obviously we are a hostage population so in this case every plan to liberate us will hit the same wall: us!

      The cabal will always come up with new methods to thwart any plans regarding their rule as long as we are the hostage population here.

      So in this case it’s more like one step ahead and 2 backwards!

      The problem with the quarantine now in EU it’s that they can pass easily whatever laws they may suit them!

      So in this case they can for example use this to force a mandatory vaccine for all EU, fast 5G network implementation, and more centralized power in order “to fight” the virus!

      Already the Rothschild puppet Micron, has canceled the election in France after he saw that he will lose in the first round!

      Also have you noticed that every time when we come close to something good somehow it’s again something that is coming up?!

      Before was many layers of toilet bombs, now when we come close to finally remove the last layer somehow it’s again another thing and another thing!

      In this way we will never gone finish this, are we?!

      It’s a honest question as it seams that every time we get hopes crushed.

      Maybe it’s time not to take all the information as true 100%.

    2. True, true. What you say is definitely something to keep in mind. What I'm going to do is not have any expectations but just take things one day at a time. That's all anyone can really do.

      I won't be taking money out of the bank or anything, because even if I did, there would be no store that would have anything to sell or the stores would be closed. Plus, in case nothing actually happens, investments in stocks and so forth will rebound back up, so I would advise that people don't sell their stocks if they have any.

      Stock up on supplies though if something happens. Water is the most important supply to have. People can go without food for weeks, but water of course is a very different story. If the power goes out then there would be no running water, right?

      Best to have 'all bases covered' so that no matter where the timeline goes, the situation is a win-win. If it's not a planetary win, at least it can be a personal win, and if each person on earth makes it a personal win, I guess it would be a planetary win lol! Of course not everyone would do this, but I enjoy thinking this way.

    3. Ill just focus on getting a ride off this twisted planet.

    4. Yeah nothing is happening. I've learned you have to read Cobra's words exactly as they are and not infer anything. For example "The positive military has the plans for mass arrests." That doesn't mean they are doing anything, or will ever do anything. They have had the plans since the 70's. "Preparatory actions" also doesn't mean anything. They were probably running drills and getting prepared in the 70's. They watched 9/11 and the Middle East wars nearly become World War 3 every day and just sat around eating MRE's and polishing their weapons among other things. Same with ET's, chilling up on their ships drinking green tea. I don't see how anyone can trust the positive groups or get excited about anything. Social media exploded in a frenzy because some mobster in Italy got arrested. Like a bunch of squawking geese they are. All my previously cool conspiracy Facebook friends have turned into a bunch of weirdos, insisting my only source of information is the TV, just because I don't shit my pants with amazement every X-22 report. Q followers are twice the sheep as the general population.

    5. >Info Finder
      The virus might make this 'personal win' global with the quarantine forcing people to disconnect from the external distractions, and we might get a real Great Awakening.

      >Patrick Kehoe
      I am an ex-infantry and as you said my time there was exactly as you said it; the military in peacetime mode is just another bureaucratic arm of government, just has more rules and sailor language.

      Your FB friends are ironically under even more mind control than the mainstream 'normies'. They are sick. This would be the best time to disconnect from them before they steal more of your psychic energy.

    6. >Adrian Stee
      This is why I don't pay attention to external stuff like politics. Once I started focusing on my own stuff, life got a lot better.

      The truth movement just created another even more mind controlled class of sheeple who are in it to be part of the 'scene' with the Flat Earth psyop the final nail in its coffin.

    7. Oh toilet bombs! Cobra has been misspelling them toplet bombs this whole time. Now I see what we are up against. God help us!

    8. Patrick Kehoe, yes if to talk about the positive groups then definitely there could be done something more or at least something more visual and obvious. Something flashy time to time like for example arrests of a high rank cabal members here and there or halt of chemtrails or 5g or 9/11 truth on msm or something like that. Now it looks like nothing`s really happening! Ok, that`s probably not true but we definitely could have used some direct evidence!! By the way the pleiadians through the Cosmic Agency Youtube channel are saying that the Galactic Federation has been massively infiltrated itself! So I wouldn`t rely on things moving that fast and smooth if this is true and definitely could be the reason behind why things are moving so slow!! And I truly believe it being a genuine contact what this Cosmic Agency has!

    9. Spec Ops put it well, there is a kind of sickness in the Q community. Not only are they believing smaller and smaller things are the mass arrests, they are getting meaner. They continually prove Q is their only source because if you question Q, they go on a tirade about how you know nothing beyond the mainstream. Sucka I've been doing this since I was a kid in the 90's. I read more high level stuff before I graduated high school 17 years ago than you will in your entire life. I mean come on, Q posts pictures of flags, the troops, the troops with flags, oh so high level! I must be a sheep because I don't lose my mind when Q posts a picture of a clock and says tick tock. I've read actual above top secret people and I can tell you Q is amateur. People have this image of them like Navy Seals with body armor and night vision goggles and a grenade launcher, bring the PAIN! Omfg, they are scrawny dorks like Michael Bolton from Office Space. Judging by what they say, they are interns at the NSA who get coffee for low level analysts like Edward Snowden, and run the projector at meetings. They stand around the water cooler and overhear these unfounded rumors, light up Twitter, and everyone loses their mind. Then they have the nerve to tell me to stop watching CNN. I used to like talking to people on Facebook and seeing what they post, but I'm done, it's become too bizarre.

    10. The way people make a big deal of the CEO's "resigning" is totally unfounded. Yeah the CEO of Hulu and Disney stepped down because Disney bought Hulu, Fox, and Comcast. Does the consolidation of mega corporations sound positive to you? The CEO of Hulu moved on to be the chairman of Sony. These people aren't running from anything. Bill Gates left the Microsoft board to focus on philanthropy probably to kick his evil plot into high gear, and being in a scrutinized corporation was holding him back. If you say anything like this to Q followers they become triggered like I've seen few people become triggered. I can predict the exact words they are going to say back to me and the exact names they will call me. Which is weird because nothing I say is the mainstream narrative. I told someone Trump was a Rothschild agent and they shouted at me about turning off the MSM. Right, because CNN is always calling Trump a Rothschild agent. It really exposes how brainwashed they are. It's not even that they're disagreeing with me or writing a whole paragraph of nothing but insults, it's that they're the wrong insults haha. They will say to me word for word phrases that Trump uses, while calling me sheep. I don't mind arguing with an angry person, but these people aren't angry they're crazy.

  37. Thank you Cobra for this update. It's most helpfull to know what is goiing on. Let's focus on THE NEW ATLANTIS. Be happy and joyfull,love, dance, sing and enjoy nature.
    With Love and Light Claudette

  38. The Event is near, that’s obvious. Get ready people, the banking system will soon collapse.

    Don’t forget to share the meditation massively!

    Victory of the Light

  39. Thank you for the update, very much appreciated.

  40. I SUPPORT LIGHT FORCES ! <3 <3 <3

  41. Thank you Cobra,Very much appreciated intel. Is internet going to be cut off a possibility? I’ve already started practicing for the meditation to get the best results

  42. I have a question for Cobra. What happens to those who die or die before the event? Where do the souls of deceased elderly people go? Is the pronunciation of the protocol an older person effective for him or does it work only for young people?

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Thanks cobra! I think the quarantine will help many people out of the matrix, plus spring, which symbolizes the new age and all the animals sing and the flowers sprout. This is the final fight, it will be hard but it is worth it for the new age :) Victory to the light!


  45. I thank you deeply for this update Cobra, surface crew needed it :)

    On April 04/05 we consciously go to war armed with the lightswords of our minds. Lightworkers work overtime to exceed critical mass. Purification and Light there will be.

    Delta scenario is just welcome, great idea!!! :)

    As Akatu says, the name of the game is "now you see them now you don't"... that's also good.

    We the people want change, whichever timeline :)

    We have noticed that a number of people in Wuhan was just walking down the streets and then suddenly fell and hurt their head on the floor. That is not how you walk nor fall when you have a flu… with fever you stay home or sit down... this is how you fall when struck by a DEW or some other EMF. Correlation btw Corona and 5G surfaces...

    This German doctor (pulmologist) talks wisely about C-virus, centered and brave:

    While Amazing Polly unravels the Event 201 and the role of Mr. Microsoft Penis:

    Contrary to that, here is a number of black nobility minions that play out corona fear porn:

    while we the people are sing and lift our hearts up:

    Victory to the Light!
    It ain't over until we win

  46. so many years to complete the Paradise.
    thanks for everyone who never give up.
    we . people. life .
    hands by hands.
    let's end this control game !!!
    let's create Heaven in universe !
    let's love and Huge eachother forever and ever and ever !
    4.5 10:45 in china. I'll join meditation waiting for all of you !

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | BRT ‘Healing Computer’ KILLS Corona Virus

  49. Breathing (Pranayama) Technique #2

    Humming Bee Breath (Bhramari Pranayama)

    Bhramari pranayama is very potent because it cuts off sight and sound and invites your consciousness to completely internalize.

    This practice is also great to reduce frustration and anger, and calm the nerves.

    Let’s try it:

    Sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths

    As you inhale, close your ears with your thumbs and use your index fingers to gently cover your eyes

    As you exhale, continuously hum with the sound coming from your throat (this will sound like the buzz of a bumblebee)

    The eyes are closed, the lips touching and the teeth slightly separated

    Try at least six rounds or more, When finished, place your hands in your lap and breathe silently for a few moments

    Bhramari pranayama also stimulates the pineal gland deep within your brain. The pineal gland is largely dormant and is mystically known as your sixth sense, but can be revitalized with regular practice of this breathing technique.

    Sitting in silence and focusing on breathing is very powerful practice, and the more you do it the easier it will become. Pranayama is available to you at anytime and helps you let go of negative thoughts, and begin to balance your mind and emotions. Everything you need is already within you, now is the time to access it.

    (Breathing techniques in conjunction with mass mental concentrations or what you are calling meditation and correctly known as Dharana, is essential for success.)

  50. Thank You for this informations. Very much appreciated.
    Victory of the Light!!!!

  51. To all lightworkers/lightworriors this is the time for you now to step forward and calm people around you and explain in a gentle way what's happening now and in the coming days and month's.This is not the time to panic and act unconsciously with fear so remain centered and support all your friends,family and people around you who are confused and have no idea what's happening and what will happen next.Be the light when there is fear,anger,hate and confusion all around you and lead by example.

  52. Cosmic Clock of the Aeons pt 2 of 3

    Stage 12 – AQUARIUS – February 16 to March 11 Alchemical Theme: Multiplication, Virtues Element: Air

    Multiplication is the alchemical process which greatly increases the concentrated refinement, energetic effectiveness and sphere of influence of the embodied biological spiritual light source. The blood is purified of karmic record and spiritualized in chemistry creating spiritual virtues. It occurs near the end of the magnum opus of our spiritual ascension alchemy. This is the symbolic state of which Christ is able to take any base substance and multiply it into many fish and bread loaves to bless the hungry. Through the access of pure embodied spiritual essence, the abundance of the spiritual light flows in and blesses the environment from the beacon of a Krystal body. It multiplies abundance and blessing for those who come in contact with it, as well as the being who embodies its source. This is about serving the group consciousness highest expression of spiritual ascension for all human beings. In traditional alchemy this is the turning of base metal into gold and silver. This is similar as to what happens to the lightbody.

    Time and space is being reorganized as these alchemical principles activate and transmit their stellar intelligence from the Galactic and Universal planes into the planetary body. This resets the planetary clock shield networks to synchronize to the consciousness blueprint of the Cosmic Clock or Universal Time Calendar. Consciousness evolution throughout Time and Space is organized through Universal quantum mechanics which obey multiple instruction sets (morphogenetic fields).

    These instructional fields are an architecture which is made upon the many frequency waves of dimensional layers that exist within the holographic blueprint matrices. The instruction sets can be inserted artificially in a person or object to bend the laws of time and space, or remain in the original template design. An artificial design to bend the law would be the example of an alien implant that changes the instruction set to artificial intelligence. The original instruction set (blueprint) of our DNA is a lattice of pure liquid crystal, an ideal transmitter and receiver of energetic resonance, inter-communication and perceiving a variety of levels of organic consciousness. The original instruction set is what connects our consciousness to experience the God Source levels of our Personal Christ Consciousness.

  53. Cosmic Clock of the Aeons pt 3 (final)

    What identity we experience as self-consciousness, is a spiritual blueprint that contains intelligent spectrums of frequency which are located at a fixed point in time and space. That position in the field is governed by the laws of the body-form we inhabit, and where our consciousness is capable in that moment to self-realize and awaken to that part of our existence. As we awaken into higher consciousness and access more increments of our spiritual-energetic blueprint, we continually move our frequency location forward through time. We have many different identities located in many different stations of time simultaneously. Every person on earth exists at a different frequency location in time, and their location shifts while integrating their ascending consciousness. These group identities in time and their locations could be called the Families of the Soul, Monad and the Personal Christ selves.

    At this time our planet and group identities stationed in time are undergoing stages of the reconfiguration of the 7th Violet Ray within our physical body, spiritual bodies and other matter life forms that have been impacted by planetary crucifixion and the fall of humankind. This is effectively the Great Remembering of the timelines, thus the witnessing, release and erasure of the memories of death through blood sacrifice and spiritual vampirism from the past, present and future timelines. For those still asleep, they may play out these timelines again which are impulsed from these previous collective consciousness memories.

    With the latest transmission of Galactic Law, the planet is intersecting with the Hyperborean timelines in the 7th dimension which are the original histories of humanities fall from the Edenic state. Aeonic Pairs are being taken out of the dimensional door of Transtime continuum (TTC) to experience the infinite space of God Worlds, to bring back that memory into this density. This disrupts the False King of Tyranny and the NAA Military timelines, their Looking Glass technology that has used soul capture technology to create clones, and process soul imaging on other synthetic timelines/dimensions. The seeds of this root race trauma in Hyperborea are used to enslave humanity in holocaust timelines, as evidenced by the Nordic Aliens manipulation and control of the Nazi regime with Hitler’s obsession with Hyperborea. Hyperborean is for some, a piece of monadic history connected in the northern areas of Scotland, and in the Ionian Sea between Greece and Italy. Reclaiming memories and clearing the pain of the Hyperborean timelines may be productive now.

  54. A group will start dropping intels bombs. Be ready. God wins!

    55k "missing" Clinton emails just given to Project Veritas.

  55. ..add your efforts to the a new world is ours.

  56. For our German speaking community:

    Included at the end of the article is another success report regarding the use of Command RCV Stardust that was shared in Cobra's official FB group Age of Aquarius. The author was kindly enough to give their permission to translate and publish it.

    1. Also for our German speaking community.
      Which can be translated using Google translate. Very interesting site

  57. All Glories to You Cobra, the RM and Lightforces !
    All Glories to all Lightworkers and Lightwarriors in this world!
    Thank you so much for that great NEWS !
    May Goddess bless all of us !!!
    Yes, there is hope for the new world, soon ... we will overcome all obstacles. We are praying for success !!! Keep smiling dear friends ! Let's rock ... our Ascension Timeline meditation will hit the ceiling ... hahaha. Victory of the Light !

  58. Da càm òn nhiều Cobra! Thank you so much. Hold the Light everyone, Love Light Peace Joy and Abundance For All

  59. Well we have some endgame madness in comments again lol.

    I think is that hard to believe in things when you don't do you homework, go inside listen to you guides etc, people just read informations here or there but they never gonna know if it is "real" or not because they don't do they homework.

    But now is the best time for it, we are in quarantine, best time ever for everyone to meditate, to find yourself, you high self, you guides, know the truth, ask questions in that moment when you are meditating and let the answers, the real ones, come to you.

    As always, Victory of the Light!!

  60. I felt total despair and hopelessness following the last mass meditation back in January. I lost all belief in any Event and got swayed by dark energies, to the point where I declared that I would give up on any future mass meditation.

    In hindsight I apologize for that. A lot has changed and my hope and belief has once again been renewed. I'm feeling optimistic for the first time in a long time now.

    Here's some motivational encouragement for those of you who recognize themselves as being in the same situation, or anyone really. I have posted it here before. In a way we're all lone wolfs fighting our personal battles.

  61. Exciting news Cobra, thanks and victory of the light!

  62. Thanks for the update Cobra

    Avicii - For A Better Day

  63. I know who I am and what my mission is. Thank you Cobra💋❤️ If my brother/husband reads this blog he needs to know I love him and I will never give up on our love.💜🤍❤️💛🤎 He's the only man I've ever loved. Our love is greater than any obstacle.❤️🧡💛💜🤎🤍💙

    1. He will understand everything that you've been doing and come to realise what has been happening. This year, 2020 will see the hidden technologies released, the zero point energy revealed and the arrival of our sisters and brothers.

  64. Victory of the Light.🤍👽🛸✨ 🌟☄️⚡️🌍🌠💙

  65. What is killing people is not the flu.
    It is medication with Ibuprofen.

  66. O que está matando as pessoas não é a gripe.
    É a medicação com Ibuprofeno.

  67. March 22nd – July 1st, 2020 – Saturn begins entering the house of Aquarius. This is the home sign of Saturn, there can be disclosure, new scientific discoveries.
    April 4th, 2020 – Jupiter-Pluto conjunction – a new cycle of Jupiter and Pluto – an opportunity for the surface population to say something about the financial system.
    June 14th, 2020 – second Pluto-Eris square
    June 21st, 2020 - Annular solar eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer – another opportunity for the surface population to empower itself in regards to the financial system.
    June 30th, 2020 – Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.
    November 12th, 2020 – the last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of 2020
    December 11th, 2020 – third and last Pluto-Eris square (more pressure)
    December 14th, 2020 – Total Solar eclipse
    December 17th, 2020 – Saturn enters Aquarius
    December 18th, 2020 – Sun conjuncts the Galactic Center
    December 19th, 2020 – Jupiter enters Aquarius
    December 21st, 2020 – Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius - astrologically this is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Mars in Aries squares Pluto at 23° Sagittarius.

  68. Thank you COBRA!
    I notice more and more people are awakening and looking for real informations about the situation. I also notice that the starseeds are begining to come together big time!
    Brothers and sisters, let's keep on the great work! Keep away the dark and fear, anchor light, and more light, spread the light, THIS IS OUR TIME!
    Thank you everyone for being here this great time for humanity, thank you for fighting against the dark, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
    Victory of the Light ♥

  69. Thanks for the update ^_^

    Now I can feel the Age of Aquarius meditation was not wasted.

  70. As I said in an update...

    I will never give up.
    We will never give up.
    Giving up is completely unacceptable.

    This war, which has now reached its peak and will end in the near future with the absolute and final victory of Light, is the main reason why I will support every mass meditation 100% without exception or condition and if necessary even more.

    It is that simple.

    Here in Germany the quarantine measures are clearly noticeable.

    I have never experienced such drastic measures.

    Toilet paper, liquid soap, noodles, rice... all sold out quickly.

    In such a situation, cohesion is very important, but the fear is very great.


    I meditate...
    I stay calm...
    I stay focused...

    I have learned a lot from the Cobra interviews and I am very grateful.

    Victory of the Light!

    1. Reading you is like reading nazi propaganda. Living in delusional fairytale, never give up, the victory is near in the war etc.

    2. Interesting...
      First Sherman and now you.

      Negative people are probably attracted to me.

      Would you rather I be negative on this blog?

      No harm done...
      All hopeless...
      All fake and lies...
      The event will never happen...
      We need physical ET contact now and we need it yesterday...

      You prefer reading this?

      Firstly I hate Nazis.
      Second, I live in Germany but I don't represent Germany, only myself.

      Sometimes I wonder why some people follow this blog. Just complaining and non-stop verbal attacks on Cobra and against the light forces.

      Maybe a bit too much drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Or severe personal problems.

      Without the help of the light forces we would all be dead by now.

      Sometimes I wonder if some people here even understand what they are saying.

      People like Diana Miller are very grateful for my inspiration.

      If Cobra says victory is near then that's okay because it's Cobra but if I say victory is near and I won't give up... Nazi propaganda.

      Very interesting @TruthSeeker

  71. What I also have a problem with is that fake science used all the time. My comments about that got constantely banned regarding that topic. I repeat it again:
    THERE IS NO QUANTUM PHYSICS. Period. This is FAKE CABAL-Science. A Quark-Gluon plasma cannot and will NEVER EXIST in this known universe. There are waves (e.g. electromagnetic) and vortexes (all stable particles as an offspring of the neutrino: Electron etc.) as two stable "things" in a field in this universe. THAT IS IT.

    You cannot hold right tree heavy big bullets in one hand shall that work with "Quarks"? With Gluons? Why? How? With what EVIDENCE other than postulating such Bullwork?

    ALL DISTANCES IN THIS UNIVERSE ARE FIELD DEPENDING. One meter here is not the same meter on the moon. What does that mean for a "constant" lightspeed? Bullwork! SURE.

    This alone brings everything crashing down in that cabal science!

    1. Well, you can't know that, because all your knowledge come from cabal too lol, any books about this or that is approved by them to "teach" you in the "right" way. You know only what they want you to know.

  72. "topness producing quark-gluon plasma".
    What's in a name? The fact is that there is no such thing as gluons. It has always been a mystery how the nucleous of an atom stays together and does not fly apart. I can tell you that it is not subatomic particles that have sticky molecular properties. It is strong dielectric counter forces exerted on the displacement fields created by the magnetic properties of protons. The balancing between the like positive charges repelling each other and said counter forces, create spacings between the protons. These spaces appear as particles from a macro point of view, and since they are are mearly mergences of displacement fields,and are for all intensive purposes, nothing, and have no charge(neutral), we call them neutrons.
    The protons of an atom are aranged in a twisting spiralling rotating toroid. electrons pass through the center of the neucleous and swing widely outward and around then back through. They do not orbit around a central mass as the planets orbit the sun. The energy state of the electron determines the degree of travel outside the nucleous which we call the electron shell. All particles travel in a spiral fashon and it is the energy state of the electron and it's path through the nucleous of the atom that spins the nucleous to create what's called the dielectric enertial plane(bloche wall) of the atoms magnetic field. It is the interation in a specific way between electrical fields and this plane of magnetic fields that will unlock a new era of scientific breakthroughs including anti-graviry. This is a lost technology that could also turn stone into putty and metals into gel.
    Robert Tomkinson.

    1. Good, but that's human knowledge, all these "mysterious" things you said is for us not for they.

    2. There is a place where Cobra talks about this in detail. Could have given you a link if you already ...

  73. Os bancos estão controlando as pessoas. Evitem depositar dinheiro até que passe esse estresse todo.
    A elite global está em pânico. E o estresse gerado pela pandemia da mídia produz ADRENOCROMO que serve de alimento para entidades sombrias da elite global.
    Nanotecnologia aplicada nas vacinas enfraquecem o sistema imunológico. Por favor, evitem mais este problema de saúde pública.

  74. Update on Ripple/XRP Cobra? Will it still be the quasi-reserve currency of the new financial system? I've received strong inner guidance telling me to invest here recently.

  75. THANK YOU COBRA!!! For all you do. I can't wait for the meditation. Let's do this. Victory of the Light.

  76. That was quite an amazing post for my birthday (march 16) and Ben Fulford of the day was also very interesting as it hadn't been for a long time! I also wrote on this day on my blog leaving suggestions of what people should do during the Quarantine and take the time to evolve -
    Although it's in portuguese it's easily translated using Google.
    "And we know we shall win
    As we are confident
    In the victory
    Of good over evil" Bob Marley - War
    Victory of the Light!

  77. Tesla - "it's not what you got, is what you give":

  78. Thank you for the update Cobra. Regular updates help us to focus on what we need to do and how. Looking forward to the new earth, and a happier and healthy way of living with all my brothers and sisters. May source bless us all on this last leg of the journey and experience. Victory to us all, and victory of the light. 😍🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️👍💛🧡💚💙💜❤🖤🦋🌹🌞🌝🛸🛸🛸🌎🌅🌌🌠✌⏳🌈

  79. vertaald naar het Nederlands:

  80. Victory of the light ;) thank you cobra

  81. Za slovenske bralce:

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  82. Some kind of really nasty energy 'hit me' in the dreamstate about 10 days ago. I'm wondering if this was the implants activating to cause the mutation.

    I wasn't specific enough on the vitamin C in a previous comment on the previous post. I agree with your vitamin C recommendations. It's beneficial to mega dose with vitamin C supplements if having the flu or coronavirus. However, supplementing with vitamin C every day when not sick probably causes ill health effects. Depends on the situation.

  83. Thank you very much, snake.
    Victory in the light.

  84. Give thanks much. Victory of the light. Oneness to all!!!!


  85. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Declare Global Recession Under Way -
    Bloomberg March 17, 2020, 11:03 AM GMT

  86. Diana Miller (and all who read this) - Didn't get the chance to reply to earlier comments, placing here:

    I love you deeply, on a soul level! The group for which "I am" (we are) currently typing, each exist as pure love for you, personally. As we each open up our heart to claim its space in the Light Grid, we may connect with this powerful, eternal, unconditional love. In this way, can we receive, create, transmute and transmit the Deep Healing this planet is undergoing. We don't have to do anything aside from connect to our heartspace and follow the instructions received there.

    A possible suggestion: In addition to participating in whatever meditations to which your soul guides you, browse the web, youtube, etc for a song or mantra that lights up your soul. As often as you're able, keep it in your ears, eyes, mind, and/or heart, to help keep you attuned to your heartspark.

    We are each love, dear family. This planetary process is what happens when millions of people begin to throw off the illusion that we were ever anything else.


  87. Is the Galactic involved in this operation?

  88. Although the announcement of this upcoming meditation that fast was a bit frustrating, I now think that it`s timing is very favourable now! Because I think that we will be using the momentum of the previous meditation and will reach the critical mass for almost certainty. I think that later in a year in a middle of a summer there would be almost impossible to do that. And the time and the events also calls for intervention of a positive vision and energy influx! Plus there is this Jupiter, Pluto conjunction happening!! So it`s almost our last opportunity this year for reaching unity. So I`m encouraging to put some extra effort into spreading the news! Thnx for everyone who is promoting this!!

  89. En Español:

  90. Slovenský preklad článku:
    Slovak traslation:

  91. Dear COBRA thank you so much for this update! <3

    I am a multidimensional holistic practitioner and last saturday one particular thing happened during a client's therapy. Her astral body was kidnapped and trapped in the 4D by Archons and Quimera spiders. During the session, the archons were easily captured but not the spiders. They somehow were able to open an interdimensional hole and escape by it, as well as cleaning the trail so the light teams couldn't follow them (like in the movie Jumper with Hayden Christensen). When I saw that, I thought to myself "How the hell did they escape? The universal stargates of our Time Matrix are all garded by the Light Forces. Where did they (the spiders) go?".

    At the time of the healing session I didn't receive any answer, but when I read your post, specially the part of the new quantum device, and what could be done with it, automatically came into my mind the scene of the spiders escaping. I believe the light forces are developing a way of counteract this devices and catch the spiders.

    If needed, I received an healing geometry symbol to help isolate signs coming through the 5G, and clean any dark signals already present in the mental and emotional bodies (the article is in portuguese and english):

    Love to all! May the Force be with you! :)

  92. This link offers a home treatment for Coronavirus 5 minutes each every 8 hours for 3 days

  93. Be careful when handling money from the bank. Cash can spread the corona virus as well as other diseases.

    Get ready for a moneyless society. It is another thing that is coming with planetary liberation. Humans are the only species in the entire universe that use money. The galactics do not use any form of money. All things that do not serve the light will disappear.

    Victory to the light is near.

    1. I think they use some kind of credit system,like in Star Trek.But I'm not really sure.

    2. @Breach

      Star Trek does not use 'credits', one just gets what they need and want. For even credits is money, such as we see in star wars, and that galaxy is corrupt as hell.

    3. Well if I remember correctly those credits are more like a 'merit points' or something i could be wrong though,But it's not something to be worry about,in a year or 2 you can ask them yourself

  94. coooool…..

    thanks a lot cobra fine sir for your super fierce lightwarrior massive works ongoing for the victory of the light...…

    these high end lightwarriors - are they ever smart for real eh.....hahahahaha…..

    and thankyou to drake bailey for ongoing massive works for the victory of the light.....drake of course is a highly decorated combat veteran and an unsung hero of this greater war in play,as most lightwarriors walking the earth have been.....

    our militaries of the earths surface would program us more to be robotic slaves,and would prefer to have us even more controlled and blindly servient to the dark underlords.....

    robots and clones are very effective often-yet of course cannot replace the heart of a full incarnated humanoidwarriors soldiering prowess dynamics.....

    lightwarriors walk the earth seeking freedom like oxygen to breathe.....

    we positive forces in theatre of operations are all combinations of lightwarriors/lighworkers here in service of planetary liberation.....its a privelage and and honour for all of us who are here on the earths surface in this very special liberation moment.....

    just never surrender your heart to the dark forces and you will be in nirvanasoasis very soooooon…..

    heres a clip from altered carbon-where it portrays an envoy lightwarrior who after much service as a pretorian for the protectorate(aka-secret space program warrior employment)…..where he shows that he never gave his heart up to the dark controllers of the protectorate/secret space he rips his heart out of his body and gives it to his twinflame….his heart is still mostly of non corrupted light and he shines bright in the underlords night.....


    heres the real movie.....captain randy cramer USMC Special Section-of the best warriors that have ever served in the secret space program.....

    New Worlds To Find - Featuring Captain Randy Cramer USMC Special Section.....

    1. Its a federal crime to talk openly about any sort of military operation.

      If any sort of military operation on Mars was real, the fact its not mentioned on MSM does not mean the MSM is backward in reporting the 'truth', it means its a classified operation that's not supposed to be talked about at all on any video platform that is accessible to the public. This is how the military works, here or elsewhere.

      Background checks with the United States Marine Corps turned up nothing. This guy should be brought in for stolen valor charges assuming this Mars Operation isn't real.

    2. @Spec Ops

      The secrecy is what is killing us.
      We have a god damned RIGHT to know, especially since we are PAYING the bill.

      We'd have cities across the solar system and a better life, were it not for the secrecy.

      Kennedy himself spoke of the repugnance of secrecy.

  95. I absolutely felt the implants. Minutes before this article came out I wrote a friend saying "About 3 weeks ago did you start having unbearable negativity for no reason?" I explain my problems with paranormal reasons last, but this was so strange I had to go there. Well I got my answer.

  96. Dear Cobra ! Thank you for this awesome update ! we are strongly echipiued with optimism to reach the critical mass and beyond ! our dream is liberation of our beloved planet earth and a beautiful,peaceful life beside abundance in all sectors life, which every man and women and child deserves! I send with good heart my romanian version of this post, and with help from a friend, the italian version ! please romanians and italians - be as ONE! we are in the same situation and we have to exit from it quickly, not to have huge damages !
    - romanian link:
    - italian link:
    Victory of the LIght ! our victory is here !!!

  97. Ok.. i find it hard to believe.. that there are very few if any awaken individuals(at whichever level) that can reach thousands upon thousand of listeners.. such this guy (Dont know much of him but seems someone open enough to listen)

    Or whats his name David Ike etc.. that cannot.. be compelled to participate in some form of meditation or them forming their own but to happen on same day and time as this portals meditation.. regardless of the gap in knowledge/understanding we all would be yet bounded by the same goal of planetary liberarion in whichever form we envision it...(intent)..

    What is wrong with this equation... we shouldnt have to try to convince someone of the existense of other reality yet when yet we cant explain our own.. What we need at the moment is for people to believe that change is possible if we work together. That meditation is a tool to open our possibilities.. then once hope grow.. changes occur. The confidense of people rises.. the possibilities for more revelations to be taken to heart is feasible...

    We shouldnt have to be always on a deficit when planning and disseminating information... isnt it all about networking? Yes we can try to disseminate the info among those that will hopefully listen.. however is the leads that need to work together .. coordinate.. support one another even if they dont believe fully in each others rethoric... )

    Just barely getting 144k to participate on a meditation every single/most time is getting old... many people are awake at different levels... we need be a bit more inclusive not so exclusive..

    Take for example someone that has a big gathering .. work in some social organization in some third world country.. why would u think if approached the right way... why would they not get on board with participating with a world wide meditation .. to bring about freedom for all from whichever way they feel oppressed.. freedom n love is universal.. those who seek it would (specially those in great oppressio) would most likely agree to get on board...

    We dont have to indoctrinate anyone to a new believe system.. not everyone needs to become a newage guru in order to take part.. we have to work with what their heart most desire.. freedom is a shared matter from which corner of world, creed ,gender.

    Unsuccessful goals.. is not about the low level of unprepareness/desire by the population.. u have to understand the population is being herded by the few.. some of u form part of those few.. the leads being newage or not form part of that few...

    U want a world with eyes wide open.. dont convince the lil people.. convince the leads to work together. They are the ones whose words are being followed..

    The followers if u will.. can only do so much ... especially the ones involved in controversial beliefs.. fringe ..metaphysical or otherwise...

    If the higher tiers cannot convince someone of the same tier to parricipate. Good luck on the followers...

    Work with the wave.. .. if u leading a wave.. make it grow... if u consider urself a leader.. u may have influence on others like minded or not so like minded if u present the objective to be more universal in goal.. a goal something u all can agree upon...

    may the force be with u :)

    1. The average normie or NPC have their own stereotypes of what a New Ager is like and none of it flattering thanks to decades of false gurus and grifters.

      It takes a bit of creativity to spread the message, such as changing 'meditation' to 'prayer'.

  98. and thanks to the galactic lightforces for massive primo works ongoing - the andromedans the sirians the arcturians the lyrians the pleiadiuns etc....

    the pleiadiuns are doing amazing super works with this recent bioweapon unleashed absolutely-special virus neutralizing stardust they have been releasing in low earth orbit,and the command rcv stardust protocal etc.....the pleiadiuns - our cosmic grade unsung heroes.....hahahahaha…..


    the colonies are liberated a united star is born.....

    healing and comfort calms much of the storm.....

    and so they free themselves from the matrix.....

    and they build their nirvanas oasis.....


  99. Brothers and Sisters:
    We need to be able to weather the ups and downs of our fight. Our strength lies in our strength together.The Cabal is desperate and pulling out all the stops, but some of them are breaking ranks and negotiating their arrests. Let us use this time in seclusion to regroup and refresh our spirit. The energies are powerful now- gather them and focus them on our objectives in our daily meditations! Think of this as prepping for the “Big One” coming up. Seasoned meditators all, let us manifest victory now!
    Realized Victory of the Light!

  100. It's still sound like some kind of stand-off.

  101. Allison Coe 2020 Update

  102. assholes of the galaxy...
    mauraders of the lowest kind...
    draconian insanities...
    have no place in golden times...


  103. Disclosure for the plasma calabi-Yau glasma etc in new video game:


    Glasma hypothesis
    Since 2008, there is a discussion about a hypothetical precursor state of the Quark–gluon plasma, the so-called "Glasma", where the dressed particles are condensed into some kind of glassy (or amorphous) state, below the genuine transition between the confined state and the plasma liquid.[24] "

    For More disclosure on quantum anomaly well :

    For Implants:

    Toplet Bombs:

    * Physical Implants/biochips:

  104. Covid19 emerged as a free will expression, its a natural response to the matrix of control and slavery.
    Covid19 is virus with new genome. No human have antibodies for it.
    80% of infected people gets mild symptoms. 20% gets pneumonia and they have to be put in ICU beds. Some people get reinfection which cause heart attack.
    Isolation and range in human contact, physical and spiritual hygiene, are things that can slow down propagation of virus.
    Isolation and social distancing prevent exponential spread and bring it to flat line spread. You should stay at home as more as possible.

    USA did not do large number of tests yet and they don't have real numbers, so infections are growing rapidly at the moment. It will be in the millions of cases. It takes up to 3 test kits per person but they don't exist.
    Even is some countries lift quarantine, the new rise in USA at will cause second wave and it will reinfect other areas of the world.
    Similar thing will repeat few times and total of 3 large waves is expected during this year.
    Quarantines will be on and off during the next 6 to 10 months. There will be billions of people in house quarantine in all big cities trough the world.
    Military hospitals will be opened soon.
    In problematic areas, 16% of people that get infected are likely to die when hospitals get overwhelmed and can't treat everyone.
    Military will triage cases and pick those who can survive. People on depression pills and similar are at high risk of complications. Doctors will get sick in significant numbers.
    Vaccines are not likely to come any time soon, but even if they do you have to keep in mind that vaccines are normally 20% effective, so if it ever come it will not help 80% of people and it will not help for additional waves of mutated virus.
    Virus is highly contagious and you will see long chain of news articles that politicians infect one another.
    Its almost certain now that there will be no elections in USA in November.
    There will be no movie theaters this year, all goes online. Most factories will stop, there will be no weddings and celebrations.
    Warm weather does not affect virus, so forget summer trips.
    Delivery drones and driver less cars tech will be rapidly introduced to some areas.


    Current financial system is based on fraud and debt that is meant to keep you in servitude.
    Market is expected to drop to 13000. Ruling elite will now lose 190 Trillion dollars on the market. But that was actually bubble that did not exist in real value, it was just used as mechanism to rob normal people.
    What is good for person is bad for economy and vise versa. Small business and people are now running out of cash.
    System will have to financially help individual people instead of helping economy.
    Many countries will have to introduce income for every person. They will also have to suspend what people pay to government. Amazon and postal services are expected to stop.
    It will be big challenge to spread money to people without infecting them.
    Ruling elites are fighting among themselves now, which we can see in greedy move by Saudi and Russia that want to bankrupt USA oil companies.
    At the moment China have slowed spread of virus, but its drastically lying about numbers. The virus there is still going and will not stop any time soon.
    China function on about 30% of economy now, as most people stay locked at home.
    Secret government have dozens of technologies that can instantly heal anyone of this or any other virus or disease. But they will not allow that to be shared with ordinary people or even politicians.
    If no moves are made, number of victims of corona virus at the end can go up to one billion, but its highly likely that some corporations will reject the system of control and produce some cure or healing device that is totally effective.
    Those would be different things than making vaccine. Those corporations might make a move at the point when few million people are dead globally. The system will not be able to stop those corporations and united people in them.

  105. Esoteric info:

    System of control, known as "global narrative", have tech for predicting future, but this is higher play now, and this pandemic have not been predicted until it started manifesting it self in our reality on December 4th.
    As things get more chaotic, this virus will push global narrative to lose control.
    USA will experience chaos as numbers start to rise exponentially. There have been deliberate delay that made things worse, because the secret government have been moving people from one timeline to another.
    Virus is not just a bunch of molecules. It have consciousness and its a wave function in an universal hologram.
    This virus have been gearing itself up in the energy world to be prepared to overcome things global narrative throw at it. Imagine like a huge speed dynamo that is hard to stop.
    The virus want to persist and to bring down aspects of the system and control of this reality. It will do that at the cost of human life. Those people will be reincarnated and reborn in the near future.
    Virus mutates according to magnetic field. With your karma you can be immune to it, and that is good news for most of you. Your lives are governed by structured invisible energy conditions called spiritual contracts.
    Totality of your magnetic field and your total multi-life karma will determine your immunity toward virus.
    This virus naturally occurred, it made it self and manifested it self in our reality as a higher dimensional play. All theories that this is made in lab and released as weapon are just a disinfo.

    This year, everyone's belief system will be tested. No matter which religion or science you rely on.
    Atheists will be thrown at knees in this difficult time and they will question their white coat gods. The science may not save them all, but the secret science could. The irony is that that type of people deny secret science existence, while worshiping mainstream science.
    What we need for awakening is, for denial and suppression of secret science to stop. Science atheists with their dogmas are guilty of not pushing for disclosure of secret tech.
    All sport and common distractions are canceled.
    People in quarantine will not interact with system as they normally did on their jobs. They will suddenly have free time and life-force to trigger their awakening from slavery matrix and lies.
    Global media machinery will start to crack badly and will lose credibility. They have been spreading lies and manipulation for decades.
    Conspiracy community will become unstoppable beast absorbing more and more new people.
    Global narrative losing control of economy is great news for people.
    Pandemic is here to force change and awakening on earth
    Bad thing is that its killing people. Good thing is that it is bringing down system and exposing truth.
    In the long run, virus will make system crack and give chance for human race to reach its true divine potential in the years after.

    Info provided by akashic reader Andrew Bartzis (Galactic Historian), edited by Radivoj Radivojevic.

  106. Thank you Cobra! This is upon us! Lets do this!

    Our Grattitude to Galactic Federation of Light for always assisting us!

  107. Cobra
    "All That Is Done Will Be Undone" Disclosure-

    Trying my best to reach out to everyone online they have definitely seen it. With less non physical influence soon I wish for this to give them a clear choice/opportunity in time for meditation.

    A call to anyone who sees promotion of Cobra Intel anywhere especially Facebook I Ask for you to like those comments b/c if your reading this you care about the intel enough so be active, people tend to validate/consider high-liked posts which gives that extra push to read a bit closer... Also people are indoors they are spending a lot of time online in these fb groups.Post 1 cobra relevant link to the current cause a day take you less than 5 minutes
    Things like the ,

    1st Post:

    Intro/Promo Vid:

    Guided Audio :

    "You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

    Other Tools :

      Higher Quality Disclosure Scene of "In The Flash Of The Moment All That Is Done Will Be Undone"


  109. "On a spiritual level, the coronavirus outbreak has drastically accelerated the total and final purification of all non-physical entities that are still to some degree surrounding the surface of the planet. It has also triggered a purification of human excesses, recklessness and selfishness, a purification of illusions and brought much needed grounding."

    - Cobra

    I want to second this statement. It's been pretty crazy for me last 5 years and the last two months especially since Corona broke ground. On a spiritual level I've been dealing with a ton of healing, growing and learning about myself, my abilities and my relationship between my past, my present and my potential future trying to make sense of it all. Part of this was discovering I'm a 11th(numerology) Starseed, Pisces which means my psionics are extremely strong. I've grown so much in the past 5 years

    However as people grow there is escalation as if to test if your worthy of it. Quite a ton of Non-physical Assaults on my being over the years as well. Without going into detail (as the details make for quite an interesting war story, too long for a post) learning from these attacks, then going from there. I'm quite versed in this aspect. For example: Did you know that the worst part of a Non-physical Assault at night isn't the assault itself but the initial shock of it? It's like suddenly jumping in a pool of water. It's apprehensive.. If you have a couple of seconds to prepare its not so bad. The assault itself can be managed, as it's only "electrified pressure" is the best way to describe it. Notice how I never mentioned fear, Non-physical entities are best described as "thugs" "bullies" and "annoying" as far as your relationship between you and they are.

    Furthermore, it's possible to even frighten or shock entities before an attack occurs but this is like a "pistols at dawn" situation, the person defending has to "fire first" before the enemy "fires". Or else it won't work. I've discovered this by using assaults as opportunities to test certain ideas, to see how far spirituality went. I've ended up projecting "thoughtforms" seconds away from when I knew an attack was about to happen (like a inner-soul air raid siren) and the entity "saw" the sudden "thoughtforms" and became shocked/frightened then hissed, then disappeared. No attack. No assault.

    This is what I've discovered on my wild spiritual journey and much more. I'd 100% recommend people not "play(?)" in this way as it is "very unorthodox". I'm now slowly learning as nature permits how to astrally leave my body (almost got the frequency down! (Hint: Very Deep Relaxation is key Hint#2: Mind blowing Sex can allow Very Deep Relaxation)) and trying to figure out how to integrate certain abilities with other ones. So much too learn, so little time.

    I'm really looking forward to the upcoming meditation however. I'm getting a strong distinct feeling it will be one of the most powerful ones yet that could tip the scales finally.

  110. However, this time, only people following my blog will not be enough. We need a more worldwide cooperation with more large influencers involved.

  111. "Even today there are evidences of Gnostic philosophy in the modern world, but they bear other names and their true origin is not suspected."

    i have so far come to believe that it (gnosticism) stems from atenism. akhenaten was ordained by michael (the highest paradise son of the eternal father in accordance with him) to teach the secret of the power inherent in the human body which is the soul (christ) and is our connection to that supreme source.

    so get this, michael, created the physical universe and therefor the demiurge for reasons i hope to explain, presumably intending for this entire world to be one massive deception (hence the demiurges causing the suffering) so as to be an absolute test. (it is written in the gnostic bible that demiurge proclaimed himself to be the most high and that there is none above him, which was the first deception that all deceptions stem from. whether or not this was an inevitability designed by michael or merely his instruction, i do not know.)

    those that find the source (eternal father) through their desire of the soul in the midst of every temptation imaginable are considered first for the most worthy achievement and that is the attainment of the soul (the power of the eternal father bestowed) and ascension into the paradise worlds as a son of of michael who is this worlds and the demiurges father.

    long story short this physical universe is as they say a school but more importantly a test that you will keep taking forever and ever (eternal damnation) until you finally find your soul and ascend.

    this is michaels world and his emissary is the demiurge who rules over all the demonic/angelic hierarchy of this universe and whom must obey michael. so, many perceive him to be evil but is in fact, in service to the supreme powers which he can also never attain.

    i believe atenism was the result of michaels instruction to the demiurge to provide the opportunity for all the souls under his authority to be able to awaken and ascend and such manifestation is the very justification for all suffering and deception!

  112. I was annoyed by the media and people spewing out fear about the coronavirus in February because for the most part the virus wasn't doing much. (I then understood the possible double usage of this virus for mass arrests.)

    The numbers are growing quite a bit now though. Today there were 15,744 new cases. The graphs on this page are very useful to track the virus (assuming of course the numbers are accurate.)

    It appears that the virus is starting to grow exponentially, because a week ago on March 10 there were 4,567 cases. It's more than 3 times that number of new cases today.

    I don't want to sound like an alarmist though. I actually feel pretty good myself, like being set free somehow, even though my circumstances are, you know, not the best. Interesting.

  113. About half an hour ago, i was lying on my back yard, listening to my musik while letting the sun light reach my being... Then suddenly i heard 5 small explosions (just like popcorn but louder) in a row, no shockwave, no fire, no nothing, just 5 meters away from where i was lying. Electricity still there and i just want to send this message to you because i don't know who else can. Be safe everyone.

  114. Cobra thank you so much for this update. It makes the current situation more clear and it is more than obvious that something big is in the pipeline. I stay calm and I'm ready to give support to everyone who needs it in the comeing chaos. I'm prepared.

    Victory of the Light is here!

  115. How are you doing Cobra since your beloved wife left the physical plane? I never see anyone stop to ask. Would love to come to one of your conferences around the world but I simply cannot afford it, hopefully there is one in England before all this madness ends but one can dream I guess :) so a post event hug will have to do lol!

  116. The Pleiadians channeled by Monique Mathieu say that for the moment what is going on must continue because the forces of the shadows must show themselves in broad daylight, when they have shown themselves, and they speak here of humans, not chimeras , people will choose sides. There will be a split, like a separation of waters:
    The more you go towards the total explosion of life on your world, the more this separation will be done in finesse, which means that at some point there will be those who will be aware of serving the Light and who will acquire a force. tenfold, and those who will be completely unaware of it and will continue to use dark light because they will be in the illusion of light. What will be very difficult for humans is to differentiate between reality and illusion. What will be very difficult for humans is to differentiate between reality and illusion.

    For a moment there will be a great confusion between reality and illusion. It is at this point that the human beings who really work for the Light, the Light Workers, those who, before coming to this world have chosen to be set up on this world, will be able to accomplish their mission. Veils will be removed to help them in the final choice, because the confusion will be great.

    To know the whole article:

    The element of the message is always the same: eradicate fear!

  117. Man can you feel that ive been in pain fir years. The energy is changing. I feel lighter. My body is nit so heavy anymore. I csn feel a shift in my lihht body. Like a release of pressure is happening. All these years of helplessness begining to fade away. I cant be infected i wont be infected anymore. Its time for the new world...

  118. COBRA, this us an important question; should we take out all our money out from the banks, or perhaps just a portion? Love!!!

  119. Thanks dear Cobra for this update 🙏🏼 Victory of the Light 🙏🏼🌟❤️🌈

  120. We only had about a day's notice, but we Edge of Wonder You Tube channel subscribers had about 3800 or 3900 people on a Coronavirus meditation on Sunday, March 15th. Reach out to them. I posted the April 4/5th meditation in their chat/comments.

  121. My chiropractor, who also recommends treatments with holistic supplements, said that antimalarial drugs kill the Coronavirus. They are quinine based and she recommended quinine tablets and tonic water which contains quinine if you get it. Also take Vitamin C, and take muscadine grape seed, an extremely powerful antioxidant which in clinical studies kills cancer (Wake Forest University, North Carolina USA). She recommended the highly concentrated liquid muscadine extract if you actually have the virus.


    The Interview
    Featuring David Enrich
    Published on: March 17th, 2020

  123. FORBES, 03.17 - Facebook excludes coronavirus posts, leading to censorship charges.

    The reality, according to an executive Facebook post on Twitter, is that there was a bug in a system designed to prevent spam:

    We're taking care of that - this is a bug in an anti-spam system, unrelated to changes in the workforce of our content moderator. We are in the process of correcting and bringing all of these posts back. Early.

    Guy Rosen, vice president of integrity, Facebook.

    This has resulted in potentially thousands of posts and links being incorrectly assigned as spam and blocked for public viewing. And not all are posts on Coronavirus or COVID-19:

  124. I was in the chatroom back in 2012 when Drake confirmed the `Green light` for mass arrests. Obviously nothing happened. Always dangerous to issue dates we will see what will happen. either way it will play out quik now i think.
    Victory of the light.

  125. i deeply appologise for my f up comme ts in the past .. dewald


    ps. cv and quarintine maybe a blessing in diquis3?

  126. Thank you COBRA, thank you RM, and to all light force Victory of the light " I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery" Thomas Jefferson. Peace, Love Happiness, to ll free Earth free humanity.
    Victory of the light

  127. Thank you Cobra for this awesome info. I have NO fear.

  128. Whoa It possible that some big shot was removed today (03/18)?I felt a huge relief I almost cried :)
    Does that make sense to anyone?

  129. I think they'll use this virus thing to ban paper money & coins saying it spreads the disease, people don't want to touch things so most will fall for this easy!

  130. jim humble-quote-----Introducing the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, including my new Health Recovery Plan (HRP). Discover the latest up-to-date information on my MMS technology, and improvements that myself and others have determined through on-going use of MMS around the globe.
    Over 50 updated tried and proven protocols are outlined, including some key tips and secrets for all those who wish to recover their health from most illness and disease and/or learn about prevention and longevity!-----unquote.....


    BREAKING NEWS - united states marine corps veteran lives in mexico to reduce the tyrannical wrath heartless lash of the criminally insane rockofellon medical industrial complex.....

    as jimmy has discovered many years ago the amazing health benefits of chlorine dioxide.....

    jim humble-quote-----It is important to note that MMS does not cure disease. MMS is an oxidizer, it kills pathogens and destroys poisons. When these are reduced or eliminated in the body, then the body can function properly and thereby heal. I often say, “The body heals the body”. MMS helps to line things up so the body can do just that.
    I have done many things in my lifetime—gone from a backwoods boy in Alabama, to the Marines, to a nutritional and alternative health enthusiast, to Aerospace, to electronics researcher, to inventor (of many things), to gold mining. Realizing I found “real gold” when I discovered MMS, from that point on I’ve dedicated all my time and effort to helping others recover their health and to bringing this technology to the world. It is my mission to bring this knowledge of health recovery to mankind. All profits from the sales of my books go towards this mission. Learn more here.-----unquote.....


    my forst hand experience taking miracle mineral solution.....

    -rotten teeth gum diseased conditions very painful ----- relief obtained by brushing with the MMS-until I mustered the monies to go see the dentist-dentist loked in my mouth and said ooohhhh your teethe are all rotten.....hahahahaha….. - it relieved for several months a loy of pain otherwise ongoing until dental works done.....

    -after doing a one month treatment of MMS - 8 glasses a day one hour between treatments-amazing results-i can sleep in a chair since-as a semi insomniac shiftworker this is profound for me.....some people commented that my eyes looked much clearer after the one month treatment-you can see it in your eyes.....
    -re4diced arthritic type pains,overall feeling of a better quality state of wellbeing etc.....
    -easily noticible overall improved operating energy levels - physical and non physical benefits.....

    MMS will probably cure the recent bioweapon the filthy ones have unleashed....
    any can utlize this young and old-basically start with a small weak solution - 2 drops in a 8 ounce glass,and increase from their.....
    jimmys got it down to more and more of an exact science over the years -as his book speaks of.....

    malaria has been cured mostly in 2 to 4 hours from a person receivinf MMS treatment.....other diseases take days weeks even months to fully can keep one alive while the curing period progresses at the beginning.....

    jimmy humble even mainlined MMS and he was already in his 80s.....hahahahaha…..


    BEREAKING NEWS - the shamans will now become the new health authority,,,,,hahahahaha…..

  131. Hello Cobra,

    Thank you for the update. I've a question that's is burning for quite a while. Libyan Gold tektite, should you carry it all the time on you like the chintamani to transmute negative orion energies and duality, or how do you use it the best way? Same thing for Moldavite. LDG is how i found you :) I'm sure crystals and stones have something to do with my life purpose. Thank you & the whole community for everything you have done in the name of the light. Victory is very near.

  132. Holding Love and Light! The time is now!